Blog Flash: Haunted Present

Author’s Note: This Blog Flash is meant to be a fan fiction involving Sarah Kerrigan the Queen of Blades and other themes from the StarCraft Series, which are owned by Blizzard Entertainment. No personal profit or infringement intended. I have written fan fiction before, but never published it in any form. Indeed, this three part storyline represents my first fusion of Fanfic and Erotica. This first part, however, does not contain any serious eroticism, it being a quick set up. I should also mention that I have no material knowledge of the plot of Legacy of the Void (StarCraft II Pt3), where this is logically set. I am merely bouncing off plot threads continued in P2 Heart of the Swarm. So *spoilers*!  Enjoy!

Blog Flash: Haunted Present

“Are you sure we can still trust her, Zeratul?” the young captain of the Hyperion battlecruiser asked the Protoss on his bridge.

“How could you even ask that, Matt?” the troubled Raynor interrupted angrily. “Her past is horrible, but you know first hand she’s not the same person anymore!”

“We have to ignore that past for now,” the ancient and wise Zeratul confirmed in his subtle psionic echo. “Kerrigan …”

A monstrously sized living ship jumped into view before them. It was as hauntingly intimidating as it was grotesque in its bulbous stature, with flowing tentacles attached. “Psionic Wave Form detected,” the feminine, stoic computer voice stated. “Psionic Class: … Error … Incoming transmission.” A holographic screen appeared over the main center console. The face of the imperious Queen of Blades appeared on the screen. The pretty face almost looked Human or Terran if it were not for the sickly green tone, glowing purple veins, and tentacle-like hair. “Jim …” she softly stated in her psionic echoes.

“Sarah … So, what’s your answer?” Jim barely asked.

“I’m coming aboard. I’d prefer to finalize this in person,” she stated in her usual stern tones …

Sarah Kerrigan, the self styled Queen of Blades of the Zerg Swarm, was walking down an empty corridor on the aging Hyperion toward the bridge. In spite of proving her regained morality to them, ironically via her successful path of vengeance, her dark past of destruction she barely remembered weighed heavily on all of them, including herself. Her appearance, too, was not something ever taken lightly. She was quite tall for Terran standards, while not as large as she was in her long past, infinitely more psychopathic, prior incarnation. Her purplish skin was covered with bone-like armor in key places: chest, wrists, ankles, shins, etc. Her strong hands were almost reptilian with their low lying webbing, and had long claws. Bone spires protruded over her neck from the chest, and others protruded off her right shoulder. Her blatant purple veins shown almost proudly along her muscle bound body. With her large bone wings and tentacle-like hair, she looked like a being of war. However, she was now far more complicated than that. Indeed, she retained her form of a strong female humanoid, ironically further proven by her high bone heels, while she now retained all of her Terran emotions. To the ones that really new her, and what was closer to the truth, was that she looked more like a dark avenging angel no sane being would cross.

The immaculately dressed Matt Horner came jogging down the corridor to meet up with her. “Sorry no one was there to meet you. We …”

“I understand,” she interrupted. “It doesn’t matter.” She truly wanted to crush the dark, godlike beings herself with her Swarm at her back, but she was a far smarter tactician than that, especially after seeing their awesome power first hand! So when Zeratul found her days ago, it was almost serendipitous.

The moment they walked onto the bridge, Jim and Sarah instantly locked eyes.

“It’s been a long time, Sarah,” Jim said quietly.

“Only three months,” she corrected softly. Though she had to sacrifice everything to become what she became, Jim never left her mind. He provided much of the fuel to how she came to her present self, sometimes to his dismay. Though, it did distractingly frustrate her that she was literally counting the hours: three months, five days, and seven hours.

Jim asked, “So will you help us, Sar …” Sarah impulsively leaped over to him with speed too fast for the Human eye, and hugged him tightly, almost too tightly within her powerful arms. The image was bizarre for all in the room, to say the least! However, it was oddly symbolic of their emotional roller coaster ride, since they first met while she was still Terran like Jim. Events have ensured that they could never really be together in any normal fashion, but that never meant their feelings for each other would ever really change.

Jim hugged the taller Sarah back after his moment of surprise, resting his head on her spike-less shoulder. Sarah whispered in his ear, “I did miss you.” Emotion was never something important to the Zerg, save for rage, so she would often throw certain emotions of hers into the back of her mind to lead them. She was, however, slowly making the Zerg Swarm more understanding of a wider set of emotions, if only for her sake.

Before Sarah let go of Jim, she sneaked a quick kiss with her full, purple lips on his cheek. Though she was not really conscious of it, Sarah put on a face of confidence Jim last saw when she was Terran. She then said, “Lets save the universe.”

Coming Soon: Sealing the Alliance

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