Blog Flash: Shiny Black

Disclaimer: This fictional quickie is for adults only (18+). This work of fiction contains explicit sexual themes that may or may not be plausible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: Shiny Black

It’s hard to think. In fact, I can access no memories other than the feeling of flowing, movement. That is very much like how it was now. I was surrounded by an amorphous shiny blackness. I think it was only like that for a brief time.

Then, thoughts and ideas began to flow into whatever was my mind. They became my own thoughts and ideas, if only because I was all but blank before they melted into me. They were thoughts of lesbian sex, passion, arousal. I had no resistance to the thoughts, because like I said (to myself?), there was little to nothing there before.

I soon only wanted another woman to lick my pussy and feel sleek body; I wanted to return the favor with a long latex dildo. Latex? That word seemed so right and true to me. It was somehow connected with my first memories of shiny blackness.

For the first time I became aware of my form. It was an awareness of a beautiful, physically fit female form. Hands (yes, hands!) were resting at my firm hips! Hips! I made them move around my smooth, rubbery body, discovering all curves within reach. Those hands could not be lifted for reasons nonexistent. It was if they were attached to the body they were feeling, and not attached at the same time. Yet, that did not matter: I was beyond arousal, if I ever new arousal before. With one hand, I began to solely rub the pussy I recently discovered, while I had the other continue to explore my other recently discovered regions.

At first, I seemed incapable of verbally expressing my coos and moans of passion, but like an explosion, noises of passions flew out of me. My mouth opened for the first time I could remember, along with a tongue flapping around amongst my passions. I oddly could only taste rubber, but that only increased my passions. Soon, I found myself sucking on my rubbery fingers, while fingering my stretchy snatch.

Amongst the moans, coos, and hot breathing, I suddenly realized that my eye lids were shut. I slowly opened them to a dimly lit, unfamiliar room. Yet, I only cared about bringing myself to an orgasm, whose concept only just came to me. After a beautiful eternity of passions, I exploded in orgasm as if for the first time, and passed out …

“Wake up, Lexi,” a female voice called in the darkness.

I opened my eyes, and slowly sat up on the black latex bed. While I looked down on myself, I saw that my body was the exact color of the bed. Even the polished shimmer was the same. I looked up to see a beautiful, light skin brunette. Just the look of her brought back my horniness.

“Do you like the black?” she asked curiously.

“Black? … Who are you? A we gonna fuck? I really wanna fuck you!” I exclaimed.

She smiled sexily, and said, “We can play around with your color. I hope you like your body — I know I do — because changing it would mean bringing you back to the blank.”

She removed her clothes, revealing her sexy, slim figure. “I’m going to imprint myself on you now.”

I found myself confused, until she pleasurably lay on top of me. We rubbed our bodies together in hot discovery. There was no romance between us, yet; this was all about the orgasm, which I think was already my favorite thing. She ground me so hard and wildly I almost couldn’t believe the extremity if it. We soon exploded in hard orgasm, and at the same time she exclaimed right to my face, “Jennifer Drake!”

She lay on top of me, breathless, in my arms after that. I was breathless, too, but not really because of the sex. “I … I love you Jennifer …”

She kissed me on the cheek, and whispered, “I love you, Lexi … I’ll take good care of you …”

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