Blog Flash: Going Anal

Disclaimer: This fictional quickie is for adults only (18+). It contains explicit sexual themes that, while within the realm of safe possibility, should not be taken lightly. For adults, enjoy!

Going Anal


My girlfriend and I were fucking, while my hand aberrantly floated to her admittedly perfect ass. It was tight, well exercised, and was about as silken as the rest of her. Almost without any conscious thought, my middle finger found its way into her little ass hole.

“What are you doing?” she asked. Her blond hair and green eyes were driving me as nuts as always.

“Ever consider anal, doggy style?” We had already doggy style, but I only fucked her pussy.

Always the experimental one, she gave me an interested look. “You wanna fuck my tight virgin ass?”

“I’m already fingerin’ it!”

“OK!” She quickly moved to the other side of the bed, and went to all fours, ass high and proud. “Fuck my butt!” she exclaimed playfully.

I quickly grabbed the lube on my end table.

Before I opened the bottle, and exclaimed, “Just fuck fuck my ass with that smart cock! It’s already lubed for my pussy.”

On my knees, I spread her firm ass cheeks, and saw her hole. I was beautiful!

“Like what you see?” she asked sexily.

“Let me show you how much I like what I see.” I teasingly pressed my cock again the hole. Pushing, the tip slowly went into the hole.

“Oh, eRRRr … is it in?” she said uncomfortably.

“Just the tip; are you OK?” I asked uncontrollably thrusting a little. It felt so good to me!

“Yeah … Just be slow, it does hurt … You know what? Rub my pussy, too.”

I started and rub her wet pussy, and her moans became more of pleasure. My thrusts slowly pushed my cock deeper and deeper, until my cock was as far as it could go. It felt so damn good!

“OK, uhgh, just stop thrusting for a sec … Uh-let my ass stretch!”

Though it took some will power, I halted my hips, while I continued to rub her pussy.

“Good … OK,” she breathed. “Your cock’s totally hittin’ my G-spot back there!”

“You want me to start humping again?” I said breathlessly.

“Yeah, but start slow, and ease in … Fuck this reminds me of my first time, but so much more fun!”

My thrusting slowly picked up intensity after that. It felt so fucking good, I just couldn’t help myself. I rubbed her dripping snatch with equal intensity.

“FUCK, it’s startin’ to feel real good!” she cooed.

At that, I stopped controlling myself, and humped her ass like a wild animal!

“OH GOD …. OH MY FUCKINOD … OH MY GOD!” she screamed from the intensity. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME, ANIMAL!”

“GRRROW!” I teased and grunted.

Her moans and cooes were louder than I heard in so long. She was clearly enjoying it now, though. We had never been so animalistic, and it was awesome.

“OH FUCK YEAH! DON’T STOP!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. Before her arms gave out, she grabbed her pillows, and lay her chest on it to keep herself elevated.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, I wildly went. There was no stopping now until we came. “OH FUCK!” I grunted. “I don’t know how long I can last doin’ this, baby!”



“GOOD!” she screamed in her pleasure. “I’M GONNA CUM … OH FUCK … FUCK ME ERRROOOO!” she screamed in orgasm, while she squirt all over my hand.

Almost at the same time, I spewed my load into her hungry ass. I slowly pulled out. Some of my cum leaked from the stretched hole. Feeling it, she scooped up some with her hand, and tasted it. “Taste good?” I asked.

“Yeah!” she breathed on her side. My violation of her ass ensured she would stay off it for a while.

“So who was that?” I asked, laying next to her.

“Fuck, I really loved it! Don’t ever forget to give my ass attention, anymore!”

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