Fanfic: Itara Naavar Part 2

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s note: This part two of the Star Trek fan fiction Itara Naavar, which is set in the Prime Universe not long after the Dominion War. No personal profit or infringement intended. No major characters of the franchise make an appearance in this part. The story centers on Orion Starfleet Officer Itara Naavar being on a mission to use her unique skills to apprehend a lost Maquis Cell. Part 1 concentrated on Naavar preparing for the mission, while making a distinct advancement with her life in the Federation. Part 2 concentrates on the mission to apprehend the Maquis Cell before they make any moves. Enjoy!

Itara Naavar

Part II

Naavar intentionally didn’t familiarize herself with the alien shuttle’s systems — she was a mediocre pilot, so her navigation was hilariously shoddy. This aspect wasn’t necessarily for the sensor logs, because those needed to be corrupted to hide the shuttle’s launch point. Instead, it was for that brief time the Maquis saw her on their sensors. A Starfleet Officer was usually witty enough to use other technologies, but not necessarily all that well.

She cried through the half-sphere communications console, “This is Lieutenant Naavar of the USS Merrimack. I need assistance. Mayday! This is Starfleet Officer Lieutenant Naavar!”

No response, as expected. The sensors appeared to state that there was a Human presence on the rogue asteroid. A clear landing pad and airlock was visible on her sensors. One could say it was unusual for such a site not to be masked, but a cloaking device was masking the entire asteroid until recently.

“This is Lieutenant Naavar. This shuttle’s engines are failing. I am coming in for a landing. This won’t be graceful!”

Being a mediocre pilot to start, Naavar was honestly very nervous about landing. Her decent was almost too fast, and nearly missed the target. The shuttle hit the pad hard. If the landing gear was out, it would have smashed. Indeed, the housing damaged! Power relays blew behind her, and she hit her forehead on the half-sphere console.

She rubbed her bleeding forehead. She looked at the greenish blood on her fingertips, and muttered in her curiously whimsical birth laguage, “That wasn’t graceful, Itara! Damn embarrassing …”

Not long after, she heard loud knocks on the other side of the shuttle’s airlock. “They don’t waste time!” She walked over, and hit the communicator. “Uh, hello? This is Lieutenant Naavar. Who’s out there?”

“This is Garath,” a man answered. “Please open your airlock.”

“Just a second. I’m not overly familiar with these Ferengi controls!”

Her second button press opened the doors to the outside. Two people in aging, white EV Suits walked into the airlock, which started an automated pressurization sequence. The inner door eventually opened.

Helmets off, two men walked into the shuttle. One was older with salt and pepper hair and a gruff demeanor, and the other was twenty at the most with fair hair. They went wide eyed at the left, full breast hanging out.

“Uh, hello!” Naavar greeted, while better covering herself. “Do you have a doctor here?” She motioned to her forehead. “Couldn’t find if that chair had any safety restraints …”

“We do …” the older man answered, suspiciously studying her. He was working through his arousal like a monk. “I’m Garath, Lieutenant. Do you have a suit?”

The younger man was a little mesmerized by the green woman, but still conscious.

“There is one in here, but I’m a little too tall for it …”

The younger man croaked, “You can take mine! I’ll just wait here. I’m Jason Fielder, by the way.”

Naavar smiled pleasantly, “Thank you, Jason.”

She soon wiggled into the suit, and was led to the base’s airlock. He used a wall speaker to order someone to retrieve Fielder. After removing their suits, Garath silently escorted her to their makeshift sickbay. The poorly corridors were cut right through the deep gray rock, and while the walls were the same, the rooms were much better lit.

“So, what are you doing here, Garath, mining? I don’t remember seeing this place on any charts …”

“What are you doing here?” he snapped back, while they walked into the sickbay.

A pretty young doctor scurried over to them before Naavar could answer. “You’re an Orion!” she cooed.

“Yes …”

The doctor started scanning her with a standard tricorder. “I’m Doctor Laura Black. I’m sorry if we all seem a little on edge here.”

“That’s OK …” Naavar saw how Black looked at her like the young man, suggesting she was a lesbian. That would mean she was susceptible to her charms like most males, albeit also with a headache in the long run. Even the headache could be advantageous here, though, because it was a natural distraction from personal thoughts.

Black guided her to the only medical bed. “I’m an exobiologist by training … I see there’s no pheromone suppressant in your system …”

“Long story …” Naavar moaned.

“We’re listening,” Garath grunted.

“I’m an operations officer on the USS Merrimack. Captain Corso was ordered to locate a suspected Ferengi arms dealer by the name of Damon Thog.”

“The Federation rarely bothers intervening in Ferengi business practices,” Garath flatly stated.

“Thog?” Black blurted, all but confessing they had dealings with the actual person, who was the one arrested prior.

“Let her continue,” Garath ordered.

“Well … There was evidence that Thog provided arms to Maquis Cells before the Dominion and Cardassian Union wiped out most of the Maquis … It’s not clear when Thog learned I was aboard, but ultimately came after me personally. He responded to our hails; said he had no arms; even asked to come aboard! We allowed it. Everyone has a right to defend themselves, right? Well, in the worst coincidence of my life, we crossed paths on the ship. He bumped into me, and even tried to make conversation with me. Claimed Orions were his favorite ‘female.’ I’m sure I made his massive lobes tingle! Don’t ask me how he got it on board, but he was able to place an almost microscopic tracker on my utility belt. We could not pin anything on him directly at that juncture, apparently, so we let him go back to his ship. When he was beamed back aboard his ship, once of his subordinates beamed me away, too.

“No one realized I was gone right away, and Thog went to warp away from Federation Space. He put a restraining implant in the back of my neck! I was to aid him in both pleasure and business. I guess I can be quite a distraction! Every act of disobedience would be met with the restraining device turning my nerves into fire. As for the suppressant, my cycle is about two to three weeks, depending on physical exertion. He kidnapped me at the two week mark. Didn’t need it right then.”

“How did you get away?” Black breathed. The damsel routine was already working on her. She already cleaned the wound, and began regenerating the skin.

“Humph, probably what you’re thinking! Like I said, I was almost due for a new dose of suppressant. The shock of being kidnapped was enough to negate the last drops early. So, I did a good, seducing dance; rubbed his ears until he passed out. Still, you should never underestimate a Ferengi’s greed. One of his subordinates was ordered to keep an eye on us from their bridge. I grabbed what clothes I could, and worked to make my escape. I stumbled into their engineering, and snuck up on the one person in there. Did a pretty good job negating him through his ears, before Thog ran over in his robe, and activated the device.” She smiled happily, “In the best coincidence of my life, it turned out that the dealer ripped Thog off, and the device failed after a quick burst. Almost fell over, but it wasn’t bad. I grabbed a phaser from the one I was seducing after punching him out, and quickly shot Thog. I had every intention of apprehending him, but someone else ran in, and shot at me. He had no aim, and shot out an apparently sensitive console. Turned out he caused a warpcore breach! I stole one of the shuttle’s, as I saw at least one escape pod. Well, you saw that shuttle on sensors, right? We both almost didn’t get away!”

“That’s quite the story, Naavar!” Garath stated cynically.

“How can someone from such an idealistic race be so cynical?” Naavar observed.

As was intended, Naavar struck a painful nerve. Gritting his teeth, he replied, “There are few ideals left out here!”

“She may be telling the truth, Garath!” Black said. “I see the restraining device with the scanner.” She looked at Naavar, and asked, “Is it true? Are all the other Maquis dead?”

“Not all, but most,” she said sadly. “Whether anyone agreed with them or not, the Maquis didn’t deserve to be slaughtered like that …”

Garath grunted ponderously, and left the room after Black removed the faulty implant.

“You can’t be Maquis, can you?”

“Yes,” Black breathed. “Are we that obvious?”

“Only after I saw your reaction to the fact of the Maquis being slaughtered, but … you didn’t know …?”

While certainly not enough to be mind altering, Black was definitely affected by the pheromones. “No, but Thog told us recently. We put ourselves in stasis …”

It was now clear to Naavar that Black was necessary to have in the palm of her hand first. “Why would do such a thing?”

“I don’t know anymore, but I’m too far down this path to turn back … Talk to Garath if you can get anything out of him. Then again, he wouldn’t know beauty even if it was chemically enhanced! … I just can’t believe they’re all gone …”

Naavar lightly took Black’s hand, and said softly, “You don’t have anything to worry about with me, Laura. I know I’ll never understand, but I’m told I’m easy to talk to.”

Black nodded, holding back tears.

Naavar stood before the entire cell of four men and three women. Black let her borrow some pants, shirt, and jacket. All there appeared Human and around thirty, save for the cold and calculated Gareth, whose shaper features suggested some alien ancestry. It seemed they tried to practice some form of democracy, even though Gareth likely had final say in all matters.

“Lieutenant Itara Naavar,” he stated, looking at a pad. “You appear to have been promoted since our records were last updated.”

“Yes, eight months ago during the Dominion War,” she said honestly, before providing false information. “General duty Operations Officer now. Unofficial assistant to the Chief of Ops.”

“Hrmm,” Gareth pondered. “And you were lucky enough to find our asteroid.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about her,” Black blurted to Gareth. “Why would she be here, a single Officer?”

“She’s an Orion,” Gareth answered. “Her pheromones are permeating our senses. Quite the advantage. Unlike many within the Federation, I know what Orion Women are capable of. My brother, a freighter captain, was ‘gifted’ an Orion ‘Slave’ Woman by a trader working for the Syndicate. After an easy seduction, he was convinced to gift his medical and scientific cargo to a nearby colony owned by the Syndicate under the lie that an unknown virus was spreading there. Half his crew were kidnapped into slavery before he was able to escape. He didn’t recover most of those lost.”

“I’m sorry about your brother, Gareth, but I’ve never worked for the Syndicate. Being Orion doesn’t mean I’m a good con artist. I may be an animal in bed, but never in public. And under normal circumstances, you know I suppress my pheromones like how you try to suppress your notable scents.”

The others smirked subtly, antiperspirant not always available to them.

“Doctor Black,” the fair haired one started, “what issues are there in a closed environmental system in relation to Naavar’s pheromones?”

“Hmm,” Black started. “Cumulative exposure will be more pronounced. However, the affect of that is connected to also both Naavar’s actions and our conscious reactions to them. For example, Gareth has a slight immunity thanks to his Vulcan grandfather, but Naavar could work around that through her actions, in theory. Women, who don’t normally get affected like men, may get headaches sooner or later, but I can treat that. However, as you know, I am attracted to women, so her pheromones will effect me like most men, along with that treatable headache. My point is that the pheromones may be less of a worry than the person. I don’t believe we have to worry about Starfleet Officer Naavar.”

“I still find her presence concerning,” the dark haired women stated. “If not for ourselves, for our mission. We need to get her off this asteroid before we are ready to leave.”

Mission?” Naavar asked concerned.

“That is none of your concern,” Gareth answered flatly.

“Is it true, Naavar, that all the other Maquis were slaughtered by Cardassians?” the gruff, dark haired man quickly asked.

Naavar nodded sadly. “Most of them, and with the help of the Dominion. The Cardassians were slaughtered soon after, too. There was civil war soon after they allied with the Dominion. Billions were killed on Cardassia Prime alone by Dominion forces. If the war didn’t end when it did, the whole race may have been exterminated. The Cardassian Union no longer exists as you know it. It may take them decades for them recover, if they ever will.” Pushing that the war was over was a good angle. However, Gareth did not look like a man to back down from anything. That angle will need to be fueled in an Orion way. His suspicions about her will prove true, but hopefully not before he’s wrapped around her knowledgeable fingers.

“That is of no consequence,” Gareth stated coldly. He waved his large hand and ordered, “Please leave us, Lieutenant, so we may deliberate.”

She walked out, doors sliding closed behind her. She was surprised they left her unattended, but it suggested they were not seriously concerned about her presence. Indeed, her powers of seduction tended to require her in the same room as another, while their information on her likely told them she was no engineer or saboteur …

Black walked out of the room to meet with their guest a while later. Naavar was meditating on her knees with her index fingers touching her lips. A Vulcan teaching she only employed in stressful times.

Naavar stood.

“Were you meditating?”

“Yes. My Vulcan roommate at the Academy was tired of catching me with various other classmates in my bed, so she convinced me to learn the technique in the hope of easing my carnal appetites. Didn’t work, but it turned out to be a great stress reliever!” she related honestly. “So, what’s happening?” Naavar asked concerned.

“Gareth is going to see if they can fix that shuttle. He was a Chief Engineer in Starfleet before all this …” She deeply sighed. “I volunteered to be your chaperone here, and after quite a lot of debate, they agreed. I am a scientist, and no what to expect biologically. It was also agreed that none of us may end up being a good choice with being around you. Even with those pheromones suppressed, you have quite the effect on people …”

“I know,” Naavar admitted. “Then again, everyone has an effect on another.”

“Yeah …” Black breathed. “I’ll take you to my quarters. There’s a sonic shower in there. Won’t do much against those pheromones, but it should make you feel better.”

Naavar smiled pleasantly. Walking to the quarters, Naavar found it interesting how she was already significantly affecting this doctor. Everyone was different, of course. Showing a little empathy was all Black may have needed. Indeed, it was real on Naavar’s part. What happened to the Maquis and Cardassians made her sick …

Before she stepped into the shower, Naavar began her exercise routine, which closely resembled a seductive dance. Indeed, as her mother taught it to her, the routine used the same principles: use the whole body and room. She normally did this daily, but the mission proved an effective distraction. So, this was both for her, and in the hope Black would peer into the room.

Her martial arts instructor at the Academy said Orion Women were often his favorite students, because of their natural grace. That and they were always exceedingly well conditioned physically from their culture of seductive dancing. Combined, he considered them among the best fighters in Starfleet.

The athletic Orion gracefully flowed around the small bathroom, flexing, working each well toned muscle in turn. Her flexibility and strength were in full display. Bending backwards almost completely, she found herself smiling at the peeping Black, who moved away the moment she was discovered.

‘Excellent,’ Naavar thought to herself, before hopping into the sonic shower.

A good twenty minutes later, Naavar walked out as fully clothed as she started (still didn’t have a bra).

“Hey, enjoy the show!” Naavar teased the awkward woman in a bit of a gambit.

“I uh … Sorry,” she blushed. “Didn’t hear the shower start, so peaked in to see if you were all right …”

“It’s no big deal! There can be a fine line between exercise and dancing,” she smiled pleasantly, sitting across from her.

“That was exercise?”

“Yeah, does the job! As you saw, kinda needs to be private on a starship. Even that’s a bit much for a fellow officer. I do occasionally enjoy exercising with the rest of the crew, though, but you know, the pheromones. I need to do it within a couple days of receiving the suppressant to avoid anything awkward.”

“Well, even that was breathtaking …” she admitted, rubbing her temple. The pheromones were clearly starting to take some effect already.

She smiled pleasantly, and offered, “I’ll show you more. It’s quite good for the body, if you’re willing to learn.”

“Uh,” she breathed, “OK …”

“It’s a little easier if I’m a bit less clothed. Do you mind?

“Go right ahead …”

Naavar smiled, and stripped stripped naked. Whether Black knew that the pheromones effected her now didn’t seem to matter, because she was simply too enamored by the Orion’s fit body (chemically enhance enamoring).

“As my mother taught me, the main principle is using both your whole body and the whole room.” She gracefully moved across the room, making sure to flex and work her muscles. Her well conditioned body moved and bent in near impossible ways for a Human.

“Wow …” was all Black could say.

Eventually, Naavar was practically slithering up Black tingling body. “Let me show you a real Orion Dance.”

All Black could do was nod, jaw distinctly dropped.

The mode switched seamlessly. She moved backwards, sexually swaying her body. It was all now blatantly shifted for Black. Her moves were more distinct, and somehow more graceful and hypnotic. She touched different parts of herself at calculated intervals to suggest a tease, while it was clearly more than that. To test how mesmerized Black really was, Naavar swayed downward to her lips, all but kissing. When she pulled back, Black mindlessly followed like a magnet until Naavar tenderly pushed her back down.

Naavar had her, and slowly, painfully brought the dance of seduction to a close. She crawled on top of the mesmerized woman, straddling her hips. She looked into Black’s wanting, needing eyes, and the Orion finally felt what her sister did. It was an indeed intoxicating feeling control over another. Black would do anything she wanted, while still under her influence. It was very similar to Jack’s physical bond with her, except there was no real love or permanence in it.

Yet, this wasn’t all she was. She was as much a lover as a fighter as well, and could never have the seductress in her be as dominant as it was in sister. Her acceptance of herself was without understanding until then. Not counting the pheromones, she partially, subconsciously suppressed the seductress side of her to live in the federation when she didn’t really have to do so. Most Humans embraced sexuality, at least in off hours.

Naavar was a contradictory conglomeration of elements, and now understood and loved how it made her who she always was: the Orion Itara Naavar. Still, she had too many advantages in the life she chose, needing to advance equally with her fellow officers. Humans passed that infectious bug if idealism and exploration onto her, and she could never betray that gift. A gift that satisfied her desire for something more than the Syndicate. In that moment, Naavar’s mind was clear.

She looked down to the woman under her spell. Yes, Naavar was arguably taking advantage of her, but it was really for her sake. Naavar genuinely wanted to save her from whatever they were planning. Now, having sex with her would bring Black just that much deeper into Naavar’s control. Indeed, sex was on both their minds!

Naavar tenderly lay the hapless woman onto the couch, and began to passionately grind their wet crotches. “Try to be quiet,” Naavar ordered. “We don’t want to disturb anyone!” Naavar’s thrusts were as passionate as the were graceful. The now naked Black found herself experiencing chemically induced, mini orgasms, each one more mind destroying than the next. Naavar aways knew how to pleasure a woman, but so rarely did so with Human women. At the moment of ultimate passion for them both, Naavar tightly pressed her open mouth on Black’s to deaden the powerful cries of pleasure.

Naavar then had Black lead her to the bed, and they repositioned themselves into a wild scissor of deep pink and green flesh. They were doing their best not to make too much noise, but that was exceedingly difficult. Naavar, with her actively dirty mind, came to a fast solution. She brought Black and herself upright, and began to wildly finger Black’s crotch, while the understanding Black began to finger Naavar’s. They brought their open mouths together in a tight, permanent kiss, effectively muffling their building coos. Their excited tongues swirled in one another’s mouths, as their fingers slithered in one another’s snatches. Their powerful orgasmic cries were effectively though barely muffled by their mouths.

Black lay breathlessly on her back, looking as amazed as she did mesmerized. Naavar lay on her side, looming over the Human, while lightly touching her heaving chest and stomach with her black nails and green fingertips.

“How’s the head, Laura?”

“It’s OK … Those pheromones really do enhance things, don’t they?”

She nodded, smiled with a subtle deviousness. For a woman that knew so much about Orions, Naavar was very curious about how easily she overwhelmed her. Did she want an excuse to leave? That possibility was too risky to test directly, Naavar thought. “The women? Do you think they trust me?”

“Both Jennifer and Linda are very cautious individuals,” she breathed, starting to catch her breath. “They don’know what to make of you yet.”

Naavar started to test her influence. “If they posed a threat to me, would you help me?”

“Of course, Naavar,” she answered honestly. “Why would you hurt anybody here?”

She was hers. “We should be proactive on my safety, Laura. My presence here was never expected.”

“What do you suggest?”

“Do you have sedatives?”

“Yes …?” she blinked curiously.

“You should use it on them to preemptively protect me. They can’t know me like you can. Tell them it’s to prevent the inevitable headache.”

“OK. I can do that for you.”

“Thank you, Laura.” She gave Laura a deep smooch.

“What’s going on here, Laura?”

She deeply sighed. “Gareth’s plan is to destroy Cardassia Prime …”

“That’s a little overly extravagant, isn’t it?” she stated in shock.

“Yes, it is …”

“How does he plan to do that?”

“This asteroid holds a significant quantity of dilithium crystals. Damon Thog provided us with the proper materials to make the asteroid warp capable. Gareth was one of the best theoretical engineers in Starfleet … After everything we now know, it just seems so wrong …”

It seemed unlikely to succeed, but that would not stop them from trying. “What’s the timetable?”

“We plan to activate the warp field in three days at the most. It should take us a day to reach Cardassia Prime.”

“Gareth has no doubts about this plan?”

“I don’t know … The most expression I ever see on his face is when you’re in the same room with him.”

Gareth seemed like the obvious linchpin to the whole cell. The only question was how Naavar would get through to him, seduce him. Then again, Black seemed sure it was possible, and those pheromones did indeed affect him, albeit a bit less than the average Human Male. Gareth, as Naavar was starting to realize, had both bark and bite. However, most of that bite was being aimed toward his plan. She will need to tread very carefully with him …

Black brought she and Naavar some dinner. “Well, here it is. It’s not great, Naavar, but it’s what you get when you buy a replicator from a Ferengi!”

Naavar forced the bland, rice-like glop down like Black.

“You’ve been very quiet …”

“Just thinking. You gave me a lot to think about, Laura.” She knew now how to deal with Gareth. His weakness was clear: the lost idealism. Still, he knew his weakness, so Naavar would need come at the black and white man sideways. Unsurprisingly, that meant seducing the three other men, while Black sedated the other women. The plan required everything to happen in relatively quick succession, likely finding a way to seduce the men other than Gareth at the same time. Naavar’s mother taught her daughters well in the seductive arts, and while her mother may have thought she turned her back on such things, Naavar never really did. It was part of her, and always will be.

“To be honest, Naavar, I’m not sure about how I feel about what we did. I know what your chemicals are doing to me, what I’m letting them do to me.”

Naavar was curious about where this was going, knowing from the look in Black’s face that she wasn’t really turning against her.

Black deeply sighed. “Neither of us are fools. You’ve seen right through me, but were too cautious to confirm what you saw. We’re both damsels in distress, except only one of us is truthful about it … Yes, you have given me the excuse I needed to say no to all of this. I wanna smack you for lying, and kiss you for helping me. I think I’ll do both if we make it out of this.”

Naavar could not help but put on a sly yet confirming smile. “I’ll look forward to it. Now, are you ready to help me create the peaceful solution I was ordered to create?”

“Of course, Naavar. When do I start?”

“First, Laura, you do something about that headache you’re trying very hard to ignore. Second, you sedate the other women before they go to sleep. It certainly will prevent any discomfort! As for the men besides Gareth, my plan is to seduce them tonight. I could try doing them at the same time, unless you have some suggestions.”

“If you’re not really a tactical officer now, I’ll be shocked! … Anyway, to be forward, I’m not sure if you can seduce three at once safely! As you probably realized, I intentionally left out the issues with how your pheromones induce adrenaline production, leading to aggression if the hypnotic nature of those pheromones is not utilized to keep the subject stable. It’s safe to assume you don’t have the seduction experience of doing three at once. We both know seduction doesn’t just lie within pheromones. Still, two might be more, well, reasonable. Jason and Brian, the dark haired one, are working on your shuttle now, and should be there for at least another hour. Gareth is with Alex in the central engine chamber, and they may be there all night. I assume you’ll head for your shuttle first. After, you can have either Jason or Brian call up Alex for some extra help. Alex always looks for an excuse to get out of that chamber, and Gareth obsessed with his work. Gareth wants you out of here soon, so Alex helping with that issue won’t concern him.”

“You sure you’re not really a tactical officer, too?” Naavar teased. “We should get to work!”

Naavar, with Black’s help, quietly made her way to the airlock for the landing pad. Black went off to sedate the other women, while Naavar went through the airlock motions, making even an EV Suit look sexy. Soon, she was nocking on the door to her shuttle. Brian and Jason opened the door, and when the inner doors opened, they were surprised and secretly overjoyed that it was their Orion guest.

“Naavar, what are you doing here?” Jason asked curiously.

She casually shrugged, removing the suit. “Just sitting around isn’t in my nature. I know I’m no engineer, but I just want to help.”

“Well,” Brian breathed. “I guessing, you’re a bit more nimble than us …”

Naavar chuckled. “You have no idea!” She pulled off the lower half, and stood barefoot. She instantly noticed how Jason tried and failed to hide looking at her shapely feet, black nails and all.

Brian was more attracted to her breasts, staring at her nipples protruding through the shirt. “If you’d like, you can get under the main console, and pull the main wiring to the power distributor. We, uh, we’re just gonna bypass it.”

She smiled, seeing they had a case of blue balls they were just now starting to realize. “Sure!”

Moving in rather seductive ways, she crawled under the console on her back. She saw what they were talking about! Multitasking, Naavar worked to pull the wires, while moving her legs and feet in slow, seductive ways, knowing her pheromones were actively drawing them to her. She knew they were watching. What else would they be watching? She quickly saw an excuse and opportunity to ensure her shirt was ripped. She placed a part of the shirt on the exposed piece of metal to ensure the seemingly innocent tear would occur on her way out.

She soon crawled out, and the shirt ripped clean open, fully exposing her right boob. “Chila!” she cursed in her birth language, feigning surprise.

“Wires pulled?” Brian croaked.

“And everything else!” she confirmed, slowly standing in a seductive slither as if she was dancing. They were more than halfway to eating right out of her ample cleavage and wrinkly soles. Their seduction was all but inevitable.

The men were sitting on the floor plating, trying desperately to think of something other than the alluring Orion before them.

“Oh, sorry,” she said deeply. “I sometimes forget what those pheromones do to men. Do you two wanna know what helps?”

They both nodded, adrenaline starting to noticeably pulse through their veins.

She slowly, seductively walked over to the hapless men, and slowly squatted before them.  “Tell me what you want to do to me. We’re all adults, right? Get it out of your systems.” This was actually the opposite thing they needed to do to ease themselves, not that they knew that.

“I, err,” Jason rumbled. “I really love your breasts. I wanna bury my face between them …” His breathing was deep but regular. “I wanna be inside you while sucking on those gloriously green nipples …”

“Interesting,” she slowly licked her lips, while smiling, before swaying slightly toward the breathless Jason. “Jason?”

His eyes were affixed to her feet, and blurted, “I need to have your feet in my hands, feel them, smell then, taste them … I wanna have them stroke my member … I wanna fuck your ass while feeling your feet …”

Naavar rather liked Jason’s less than standard ideas. “Now, it helps to enact them. Get the needs out of your system.” Again, practically the opposite what they should do to shy away from her. “Sit on the console, please, Brian.”

He did so.

She ripped off the pants and opened shirt, and said to Jason, “When I’m up on the console with Brian, my feet will be yours.”

Naavar climbed on top of the console, straddling Brian’s legs. Her feet were fully exposed for Jason, as her ample breasts were for Brian. With his hands and mouth, Brian worshiped her green globes, as Jason worshiped her feet on his knees. Preferring the intimacy of one on one sex, this was ironically the first time this Orion had sex with two others at the same time. Having two worshipers at once was more than enjoyable. Where it lacked in intimacy, it gained in intensity, which could only grow. She knew this was about to become a wild ride!

Feeling Brian’s cock against her crotch, Naavar ordered loudly, “Take of your pants, both of you! Use those damn Human penises!”

Both complied without question, and she quickly felt a penis deep in her wet snatch and between her soles. She was greatly enjoying the attention to her feet, and made a mental note to have Jack give that a go with her.

“Oh, yeah! Take my ass, Jason. It hungers for that Human appendage!” Embracing the power trip, Naavar, ordered, “Neither of you will cum until I do!”

At that, Jason shoved his solid member into her tight ass, feeling her tingling feet at the same time. Brian, too, never completely stopped worshiping her tingling breasts. Two members inside her two lower holes made her moan and growl wildly in pleasure. Of course it was epic for the two men, but it was double that for Naavar. The pleasure was intense for her, and she was amazed she kept any composure. She loved how she was learning how she could handle such pleasure. It was truly amazing, even if it lacked love and intimacy. Soon the now sweating Orion exploded in a truly powerful orgasm, causing the men to quickly follow with massive loads of cum filling her insides.

She took turns passionately kissing each, considering even more sex, but no more was needed to control. They were completely seduced.

“Brian, Jason have Alex meet you at the airlock. Say you could use an extra hand. When you meet him, say that you two will be grabbing some power relays and converters, and will meet him in the shuttle soon. If he asks what he can do while you are gone, just tell him to pick a spot and start working. Then, find Doctor Black, and tell her you are awaiting instructions. She’ll understand, and take orders from her if she gives any. Do you both understand?”

They nodded without question …

Alex was quietly suiting up in the airlock. Jason and Brian looked rather tired and out of it, but it did not surprise him, considering the strain they were all under. He soon made his way into the shuttle’s airlock, the doors now on automatic. His jaw dropped at the sight of bare, green legs and feet sticking out from under the forward console.

“Naavar?” he blurted.

“They didn’t tell you I was here?” she responded, voice muffled from the console.  “Not one to sit around, so I thought I’d help out. Just pulling some wires to remove some relay.”

“Oh …”

Her pheromones were lingering heavily from the intense sex prior, while she was certainly emitting more.

“Are you not wearing any pants?” he asked awkwardly. The tone of his voice suggested distinct arousal.

“Well, that’s an interesting story!” she answered. She seductively moved her bare legs and feet, while she talked. “You don’t mind seeing little extra skin, do you? I know the color isn’t quite what you’re used to!” she exclaimed teasingly.

“Nothing wrong with them,” he admitted breathlessly. “They are quite nice …”

“Thank you! It’s all that dancing, you know. Practically the birthright of my species is for the women to learn how to dance. Even my old exercise routine looks like a dance!”

“I’m sure it’s really beautiful …” he breathed.

Her legs were practically dancing in their hypnotic motions. “That’s what I’m told! My captain once suggested I do a dance for the crew, but I told him it may not be seen as appropriate. It has a very, well, seductive quality,” she relayed honestly.

“I don’t doubt it …”

“He was right. It could easily be argued as performance art like a play. But you know, an Orion Woman dancing in front of a group of people? An eyebrow would be raised somewhere, right?”

“Uh huh …”

“I hope you don’t mind. I accidentally ripped my shirt off earlier. Brian said he would grab a replacement inside,” she said, while wiggling her naked self out from the console.

The man was in utter shock and chemically enhanced awe at the naked female before him. Granted, the Orion was acting a bit overconfident with Alex, but her pheromones allowed her to be so. She made the proper assumption that his balls were as blue as the two that were just inside her.

“So you like legs, Alex?” Naavar deeply asked, seductively walking up to the wide eyed man.

“I, uh … I like yours,” he breathed, watching every intricate motion of her legs’ firm muscles.

“I truly like being naked, you know, to show off my legs, my body. Would you say that’s something genetically common amongst Orions or something learned?” she breathed close to his face. She lightly touched his cheek.

“I have no idea …” he barely blurted, eyes still affixed on her legs.

“Maybe we like being naked, because we just like sex,” she stated breathily, all but brushing her lips against his. “What do you wanna do to me right now?”

“Lay you down,” he breathed. “Feel those legs. I wanna make love with your legs …”

“Then do it. I won’t stop you.”

Tenderly yet with distinct desperation, Alex lay the inviting woman onto the deck plating. Almost instantly, he began to grope the toned, green legs with his hands and mouth. Naavar more than enjoyed the attention, cooing happily. He worshiped from thighs, to calves, to toes, and back up again.

“Do you love the taste of warm Orion flesh?” she growled erotically.

“Oh, yeah! I had no idea …” he blurted between tastes.

“I need you inside me now, Alex,” she cooed, “and don’t stop worshiping my legs!”

Without question, Alex quickly removed his clothes, and began to widely thrust into the wet pussy with her legs nimbly draped over his shoulders. He groped and kissed with great want, while he thrust into the cooing woman. The pleasure was powerful for them both, while only Alex’s mind truly turned to mush.

“Don’t cum just yet! Oh, yea … THAT’S IT, ALEX … OH CUM WITH ME NOW,” she finally exploded in orgasm.

Alex blew a massive load into her a moment later, continuing to grope her firm legs after.

“OK, Alex, it’s time to go back inside.”

“Oh, OK,” he complied, looking a little disappointed to stop feeling those legs.

They made their way through the facility’s airlock soon enough. “Alex, call Laura, and have her and the others meet us here with a new set of woman’s clothing.”

Alex nodded, and made the call.

Five minutes later, all the members of the Maquis cell except for the two women and Gareth stood before the now clothed Orion.

“Are you all ready to follow my exact instructions?” Naavar asked seriously.

They all nodded in unison.

“Excellent! I now need you all to work on disabling the asteroid’s engines without Gareth knowing. Is that possible?”

Alex answered, “Yes, Naavar. I will instruct the others through the process.”

“Good. Laura, in thirty minutes contact Captain Corso of the USS Merrimack.”

“Sure,” she agreed. “Just thirty minutes to seduce Gareth?” she asked rather lightly.

Naavar truly loved how Black allowed herself to be seduced before the pheromones really made her suggestible. Black was now almost impossibly under a greater influence than all of them, albeit just as temporary. “He will be a challenge, sweet Laura,” she said, while lightly touching Black’s cheek. “When the Merrimack arrives, consider all this over. The war is over, and needs no epilogue …”

Naavar causally walked into the engineering command center. A large screen displayed the intricate connections Gareth created with the rich dilithium deposits in situ. Gareth fidgeted with the controls, calibrating.

“You really are a genius, Gareth. Starfleet research would have the wettest dream of their lives just to hear that this was made possible.”

“Ah, Lieutenant Itara Naavar! The perfect monkey wrench in the best laid plans of men,” he said slyly, never turning around.

She actually had no idea what a monkey wrench was, but understood the general idea, “Do you really want to destroy an entire world? I don’t remember seeing that course at the Academy.” Naavar casually propped herself on top of a console on the left hand wall.

“They have to pay for everything they’ve done!” he growled. She wasn’t sure if his increased aggression was from her pheromones, his own issues, or both.

“You know the war is over. We all lost more than any race dared dream.”

He quickly turned, and jumped at the surprised yet unflinching woman. “My family was on Litharia Five, one of many colonies gifted to the Cardassians in the name of interstellar peace. My wife and son joined the local cell, which was wiped out a month later.”


“OF COURSE THIS IS!” he spat, breathing deeply, in great mental anguish at the confession. Revenge was the kind of emotion Humans tried so desperately to shed. Indeed, most races in the Federation worked to shed it. That evolved sense of morality was part of the idealism humanity gifted to her.

“I always talk about the look of superiority I saw in my sister’s eyes after a her first job for the Syndicate, but never the look in my mother’s eyes when I told her I was leaving to join Starfleet and the Federation.”

“What are you talking about?” he growled through deep breaths, looking her over with a want he was desperately trying to suppress.

Sideways was the only way to seduce him. Let the man absorb her pheromones while she talked about all but secret pains of her own life. Talking was something Humans did well, and Naavar liked to think that rubbed off on her a bit. “My father was proud I found a purpose in life, but males of Orion society have far lower status than many are led to believe, while they can have little in the home. So, his pride was unfortunately all but meaningless to my mother. She did not openly question my decision to leave, being a woman like her, but I knew her well enough to know better. The look of disappointment in her eyes is something I’ve tried hard to forget. Yet, here I am, spreading pheromones like the galactic con artist I could have been.”

“We didn’t buy you, ask for you …” he blurted, the pheromones slowly working their magic.

“I wanted something more, different. That was the Federation to me, and they provided … Tell me about the look of disappointment in the eyes of your shipmates when you decided to turn your back on all the ideals of the Federation?”

“THEY TURNED THEIR BACKS ON ME!” he screamed, throwing her to the hard floor. The wind was knocked out of her. He held her arms down, straddling. Breathing deeply in distinct arousal, he quietly growled, “I never got to see their look of disappointment, but I felt it …”

“Now, you’ve thrown me to the floor in your pain and anger,” she hissed. “The next move is yours, Gareth.”

To her amazement, he began to forcibly make out with her. Working to enhance the momentum, she helped take off his clothes, as he took off hers. He soon thrust his throbbing member into the all but unprepared vagina, making her grunt loudly. He squeezed her ample breast, while occasionally kissing her at the same time.

Naavar then flipped Gareth onto his back, and began to ride him on her knees. She could tell he was normally on top, but was greatly enjoying Naavar’s lead anyway, his mind giving way to the pheromones. She thrust him hard, as he clearly wanted it. She melted his anger and frustrations away at every passionate thrust, while she moved on from her own frustrations long ago to live a happy life in the Federation, satisfying her in all ways. This onslaught wasn’t meant to last. They suddenly came in time in loud coos and growls.

They lay next to each other on the floor. The afterglow negating the feel of the hard, cold floor.

“What does this mean?” he asked confused, lightly touching her wild, scraggly hair. Gareth was a man of normally complete mental control, if not emotional control. This was clearly the first time in his life he truly let go.

“I let you have what you needed. Luckily for me, it was just rough sex,” she said with a subtle joviality.

“You understate what you know,” he breathed. “You forced me to let go for a moment. I had no idea … I guess the next move is yours, Naavar …”

“No, Gareth, it’s yours. The war is over, and we all lost …”

A small tear escaped his eye. “Those pheromones; I wish I met you a long time ago …”

“You’re a strong man, Gareth. You will heal, no matter how deep the scars …”

Naavar happily met Jack in the transporter room, embracing before they needed to go back to their duties. The doctor was there, too, if only to suppress the pheromones before a complete examination. After the lengthly, positive debrief with her Captain, along with the Admiral over subspace, Naavar made her way to Laura Black’s quarters. Naavar was rather uncomfortable even glazing over having sex with most of them, but this was both expected and not something they felt needed to be elaborated. All they wanted was for the cell to come back peacefully, and Naavar provided. Even the ones sedated by Doctor Black more than understood it was over. To Naavar’s concealed surprise, there were distinct hints of a promotion, thanks to the successful mission.

She walked down the corridor to Laura’s quarters, making a mental note to give her doctor that plaque she teased him about. Her guards let her into the quarters. Laura instantly stood and walked over to her. Suddenly, she slapped the amazed Orion hard, before giving her an equally as ferocious kiss.

“Wow!” Naavar exclaimed, feeling her cheek. She felt that Laura was owed that kiss and slapped as promised, but Naaver didn’t expect such intensity,

“It’s interesting seeing you with your pheromones suppressed, Ms Tactical Officer and Security Chief,” Laura said lightly.

Naavar smiled pleasantly.

“What are they going to do to us?”

“This is a matter they want behind them quickly, and you know the Federation is notorious for giving second chances. There will be a hearing, a trial, but don’t expect a flogging and execution. Your cell didn’t really do anything; I saw to that, you saw to that. Within a year, even Gareth will be allowed to go forward as he sees fit. I personally recommended they have him serve his sentence aiding Starfleet Research. His invention of an engine to propel an asteroid at warp is utter genius! It just needs to be put to good use.”

“Can I see you again after everything is settled, Naavar?”

“Of course, Laura. My soon to be husband would love to meet you!”

There was a look of subtle disappointment in Doctor Laura Black’s eyes, yet she wasn’t really surprised. Besides, Laura was really just chemically infatuated with Naavar for the moment. “He’s already bound to you, I’m guessing. I suppose congratulations are in order. I’m not sure if I should be surprised that you’re doing a Human marriage, too …?”

Lieutenant Itara Naavar smiled happily. “Seemed only fair. I’m an Orion Woman, but as you helped me understand more than I thought possible, Laura, I’m a very nuanced one.”

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