Fanfic: A Rebel Demon

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s note: This is a fan fiction of the show Supernatural. No personal profit or infringement intended. It is set in the latter part of an alternate third season, while taking elements from later seasons. Though I added my own elements, I worked to stay true to the show’s actual storyline. Enjoy!

Fanfic: A Rebel Demon

Part I

“What do you want, Ruby!?” I screamed at the less than pure woman before me. Ruby was on the shorter side, had perky breasts, blue eyes, and apparently natural blonde hair.

“It doesn’t matter!” she barked back, with a very subtle hint of shame and regret.

“I won’t listen to you anymore if you don’t come clean!” I growled. “If you know me as well as you THINK you do, then you know I need fact.” Yes, she proved herself to us more than once, but I was just tired of her both helping and chastising without directly asking for anything in return. She was, after all, a Demon, which is a being notorious for attaching strings to their “aid.” And I was, after all, one who Hunted down evil so fewer people would gain the horrible memories like I did.

“You’re temper has grown even shorter, Human. Keep tabs on that …” She slowly closed her eyes, and reopened them. Her pupils morphed to catlike slits, while the rest of the eyes became demonic blue. They quickly morphed back to the dark blue Human jewels. They were certainly not the typical pitch black eyes.

“You still haven’t answered me, Blue Eyes!” I said darkly. My instincts as a Hunter constantly dictated I fight her.

“I’m not quite a Demon you’ve ever met personally, Sammy …” She oddly trailed off.

“Your Human eyes betray you!” I said amazed. “You loath yourself …”

She slowly looked up to me, gears in her mind blatantly going wild. Her manipulative nature assuredly meant those gears turned constantly, but they turned so much this time she couldn’t hide it. “Only when I’m not distracted by fucking …”

In what felt like and explosion, she suddenly leapt onto me, and we fell to the bed. With her mind, she ripped off my clothes, before humping me wildly. Everything about it was perfection: the smell, the feel, the taste. There could no be resistance. This could only mean my death. How could I have been such a fool! The soul of a Winchester would be such a prize, mine perhaps more so.

“You think I’m gonna kill you!” she laughed wildly. She flew her head right up to mine, and starred right into my shaking soul with her Demon Eyes. “Oh, you have every reason to fear! Still, I know you can see more than the average Hunter …”

A maddening haze overwhelmed my mind in the epic passions, while her tongue lustfully swirled around my mouth. She made soul shuddering noises like she was being exercised. My whole body suddenly seized at the point of orgasm. The Demon shuddered madly, orgasmically a fraction of a second later. I blacked out …

I woke up not long after, feeling utterly worn. “I’m alive …”

“Yeah, and it would have been too easy to do otherwise. I didn’t wanna risk it with you,” she said darkly, while siting up next to me on the bed, bare chest fully exposed. “I stupidly didn’t want to reveal myself completely, and just help you. You were to just help me out of honor. But, you are as much a Hunter as you are a materialist. I had to feed on you, and not kill you …”

My mind flew to the Vampires that refused to kill Humans, fighting to change their nature to become something better.

“Yes, those Vampires will live thanks to you trusting them. They will not go back and kill madly, I am sure. They may even help you in return. Unfortunately, I realized I couldn’t prove myself in quite the same way …”

“You’re a Succubus, aren’t you …”

“You are good,” she said lustfully.

“Now will you tell me what the hell you want, why you’re helping us?”

“I never wanted to be this way, Sam,” she growled. “I made a deal with a Demon centuries ago. That Demon has a habit of reinterpreting deals after they are made. When the Black Plague struck me, a very white Witch, I betrayed myself out of desperation, and summoned a Demon. I got a couple decades of youth, health, and great sex. When my Demon came for me, it had something special planned. I was dragged to hell, and slowly remade into a Demonic Succubus. Such a thing almost never happens, because the end result is unpredictable. Human to Succubus, at least. All Demons were Human once, but Hell makes you forget your humanity, while you never loose the yearning to be amongst the living. That torment is Hell’s goal. I somehow retained myself, if only just. Unlike the average Demon, my soul, no matter how tortured, is unaltered under its demonic cloud.”

“So you’re not evil? I don’t understand …”

“You see the gray most Hunters can’t. That’s where I’ve forced myself to live. Maybe that’s where I always lived! I pulled myself out of Hell at that Gate, and saw you: the one destined to lead all demons. Yet, the death of Azazel by your brother’s hand in the same moment gave you the choice you weren’t meant to have. You’ll still lead Demons eventually, but you’ll lead them however you want!” While still a baby, Azazel gave me a dark gift that terrifies me, but it went silent at that Demon’s destruction.

“I don’t think I can give you what you want …” I could tell she wanted her humanity back, but I knew of no way to make that possible.

“Maybe, maybe not … The body you see before you was practically dead when I found it. I refused to take over a living soul if I didn’t have to, no matter how easy that is. This body was hooked into life support. The soul was long gone. If you or your brother decide to kill me, a Human will not be sacrificed.” She turned over to me, and placed her silken hand on my cheek. “I don’t think I want redemption, but I never deserved what I became …”

“Woah! I’ll come back later …” my brother Dean suddenly walked into the dark room. “What!? Now you’re having sex little miss Demon!” He automatically drew his gun.

“Nice gun!” Ruby teased. “In this case, it’s not how you use it.” She referred to the Cult Revolver, specifically created to kill Demons. It was stolen by a very unreliable ally.

“Oh, son of a bitch!” He waved the gun around frustrated and confused, as he already was about Ruby.

I shot up toward him, holding the sheet around me. “Dean, calm down. You know how much she’s helped us! Yeah, we did just have sex … Err, but she didn’t kill me!”

“I came on to him, Dean!” she said sultrily.

“Oh, God, it’s the cattle chewing Vampires all over again!” he mumbled.

“She told me everything, or enough. Ruby’s a specific kind of Demon: a Succubus.”

“Really?” he huffed, eyebrows raised, looking over to the shrugging Ruby. Her wondrous breasts were out for all to see. “It all makes sense now,” he said sarcastically yet truthfully.

“She was Human once. Like all Demons apparently, she said. Her deal with a Demon didn’t go like she thought it would. You know more than anyone what that’s like, Dean. With Ruby, she doesn’t want a soul to drag to hell. Ruby doesn’t want to be a Demon.”

“And, you’re gonna make good on that deal. How?” Dean asked us both.

“This isn’t a true demonic deal, Dean. She’ll keep helping us — save you from your deal that saved me, and all we have to do is try to help her.”

Dean grunted, and holstered his gun through his belt. “So, what are you gonna do, Sam?”

“Sammy isn’t gonna do anything yet!” Ruby said lightly, her demonic mask of sultriness fully applied. “I’ll teach him how to control me, and once he can, he’ll be able to end the chaos in whatever way he wishes. He’ll alter your deal, Dean, probably without question from its holder. He may even have the power to make my soul what it once was, make me what I once was … I placed my Demon killing knife in your bag. If we fail, Dean, you may kill me yourself.”

We stared at the apparent Succubus in total amazement. We dealt with her for a while, and even I was incredibly weary about her. The assumption that all demons were, well, demons bent on at least corrupting humanity is always automatic. Yet, she revealed herself to us, more or less, while even calling for her own destruction. Demons may say many things, but never that.

Dean looked in his bag, and removed the powerful, ancient dagger amazed. He finally smiled toothily at Ruby, and said, “I won’t hesitate.”

Part II

A few days later, after another job, Ruby was waiting for us in our motel room. She was always rather flighty, but for once she hung around, practically aiding from the shadows. She handed us that job, after all.

“Ah! There’s our guardian Demon!” Dean teased.

“Oh, you wanna a taste!” Ruby teased back.

“You could’ve taken out that shapeshifter by breathing on it,” I stated.

“Perhaps,” Ruby smirked. “If you really must know, boys, the last thing I want is another Demon finding out our goals. Nothing is predicable now, except for what Sam must learn. Every wonder why I kept disappearing before?”

“Dean,” I stated, “I think I need to be alone with her …”

“The brunette and the blonde, or just the brunette, Dean,” she suggested with a knowing smirk. “Trust your guardian Succubus.”

Dean grunted, and said, “I better not regret this!” He left. If his desperate Demonic Deal didn’t mean his death within only a few months now, he might not have given into Ruby’s recommendation so easily.

“Ruby, I’m not really sure how to start this. I haven’t even had a nightmare since Yellow Eyes was killed.” He sat on the well worn bed, and rubbed his eyes. “I don’t want it …”

Ruby was suddenly sitting next to him. She sighed deeply like she wasn’t sure what she was doing. “I better not regret this either … Yellow Eyes was activating your power externally. If you were the victor in that ghost town, then you would have learned how to activate it yourself. Powerful emotion. Yellow Eyes sought to teach you through the negative, but you can learn to channel other emotions like love.”


“Love is a psychopath, but it also is key to all other emotions. It is gray …”

“Yeah …” I thought about the love I felt for the woman Azazel murdered, and how that Demon murdered my mother the same way. In my mind, I reversed the demonic flames engulfing them, and saw them smile. 
 I opened my eyes, and looked into Ruby’s. They turned blue with the catlike slit, and I fell into her Demon Mind. In reverse, I saw it all: her possessing the empty body, her climb out of Hell at the Gate and see me as her chance to be saved, the indescribable terrors of Hell, her mind warping transformation of lustful pain and pleasure, her being dragged to Hell, and her making the self betraying deal to save herself.

I grabbed my aching head, but there was so much more she could no longer hide from me. It was the very string all Hunters assume Demons bring with them. Ruby was and technically still is to have me destroy the oldest Demon at the right moment to bring forth the Apocalypse. A mission from her Demon Mistress. Ruby saw it as an elaborate suicide, an escape from a reality she never deserved. She knew Dean and I would kill her at such a betrayal. Retaining so much of her humanity made it nearly impossible for her to exist in any rational way as a Demon. As such, she was the only Demon that could ever convince me that she was a true ally. Though, she already did so much good that all other Demons thought she betrayed them. Ruby letting me into her dark mind changed much. She almost didn’t have me do it. All she was supposed to do was have me combat other Demons, while having me drink her vessel’s demonized blood as an addictive boost (just one of my many powers). That would have ensured the destruction she yearned to be given.

“You really are like no other Demon … I forgive you.”

“That’s why Azazel wanted you above all others!” she breathed. “Your power would have brought Azazel itself to its knees …”

“I … You only changed your future …” I muttered, subtly feeling ahead.

“I am yours!” Ruby suddenly cooed, before leaping onto me.

She was humping me out of control. I think I could have stopped her, but no one can really deny a Succubus! Ruby humped me like a wild animal, growling demonically, while her Demon eyes seemed to glow. Exhibiting my now apparent control over her, I flipped her onto her back, and took the lead. I humped her harder than I ever humped anyone. There was lust and love beyond what I thought was possible. I soon came madly, while she screamed enough to wake the dead. Who knows why no one made a noise complaint at this motel!

I lay next to her breathless. “What the hell! I’m not sure what came over me …”

“It wasn’t Hell!” she cooed happily. “You’ve taken a big step, Sam. The learning curve is fast from here, if you allow my help.”

“I’m gonna have those visions again …”

“And, you’ll prevent them from coming true. You’ll learn how to control it now. I let you activate everything, and you know I was never supposed to do that!”

“I still have no idea how to really help you …”

“You can learn how to see what’s left of my soul. That’s a start … Then, Bobby has many books!”

“I’m not sure how he’ll react to all this!”

“Bobby’s got a soft spot for me! All Humans do. Besides, he owes me. You know I told him how to make that Colt kill again!” She kissed me with more love than lust, and said, “Even if you fail, I feel free for the first time in so long under your will …”

“Sam,” Dean called, walking into the room that morning, “are you decent? I gotta tell you about Laura and Jackie! Your girlfriend is … Sam?”

I was staring deep into Ruby, learning how to see her soul and more. Her eyes were their Demon Blue. We were doing this in bursts. The Human mind has serious trouble adapting to my kind of power. I looked back to Dean.

“Uh … Your eyes are a bit black, Sammy … Are you with us?” There was genuine fear in his tone.

I didn’t realize my turned black (a red spark sat at the pupil, too, I later realized) … “I’m fine,” I answered reassuringly, tiredly. My eyes slowly faded back to their normal deep blue.

“The last time I saw eyes like that was at the Gate …”

“It’s a reflection of power not evil, Dean,” I answered calmly, before rubbing my aching temples. “I’m not channeling the same emotions Azazel was teaching everyone like me to use …”

“Oh … Kay …” he said uncomfortably, putting down three cups of coffee.

“How sweet,” Ruby said seductively, “you got me coffee, too.”

“Oh, I just wanna stay on your not as evil side,” he smirked. “Sam, I’m only gonna say this once,” he stated slowly, clearly. “You didn’t tell me what you two were going to do. If you weren’t my brother, what you were doing is good enough for most hunters to kill you on site, even before attacking Ruby. Your eyes alone … If — and that’s a big if … if I you ever consider doing anything like that again, Sam, I need to be there.”

“All right, Dean …” I agreed …

Part III

“You … control her now?” the wizened backwoods Bobby asked, inquisitively eying Ruby and I. He saw how different she was from their last encounter, and was fairly certain any chance of her working against them was gone. It confused him, an experienced Hunter.

“Yeah, I don’t like to think of it like that, but she will do anything I say,” I answered awkwardly. “I’m destined to control Demons and more, Bobby. With Yellow Eyes dust, I can use the power it gave me however I wish.”

“She’s not a typical Demon, Bobby.” Dean stated out of his trust toward me.

“Oh, that’s reassuring!” Bobby cracked. Though, he definitely observed the change in her demeanor. She was blatantly passive now, and certainly looking up to me.

“Tell him, Ruby,” I said.

“I’m a Demonic Succubus, who was once Human …” she said quietly. “Deals with Demons are never smart.”

“I didn’t know all that was possible,” Bobby stated.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of that lately!” Dean stated.

“Most Demons were Human once, not that they all remember. Where do you think they all came from?” Ruby stated quietly.

“She wants to be Human again, and thinks I may be the key. I thought you might have an idea about that, Bobby. I’m in the dark on that one. All I know is that her soul was never fully corrupted, just tortured horrifically under a demonic shell that makes her a Demon. Transformation from Human to Succubus Demon apparently has unpredictable outcomes.”

Bobby sighed deeply. “I do owe her …” Bobby fought Demons for almost as long as he could remember, and couldn’t believe he was actually indebted to one! Even worse, he was a very honorable person at heart. “I’ll look through what I have for any mention of all this. Just remember the only way I currently know to really ‘save’ her is the Cult she helped me with.”

“I only gave Dean that honor,” Ruby stated with a smile.

“Well, if you’re gonna hang around here for a while, Ruby, I don’t think I have to remind you about my Demon Traps!” Bobby stated with a smirk.

“They won’t affect me, anymore, Bobby,” Ruby stated happily, slyly.

“What?” Bobby asked in shock.

“My very being is now under Sam’s will,” she clarified, lightly touching my arm, while looking up at him.

Dean went wide eyed, and proclaimed, “I’m so glad you’re still on our side, Sammy!” Dean finally understood the true meaning of an army of Demons under my will: all the rules most Demon’s followed would be replaced by mine …

I dreamed of many possible futures now made possible with the death of Azazel and Ruby’s choice. I could make any of them happen. I could destroy all worlds, or bring them together in ways otherwise impossible. Yet, it was nothing I never suspected. It was only confirmation of a burden I never wanted, but somehow lived with it. My life was contradiction. I was to be a kind of antichrist, but was freed of at least part of that destiny. Yet, all that power and possibility are still mine, partly thanks to Ruby.

Ruby did so much more than she realized in her almost impossible choice to completely reveal herself. She unknowingly altered the flow of history so much backwards and forwards that we split off into a whole other reality. Not that anyone would remember, she was only a Demon with that implausible spark of humanity before she chose a path that would not be of her own destruction the moment she leapt onto me, unknowingly becoming a symbol of an alternate path. This was all part of all our destinies: to fight death and destruction in more than a single reality to implausibly save and destroy all that we must. Heaven and Hell were already their own realities, while the power of choice created yet more for humanity and who knows how many other living beings in the most chaotic of times.

Yet, there are things I cannot, must not change. Breaking Dean’s deal with the Crossroads Demon to save me was always just a clever lie, I now understood, while I, in a precious few possibilities, could truly help Ruby instead of destroying her. The things I cannot change, the things I must do will be ever so much more painful now …

I woke up to the naked Succubus lightly stroking my cheek. “This is driving your brother nuts,” she said teasingly. We were probably louder than I assumed in the moment.

“You mean you are?”

“I drive all men nuts,” she shrugged.

“You really wanna loose all your power?”

“There’s a darkness in me, because I am a Demon. I could eat your living flesh with an orgasmic smile, no matter how much loathing I would feel after. Humanity still present in a Demon should not be possible. But, you know all that …”

“We have too much in common,” I said quietly. “You know I don’t want my dark power either … but I know if I let it go, there won’t be a future for anything.”

“That’s why Yellow Eyes chose and favored you, you barely Human bleeding heart! There wasn’t gonna be any threats of no life to go back to — your life with your brother is almost impossible to sever — you just see the power as necessary, nothing more. There was no chance of you actually becoming insane like so many others like you, assuming you learned to wield the power naturally — there was to be nothing natural about feasting on my blood. That Demon was ready to twist you more than I ever could!”

“I can see what the future was meant to be, but I can’t see how to change you …” I wanted to help her so badly. The more I saved, the more I proved I was better than the Demon Spark within me.

“If you saw ALL possible futures now before you were ready, I think you would go crazy, and me with you!”

“You look like you were up all night, Bobby!” I observed

“No thanks to you two!”

“What’d you find, Bobby?” Dean asked tiredly.

“First, I’m instituting quiet hours! … Anyway, there are both Demonic and non-Demonic Succubi. Generally, you should never trust the Demon variant — no offense …”

“Some taken,” Ruby smirked.

“The latter show up less in my books, but they all suggest they are probably more of them. They are never out to corrupt others like the average Demon, so us Hunters don’t deal with them as much. Ruby seems different from either. Yes, Human to Demon is theorized, but not explicitly understood in the lore. Even stranger is how Ruby, more or less, retained her soul. I always assumed Demons had their own dark variant of a soul, and that’s practically the case, according to Ruby. However, it seems safe to assume hers is still quite Human at its core. One interesting thing that occasionally appears is that another term for some Succubi is ‘Triensviae’ (Third Paths).”

“What does that all mean for her?” I asked with compassion.

“I don’t know!” he shrugged. “Makes it easy to betray other Demons …”

“I always assumed all Succubi were Demons,” Dean confessed.

“Maybe,” Bobby pondered. “Take away the Demon, and their powers and needs are basically the same …”

“Are you suggesting we could remove the Demon part of her?” I asked.

“Might be worth a shot if she’s that desperate, assuming there’s enough humanity left in her. I already see two problems with that, Sam.”


“The first is she’ll still be a Succubus, and not exactly Human. The second, she may just die. I shot her myself when we first met! She wanted to prove the Cult wasn’t ready to kill Demons again. The Demon part of her may be the only thing keeping her body alive!”

Ruby pulled her shirt up, revealing her remarkable chest, and stated, “It healed.” She pulled the shirt back down.

Wide eyed, Bobby continued, “Maybe … I don’t fully understand how demonic possession affects the Human body. That may just be some demonic bandage over an otherwise fatal wound. Once the Demon’s gone …”

“The body she entered was brain dead and soulless, too,” I added.

“Oh, you ARE one of the nice ones!” Dean teased toward Ruby.

“Don’t be so sure!” she teased back. She looked to Bobby. “Removing the Demon part of myself is at least a step.”

Ruby looked into my eyes, and mentally told me that she didn’t care if that removal could kill her. She was freer than she was for far too long through me.

Subtly, instinctually using my power of clairvoyance, I concluded, “An exorcism may work. I think I can hold her soul in place, while we negate the darkness.”

An hour later, I had Ruby sit on the chair before the musty fireplace. “Can’t be as crazy as drinking your blood,” I said quietly, more to reassure myself. She responded with an angry glair.

“What!?” Dean overheard.

“Won’t be happening now,” I answered, making him even more confused.

“This is crazy!” Bobby grunted, while waling into the room. “If we loose her, we loose an edge we weren’t supposed to have.” He couldn’t believe he was saying that about a Demon!

“If you don’t even try,” Ruby stated, “you’ll be torturing me. I merely serve Sam in body and spirit; he doesn’t really control my mind unless I let him. You know where I’ve been …”

“I’ll explain it all to both of you eventually. All I can say now, Dean, is clairvoyance teaches too much,” I said cryptically to them. “… Start it Dean,” I ordered, sitting on the chair before her. I looked deep into Ruby’s eyes, which quickly turned to their Demon Blue. Looking deep into her, my eyes blackened with the red spark glowing at the center. I cradled her very soul …

“Oh, my God!” Bobby breathed, seeing my demoniac eyes.

“Relax, Bobby. It’s probably OK …” Dean requested. “I hope …” He began reading the old Latin chants.

I quickly began to feel her slipping out of the body she resided. My grip on her soul beneath the demonic cloud tightened. Ruby fell to the floor writhing in deep pain. Her screams were deafening, while chilling the bones. My own head began to sear in more pain than I ever knew possible.

Right when the pain became truly unbearable for us both, it was over. I pulled out of her being, and fell to the floor next to her. Our bodies were drenched in sweat. Ruby’s eyes slowly became humanoid, as did mine. A black breath slowly came out of her. It was not the living shadow of a Demon leaving a body; it was more like seeing one’s breath in the cold.

She lay motionless. I put my hand on her shoulder, and quietly called, “Ruby?”

“Maybe this is like how the first Succubi were created … almost impossible moments,” she barely said. “I’m no longer a Demon. There is only Succubus … Triensvia …”

She kissed me deeply in eternal thanks for at least the darkness being removed. Ruby would stay and help us now out of loyalty, I sensed. Even just coming this far was more than she once dreamed.

Looking right through her, I knew too much. “This is as far as we can go, Ruby. I’m sorry. You can never be Human again …”

“It’s all right,” she breathed. “Becoming Human again would be salvation, and I don’t deserve that. I renounced all I stood for the moment I called that Demon. I’ll learn to accept what I am, thanks to you. You gave me what I truly deserve, thanks to my literal leap of faith onto you. I will be loyal to you ‘till the end of days …”

“Sammy,” Dean stated in his amazement, “I’m so glad you chose to stay on our side …”

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