Blog Flash Compendium Volume IV this monday!

Surprise! This Monday Blog Flash Compendium: Volume IV will be available at Smashwords for free.

The next Blog Unbound will appear Monday Apr 27. It will be a darker tale called Of Lust. Synopsis: Lindsey recently met a mysterious man, while finding herself changing in profound ways. Tags: Mind control, transformation, demonic

As an update on the complete Tome of Passions (Books 1-8, appendix) will be available by this September. The exact day is still TBD, but I predict mid to late Sept. The individual Books 1-7 may or may not appear on Amazon, due to the annoying extra steps needed to make an ebook free there. I decided that the base price for the complete book will be lower than originally planned, because a good portion of it is already available for free. Probably $6 flat. Also, there is a chance that the document size will be greater than Smashword’s 10mb limit. However, they now allow double that if I only upload epub format, so I don’t foresee a serious problem if I need to publish it there like that. Also, I don’t think Amazon KDP has such a limitation. So…

Stay Mesmerized!

Mr P

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