Fanfic: Thrills — Club Sanguine

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This story is a fan-fiction of the early 2000s softcore series Thrills. It is based on the “Club Plasma” episode, while tweaking the plot to also bounce off of the Supernatural Unbound mythos. As such, this story may be considered apocryphal to my Supernatural stories.

Blood Sanguine

“A Vampire nightclub?” the older yet still attractive editor, Felicia, asked amazed.

“‘Club Sanguine.’ You have been looking for a different kind of article, right, Janice?” Rob answered almost slyly. “Like I told you, my ex girlfriend Cat works there.”

“You said she left you a few years ago …”

“Well …” he started awkwardly. “I can’t say it was mutual, but there was no bad blood. She suddenly just wanted to move on. Not exactly a stalker!” He still saw her as the love of his life, and really had no one else since. Needing to find her there was like some intangible pull to the unknowable.

“Getting close,” she chuckled. “Look, you know the deadline. Get me something by then, and we’ll see. Oh, I want you to take Jennifer with you. I want her to get some field experience.” Jennifer was the newest, youngest, and downright sexiest reporter they had. She was a straight-up blonde bombshell physically, and looked to be the next best reporter for the now web-based magazine.

Rob was certainly attracted to her, but he could still only think of Cat …

* * * *

It was surprisingly easy to register for a night at Club Sanguine. Rob played the gambit by mentioning he knew Cat. It would seem she confirmed his claim, even if she never actually contacted him. He did some research on themed nightclubs not long before, and finding Cat was not his goal. To his further surprise, Cat was the General Manager of the club, and was for nearly a year. The whole thing struck him as odd. She left him soon after getting hired at a nightclub, albeit a different one, and now she was running a Vampire themed one. Indeed, Cat was always intrigued with Vampires. She knew she wasn’t one, but had synonymous obsessions: deep red colors, neck fetish, liked rare meat, did not mind the taste of blood. She only once tasted his blood by putting his accidentally cut finger in her mouth. It was hot! Unfortunately, that was also the day she left him …

They were both dressed in what they assumed was “nightclub” attire. Sort of a toned down Night at the Roxbury look. Of course, neither ever frequented such clubs. Rob wore a shimmering dress shirt and matching past. Jennifer wore all velvet: low-cut black tank top, blue and black miniskirt, medium strappy heals.

Walking in, the long-haired bouncer, wearing all black, greeted them in a rather campy way. “You are guests Rob and Jennifer?”

“Yes,” he answered, taking out his wallet. There was an entry fee, which was less for preregistered guests.

He put up his long nailed hand. “Cat has set you both up as complimentary. He smirked, highlighting sharp canines. “Except for the drinks.”

“Oh, OK … Will Cat be meeting us?”

“She will be meeting you, Rob, personally soon. There is the nightly ritual she must attend to first. It will be starting soon. You are both welcome to watch, but it can be a bit, well, shocking for the uninitiated.”

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked.

He smiled. “Everything is consensual here, and Cat’s employee is well compensated.”

They decided to split up and meet in an hour outside. Rob walked over to the bar, which apparently had real Human blood and plasma as well as alcohol. He had no idea if selling Human blood was legal, but their liquor license was in full view. He ordered a whisky from the buxum, tattooed blonde bartender.

“So you’re a Vampire?”

She shrugged. “Don’t diss it ‘till you try it!”

Jennifer found her way down to a seemingly empty room with couches and a bed. It was only lit by candles. A man casually walked up to her through the darkness. There was fear, but it almost felt learned. It was as if there wasn’t anything to fear … There wasn’t.

Great arousal flowed through her, moistening her panties. “What … what are you doing to me? Are you a Vampire?”

He only smiled.

She found herself falling into the gushy settee behind her, while the man leaned down for a kiss. “Shit, this never happens to me …”

He began to tenderly yet willfully touch her sides, giving her goosebumps.

“Oh, yeah … Fuck me, you Vampire …” she breath.

At that, his motions were yet more willful, pushing up her top. Her bra-less breasts were instantly revealed, nipples fully erect. He kissed them, making her moan happily. Nibbling and kissing her neck, he lifted her to her ass, while pushing down her skirt. The nest thing she knew, a cool, long member slid in and out of her wet pussy, the wettest her pussy has ever been. She moaned and cooed wildly at every thrust, as every thrust was orgasmic. She had never felt such pleasure, feeling down her tingling body.

The orgasmic state slowly dissipated, while she still felt herself in the mind-numbing afterglow. She eventually realized she was completely alone. Her breasts and pussy were fully exposed, suggesting it was no hallucination. Indeed, her pussy felt like there was something inside it just a moment ago.

She quickly clothed herself, and walked back up to see women hungrily sucking down what looked like blood. Fangs, real or no, were blatant as they drank happily. She walked over to the other end of the room where everyone was heading. Rob was looking over the balcony.

A woman lay docile on a bed under a while veil covering her whole body. His heart suddenly fluttered when he saw Cat walk over to the woman from the crowd barefoot. She wore a form-fitting, black satin dress. What amazed him was how, well, vampiric she looked now. Her skin was almost white now, her black hair seeming somehow darker and shinier, as her body looked healthier and more athletic.

The woman on the bed began to squirm expectantly, more so when Cat pulled away the veil. The young woman was fit and healthy. She was tied to the bed, but not in any way that would prevent her from escaping if she wished. Cat looked at the expectant woman in a way he never saw before. It was like this woman was hers, but it was more than that. Cat looked at this woman like she was a piece of ripe meat. She sensually touched the woman like she was playing with food. And when Cat kissed and liked down the woman’s body, it was like she was tasting her.

This unnamed woman was seeming to like it, but seeming nervous regardless. The apparent Vampires in the room were moving and almost dancing hungrily. They looked at the woman like food, too, but they also looked at Cat with a kind of reverence. It was like Cat was in some kind of dance, and the others swayed with her. At the same time, Jennifer realized she was horny again, not just at the site — impossibly — but also from her experience in the room below. Jennifer was inexplicably caught up in Cat’s predatory dance.

Suddenly, Cat picked her head up from her tasting, revealing a face that gave him chills. She looked like a hungry animal with long, sharp fangs suddenly apparent. The others showed yet greater reverence to Cat. She then flung her pitch black hair around, and appeared to plunge her fangs deep into the heaving woman’s neck. The woman’s eyes and moth went wide. They all cheered as she drank from her apparent food-bag. After what looked like several large gulps, she flung herself up, and joined in the joyousness. The woman fell unconscious …

Jennifer was breathless, almost orgasming. She didn’t understand why until she saw the dark man again. He walked to a another room, closing the door behind him. Jennifer walked over, not fully in control of her horny self. She put her hand on the doorknob, and suddenly found herself behind it, in the man’s arms …

Rob was amazed at what he assumed was not much more than a convincing play. His ex embraced the whole Vampire-thing even more, he thought to himself. He watched the apparently gorged Cat walk into the back room.

“Cat will see you now,” a dark man suddenly said next to him.

Rob expectantly walked into the back room to see the completely nude a glowing Cat. Her skin was somewhat darker all of a sudden, as her animalistic behavior seemed gone.

“Rob, I’m glad you found me,” she stated happily. She walked over to him in a way that was both the woman he remembered and not at the same time. She was never so sensual before, yet it was still Cat.

They smooched deeply. Her body felt warm and inviting. “How are you?”

“Much better now.”

“Can’t believe how much more you’ve gotten into this Vampire obsession, Cat. You put on a good show.”

“You don’t believe I’m a real Vampire now?”

“Your body’s warm. You’re not pale.”

“I just fed, you idiot!” she responded with a playful annoyance. “I pay five women very well to be just my food. They get the best healthcare, the best exercise, the best diet. They are made to hold the best blood.”

“Oh, so you didn’t suck her dry!” he said sarcastically.

“Why would I do that?” she shrugged.

“If you’re really a Vampire now, prove it!”

She smirked, and showed her sharp looking canines. Those canines then slowly descended.

“Holy, shit!” he said amazed. “This is impossible …”

“Sometimes we get exactly what we want, Rob,” she said with a subtle lisp. “You can touch them …”

Jennifer and the man embraced with great lust, before he began to kiss and nibble down her already naked and quivering body. Something was unlocked within her, as the explored every inch of their responsive bodies.

She sucked his dick; he sucked her pussy. For years Jennifer suppressed her lustful urges to not be some kind of cliche, being so very attractive. It became habitual, and she nearly forgot what was buried deep inside. Her lust was now freed …

Rob reached out and felt the very real fangs of his ex-girlfriend. He pulled his hand away in confusion, feeling a slimy, very non-saliva substance.

“Vampire venom. Seems to flow easily whenever I’m near a Human, for some reason.”

“This is insane …” he breathed, feeling the venom between his fingers.

She pulled up her fangs, and said, “I’m not sure if it really was an accident anymore, but a Vampire found me at a club I started working at just before I broke up with you. She literally took my breath away. Apparently wanted a new number two in her Brood, and chose me on the spot. I was freed and chained at the same time. Then a little over a year ago, we saw a path past the chains of a Brood. I led the revolt that destroyed our Matriarch, and disbanded the Brood. No one lives here anymore, but in a way, they see me as a Matriarch anyway. This place is for all Vampires now, and Humans who think we’re just putting on a convincing show … Maybe I stole that idea from a movie … That ‘show’ out there is a celebration of Vampires in this new way.”

“I missed you …”

“I did, too, Rob. The old ways had us quickly cut ties with our old life. When you found me, I let you in right away to reveal the truth of what I became. Yet, I’m still me in some way …”

Jennifer now wildly thrust her crotch around the man’s solid member, moaning and cooing in one orgasm after another. This pleasure was her true self! Suddenly, the man plunged his fangs into her pulsing neck, making Jennifer coo yet more loudly. Blood flowed out of her, as vampiric juices flowed in. Such perfection, she felt.

The man then took a goblet filled with blood, and had Jennifer drink it all down. He then bit his on wrist, and fed the escaping blood to the thirsty Jennifer …

“So what’s gonna happen now, Cat? You’re gonna bit me?” he asked awkwardly.

She chuckled. “You got a shorter memory than I remember! I just ate, remember? Besides, I can sense you’re not ready for that yet. Your … friend Jennifer apparently was.”


“Yeah. You’re lucky I’m still not the jealous type, Rob! I also know that I’m your type. Jason took a liking to her, and well, we all did. She had chained herself up, you see. Jason wanted to free her, and I suspect she’s becoming a Vampire nympho as we speak. But you, Rob, just want to make love to me right now. That’s all I wanna do, too …”

The dark man, Jason, continued to thrust into Jennifer, causing epic orgasm while she transformed. Not all Vampires were nymphomaniacs, but Jennifer’s nymphomania was becoming an integral part of her burgeoning new self. This was a path to the incomprehensible pleasure she always wanted.

Blood not her own dripped down her cheek, as blood not her own began to pulse throughout her veins. Every thrust an orgasm, and every thrust brought her closer to her new state of being. All Vampires could experience pleasures beyond that of any Human. Yet, Jennifer already sensed that she was becoming a true, rare Vampire of Lust. Pleasure had no need to consume her very being, as pleasure was always who she really was.

Jennifer’s body began to visibly change. Yes, she was becoming stronger with epic endurance, but it was changing further than most Vampires to become more attuned to any kind of sexual pleasure. Her feet reshaped themselves into a perfect, streamlined size nine, with the once large and uncomfortable bunions shrinking to nothing. Her hair dye dissolved, revealing her now natural golden blonde color. Body hair dissolved faster than the dye. Her breasts grew from a D to a massive DD-Cup. Her tendons and joints became implausibly bendable. And finally, long, sharp fangs descended.

“GIVE ME YOUR CUM!” she growled orgasmically. As one of pleasure and lust, she could derive perhaps more sustenance from cum, male or female. Indeed, Vampires derived little from the blood of their own kind, but she could get sustenance from the cum of Vampire and Human alike

He shoved his dick down her throat, and began to pump massive loads into the hungry Vampire of Lust. She soon screamed yet more loudly in pleasure …

“Those are the most pure sounds of pleasure I ever heard, Rob!” Cat exclaimed at the sound of a woman screaming in pleasure nearby. “She really is special!”

She leaned in for another big kiss, before tearing away his clothes. The kissed lovingly, as the explored with their fingertips the bodies they missed more than either realized. He massaged and sucked the perfectly shaped A-cups he always loved, and she felt down his back with her long nails. In the ways they worshiped each other’s bodies, they learned they way they both changed: Cat more aggressive and hungry; Rob more curious and passionate. Their acceptance and want of their evolved selves allowed their love to grow into every inch of their beings.

Rob soon found himself on his back with the hungrily aggressive Cat passionately trusting around his dick on her knees. This was clearly her natural sexual stance now! Rob had no choice in the matter, but didn’t care. Her motions were perfect, creating more pleasure than he though possible. It was in that moment he realized that their minds were somehow touching at the most primal of levels making him hers forever. Did they cum or were they about to? He neither knew or cared. Maybe they were cuming right now in an endless orgasm, eyes locked in perpetual love …

“You wanna get something to eat, Cat?” Rob asked with the love of his life in his arms.

“I could go for a snack,” she said with a happy sneer.

She bared her bright white teeth, lowered her sharp fangs, and penetrated Rob’s willing neck for a few quick gulps. They fell asleep in each other’s arms …

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