Fanfic: Itara Naavar Part 1

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s note: This a Star Trek fan fiction set in the Prime Universe not long after the Dominion War. No personal profit or infringement intended. No major characters of the franchise make an appearance beyond a brief mention. The story centers on Orion Starfleet Officer Itara Naavar being on a mission to use her unique skills to apprehend a lost Maquis Cell. Part 1 concentrates on Naavar preparing for the mission, while making a distinct advancement in her life in the Federation. Part 2 concentrates on the mission to apprehend the Maquis Cell before they make any moves. Enjoy!

Itara Naavar

Part I

Tactical and Security Officer Lieutenant Itara Naavar patiently stood in the moving, humming turbolift. She lightly ran her very green finger along her two pips as her constant reminder of how far she came. Her Captain, John Corso, requested her presence in his ready room. As a joke to herself, she wondered if Corso was going to complain that she had too much sex with everyone on the USS Merrimack! She was an Orion Female, and most certainly had a serious carnal apatite. Still, that was unlikely to be why she was going to see her Captain. She did have a purely sexual relationship with one fellow officer. She chose him, she liked him. However, while the sex was serious, the emotional connection was not. There was more than enough personal time on a starship for her to satisfy her personal requirements, while she was considering a more emotional relationship with him.

The captain let her into the ready room, and had her sit before him. The office was somewhat Spartan, not counting pictures of ships he previously served. There was also a rather adorable picture of his wife and young daughter on his desk.

“Lieutenant, I have a special assignment for you, should you choose to accept.” He handed over a pad with all the details. “Secondary Chancellor Garak of the United Cardassian Council contacted Starfleet personally about the discovery of a forgotten Maquis Cell just outside the Badlands. A recently arrested Ferengi provided much of this information. It appears they used cloaking technology and stasis chambers. Literal sleeper agents, in some respects. The cloaking technology began to break down, and the system woke them up. Chancellor Garak requested we take care of this quietly and swiftly. Even now, they are still recovering from the Dominion War, and simply don’t want any instability. Starfleet intelligence has created a tentative plan with you at the center.”

“Um … If I may be honest, Captain, I’m not sure if I can perform in the manner they expect. Being an Orion Woman doesn’t mean I’m a good infiltrator …”

“I disgusted that with the Admiral. However, I know you. You are very good at making friends, even when your pheromones are suppressed. I’ve seen you strike a conversation with some of my most reserved officers! And, you are also a fine tactical officer. Strategy, tactics are clearly second nature to you.”

She nodded reluctantly, if only because those elements stemmed from her rather carnal tendencies. She skimmed over the details on the pad. “On the surface, this backstory makes some sense. It could be intriguing to be the only known Orion to have Maquis sympathies. Someone clearly heard the saying on my world: Be sold to a Ferengi. Still, it doesn’t really work if you know my people as well as I do. There are accurate reports, but I swear no one reads them! Even though you can argue anyone working for the Syndicate is a slave to the Syndicate, Orion Women all but run the Syndicate and Orion Society. We choose a lover, that lover is truly ours. No female Orion can ever be a slave in the Human sense. It’s just an elaborate con to get ships, supplies, actual slaves, or whatever the hell they’re after. There so damn overconfident they usually don’t even wear a fake shock collar! When I and other women chose to leave Orion Society, there is no questioning of it, unless your are a part of Syndicate operations. The Syndicate prefers willing associates, and I obviously never joined. So, saying an Orion Starfleet Officer was captured by the Syndicate, sold to a Ferengi, escaped, and seeking help looks fabricated to me.”

“What would you suggest, Lieutenant?” Corso knew she would come up with a better plan. She had a keen intellect, and always beat him at chess. She started beating him the day he convinced her to learn the game! Her unique background and intellect were why he made her his Tactical and Security Officer.

“Simpler, dynamic. Kidnapped by a Ferengi that was suspected of selling illegal arms to independent Cardasians in the demilitarized zone. I could say we were ordered to apprehend him, and he kidnapped me. Such illegal trade is occurring, as the new Cardassian government lacks the resources to stop it. I did a dance, which you know I can do, and rubbed his ears. I’d claim my pheromone suppressant did not wear off in time, so there was an altercation he did not survive. I’d need a heavily damaged escape pod, Ferengi if possible. Once there, I won’t need to claim any sympathies. Instead, I’ll fain curiosity while they work to obtain transport, or argue over what to do with me. Damsel-in-destress works with Humans, regardless of gender. I would make logical adjustments as I go along, of course … If I am to easily gain their trust, have them turn themselves in, I’d have to stop suppressing my pheromones. That could lead to some things rather unbecoming of a Starfleet Officer. I don’t exactly control myself in otherwise private matters.”

“As an undercover agent, you are authorized to do what you need to do within reason.” He visibly ground his teeth in his hidden discomfort. He was indeed attracted to her, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle with her pheromones suppressed.

“I see that …”

“There are issues we’d have to keep in mind. My unique skills will only work on those sexually attracted to me. There are exceptions, like how Denobulan may pass out after significant exposure to the pheromones. The rest will simply develop migraines, and probably get a bit grumpy. Homosexual women are certainly drawn to me like men, but may develop a headache as well. That’s just for bigender races! I would just have to make sure there are sedatives available for the non-seducible … You must understand that what this mission entails is not much different from what my unsavory kin do to others. The only difference is that they may be imprisoned instead of enslaved.”

“And that is the point, Lieutenant!” he clarified. “This mission will not only help to save lives, but also help to defuse a potentially volatile situation.”

She sighed. Objectively, this was an amazing mission for her. She really could provide a nonviolent solution, albeit an unconventional one. “I accept, as long as my position here is still mine once I complete the mission.”

“Of course! I still have to beat you at chess!”

“With all do respect, sir, that’ll never happen!” she teased.

Lieutenant Jack Hastings suddenly awoke to his door chime. It was a long day, and he just passed out on his couch. Mind resetting, he stood and opened the door. His heart jumped, as it always did, at the site of Naavar.

“Oh, Itara, come on in! Just napping …” He found it interesting that she let him call her by her given name, considering her comments on how personal it was. Orions of her particular subculture went by their surname most of the time, with the notable exception of when others of the same family were present. Even then, they may just go by their surname anyway.

“Sorry to wake you, Jack … Just wanna talk …” She walked into the room.

“Oh, OK …”

They sat on the couch.

“You know you’re the only one on the ship I’ve have been intimate with.”

“Yes … What’s this all about?” His heart raced. The sex was always profound to him, and he secretly wanted to go further with her.

“You know full well my carnal desires, and how satisfying that doesn’t have to be with only one person. However, I’ve only satisfied my desires with you,” she deeply sighed. “I think I know the answer, but do you want to go the next steps with me? Do want to become truly intimate?”

All he could do was nod, before impulsively kissing her on her dark, full lips.

“Before we get too hasty, I need to tell you this won’t be like any relationship you had with Human women. You must fully experience, embrace my pheromones. The Orion term is Shiriani, which is very close to the word for slave, but loosely translates to Bound in your English. It will make you permanently, completely devoted to me. It shouldn’t affect your work, at least in the long run. I’m obviously not a traditionalist. I would never make you some sex slave. This isn’t a traditional relationship for either of our races, so we can hold off if you wish.”

“I think they’d kick you out of the Federation if you enslaved me!” he joked joyously. “I don’t understand, Itara. You never gave any indication you wanted more from our relationship. What prompted this?”

“Special tactical mission separate from my assignment here. I can’t go into details, but it will have me do things all women my species are known for. Best con artists in the galaxy …”

“Humph. You should be honored. Officers aren’t given special missions everyday,” he said happily, stroking her soft, jet black hair.

“It’s not really in my nature, but I guess I’m asking permission to do things I mostly avoid. I wanna be able to remind myself I’m more than a dancing seductress. I’m asking you to be my anchor, I guess. Having you bound to me will help me keep perspective on what I will be doing. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I don’t care. Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to be closer with you.”

“So … How does this work?” he asked, all but accepting.

“I go to Sickbay, and have the pheromone suppressant purged from my body. You’ve already experienced my pheromones at very low levels more than any other on this ship, so the chemical connection should establish sooner. I think it’s safe to assume I already seduced you. So, we can skip most of the pomp and circumstance. Unless you really want me to dance for you! We will then, as you would put it, make love. After, the ultimate bonding will occur. It will be all quite different, especially with my scent overwhelming you. In that way, this is simple, not counting the intricate chemical bond we created within you. After, if you wish, we may do your bonding ceremony … err, wedding. Probably a better way of telling other women you’re mine instead of frying their brains with pheromones!”

“So … When do you want to start this?” He actually couldn’t wait. At the same time, he appreciated how she was holding back her alpha nature just a touch for his sake.

“Assuming the doctor can wake up the pheromones right away, I’d like us to do the ceremony tonight. I hope it doesn’t seem too quick for you, but jumping right into it might as well be traditional for me. Indecision is not in my nature.”

The salt and pepper haired Doctor David D Forest went subtly wide eyed. He wrote a paper on interspecies relations a decade ago, and rarely had chances to study it since. “I don’t believe there will be any issues between Human and Orion. Still, caution is always advised. There are always cultural and physical differences to take into account, while I don’t know how it works for Orions. Klingon and Human, for example, is more than possible, but both may find themselves in sickbay more often than any doctor may like!”

“I’m not Klingon!” Naavar joked. “Physical differences is why I’m here, doctor. I need you to synthesize an anti-suppressant. The bond I will create in Jack is created by my pheromones.”

“That won’t take more than an hour. I remember seeing it the first time I synthesized a suppressant for you.” The doctor simply saw the suppressant as Orion Female antiperspirant, as Orions essentially do. It was created almost four centuries ago when males briefly gained dominance over females. The suppressant was a means of control. However, the females quickly reestablished much of the prior matriarchal society, even though they continued to use it when deemed necessary. The anti-suppressant is a result of that reestablishment.

“I will also need a laser scalpel and dermal regenerator,” she stated flatly.

“What?” Jack asked wide eyed.

“I will be exposing the glands under my armpits. The skin is actually incredibly thin there for the reason I will be opening it. Traditionally, we rip it open with our own razor nails, but a laser scalpel is must cleaner,” she described with subtle awkwardness.

“You didn’t tell me that!” It was in that moment Jack realized how weird this may become. He still had no intention of backing down, though.

“I’m easing you in!” she smiled disarmingly.

“I agree with you Navaar. A laser scalpel is much cleaner …” the doctor stated with subtle uncertainty. “I almost want to recommend you do this here, but I’m sure this is a private ceremony. So, I would like to request a full medical exam on you both while I synthesize the anti-suppressant. I’d also like to conduct a followup exam after your ceremony, when you both are able.”

“If you’re really lucky, doctor,” Navaar teased. “I may even give you a detailed account of the ceremony!”

Over an hour later, they walked into Navaar’s quarters hand in hand. Their medical exams went fine, as did the anti-suppressant injection. Though not actively discussed, their relations weren’t really a secret. They were never the quietest in bed.

“You know, Itara, you don’t really smell any different, but you definitely are more alluring!” he observed, amazed.

“The best pheromones are stealthy,” she breathed right over his mouth, before aggressively kissing him deeply.

They quickly made their way to her bed, pealing off their clothes as the went. She thrust widely on top as if he was already hers. Ample breasts swaying. She moaned, growled, moved like a wild animal in heat. Ironically, on the surface, it really wasn’t that different from the other times they had sex (Orion Animal Women!). The mind numbing difference was the pheromones. It pacified his actions toward her, while drawing him closer to her. He’d be impressed if his mind wasn’t so overwhelmed by them. They soon came in a loud passion.

Navaar asked somewhat out of breath, “How do you feel?” As the doctor suggested, this process was all but straight forward with her own people, but caution was indeed advised between her and a Human.

“A little … Little light headed …” he answered breathlessly. Adrenaline coursed through his veins.

He was not handling the process as well as an Orion, but she could tell he was still all right. “Just try to breath normally, Jack. As I expected your light exposure prior gave us a head start. It’s cumulative!” She took his hand, and continued with great excitement, “Now for the truly Orion part!”

She laid out an old, green family ritual mat she had not used since she left for the Federation, and lit an even older, light green lap in the center of it. Even the flame had a slight green tint. She often mused at how overly aware her fellow Orions were of their colorings. Indeed, the rare Orions of other tones had synonymous ritual objects!

Jack was too hazy at that point to pick up on colorings, while Navaar had him sit on his knees before the lamp. Navaar sat on the opposite side. “Just stay calm, Jack, and do exactly what I say.”

She quickly sliced open her smooth armpits. There was no blood, partly thanks to evolution, and mostly thanks to the laser scalpel. She placed her hands behind her head, and positioned to expose the ovular, brownish green glands as much as possible. Her deep green nipples and areolae were adding to the mind numbing.

Jack found himself breathing deeply, regularly, while finally perceiving a scent, albeit a sent he could not accurately describe in his state of mind.

“Good, Jack, relax, breath deeply. Take it all in …” she ordered seriously.

Wow …” Jack breathed. The mix of pheromones and orders were clearly mind altering. He felt adrenaline course through his veins, but he felt relaxed and willing. The pheromones made him completely receptive to whatever she told him.

“Very good, Jack. Now, come to me.”

Jack leaned forward, while Navaar guided his head to her left gland with her hand, pressing his face against it.

“Breath deeply. Let it become a part of you. Let me become a part of you. Let the bond take hold.”

All Jack could do was breath in the chemical deeply. Time and reality became meaningless to him. The alien molecules were beginning to saturate inside him, making him truly hers. The microscopic Orion molecules invaded his cells, making themselves at home as did mitochondria in ages past. When Jack finally passed into a deep sleep of only his love, Navaar pulled his head away from her gland. She carried him to her bed, and after regenerating the skin over the glands, she happily fell asleep with him …

Completely against tradition, Navaar helped Jack quite a bit the next morning. He was adapting to the chemical bond, but by far not as quickly as an Orion Male. Jack had on his pants and underwear, while Navaar stayed nude, the nudist she was. They almost casually ate some breakfast.

“I feel pretty damn wiped out!” Jack admitted, sipping at his coffee. “Surprised we didn’t get a noise complaint …”

“Well, I’m overjoyed how well you’re handling it. I didn’t wanna worry you earlier, but the chemical bond you now have is occasionally rejected when applied to other species. I assumed correctly the bond wouldn’t be rejected within you. I never heard of rejection within Humans. Still, we should definitely have the doctor take some scans before you report for your shift today. You know I need that suppressant, too.” She happily sipped her coffee. She didn’t like the stimulant the first time she tried it, but she later learned it could be sweetened, which made her love it.

“It’s strange,” Jack said quietly. “I don’t really feel all that different, except when I look at you or think about you. I’m madly in love with you! I’d do anything you say, and anything for you.” He knew the pheromones she still emitted had little further effect on him. The chemical bond was far more powerful and profound.

“Sounds about right!” she said with a playful smile. She walked around, and sat on his lap, embracing him. “The chemical bond may only go one way, but I love you, too. We’re very decisive on who we want, even if we sometimes don’t bond with a man night one. All races handle love in their own messed up way … Look, even if I was traditional, I wouldn’t stop you from pursuing your interests. Corso certainly wouldn’t be pleased if I went as far as turning you into my sex slave! All you need to do, if thoughts of me get distracting, is know that you doing a good job will make me happy.”

They lovingly, deeply kissed.

Navaar looked into Jack’s eyes, and said, “I think I miscalculated a little with you. I didn’t realize you were emotionally bonding with me long before. You were so easy! All I had to do was share that drink with you, bat my blue eyes. No chemical mind altering, just social niceties. Plenty of Orion Women would find that boring — we do love a good seduction, but I didn’t mind just talking.”

“You found what you wanted, Itara,” he observed happily.

The doctor had Hastings stay in sickbay the whole day for observation due to his heavy fatigue, which Naavar said not normally occur with Orion Males. It turned out that the binding process was just taking longer to complete within the Human metabolism, and it was mostly due to the reproductive system being adjusted for increased compatibility with Navaar. As a result, Hasting’s birth control procedure was rendered useless from the change, while Navaar’s was still, of course, unchanged and fully effective. The doctor was incredibly fascinated by the process, and while she thought it was all too personal for him to write a paper as he requested, Navaar had no objections toward the standard procedure of updating their medical files. By the end of the day Hastings was physically fine.

The doctor cleared them both health-wise, and the next few days passed rather quickly for Naavar, who relegated her regular duties to Lieutenant Junior Grade Stanley Smith. She put considerable time into studying the ultimately failed Maquis Movement, while designing a “faulty” obedience biochip, and developing other details. She wasn’t directly involved with those conflicts, but the Merrimack was definitely involved in the overarching Dominion War. Corso promoted her to Lieutenant and Tactical Officer after her predecessor died during one of the early battles. Corso credited her with “keeping the ship afloat” in the some of the worst occasions.

The night before she shipped out to the special assignment, Naavar found herself playing chess with Captain Corso in the Observation Lounge. It was on the classic flat board this time. They were sipping Aldebaran Whisky. Corso was dryly teasing her by providing that rather green drink.

“So, I hear my favorite Succubus is tying the knot!” Corso asked casually, sipping his drink. He gave all his officers casual nicknames, while Jack’s was 1066 referencing the year of the Battle of Hastings on ancient Earth. After looking up the Succubus myths, Naavar found hers grudgingly fitting.

“Sir?” she asked slightly off guard. She learned English far better than she expected, while her accent was negligible, but she still did not always grasp some of the more metaphorical aspects of the language.

“An old Earth expression for marriage, Naavar,” he clarified, moving a knight. He once tried to use her given name, but was promptly, politely corrected. Still, she found the loyalty and friendship with the superior, a man, as remarkable as it was solid.

She indirectly corned the knight with a pawn. “Yeah, I guess Hastings and me are … I bound him to me, and I thought it was only fair we should plan to bond in his way as well.”

“Bound?” He took her rook.

“Bound, bind. The Orion word doesn’t translate well into English, but it’s probably what you’re thinking, Captain!” She sipped and moved her bishop aggressively to the center of the board. “He is chemically bonded to me through a rather intimate ritual involving a lot more pheromones than the average exposure.”

“I guess that makes some sense!” he laughed subtly, shifting his knight. “You are one to go all the way …” He always found chemical connections fascinating, but thought the subject too personal to push further without her consent. “Assuming his work doesn’t suffer, I’d say he’s a very luck man, Naavar.”

“I won’t allow that lucky man to let you down, sir” she smiled knowingly, before shifting a pawn.

He moved his bishop forward. “Check … Been a while. Everything OK?”

She grunted quietly. “I’m just not sure how this mission will affect me, Captain. You know I don’t reject anything that is a part of me … I jumped into bonding with Jack so he’d be a kind of anchor for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, and I know now we would’ve bonded sooner than later … I guess it’s just a strange thought to actually dance my way into someone’s bed, after refusing that job years ago …” She took his attacking bishop with her queen.

“I’m sure you’ll do fine, Naavar. It’s the job of all our superiors to know all our talents for whatever mission is to come. It’s easy for you to wiggle yourself into new groups of people. I wish I could do that so easily! They’ll see you as a Starfleet Officer in destress, assuming you make the right moves. Granted, you’ll be seducing them, to be blunt, but that should ensure a peaceful, quiet surrender on their part.” He sipped and moved a pawn.

She smiled, and moved her queen aggressively up the board. “Checkmate … This should be quite the experience … For everyone …”

Jack awoke in the middle of the night to an empty bed. Through the doorway, he saw Navaar silently siting on the couch naked in the darkened room. He climbed out of bed, and sat on the couch next to her.

“You OK?” he quietly asked, putting his arm around her.

“I don’t know … I wonder if my sister couldn’t sleep before putting herself up for her first sale.”

“You always seem to glaze over her …”

“Yeah, Corso thinks I’m teasing him, but it’s hard to discuss it in Human terms. I told you most Orion Slave Women are just galactic con artists. My parents were proud that she chose to join the Syndicate. Her rare red hair generated quite the sale price, I was told. In some ways, we’re all trained from a young age to join their trade. I had to explain to Corso a while back that it really wouldn’t be appropriate for me to perform a dance for the crew! Well, anyway, my sister returned a year later with prestige and pride. There was a look of superiority in her eyes that melted males and sent shivers down the spine of females. That feeling is within me, too. That was the reason I was looking for to finally leave.”

“You’re afraid you’ll become like your sister?”

“No,” she answered off guard. “I embrace all sides of myself equally. I just didn’t want the that side of myself to dominate, as it probably would if I joined the Syndicate. Like I said, it’s hard to explain in your terms …”

“Maybe you are a little afraid …”

She looked at him with a confirming smile. “If you were Orion, the bond would make you incapable of even suggesting such a thing …” She deeply sighed. “I don’t know. Maybe I am a little. Maybe I don’t know what fear feels like.”

“Something tells me you’re a little more pragmatic than your sister. I’m sure she wanted you to, but you didn’t join her. You decided to embrace the Federation! Your sister doesn’t compare to you in what you’ve accomplished. Hell, maybe she’d be impressed with you once you complete this mission. You’ve probably done a lot more than she ever expected, and now you have a chance to upstage her in what she does best. If she’s anything like you, she’d be happy about your successes. You got yourself a completely devoted Human by just drinking and talking with him!”

She suddenly gave him a long smooch. “I didn’t miscalculate you on this. You’re devotion to me somehow makes you more forward! You do anchor me … Maybe I’ll try to contact my family once I’m done with this mission. Going back is difficult — probably won’t happen, but I’m sure they’d want to know how I got Maquis sleeper soldiers in the palm of my hand …”

Naavar then straddled him on the couch, and made out with him in both love and hunger. She pushed down his underwear with her silken foot, exposing an already inflated member. On the surface, for her culture, this was her rewarding him for being such a good lover, but the reality was that this was the best way for her to express the overflowing love she felt for him in that moment.

In a glorious dancer’s grace, she pressed the solid member against her moist snatch, and slid herself along it, moving herself upward. The cock soon found itself sliding under her asshole, and without hesitation, Navaar sank onto it, gracefully thrusting her body around it. The feel of her tight ass and look of loving hunger began to melt his mind. In the moments before he was lost in the carnal passion, Jack remembered wondering why she never initiated anal sex before they were bonded. Speculation proved futile, his mind becoming mush.

Almost defying gravity with her graceful motions, she leaned back without any support, slithering her fit body from shoulders to hips. Jack didn’t need to have a mind in that moment to see one of the major reasons what Orion Women were such advanced dancers, because Navaar already told him it was all about seduction and sex. “Oh, my Goddess, cum with me, Jack, COME WITH ME!” she ordered through her orgasm. His body complied joyously, filling her rear cavity to the brim.

Still holding his penis within her, she leaned forward, and happily made out with him. For the first time since they met, Jack realized she was quite winded from the less than standard sexual position. He even realized she broke a sweat!

“Wow! Always fantasized about trying that …” she breathed. “Whoo, harder than I expected!”

“I think you haven’t been dancing enough, Itara,” he teased, leading to a big hug and chuckle from Navaar …

An incredibly grungy, tubular Ferengi shuttle sat before Navaar in the shuttle bay. Her look was intentionally tattered: scuffed boots, missing jacket, unzipped yellow undershirt with broken zipper, and nothing else. She wanted to look like she just threw on whatever she could in a rush. Captain Corso was there to see her off. She was amused by the look on his face, now seeing more of her flawless, green skin than before. Her maximum cleavage and sexily muscular stomach could arouse any gender.

“I’m very tempted to ask if you like my outfit Captain, but I don’t think that would be appropriate,” she subversively teased.

He loudly cleared his throat, and said was an embarrassed smile, “No, it would not, Lieutenant.”

Jack and Doctor Forest walked into the bay. Jack and Naavar hugged and quickly smooched.

“Well,” the doctor started, failing to not notice his patient’s attire. “I’ll do the anti-suppressant first. Then, I’ll insert your sub-dermal implant.”

Naavar moved her scraggly hair away from her neck for the hypospray, which did it’s standard hiss. Naavar then moved her hair away from the back of her neck. The doctor implanted the essentially useless device with something that looked a lot like the hypospray.

She smiled at the doctor. “You’ve just joined a very exclusive club, doctor! Very few get to put on even fake obedience devices on Orion Women.”

“I’ll expect my plaque when you get back, Naavar!” he quipped.

Jack walked up to her, and asked ponderously, “I seem to remember being the jealous type! Something tells me you won’t be holding back. I’m actually OK with that …”

She gave him a quick smooch, and said, “I guess I’ve improved you, Jack.” She looked over to her Captain, “Permission to disembark, sir?”

“Granted, Lieutenant,” he said with a smile. “Good luck!”

To be continued ...

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