Blog Unbound: VHS-IN

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story follows related themes to prior works of mine, while traveling down more taboo paths.  While I’ve done incest stories prior, usually between sisters, this one has incest between a mother and a daughter initiated by less than natural means. This is also set in the late 1990s, another rarity in my writing. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook


Jackie found herself alone that night. Her eighteen year old daughter Lana was with her friends until ten at the latest, and her husband just left for a weeklong business trip. The news was boring, if only because they were still talking about Clinton wining his second term. She wasn’t unhappy he won; she just wasn’t that political. Shaking her head, she tossed on her coat, and grabbed the key. She was going to rent a video for the night.

Town SuperVideo was five minutes away, and fairly quiet that afternoon. A teen was rewinding some tapes when she walked into the place. Unsurprisingly, Jackie turned the high schooler’s head. The thirty-eight year old woman was many a teen’s wet dream. She was tall with olive skin, dark brown hair, D-cup breast, and a tight body. The woman went to the gym every Saturday, and jogged most mornings.

Jackie causally chose the comedy Dr. Jekyll and Ms Hyde. She was in the mood for something unusual, and saw that one. She walked over to the pimply clerk, who greeted and took the video. He opened it, and put on an odd smirk. Jackie’s attention was on the turning weather. Snow was starting to fall. The clerk set up the rental, and Jackie drove home …

At home, she opened the box to see that the video’s label was missing. Not surprising. She saw that before, many rentals having replacement labels. Unusually, the tape designated itself as a “VHS-IN,” and Jackie thought she may look that up later if she felt like it.

She inserted the rental into the slot. The tape dutifully was sucked into the VCR. Jackie sat on the couch, and made herself comfortable with her bare feet crossed on the coffee table. She turned on the TV and hit play.

The video was clearly not rewound all the way, showing the film instead of previews. It looked like it was near the start, though, seeing the opening credits still flashing. A quiet winter scene was in the background. Strangely, she didn’t see any of the expected stars flashed, but she assumed the tape started after some were shown. Jackie Hardon, Lana Sweet, John Boner, etc. Directed by David I.N. Price.

The director seemed at least correct. Still, it wouldn’t have been the first time the wrong tape fell in the store’s box! What struck her, though, was the coincidence of the flashed star’s first names: Jackie, Lana, John. Those were the names of her family! Jackie shook it off, though, as those were fairly common names.

“Hey, mom!” the young, attractive brunette proclaimed on screen.

“Hey, Lana! Hungry? I can make you some lunch,” the older yet still very beautiful woman offered. She was also a brown haired brunette, and believably looked like the daughter.

Lana lovingly put her arms around her mother. “We still on for tonight, mom?”

Jackie put on a hungry smile, and answered, “Yup! Dad said he definitely won’t be back ‘till tomorrow, baby.”

The scene faded to night. Jackie, the real one, was starting to think this wasn’t the cheesy sci-fi comedy. Still, she didn’t see the harm in watching, whatever it really was.

The film faded to the mother in her bed. She was wearing a dark nightie with matching stockings, panties, and bra. It was a very risqué image, and the real Jackie was simply watching.

The camera slowly panned to the daughter. She was wearing a gushy white robe and flip flops.

“Hey, mom,” Lana said deeply.

“Hey, Lana,” she called with equal depth.

“Is mommy horny?”

“Yes, baby. Mommy needs her daughter.”

Lana dropped her robe, revealing her naked body. She almost tenderly crawled on top of her deeply breathing mother. They kissed deeply, lovingly with great want. They groped and squirmed while cooing deeply. There was little doubt they were making love.

The real Jackie was in shock, and not necessarily because she obviously rented a porno by accident. She was shocked because she wasn’t shutting it off! The more she watched the nude mother and daughter writhe lovingly to the sensual motions, the more … interested she became.

Though not consciously aware of it, new rooms were being created in the woman’s mind. By the time she noticed the doors to the new rooms, it was as if they were there all along. It was rationalized as things she buried long ago within herself, and the porno before her reminded her of what she burred.

The incestuous scene before her was now blinding her with horniness. Even if she could remember why her incestuous wants were buried, such memories would be powerless in the moment.

“Oh, Lana, baby …” the real Jackie cooed, undoing her pants, and squeezing her breasts. “Lana …” she again cooed. Jackie was well aware she was cooing for her own sexy daughter. Though with a slimmer frame, her eighteen year old daughter looked very much like her. “Oh, Lana, I want you to suck my breasts … OH, fuck … Suck my toes, Lana!” Jackie was no longer watching the porno, and only fantasized about her sexy daughter. “Yeah, my baby, eat mommy’s pussy, while I eat yours!”

While she pleasured herself to the incestuous thoughts, Jackie’s mind completed reordering itself to the ideas stealthily implanted within her. She now remembered, when she was younger, she had thoughts about making love with her mother as a teen, but knowing that was wrong, she locked them away. Such thoughts were all but forgotten until her daughter neared the end of puberty at sixteen. She saw Lana as a beautiful girl, who was almost a beautiful woman. Jackie had sexual fantasies about seducing Lana by the time she was a fully grown woman a couple years later, but suppressed them, too. Yet, not as completely as she did with her mother. Indeed, she “remembered” secretly switching the tapes from the video store at moments of weakness.

“OH, my fuck, Lana, I love you!” Jackie screamed and squirt in orgasm, in blissful ignorance that the transformational experience lasted for hours …

After basking in the afterglow for a few breathless minutes, Jackie found herself resisting the incestuous thoughts, even though so much of her didn’t want to repress such thing. Partly giving in to what she thought was always a part of her, Jackie fully admitted to herself that she wanted to make love to her own daughter, as she did with her own mother. Jackie simply decided to not follow them, while in full understating of them. Incest just could never work in the world where she lived …

Lana walked into the house a little after ten at night. She expected to see her mother waiting for her, but a quick bedroom check showed that her mother already went to bed. She switched to her pink night clothes after. They were simply a light satin top and short skirt.

Not tired, Lana went to the living room to quietly watch the TV. She quickly found an empty VHS box from SuperVideo, and saw the tape was in the VCR. Shrugging, she turned on the TV, lowered the volume, and hit play …

A title flashed on the screen: Kept in The Family. Lana didn’t read the title on the box, so there was no concern. She payed no attention to the flashing titles. The scene soon started. What looked like a mother and a daughter that looked similar to herself and her mother sat on the couch talking.

“Lana, I’m not sure about what we’re doing …” the mother stated.

“Mom, how does it feel?”

“Amazing, my baby. It’s like we’re making love, but at a level so deep …”

“So what’s wrong?” she asked while intimately feeling her sexy mother’s thigh.

“I don’t know …”

“Let me help with that confusion, mommy!”

The daughter began to deeply kiss her mother, who clearly resisted for a moment, but gave into the pleasure.

“Oh, my God …” the real Lana exclaimed.

The daughter began to kiss down her mother’s neck, and the mother cooed wildly, “It feels so good when you kiss me!”

“My mother was watching this?” she exclaimed bewildered. While she watched that daughter on the TV kiss down her mother’s quivering body, new ideas were quietly implanted in her mind. The ideas becoming her own, Lana found herself growing aroused. “Oh, wow …” she breathed, starting to rub her own pussy. There was slight bewilderment on how Lana wasn’t attracted to women before, but that subsided when she “remembered” that she was bisexual. Yes, she was bisexual, but wasn’t yet open about it.

She pulled down her nightie, revealing her pert breasts, and exclaimed, “I can’t believe she’s into this!” She pulled up her skit, laid back, and started to rub her bare pussy. “I can’t believe I’m into this!”

Lana quietly cooed, continuing to watch the incestuous porno. Two sexy women fucking like that was melting her brain.

The daughter sucked on her mother’s still firm boob. “I wanna do that to her …” Lana breathed, realizing after a moment she referred to her own mother. “UMM, mommy,” she cooed. The more she watched the more she projected her and her mother on the screen. “I wish I could fuck my mom like that!” she huffed. Eventually, Lana closed her eyes and visualized her making love with her own mother. She rubbed her pussy hard, visualizing her mother’s mouth and tongue eating out her pussy, while her mother squeezed her ass and tits.

“Oh, gah damn,” she cooed. “Oh, mommy …”

Long before she watched the video, Lana loved her mother deeply, but was also wildly rebellious. This always caused a difficult conflict. She’d want that tattoo running up her arm, but her mother would say that was too much. Her mother would tell her a small tattoo on her wrist would be all right, and she grudgingly would agree. She wanted to try pot, but her mother said no long before she thought about. So, Lana had to grudgingly decline that. Now, with the revised sexuality Lana assumed to be there all along, the video’s power found no resistance. Hours passed meaninglessly. Lana loved her mother deeply, wanting to make love with her, and rebelliously didn’t care if other’s thought such incest was wrong. Lana came to understand that she was in love with her mother for a long time, but only then came to realize it.

Lana fingered her pussy deeply with thoughts of her mother lovingly fingering her. She cooed and grunted in her great pleasure. Her coos of passion grew louder, while she wanted her mother to find her masturbating. She rubbed her bare foot on the couch’s maroon fabric. She soon came lovingly, primally, lightly touching her tingling body after, in full acceptance of what she wanted: her mother …

Jackie pulled herself out of bed the next morning, not thinking about anything in particular. She was sure she had a wet dream about her daughter masturbating, but decided to put no thought into it. She threw on her white robe over her black nightie, slipped her bare feet into her slippers, and walked out, tying the robe while she walked into the hall.

She saw her sexually attractive daughter sleeping on the couch. Yes, Jackie was sexually attracted to her, but neither repressed or fueled the fact. She just walked into the kitchen to make breakfast for them.

Lana slowly opened her eyes to her beautiful mother walking into the kitchen. Unlike her mother, she fully fueled the sexual attraction she felt toward her. This was still new to her, so she was still coming to understand her true feelings for her mother. Seeing her mother for real made it all clear to Jackie. She always loved her mother, and now she knew that she was in love with her. Incest wasn’t wrong to Jackie. To Jackie, they would merely be two consenting women in love, and calling it incest was like calling it marriage.

“Hey, sleepy,” Jackie greeted.

“Morning, mom,” she greeted, giving her mom a quick hug. Instead of the familial reasoning, it was sexual, not that her mother saw it that way. Her mom turned away to grab things from the cabinet, and Jackie happily looked her mother over. It was all confirmation of how she felt.

“Why’d you sleep on the couch?”

“Oh, I was just gonna watch TV …” she casually placed her hand on her mother’s hip, “and I played the video you rented …”

Jackie quickly turned, Lana’s hand sliding to her front. “What!?”

“So you like mother-daughter porn?”

“Uh … that’s just private. For me …” she was genuinely uncomfortable, even though she was liking her daughter’s touch.

“Don’t worry, mom, it was really hot. I’m not gonna lie.”

“Oh, no, no …” she quickly walked out of the kitchen.

“No, mom, it’s OK. It really turned me on!”

Lana followed her confused mother to her bedroom. Jackie honestly didn’t expect her daughter to have incestuous desires, too. She sat on her bed, crossing her bare legs.

“Mom, don’t be embarrassed. I like it, too. It’s really hot!”

“OK, great … let’s just leave it there, Lana.”

Lana knew her mother lacked the rebellious streak that made incest OK, so she decided to be a little more hands on to convince her mother. “Listen, mom.” Lana swung onto the bed, putting her arms around her mother. “I just want you to know it was really, really hot. And I, I’ve had a few thoughts myself …”

“Honey, what are you doing?” Lana was tenderly stroking her hair, while all but kissing her neck.

“Relax …”

“What are you doing!? Honey, I’m you’re mother …”

“Yeah, I love you, too,” she said truly. Lana slowly pushed her mother onto the bed. “You were watching that video …”

“That was just a movie. This is reality. It’s different …” To her amazement and secret arousal, her daughter fully pulled her onto the bed, and purposefully stroked her sleek hip.

“Come on, mom!” Lana’s hands happily felt up and down her mother’s still rather tight body, spending extra time at her large breasts. Lana’s pussy was growing hot with desire. “You watched the movie. You had some thoughts, haven’t you?”

“Oh, honey, please …” she protested, even though she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do that. “We should stop …”

“Come on, mommy,” she breathed on her mother’s neck.

Jackie now found herself on her back with her daughter feeling up and down her upper body. “Oh, stop, Lana. I can’t believe you’re doing this. Why are you doing this?” Lana started to passionately kiss her mother’s twitching neck in tandem with her petting. “Stop, honey, please … Oh … You’re playing on my weaknesses …”

“Yeah, mom, you know you want it.”

While Lana passionately kissed down her mother’s soft neck, Jackie chanted mostly to herself, “No, you’re my daughter! You’re my daughter … You’re …”

Lana’s full lips suddenly met with Jackie’s. A jolt of pleasure jolted from Jackie’s head to moistening pussy. Still, even then, Jackie resisted groping her own daughter, who unabashedly groped Jackie’s breasts.

“Uhhh, umm,” was all Jackie could mutter in the pleasure she was failing to resist.

“You don’t mind it that much, do you, mommy?” she asked teasingly, groping her mother’s inner thigh. “Not so bad, is it?”

“Never knew you felt this way, honey …” Jackie breathed with a subtle purr, slowly giving into her incestuous desires.

“Yeah, for a long time,” Lana said, feeing up and down her mother’s thigh, and rubbing noses. “Just didn’t fully understand it for a while.”

“About your own mom?” she asked, secretly feeling joy that she and her daughter had the same feelings toward each other.

“Yeah, why not?” She began to passionately, lovingly rub her mother’s moist pussy. “Oh, mommy,” she deeply cooed, starting to deeply make out with her now receptive mother, while ribbing her mother’s pussy more deeply. “Can we make love, mommy?”

“Oh, God, yes,” Jackie cooed. “Err, oh…”

“I think you do like it,” Lana breathed.

“I love it …” Jackie trailed off, lips again meeting her daughter’s, while tongues occasionally slithered.

Lana’s hot crotch pressed onto her mother’s thigh, and her Jackie’s thigh pressed into her daughter’s hot, wet crotch. They moaned and cooed, hearts racing in practical tandem.

“This so right …” Jackie cooed impulsively, perhaps with some irony. Her hands moved from shoulder to breast, feeling her daughter.

“Oh, I know, it feels so good,” Lana purred.

“Oh, God,” Jackie purred in response. Lana lifted her mother up and pulled off her nightie. She worshipped her mother’s boobs before kissing downward to her mother’s dripping pussy. “Wow, mom, you taste so good.” Lana absolutely loved the taste of her mother’s pussy. They both moaned and cooed with loving joy. Lana buried her mouth and tongue into her mother’s pussy. “

“Oh, baby,” Jackie cooed. Jackie arched her back in pleasure when her daughter began to finger her G-spot and eat at the same time. She squeezed one breast, and her daughter squeezed the other.

“I see how much you like it now!” Lana cooed with her moth full.

“Oh, yeah … Oh, my God! UMM, OH.” Jackie cooed in pleasure.

“Oh, you’re so good … Oh, mommy!” she cooed between licks and nibbles.

Jackie pushed her daughter up, and helped her removed her nightie. “You’re such a beautiful girl,” she complimented, seeing her daughter naked.

“I think I take after my mother!”

Jackie lay back with Lana on top, and they began to make out deeply, while Jackie groped her daughter’s ass. Their moans and coos were loud and true. Lana soon went back to worshiping her mother’s pussy. “Oh, baby!” Jackie purred, letting the pleasure wash over her. “You’re gonna make mommy cum,” Jackie said deeply. “Oh, yeah, mommy, cum for me!” Lana cooed, mouth full. “Cum into my mouth! UMMM!”

At that, Lana’s worship intensified, numbing Jackie’s mind with pleasure. “That’s it, baby,” she barely said through the coos and moans. She grabbed at the sheets, the pleasure building to unfathomable levels. She soon came in great amazement and joy.

“Oh, my God! You liked that, mommy?”

“Fuck, where’d you learn that?” Jackie asked, while her daughter stated to kiss her with wet lips.

“Lots of practice, while thinking about you,” Lana purred.

“Oh, my God,” she cooed in response.

“Mommy, will you do it to me?” she purred. Lana rolled onto her back.

Repositioning herself, Jackie started to rub her daughter’s pussy with wizened hands. “Oh, yeah, such a sweet pussy!”

“Oh, yeah,” she cooed, her mother’s touch mind blowing.

“You’re so wet,” she observed, while pressing her wet pussy against her daughter’s warm thigh.

“You make me wet, mom,” she said lovingly. She then leaned down to suck on her daughter’s breasts, before making out with her. She repositioned herself with her head over her daughter’s dripping pussy, and asked teasingly, “You want mommy to eat your pussy?”

“Oh, mommy, I’m ready,” she purred in anticipation. Jackie began to eat out her daughter’s tasty pussy with great passion. Jackie’s face was buried in her daughter’s crotch. “Oh, yeah, mommy!” she cooed. To her mother’s amazement and aroused joy, Lana cooed and moaned more loudly. “You lick my pussy so good … Uh …”

Jackie, perhaps as a tease, kissed up her daughter’s torso, and began to worship her breasts. They both moaned happily. Jackie then lifted her chest over her daughter’s face, and Lana happily began to worship the breasts before her.

“Oh, you’re gooood at that, baby,” Jackie complimented. “You don’t have a boyfriend, do you …?”

“Oh, err, I don’t … I’d just fantasize about you the whole time,” she purred, before they resumed their passionate kissing, while lightly grinding their we pussies.

“Ummm, suck mommy’s titties … Oh my, you’re such a good girl …” Jackie moved back down to her daughter’s humid pussy. “You want mommy to make you cum?”

“Oh, yeah, mommy,” Lana breathed. Her mother began to finger and make out with Lana twitching pussy. “Oh … EEERM, make your baby daughter cum! … Errr yeah, that’s great, mommy … Oh, yeah, mommy, right there! Oh, mom. Oh, yeah, mommy! I’m gonna cum! … Oh, OH GOD! MA … OH AHHHHH!” Her orgasmic scream was powerful and true.

Jackie kissed up her daughter’s leg. “Umm, that was a good girl.”

“Oh, thank you, mommy …”

“You can’t tell you father about this,” she ordered, while lightly feeling up and down her daughter’s torso with her finger tips.

“Oh, I definitely won’t. It’s just between us, mom,” she confirmed out of breath, both knowing this wasn’t going to be the last time they shared a bed like that.

“I love you, Lana.”

“I love you, too, Mommy …”

They made out, further confirming their love for each other. Indeed, they understood they enacted a shade of love making most dared not dream, while knowing their relationship was to now be deep and sexual. The two were sexually perfect for each other: one starving for knowledge, and the other overflowing with it. They were a mother and daughter in love …

The pizza faced clerk opened the generic VHS box, and put on a sly smile. While paying little attention to the high schooler, the you woman casually finished the transaction for the rental …

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