Nov 22 2014 EMCSA Update

WITHIN: Graded primarily on heat and narrative WITHOUT: Graded primarily on narrative Possible spoilers below … WITHIN Continuous/Updatable Neuropositive Therapy (mc ff in) (new)  by If I Was Not You --2.5/5 (not great, had some redeeming qualities)-- I’ve, albeit very slowly, come to enjoy most types of incest stories, and mother/daughter is certainly within my... Continue Reading →

Blog Unbound Monday!

Monday Nov 24 will see the next Blog Unbound! It's called Sex Toy. Set in the same universe as Roleplaying, and is another indirect sequel to it. Synopsis: Ron's girlfriend Janice decides to take his prostitution joke more seriously than he ever imagined. Tags: Prostitution, male-female sex, masturbation, lesbian sex, foot fetish, latex fetish On a slightly... Continue Reading →

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