Blog Unbound: The Return of the Titans

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A sci-fi tale. While intricately connected the the rest of the Sci-Fi mythos, this story is not the planned second, climactic part of Harbinger of Darkness, which will conclude this narrative cycle. This story is actually a taking from multiple story ideas I’ve had, pulling them together to expand this mythos. It follows multiple individuals that are more than Human, and how their return from the shadows will rewrite the past and shape the future … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Return of the Titans

In Igne Procuderunt

There was fire and chaos and madness all around him. The old Bennett family was crumbling under the weight of time and its own dark eccentricities, as its massive house was finally crumbling into nothingness. Yet, she was still alive! But what is life after false-death? The madness that ran through her family suddenly overtook her, as it already overtook her brother over the course of his life. Jack could see the two were at their throats through the purifying flames. Death was what he wanted for them both, and she deserved her vengeance. Yet, Jack could not let her die, no matter how lost she seemed them. Somehow, Jack pulled the vengeful woman away the mad-eyed brother. The ageless chandelier suddenly crashed behind them …

Jack suddenly awoke in a cold sweat. That night happened over a year ago. He thought and dreamed of it often. No matter how many times it churned in his psyche, even the days leading up to that night made no logical sense. He quietly married Marry Bennett with the local county clerk before her brother and sole family member even knew they were engaged. Marry insisted, saying her brother was too lost wallowing in their family’s sordid history to care. They did agree to have some kind of more traditional event later, even if Jack was not all that traditional either.

Of course, after the death of her brother and destruction of her family home, there were serious legal matters. She was committed to the local insane asylum (on her insistence in a brief moment of lucidity), and there were serious questions relating to the fire and death of her brother. They really were just getting ahead of the judge, really. Today, Jack was to meet with the judge, her psychiatrist, and the case’s detective at the local courthouse …

Jack finally walked into very old judge Haller’s chambers. The graying Dr. Louis Samuels and the fairly young Detective Sally Corinth barely beat him there. Jack took a seat between them. The three were practically friends at this point, no matter how strange the circumstances were. The silent stenographer sat next to the judge.

“It looks like this is finally wrapping up now,” the judge said gruffly in his authoritative tones. “Dr. Samuels, you may report on Ms Bennett’s mental state …”

Jack had only seen Marry twice since she was committed.

“She is now stable mentally, in my opinion, and ready to stand trial if the state were to press charges. As you all know, I am legally and ethically bound not to provide more details with non-family members outside a trial.”

Jack learned through this process how convoluted legal matters were now in Maine when it came to mental illness. A formal hearing could not even commence until a licensed psychiatrist gave their blessing, let alone the state’s attorney general’s office. Even more significant, the judge had the authority to reject or ignore any possible testimony of those deemed “mentally incompetent” (the judge having full authority to assess such competence) long before that formal hearing. The judge took the middle-ground by waiting on Samuels’ report.

“OK,” the judge stated with a respectful nod towards the doctor. He shifted slightly. “Detective?”

She opened her brown folder. “We’ve gone through most of this before, but there are more up to date findings … That building’s extreme age is evidence alone for structural problems. We actually did uncover an insurance report last week from 2001 stating structural inadequacies, such as bug damage, and just about all the above. On the arson investigation, we have concluded that the fire was not intentional, and the shifted and ultimately collapsing fireplace led to a burning log or dying ember escaping the fireplace in Mr. Bennett’s room. Now, that would suggest negligence on the part of the late owner, Mr. Bennett … On the murder investigation, we believe her actions were in self defense, due to Mr. Leonard’s testimony and evidence found on the scene. The coffin did indeed have claw marks and blood from the suspect, and Mr. Leonard made it clear that Ms Bennett’s brother was trying to murder her. Testimony suggests Mr. Bennett was mentally disturbed, and Your Honor allowed investigation into the deceased Bennett’s mental state. It was also confirmed that the house’s butler died as a result of the fire and structural collapse. We concluded that he was the one that freed the suspect. While Mr. Bennett’s ultimate cause of death cannot be determined without the suspect’s testimony, it has been decided to not file charges against Ms Marry Bennett.”

“OK,” the judge stated with subtle relief. “Do any of you have questions?”

They all shook “no.” The case now hinged fully on the judge.

Judge Haller put his hands together audibly, interlocking his fingers. “Let the record show that there were no further inquires … With already given testimony of Mr. Jack Leonard, the new testimony of Dr. Louis Samuels and Detective Sally Corinth, but contingent on any future findings, the Special Mental Health Case of the death Mr. Vincent Bennett and the destruction of his residence is now closed. Per Governor Executive Order 11256, Dr. Samuels may continue to care for Ms Bennett until she is deemed fit to leave Pennamaquann Psychiatric Center, but the state of Maine is no longer required to pay for future services. Thank you all for your cooperation on the case.”

They all shook. The judge told them he still needed to do some paperwork with the Detective and attorney general’s office, but everything was indeed closed.

“Jack,” Dr. Samuels called over while they were walking out. “She has been wondering when you will see her again. She is really doing well, I’m sure you seeing her maybe today will confirm she’s ready to leave.”

“Yeah, I wanted to see how this meeting went, but I do want to see her,” I sighed. “I’ll meet you down there …”

Samuels and Jack walked into the doctor’s office. He already asked one of his nurses to retrieve Marry. They sat on the comfortable couch. He knew Jack probably needed just as much help as Marry, but tended to mask his emotions.

“Still having that dream?”

“Yeah …” Jack sighed. “You know, it’s like seeing another interpretation of events every time I dream it. Never really changes; just see it differently.”

“How different was it this time?”

I shook my head. “It felt the same … chaos and time crushing an old family. I think that’s all it was now. Vincent just gave up. Instead of wanting to push his family’s legacy forward, he wanted to push the last chapter. I mean, the Bennett family has not exactly been revered for over a century! Not that I ever cared about her family’s history.”

“Do you still think the Bennett’s history here doesn’t matter?”

“It did matter to her, I know now. She wasn’t like her brother when we first met. It was painful for her to talk about that history, so she did not say much. All I did know before I married her was that she wanted to be better than her ancestors. She liked having a lot to prove. Her brother, well, he was so far gone by his last days … You know the rest.”

“Yeah,” the doctor subtly sighed. “Just remember, you can move on, but you can’t change what happened. You just have to find a way to something better, in this case … Marry can leave whenever she feels ready at this point. Something like this may always be in the back of her mind, but she is no danger to herself or others anymore. It may always be in the back of your mind. [someone knocked on the door] The only one she wanted to kill was her brother, who already tried to kill her. It’s all over now. Time to be better … Come in.”

The slim, young yet visibly tired Marry was guided into the room by an older male nurse. A big smiled washed over her face when she saw me. All I could do was cry, and leap into a long embrace. Never much of a hugger or kisser, but that was all I could do right them. I could only see her before through glass like an old jail. The closed case removed that barrier.

We eventually sat, hands clasped. “How’r you feelin’?” I barely asked.

“Better, Jack. Nothing will be the same, but that’s OK, I think … There are things you have to know about my family …” She lightly moved her finger through her dark hair, suggesting nervousness.

“Your brother told me too much of it …”

The doctor oddly interjected, “There are things only now being understood. Doctor-patient confidentially allowed me to keep those details from the judge. She asked me to keep some from you. I don’t fully understand it all anyway …”

“What the hell’s he talking about, Marry?”

“What is the one thing about that night that really bothers you? The night the family madness almost killed us all,” she asked with a deathly seriousness.

Jack knew exactly what she was referring to. It was something he forced into the back of my mind. “The coffin … Those chains and locks looked as if something ripped through them. I thought the coffin, too, looked mangled. The police thought your butler released you, but … I’m just not sure …”

She nodded. “In Igne Procuderunt … Forged in Fire, that’s what the old family crest always said. I told you the family legend, which I now know has more truth than I ever knew. In 1406, England, William Bennett was to be burned at the stake for crimes he did not commit, but impossibly survived, forged in fire, to end the rein of the corrupt Sheriff. As reward, the King gave him and his decedents earldom of his shire, the true power over which faded in time …”

“Yes, I know …” I said bewildered. “That power and prestige dissipated. The family moved renounced that peerage, moved to America over 100 years ago with their house but without much money, leading to highly unethical business practices.”

Unethical is one way to put it!” she said with a light laugh that was always hers

“What does that have to do with the coffin, chains?”

“Everything,” she said seriously. “The prequel I certainly would have told you already, if everything didn’t literally fall apart, turns out to be more important than I ever realized! One of William’s parents, as the legend goes, was not Human. That’s why he survived the fire. His mother was claimed to be very different secretly. The story is vague, but she was said to be stronger with power over people. How much power is never said. What is interesting is that there is no record of her death. Anyway, she was the one that taught William to fight injustice, which led to the Sherif trying to execute him …

“I enjoyed the old family legends, even if I saw them as more than embellished. Now I can feel the truth burn through my veins. I did rip through those chains in my rage and vengeance! You could not see what I already did through the fire. I did kill Vincent, while our hands were at our throats. The sound of his neck snapping shifted the fuel of my madness to pure pain. I killed my own brother, because he was trying to kill me. For all his own madness, I loved him, even then. That’s why you were able to pull me away.”

I shook my head in confusion. “I understand you were defending yourself, but the chains … They were solid iron, I think. Alien blood?”

“Not quite alien,” the doctor said in what was clearly continued amazement, “but there is something different about her family’s DNA. It is not a genetic predisposition to insanity, I don’t think. It is more something that can lead to mental illness. If you watched a wound heal over time, but did not even know you could heal, how would you react? Would you think yourself divine? Would you think yourself possessed by evil?”

“Look, Louis …”

She placed her warm, loving hand on Jack’s cheek. “What’s happening is bigger than all of us. I am still me, I always will be. The shock of everything woke me up in a jolt, when I might have woken up on my own anyway. It was always there, poking at us quietly, and that seems to be one reason why my family became so horrible when they immigrated here. It drove my brother completely insane, as it did me for a while … I’m only just learning a lot of this now. It seems that my distant ancestor was akin to the mythical Titan. William’s mother may indeed still be alive, wherever she is!”

“But, why now?” I asked, still in disbelief.

“I don’t know all the details, but something is happening, happened worldwide. It seems like Titans try to take a back seat until something is really wrong. The Humans with that trait then wake up, too. All me and Louis really know right now is the Titans and something that may indeed be alien is preparing to fight a force that we may not have the strength to fight. Did you notice how shocked the winner of the last election was? I just learned that he’s only now learning he was a pawn, manipulated as much as many of his last-minute supporters. Yet, it may no longer matter. All I know is what manipulated the last election is now powerless in this country, but everything is still shaky. We’ll know more soon. I’m meeting people in Boston.”

“I married a superhero?”

“I’m no hero, be we can make things right …”

The Liar’s Daughter

Jason always suspected something was different about the rather private Brianna. Everything about her was, well, powerful. The raven haired, athletic figured woman has the air of a goddess about her. Yet, there was nothing domineering on her end. It was a relationship of equality. Still, that powerful nature made it difficult for Jason to really ask her about anything, and he honestly did not know much about her life prior to their meeting a few years back.

The wonder about her finally hit a peak a week after they starting living in an apartment together. They were watching an old supernatural soap opera, and hit an episode when a formerly antagonistic witch was trying live a “normal” life after learning to leg go of grudges. What really seemed to affect her, though, was how her leading her new husband was really part of some ancient cult. A cult she always perceived to be something far worse than what any witch’s practice.

Something about that subplot made Brianna uncomfortable. Jason was not exactly following some ancient, apocalyptic philosophy. Was Brianna really hiding something from him, he wondered?

“Not liking this plot line, Brie? It wasn’t the most popular at the time …” he forced.

She smirked oddly, before putting herself in a clearly deep thought. “I haven’t told you much about me …”

“I, uh, I guess I’m just not that nosey …”

“Ever had to keep a secret. Jason? Like you put on a mask so no one really knows who you are?”

“Like some comic book superhero?” He really did not know what to make of this burgeoning conversation.

“Depends on how you look at it, Jason … You all but worship me as a goddess, I know. Well, I always got that from people. You always wanted to know why, but could never bring yourself to ask. Then, you probably asked yourself what stopped you.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying I trust you. You don’t want to worship me, but don’t want to ever leave me. I’m saying the witch reminds me a little of me. I am trying to hide in a normal life, but I am capable of anything but. The concept of Titans, the Giants of the Native Americans, superheroes all comes from a reality I was born into. We just haven’t advertised for millennia. My father — you met him — was known as the fabled, briefly not confirmed bachelor Glooskap, who helped many here in the Northeast a very long time ago. We can save people from violence as much as we unintentionally create that violence, though. I always care more about the individual, and some of us can be worse than the violence my kin tried to prevent.”

“You can’t be serious …”

“You know I am telling the truth. You can feel it, you always have … I never lied to you — not really; I just never told you some things.”

“How old are you?” he asked awkwardly, feeling her mask fall away, “You’re not Human?”

“A subspecies of of humanity, I guess — obviously most can have offspring with Humans, but … I, as much of my kind, are quite old now.”

“But, you’re barely half an inch taller that average me …” He almost mumbled to himself.

“Perceptions of us vary. Think back. How tall did you think I was after we first met?”

He was taken aback, the incidental music chiming on the TV. “I thought … I did think you were very tall. You’re father, even taller.”

“My father’s only about five-foot nine,” she said with subtle amusement.

He felt like a weight melted off his shoulders, a weight he did not realize was there.

“And you feel a change now, I see. That’s fine. Knowing the truth frees Humans of whatever bizarre reverse-empathy my kind emits.”

“There’s more isn’t there. You needed to tell me, but didn’t know when or how.

“Yes.” She leaned in for a deep, loving smooch. “There’s been a change, and this time on a global level. This isn’t really economics; though, that change turned out to be a precursor to what is calling us now …”

“This is something new isn’t it?” he asked with a chill down his spine.

“Yes, Jason. It’s never been felt like this before. We feel, we know it is not of this Earth.”


“We’ve had on and off — mostly off — relations with this ancient Cabal that fought an alien worshiping cult for a very long time. That cult miscalculated economics for once back in 2008, and the Cabal finally overwhelmed them. Now, the Cabal got super-weapon with alien DNA on their side. Never saw that coming!” She deeply sighed. “Those worshipped aliens are coming for that defector and will aim suck this world into oblivion. That is what my kind is sensing now. We are conglomerating in Boston of all places. I am leaving tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a couple days. I want you with me on this as much as you can. I’ll keep in constant contact. This coming war won’t be fought tomorrow or the next day, but it will be here sooner than we can truly prepare …”

Her Return

The wealthy heiress disappeared at seventeen, 2002. Jennifer Winthrop reappeared five years later within the Granary Burying Ground in Boston, Massachusetts, at the tomb of some of her ancestors.

There were only more questions. Jennifer never seemed to answer anything clearly. Indeed, she did not seem to be five years older. The now mysterious woman only seemed to confide in her older brother, John, who also refused to answer anything clearly. The only thing that seemed clear was that Jennifer was running from someone or something, which was never referenced directly.

Then, as suddenly as she reappeared, she gone …

John Winthrop sat pensively at his desk on the top floor of the aging though well kept Boston high-rise. He didn’t know why he was thinking about his sister right then. Indeed, he barely thought about her ten years, since she disappeared the second time. Much has happened since. Their father retired from his role as CEO a year before, while still officially Chairman of the Board (often too busy yachting to attend personally), and John was voted in as his successor. Though, John proved hands-off to a fault, leaning heavily on Brian Jackson, the company’s long-time COO.


“Yes?” John answered.

“Someone is here to see you, sir,” his assistant chimed through the phone.


“I think it best you see her yourself,” she answered oddly.

Her? … Sender her in …”

A striking woman, who barely looked more than twenty, confidently walked into the office. She had wavy strawberry blonde hair, healthy athletic frame, and green eyes. A shimmering gray dress adorned the woman.

“Jennifer!?” He stood, almost hyperventilating at the sight.

“Yes, John, I’m back,” she stated with quiet confidence that didn’t exist those hazy years ago.

“What happened to you?”

“Too much, but much has changed.”

“What do you mean?”

“A lot needs to be be done. There’s no more running. That’s why I’m here.”

John walked up to her. “Jennifer …”

She subtly backed away. “I can’t stay long, but I will not be disappearing again. Just wanted to see you before I get to work.”


“Reclaiming my life, among more important things. Decided to come here first.”

“Oh, right. I’m sure the cops will have a few questions …”

“I’m sure they would. I’ll see you later. I did miss you more than you will know.” Her words were as sad as they were true. Yet, it was clear John was not a high priority on her checklist.

“Whatever you need, Jennifer. Just ask.”

“I will, Jason … You don’t need to put me on the payroll, but I’ll take an ID whenever HR can print one.”

“No problem!”

“Bye.” She quickly left.

The next few weeks were strange in Jason’s eye, and it all seemed to revolve around his sister. Jennifer, without any questions asked, all but took over a whole floor, which was vacant of late anyway. A variety of people came and went: sometimes business leaders Jason at least knew of; sometimes nameless people of supposed importance. Through it all, he saw very little of his apparently busy sister. It’s not clear if she told anyone about what happened to her.

Frustrated, Jason made his way to the floor his sister practically usurped. He walked up to the empty reception area. As it was a part of the building designated for renters or otherwise special projects, it was built to function independently and privately. The main door behind reception was locked.

Jason quickly turned to two rather large men behind him.

“May we help you, Mr. Winthrop?”

“Uh, yes,” he answered surprised. Where did the come from!? “I would like to see my sister. Is she available?”

“No,” the burly one on the left said flatly.

The other clarified, “She is presently in a meeting with several people. Even though they should be concluding any time now, Ms Winthrop has a full schedule today.”

Their watches quietly buzzed, and they glanced at the notification.

“Their meeting just ended,” the one on the left stated.

The two walked over to the wood door, flanking it. Various people filed out, casually greeting Jason.

“Jack Weld?” Jason called to an acceptance. He was on the Board of Directors of Jason’s company, and was the Chief Operating Officer of a medical research start-up.

“Oh, hi, Jason!” he greeted and shook pleasantly.

“So, how was that meeting?” Jason asked curiously.

“I thought you were notoriously hands off!” Jack teased. He was always very direct, albeit lightly. “Unusual, Jason. Looks like your sister is interested in building a kind of futurist research company. Hasn’t talked with you about it?”

“Not really, but she clearly has our father’s aggressive streak. I remember him going forward with ideas he was really excited about without bringing everyone in right away!”

“Yeah, guess that explains it,” he said ponderously. “I’d say were were sworn to secrecy, but looks like she’s keeping everything very regimented. I guess she’ll put it all together soon enough.”

“I’m sure she will, Jack.”

Jason got a glance of his blue dressed sister a moment before that heavy door swung shut.

In a deep sleep, Jason suddenly found himself awake in his moonlit bedroom. He rubbed his eyes. With a surprise that felt tempered by external forces, his eyes focused on his lace wearing sister casually sitting on the chair at the far end of the room. She slowly, silently stood, and walked over to the side of his bed, sitting on the edge. She gave him a long, loving kiss.

“I made a mistake,” she said quietly.


“I didn’t want any distractions for what needs to be done. It’s so important …”

“What are you talking about, Jennifer? What happened to you? What have you been doing?”

She places her soft finger on his lips. “Remember …”

Jennifer Winthrop appeared at the tomb of her ancestors. It was as if she was trying to learn something about them. Indeed she was.

Jason soon after found himself alone with his sister. There was an endless barrage of questions from the detective assigned to her disappearance, but she refused to discuss any of it. There was not real pressing, as she was perfect, too perfect physically.

“Where did you go, Jennifer? Why won’t you tell anyone?” Jason asked desperately in her room.

“Lightyears away.”


“Only a couple. It’s nothing when you know how to work around certain limitations … I was kidnapped, Jason. Our family is so much more. I had no idea until after I learned why they took me. None of the tests were really invasive; they did no have to be with their tech. I was so lonely … I guess they weren’t bad. All they wanted was to learn more about us. Us, as in the Humans that are more than Human.”


“Yes, Jason. I’m not sure if you have the gift, but I do. It could have laid dormant, but they forced it to emerge. The charisma, for good and ill, has been powerful throughout the Winthrop line. The voice of Governor John Winthrop can still be felt today, even if his gift was never fully awakened … That is our power, Jason: empathetic charisma. It’s like telepathy, but somewhat more specialized. I’m still learning how to wield it. It is how I escaped, but they will be back for me soon. They will make you forget much of this. Try to remember this. You may have at least an echo of the gift …”

Suddenly, Jason was back in bed with his sister.

“What the fuck …?” Jason breathed. “They did come to me, to us, the day you disappeared … We thought they were cops, and we remembered they were …”

“I’ve gotten a bit better since I left. More time passed for you than me, though. Interspace travel is annoying in that way!”

“Are they coming back for you, Jen?”

“No,” she answered with a hint of pride. “Turned out to be more powerful than they anticipated. I, err, I run that syndicate now! They overstretched themselves, skirting around legalities of various worlds. Can’t say we adhere to every law now, but we don’t exactly kidnap anyone anymore. What’s important is why I’m back.”

Jason was speechless. He believed her, he hung on every word. The simply fact that he believed her so easily was proof enough. Such charisma could influence undying loyalty.

“Titans, some have called us. There’s something deep in our genetic code that enables us to sense great change or need. Such extreme shifts can be dangerous to all Humans involved … I felt it across the stars, as all Titans felt it here, even awakening potential ones. The newest Queen of the Dark Sky has chosen to break from the ancient Protectors of the Queens, and has joined the Cabal of Defenders, who has finally decimated those Protectors. Everything has changed. Many other races warred with the beings coming for this world, and I ensured that they will join us sooner than later. I’ve been coordinating with the Cabal starting right after I returned to you, and began to seek out other Titans even before. I’m building something here that could surpass that stalemate so many other words are still in. Will you help me, Jason?”

“Anything, Jennifer,” he said, before passionately kissing and hugger her.

The Demoniacs

Jennifer Winthrop had one Earthbound puzzle piece left: To unite the Titans. They were never a truly homogeneous people. Some good, some evil, some anywhere in between. Yet, millennia of shadowed existence had led to a neutralizing malaise, as the worst of the Titans were long gone. Many Titans were technically immortal, but many simply ran out of gas or learned they were not invulnerable. Regardless, the sense of change awoke them, leading to most jelling around Jennifer’s call to action.

The one apparent exception were the Demoniacs, a very special type of Titan known for inspiring concepts of demonism and lustful revelry. The first were normal Titans, who supposedly created themselves, while they can “corrupt” a Human into becoming a Demoniac. They were never truly “evil,” but their, well, demonic appearance and mastery of manipulation inspired the rather shady cautionary tales of many religions. They, however, embraced “Demoniac” (demon-like), being a rather accurate description.

Their true difference from other Titans, in terms of culture, was their unity. Though they rarely come together in council, the Demoniacs followed a clear though somewhat flexible set of rules.

As a show of unity, Jennifer decided to have the Brianna of the “old” and Marry of the “new” accompany her.

The three were let into the flashy club in Vancouver, Canada, to meet with the more than aptly named Asmodai and Voluptas. There did not seem to be any Demoniacs let alone regular Titans present. It was just a night club filled with drunken dancers, not unlike any other.

They were eventually ushered into the large back office. The two there were beyond doubt Demoniac. They sat in rather gushy, mahogany thrones behind a matching desk. Asmodai and Voluptas stood, toweringly, and walked over to their guests. The glorious Demoniacs had bodies that fully showed off their epically erotic power (the more elaborate the better with their kind). Asmodai was exceedingly musclebound, six feet tall, blood red skin that actively shimmered hypnotically, and an approximately fifteen inch dick with terrifying girth. Voluptas’ body lived up to her name. She was taller than anyone in the room at over six feet. Her highly athletic body was full figured hourglass. Her latex-like skin was pink with orange and red striations resembling hypnotic fire, while her large nipples and areolae were pitch black.

“Welcome to the Drunken Hellhound,” Voluptas greeted pleasantly.

“It is nice to have people back here that don’t require us to put on a false appearance, at least at first,” Asmodai stated almost teasingly.

“As you already know, I am Voluptas of the Three Graces, Daughter of Cupid and Psyche. Some call me Hedone, but I like Voluptas lately.”

“I am Asmodai, the original King of Lust. Tomorrows orgy starts at 10 PM, if you’re interested.”

“Indeed,” Jennifer breathed, feeling the arousal like her compatriots. “What do you need to know about the great change bringing us together?”

“We live in the shadows, not under rocks,” Asmodai echoed.

“We have maintained our neutrality,” Voluptas continued, “because as you, we’ve had little interest in nudging the world for millennia. None of us got it right all those eons ago.”

“But, what is coming is beyond all our choices then,” Brianna forwarded, sensing an opening on their part.

Voluptas smirked seductively at Brianna with her shimmering black lips.

Asmodai confirmed Brianna’s assertion, looking at her with knowing smile. “We held the first meeting of the Hortus Lubidinis in 1500 years, three days ago, on the very issue forwarded.”

“We came to some interesting unanimity,” Voluptas said with blatant excitement. “It was agreed that we step out of the shadows under specific circumstances, which would ensure unity. We never liked being perceived as ‘evil,’ as we hated the black and white.”

“This unity must be assured through one of you,” Asmodai furthered.

“What does that mean?” Jennifer asked uncomfortably.

“We have never seen eye to eye on much, your people and mine,” Voluptas began, “yet we are kin. We were never at odds like much of your people once, yet we never found a way to work together on anything.”

“To ensure a lasting alliance against the coming chaos, one of you four must become one of us,” Asmodai said hungrily.

They were taken aback. Sure, it was not unheard of for one of them to become a Demoniac, but none of the four ever even considered such a means of sealing an alliance. It was supposed to be a near complete transformation of body and self. Many questions flowed through their minds like if they would even still want what they always wanted.

Before they could even start discussing the proposal, Jennifer suddenly stepped forward. “I’ll do it, Voluptas, Asmodai. I’ll become one of you to make this alliance.”

The two looked at her and each other, quietly laughing sharp toothily.

“You were right, Azzy!” Voluptas churred. “That is the gallant one.”

“We don’t want this to be so simple,” Asmodai began to clarify. “As expected, the one we need must choose out of pure selflessness. The one we already chose: Brianna.”

Brianna gasped. The four of them had one mission: to unite their race. The Demoniacs correctly surmised that Brianna would be the least likely to agree. Yet, the room could not be left without even the possibility of an understanding.

There were no words for a few moments, all knowing how this needed to end. For the greater good, it really didn’t matter to them who joined the Demoniacs.

Brianna deeply sighed, and tepidly walked up to the expectant Voluptas and Asmodai. “How much … how dramatic is the transformation …?” Brianna asked anxiously.

Voluptas smirked sexily, slowly licking her full lips of almost hypnotic darkness with her forked tongue. “Oh, my dear, it’s more profound than you can ever imagine. I suppose you will still be you after it all. But, your very nature will have changed.”

“As a Titan,” Asmodai began, “you’ll only need one epically corrupting orgasm, instead of the Human standard of three magical ones. The real difference? You must be in full acceptance; you must want to be transformed. Otherwise, we’ll just be fucking. You must let yourself take it all in.”

The two Demoniac leaders moved close enough to her that they could hear each other’s hot breath splatter over their quivering bodies. A look of total seriousness and inquisitiveness washed over the darkly sexy beings.

“Do you want to sacrifice all that you are for the future of this world to be one of us?” Voluptas asked with total seriousness

“Ye … Yes …” Brianna said nervously, with distinct doubt.

“Brianna, do you want to become a Demoniac?” Asmodai asked more insistently.

The scarred Brianna stood for a few moments, knowing her doubt was presently overriding the need to bring all Titans together. She really didn’t want to become a Demoniac. She thought about Jason, how he would think. Her very soul might as well be transformed in the process. She would never be the same.

Yet, all those thoughts were out of selfishness. That was the obvious point. They wanted the alliance to be created out of purity. Sure, anyone could practically become one of them. They wanted something more. The world needed something more, and a rebel, half-alien Queen was not enough.

It all hinged on Brianna, who never pushed herself to beyond the needs of the individual. She secretly always felt that her father, who helped so many, might feel some disappointment in her, even though her entire race was self-shrouded for millennia. The liar’s daughter was lying to herself about was was truly right for her own benefit. This was the moment to go beyond herself, to fight for not only the one, but also the whole.

With all the truth that was now her, Brianna finally answered, “I am ready to become a Dominiac, so that we may all fight for this world against the coming chaos.”

Voluptas sensuously walked around to Brianna’s rear, removing their clothes, as Asmodai removed his own, remaining in front. Only one of them was necessary to corrupt Brianna sufficiently for transformation, but it was clear the two leaders shared everything.

The large beings utterly eclipsed the technically tall Brianna.

The gloriously nude Volputas turned her head to the other two guests. “You two may leave, look on, or join …”

“It matter’s not,” Asmodai furthered.

The two silently decided to look on, as morbidly curious as secretly aroused.

The powerful Demoniacs tenderly touched the scared, quivering Brianna, who conversely found herself more certain than ever for this.

“Don’t be afraid, my dear,” Voluptas tenderly whispered in her ear, kissing it.

“We will ease you into this,” Asmodai whispered with equal tenderness in her other ear, licking it with forked tongue.

Clothes were gone like they were never there. Brianna’s bare skin around her abdomen tingled around the massive dick pressed up against it, as did the skin at her shoulders from Vuluptas’ mouth-waveringly large boobs. The silken hands of the Demoniacs almost lovingly explored Brianna’s receptive body, who crotch began to moisten drastically.

Feeling the fear transform into lust, arousal, Brianna began to feel their firm bodies. She lightly touched their long, pointed horns, before moving downward. Loving, no, lusting over their curvy musculature. She soon pushed herself through inhibition, grabbing at their meaty asses, before reaching further to shove her fingers into their most assholes.

With distinct yet perhaps ironic surprise, Brianna cooed at long, clawed Demoniac fingers in her own wet pussy at ass. The Demoniacs’ fingering was ever so subtly more wanting, aggressive than the prior touches.

Brianna then looked up to the surprisingly caring yet hungrily lustful cat-eyes, and grabbed his head for a deep, tongue filled kiss. His blatantly forked, surprisingly long tongue was unlike anything she experienced. It explored her mouth with an almost wizened lust, making her wonder how it would feel in her other holes.

Suddenly wanting to taste the voluptuous one behind her, Brianna swiveled around, and almost aggressively pulled Voluptas’ head down to hers. Their open mouths collided, leading to an even more intense kiss than a moment before. The forked, longer tongue almost seemed to make lust with her mouth, while Brianna almost desperately tried to follow suit.

Brianna then found herself aggressively feeling down the muscular female’s neck to the mesmerizing breasts. She then starred at the glorious orbs with the black center nipples, letting herself become hypnotized by them, while Asmodai aggressively fingered her twitching ass and pussy. Grunting and cooing on impulse, Brianna then bared down on the orbs of lust, aggressively groping and sucking, lusting at how remarkably erect the infinitely black nipples were. Voluptas moaned, cooed, growled loudly in the intense pleasure, she and Asmodai relishing the surprise Brianna was about to receive.

While she worshiped the lustful tits, Asmodai lifted Brianna off her sexy feet, and shoved his implausibly large member into her surprised yet soaked pussy. “HOLY FUCK!” Brianna screamed in lust, taking it all. She was too mesmerized by Voluptas’ breasts to realize how quickly her pussy adapted to the invader.

Moaning and grunting madly in the pleasure, Brianna continued to lust over the aroused breasts like she never lusted before. “DON’T YOU FUCKING STOP, BRIANNA!” Voluptas screamed in pure lust.

Brianna, through the growing lust and pleasure, felt and saw how Voluptas’ boobs began to grow. It only made Brianna want to worship them more. Her worship grew so intense and mesmerizing that she barely even noticed that Asmodai exploded is thick, dark cum into her pussy, before quickly shoving his still erect monstrosity into her fully accepting ass, feeling pleasure as if it were her pussy. Bitting the nipple hard, Brianna growled at the lust permeating her very being, noticing but not really caring at how her finger and toenails were obviously longer, sharper, and darkening.

Voluptas’ thick tail then penetrated Brianna’s dripping pussy deeply, as Asmodai shoved his tail in Voluptas’ hungry pussy. It just made Brianna worship just that much more aggressively, as did the fact that the boobs ballooned to nearly double their initial size.

Suddenly, Voluptas literally exploded in orgasm, her boobs spewing lust-filled, black cum-milk down Brianna throat and body. Asmodai, too, at the feel of his lover’s cum-milk splattering on his cheek, let loose a massive black load into Brianna’s ass.

They let Brianna fall to her knees, needing to catch her breath. Her mind was just barely there to process some very different things. She was more horny than she ever knew possible, yet in spite of all that just happened to her — all the tasty black cum inside and out, she had yet to cum herself. As she further consumed the addicting cum from Demoniac dick and tit, Brianna noticed how her toe and finger nails were now long, black claws, as she saw how her skin was barely its light olive color anymore. Her skin now had an odd, elaborate tonal mix of dark pink and deep red, clearly overwhelming the original hue. Her nipples were now a deep, bright red, as her areolae were now deep pink. Running her tongue around her distinctly sharper canniness, she quickly realized how different those were, too. She outstretched her tongue, not only seeing that it now was nearly as long as Asmodai’s, but also how it was distinctly forked. A lustful thought quickly hit her how it would be perfect for Voluptas’ and other’s G-spots.

“You are becoming so beautiful, Brianna!” Asmodai proclaimed, unabashedly stroking his member.

“We can tell that you may become as or more powerful than I!” Voluptas proclaimed hungrily, aggressively fingering herself.

“I  fuck,” Brianna barely started through the corrupting lust, rubbing her pussy and breasts. “I need to cum …”

“Your transformation is fueled by our corrupting lust. Your body, your essence is absorbing the orgasm before it even begins!” Asmodai began hungrily.

“You shall cum when you are fully Demoniac!” Voluptas exclaimed proudly. “It will be the most powerful of your life, yet merely a preview of the pleasures to come.”

The all corrupting lust becoming overwhelming, Brianna aggressively pushed the receptive Voluptas to her back, lusting over how she was now almost as tall as Voluptas. Brianna parked her dripping crotch on Voluptas’ wide open mouth. The moment Voluptas’ long, forked tongue penetrated to the G-spot, Brianna felt her new pointy horns force their way out just behind her bangs, playfully curving before stopping at several inches in length. Brianna epically moaned and cooed, feeling her hard yet silken horns, marveling at how her ears were now distinctly pointed.

Correctly assuming her body was becoming more nimble, Brianna then bent backwards, arching her lengthened back with east, to consume the female Demoniac’s soaked pussy. She began to imitate the perfect, lust-filled twirls happening inside her, feeling the corruption begin to penetrate more corners of her being than she knew existed.

Suddenly, Asmodai brought his throbbing member toward Brianna’s mouth, which happily repositioned (long tongue still in pussy) to receive the meal. Brianna’s mouth and throat became like her pussy, feeling pleasure equally, before Asmodai alternated between Brianna’s mouth and Voluptas’ ass.

Grunt, grunt, grunt; swirl, swirl, swirl; thrust, thrust, thrust. The pleasure, the lust was becoming unbearable for the almost fully transformed Brianna. A thick, prehensile tale with gloriously swirling deep red and pink coloring suddenly grew from the base of her spine. Voluptas and Asmodai again spewed massive amounts of black cum inside and out, but it still was not enough.

Brianna almost desperately flipped herself over. Before she began to again consume Voluptas’ delicious pussy, she ordered in a loud growl, “Fuck my ass, Asmaodai, NOW!”

He quickly obliged, as Voluptas and all but Demoniac Brianna consumed their respective pussies. There was lust, so much lust throughout Brianna’s very being now. It uncontrollably overwhelmed all that she was, rewriting her very consciousness.

She looked up wide eyed to her hot and bothered and sexy friends, as her already dark eyes became distinctly cat-like, while skin patterned like a chaotic, alien ocean of shimmering red and pink. Her upper and lower fangs were now distinct and sharp. Her body had grown even taller than Voluptas’, while it was now fuller, more voluptuous, more goddess-like. Her feet were more than proportionally larger, narrower, and more highly arched, unlike most Demoniacs.

Then Brianna felt it. Her body had transformed to its fullest extent. The orgasm she so desperately yearned for was finally coming to confirm her new Demoniac essence. The lust of it was unlike anything she ever thought possible, and that just made her want it more!

“Oh, fuck,” she growled on lustful impulse. “I can’t BELIEVE … It’s COMING! ERRGUH …” At the apex of the epic, glorious orgasm of all corrupting lust, Brianna screamed deeply, “I AM DEMONIAC!”

Orgasmic energy, only a transformed Titan could expel at such a moment, exploded out of Brianna, causing all in the room to cum hard with true lust. Voluptas and Asmodai orgasmed out massive a amount of their black cum, as her Titan friends fell to the floor, squirting all over their clothes in orgasm.

They all lay on the floor for several minutes, recovering from the more powerful than usual birth-cry. Brianna eventually looked over to her friends, and stood, remarking at how she could only stand on the balls of her feet now like she were wearing very high heals. Voluptas and Asmodai stood, lusting at her easily six-foot five-inch stature, amplified by how she stood on her feet.

Brianna walked, with surprising ease on her new feet, over to the amazed, distinctly aroused Titans. “I feel so remarkable …” Brianna stated with a distinctly deeper voice.

“Brianna?” the asked uncomfortably in near unison.

She smiled in a reassuring way. “Yes, well … the Demoniac Brianna. It’s hard to explain …” Brianna realized the self control the two behind her exhibited to make all this possible. She really had no qualms about forcing any of them to the floor to fuck their brains out. “The alliance is secured through me. I am ready to fight for the world with you and my fellow Demoniacs. I am also ready to fuck you.”

Before either could say a word, Brianna forced them to the floor, controlling her newfound strength enough to not hurt them. She quickly found her way to to already we crotches, and fingered them wildly. They certainly would not become corrupted — not wanting to be, but no one was really immune to the lust a Demoniac naturally excreted.

The two began to lustfully make out, pulling open their blouses to grope their boobs. At the same time, they kicked off their shoes to grope their lower extremities with their soft feet.

“Yes! That’s it,” Brianna cooed. “Celebrate today’s success. I want you two to cum in lustful celebration!”

Not wanting to spend too much more time than they already had there, Brianna fingered their G-spots without restraint. In some ways, she just wanted to show them what she became. She was neither truly good nor evil. She was now a lustful being of riotousness and selflessness. She was now what the world needed.

They exploded in the wettest most remarkable orgasm of their lives …

* * * *

Brianna returned home to her lover, Jason. She was honestly not sure how she would react, nor how he would react. So, she emitted the hypnotic field Voluptas and Asmodai taught her to control the day before. The lie allowed her to make him think she had not changed at all physically.

She found it objectively fascinating how she reacted to him, when they hugged and kissed. It took a lot of effort to control herself right then. She honestly still felt love for him, if not more so. Yet, her love was now intertwined with her corrupting lust. She knew was she needed to do, and he was to only like it.

They sat on the couch.

“So, you said everything went well, but didn’t go into detail …”

“It … Didn’t go as expected, Jason. There was … sacrifice, in a way.”

“What do you mean, Brianna?” he asked concerned.

She gave him a true, loving smooch, and answered cryptically, “I decided the ends justified the provided means. Whether that matters here or not, all I know now is that I want you forever.”

Letting loose the corrupting lust of her new self — without shutting off the hypnotic field, Brianna pushed him onto his back while lustfully and lovingly making out with him. His cock ballooned long before she literally ripped off his clothes. Her pussy, though technically massive, shaped itself around his humanly respectable member. She pealed off her clothes, and rode him wildly, she being much heavier yet looking as she always did was lost on him through the pleasure.

Yes, Brianna was corrupting the man she loved. Yes, she didn’t bother to ask. Yes, it probably wound not have mattered in the long run. Making him a Demoniac Titan sooner than later was probably the best option for their continued relationship.

They soon came together in powerful orgasm. He was no Titan, not yet, so this wasn’t going to take long. At the same time, she knew that corrupting a Human should be dramatically prolonged greater lust, but this wasn’t just about lust. Demoniacs, too, she finally understood, were rather particular in who they corrupted and transformed. Indeed, they rarely ever fucked a Human more than once.

“Again!” she cooed.

Before he could say a word, Jason found his mouth was burring in Brianna’s glorious pussy. Brianna sucked his already enlivened cock, as Jason happily and lustfully ate her pussy. She rocked back and forth joyously on top.

Now Jason could not deny how much heavier her lover was, even though she looked no different. She was acting very differently, though … Before he could put anymore thought into it, the corrupting lust began to take hold. He found himself consuming and fingering with great want.

“Good!” she cooed deeply. “Give in to me. Embrace all you’re feeling for me right now!”

They consumed each other more wildly, and soon exploded into their hungry mouths.

With all the corrupting lust inside him now, Jason could all but see through Brianna’s hypnotic field. He could tell that she was physically different somehow. He was just too horny for her to really care.

Brianna decided to lay back, and enjoy her lover’s fucking and inevitable transformation. Jason then jumped into Brianna, and humped her widely, with equal love and lust. He grabbed her ankles, and began to slobber all over her soft, sensitive feet. All Brianna could do was happily moan and coo.

While he humped and slobbered, and began to see through the hypnotic field. She was indeed much bigger, well over six feet and more athletic. Her feet were bigger and longer with distinctly black claws. Horns! Cat-eyes! Tail! Flowing red and pink skin!

“Do you like your upgraded lover, Jason?” she said seductively in her true, deep tones.

“Yeah …” he barely breathed, humping her even harder.

“UMM … oh .. UHM … This was the deal, Jayson. I selflessly became on of them … Fuck yes! … You’re my lover … ERRR … You could only become like me!”

At the moment of epic orgasm, he grew to nearly six feet, his dick doubled in size inside her, his skin turned a light red, small horns protruded, black claws grew, and a healthy tail forced its way out and up. With sharp fangs and long forked tongues — tails shoved in one another’s assholes, they affirmed their love and lust forever …


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