Blog Unbound: The Shimmering Black Chaos of the Harbingers

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A sci-fi tale. Directly following Harbinger of Darkness, this story concludes the Sci-Fi cycle. This story follows Cabal Master Jason, Rogue Queen Elizabeth, and others connected with the too young galactic alliance against the “Harbingers,” who created the half-alien Queens. The initial tools will prove to not be enough against the emboldened Harbingers … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Shimmering Black Chaos of the Harbingers

For although nepenthe has calmed me, I know always that I an an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men. — H.P. Lovecraft, The Outsider.

The Death at the End of the Tunnel:

With little ceremony, due to the impending war, Jason received his promotion to Master within his ancient and battle scarred organization. He would now serve on the Cabal council, and given the special task of personal liaison to Elizabeth, who many in the Cabal still did not fully trust. Indeed, the promotion granting was passed by only one vote by the five local Masters.

Though the Masters worked with her surprisingly well in strategy — she always knowing just what to say, there was wrangling in many issues. For centuries, they worked in the shadows to fight the shadows. That was about to change, regardless of what they really wanted. They were working extensively with wealthy and galactically connected Jennifer Winthrop, whose power as a Titan allowed her to take control of the very intergalactic organization that kidnapped her long ago. Winthrop already made tentative agreements with many extraterrestrial races already in all out war with the Harbingers, which is what the Cabal has come to call the coming invading force in recent months.

The Cabal worked with Titans before, but not all of them at once. They were the heroes and villains that inspired many legends and comic-books. Time itself subdued them, as they either cancelled themselves out or let themselves fade into oblivion. Yet, they could always sense sudden and great change. They have returned to fight for themselves and the world. Winthop’s super-powered charisma is now guiding the Titans, including the powerful Demoniacs.

Elizabeth was always the biggest confusion, though, and she lived with it. Many wanted elaborate testing of the part-alien woman, whose choice to break herself from the Harbingers caused the now destined war. There has never been the chance to study a live Queen. Elizabeth outright refused any biological testing, successfully arguing that she could fill in whatever gaps in knowledge they have without it. However, she did consent to cognitive and psionic testing, if only because she was somewhat different from her many predecessors in that department. She was also curious about applying abilities she knew she had.

As she warned them, that testing often provided sobering results. Her mind processed data as fast or faster than any present supercomputer, while she surprised one of the researchers by taking rudimentary control of his motor functions. Such control, including telepathic thought transmission and mind reading, was very tiring for her, but after using those skills, she suspected their use may become easier. With distinct ease via her lower level empathic ability, she amusingly mesmerized the researchers, actually making them hallucinate. It was quite the experience for all involved, while it was a bit of a ploy to establish much needed trust. She truly did not want to hurt or permanently control any of them, but that was something very easy for her to do.

* * * *

The healthy, middle aged Dr. Brianna Summers, the “Necromancer,” quietly sat in her little cell. Her door had already been unlocked numerous times for her consultation. A biomedical scientist, she learned ways to conquer death, as she knew just about every “crime lord” in the world. Yet, she liked to keep the secrets of necromancy more caged than she, as she ensured that anything that would give them away would be destroyed by the time they were analyzed.

The Necromancer was waiting for a very specific moment to unlock her vast scientific knowledge. She was patient …

Her cell door suddenly unlocked. A salty haired man walked in, flanked by the omnipresent guards. “Leave us,” he stated to the guards, who promptly closed the metal door behind them. “Dr. Summers, I am Dr. Nathaniel Demerest. I am here representing the Department of Health and Human Services.”

The scientist looked over the man inquisitively. She could see he had a very specific agenda that probably went well past hist official employers. Given that she was still breathing, he likely represented an organization that very recently came to stand against her. “You must be Cabal, assuming the world has yet to be enlightened.”

He smiled in confirmation, and sat, crossing his legs. “We assumed this would be the moment you were waiting for. Do you know what is finally coming, Dr. Summers?”

“With you asking, I can only assume that a Queen finally chose to do something different.”

He was taken aback. There was no evidence that she would know so much.

“You should know, my dear doctor, that working in the shadows makes one very good at understanding whispers. It was only a matter of time before one of the those alien-human hybrids realized that they could more powerful independent of extra-terrestrial influence. Yet, that Rogue Queen must know that she may have doomed us all.”

He sighed. “Things are coming together, Dr. Summers. Jennifer Winthrop, a Titan, has pulled together her awakening people, as she has already made alliances with us and other alien races.”

“Fascinating!” she stated with a big smile. Leaning forward slowly, she asked, “I assume there’s a price of admission to this Grand Alliance.”

“For you, perhaps …” He leaned forward. “Let’s make this clear, Madam Necromancer, it was not my choice to come here. I don’t think we need your secrets anymore …”

“But, they are yours, Dr. Demerest, under one condition.”


“The end of my imprisonment, of course.”

He deeply sighed. “We figured as much. Everything is being prepared already for you: a residence, a lab. Just be warned that we are merely ending this imprisonment.”

“I, too, figured as much …”

The Secret Inside:

It was dark, safe secluded. He was inside her, as she was inside him. Their head tentacles flowed freely in the liquid environment. A quiet storm flashed in the distance before it passed into its own oblivion. The pleasure between them was beyond anything. Their dark forms explored each other’s shelled bodies, as their deep minds explored each other’s. It could only be called making love. The physical and mental onslaught of pleasure grew more and more powerful …

Helena came loudly in orgasm, finding herself awoken from with wild dream. She was drenched in thick, cold sweat. It was the most powerful dream of her life, and she only started remembering them within the last year. She joked to herself that it was her subconscious telling her she needed a boyfriend, but the reality was she had no idea what they meant. She took a quick shower, and went downstairs for breakfast. Her long blonde hair was tied back.

Her parents were waiting for her in the kitchen, a plate all but ready for her. Since starting her first semester at MIT for physics, she was all but used to a degree of self sufficiency, so it was slightly awkward for others to do the work right then.

The new, silver haired President chirped on the small kitchen TV. He had only been sworn in a month ago after his highly disliked yet polarizing predecessor was removed from office.

“So how’d the finals go, Helena?” her father asked. “Would’ve asked if you didn’t get in so late last night!”

She sat across the table, noticing but not thinking much of the President’s silently uncomfortable tone and demeanor. He spoke of his plans on tax reform or something. “Yeah, I checked online last night after dinner: All A’s.” The woman was as attractive as she was intelligent. However, she never really applied herself until high school, where she transformed herself into the woman ready for anything.

“Good!” he exclaimed. “You know we can’t cover you if you loose that scholarship!”

“I think I’m gonna aim for astro and biophysics in the long term. Theirs a push for cross-field with their students, and Jackson likes the idea. That, and the push for physics majors to have a strong direction if they intend to do graduate studies.” Biophysicist Dr. Jackson was her adviser, and he turned her onto the subject, while she still loved astrophysics. “The thought of crossing the two subfields is really interesting!”

Her parents had a subtly odd look between them.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, it’s nothin’!” her mother deflected. “Just wish you had this drive before high school …”

Helena grunted. The reality was that she was a borderline outcast until high school. She never really fit into the main crowd, until she taught herself otherwise. And even then, she never saw herself as “popular.” The key for her, she learned, was to show she was comfortable with herself, while applying that hitherto unknown outgoing aspect of her personality only revealed at the tail end of puberty. She positioned herself somewhat untraditionally. She was a liked A student, but never boasted. She was neither a trophy for a jock, nor a Prom Queen. Her eventual boyfriend was somewhat geeky, and was more accepted thanks to her. She was drafted into becoming one of the more successful class presidents senior year, though, while she was involved in the science and Latin clubs. The former was partly due to ending the rise of a clear bully with manipulation she never knew she could do. Long story short, the guy was forced to make an utter fool of himself.

Her phone buzzed. The text from Brian read, “Hey blondie! Wanna meet for lunch?”

She smirked, having learned to love her boyfriend’s teases long ago. It was his clumsy way of showing affection. With him at UMass Boston, their’s wasn’t much of a long distance relationship, but they were still on opposite sides of a convoluted city. The result was mostly seeing each other on the weekends, while the internet allowed for more regular non-physical contact. She texted and teased back, “Laurie’s diner at 12:30. Be there or no sex tonight!”

“Was that Brian?” her mother asked. “Ask him over for dinner tonight when you see him.”

She shrugged, “OK …”

The Gathering of Defenders:

Earlier that morning … The Titan Jennifer Winthrop, the Rogue Queen Elizabeth, The Cabal Master Jason, and the powerful Demoniac Brianna stood in the Oval Office of the White House. They were tasked with revealing to the new president about the cosmic war to come, a disliked president that stepped in a month before after his now reviled predecessor was removed from office While Elizabeth found no reason to psionically mask her not that off appearance (glacial eyes, sexy Amazon physique), it was a present necessity for Brianna. Her real, voluptuously muscular form was horrifyingly sexy with red and orange skin, a tail, sharp teeth, cat eyes, etc. This rather religious President has been playfully teased over his apparent discomfort with being alone with any woman besides his wife, after all!

“As I’ve sure you were already told, I only have …” he glanced at his watch, “twenty-nine minutes until I do my speech on tax reform.” His flat, midwestern demeanor was much harsher off camera, while his blatant obsession with scheduling was apparently a recent quirk. “Let’s make this ten minutes.” He stood ponderously for a moment. “What is this anyway?”

“Mr. President, we represent an organization that has always looked out for the best interests of this country and the world,” Jason stated, placing a hefty-looking folder on the aged “resolute” desk between them. “This is also being shown to other members of the UN Security Council.”

“Before you open that,” Brianna, daughter of the ancient Glooskap, began seriously, “perhaps one of the hardest things in life is to learn that your greatest truth was a lie.”

The deeply religious President felt a chill down his spine. His world was a hazy one of lies and truth. Like many politicians, he was not opposed to twist and blur the conversation to make his point. He never lied to himself, though, or so he assumed.

He slowly opened folder that was no folder. It showed him a truth he was not yet ready to believe. He went teary eyed, and slowly looked up. “This … My God! What is this!?” he called in a quiet yell.

“More like the Devil, but less fun, Mr. President,” Brianna said with as much truth as sarcasm.

Before anyone else even opened their mouths, the President cracked, “I have to ask you to leave now … I still have my speech. We’ll be in touch …”

* * * *

The UN Security council deliberated well into the night over the information revealed to them by the Cabal. Like the United States President, none of them wanted to believe that an alien invasion force was coming, let alone an ancient struggle against those already allied with those aliens. Yet, the data was irrefutable, including the spatial anomalies detected just outside the Kuiper Belt. Those were merely coming representatives of other races willing to ally with Humans, but still more than sobering. They passed a short resolution well after midnight that mostly described the next steps, particularly with the alien ambassadors.

Breaking News! The TVs chimed.

The UN Security overnight passed an unexpected resolution, details of which are not currently known. It is speculated that they are a revision of some of the sanctions against the continually provocative North Korea. The President is expected to speak within the hour ahead of the UN Secretary General. Sources have confirmed that these events are connected, but did not provide further details …

The blatantly uncomfortable Present sat at his desk, teleprompter and camera at the ready. ‘That woman was right,’ he through to himself. ‘I’ve lived in a world of lies for so long …’

“Mr. President,” a man chimed behind the camera, interrupting the President’s thoughts. “Ten seconds …”

The cameras soon came to life, as did the speech he helped to prepare.

“My fellow Americans,

“As many of you may already be aware, the UN Security Council had an emergency meeting last night … What I am about to tell you all brought me to my knees. For many decades, humanity has searched for intelligence beyond our world. Our call to the universe was never answered, and we never heard calls from out there. That was a lie.

“I now know that contact was many centuries ago, and it was not to our benefit. An ancient organization known as the Cabal of Defenders, many of which great American heroes, kept us ignorant of them until now. Something changed …

“We do not know the name of the invading force, but some call them the ‘Harbingers.’ They are coming, right from out nightmares. The Cabal, the UN, and others already took steps to prepare the coming extra-terrestrial invasion. This includes a coming meeting at the UN with other extra-terrestrial beings that have struggles against the Harbingers for longer than I know.

“My fellow Americans, when I became your President a month ago, I did so with great humility. I never thought this great country could be so divided, and admit now to not knowing how to move forward.

“I look to you, my fellow Americans, to come come together at this time of global, galactic crisis. Look to your local leaders, look to your news outlets. They will provide you with as much information as it becomes available …”


The war began as a stalemate. The Harbingers adapted far more quickly than anticipated, as no leader from Earth had experience beyond terrestrial war, including those of the Cabal. Dr. Summer’s highly advanced resuscitation technology, though controversial, proved quintessential for even achieving the stalemate. The Harbingers at times seemed like a zombie horde, bringing back to life any that they killed. Even Summers was taken off guard, never going that far in her more villainous days, so everyone, Humans and eventually alien, had on hand her special drugs to fight back death before the Harbingers too them.

It was quickly discovered that the remnants of the Protectors, who once protected and shepherded the half-alien Queens, banded together in the shadows to undermine the war effort. When Elizabeth learned of this, she put all her attention to ending the Protectors. Their network collapsed within a month, but that success came at great cost. Without the Rogue Queen on any frontline, the war turned against the Alliance, and Elizabeth, for the first time since she was Human, could not immediately see a path forward …

“I had that dream again, Brian …” Helena stated, watching the rather apocalyptic news.

He looked curious and uncomfortable. “Startin’ to bother you?”

“I’m not sure,” she answered ponderously. “I mean, it doesn’t fell wrong in any way — feels amazing, but you know how strange the imagery is.”

“Yeah,” he agreed wide eyed. “Like some amazingly bad B-movie!”

The majority of the orbital stations, including the ISS, are now being recovered. However, sources tell us that the computer virus will force software purging and replacement of hardware for an unknown period. The TV chimed in the other room.

She nudged his shin. “I’m serious Brian! This is really startin’ to confuse me.”

“More than what’s goin’ on up there? … You know, Lena, I barely passed that mandatory psych course,” he deeply sighed. He really wanted to help her, but wasn’t sure how. “You want me to talk to that psych professor? I don’t remember if he’s licensed for counseling …”

She shook her head, and deeply sighed. “Don’t bother, not yet at least. Hey, we both just went through a life change, right? Probably what’s fuelin’ it.”

Brian smiled. “You’d probably see right through that professor and figure yourself out long before he pins you!”

Helena smiled teasingly. “You can’t figure me out!”

She suddenly grabbed him, and aggressively shoved her long down down his throat. The woman was suddenly just incredibly, incomprehensibly horny. All she wanted was his dick to make her cum, and Brian was not protesting.

Their clothes flew away, as Helena’s mind kept flashing to her dark, erotic, alien dream. His dick slipped in and out of her hungry pussy, until it exploded into her. But she wanted more! She kept humping for more, until she realized she just wanted him to fill her with his cum.

Flash! Her skin was solid. He was in several of her pleasure holes, as she was finding all the pleasure holes of the Human

Flash! She was on top of him on the couch, reaching under his but-cheeks to finger his ass, and again forcing her very long tongue down his throat.

He came again and again. Impossibly, Helena pushed through to a modicum of rational thought, and pulled herself off of him.

“Woah, fuck …” he barely stated.

Helena finally knew something was wrong with her, or at least, something was radically changing within her. With the world so crazy fighting with and against aliens, she knew someone needed too examine her …

She talked directly to her parents first, while they surprisingly thought they were being confronted. They revealed to her that she was diagnosed with a fatal genetic disorder, one that would have killed her about the time she hit puberty. A research scientist, Dr. Matthis, who died several years ago, treated her with a kind of retrovirus. It was something new, and though they did not believe it at the time, Matthis claimed it was extra-terrestrial DNA. Helena was the first and only recipient that they are aware of, as the experiment was “off the books.”

“Did he say where he got the DNA?” Helena asked overwhelmed.

They said they didn’t even ask.

“The Cabal,” Helena forwarded ponderously. “They may know something or someone …”

Helena found herself walking into some lab outside Washington DC. Her sexual urges were growing steadily, but she was maintaining control over herself. What was truly freaking her out were physical changes, which where not quite yet visible to those not in intimate contact. Her skin had become smooth and flawless, yet subtly tougher, as her body became fuller, more athletic.

A rather attractive, somewhat older woman walked into the room. Her dirty blonde hair pulled into a simple knot behind her head.

“Dr. Summers?” Helena said bewildered.

“Rules do get bent in times of war, don’t they?” she smirked. “World domination was never my goal. Or at least, not initially!”

“I don’t think I’m dying …”

“I don’t think so either!” she exclaimed, swiping through documents on her tablets. “My initial diagnosis is that you are changing, but you already know that. Matthis was quite ingenious with his retrovirus. The DNA used, which appears to be Trianctan, fully repaired your genetic disorder by essentially acting as a replacement for the imperfect DNA. You are essentially a hybrid, but quite a bit different from our Rogue Queen! Based on timing, the meningitis vaccine you received before college reacted with the altered Trianctan DNA, causing the transformation and conflict you are experiencing. Why that vaccine and none of the others prior, I really don’t know. Perhaps a cumulative affect … ?”

“How do we stop this!? I wanna fuck so bad. I’m changing …”

Summers looked inquisitively at the confused woman. “I’m not quite sure yet. Unlike Elizabeth, a full transformation for you might indeed be full. Our Trianctan friends are practically  the opposite of the Harbingers, so you might not have to worry about going on the murderous rampage. Trianctans apparently are highly active sexually. Still, transformation can be unpredictable. Will you still be you? Will your mind be mush? Will you even survive? I need to analyze this further …”

Two sides of Helena soon became apparent: a sex-crazed fiend and scared Human. She was now taller with light skin now almost hardened. Her hair was becoming like long tentacles, while her sides were developing holes of pleasure. It wasn’t that she just wanted to mate; it was that she just wanted to fuck. What bothered yet fascinated Helena the most was how this alienness had been with her from almost the beginning of her existence. How separate was she ever from it when it was embedded deep within her very DNA.

One test after another by the amazed scientist never really told either anything more than they already knew: Helena was loosing what she thought was always her. The present solace was in how it distracted the transforming woman from a war that could mean the end of all she knew. She was at war with herself, as galaxy was at war with itself. The galaxy, too, seemed to be loosing against the darkest recesses of its very being. Were Harbingers practically there from the beginning, too? Did they once save the galaxy from something far worse? Such secrets seemed long forgotten.

Helena spent weeks under the care of Dr. Summers, who split her time working with the Alliance. “Care” was perhaps inaccurate, Helena knew. It was more like she was under the fascination of the mad scientist. Helena was not quite a “pet project,” but Summers, the Necromancer, did not really care about the transforming woman.

Her boyfriend kept in regular contact through it all, but no matter how much both wanted to be together, Helena did not trust herself. Though, she did not think she would hurt him intentionally. She simply just didn’t understand all she was feeling.

Something eventually came to Helena: what was happening to her was not really synonymous to the horrid war above. She was continuously amazed at how nearly every physical change involved pleasure and sexuality. She could pleasure herself now through multiple holes on her sides, as well as her crotch! Even her mouth, tongue, and asshole were all becoming pleasure centers. Indeed, she was becoming a pleasure center. Was thinking about this in extremes wrong all along? Was this really about Human versus alien?

Then, something finally became clear: her mind. She quickly contacted Dr. Summers, who just finished meeting where she was proposing developing toxins to kill Harbingers.

“I just figured something out, Summers,” she stated in her now deep tones.

“Yes?” Summers responded with her usual fascination.

“My mind. It’s impossible that the Trianctan DNA didn’t affect me in some way throughout my life. It replaced some of my DNA with itself!”

“Yes, certainly, at least passively. From all your tests, I agree that there were possibly some cognitive affects. Your brain, structurally, continues to be as it was when you first came here, more or less. I do lack that kind of data before you started changing, but it seems unlikely that it was much different before that vaccine. Now, your synapses tend to fire differently than the average Human. I don’t have the data yet, but your brain presumably is processing a bit like a Tranctan’s. On the subject of you mind, assuming it has not changed much, it might be theorized that your mind always functioned similarly to a Trianctan, while developing other such traits physically made that mental processing more apparent. How this theory may help you, I’m not sure.”

“I think … we’ve been going about this all wrong, Summers. I think … we shouldn’t see my changes in extremes. I haven’t been fully human for nearly my entire life. My mind may be the strongest evidence of that. There is two sides of me, but I can’t be two. If I am to survive, I think I have to be both and neither. I have to be me.”

“And who are you, Helena?”

“Something as new as the Rogue Queen …” Helena breathed, feeling her mind and body coalesce in a way she didn’t fully understand, but it felt right. “I want my boyfriend here,” she continued on feeling alone. “I want him to be the key.”


Jason walked into a dark room. He felt confused and anxious.

“Hey,” Helena said quietly.

“Helena? Are you OK? Where’s the light switch?”

“I want it to be off …” She slowly walked up to him.

She kissed him deeply with her soft lips, pulling back quickly to prevent her tongue from growing erect.

“I’ve schanged,” she barely said with a partly erect tongue. “Make love tah me … I have to embrace all of me … Ssave me!”

She then pressed her shelled self hard against his unexacting body. There was no doubt he could feel Helena was rather different physically, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. His clothes were quickly torn away, and she thrust her hips around his growing member, penetrating her dripping crotch. Indeed, all her pleasure holes were lubricating themselves. She guided his mouth so he would suck off her throbbing tongue and press his lips against hers, before guiding his hands into two of her side holes of pleasure.

Jason wasn’t really sure what was happening, but it felt too damn good to care. Things had gotten so crazy with the war that the love of his life apparently not being Human was almost a breath of fresh air! The justices leaking from her member-like tongue were remarkably strange and addicting, too. He embraced her in all possible ways now. They were inside each other, especially after her whole fist somehow penetrated his ass. He looked deeply into her strange, inhuman eyes somehow knowing it was the love of his life.

They were soon thrusting widely, lovingly into each other at so many points of entry. Thrust, thrust, thrust, they went all over. Slick alien juices leaking out of Helena. Grunts both Human and inhuman echoed loudly within the room. They found themselves naturally syncing up, not as deeply as the nervous system, but their bodies seemed to learn each other. Helena’s juices dripped down their quivering bodies. They were close, so close. This quickly became a great need to experience an orgasm unlike either ever knew.

Hungering, they thrust more and more wildly. And then, explosion! Helena’s entire body came, half-alien cum spewing out of her and all over and within Jason, as Jason spewed so much cum into Helena it hurt.

They stumbled onto the bed, covered in goo. Helena switched on the lamp next to the bed to let Jason really see her. She looked as different as she looked the same, and Jason seemed to lover her all the more …

The Secret of Evolution:

Elizabeth sat quietly in meditation. What she did not want to tell anyone was that she could no longer see a way to win the war against the Harbingers. The Protectors succeed in defeat. Her first true miscalculation was devoting so much of her energies toward finally ending them. That focus away allowed for the Harbingers to make key moves, victorious or no. Now, the Alliance is practically surrounded by the shimmering black death the represent.

Not yet wanting to yield, she reached out toward every corner she possibly could with her mind. She desperately looked for any new factor she might have missed. At first, she found a few new possibilities, particularly via that Necromancer, but further calculation suggested a mere delay of total defeat … No … There was another.

Helena … She became a variable. Elizabeth did not put much thought into her before. She just might be the key element to enhance all others. This hybrid had a mind as different as Elizabeth’s own. Now that Helena steered and concluded her unexpected transformation, this new being could find very different pathways from any other.

Elizabeth finally understood something very important about life in that moment. Evolution’s greatest secret and strength is the minds created out of its processes. Humans hybridized with may subspecies eons ago, as Elizabeth herself was a kind of hybrid. Every offspring of a species might as well be a kind of hybrid. There is great chance, yes. It took millennia for a hybrid Queen to choose a different path. Now, the dice rolled for Helena, who much be the key to beating back the chaotic death surrounding them …

Helena had no real experience in fighting cosmic invaders, but no one from Earth really did. She didn’t want to become a part of the war. She didn’t even know what Elizabeth and the others really wanted from her. Still, Helena knew that she was something new. The Harbingers had known just about everything about Humans and their Queens, as they knew all about the others the fought.

It was a slow shift toward the Alliance’s favor. Helena helped as much as she could, learning more about herself than she ever thought possible, as all others pushed onward with the new influence. She specifically worked to learn about alien relatives, who were quite surprised and aroused about her existence.

The aid was almost intangible at first. But without the Protectors feeding their alien masters new information, Helena’s influence proved unpredictable to the Harbingers. Their chaos was met with another.

After five years, there was no surrender. The Harbingers fled from the war they could no longer win. Where they went was unknown, but their continued existence solidified a lasting alliance …

When One Door Closes, Another Must Always Open:

They two lay next to each other in bed. In spite of everything, Elizabeth and Jason were still madly in love. It was truly remarkable for them both.

She placed her hand on his cheek, and said quietly, “I need you to relax and clear your mind.”

“OK. Gonna experiment on me, Ellie?” he asked sarcastically.

“Not exactly. Just clear you mind, Jason …”

He did so, quite interested in what she was going to do.

‘Can you hear me, Jason? This is still not easy for me …’ she said in his mind.

“Yes!” he answered, amazed. “You’re as loud as my own inner voice.”

‘Use your inner voice, Jason. I will hear it …’

‘OK,’ he thought, also feeling her emotions bleed through to a degree. They were … uncomfortable.

‘Good … I need you to know I am pregnant, and they will become twins.’

‘What?’ he thought shocked.

‘When we made love before I transformed. The most logical instance. I didn’t realize until after, when they started to form. They are why I refused biological testing. I can sense that Queen DNA will be fully active in them. Ironically, I think it was assumed all prior Queens would procreate afterwards at some point, but the modern Cabal was always quite … courageous against my enslaved predecessors … I froze their development until the war was done.’

‘Will … they be OK?’

‘Of course, Jason, and they’re not even really ‘they’ yet. I think they will form within a few months now that I let their development resume … The world will never be the same, but we all will shape the new one to come.’

All Jason could do was hold her tightly …

And so, Earth became part of the galaxy, as you, dear reader, always knew it would. I, Jonas Treigg, did not know exactly how it would be written out, but there is a degree of satisfaction nonetheless. The future touched on earlier in this Unbound Saga is assured through chaos of this universe’s own making. It she be interesting to see what changes to even this moment might occur as the story moves forward. My Nameless Masters now silently feed, and I must now wait for my part in the ending of the Multiverse …


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