Blog Flash: Photoshoot Under The Moon

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: Photoshoot Under The Moon

“Yeah, yeah, that’s great, Janice!” the photographer bob exclaimed to his model.

She had healthily long brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin was virtually flawless and lightly tanned from the summer sun. Her legs were long, while c-cup breasts firm. She was completely nude for the photographer.

Janice rarely did nude shoots, but always trusted Bob to conduct them tastefully, artistically. Indeed, she found working with him a lot of fun. They just worked well together. She teased, she danced, while he happily snapped away.

The blonde Leana eventually walked into the room. Janice didn’t hate woman, who was Bob’s girlfriend, but always found her a bit forward and impolite. Leana and Bob had an odd relationship in Janice’s eyes. The two seemed a bit too open, for lack of better words, while she even modeled for him occasionally, being rather gorgeous. Though, Leana did provide Bob with art galleries and contracts.

“All right, Janice, lets take a break!” Bob proclaimed.

The three sat on the couch after Janice pulled on her shirt and pants.

“What’s that book?” Leana asked. The leather bound book looked rather old, and had no title on it.

“Dunno, Leana! Friend of mine left it here by mistake. Said he’d be back for it later.” He picked it up and started thumbing, satisfying his curiosity. He quickly flipped through the crinkly paper to find hand drawn pictures of what appeared to be female Werewolves not yet completely transformed into a wolf. They were simply naked with long, wild hair, pointy ears, and big fans. At first glance, he thought they were Vampires or even Elves, but the more canine shape of their faces and eyes suggested otherwise. Indeed, the next page had pictures of a transformative progression to a wolf form, while he was able too read a little of very Old English.

“Hey, you two thinking what I’m thinking?” Bob asked excitedly, knowing what he had to do.

“What?” Leana asked in reply. She could tell he found inspiration, which was fine, but it seemed more driven than usual.

Bob grabbed the makeup kit on the table, and made up Janice’s eyes to me darker and subtly canine. He was just doing a proof of concept.

Finding herself liking the idea, Janice jokingly howled.

“Full moon out there tonight, right?” Bob asked excitedly. “Lets do this. Please join us Leana!”

Leana sighed, not really in the mood for artistic modeling, but saw the monetary benefit in such an opportunistic shoot. “Fine …”

Leana and Janice sat in the make-shift dressing room. With the ancient book as his guide, Bob began to make them more wolflike from head to toe. Starting at the face, he darkened their features, while accentuating their noses and jaws. At first, Leana was not enjoying herself very much, but quickly broke down, having as much fun as Janice. The three of them were simply swept away in the moment.

Soon the women removed their clothes for a more extensive makeup work along their taught bodies, accentuating their musculature. He makeup from head to toe was well layered in blues and browns, somehow making them look unabashedly feral. Making their hair look wild, windswept was almost redundant.

They scurried to the roof in their excitement, and Bob started taking pictures almost the moment the piercing moonlight hit the women.

Janice and Leana started to dance with each other under the enticing moon. They felt the moment, and moved on instinct alone. Yet, the erotic dance seemed purposeful. It was a moon fueled tango, unlocking the animal within them. They felt as aroused as they felt wild and free. They wanted to seduce each other in the erotic tango, hands feeling more than suggestively.

Their eyes soon met, and they pulled close, knowing the triumph of their seductions. They kissed briefly in confirmation. They pulled back, and Janice bared down on Leana’s wanting neck. She gnawed unabashedly in the animalistic kiss, sending jolts of pleasure along Leana’s body.

Janice pulled back, and they passionately made out. They again pulled back, before Leana bared down on Janice’s needing neck, sending waves of pleasure into the wild Janice. They pulled back, and only wanted to dance and feel their lover in the moonlight. Sex would come later when the moon fell.

Using both their hands and feet, they learned each other’s bodies, growing their love for one another. They learned what intangibly made their flesh so glorious.

Suddenly, Janice again bared down on Leana’s willing neck, but this time, Janice gnawed more intensely. She wanted Human flesh to … to feed the growing wolf within her. The skin soon broke, and the fuel poured down her throat.

At the same time, through the waves of pleasure, Leana felt the same hunger for Human flesh. She grabbed the wrist on the opposite side of her violated throat, and bared her teeth down on it. The flesh quickly broke, pouring the fuel into her.

They soon pulled back, feeling enough fuel within them processing. Their wounds healed instantly. Looking into each other’s eyes, they saw their pupils become slits, before opening to focus on the world better than they ever knew. In each other’s arms, they went to the floor. Distinct, guttural growls came out of them. Their nails grew long, sharp, and retractable. Their jawlines protruded, while their noses fell into it, becoming snouts, and their teeth grew sharper, more canine. They went to their stomachs, feeling their arms and legs change. Their hands and feel elongated into distinct paws, while their arms and legs reformed. Their spines grew backward forming a long, hairless tail. On all fours, hair began to grow along their wolflike bodies, while their already long hair on their heads stayed as they were. The hair flowed seamlessly into their fur.

Soon, their transformation was complete …

Seeing what were his two models lovingly nuzzle and lick and other, Bob finally came to his senses. They became werewolves before his eyes. “What the fuck,” he breathed, placing the camera down next to him.

The She-Wolves suddenly looked up to him. After a quick bark, they leaped on top of they shocked artist, making him fall to the ground. He was in utter terror. “Don’t eat me!” he screamed, sensing a cliche somewhere in that.

Instead, they licked and nuzzled the shocked photographer. In more control than either of the She-Wolves expected, they morphed back into their Human forms. They oddly liked how their body hair now lay frozen just under the skin until called forth.

“I don’t … Am I dreaming?” Bob asked breathlessly.

The women looked at each other with love in their eyes and laughed.

“Well, I’m not dreaming!” the naked Leana exclaimed.

“You didn’t eat me …”

“Why? I don’t have an urge to eat you!” Janice stated.

“It’s weird, Bob, but I understand enough,” Leana said.

“Some raw meat will do most of the time, right, Leana?” Janice asked.

“Yeah, that’s what instinct is saying …” she confirmed amazed. “It’s hard to explain, but I just know I’ll only occasionally need human flesh, and not necessarily much!” She finished with a subtly darker tone, “But, it is necessary.”

“What the fuck is happening!” Bob explained, more aroused than he wanted to admit.

“I think it was that book, Bob,” Leana answered.

“It must have sensed some kind of animal analogue within us, and had you give it life.”

“What do we do now?” Bob asked amazed.

The two women looked at each other with a loving smile. The need for pleasure was enhanced within them, as instinct was enhanced.

At the same time, the She-Wolves whispered in his ears, “We fuck.”

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