Blog Unbound: Doorways

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A sci-fi tale. This story is a bit darker both literally and figuratively than most. It takes thematic inspiration from Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle and the Phantasm film series.  The story follows Stan Jeriggo, a man that achieved everything, yet felt as if he never achieved what he truly wanted. He finally came to realize that he had no idea what he wanted. For reasons then unknown, Jeriggo decided upon a path, through the power of dreams, that would bring him the sense of success he so yearned …

Unbound Edition: eBook


The date: January 20, 2016. The Place: National Mall, Washington, DC, United States, Earth. A distinct yet subdued crowd was present under the moist gloom. Subdued in that attendance to this significant event was among the lowest in decades. This event was a most unexpected, controversial inauguration of this country’s new president. He begins with lower approval ratings than the last three presidents at the same point. Most of the people here and the world, including the new President, had no idea of the doorway to chaos before them. Of course, I had no idea myself in another time …

I sat at my mahogany desk pensively. Everything I ever thought I wanted was attained. A Succubus lover, dominion over many, power to wield did not feel like enough. No, it felt like there was still more out there to know. How could that be? I had all the teachings of an ancient book fueling all that I am, or so I tried to believe. Besides, the world seemed to know everything long before the 2150s! A knock at the door …


A glorious, statuesque, raven haired goddess walked into the room. Yes, a part of me did love her, but to her secret frustration, I refused myself time for love.

“What is it, Julie?”

“You seemed disquieted when we spoke this morning, Stan …” She casually sat on my lap.

“If only you cold be like all of my followers, and pretend not to care about my well being.”

“What is bothering you? You know I’m not actively peking in, but I can still feel there’s something wrong.”

I took a long deep sigh. “Julie … Have you ever wondered about what the Book doesn’t teach us?”

She shrugged awkwardly. “Not really, Stan. I mean, it was written by a sex crazed Human via trans-dimensional aliens. There is a certain point of view of it. Then there is how the Book tends to not be in the control of the owner. No one said it held every secret of the universe, or for for it to be a kind of blasphemy to say it did not provide omnipotence. I always say it provides enough … How much more could you possibly want?”

I lightly nudged her off me, and walked to the bookcase. Staring forward at the many tomes of knowledge, including the one that might as well have been our Bible, I began, “How did that sex crazed, Human writer become so friendly with beings so far beyond him? Did they find him, or did he find them?”

“Humph! Those possibilities are both quite fantastical. But, if you role a twenty-sided die, how can you really know the side you’ll get? Perhaps it was serendipitous. He was looking for something more; they were looking for a scribe. No one said they had a linear concept of time. Perhaps they skimmed the timeline for someone just like him.”

“Do you think they’d tell you, if you asked?” I turned.

She glared seriously. “I learned a long time ago, they are not good at giving straight answers. They either don’t know how, or don’t want to tell us everything. Now, I don’t think there’s anything nefarious about that. Telling humanoids how to permanently transcend their physical forms to grasp the Multiverse might be like giving an Australopithecine a fission bomb. We should naturally come to such developments.”

“We can transcend, though. You practically do it to talk to them.”

“Well … not completely, and not really in the way we’re talking about.”

“Dreams, astral projection, those are things the Book talks about.”

“Where is this going, Stan?” she asked uncomfortably. Perhaps out of anyone I knew, she understood what was beyond more clearly than most.

“Something more, Julianna.” I picked up the Book, and handed it to her.

She looked at me curiously.

“The Book itself is a doorway, we already know. Open it to dreams. It likes you more than it ever liked me, so it should bring you to the appropriate passages.”

She grunted, and placed the Book on my desk.

This was not the first time I asked her to bring me to certain passages, but it was a more, well, innocent request. Blasphemy did not really exist under the teachings I adhered to, but this was skirting the closest thing to it.

There,” she said, pointing to the maddening twirls of the ancient script. Interpreting, “The lucid dreamer may create doorways in their dreamed world. It can be through those doorways that the dreamer may move beyond their own flesh, beyond the controlled chaos of one’s own subconscious … I would not call that the newest revelation. You probably skimmed through that a long time ago, like many others possessing this Book.”

“The ‘doorways’ was something I had forgotten …”

“You’re not very good with lucid dreaming, Stan. You tend to get lazy, and let the dream run its course.”

I grunted, before smirking at her.

“There are times I wish I wasn’t so polite about mind reading …”

“Perhaps you could help me, Julie. You’ve been around for the better part of two millennia. I know how powerful you are, in theory.”

“I, I’m not sure about where this is heading. If I help you to create a doorway, there’s no way to know what might happen to you or me!”

“No one said you had to follow me through, Julie. Think of this as an excuse to exercise your power over the mind. I’d bet you could snatch my sanity with a single thought, and not even have to eat a piece of my soul to make me truly yours.”

“Where would be the fun in that?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm. “I prefer the slow seduction.”

“So, will you help me have a little curious fun, Julianna?”

She deeply sighed, and thought for a moment. “The best way I know to naturally pull you into a deep sleep is to feed on you just a little too much, and give a little back. Then I’ll join you in your own mind. I’ll keep you from fading back into whatever bed you’re humping so you can create your doorway. It will be your doorway, so I do not even think I could follow you. It’s what you’ll find past it that could have consequences. Anything could happen once you are through: horrific dangers, mind destroying cosmic pleasures, anything. My understanding is that you could find a place born out of the nightmares of quantum physics … I will wait for you. I’ll do my best to be an anchor to yourself.”

I walked into Julianna’s room in my faux-castle. She quietly lay on her bed in her deep red negligee, and read a first edition Jekyll and Hyde. Julianna always a a bit of a fetish for gothic.

“Why have you never liked knocking, Stan?” she asked, not looking up from the book.

“My house, m …”

She interrupted, “My rules.”

The mind destroying Succubus placed her book on the end table, and slowly beckoned with her finger.

With almost more hunger than she, I moved to her bed. We had many forays not unlike this. This time, however, she was going to take me past my limit. She was always a bit cautious in her feeding, so this was to be a very different night for us both.

My robe fell away, as she pulled her silk away. Her body was so glorious, especially with it all around mine. She was tall, taller than me, with olive skin and dark hair. She was so deceptively strong like all her kind.

I thrust into her hungry, glorious pussy wildly, as she actively began to suck out my amorphous passion. Her powerful pussy muscles massaged my dick as if they were groping fingers. Thrust, thrust, thrust we went. My lips were glued to hers. She was in total control of my body now. Every motion, every moan was of her design. My eyes rolled back into my head. I should have cum by now, but she somehow held me back for the first time. Her talents were always glorious!

When I felt myself begin to fade from so much of me being consumed, out of my control, I suddenly exploded into her. All the passion in me was consumed …

Then, she breathed back life into me …

Darkness shrouded me. The smell of rubber and steel permeated my senses. My hips thrust forward. My dick forcibly penetrated a tight ass I knew all too well. The sound of skin slapping rubber echoed off the black and white tile floor. The deep red walls slowly came into focus, as my thrusts shed light onto the statuesque beauty before me. She was totally encased in shiny black latex, as her hands and legs were tightly bound onto the crooked black posts.

I thrust yet harder into the cooing woman, who was no woman.

“Oh, fuck, Master! My ass hungers for your cum,” she pleaded.

“Really, Stan?” someone subtly echoed behind me.

I turned my head to see the glaring Julianna, arms crossed and leaning on the doorframe.

I unmounted, and turned around completely. The dream-Succubus whimpered. “Master, please, I’m so hungry!”

“Umm …” I started. “I’m not sure if this is what it looks like, Julie …”

“Well, she looks and sounds like me!”

“Err … We all want what we can’t have?” I barely said, feeling very confused yet very horny. “Two of you? Let’s do this!”

“You really are the worst lucid dreamer, Stan!” she teased.

“Oh, right, yes.” I finally remembered the goal, even though I was rather horny still. “Let’s go.”

Walking into the hallway, I realized I was fully clothed. Well, at least the image of clothing.

“The corridors of your mind are darker than I expected,” she observed. “I had a little trouble finding you.”

“It’s darker than usual, I think,” I began ponderously. The corridors resembled my home. “My dreams have been stranger than usual …”

She grabbed my arm. “Before you forget what this place really is again, the doorway is really nothing more than a method of mental travel, and does not even have to lead anywhere beyond your mind. I walked into your mind through a door I created. That is the limit of control I have over your dreams, unless I really want to damage you.”

“What are these doors even supposed to look like?”

“It’s your damn door! You visualize it.”

An image of a dark, green door suddenly came to me. I do not know where it came from. I never saw anything like it. The texture was as wood, but it also looked like painted metal. The frame was an infinitely dark marble, with implausibly visible variations in texture.

“Now that’s a surprise …” Juliana breathed, seeing the massive door fade into existence before us.

I touched it, and the door fell away into an infinity beyond my deepest of fathoms.

Julianna grabbed my arm tightly, all but pulling me away. “There’s something wrong here, Stan …”


“This is not of our gods …” she breathed in clear discomfort. “What that leads to, cannot be for you …”

“What the fuck are you talking about, Julie? It’s my doorway!”

“No, it is not …” she breathed. She kissed be deeply, passionately. “I want to say that I don’t know why I let myself enable you, but you know why … I can feel how there is no pleasure beyond that void. That door was never yours. You wondered how a god could find but a single being amongst all that there is? There’s more out there in the vast Multiverse than one tome of mad scribblings! There is chaos, there is indifference. Even with our alien gods, reality itself cares nothing for us. What would be left of you if you came to know everything?”

I reached into the unknown void. It was cold, but not destructive. Something was there just beyond. It was not really calling to me. Or at least, not calling to me in any understood sense. It terrified a Succubus, but enthralled me! “I’ll be back, Julianna. Hold the door for me!”

Slipping from the tight grasp of the old one that truly cared for me, I let myself fall into cold oblivion …

I had the sense of falling, yet I could see and feel nothing. Was this death? Was this life? Was this a forgotten corridor at the end of the Multiverse? I knew so much, yet knew nothing …

Suddenly, I hit a solid, true-black surface with almost fatal force. Almost, in that I don’t think I died. I slowly came to my feet, feeling frazzled and in pain, yet fully aware. This was clearly no longer a dream. I looked around me: nothing. I looked up: shadowed blackness. No, there were massive shadows (echoes?) of something I somehow knew. I somehow understood that they were gods I knew well, but never truly met. They were the very gods Julianna conversed with for my Coven’s benefit. They seemed unaware of me, as if I were just some ant scurrying past their feet. Even if they looked right at me, I’m not sure if they would notice me anyway. I could feel their lack of indifference, but they were going about whatever their daily duties were.

I tried to walk forward only to be greeted by a hard wall of blackness. It felt like nothing, yet it was certainly there. I tried another direction and another to find the same. Was this some kind of cosmic joke? Did I fall into a forgotten trap, a coffin?

No! I kept feeling my away, knowing that my concept of dimension probably was useless here. Then, finally, I found the way onward, Not that I could perceive it as anything more than a lack of solidity before me.

Then, I realized I was no longer walking. I was being pulled forward by a force I could not even feel. Implausibly dark, morbid textures flew around me, giving me the only tangible evidence of motion. Something latched onto my arm, but there was still a pull onward, evidenced by my arm separating from its socket. I could not see, and in some ways, could not even feel what was holding me! The pull increased, as did the sharp pain in my shoulder. My arm was now fully out of its socket. Tendons audibly snapped, as the flesh began to pull apart. I screamed in utter pain the moment before my body was ripped away from my arm.

The incident somehow altered my trajectory, bashing painfully into an almost soft blackness. I was still being pulled, but this time my other arm was stuck in the all consuming wall of nothingness. The pull increased again. My body tore away, the pain seared through my very consciousness. I suddenly felt an apparent crosswind, ripping away both my legs so fast that the mind destroying agony was felt a moment later.

My speed increased, propelling what was left of me closer to what I dearly hoped was the end of this tenebrous torment. My body then slammed brutally into a sold nothingness, forcing my head forward so hard it ripped away by apparent momentum.

All that was left was the inexplicable sensation of falling twirling. But was I falling? None of my senses seemed to handle this wretched reality. What have I done? Will there be anything left of me? Thud

Nothingness threatened to overtake me. Forcing myself to keep thinking, I realized that, yes, this was no dream, but my body was safely lying next to a very forgiving Succubus. I moved my eyes to see my bloodied separated body parts next to me, contrasting with the darkness. Pull yourself together. Yes, all of me was here, through the mind destroying pain. My consciousness was intact. I closed my eyes and visualized myself as complete

I opened my eyes, and realized I was standing and whole again in the despairing blackness. Though, my entire false-body ached inexplicably. What I had just gone through nearly did destroy me.

I looked around me, and slowly began to perceive shadowed beings. They seemed to swirl and move in ways the straddled what I could perceive. They almost seemed to be a mass of ethereal, writhing, black tentacles. Unlike earlier, they were all around me. I could feel them observing me.

“What are you? Where am I?” I called out.

It has pulled itself together.

What I perceived was not language in the earthly sense. It was more a kind of perception. I was sure that my understanding was intentional on their part, yet there was more meaning to their communication just beyond my understanding. Their voices were like a kind of chaos piercing though my very being.

Not the first, but the first to survive.

“I came to know more,” I called, feeling like I deserved the knowledge after the gauntlet I survived.

What are we, Stan Jeriggo?

“Chaos …” I barely answered, almost collapsing at their direct communication.

We are Chaos. We embrace the essence of the Multiverse. We reject the lies and half-truths.

“Half-truths?” I barely asked.

What you have sensed all your life. Your gods manipulate the lesser to save themselves from their mistakes.

“What’s … happening to me …?” I blurted, feeling everything start to fade.

Death. Your gods cause madness and mutation when in their presence; we cause the Soul Energy to burn up … Unless …

“Unless what …?”

Unless you let a piece of us come inside you. We have many tools that have broken through the void in secret. Become one of them. Become what you were always meant to be, Stan Jeriggo. Become our Avatar.

There was no real choice in the matter. At the same time, I could have heeded Julianna’s warning, but I chose to come here. I somehow knew that they did not really force me into anything. Yes, there was obviously some influence on their part, but I always wanted more.

“Yes …”

A shadowy tubule separated from its mass. It moved toward me, wrapping itself around my very being. A crushing darkness over took me. And then … The whole of the Multiverse flowed through me. The nothingness, the cold indifference, the truth of all that was reality sliced through me like shards of glass. I could feel all that was and all the could be in no humanly logical order. The near infinite details of all the words that created my existence flew through me, rearranging my very identity. All the best laid plans of chaos were clear and bright for what I knew would only be for this instant …

I am now the blackness. I am now a part of the swirling chaos of what dreams may come from that undiscovered country, the primordial ooze of the Multiverse itself!

Their green doorway slowly faded into false-solidity before me. My future existed behind it …

I slowly opened my eyes to the waking world, now a very different being. Julianna jumped out of the bed, as she pulled out of my mind. She knew what happened to me, even if the details of it were not fully understood. Terror and regret filled her shimmering eyes.

“I should thank you Julianna. This rebirth would not have been possible without your help.” I could have let myself love her, and in another reality, perhaps I still will. Here, I now know love was no longer of any importance.

For the first time in centuries, she was frozen in indecision. “What have we done?

“You already know, my dear … I was offered a more stimulating job. I accepted.”

“The gods will know. I don’t know what they’ll do to you … or me …” she stated in disbelief.

“Nothing!” I stated with a dark smile. “They were my choices, and you warned me of their consequences … Perhaps you deserve better than this, Julianna, but some paths were already written. Everything must have a beginning, so that an end may be written … Take the Book, if you wish. It won’t exactly talk to me anymore.”

In great anger and frustration, Julianna turned, and walked through her doorway, slamming the door behind her so hard the frame broke …

An aging, gruff, golden haired man placed his hand on the “Lincoln Bible.” An oath is delivered. Some felt chills and terror; some felt great excitement and optimism. Cautionary tales that are only understood in the eye of the beholder … Or something like that! Well, anyway, I am not Rod Serling. All I really sense is that this world will soon experience cosmic cataclysm with implications strong enough to fuel something grander. Standing in the National Mall of Washington, DC, my dear reader, I found myself in complete understanding of why my nameless masters brought me here. Nameless masters now fully bound in a way I could never be. What had happened here only had minor influence from those beyond, and near total influence from those here.

Much has already been written and read of the history I played a part of. Some reader, somewhere, must have wondered how I, Jonas Triegg, was “something far more” than some stock antagonist! Now that story is written and told. I do wonder if I could have told it beforehand, given that it was a flashback written afterwards … No matter, my perplexed reader. I understand what is about to be written (or already has?). No spoilers, of course. Chaos does thrive on the unexpected!

Unbound, indeed …


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