Blog Unbound: The Demoniac Method

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: I consider this story and the earlier Roleplaying to be the archetypes for my Blog Unbound eBooks. Belatedly, this story is artistically now as it was meant to be: Unbound. Though many easily can, not every story is done right with less the two-thousand words. This was one of them.

The biggest inspiration for this story is the concept of Method Acting. I was looking at an attractive actress on the screen, and thought about their roles. Many actors will completely change themselves to fit that much better in their role. There’s all that makeup and changes in personal habits like diet and exercise. So, what if there was something that allowed the actor to really change themselves for even the most fantastical role? Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Demoniac Method


“You’re what!?” I asked in more amazement than shock.

“Well, that’s the role, Jack,” my brown haired wife Lucy shrugged. “That’s the best way to do it.”

“But, you told me you didn’t support using Method, Lucy …”

“My agent said the drug is much better and more reversible than it was when I started five years ago. It’s used quite a bit more then it used to be. I already made the appointment with my doctor …” The drug was created by accident in 2025. Once properly programed, the shelf life was only about six hours, and that was key to regulating the drug.

“It’s not really about the drug …” I breathed.

“Then what’s wrong?”

“A Demon Succubus? Can that drug really do that?” I really didn’t know how it worked.

“Demoniac,” she corrected. “I’m not becoming a demon; I’ll just be like one … The drug might as well be capable of anything. That’s why it’s so expensive and restricted. It alters DNA to whatever is intended. I think it’s basically a retrovirus. I will be a Demoniac Succubus.”

“Will you still be you?” I asked lovingly yet confused. It wasn’t that long ago that such a transformation would not even be considered possible by the rational minded.

“As much as I can be, I guess. Look, I will be at your side every step of the way.” She took my hand, and lightly kissed me with full lips.

“All right …”

* * * *

I don’t know why exactly I went along with it, other than the fact that she was an actress. Well, not a well known one yet. Just small parts here and there. This role she landed was a supporting character in a supernatural horror. Though she starts neutral, the character was to turn into an antiheroine, and play a pivotal role in saving the world. On the surface, it all sounded a bit overdone thematically, but my wife needed the role.

Physically, Lucy was practically what they were looking to find. She was five feet and eight inches tall, size eight feet, easily tanned skin, dark brown hair, full latina ass. Using Method to truly play the character was not uncommon, especially to make themselves look more the part. Most actors reverse the changes after, too. However, while her outward appearance was not necessarily to change as much as one would think, Lucy was to change herself more than most, I presumed overall. Well, I didn’t want to go into specifics on all the changes. I guess, I wanted to take it all as it came, if only because I didn’t understand how Method worked.

The middle aged doctor held the hypodermic gun in hand. “It’s ready to your specifications, Lucy, whenever you are ready,” he said.

“This will change her so much, doctor, what can we expect?” I asked nervously. The drug could be used by anyone, while it was most popular with actors. I just never found myself directly affected by it before. It was only then I realized that I was never truly supportive of its use. My love for Lucy only barely overrode the urge to smash that doctor’s hypo-gun.

“Well, yes, this is about the limit of what Rethicon, well, Method can be programed for,” the doctor explained. “First, there will be mental changes, and then the physical changes. Now this isn’t always regimented. There can be overlap. Everyone is different …”

* * * *

I woke up the next morning to Lucy passionately sucking on my morning wood. At first, I thought it was a dream, because she never gave me a blowjob before.

“Lucy …?” I breathed through the pleasure.

She looked up to me with a lustful look I never saw before, and said, “Shh, couldn’t resist!”

Lucy resumed with an even greater passion, using her hands to fondle my balls. Her tongue swirled almost diabolically around my tip. Up and down her head and brown hair went with wondrous passion. She wanted me to cum hard, while she was somehow making sure the passion lasted. And then … I came hot and hard into her mouth. The load was so forcible and massive that my balls hurt. My grunt was deep and primal.

I saw her savor my juice so happily, before swallowing it all. “Wow … it’s working already …” she breathed …

* * * *

It was a strange week after that amazing blowjob. I didn’t have sex with my voluptuous wife once, but she kept acting like she wanted it. She would talk seductively, and we’d make out with more passion than I ever knew. She would wear as little as her satin underwear, while she would sleep in the nude. Yet, every time I tried to make love with her, all I would ever receive is that passionate kiss, before she aborted.

Then just barely a week after she received her injection, we sat on the couch for a deep talk. She painfully only wore her blue satin robe and flip flops.

We made out with great passion, before she stated, “I do want to fuck you, to make love with you. I just … didn’t know how to deal with the passion building in me. It’s like a hunger … I realized the only way to understand it is to give in to it. Fuck me! Make love to me!”

At that, she threw off her robe, leapt onto me like a hungry animal. I could feel her humid, inviting pussy right through my pants! Before I had a chance, she ripped my clothes away, and shoved my throbbing member into wet crotch. She humped me hard and wild, but like she did with her mouth and hands, she made sure the passion lasted, impossibly. Her grunts and coos and screams were loud and filled with as much lust as love.

On automatic, I groped and kissed my transforming lover from head to toe. I loved every part of her tanned body more than ever!

“Oh God, Lucy … Oh fuck! So close …” I breathed.

With a look of animal hunger, bright white teeth clenched, Lucy picked herself up off my wanting rod, before she sat right onto my cock. It slid right into her tight asshole, buffered with firm ass cheeks. Anal with her crossed my mind before, but I never even mentioned the idea to her. In that moment, I loved it more than her pussy, as I think she did, too.

“Oh, fuck! I can feel how close you are. I can’t cum until you do!” Lucy screamed passionately. She suddenly unmounted me, and went to all fours on the carpet, firm bubble-but held high. Understanding quite excitedly, I went to my knees behind her, and rammed her ass without abandon. She moaned and growled like a wild animal.

Not long after, she came harder than she ever did before, as did I. I came so hard that my balls hurt! Her powerful orgasmic scream began, as did her distinct drooling. We made out so passionately after.

“Thank you, Jack,” she said tenderly, cock still in her ass. “I think I actually fed on some of that!”

With a big smile, she stood up, cock sliding our of her ass, and walked over to the kitchen with a distinctly energetic bounce to her step. She clearly clenched her ass hole tight, holding a lot in it. I barely followed her tiredly with my shaky legs, and sat on a breakfast nook chair. Lucy smiled back at me, before grabbing a large glass from the cabinet.

“You’re so beautiful, Lucy,” I breathed, feeling closer to her than ever. I brushed my hand through her dark hair.

“Thank you, Jack.” She squatted slightly, and placed the glass below her ass. My cum pored out of her ass, and into that glass in my amazement. “I have a powerful urge to eat this. I think I can feed on your passion a bit through your cum!” she said excitedly. Lucy drank the cum happily, orgasmically. “Oh, fuck! … I can …”

* * * *

Lucy was not the same woman after that. She was a total nymphomaniac, and I really didn’t keep up at first …

“You all right, Jack?” my coworker Louis called into my cubicle, breaking my chain of thought. “You’ve been a bit out of it the last couple days.”

I worked at the State Robotics Regulation Office. Boring job some days, mostly looking over mechanical specifications on my docked tablet, but I didn’t mind it. “Oh, I’m all right, Louis,” I answered disarmingly. “My wife is preparing for a new movie role. A lot of physical exertion, diet change. I think I’m supporting her too much!” I stopped short of telling him the full truth. Method was well known, but with Lucy going through the all those changes, I didn’t feel like risking even the most mundane argument.

“Hey,” he shook his head, “that’s fine, Jack! Makes sure she sweeps those awards!”

“I think she will …”

* * * *

It took a couple weeks, but we developed a system where we would have sex no more than three times a day. It was enough for her, but not for long. Yes, she ate Human food in the beginning, but the last time I saw her eat was almost a week ago. She was solely feeding on the love and lust we made. That apparently included cum, which she now also consumed through her vagina and asshole.

At the three week mark, I was happily worshiping Lucy’s silken feet on our couch. She was naked, as she always was at home, now. I then realized how her soles never picked up dirt, or tasted like anything other than sweet nectar like the rest of her. I already grew to love how her now black nails were becoming thicker and sharper. She clearly enjoyed how I had to gingerly suck on her toes, because of the sharper nails. 
 My eyes began to travel up her awesome body. Her skin was now subtly red, and lips were bright red, while her hair became so brown it was all but black. There was no ounce of fat on her, while I knew she was deceptively stronger than myself.

“We need to talk again about my changes, Jack,” she said seriously.

“Of course,” I breathed, distracted by her feet.

She sighed, and took away her feet. “First, I know you’re not seeing everything that’s happening to me, personality-wise. Yes, you know I require a good love making with you, but there’s more. You can’t see it all, because you are already completely enthralled by my pheromones … I’m loosing my ability to love, Jack. My lust and passion are filling that void. Soon, I won’t love anything, but you. Even more, much of my love for you will diminish. It’s already happening. I am also falling in lust with you. When I’m done changing, what little love is left in me will only be for you. That’s good, delicious, because the love we make gives me the most wholesome nourishment.”

“I don’t know what to say, baby,” I breathed, wanting to make live with her right then.

With a subtle look of shame, she continued, “That brings me to another thing … Lust is obviously my secondary food source. At the same time, the more love and lust I consume, the faster my transformation will be. So … I’ve been fucking, feeding on others; all men so far. Two days ago, I had seven cocks in me at once!” She licked her full lips to reclaim the drool. “They were only food. If I didn’t love you, I would’ve have sucked them all dry. I know the look of shock on your face is from how you are all right with that. Like I said, you are mine.”

“Yes,” I replied amazed. “I only want you to be happy and well fed …”

“I have an offer. You will accept anything I say, so I’m just being polite, while I’m still capable. I will continue to feed on other men in exchange for bringing women for the both of us. I do require all that sex for now, because I’m still transforming. I’ll probably want to keep having a lot of sex after, anyway!”

“OK …” I accepted whole heatedly.

“Good,” she said drooling with a lustful smile.

Dexterously, she removed my solid cock, and began to stroke it forcibly with her silken soles. “Think only love for me …”

* * * *

Not long after we made our “deal,” I came home to two women on my couch with Lucy happily between them. Lucy’s skin was redder than ever (lips a brighter, more lustful red), while her dark eyes seemed different suddenly. I was already too lost in the moment to care about Lucy’s latest appearance.

“Hi … I’m Jack …” I breathed with a subtle chuckle.

“They know.” She looked at each in turn with a look of total lust, which for her meant that she was only seeing them as food. She looked back at me with a look of love and lust. “The Blonde is Janice, and the redhead is Laura. I’m starving!”

At that, we scurried over to our bedroom, while clothes flew away. Though I expected to have some fun with the guests, we all concentrated on Lucy. It made perfect sense, Lucy being a hungry Succubus!

The three of us worshiped every part of Lucy from her pitch black hair to her even blacker toenails. I suppose Lucy’s body was slowing growing hotter all along, but it finally became surprising at easily one-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, enhancing the pleasure we had with her.

I soon found myself on my back with fiery Lucy humping my cock reverse anal cowgirl. At the same time, Laura was easing out Lucy’s dripping pussy in time with her squats, and Janice was being held upside down by Lucy, who was eating out her pussy like the meal the woman was to her.

We all moaned and grunted like wild animals in heat. Sweat poured from all our bodies save for Lucy’s. We all soon screamed in mind crushing orgasm, feeding Lucy a massive blast of love and lust.

In a blindingly fast motion, Lucy threw the two women down onto the bed, and leapt on top of them like a predator. Kissing both the mesmerized women at the same time, Lucy rubbed and fingered their wet snatches wildly. All she wanted for them was to cum again in total lust. The two women then exploded in an orgasm that sounded so powerful that it seemed life threatening. The two women lay their silent.

“Did you just …” I barely asked.

Lucy turned back to me with a look like there was no humanity left in her. Drool dripped from her lips, while her glowing white teeth were clenched. Her pupils looked subtly more ovoid now. They were merely her food, and I think she automatically saw me as such in the heat of that moment. The love she felt for me slowly bled though her predatory nature, and she finally replied, “No. I could have. I didn’t really care, but I knew you would … They’re just sleeping very deeply, Jack.”

She straddled my already reawakened cock, and slowly slid it into her very hot, humid snatch. Slowly, lovingly she ground her hot body onto mine. “If I timed this right, Jack, you’ll witness the completion of my latest change!”

Lucy continued to thrust wildly, while I felt up and down her silky red skin. There was still lust and hunger in her motions, yet this was her way of proving to both of us that she could still love. It all just forced me to love her more to make up for her loss.

After several minutes of wondrous love and lust making, I came hard into my cooing, demoniac lover. She held her eyes closed tightly in her orgasmic feed, teeth clenched. I never saw her do that until now. She suddenly jutted her eyes and mouth open toward the ceiling, before looking down to me. The enlarged pupils slowly shrank, but only on their sides, becoming long and catlike. The shrinking pupils slowly revealed bright yellow irises.

“Shit!” I exclaimed out of breath. “I love it …!”

“Of course you do, Jack,” she smiled largely. “I see so much better now! This room is really bright, vivid for me; I can see distance was such clarity. Eyes of a predator.”

I was speechless.

“My other senses will improve, too, quickly now, as will all the final changes. That’s assuming I keep up on my level of feeding!”

* * * *

A couple days later, I came home to my naked wife on the couch. She wasn’t lying about her being in the final stages. Her ears already finished growing long and pointy, while black horns were already starting to protrude.

“My tail’s coming though nicely, Jack,” she said seductively.

“How much sex did you have today, Lucy?” I asked, knowing how much her feeding accelerating everything.

She smiled. “Ten men.”

“Ten?” I asked amazed.

She went to her knees before me, and pulled down my brown pants and gray underwear. My cock was already solid from the site of her. “Let’s make that eleven!” She kissed my cock teasingly with just a little bit of tongue, and corrected, “No … I’ll count you as twelfth for how good our love is for me!”

At that, she started to suck me off wildly hungrily. The only “solid” food she ever had was cum, after all! “I fucking love you!” I cooed, holding her partly horned head, and looking down to the protruding tail and soft soles.

The speed she was sucking and bobbing, while playing with my balls, meant that the didn’t feel like having this last long. That was fine, because it was utterly awesome! I came in less than a minute hard into her hot mouth.

Happily savoring on her knees, her black, textured horns grew and curled outward slightly. At the same time, her red tail grew outward, and became thick with a distinct, triangular point at the end. Lucy grunted deeply, while happily feeling her horns and tail grow through her fingers. She licked her full, deep red lips, and requested, “Sit with me, my Jack.”

We sat, arms around each other on the couch. Damn, I love how warm she felt! I must admit it was a little strange at first for her to wrap her apparently prehensile tail around me, and gently stroke my face with the tip. “So, you’re practically done changing?” I asked awkwardly. To the outsider, her changes would seemingly prevent her from walking outside in daylight, but Method transformed many people.

“Yep! I was practically Succubus the moment I only fed on sex, Jack,” she shrugged. “The rest was only to make me more demoniac.” She sat on my lap with her tail still possessively around me as her arms, and continued, “I am one loving feed away from being complete, my love, my lust, are you up for it?”

Counting the blowjob moments before, we already made love three times, today. “Of course.”

Unsurprised by my answer, Lucy hungrily pulled off my shirt with her tail, and kicked off my pants with her perfect feet, tearing through them unabashedly with her sharp claws. Like this morning, she allowed me to be on top. Her dramatically lessened love and increased lust made purely making love difficult for her. Having me more or less in control kept the love pure.

I slowly, passionately thrust into her hot and humid snatch, while feeling her hairless, fiery body. She instinctually, tightly wrapped her legs around me to keep me doing what I was doing. We kissed passionately with full tongue between kissing other parts of our bodies. I sucked off her horns so excitedly.

Her silken tail slowly groped around my back. Whenever it came close to my mouth, I happily, lovingly kissed and sucked on it. Time soon lost meaning in our perfect love making. I only knew we were going for quite a while, because of how much I was sweating and breathing heavily. Lucy could go forever absorbing the love we made, being a Succubus, without a hint of tiredness.

At the point of orgasm, she shoved her tail into my ass to tickle my prostate. I would have been in utter shock if the pleasure of the moment wasn’t so utterly perfect.

“I do still love you, Jack!” she said tenderly with her yellow cat eyes.

We kissed lightly, and I said, “I’ll always love you more for the both of us.”

She smiled pleasantly.

“What are you gonna do after that movie?”

“Oh, that … After playing myself, I don’t want to make myself Human again.”

I was speechless. Lucy was under no obligation to reverse the transformation, but most actors did, if only to keep possibilities open.

“I’ll do porn … Yeah!” she said seriously, lustfully. “Everyday a good fuck! You know I’ll do anything for a good feed, Jack. And, I’ll always come back to you for the only love I have left in me …”

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