JIP: Thrall of Lust

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This is an expanded and reedited version of the Blog Flash Let’s Get a Thrall.

Synopsis: Just prior to the events of The Armageddon Archives: Deep Cover, Jack and marry settled into their new life in Los Angeles, the Realm of Asmodeus. They agreed to further embrace their new lives with a submissive thrall Demon of Lust …

eBook Edition

Thrall of Lust

Marry and I had been living in Los Angeles, now the neutral Realm of Asmodeus, for the past six months. It changed our lives dramatically, as one would expect. We were not sure if this was what we wanted prior, but Baltimore became a dangerous place after the Apocalypse. Nothing was as prophesied, with the supposed Antichrist choosing Humanity over either Heaven or Hell, which were basically just pan-dimensional beings lost in an endless war.

The Realm sprung up as a result of the Demon King of Lust choosing to become a neutral party, apparently, at the assumed insistence of that failed Antichrist. Well, the war continued, and Baltimore was one of the many places the Human Alliance failed to save.

Now, the Realm was not really a utopia in my rather Human observations. It was true that everyone was an equal, personal gain was the real currency, and war never creeped into our borders (beyond days of very poor air quality), but it was run by the King of Lust. As such — if not in the majority, Demons of Lust were a major part of the society, top to bottom. At the top levels, Alpha Demons ran the show, while all Lust Demons were subservient to Asmodeus at the genetic level, which was always rather surreal to me, often working side by side with actual Demons. While sex and pleasure were encouraged, the cardinal law was to be a productive member of the Realm unless provably incapable. Marry and I quickly learned and saw both punishments for breaking that law: banishment from the Realm or transformation into Demon of Lust. You could literally be transformed into a thrall, which was the lowest of three classes of Lust Demons and submissive to even Humans! Unless performed by Asmodeus, there seemed to be no way to know which of the three castes of Lust Demon you would become. And being transformed into a Demon will regardless take away every shred of your humanity. That did not stop fellow Humans and other breeds of Demon from joining the ranks of Asmodeus, though …

But again, we felt like we had no other options. We were welcomed heartily by a Human woman and male Sub-alpha almost the moment we crossed the border at what was central New Mexico. The two seemed to know everything about us, while it turned out the agents of the Realm, often Demons, aided us and others wanting to join their society. Plus, we learned, their intelligence agency knew just about everything as a means of solidifying the Realm’s neutrality.

Well, we were subsequently given a home in LA. Marry “contributed” by applying her skills in film editing at the recently resurrected film industry (downright pornographic now!), and I “contributed” as a now high level archivist in the city government. Yeah, I was high enough up that my boss was a female Alpha, who was actually a great boss. And yeah, I enacted fantasies I had about her with Marry, who adapted to the Realm faster than myself. In the end we were happy …

We were having dinner when I just said it. “You know what, Marry? I think … Let’s get a thrall.”

She went wide eyed. Not slaves or pets, per se, but they certainly were very much akin to a diabolical sex toy! “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I am! You saw the neighbors got one a week ago.”

“I heard, too!” It was another set of neighbors that “welcomed” us into our new lives almost deviously.

“Just thinkin’ … We don’t have to really treat the thrall as our plaything … I really wanna embrace all this place has to offer …”

She sighed, but not in a negative way, smirking. “Well, err, where do we get one?”

“We can ask the neighbors. My boss probably knows!”

“Yeah, she’ll tell yah to jerk off her tail, suck her toes, and then help out!”

I laughed. “I keep tellin’ you, Marry. She’s really not like that!”

“OK, fine, Jack! Let’s see what happens. Not like a thrall would be depressed over a rejection if it doesn’t work out.”

We smooched, and Marry released my dick right there. She sucked it off a bit, before humping me on the chair to our mutual orgasm …

My Demon boss Esmerelda was really something else. It was easy to imagine the imposing Demoness on a throne of skulls and swords, and perhaps she once had one (never asked). The pumpkin on her desk carved into an alluringly creepy skull accentuated my imagined backstory for her. However, certainly thanks to her boss, Asmodeus, she almost ironically fit naturally as the City Clerk. Like all Alpha’s, she had an imposing stature of well over seven feet tall, exacerbated by her feet, which could only fit the highest of stilettos. Her curving horns had a distractingly ridged texture, and generally pointed upwards. Not to mention her yellow cat-eyes with the blackest of slits (her lust was toned down to the point that I never fell into the lust of them), black claws, and incredibly long, fleshy tail. Her deeply crimson skin fascinated me in how she had what looked like flowing, hypnotic tattoos from head to long toes, which presumably continued under her semiformal attire. Well, they were certainly “natural” colorings she likely willed herself to have, merely looking like tattoos.

I walked into to Esmerelda’s office to see a Sub-alpha Demoness I didn’t recognize. She wore a tight tube-top, jeans skirt, and high heals. It amused me how easy it was to tell what caste Lust Demons belonged to, as the Sub-alpha before me was not much larger than the average Human and Alpha much larger. The Sub-alpha had the usual rubbery red skin, claws, red cat-eyes, fit body. That dark hair just seemed to shimmer in a ponderous way independently of the room’s light. This one was still different, though, having the very rare set of wings. Demons like her were almost literally light as a feather, and did fly. 

If her door was open, her policy was that I could just walk in. “Uh, hi, Ezzie. Have a good night?”

She looked over to the Sub-alpha with quiet laugh. “I suppose so, Jack! This is Jenna, remade from my lust. Conducted one of those silly lust games, where an Alpha blasts some Humans with Demonic Lust for three hours. Jenna was that one in a thousand that ends up a Demon after such a short time. And, she sprouted those mouth watering wings!”

“Hi …” I shook her boney, long clawed hand. Damn Demons always had strong grips!

“She’ll be with me for a good week to learn it all naturally. Wings make things more fun in bed, too … So, Jack, I’m sure you’re not here about my inviting personal life.”

I awkwardly laughed. She knew how much and how easily she turned me and others on. “Guess you would be the best for me to come to for this … My wife and I are interested in getting a thrall.”

“Interesting!” she said with a toothy smirk, while swaying her tail in a rather “intrigued” way. “Before I make an inquiry, I would like you to understand what having a thrall means. They are more than a cat or dog, but are truly devoted. They are still Demons of Lust, even though they can be subservient to Humans. They are willing, but are still servants of Asmodeus, extensions of his Will, like me. If you and your wife decide to keep the thrall, then you must dictate its mind and life via the Deal you make. There is responsibility in having a thrall. We would not allow you to abuse that responsibility. Fuck them, be friends with them, but they are not crash test dummies. Do you understand, Jack?”

I had never seen her so serious before; it sent a chill down my spine. In the end, I was glad Esmerelda explained it so directly. A thrall is one of her kind. I liked and respected Esmerelda. No matter how truly interested I was in having a thrall, I could never betray my boss’ trust. “I understand, Esmerelda. A thrall is still a Demon of Lust.”


She made a quick call, and texted me an address …

I walked into my house with Alison, a thrall Lust Demon who needed a master.  Esmerelda sanctioned the Deal that would make that possible, along with some guidelines. Alison decided she wanted to become a Lust Demon a month ago. Found an Alpha, and well, the dice rolled. That was not an uncommon story. This was all from her. She technically still had a mind, but her genetic encoding to be subservient was blatant. So for now, I merely let her think for herself when we first met less than an hour ago.

The young Demon was on the tall-side for Human standards, just under six feet, but not even close to as imposing as even a Sub-alpha. She had smooth, pale red, shimmering skin, and had short black claws. Her feet were elongated in a way that made it more than natural to wear those high heels. Her ears and rather long tail were quite pointed. Her hair was long and brown, as her somewhat short horns curved back. Her eyes were surreal, as Lust Demons’ sometimes were: the outer portion was a deeply flowing red, the iris was a bright yellow, and catlike pupils were the blackest of black. 

Unlike Demons above her class, it was impossible to become lost in lust within those eyes, but they were still rather alluring. Indeed, she had no control over the mind altering lust she emitted, ironically a bit stronger than my boss’ actively toned down emanations.

“Your wife isn’t home yet?” Allison asked curiously. Her voice had a subtly erotic resonance, flavoring her emanated lust.

“Should be home soon. I know she’ll like you.”

She smiled hungrily, presenting herself alluringly. “Do you wanna try me out?” Allison only really wanted to fuck. In some ways, a life of sexual subservience was all she wanted before she decided to become a Lust Demon.

I shrugged and began to make out with a Demon for the first time in my life. My dick was already throbbing, but somehow got even harder at the feel of her smooth lips and snake-like tongue. I told her to remove her clothes; she did so.

(OK, yes, I practically jumped right on top of another woman without a second thought. I suppose that can be how it always is when a highly sexualized being so naturally offers herself to you.)

Back against the wall, hungrily making out, she lifted her leg on my side. I groped it, loving the feel of her silken yet rubbery skin. At the same time, I almost obsessively groped her fleshy, thick tail, making her moan.

I was so enthralled in the moment that I didn’t notice my wife walking in … wearing only the strap-on dildo she fucked my ass with last week. 

“Hi, Jack! Wanna introduce me to your new friend?” she said, hungry eyes locking upon the thrall Demon.

“Oh, uh, this is Allison,” I huffed. “She’s pretty new to the whole Demon thing, but we all gotta find a way to contribute!”

“Hi, Allison,” Marry greeted. “Wanna be my friend, too?”

“Yeah, I do!” she said happily.

Marry teasingly rubbed the dildo between the thrall’s firm, bubbly ass cheeks.

“Let’s see you fuck her thighs, Jack!”

I did so, my wife always the encouraging one. Her strong thighs felt so good around my dick.

“Yeah, that’s kinda hot!” Marry exclaimed, stroking her dildo. “Turn around, Allison, and bend over.”

She did so, immediately going for the dildo presented to her. I quickly undid her panties and penetrated the pussy of lust. Fuck, she felt amazing! The Demoness sucked the dildo so hard that Marry had to reset and tighten it.

“Yeah, this is really hot, Jack. She’s sucking me off so good I can feel it!”

“Glad you approve, babe!”

“Well, how often do I get to wear a strap-on?” Marry teased.

Eventually I was on my back. Marry trading my throbbing dick between her mouth and Allison’s firm Demon ass. I imagined it would feel this good with my Demoness boss, and that probably meant it would feel even better with her, an Alpha. In the moment, that didn’t matter. Allison humped my dick with her ass cheeks like the spawn of Asmodeus she was.

Marry began to grope and smack the Demon’s ass. “Just can’t help it!”

“Feels really good, Marry!” Allison exclaimed.

I then wanted to try something I only dreamed about as a teen. With Allison positioned next to me on the floor, she stroked my dick with her strong leg, clamping it behind the knee. This was an awkward position, but Marry helped keep everything straight, sometimes nimbly sucking the tip. It felt so fucking good!

Marry wanted in on this leg action, so we put Allison on her back, knees up. On our knees, dick and dildo were tightly clamped within the Demoness’ legs. Much less awkward position!

“She’s making is so tight, I can actually feel the pressure rub my pussy!” Marry exclaimed. “This is a really cool and unique moment were sharing, Jack.”


We stared into each other’s loving eyes, filled with a now deeply engrained lust.

“I’m so happy I could bring you two together in new ways!” Allison said with a sharp smile.

We thrust hard, almost playfully.

“Let’s see her dick sucking skills!” Marry exclaimed.

We stood up, while marry sat on her legs. She traded off stroking and sucking the respective dicks. Allison just naturally knew how to make if feel perfect, as she was especially a savant at moving the strap-on in a way the pleasured Marry. We smiled and laughed at each other in the joy and deep pleasure.

“I wonder if I should wear a strap-on all the time, Jack. Get random men and women to suck it. Love, urrr, love wearin’ this thing!”

“Sounds cool!” Allison exclaimed before giving my member a wet, moist turn.

I then began to fuck her tits with my dick, as she masterfully sucked Marry’s rubber member.

“Hot view, Jack!” Marry exclaimed, huffing.

I almost didn’t even notice Marry’s comments, the pleasure between Allison’s lust pillows was so awesome!

We then lay Allison on the couch, before I fucked her breasts from above, she taking the opportunity to lick my asshole with her long tongue. I never dreamed of such a thing before. There was also the fact that I found myself fucking Marry’s tits as well in this fantasy that never existed.

Eventually, I just humped Allison’s face, dick down her throat. The Demon’s tongue slithered around my pulsating member in ways all but orgasmic. At the same time, Marry humped Allison’s ass, moaning happily. Well, I should say Allison’s tongue was orgasmic, because I came hard into her mouth, harder than I ever came in my life, draining myself silly.

“Make me cum, Allison!” Marry ordered.

The two kissed, most certainly sharing some of my cum. Before I knew it, Allison was humping my wife with her tail, dildo unstrapped beside them. Allison soon blasted a load of presumably blanks filled Demon cum into my wife, making her cum hard, wildly.

I lay next to my amazed wife, who huffed, “I can’t believe we just fucked a Demon!”

The doorbell suddenly rang. We laughed, realizing we forgot it was Halloween. With Demons sometimes literally floating around — and zero commercialism, the holiday was apparently more fun and significant than it ever was. I quickly slipped on my pants and shirt, and scurried to the door. It was a good thing I plopped a bowl of candy next to the door before I left for work this morning! I tossed some prepackaged sugar bombs into the bucket of a little “Gluttony Demon,” purple make-up and all, and black clothed and pointed hatted Witch. Closing the door, I looked back to my wife and Demoness. They were making out, groping, moaning, growling. Ironically, their moans of pleasure sounded a little too close to “creepy” sounds of an entertaining haunted house.

With hungry looks in our eyes, I crawled over to my enthralled wife and happy, fucking hot, Demon.

“Do wanna make the Deal with her, Marry, to make her our Demon?” I said wildly breathless.

“Fuck yeah! I want this, Jack!” she exclaimed, feeling down Alison’s firm hip.

“Just follow my lead, Marry …” I looked over to the expectant Demon. “Alison, Marry and I would like to make a Deal with you, as sanctioned by the Alpha Esmerelda.”

“With Esmerelda’s sanctioning,” she said with a distinct formality, “I would like to make a Deal with you, too.”

“I would like to be your master, Alison,” I said, before glancing at my wife.

“And I would like to be your master, Alison.”

“In return, Marry and I will take you in, take care of you, allow you a mind of your own, and abide by any Word of Asmodeus relevant to you.”

Alison quickly said, “I accept your offer. You both will become my masters, and in return, you will take me in, take care of me, and allow me a mind, while also abiding by any relevant Word of my Ultimate Master Asmodeus. How shall we seal this Deal?”

Marry answered with a lustful smile. “With a fucking good kiss.”

We were then all over her, wanting needing this Deal to be sealed. Our three pairs  of lips met, the feel of the Demon’s of pure lust. Our tongues played with one another, taste of cum apparent. Our spit leaked onto the floor, the quietest of splats audible. Our moans were resonating, eyes rolling back into our heads.

I soon began to feel the Deal take hold. I began to feel true devotion to the Demon now ours. We all fell back, letting that pleasurable feeling of the Deal sink in, hearing and see it do so orgasmically with Alison.

Mary and I looked at each happily, wildly, before looking over to our expectant thrall Demon of Lust …


3 thoughts on “JIP: Thrall of Lust

  1. Hi,

    is there any chance to read the whole “Armageddon Archives” in chronological order?

    I found a number of stories here and on mcstories.com but can’t see from the outside, which belong to AA and in what order.


    1. Hi, thanks for reading!
      For posted order, you could use the following link [https://mrpotestas.com/tag/armageddon/] and click on “older posts” at the bottom if you see it to pull up the earliest. The upcoming print edition will largely follow that order, this being a non-linear narrative.

      As for chronological order, JIP unless otherwise stated: The Lust Game (Sept 2023) (Blog Flash), Wings (Alternate Sept 2023), Thrall of Lust (Sept 2023), A Succubus of Asmodeus (mid-late 2024) (Blog Flash), Deep Cover (Nov 2024), The Eye of Change (2015, 2024, 2026)

      A major caveat with “chronological” here is that there is a lot of temporal overlap. Eye of Change basically overlaps with all the prior, so you could read the first part before reading Lust Game. Also, the time-frames above reflect the clarifications/fixes of the coming print edition, which I might just post here as a complete ebook as well.

      On a related note, you’ve inspired me to do some more tweaks on this site’s navigation!

      Stay mesmerized!
      Mr P

    2. As a quick update, there is now a side menu for Armageddon Archives. This includes both JIP and Blog Flash stories. It is ordered by date of posting. Threshold Technologies now also has a special side menu. Multipart JIP stories will now have this going forward. Say Mesmerized, Mr P

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