Blog Flash: The Lust Game

Author’s Note: This Flash partly leads into JIP: Thrall of Lust, as such, this is part of the Armageddon Archives mythology. Also, this story revisits many of the same elements as Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Magic Limo Ride.

The Lust Game

OK, this whole thing was pretty crazy! It wasn’t my idea, but here the four of us were, reading through a disclaimer mandated by the Demon King Asmodeus. We were just some young college students at USC in the now ironically named Los Angeles, Realm of Asmodeus. Other than Demons running things at the top, it was not that different here. Plus, it was much safer than half the world now. Well, all right, lust was a major part of our lives just about the moment we hit the age of consent at 17, and knowledge of it came long before.

Anyway, there was this “Game” that some people were playing. An Alpha Lust Demon agrees to drive you around for three hours with the lust turned up all the way. Supposedly you get a sense of what it feels like to be a horny Lust Demon after a while. You are literally corrupted, but nothing permanent. It became popular enough that Humans needed to sign something, given the corruption involved …

By Decree of Asmodeus, No. 22568, the following must be read and signed by all involved Humans, and approved by the attending Alpha

Humans opting to experience extreme levels of lust without the intent of becoming Demon must understand Demonic Corruption. The minimum amount of time it may take to reach a point of no return, leading to transformation into Demon, is approximately four hours at the minimum, when absorbing the maximum level of lust emanations from an Alpha. It is not possible for a Human to develop more than a mild tolerance to lust emanations. As such, the maximum amount of time a Human is allowed to experience such high levels of lust for recreational purposes is three hours (See Decree No. 22567).

Within those three hours, Humans will first experience extreme euphoria. They will then begin to experience an increase in arousal beyond controllable levels. Sexual acts are inevitable; Human sexual orientation becomes meaningless. Physical changes may also occur, such as altered skin and more sensitive erogenous zones. Such changes and overall effects will reverse themselves within 72 hours at the minimum.

It must be noted that all Humans are different. The amount of physical changes and overall arousal will vary, as well as the amount of time it may take for those changes to reverse. In rare cases, a Human may absorb enough lust emanations within only three hours to reach a point of no return. All Humans must seek permission from an Alpha or be ordered by a duly appointed judge to transform into Demon (See Decree No. 155). As such, once accepted by the attending Alpha, this form serves as total consent: for the Human to experience the extreme effects of total lust, and that the Human is aware of the possibility of irreversible corruption.

Sign __________________________
Print _______________________

Lana had somehow convinced Esmerelda, who had been her boss during an internship within the city government last year, to be the attending Alpha. It was Lana’s idea. Esmerelda was incredibly serious about the form, even wanting to be in the room when we signed our copy. These Lust Demons were so mindlessly obedient to the King of Lust that her behavior was not really that surprising.

I was turned on just by looking at this voluptuous, deep crimson skinned Amazon, whose skin seemed to be covered with flowing tattoos. Her very tail made my pussy twitch! I laughed quietly, if only because I never considered myself a lesbian!

At first, not much more seemed to be happening in the wondering limo. Yeah, we were drinking and incredibly euphoric, but that was basically it. Well, OK, I was rather turned on the moment I met the Alpha Esmerelda!

The more I thought about Esmerelda, the more turned on I was, and the more turned on I was, the more I was turned on by my fiends. It was an intense feedback loop. It was perhaps more intense then the others were experiencing.

We took pictures of our ecstatic selves. Making the first erotic moves, I teasingly kissed Jess, loving the fruity scent of her brown hair and minty taste of her soft lips. While she giggled, I quickly brought her back to feel those lips again on mine.

Before I knew it, I was experimentally making out with Jess, feeling her cleavage. I think I was definitely more drunk on alcohol and demonic lust than all of them. The fact that Lana and Brianna were now making out was something I barely noticed. I never felt my pussy so wet before. The fact that I did not remember removing my probably soaked panties was likely for the best …

The euphoria was pure arousal now. Jess and I were hungrily, desperately removing our clothes. I almost possessively felt her wet crotch, while we smashed our mouths together. Damn I loved her little tits and athletic physique!

We looked over to the other two, in euphoric ecstasy, before I just groped Jess’ wet pussy. She looked at me, hungry and amazed. I think she still just felt erotic euphoria. Yet, I now only felt the lust, and wanted more.

I could hear happy coos on the other end of the limo, while Jess and I made lust with our mouths and hands. Barely even noticed nor cared that my lightly glossed nails were now black and shimmering.

It felt so good to give and receive lust! I was soon concentrating on making Jess cum hard. Oh, yes, she became orgasmic, the others looking on in amazement.

With the others masturbating to us, I went down on Jess’ cum-soaked pussy, consuming the lust I created. I wanted more, so I aggressively made out with the crotch, creating that cum I so desired. At the same time, I could feel an oddly pleasurable tingle at the based of my spine, while my skin seemed to develop of shimmer.

After a while, we all just groped and pleasured one another in a mass of pure lust. I was in the center of it. Lucy, with all her golden hair, seemed to truly enjoy my pussy!

I honestly could no longer tell time. We could have been consumed by demonic lust for only half an hour or two hours or many weeks. It did not matter; I did not care …

At who knows what point we were in our three hour tour of lust, we all seemed to have changed a bit physically. Jess seemed to be taller and yet more muscular. Lana had deep red claws, and lactating breasts. Lucy’s tongue was now long, snakelike, and forked. 

I think, yes, I was somehow the most. I was affected more from the beginning. My skin was now a shimmering red, black nails now distinct claws, feet elongated, definitely stronger physically, and … Holy shit! I have a tail! By a Will not my own, I moved it into Lucy’s soaked, hot pussy. Oh my God, I can feel it! I can feel pleasure from my new tail like a sensitive member it clearly was. It was so fucking good. I began to thrust it in and out of the orgasmic woman, wanting to feel my own cum flow through that tail. 

They were all over me now, like I became a kind of focal point of the lust. Oh yes, oh fuck! My now hyper-sensitive tits, groped so aggressively, were beginning to leak what could only be described as pre-cum, perhaps more pre-cum than I could pleasurably feel squiring from the tip of my tail. Was this how Lust Demons truly felt? Seeing, wanting, needing, absorbing the lust others seemed so willing to give? It felt so inhuman. I didn’t feel Human.

I no longer cared who was doing what as long as they were doing it. None of my lustful actions seemed of my own will anymore. Two of them sucked off my near-orgasmic breasts, intermittently taking turns kissing my drooling mouth. Oh, my mouth! Not only was my tongue now long and sensitive, but my entire mouth felt like my sensitive pussy.

My whole body then seemed to cum. I spewed my juices from my pussy into one’s mouth, tail into one’s pussy, and tits into another’s, while the Humans all came hard from the taste and feel of my juices. Cum was everywhere. I felt light as a feather with my oh so rare wings, feeling my curvy horns. The others were lapping my cum up wildly, orgasmically before we all made out with our long, rather demonic tongues …

I looked at them. They were definitely still my friends, but I had no will to feel love toward them. No … I could not feel any love …

“Well!” an erotic voice resonated before us. It was Esmerelda. “Three hour tour is done. Jess, Lana, Lucy, you’ll be back to your old selves in a few days … Jenna, oh, Jenna …”

I felt so different; I was overwhelmed by the lust I was still feeling, by the Will I could not yet fathom. Yet, it was clear Esmerelda turned her lust emanations down to humanly tolerable levels.

The Alpha’s long, thick tail curiously swayed. “You appear to have been quite susceptible to demonic corruption. If I stopped a minute early, you might have been able to go back to your Human form. It may not have been a Demonic Deal, but I agreed to give you those three hours. Well, here we are … Jess, Lana, Lucy, please move to the other side of the cabin.”

They did so. Esmerelda then directed all her maximized lust emanations toward me, suggestive of an old, talented Alpha. I humped her proportionally large, firm thigh, finishing the now inevitable transformation into Demon, while my cat-eyes became lost in the blackness of hers.

In the darkness, there was a massive image of pure lust too powerful to look at directly. It was the source of the Will overwhelming me … It was Asmodeus. I was on my knees, looking down onto the great Demon Monarch’s elongated, clawed feet, which I would fuck at a moments notice.

“Look up to my eyes,” the pure lust echoed.

I did so, barely, becoming lost in total blackness of truth.

“What are you, Jenna?”

“I am a Sub-alpha Demon of Lust …” I quietly echoed in the infinite truth before my ultimate Master.

“Good, Sub-alpha Jenna. By my Will, Esmerelda shall order your next steps …”

Esmerelda’s large arm grasped me from behind, and pulled me out of a lustful reality I had no power to escape from …

Back in the limo, Esmerelda glanced at my mindlessly masturbating, Human friends. “Jenna, as a Sub-alpha, you know your practically equal status with Humans. By Asmodeus’ Will, I want you to continue your life with your friends for now, cultivating the relationships in new and lust-filled ways. Finish your studies, be with your old friends. Do you understand, Sub-alpha Jenna?”

“Yes, I understand, Alpha Esmerelda,” I said in total obedience.

She smiled in the most tantalizing of ways, flicking her tail. “You’ll stay with me for a good week. That should give your friends time to recover, and you more than enough time to come to full understanding of what you now are.”

“Yes, Alpha Esmerelda! I’ve never felt so excited in my life …”

I became a Demon of Lust by accident and silliness. It did not matter … I casually flew down to my dorm at the university to remake a path in life by the Will of my eternal master Asmodeus …

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