JIP: Deep Cover

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: Elements of this story, particularly the backstory, are inspired by the book Good Omens. Though there is a similar level of self-awareness, Deep Cover was written far less satirically.

Synopsis:  The first part of the Armageddon Archives. In a world on the edge, Hunter turned Warrior, Lucinda, embarks on a desperate plan to fight fire with fire … 

eBook Edition

Deep Cover

Part I: The City of Sin

It began October 2019 with Armageddon, as most came to call it. The Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Heaven duked it out with Earth as their battleground. They fell into a stalemate, while Humanity improbably rose up in its own right, if only to survive. Nothing was as prophesied.

The difference was that there was no true Antichrist. The one meant to be that Leader of Ultimate Darkness chose Humans over his dark lineage. It took the full extent of his power to reject Darkness and at least partially shield humanity from the onslaught he failed to prevent. Humans were caught in the middle. Yet, he did bring forth an apocalypse of his own making, by showing that Heaven and Hell were ancient pan-dimensional aliens lost in an argument neither wanted to lose. It was his own hubris that created his failure to end that argument, a hubris that haunted him five years later — four years after forming the Alliance of Human Nations. He knew that Earth would likely be uninhabitable within the next few years if this war continued for longer. Even though they could leave the planet en-masse (possibly), the journey might be more perilous than even he could predict. Yet, there might have been one last hope …

Lucinda found herself wondering familiar, dark halls. Nothing seemed right. She suddenly smirked in revelation: she was dreaming. It was rather dull, she thought …

Someone touched her shoulder, and she quickly turned.

“Darren?” she breathed through the dreamed darkness.

The failed Antichrist stood before her. He was tall, sandy skinned, healthy, and had dark, charismatic eyes. He rarely communicated in this way, if only because most Humans didn’t like it. The method was now reserved for the most serious or secretive of communications, for he could never be tracked in the many Dream Realms.

“Humanity and this world is on the brink. You know this, Major Lucinda Braun,” he said grimly.

“Yes … The plan to leave is in place …” she said, ensuring she showed her clear disdain of him being in her dream, dull though it was.

“The truth is, I have no faith in it just yet, Major. As long as the war still rages, our universe is not safe … It is a diversion at this stage. The top generals and I are in agreement to my plan.”

“Plan?” She always hated how Darren moved around a subject so ponderously.

“Yes, but a plan they cannot fully know, much to their apprehension. As they move forward on Project Ark, I am moving forward on a more insane plan … My one success was preventing Asmodeus from fighting with Darkness. Not that it helped much … Asmodeus is a king of truth, and I proved to him that there is no truth anymore in this war. Couldn’t turn on his people then, but maybe he will now.”

“Yes …?” she nudged.

“You know how all of his Demons of Lust do not fight, and like their Lord, merely influence lusts on all sides of the spectrum. “

“They are connected with him, unlike other Lesser Demons …”

“Oh, yes. That was why he was my first and last ‘success’ early on. A whole swath of Darkness was neutralized in an instant. What I plan to do is have a Human transformed into a Lust Demon that is not truly under Asmodeus’ control.”

“What would that do?” She finally felt some apprehension toward this discussion. It was not difficult to transform a Human into a Demon — or a non-specialized Demon into other Demon breeds.

“Maybe everything, maybe nothing. I now want him to have a demonic voice in his ear that is truly allied with Humans.”

“How do you plan to make that possible? We both know the connection is at the genetic level.”

“Yes … A piece of tech created to help the Human body to heal and prevent Demonic Corruption is being altered to prevent only the genetic connection to Asmodeus.”

“You want me to let Asmodeus itself transform me into a Lust Demon. A little ironic, don’t your think, Darren? I was a hell of a Demon Hunter before the War! Besides, even if that tech would work, you’re asking me to forsake my humanity. That and its not like I would be able to lie to this Demon!”

“Of course you wouldn’t lie to Asmodeus! That’s the point.”

“Assuming he still likes the neutral status — we’re sure he does, how do you expect him to play along and make me a Demon?”

“Well … Most recent intel on Asmodeus suggests a degree of boredom. You know how Humans continue to flock to his orgasmic embrace in these shadowed times. Likes being neutral, yes, but has not only grown too good at making new Demons, but also might just be interested in something a little bit different.”

“A Demon of Lust with a will of her own …”

“If you could convince Asmodeus to fight in this war against those that continue the lie of it, then this world, the Multiverse might just have a chance …”

A buzz sounded in the distance.

“That is a call from your superior in the waking world. The order will be from the top to report to your facility’s lab. I do not want you to agree or not to me. You must make your own choices from this moment on …”


Lucinda opened her green eyes.


Yes?” she answered the communicator integrated on the end table.

A bluish, holographic head of Colonel John Meyers appeared. “Major, you are to report to Lab A in one hour.”

“Can I ask why?” she asked sarcastically.

“You certainly can!” the floating head dissolved.

“Major, I am told you are already aware on the secrecy of the mission? Don’t know all the details myself!” the middle aged bio-technician, Brian Samuels, stated.

She failed to hide her deep sigh. “Let’s get on with it, doc.”

The Hunter turned hero warrior sat up on the bench. She removed her jacket, and rolled up the sleeve, revealing just how muscular she was.

Chief Tech Samuels held the familiar, brass colored bracelet. “This is attuned to only monitor the genetic code dictating Demonic Connection, as in it releases nano-machines to monitor and remove any code showing that Connection.”

“What’s the response rate on this model?”

“I hate the word ‘instant,’ but its pretty close. Tweaked from the latest models that aren’t even mass-produced yet. Instead of reaction based, the little networked machines stay within the Human system for continuous monitoring. Made to work in tandem with the body’s natural immune system, and like the current models, powered by your own metabolism. Of course, in this case, only your genetic code will be looked after.”

‘Specific elements …’ she thought. This all made sense to Lucinda. Reports of Asmodeus now state that he and some of his most powerful Zealots are capable of near instant corruption, physical and mental. Assuming the device worked as fast as claimed, genetic corruption toward servitude would just not happen. Plus, she was already well conditioned mentally to handle psychological effects of Demons.

“The right choice …” she mumbled.


Lucinda presented her right wrist. “Let’s see if it fits.”

He chuckled quietly at her dry humor. At least at the prototype phase, these devices were all custom fitted, and even then, they did not have to be snug.

The device clipped on seamlessly. Already had a prior model for battle, so it did not feel too alien. Still felt a little different, thought, “I hope this burning and tingling is just the initializing.”

“Should go away within half an hour. Needs to calibrate to your metabolism a bit more intimately than what you’re used to.”

“All right …”

* * * *

“Your chosen agent is now going into deep cover?” the presiding Chair of the Human Defense Council, Rear Admiral Liza Nachiev of Canada, asked flatly. Of all, there were fifteen members of flag officer rank from across the world. They intentionally mirrored the Alliance of Human Nations Security Council. The whole Alliance was largely structured out of the old United Nations, which quickly evolved into the AHN during the beginning.

“Yes,” Darren confirmed. It was imperative that was how the operation was interpreted. If the Human forces knew an agent without any semblance of guise was infiltrating the Realm of Asmodeus, then the operation might fail, according to Darren’s meditations.

“May we ask what faction of Demons you have chosen for the operation?” General Chiang of Liberated Manchuria pushed. He was aware that he might not receive an answer that would make him comfortable.

“I have faith that it will all be revealed soon enough, General. You all know how imperative it is for even myself to not know all the details.” It was not that Darren did not fully trust them. It was that spies were everywhere, including digital ones. It was inevitable that details of the operation would be learned, as was already the case with Project Arc. The spies’ superiors would see going “undercover” in the ranks of Asmodeus as illogical — if that much was leaked. So, leaving it all to Lucinda and Asmodeus at this point ensured just that much more time. The nature of this whole operation did mean to end Asmodeus’ neutrality after all …

* * * *

It was not exactly difficult for Lucinda to locate Asmodeus, let alone do it quietly. Her old skills as a Hunter allowed her to stay off anyone or anything’s radar. In the beginning of the war, while not “black ops,” she and other Hunters fought shadow campaigns, which led to several fully liberated areas such as Manchuria, much of Canada, and England. Once the war intensified, though, all the Human forces could do was endlessly defend the parts of the Earth they held. The advantage, in terms of Lucinda’s mission, was that individual territories were perhaps even more clearly mapped out now than they were prior. Plus, intelligence was a reliable mix of Asmodeus’ own proclamations at the start and the few Humans exiled from the RA.

Of course, Asmodeus never ran a closed border policy. The Demon King never needed to. The Forces of Heaven preferred him as a neutral force, as The Forces of Darkness feared the possibility of him actually choosing a side again. The latter specifically feared the fact that Asmodeus had contacts across the world, and thus knew very many secrets. An “insurance policy,” as Asmodeus is known to call it.

The Realm of Asmodeus spanned from the City of Vancouver in the North to the tip of Baja California in the South, and from the Pacific Coast in the West to the Western edge of the Rocky Mountains in the East. Supposedly, those borders “made sense” to Asmodeus when neutrality was declared nearly four years ago. 

The Capital was Las Vegas, a joke on Asmodeus’ part. However, the Demon was known to enjoy a good game of dice historically, so “casinos” were prevalent in the RA. What the Humans there gambled ranged from their souls to the kind of lust-filled acts they could enact with a Lust Demon. And surprisingly, yes, it was estimated that over 60% of the RA population was Human, with the rest Lust Demon.

What drew Humans there was how it was seen as a kind of utopia. All the Humans were of equal standing, provided they contributed to the Realm in some way. The Lust Demons had their own castes (thralls, Sub-alphas, Alphas), while the Humans were of equal standing to the majority Sub-alphas. At the same time, there were Succubi and Incubi, too, — all of the Alpha caste, but they were rare, often working as spies around the world. No Human was ever required to become a Demon themselves, and if they wanted to, the Human would have no say in the caste they would become. Ultimately, all the Humans there were addicted to lust to varying extents. Exacerbated by how Lust Demons were fully subservient to Asmodeus, such addiction was what prevented most Humans from going there, assuming that kind of lust was what controlled the entire society of the RA. Asmodeus never denied that interpretation.

All Lucinda needed to do was have an audience with the King of Lust, and not become caught up in the lustful revelry of Las Vegas, which was laid out about as it was at the start of the War in 2019. If things had not changed since the founding of the Realm, Asmodeus resided at the top of the Stratosphere Tower, which was renamed as the on-the-nose “Tower of Lust Hotel and Casino.”

Lucinda plopped herself at the Tower Bar, ground level. She less than secretly liked how people dressed in the Realm: inventively provocative. The bartender was a perfect example. The tall Demoness, presumably a Sub-alpha, wore a tight, flowery-red mini-skirt and matching top, perfectly highlighting her fiery red-orange skin (claws were a natural crimson). She wore no shoes, and naturally stood on the balls of her mouthwateringly elongated feet.

The black horned and haired Demoness looked over to Lucinda with a seductive smile and sultrily black colored irises.

“First time in the evolved Cssity of Sssin?” she asked, before licking her fully, ruby red lips with a clearly long tongue, waving her tail. The muscular Human male bartender returned (leather pants, thick soled shoes, and nothing else), but the Demoness retained the patron’s attention far better.

“That obvious?”

She smirked in a sexily knowing way. “Is whisky your truth?”

“Part of it!” she confirmed with a smile. Lucinda preferred Lust Demons, if only because they were always playful and rarely devious.

“Plan on staying a while?” she asked sarcastically, knowing that they did not really have a tourist industry.

Lucinda sighed, and took all two fingers down. “Wasn’t my plan …”

“Yes, I know …” She looked over to her coworker. “You mind taking your jerk off break early, Jack? I wanna personally welcome this new citizen.”

“Oh!” he raised his eyebrows. “Sure! Have fun, Nancy! Still want me to save some cum for you as a snack?” 

She nodded, he left.

  “He likes me!” Glancing at the otherwise empty bar, the Demon Nancy leaned in, and said breathily, hypnotically swaying her thick tail behind her, “Darren can be rather annoying in how he implements things, from what I hear.”

“He certainly is …” Lucinda wondered if she was some kind of contact. In any other part of the world, Lucinda would be worried that she was being tricked by an enemy agent, but the last time a Demon of not lust ventured into the Realm as a spy, Asmodeus personally made sure the world knew by televising that spy’s conversion into a fully subservient, Lust Demon thrall.

“Allow me to beat around the bush for a moment, Lucinda,” she began, hot breath oh so tantalizing. “We are not a lawless society. The only law you need to know — but I doubt you’d break, is of being a productive citizen. Conviction for breaking that law leads to either being transformed into a Demon or deported from the Realm. 

“Regardless, you might just be in the most fun place on the planet! This is the heart of the Capital of Lust. Once a year, five vetted Humans are allowed to play the ultimate game. Televised across the Realm. They fuck their way up the tower’s levels, proving their propensity for lust in its differing forms, one level at a time. They could all win, they could all lose. The prize is to be granted a single wish by Asmodeus at the very top. Can be anything within our King’s power, but in practice it’s either to become a Sub-alpha or Alpha Lust Demon. Otherwise, a Human has no say in what caste they get.”

“Are you to vet me for this game?” Lucinda felt that was a viable means of becoming what she needed to become.

“No!” Nancy laughed heartily. “Just honestly welcoming you, Lucinda! The game was last month. Two winners. One wished to become an Alpha, and the other became the personal Human of the Alpha via an old fashioned Deal that Asmodeus personally sanctioned later. Formed a rare alliance. Was a lot of fun this year!”

“OK …”

“Well,” she began more seriously. “You know Asmodeus knows everything he possibly can to maintain our neutrality. We hide, we seduce, we are everywhere. Three weeks ago, one of our spies intercepted a stolen coded communiqué from top Human brass. It was en route to Mammon’s Legion. You know they are the second best at the spy-game, thanks to their natural inclination toward greed. Well, we’re a little better. Long story short, the uncoded message was rather absurd to us. A Human going deep cover into the Realm? Ha! We dug a bit, and found Darren was behind it, and learned that Project Arch was at this point a distraction. Not much else. Darren’s been very good as shadowing this operation. So, our King told us to expect someone to show up, and have that someone sent to him. A new Human coming right to this building. The truth all pretty obvious.” She put on a toothy white smile, showing her sexy little fangs. “You’re fucked either way, but if you are indeed working for Darren, you might just be fucked in a good way!”

“Well,” Lucinda stood. “Let’s get on with it!”

* * * *

Lucinda was being guided by two Alphas directly from the bar: one a large, winged, muscular female with scaly skin, and the other had latex-like skin and a large dick with an otherwise voluptuous female appearance. It was not lost on Lucinda that the last time she was on the observation deck of what was once known as the Stratosphere Tower was twenty years ago when she was just eleven. How could she have known she would later be staring at the firm bubble but of a sexy she-male Demon of Lust!? Insane thoughts of both Alpha’s taking her right then and there flashed: one plowing her ass with the massive dick; the other plower her face into demonic pussy.

After feeling her pussy become incredibly moist, Lucinda just barely regained control of her thoughts. It was just in time to see Asmodeus himself laying nude on the soft red long chair. “He” in that the Demon was presently in a massive, muscular male form.

He was flanked by several Demons, which looked primarily of the physically imposing Alpha variety. Not counting total subservience to Asmodeus, those had a complete mind of their own, significant control over their natural lust emanations, and could alter their physical form to a degree. The more “Human” in stature Sub-alphas’ minds were meaningless next to Alphas (a couple were present), but still had a mind, even if they had lesser control over their lust emanations and physical form. There was a single male thrall laying at the foot of the chair. Lucinda recognized him as the first and last Demon to spy on Asmodeus. Thralls of course had only as much mind as their handlers allowed, and this one’s mind was clearly more akin to a loyal dog. Lucinda already saw Humans and Demons in the Realm with thralls as their personal friends with benefits, sex toys, and pets.

Not counting the thrall, the Demons in the room were all likely top leaders. From what Lucinda knew of this society, there was a mix of Human and Demon leadership below the top.

“Have you ever watched that film The Prophesy, Lucinda?” Asmodeus asked casually. His otherwise epic field of lust turned down to about Sub-alpha level.

“Not recently.”

He smirked subtly. “Not much in the way of lust scenes, but one plot point really hits home for me now. Heaven’s gates were closed in that film. Lucifer said his doors were always open, and that many come to him eventually.” He sat up. “What I have come to offer here, for those Humans and Demons honestly willing, is a utopian garden of mostly my design.” He stood, all eight feet of him, and approached Lucinda. “First, is that a new model?” He pointed toward the bracelet with his long black claw.

Err, yes. Prototype. Don’t know when they’ll be mass producing it.”

Hrmm … Many of the older Humans here rely on that tech. We make pretty good models here. I’m guessing yours is very special.”

“Yes,” she breathed. Even toned down, Asmodeus was still the King of Lust. It was next to impossible not to imagine his massive anaconda impairing her. “It regulates networked nano-machines that almost never leave the body, allowing for near instantaneous physical repair down to the genetic level. Mine is only set to prevent the genetic encoding that ensures total subservience to you, Asmodeus.”

The beautiful Alphas glanced at each other with a distinct discomfort. Such technology could indeed prevent demonic transformation, while the mere statement of preventing a connection to Asmodeus certainly suggested to them the tech might be used to alter Demons as well.

“Do not worry, my Zealots,” Asmodeus said. “I do not believe that is the chain she truly wishes to break. Tell me, Lucinda, legendary Demon Hunter and revered warrior of humanity, why has Darren sent you?”

“Why else? To convince you to ally with Humans.”

“How?” He seemed genuinely fascinated.

She sighed. “With great irony and desperation, Asmodeus. Darren has tasked me to become a Demon of Lust that is not genetically subservient to you.”

“Uh, huh …” he said ponderously, and sat at the edge of the long chair. “I have it real good here, you know? Better than I ever had it before. This is a place where there are no lies beyond the white ones, minimal distraction from other sins, and pure lust …”

“You know other truths, though. Within ten, maybe five years the biosphere will begin to completely break down from the ongoing war.”

“I have my own plans for that. There is time …” he said dismissively with his clawed hand. “Darren was right, though. Having a Demon of Lust that is not a zealot does fascinate me … Do you truly want to become a Demon of Lust? An Alpha perhaps?”

Lucinda thought about all this. The King of Lust was not yet ready to change his status, but was willing to transform her. Could sacrificing her own humanity really be enough the make Asmodeus rethink everything? This Demon was not really known to be impressed by sacrifice. Yet, he was known to evolve over time. He never denied that “lust” was not always his purview; he chose that path millennia ago. They did not even have a millennium left on the planet … “If it gives me a chance to save my race, then yes, I truly want to become an Alpha Demon of Lust …”

He intertwined his long fingers beneath his chin, and said, “Interesting … I will not accept any Deals at this point …” Deals were exceedingly rare since the start of the War, especially those that involved the body or soul as payment. Plus, it is known that Asmodeus decreed not long after creating his Realm that his zealots must go through specifically designated Alphas to even consider making them. “I will personally oversee your transformation into an Alpha, and it will be a more traditional, slower process.” His dick inflated fully to possibly two feet in length. “We may begin now, Lucinda …”

Part II: Beneath the Tower of Lust

Lucinda could barely take more than just the tip of Asmodeus’ deep red monstrosity. Yet, just a dab of his pre-cum altered her mouth in a way that allowed her to take even that much. It all tasted odd at first, not that she ever sucked a dick before. Yet, she was already truly enjoyingit. It was obvious the lust in the room already corrupting her.

Because Lucinda’s genetic code was not being altered to be subservient, which happens almost right away, she found herself far more aware of the situation that otherwise. All the Demons in the room, including the thrall, were either stroking their large members or fucking their own pussies with their tails. At the same time, Lucinda consciously made the decision to fondle the hefty shaft and healthy balls, while she actively fingered her dripping pussy.

Asmodeus grasped the back of her head, pulled her away a bit. Lucinda almost automatically stoked the shaft harder, while playfully liking the tip. The Demon loosened his grip. Instead of just going back to sucking, Lucinda played with the tip with her mouth, making a good pop, and pressed it just below her nose to take in its otherworldly erotic scent. She finally went back to sucking as much of the delicious dick as she could. It was wonderful! Lucinda never experienced pure lust before, and like most Humans, she found she could not have enough of it.

“Umm, UMMM!” she cooed, sucking down more tasty Demon pre-cum.

Asmodeus moaned and cooed and growled, more than enjoying how different this was. The Human lost in lust, not him. Having a Human still make active decisions in the lust making was a remarkable turn on. He then pulled the woman’s head back, and squirt a quick blob of his cum down her throat.

Lucinda’s eyes opened wide. It was strange, orgasmic, and somehow truly wonderful. The lustful moment felt like it lasted for hours, before Asmodeus forced her head around his massive shaft just that much more deeply, spewing massive streams of his thick cum into her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, orgasmic juices overwhelming her. Eventually, she found herself laying breathless on the long chair.

Asmodeus looked down onto her, and said, “Congratulations, Lucinda, you’ve taken your first step into Alpha-dom …”

* * * *

In the first few days, living in one of the basement levels of Asmodeus’ tower, Lucinda didn’t seem to change physically too much. She did notice an increased flexibility, strength, and stamina, and she was already at peak for those prior. At the same time, she had no real control. Asmodeus and his Alphas world come to her or she would be led to them. The lust was pure and awe-inspiring. And every time she experienced it, a little piece of her humanity was burned away …

Lucinda found herself led to another room. A tall, muscular, voluptuous Alpha sat on a gushy green chair, smiling hungrily. The smooth skinned Demon with very dark hair wore a form fitting, red dress

“Sit,” she ordered, pointing to the small folding chair beside her.

Lucinda did so, feeling the high level of corrupting lust flowing out of the Demon 

“Take my boots off, and worship my feet.”

She did so. The long, deep red clawed, feet felt like soft latex. Their scent was intoxicating, making her drool.

“Feels great!”

“Your feet are so hot,” Lucinda breathed, rubbing deeper. The deep contact somehow allowed the demonic lust to flow right through her hands, making them tingle in addictive, almost orgasmic ways. She pressed the feet directly on her chest to make her chest feel that pleasure. “Oh, fuck …” she breathed, before she kissed the foot, making her lips tingle in that lustful pleasure. Feeling up the firm calves, she began to make out with the toes, filling her mouth with lust.

“Oh, you were born to be at a Demon’s feet!” the Demoness resonated. “Come on up to this Demon’s crotch, there’s a surprise for you!”

Lucinda practically made out with the long, macular leg, and eventually saw the two foot long member pulsating upward. Genders amongst Lust Demons were fairly fluid, especially amongst the shape changing Alphas. In the case of this one, “she” looked fully feminine besides the “unsurprising” dick. Without a second thought, Lucinda took it all in her mouth. Her throat distended noticeably to accommodate the massive thing. Lucinda could barely breath, but was enjoying every second, moving her head up and down the shaft in the most hungry of ways.

The Demoness petted Lucinda’s hair possessively, encouragingly. Lucinda then playfully licked from the large balls to the reddest of tips. She was soon guided almost passively by the Demoness, hand applying pressure to the back of her head.

“Shit!” the Demoness exclaimed. “So good at that! You sure you don’t wanna become my personal thrall instead?”

“I’ll fuck you better when I’m an Alpha!” Lucinda teased, with more honesty than she yet knew.

“My, my! … Get back to my dick!”

Lucinda did so, bobbing and sucking with just that much more intensity, while her breasts were played with. The Demoness then grabbed the back of her head with both hands, and pressed every last bit of the dick down the Human’s throat, thrusting into the head.

“Oh, yeah, YEAH, that’s it, Human!”

Lucinda was eventually released, allowed to breath, before going back to the throbbing monstrosity jus that much more playfully. She sucked, she bobbed, she sucked the side of the shaft.

“Rub that between your tits!”

Lucinda’s small Bs were wholly inadequate to do the job, but she did her best. With the Demoness smiling deviously, Lucinda felt a growing pressure and pleasure within her breasts. Her breasts grew dramatically, as the proportionally growing nipples and areolae becoming the reddest of red.

Oh, fuck!” Lucinda cooed from her breast transformation. They seemed a healthy DDD now. They were more different than that though. With the demonic monster in between, the firm globes felt like her own sensitive pussy, while the nipples tingled incessantly.

“Like the upgrade?”

All Lucinda could do was moan in pleasure, and thank the Demoness with a tongue-filled kiss of pure lust.

Lucinda soon found herself on the bed, cradled by the Demoness from behind, dick teasingly close to her twitching pussy. They kissed hungrily, before the monstrosity penetrated Lucinda hard. The thrusts were wild, rough. She was impaired so deeply, as her insides were already changed to feel it all in the upmost of pleasure.

She was then on her back, legs wide, taking the Demon dick just that much more deeply. Indeed, that dick probably was bigger than before. At the same time, hands groped Lucinda’s now super-sensitive breasts, nipples of which were massively aroused.

All Lucinda could do was cry with pleasure, her body consumed by the lust being forced into it. The thrusts, the gropes with filled with the roughest of passions, alternating between fast and slow paces. After a while, all Lucinda could do was lay back and take the downright brutal onslaught, dreaming for more. 

The Demoness then grasped Lucinda’s neck, and began to thrust harder, almost painfully. Lucinda could barely breath, but could gasp quickly when her massive breasts were intermittently played with.

Lucinda soon found herself ordered to suck off the dick covered with Human and Demon juices. She was then ordered to lay back and jerk the monster dick off with her feet. She did so. The leaking juices quickly altered her feet to make them sensitive like her breasts, basically turning her clamped feet into a literal foot-pussy. The dark, lustful pleasure reverberated up her ankles, legs, pussy, while she squeezed her breasts, which seemed to slowly be filling with their own juices.

“Your feet are so fuckin’ good!” the Alpha cooed.

“Just that much better thanks to you!” Lucinda blurted, literally starting to feel what could only be described as pre-cum coming from her large, erect nipples.

Lucinda didn’t just stroke the dick with her arches. She played with it, she groped it, she toed it.

“Oh, if you were just gonna become a thrall, you’d be my foot-slave forever!” the Alpha Demoness cooed. “Get on all fours.”

Lucinda soon found her ass and pussy being consumed from behind. But then something strange happened. Well, stranger than what had been, perhaps. Lucinda found herself licking the asshole of the Alpha. It was as if the world blurred for a moment, and she lost time. Regardless, it tasted so fucking good to consume the sensitive hole of pure lust. Lucinda’s own lips and tongue were so sensitive by this point it could only feel glorious. She began to stroke the yet larger dick at the same time; did not want to stop unless ordered or reality bent again. 

“Fuck yeah, that’s so fuckin’ good, Human! First one to make me so big and hard!”

Lucinda quickly found herself back to all fours with her ass being eaten out from above. She moaned loudly from the wild tongue, and fingers playing with her wet pussy. 

“Oh, fuck yes, PLEASE!” Lucinda cried in epic pleasure. “HOLY FUCK!” Lucinda screamed, the massive member forced into her greatly expanded anal cavity. The anal pleasure was perhaps the most pure, more powerful lust she had felt up to this point. Her screams of pleasure were so loud. She could live in the moment forever and care about nothing else. She could not believe how intense this was. Well, it wasn’t like she had enough of a mind to truly process the sheer epic pleasure of it. The thrusts just kept coming! It was an orgasmic state — her tits spewing milk-like cum everywhere, but so powerful it had no right to still be called orgasmic (pussy spewing cum, too). And then, Demon cum exploded into ass, thick endless streams and blobs. She lost her voice in her insane cries of pleasure, and blacked out …

The Alpha Demoness led Lucinda back to her room.

“Hey, you never asked my name, Lucinda.”

“Oh, what’s your name?”

“Asmodeus!” she said matter-of-factly.

Oh, didn’t realize …”

“Does it matter?”

Lucinda shook here head, and the Demon Monarch left

Later that night, Lucinda found herself examining her new breasts, feeling them as she felt as if a piece of her humanity was burned away in the lustful onslaught earlier. It was a difficult to comprehend feeling, to lose a piece of one’s humanity. It was  like feeling a little less of that magic during childhood, while pure lust filled that void.

Still, she found herself becoming lost in the pleasure of her new, deeply red nippled breasts. Her hands squeezed from the outside of the globes to the tips of her hard nipples. The moans were of pure lust. She especially found herself paying attention to the powerfully red nipples, sometimes twisting her fingers around the base. There was no pacing on this upgraded zone of pleasure. Hands moving fastener, deeper, she found herself cuming hard and fast. Wide eyed, that milk-like cum spewed out onto the mirror.

It smelled so fucking good, like a musky sweet morning dew. Without thinking, Lucinda licked the cum off the mirror, seeing in her very eyes another small piece of her humanity fall away …

* * * *

As the days began to roll together, sometimes the scenes of lustful tortures took almost nothing of her humanity but some took away a lot. It was always more when parts of her were changed physically …

A domineering Alpha Demoness came to her one morning. The hair was hypnotically dark, while the skin a shimmering rubber with what looked like tattooed patterns throughout. She wore tight fishnet stockings over her powerful legs, and strapped, black high heals.

“Dress yourself with the clothing on the edge of the bed. I am your Mistress for the session. Do not speak unless spoken to,” the Alpha ordered.

The black leather attire consisted of hip high panties, and a top that could only be described as a kind of harness. This harness strapped around her waist and chest, while a strap connected to a collar. She put it all on with a surprising ease.

“Now get on all fours.”

Lucinda did so.

The Alpha then hooked a chain leash to the collar, and led Lucinda on all fours to a truly white room. Lucinda found herself admiring the Demon-like, shiny black claw protruding from her hands (feet at them now, too). There was a curved white couch, as there was a gush white carped.

The Alpha sat, and ordered, “Turn around and sit.”

Lucinda remarkably interpreted the order to stay on the floor and sit with her legs folded underneath.

“There you go. Very good.”

Lucinda felt lustful pleasure in making this Alpha happy.

“Such a pretty thing!” The Alpha grasped her head, and forced a kiss.

Lucinda smiled hungrily.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” she asked, grasping Lucinda at the cheeks.

“Yes …”

“Yes?” she began so smack Lucinda repeatedly on the cheek.

“Yes, Mistress, Yes!”

Smack, smack, smack! “You know your feet are pretty like your Human face! Show them to me.” She patted the couch. “Sit on the couch.”

“Yes, mishtresh!” she forced, finger pulling back her cheek.

On the couch, Lucinda placed her feed on the Alpha’s lap. 

“Very nice!” the Alpha complemented before spitting on them, feeling them, licking them.

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“Suck your own toe.”

Lucinda took the foot given back to her, and began to suck off the tasty big toe with Demon spit all over it.

“OOO, good! Deeper, that’s it. Yeah, put it all in there!”

Now hanging on every word lick she was a God, Lucinda almost desperately shoved her own foot in her mouth as deeply as she could. The tops of her toe claws brushed up against the back of her wide open throat. It of course felt awesome, her mouth and feet deeply sensitive when stimulated, making her moan. All the while, the Alpha had a firm grasp on the leash. She eventually had to remove it to breath.

“Good girl!”

“Thank you, Mistress!” she breathed, before the Alpha shoved fingers down her throat to force more spit to come out. That spit rubbed all over Lucinda’s foot.

The then kissed lustfully. “Back on the floor!”

Lucinda did so quickly upon affirmation.

“Like my shoes?”

“Yes, I love them, Mistress. They’re super hot.”

“Give them some lust, some kisses!”

Lucinda desperately worked to kiss the shoes with as much lust as she could. The Alpha possessively petted her hair.

“UMMMM! Take off my shoes”

“Yes, Mistress,” she breathed through the lustful arousal. The more she followed this Alpha’s orders the more pleasure she felt.

It did take some effort to remove the shoes, each having multiple very tight straps to unclasp.

“Faster, faster!” the Alpha teased.

Lucinda tried to quicken her pace anyway.

“Tell me how lucky you are to be so close to your Mistress’ feet!”

“I’m so lucky to be so close to you feet, Mistress!” she said honestly. With a kind of desperation, the shoes were finally removed.

The Alpha grasped Lucinda’s head. “Wanna see my feet?” Deep smooch.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You want my feet in you mouth?” Deep smooch.

“Yes, Mistress, Please!”

“Well, since you’re so polite!”

The foot was presented to Lucinda, who desperately took the large, addictive Demon foot into her mouth, worshiping. She found herself ordered to take it deeper, forcing her mouth open wide. The taste of the foot and stockings was almost too much. it permeated her senses. Eventually, the other foot found its way down her throat, going in up to the heel. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, the demonic pleasures overwhelming.

The Alpha then rolled off the stockings, pulled out the spit soaked foot, and wrapped the stocking around Lucinda’s head. They sloppily made out through those fishnets, which retained the scent of the addicting feet. 

Now gagged by the stockings, Lucinda found herself sucking off the bare Demon foot. It was quite remarkable that her mouth and throat were never scratched by the sharp claws.

She was then ordered to take the other, still stockinged foot. This time she found the foot pressed up against her face, before she was allowed to choke on the foot.

The Alpha then removed her foot and her stocking, and yanked Lucinda up with the leash for the hungry kiss. 

“Stand and take you panties off, for me … Yes!”

While Lucinda pleasurably did as ordered, the Alpha playfully smacked her ass, before ordering her back up onto the couch on all fours. The Alpha played with her ass, making Lucinda squeak and moan. Demonic fingers played with her pussy, as a demonic touch played with her asshole.

Now fingering both the ass and pussy, the Alpha proclaimed, “You did a great job sucking off my feet. You deserved a treat.”

“Yes, thank you, Mistress!” Lucinda said quickly.

Her ass and pussy were finger wildly, making Lucinda scream with pleasure.

“You’re gonna cum?”

“I am, Mistress! Please make me cum!”

Her pussy soon came hard and wet, even her nipples squirt a little. Lucinda was then turned around, and found the Demoness squeezing and sucking her globes, making her moan hard.

“Lay on your back.”

She did so.

“Touch my pussy with your toes … Yeah … Shove your toes in there … Yeah! You’re doing such a great job pleasuring you Mistress! Tell me how much you want you Mistress to cum!”

“I want you to cum so fucking bad, Mistress! I’ll do anything for you!”

With a loud, Demonic growl, the Alpha squirt massive amount of her thick cum all over Lucinda’s feet.

Lucinda was ordered to lap it all up, off her own feet first. She almost desperately took her own feet, and lapped them clean. The cum was so potent that Lucinda knew it was filled with demonic sperm. All she could do was slurp up all she saw.

The Alpha was soon pleasuring Lucinda’s feet in compliment, the Alpha on top of the couch and Lucinda back on the floor. It felt so good that Lucinda found herself in a state of orgasm.

“Damn Human feet are so good, even with Demon claws! Now your final reward for making this Demon so frenzied in lust!”

Lucinda’s feet just below the Demoness’ pussy, the Alpha began to finger and rub wildly. And soon, streamed of her thick cum flowed onto Lucinda’s legs and feet. So much of it was on her that she found herself cuming everywhere herself.

“EAT IT, RUB IT ALL OVER YOU, BATH IN IT!” the Alpha screamed. “It’s my reward to you!”

Lucinda almost desperately consumed it from her feet, as she rubbed the orgasmic goo all over her. The cum just kept coming, as Lucinda herself could only cum! She really was being bathed in it. While it soaked into her pores, she saw her skin begin to change. It began to shift to a crimson red, as it began to shimmer. The skin on her main body began to develop tightly interlocking scales, while the skin on her head and hands were smooth and a slightly lighter tone on her soles and palms. Her nipples and areolae had that same latex smoothness, while they shifted to an almost blood red. She eventually lay back, feeling a large swath of her humanity turn to nothing …

* * * *

Days, weeks may have passed, Lucinda found herself unable to tell time anymore. She’s looked in the mirror and saw something a little different everyday. She was sure she was much taller and muscular now, at least seven feet tall. It was almost amusing to see her bracelet flush with the scaly skin of her arm. Her now black hair was congealing in a way that suggested horns were forming. At the same time, her tailbone was protruding much more. She also found it very uncomfortable to not stand on the balls of her elongated feet.

In some ways, she still felt a little more Human than what she saw in the mirror. Ironically, the goal was to not be Human anymore, and knew it was counterproductive to be looking for what was still Human about her, which did include her blue eyes. Most Lust Demons had either black or red cat-eyes. Regardless, she had been only consuming cum, Human and Demon, for days …

A sexily muscular Demoness walked into the room. Lucinda now being about seven feet tall herself, “tall” had become a meaningless description for those top level Lust Demons.

“Asmodeus …” Lucinda breathed. The fact that Asmodeus walked into the room was not what surprised her. Asmodeus already fucked her on and off, whether she knew it or not. What really surprised her was how she knew it was Asmodeus.

She smirked. “Your eyes may not look Demon yet, but they can already see more truth than they ever have.”

“So, what will it be today, Asmodeus? Casual fuck on the beach with everyone in the city watching?”

She laughed toothily. “Not yet. I do understand you’ve been cooped up in here … Darren will be in your dreams tonight. I was dreaming a city-wide orgy when he showed up in my head a few days ago! No wonder no one really likes working with the former Antichrist!”

“Won’t argue there, Azzy!”

“We’ll have time for pet-names in coitus later, Lucy. First, here and now, it is time you graduated into your Demon-hood. Then, you must learn to take control as an Alpha Damon. Your Master’s in Lust Demonology.

“No Lust Demon PhD?” Lucinda teased.

“I got the only one!” she said with a fanged smirk.

Asmodeus then picked up the breathless Lucinda like she weighed nothing, and tossed her onto the bed …

Lucinda felt the waves of the monarch’s lust turned up to maximum, a level that blew the minds of even Alphas. It also was the level that could literally transform a Human into Lust Demon overnight. This was it. There was a sense of excitement. She was, indeed, far more Demon than Human already. Save for retaining her willpower, she could feel her very genetic code coming into its final changes.

In the blur of ultimate lust, Lucinda found herself laying on her back with hot candles melding on her all but truly demonic body. A candle was suddenly in her mouth, or perhaps it was there from the start of this cornerstone session. All she could do was feel her textured body, the hot wax melting and solidifying on it. She rubbed her sensitive, highly elastic pussy, moaning.

Asmodeus was there, slithering, letting her lust radiate out into Lucinda, who felt her changing hair. The bangs were now twisting tightly into textured black horns, which curved and connected at the rear to create a kind of dark crown. Her protruding tailbone began to pleasurably tingle like a tongue flicking her pussy lips.

Her crotch then thighs were licked by Asmodeus, before they made out in pure, passionate lust. The candles being gone barely registered. Indeed, the distraction of Lucinda’s tongue becoming long and snakelike — teeth becoming sharper with slightly lengthened canines — merely enhanced the pleasure of tasting the Demon Queen’s mouth.

Pale-clawed hand tightly around her throat, she lay back, lost in the epic waves of pleasure at the Queen’s lips sucking off her erect nipples. Lucinda could not breath, but breathing was less important than it used to be. 

Asmodeus released her grip on the throat and almost reverently felt the now solid Demon horns around Lucinda’s head. Lucinda found herself feeling Asmodeus’ massive, smooth, red horns with an equal reverence. With a continued reverence, Lucinda felt down the Queen’s body, the chest. The fact that Lucinda’s reverence was on her own will visibly pleased Asmodeus in a new and wonderful way.

The Queen leaned down, hot breath of lust and full ruby red lips brushing Lucinda’s orgasmic skin. Asmodeus moved down to give a long kiss to her eye and to the other. Lucinda slowly opened her eyes to a world as the same as it was different. They were now the eyes of an animalistic hunter, a hunter always seeking lust. She could perceive the lusts in everything, and like an infinitely red halo, she could see the epic lust of the eponymous Queen. 

Looking into the Queen’s strikingly red eyes, Lucinda fell into the blackness of the Queen’s opened pupil slits. Lucinda saw herself standing on the balls of her elongated, clawed feet. She saw what she had become — or about to. The image of her stroked the long, thick tail with black clawed hands, as she became mesmerized by her own eyes. The white became blackness, the irises became a crimson red, and the slits were a blackness so dark nothing could escape. She fell into the eyes of the image of her demonic self and found herself again. 

This image of her asked, “What are you?”

“I am an Alpha Demon of Lust unchanged to any Demon!” Lucinda proclaimed joyously.

Lucinda then pulled herself out of her own image of truth, and then out of the truth of Asmodeus’ eyes. Asmodeus felt utter excitement at how different that was, because Lucinda was the first — probably last — Demon to ever personally escape that moment with any Demon completing the physical transformation of others. That was the moment all other Demons of Lust consciously became forever chained to Asmodeus.

The new, unchained Demon found herself worshiping Asmodeus healthy breasts with her mouth and figuring that Queens hot and wet pussy. Lucinda joyously sucked the flowing milk-cum from the Queen’s teat. Lucinda’s passionate motions were not of a desperate zealot, but of a being hungry for lust.

Mouth full of orgasmic cum-milk, Lucinda began to make out with the Queen, tightly grasping her throat. At the same time, Lucinda turned her natural lust emanations to maximum, which was genuinely not that far off from Asmodeus’ at that point.

Asmodeus cooed orgasmically, while Lucinda pushed her down with the neck grasping hand. She released her hand from the Queen’s throat, and gave her a hard smack, much to the Queens pleasurable surprise. Lucinda then began to wildly rub and finger Asmodeus dripping pussy, intermittently suckling the Queen’s dripping nipples. Lucinda’s now long, thick, scaly tail swayed and flicked joyously, asynchronously with Asmodeus’.

With a hungry kiss, Lucinda let Asmodeus take control, leaning back and opening her powerful legs wide. The Queen immediately began to make out wildly with Lucinda’s hot, wet pussy, making her moan and growl in the pleasure.

Lucinda then grasped Asmodeus’ head, and pulled it up for a deep, slithering kiss. She pulled back and smacked the Queen hard enough to have smashed the jaw of a Human. SMACK!

“Oh, I love it!” Asmodeus decreed in amazement. “Give me more!”

SMACK! In a blatant show on independence, Lucinda then grasped Asmodeus’ throat with all her new, superhuman strength. Then, release and SMACK!

“Holy, fuck!” the Queen proclaimed. This really was the first time in Asmodeus’ eons-long life that she was not truly in control of this kind of event. The feeling was new and different, and at a level of lust she rarely achieved.

Lucinda lay back, and the Queen excitedly consumed the young Demon’s pussy for a few moments. The Queen was then guided to Lucinda’s happily aroused breasts, and the Queen happily sucked, drinking the cum-milk Lucinda willed herself to release. The Queen even snuck in a few playful smacks, before Lucinda forced a deep kiss. Almost desperately, Asmodeus went back to the tasty breast, sucking out all she could.

Asmodeus soon found Lucinda’s hand again wrapped tightly around her throat, and guided onto her back. SMACK! Deep kiss. “OH!” was all Asmodeus could blurt out among their primal moans and grunts. Lucinda then playfully groped the Queen’s tits, before moving down to the wet crotch. The Queen could not have enjoyed the succeeding onslaught more! Lucinda groped, fingered, SMACKED, inhaled the Demon Queen’s twitching pussy.

Oh, fuck, yeah!” the Queen cooed orgasmically.

Lucinda did not care, and merely consumed ever drop of cum before resuming the lustful attack.

The Queen grabbed Lucinda’s head to pull in for a deep kiss and hard smack of her own. Attacking the Queen’s pussy with one hand, Lucinda grasped the Queen’s neck with the other. The Queen grasped Lucinda’s neck for a moment, before falling back to the ecstasy of the moment.

Lucinda SMACKED her again, and while widely fingering the Queen’s pussy, they leaned in, touching hot foreheads, smacking one another. Aggressively making out with the neck — penetrating it with her teeth, Asmodeus practically absorbed Lucinda’s attention. Lucinda briefly went back to the Queen’s globes for a moment for a quick drink, before going to all fours, ass toward the Queen.

Asmodeus did not need much more of an invitation, and immediately went for that rear! She groped the cheeks, inhaled the asshole and pussy.

“How’s my pussy taste, Azzy?”

“It’s so fuckin’ good, Lucy!”

“Tell me all about it! UMMMMMM!”

“SO JUICY! … I’m gonna bury my face into your ass!”

Asmodeus did as she said, wildly wiggling her head into Lucinda’s spreading anal cavity. Lucinda came with her up there, the Queen inhaling and absorbing the smothering cum. She pulled out, and began to attack the pussy, spitting on it.

“Oh, yeah, Azzy! Spit on it again, again!”

Asmodeus did so with an even bigger, greener blob of hot spit.

“Good Queen!” Lucinda teased.

Asmodeus rubbed and fingered the pussy so fast that the Human eye could not have fully perceived the motion.

Ah-HO!” she came a little.

“The Queen made your pussy all fuckin’ wet, huh?” she teased, before making out with the cum-soaked crotch.

Lucinda grabbed her twitching tail, and began to wildly suck it off. “Yeah, Azzy! Get right into my fuckin’ pussy!” She quickly shoved her own tasty tail back into her drooling mouth.

As requested, Asmodeus wiggled herself into the wet pussy in the wildest of motions. Lucinda soon came hard, Asmodeus quickly absorbing all the juices

“You have such a pretty ass and pussy, Lucy!” the Queen growled after pulling out.

Still more than excited, Lucinda lay back and called for the Queen’s pussy.  Fingering herself desperately, Lucinda was smothered by the Queen of Lust’s pussy, the young Demon’s free hand groping and SMACKING the Queen’s ass. Lucinda could’t breath, but she did not need to anymore, not in the short term at least.

“Oh, yeah, I love you fuckin’ mouth attacking my fuckin’ clit!” Asmodeus cooed.

Lucinda quickly slipped away, leaving Asmodeus passively on all fours. She began to grope the Queen’s pussy and SMACK the firm ass cheeks. She spit and groped, making the Queen coo loudly. 

“Oh, spank my ass!” Asmodeus cooed. “Make it even redder!”

Lucinda intermittently smacked so hard that the energy wave visibly traveled up the Demon Queen’s body.

“Oh yeah, YEAH!”

Lucinda now just roped and fingered, at one reaching around to finger at another angle. She even thrust hard into the Queen’s ass in time with the deep fingering.

My turn again!” Lucinda breathed teasingly.

Lucinda went most to her side, and Asmodeus mediately went for that rear, spitting all over it. she twisted herself inhumanly to watch.

“Never enough of my spit!” Asmodeus proclaimed.

“Oh, it tastes fo fuckin’ good!”

“What’s it taste like?” she asked pulling up the Queen by the hair. “Describe it!”

“Like sweet lust!” she growled through sharp teeth.

“UMMM! Getting drunk on my pussy?”

Lucinda aggressively moved in to kiss and lick the juices off the Queens face.

“Yeah, the Queen’s pussy drunk!”

Lucinda saw Asmodeus rubbing and fingering herself, and requested, “Show me what you like. Show me how the Queen of Lust pleasures herself!”

They naturally learned back insanely attacking their pussies. Lucinda watched and imitated the Queen, who was letting herself become lost in the profound lust.

“Tell me how it feels, Queen!”

“UMMMMM! I feel pussy muscles fucking my fingers. So good!”

“Fuck yeah!”

Lucinda leaned over above the Queen, and began to rub her clit from behind, watching the Queen of Lust in her purest of lust. Their eyes met, and the fell into each other’s eyes. Within they simply saw each other in the throws of total ecstasy, before pulling back out.

“Oh, fuck!” the Queen exclaimed, before pulling up for lustful smooches and smacking.

While the Queen came harder than ever, Lucinda intermittently squeezed the Queen’s throat and SMACKED.

“Damn, I love it!” Lucinda cooed. “You like having and Alpha fuck you rough, huh?”

“Huh-yeah!” Asmodeus cooed, squeaking at the further SMACKS on her face and breasts.

Lucinda took a quick drink from Asmodeus’ breast, and said, “I want you to cum again, but harder, Azzy! I want you to cum with me!”

Every time their eyes met now, they briefly fell in, and every time they briefly fall in, they nearly cum right after. It was almost like they were edging themselves in a way neither knew was possible.

“Oh, fuck! I can’t hold it anymore!” Asmodeus cried.

And soon, they both exploded gallons all over each other, making them cum just that much more …

Neither put any effort into consuming the mess. They just laid their in a pool of the mixed demonic juices, having fallen into their eyes. They simply shared their abyss of true lust … 

* * * * 

“I don’t really recognize myself anymore, Darren …” Lucinda said, looking at her claws, red latex hands. In the dream, they sat in some generic military vehicle. The night around them was dark and filled with fog.

“You’re doing what you have to do, Lucinda.”

“I know. Just an honest observation. I agreed to this in total honesty to Asmodeus.”

“Any headway?”

Well,” she began with a subtle laugh. “The Monarch primarily concentrated on my transformation, and now I’ll be training to learn the full extent of my Alpha-hood, which I mostly know already … I really don’t know if or how I can convince him to join Humans.”

“Hmmm …”

“You wanna know something, Darran? I am liking this,” she said, giving her sensitive tail a quick stroke. “The truth, the lust, all of it. My next step is all about taking control, which I practically already did. I’m now an Alpha Lust Demon that made epic lust with Asmodeus after all … I’ll take Humans and then Sub-alphas. I will seduce and fuck them, dominate them. I wanna seduce and take you right here and now! Of course, I can sense your asexuality. I sense I need to learn the full extent of my power as an Alpha to even have a chance, and oh, how I want to try.”

Darren brushed away Lucinda’s tail stroking his cheek. “Don’t lose sight on why you are doing this. You know as much as I that the true end of this world will affect every living thing on this planet, Human, Demon, everything.”

She smiled disarmingly. “I know. I’m just telling you the truth of what I am becoming. When the moment comes, I will work with Asmodeus to change everything …”

Part III: The Power of the Alpha

Lucinda awoke the next morning feeling truly refreshed. Her dreams post-Darren were deep and filled with what would have been impossible sex if she was still Human. She looked into the mirror, and smiled with her full lips, waving her tail behind. Looking at her black claws, she decided that she didn’t like their present color. Concentrating, she shifted them to a shimmering crimson. If she did not already know so much about Demons, that would not have been a possible task at this point. Indeed, with practice, such physical changes, including control of her lust emanations, would become second nature, as natural as how she now walked on the balls of her feet.

For the first time since she was brought down there, the door was left unlocked. She walked out, and went to the elevator. A keycard was taped eye level on the back of the compartment, along with a quick note: This will give you express access to anywhere in the complex — Azzy.

She took the card, and waved it over the card symbol over the floor buttons. The “express” light illuminated next to the symbol. She pressed the button for the top level, hoping to see Asmodeus there to move things along.

At the top of the tower, Asmodeus — male form — quietly lay back on his long chair, receiving a passionate blow job from his personal thrall. The moment he saw Lucinda, he came into the thralls mouth, and shooed the little Demon away.

“Late sleeper?” he asked casually.

“Some things don’t change, I guess,” she shrugged.

He clapped his hand together excitedly. “OK! Let’s get going on this. I or any other Alpha is happy to advise, but you are far and ahead of most at this stage. Love the nails! This is your show now. You must take a Human and Sub-alpha for your own pleasure to prove yourself as and Alpha. I don’t recommend taking them permanently. Even thralls need to be fed sometime! But again, it’s all up to you now.

Lucinda looked down to Asmodeus’ half-mast monstrosity. “Could use some breakfast first, Azzy.”

“Well, let me arrange that for you!” He was at full mast in an instant, all several feet of him.

Almost horrifyingly opening her mouth and throat to accommodate, Lucinda began to consume the King’s record length anaconda. With some concentration, she willed her body to expand for it. This led to her athletically lifting herself in a practical handstand, while lifting herself up and down. She took it all.

“Holy shit, Lucy! Wish all my Alphas took to this so quickly — WOAH. Honestly, Most may have transformed must quicker than — ERRRR — you, but they sssstill had to be trained in their new abill — WOAH — abilities. No one fucks me like you!”

Lucinda when up and down like a machine, excitedly quickening her pace at the taste of his pre-cum. Up and down she went, so fucking hungry for the most potent of Demon cum. And eventually, the King of Lust let loose his demonic load, actively trying to overfill her. To his happy surprise, she did not let one drop escape her, even though she was consuming it all upside down!

With a surprisingly graceful move, the more than satisfied Lucinda orgasmically launched herself off the deflating dick, and landed firmly on the balls of her feet. She scooped up and ate her own escaping cum, and said, “Azzy, that was great!”

* * * *

Lucinda decided to be bold in proving herself. Yes, she liked that it would impress Asmodeus, but this was mostly because she still felt devoted to her mission. Darren was right: if she failed, that might just be it for everything, and a meaningless war would just continue on elsewhere, destroying everything there, too. So, she decided to take a Human and Sub-alpha at the same time.

In the most blatant attire — black high heels, black leather short shorts, and very revealing black top, Lucinda walked into the main bar of the Tower of Lust Casino. The Sub-alpha female and Human male saw her almost immediately, jaws dropped.

“Did not expect this!” the Sub-alpha proclaimed.

“Nor did I! Remember his name: Jack. What was your name again?” Lucinda was mesmerizing the two with her lust emanations, just barely able to focus it on them. Well, others in the room were looking as her.

“Nancy,” she said with a smirk, flicking her tail. Her lust halo was darkening, as was her co-workers.

“Well, Jack and Nancy. I think I still am a very patient being, but what I need to do to confirm my new state of existence really needs to be done as soon as possible.”

“I see!” Nancy exclaimed, glancing at the blatantly excited Jack. She picked up the wireless phone behind the bar. “Hey, Jack and I need to take the rest of the day off. A very forward Alpha just walked in … Yup! Thanks!” She hung up …

Lucinda had the Human at the main desk get them an available suite, didn’t care which one it was. Before heading up, Lucinda ordered about a gallon of erotic oils for the room, a certainly primal impulse.

The Demons had Jack wait for them inside, as a tease, while the two beings of lust rubbed oils into their smooth, latex-like skin. Well, besides the oil Lucinda squirt onto Nancy, Lucinda had Nancy do most of the work.

The Sub-alpha knew just how to run in the oil in the most teasing of ways. She rubbed the oil in everywhere, but paid special attention around the erect nipples and the inner thighs.

“Feel good, Lucinda?” she resonated.


“Thank you, Alpha!” she cooed, while deeply, reverently rubbing the oil into her superior’s feet.

Lucinda did find it remarkable how easy it was to dominate the lesser Demon. Again, knowing just about everything about Lust Demons practically made this part of the process redundant. Otherwise, Lucinda would be needing aid from others to even understand how Alphas made all beneath then cower at a thought. Lucinda just applied what she knew with the help of her new instincts.

Just to see if she could, Lucinda then had Nancy sit between her legs and bosom on a mere thought. And yes, Nancy just did it without a word, practically melting into the larger, superior Demon. The open secret was that this was all encoded at the genetic level. Nancy wanted to be subservient to Lucinda.

Lucinda then began to squirt more oil all over Nancy’s smaller but perfectly shaped chest. They both rubbed the new layer of goo into the sensitive breasts, making Nancy coo oh so joyously. Amongst the possessive groping, Lucinda wrapped her legs around Nancy, who squirmed joyously. Nancy then just took a bottle and squirt more juice onto herself. They bathed within the oil, absorbing the lust why created out of it.

On Lucinda’s will, Nancy then stood at the ready, and they walked into the room with blue-balled jack. He just sat there naked, watching the show from the inside. The Demons then playfully squirt the oil all over him, giggling.

“Holy shit, it’s cold!” he chuckled.

As a Human, Jack could be fully controlled by both Demons in the room. So, on Lucinda’s will, the Lust Demons asserted themselves on to the eager Jack. He would have done anything they said anyway, but Lucinda was required to prove herself as an Alpha. In the end, all this was choreographed by Lucinda.

Like a mini slip-n-slide, Nancy then slid herself over Jack’s crotch, making pre-cum flow. Nancy playfully squirt more oil all over them. The Alpha eventually joined in, turning the trio into a sexy, slippery mass for few moments.

Lucinda slid out of the slippery pile. She poured more oil onto her domineering body, while Nancy slithered and groped herself on top of Jack, which himself was pouring more oil all over them.

The Alpha began to play with Nancy’s pussy, before groping her from head to toes. Jack found himself groped as well. Lucinda ensured her very touch stimulated every contacted nerve in the most pleasurable ways.

She then had Jack clamp down Nancy with his legs, and then smacked and rubbed Nancy’s pussy. The Sub-alpha cooed oh so joyously.

Lucinda, being in both their minds, quickly learned to access their very memories. Jack was madly in love and lust with Nancy, while Nancy felt the same way. Their relationship was starting to become serious just recently, while Nancy more than enjoyed teasing him, controlling him through his desire for her. Lucinda found it downright hot!

The Demons leaned in to a lustful kiss, flicking their long tongues. Lucinda then presented her ass to Jack, who began to squirt oil all over it. Nancy was then compelled to pleasure herself, moaning and writhing at a level of pleasure only an Alpha could induce.

“I like this!” Lucinda exclaimed. She laughed at how much she was enjoying herself, so easily controlling both a Human and Sub-alpha Lust Demon at the same time.

Nancy went over to Lucinda’s ass, and pleasured the hungry holes, before worshiping Lucinda’s large body. She worshipped the Alpha with her entire body, spending a lot of attention to the highly sensitive globes. Jack dutifully squirt more oil all over the Demons of Lust, whose very tails were groping one another!

Still on all fours, Lucinda began to rub Nancy’s hot, starving pussy with the balls of her feet. Nancy joyously moaned, continuing the body worship, fingering the superior’s pussy.

Lucinda sat up on her knees, willing Nancy to worshiping her just that much more deeply. Their naturally shiny skin was all but reflective with the amount of oil on them.

Nancy then positioned between Jack’s legs, and he began to grope her chest and pussy from above. Lucinda pleasured herself to the sight, before taking Nancy’s foot and laying back. Nancy began to rub the Alpha’s warm, wet pussy with her foot without a single thought. Lucinda ensured that the Sub-alpha would shove that foot in an out of her, it got so deep it was up to her calf! At the same time, Jack groped, played with Nancy’s pussy in a teasing way that prepared it for Lucinda’s quite large foot.

The Lust Demon’s shoved their feet in and out of each other’s wide open pussies. The feet moved in all the way without resistance. They moaned and cooed without abandon, bodies hypnotically shiny.

Nancy then crawled on top of Lucinda, leg and torsos rubbing up against that wanting snatches. They kissed in their lust, while Jack mounted Nancy from behind. Breasts smacked up against each other in Jack almost desperate thrusting.

“Oh, shit, FUCK!” Nancy cooed. “He knows what this Demon wants!”

“What I want!” Lucinda deeply resonated. At this point, Nancy’s will was so subservient to Lucinda’s that Nancy didn’t know nor care the difference.

“OH YES, true Alpha!” Nancy cooed in orgasm.

Nancy’s Demon seed would have made Jack cum instantly, but he already dismounted and sat back. That was a playful tease on Lucinda’s part!

Lucinda moved over, and began to stroke and suck the Human’s twitching dick. If her will had not overwhelmed his, he would have cum long before.

At the same time, Nancy slowly, passionately worshiped Lucinda’s ass. She happily fingered the asshole, groped the pussy lips.

Lucinda then let Nancy share the Human’s solid member. For a Human, it was respectable at eight inches after all. They sucked, they slurped, they inhaled the balls. There was no competition — an Alpha was always superior to a Sub-alpha, but it certainly looked that way to the euphoric Jack.

The Alpha then mounted the twitching member, fucking it on her knees. She had to tighten her pussy quite a bit to make it so pleasurable, but so did Nancy without a second thought earlier.

Nancy enticingly positioned herself above, and Lucinda happily made out with the Sub-alpha’s tasty snatch. All three were so lost in the ecstasy.

Shit, you look so hot humping his dick, Pure Lust!” Nancy cooed.

Lucinda looked into Nancy’s eyes, and gave her a quick orgasm in thanks. The Alpha happily slurped up the musky cum, as part of the continued pussy consumption.

After humping as hard as Jack’s body could handle, she unmounted to give Nancy a turn. Lucinda masturbated to the reverse cowgirl, Nancy effortlessly squatting up and down on the dick that just cannot cum just yet.

The Demons moaned and growled in pleasure, and Jack moaned almost playfully. Nancy came, making Jack cum so hard. Before Jack’s cock could deflate, Lucinda took a turn on the Human’s dick, which instantly hardened within the Demon’s pussy. From behind, Nancy groped Lucinda’s ass and stroked Lucinda’s sawing and flicking tale. 

OH FUCK YEAH!” Lucinda roared with pleasure. It was clear to her in that moment that the fact that a sensitive tail was a new thing for her allowed for it to be left out a bit.

Nancy found herself stroking the tail wilding with both hands, making Lucinda roar just that much louder, hump just that much harder. The tail and pussy soon explored with cum.

In a motion too fast for the Human eye, Lucinda was able flip around to capture most of Jack’s ejaculate in her sensitive mouth. Nancy pleasured herself to the sight, while hungrily making out with the light headed Jack.

Lucinda’s mouth easily reawakened the member, and moved aside for Nancy to have yet another turn.

“FUCK YOUR COCK IS SO GOOD! FAVORITE HUMAN DICK!” Through the ultimate lust there was truth. From the first time she sucked Jack off for some lunch, she found herself truly liking his dick. From there, she found herself really liking him. Like any Demon, she could not feel love, but the promise was something she thought was possible with him. This was perhaps the first moment that she felt ready for that to be possible. That revelation was all Nancy, who decided to make herself ovulate.

Legs up and back, Lucinda happily fingered her ass and pussy to the two truly in lust.  

Nancy then came hard all over his dick, which blew a load into her less than a moment later. The Sub-alpha’s uterus sucked up all the Human cum (her body would have just absorbed the cum for nutrients otherwise). Nancy was not done, so she just kept humping in her lust, the dick barely coming back to life again.

Lucinda just had to taste the lust she shared, so she crawled over to make out with Jack. Nancy automatically groped Lucinda’s in reach pussy. 

After letting the two mate a bit more, Lucinda had Nancy back between her ass cheeks. Jack had to wake his dick back up on his own this time. The sight of two Lust Demons going at it did not make the task too difficult.

Thought a bit winded, Jack found him self back at it, lustfully spanking the ass of the lust of his life. The way was then opened for Jack to fuck the Alpha’s wanting ass. Well, he did so without hesitation, loving how tight she made it for him. At the same time, Nancy pleasured herself to the sight of her lust fucking such a hot Alpha. The both moaned and growled loudly, especially when he spanked Lucinda’s ass.

Nancy then found herself giving her crotch over to Lucinda, who groped and sucked in perfect time with Jack’s still component thrusts. Jack was not sure how much longer he could last, even knowing full well the Demons were naturally boosting him to keep up. For now, he could only just go with it, sucking off a Demon’s tail.

Lucinda was happily fisting Nancy’s pussy, wanting to consume her now very fertile cum. And well, that cum spewed out, mostly into Lucinda’s thirsty mouth. DELICIOUS!

Jack continued his thrusting and sucking regardless, mouth filled with tail and dick in ass. And now he practically mounted her from behind, Nancy enjoying the sight, rubbing her filled pussy. Lucinda roared and growled at the pleasure, and then came hard down his throat and all over his cuming dick. Nancy was just barely able to consume about half of his load, along with most of Lucinda’s. This finally put Jack out of commission for a while, but he certainly was still able watch, albeit hazily.

Lucinda went to her side, while Nancy positioned her tail between her legs like it was a monster cock, which it practically was. Foot in hand, the happy Demon thrust into the ass of the growling Lucinda. She worshipped Lucinda’s foot and leg, while she passionately thrust. The foot was so sensitive, Nancy might as well have been sucking off her tail. Nancy passionately consumed the foot, hungry to taste foot-cum for the first time. Lucinda roared in pleasure. Her ass exploded with cum all over Nancy’s tail, as her foot spewed its own cum out of its pores. After letting loose her long and lustful orgasm, Nancy happily lapped up as much cum as she could.

The Demons made out in total lust. When Lucinda released them from her will, Nancy automatically began to make out with Jack in the truest of lust.

What the two had was rare, but not unheard of. They could most certainly be married, possibly by an Elvis. She bearing a litter was not unheard of either, but the castes of the coming Lust Demons were not predictable. However, it all did require an informal nod from an Alpha, any Alpha, which Lucinda certainly gave. What this meant specifically for Jack was that he would likely become a Demon sooner than later. Lucinda sensed that Nancy was unconcerned about the caste he would become, but was hoping for him to become a thrall …

* * * *

Lucinda still had a bit to master, but she more than proved herself to Asmodeus and any other interested Alpha. Indeed, the respect she received was close to what other gave to Asmodeus, to the surprise of both. Maybe that was not too surprising, because she retained a will of her own. She quickly became Asmodeus’ right hand, essentially the first Alpha of Alphas. Asmodeus had little choice in the matter. The two were more than fond of each other …

“It is time we talk, Asmodeus,” she said, lightly stroking his bare shoulder with her claws.

He sat up. “I know. I almost did not want this moment to come, you know? You have been the most fun I ever had.”

She smiled. In a way, they were lovers. Like how Nancy felt for Jack, love between their kind was not expressed through emotion. They merely promised to be together, silently or no. “You know as much as I, Azzy, we might not even be together if things continue as they are.”

“I really don’t know if I want things to change. We could just fuck each other and everyone else until the end. I could live with that …”

She sat up. “The truth of why I am would not allow that option, Asmodeus … I think I know what has to be done.”


“I want to make a Demonic Deal with you. I think you would sanction it for me … Ally with the Humans, and in return I give you everything, my body, my mind, my soul.”

Asmodeus sat up on the edge of the bed, and arched his back in his pondering. “I’ve never met anyone like you, Lucinda. You Hunted Demons, but were only ever fighting for humanity. You sacrificed your humanity to have a chance of saving it. And now, you wish to sacrifice all that you became, your last connection to humanity, to wield that chance to save humanity … You know sacrifice is not normally something I look for. But you …” He turned to her, feeling down from her cheek to her feet with his long claws. “I have to accept your Deal … How shall we seal this?”

“With our eternal lust. A last moment of true equality.”

Asmodeus portioned himself sitting up and legs forward, while Lucinda mounted the massive Demon snake. They began to thrust into each other, staring deeply into their cat-eyes. They made slow and passionate lust, each mirroring the other in their motions. Lucinda’s tail swayed happily being her. At the same time, their long black tongues slithered out at passionately intertwined, almost pulsating in their twisted motions. Nothing could break their locked gaze in that moment.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust.

There was nothing else but the lust they made between one another. Time became meaningless to them. Hours, days could have past. Neither cared. This was perfect. This was the perfect last hurrah for something neither had before, yet was the gateway to something else entirely. After what they later learned were three days straight of lust making, they came hard in an orgasm they stretched for yet another day.

Their eyes stayed locked while feeling the Demonic Orgasm of a Deal being written into their very DNA …

Looking at the bracelet, long flush with the rest of her shimmering rubber-like skin, Lucinda found this moment unique and fascinating. That device prevented Lucinda from being genetically connected to Asmodeus as a zealot, but it had no power over a Deal. Every fiber of her being required her to remove it to satisfy that Deal.

She pressed the near invisible button on the inside of her wrist, and the nano-machines quickly returned to their original home. After a few minutes, all the little machines returned, and the device decoupled itself in a clunk. She slowly placed it on the bed next to them. The indent stayed like a kind of scar. She looked up at Asmodeus, and began to feel the last vestige of humanity slip away, her own will. At first, it felt like a loss, before she had trouble even feeling it like that. As the loss occurred, another will filled the void: Asmodeus’. She soon could not think anymore in his presence. She did not seem to know how to think anymore. And soon, Asmodeus’ will was all that was there. At the same time, what she felt was certainly different from all other Lust Demons. She was still an Alpha, but her body and soul was also his, sold to Asmodeus himself.

“I am now yours, mind, body, and soul, Asmodeus, per our Deal …” Lucinda said without thought.

“Now that you are mine, Lucinda — mind, body, and soul, I will now ally with Humans … I allow you to think.”

“Thank you, Asmodeus,” she said with a reverent smile. There was no relief. She simply followed his will …

Everything changed in an instant. Lust Demons were already everywhere gathering information. The tide was turning. Though it was still uncertain if the war would end soon enough for the planet itself to be saved. Project Arch and Asmodeus’ own plan combined was assumed be a viable plan B now if the planet withered.

As for Lucinda, Asmodeus’ deep respect, lust, and love for her dictated that she retain her position as right hand. Even so completely chained to him, she was still the best Alpha Demon in the world. He allowed her to think for herself. He needed her to think for herself. She was in a unique position to aid him in the alliance with Humans and war against his own kin. But in the end, all that drove them was their eternal lust for each other … 


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