Blog Flash: A Succubus of Asmodeus

Author’s Note: This story is set prior and during the events of The Armageddon Archives: Deep Cover.

A Succubus of Asmodeus

Lorella never planned on becoming a Succubus for the rest of eternity. Now one does; no one can. Only Asmodeus, King of Lust, had the power to convert Alpha Lust Demons — and only Alphas — into Succubi and Incubi. Of course, like anyone, Lorella did not even know what class of Lust Demon she would become. Unlike most, however, she did not request to become a Demon.

The young, brown haired, Orange County woman was one of the many that found herself living in the neutral Realm of Asmodeus not long after the Apocalypse. She was so damned carefree that she was all but oblivious to it all. Money as she knew it was abolished in an instant — fine by her, but the most important law of the new order she cared little about was to be a productive member of society, unless provably unable. There was room for surfer chicks, perhaps, but not carefree ones.

After a summer of some great waves, she was arrested under the unsurprising charge of being unproductive. She did not take the trial seriously. After the jury of Human peers found her guilty, the grizzled Human judge, who served as such long before the Apocalypse, sentenced her to become a Demon.

That was when her carefree nature finally broke down. She could have been banished from the Realm, sent into what was quickly becoming a literal hellscape of pan-dimensional war. What was to happen might not have been much better. The judge confirmed for her that there was no way of knowing if she would become an Alpha, Sub-alpha, or desperately obedient thrall. Worse, her will would be replaced by that of Asmodeus, regardless of how much of her sense of self was retained.

Well, twenty-four hours after the ruling, she became an Alpha Demon of Lust. Her mind was fully there, but her paramount obedience to Asmodeus was genetically engrained. Over the next month, she came to embrace her new self, loving how she could alter her physical form to a degree and fuck anything she wanted below her caste, including Humans, especially with her long, fleshy tail. She shifted her already dark hair to a shimmering blackness, and made her reflective red skin have shifting shades of red, reminiscent of waves at the beach she still found time to visit.

Of course, she was incapable of being “unproductive” now, partly running Orange County itself as a County Supervisor (a throwback position pre-apocalypse). She liked it. She never realized how much she might like responsibility, even if her genetic encoding ensured she would follow Asmodeus’ directive via the Alpha that transformed her.

Well, she was only a County Supervisor for a few months before she received a summons from Asmodeus …

“Lorella, I hear you have become quite comfortable in your new path in life.”

“Yes, of course, Asmodeus,” she said in a resonant voice of pure lust that she toned down when she worked with Humans. “Not sure if its those new genes or if I really do like responsibility. Guess it does not really matter, my lord.” Her arousal toward the King was as powerful as her obedience.

They stood alone at the top of the Tower of Lust (old Stratosphere Tower) in the RA capital, Las Vegas. 

The Demon King smiled slightly. “You have come a long way, Lorella. I would like you to come just that much further.”

“Yes, my lord Asmodeus?”

“I would like to make you a Succubus, the ultimate femme-fatale. That will make you a top spy in my ranks.”

“As you wish, Asmodeus. I am honored to follow your new directive for me,” she said honestly. Well, lies did not really exist in her genetic makeup; a Succubus could in the right circumstances to Humans and Lust Demons.

The massive King Demon stood in all his muscled glory, five foot pole rock solid. In a flash, Lorella was on the floor with Asmodeus impaling her ass from behind. This epic pleasure was exquisite, even before her body automatically adapted itself to take to full monstrosity, Well, that monstrosity grew just that much more with every thrust until the tip poked past her lips. She was skewered, turned into a massive anal cavity more sensitive than any Human pussy could normally be. The agonizing pleasure was necessary to open her Alpha DNA for tweaking. 

Asmodeus was now on his back, lifting his enthralled Lust Demon up and down his over seven foot long shaft. In the orgasmic state of pure lust, she could feel her genetic code being altered. The changes were mostly internal and mental, each thrust forcing them into existence. While she actively sought out a good fuck before, Lorella now began to hunger for it. Her very existence began to revolve around a need so powerful it might as well have been addiction: to consume lustful pleasures. At the same time, a great urge to mate emerged, but with an instant mental addendum from Asmodeus that she would hold off on that until ordered otherwise. Of her mind overall, she found herself thinking more independently, almost as independently as when she was Human.

While these changes began to set themselves, Asmodeus exploded his thick, all but endless streams of dark, demonic cum from her mouth, making Lorella like a kind of fountain for a few moments. 

Everything grew hazy, smothered in the ultimate food for a Succubus of Asmodeus. She barely even noticed Asmodeus removing her from his shaft and laying her on the floor. All Lorella could do when her mind started to return was obsessively consume every drop of cum. She consumed it off her face, her body, and even licked it off the floor.

When it was all consumed, she was still very hungry, but was able to compose herself around her king. Well, she no longer felt passive around him anymore.

“Shit,” she huffed. “This is different …”

Asmodeus quietly laughed. “Always enjoyed this part. Consciously feeling all the changes.”

“Feels amazing …” Lorella looked out the window. Her cat eyes easily focused on the Humans and Demons far below, with far better an acuity than they had before. They all looked like food to her now, even the Alphas. Lorella was still technically an Alpha herself, but it made her mouth water at the thought of seducing an old fashioned one.

Asmodeus placed his black clawed, red hand on her shoulder. “When you are ready, Lorella, you will begin your journey to Montreal, what’s left of it. Your mission, regardless of where you are posted, is to gather any and all information without revealing your true nature. You may use all the means at your disposal to do so, but you are not allowed to kill at this time, unless necessary. And of course, no turning other’s into Lust Demons or mating, at this time. Do you understand, Lorella?”

She turned. What followed was not out of obedience, but of understanding of her new position. “Yes, Asmodeus. I look forward to the pleasures of Montreal, and the information I can attain for you and the Realm …”

What followed was rather standard spy craft, making herself appear like her past human self in the highest of stilettos. Sometimes Human spies from the Realm would relay special orders, but normally she seduced and fucked whoever and whatever for any detail she could happily relay back to the Realm. This was the task of most Incubi and Succubus at present …

About four years later, Lorella was a top Succubus spy for the Realm. She was now stationed in Boston, a city presently occupied by Lucifer’s prideful forces. In her time there, she found these Demons quite easy to seduce. All she ever needed to do was stroke their egos, and they were putty in her hands and feet. She did not even mind their green skin tones either!

Lorella found herself hungry, so she targeted a rather striking Pride Demon with olive green skin and matching cat eyes. Pride Demons did not really have “classes” or “castes” like ones of lust, but she was likely relative to a Sub-alpha. Yet, ones of pride tended to have specialization regardless. She appeared to be specialized toward vanity, if the staring in the compact mirror was any indication …

“Hey, looks like you’re winning!” Lorella said casually, appearing Human to the vain Demon before her.

“Excuse me?” she asked confused.

“I can tell you do a great job with your beautiful yourself.”

“Oh, I thank you … You’re a very forward Human …”

Demons of other breeds were trained to look out for spies of Asmodeus or otherwise. This Pride Demon was too obsessed with herself in that moment to be inquisitive enough to uncover a crafty Succubus!

“Not gonna lie. New to this city, and always liked green as a color.” She did not lie. This green Demon was a supermodel with a fleshy tail.

She smiled pridefully at the “woman” and said, “I’m Cindy.”

“Lori.” They lightly shook. “Wow! Your skin feels so awesome. So smooth and slick. Buy you a drink?”

She shrugged, and Lorella ordered them both what Cindy was having.

They talked, everything about Cindy. Lorella masterfully stroked Cindy’s ego, while turning Cindy on with just the right amount of lust emanations. Cindy was just a young Demon looking for Humans to worship her, not even a direct part of the ongoing war. Still, a feed was a feed for a Succubus, as Cindy was in a position to catch some worthwhile conversations of superiors.

Within twenty minutes, Cindy was fucking Lorella in the Pride Demon’s home nearby. It was a rather amusing bout, with Cindy just watching herself in the mirror, shoving her tail into Lorella between her thighs like a dick.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot, Cindy!”

“Yeah, fuck, I am hot!”

Then, something changed.

Lorella felt all restrictions placed upon her lift. In the heat of the moment, the subconscious message from Asmodeus was not really clear, but it would be made conscious after Lorella was able to feed unchained for the first time, making herself ovulate.

Cindy didn’t know what happened at first. All she could see was her naked self on top of the mirror. A red tail forced its way up Cindy’s pussy, and she knew, she could feel it: she was in the unbreakable clutches of a Succubus. Worse, something clearly changed, feeling so hopelessly like a piece of meat.

From behind, Lorella practically forced Cindy to cum so hard she physically weakened. The onslaught continued, making Cindy cum over and over, and when Lorella came herself, Cindy collapsed in orgasm, energy sapped, consumed.

The Succubus shoved her own tail inside her, and came, joyously impregnating herself for the first time. Cindy could feel she was impregnated herself, and could feel how the unborn were of lust.

“No reason to consume you completely now, pretty thing,” the Succubus stated, squatting next her prey, petting the cheek with her shiny tail.

“What do … you … want from me,” Cindy whimpered, happy to still be alive.

“Would’ve preferred to make you of lust, but you’re too specialized for that …” Lorella was relishing the feeling of being more aggressive, as allowed by Asmodeus, whose message was now loud and clear. “The war is changing in this moment. You will soon bear my spawn, and after, when not being my personal snack, you will build the harem you dreamed of. As you are consumed by my lust, they will be consumed by my lust. All an ever growing network.”

“Yes, I understand …” Cindy breathed in total defeat.

Lorella smiled in great excitement for what was to come …

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