JIP: Wings

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story is a spiritual sequel to Blog Flash: The Lust Game. Still being a part of the overall mythology, it may be assumed that the succeeding events, particularly the first three quarters after the alternate backstory, happened similarly in the main mythology.

Synopsis: In an alternate timeline to the main Armageddon Archives, four roommates at UCLA play a game of lust that transforms their already changed lives …



“Holy shit, Jenna, wings!” I exclaimed. The three of us stood amazed at our friend, who was Human practically a moment ago.

“You guys can sit with me! I won’t bite unless you ask,” she said lightly in a resonating voice that still basically sounded like our roommate, Jenna.

We did a technically crazy thing. We summoned Demonic Lust. To be clear, we live in the Realm of Asmodeus. The King of Lust went rogue, I guess, and decided to have some fun directly in 2018, over five years ago. Long story short, half of North America became The Realm of Asmodeus. Was there a war? Sort of. Turned out that Asmodeus’ Demons, including Incubi and Succubi, were already everywhere for years. All but held the world hostage until they let this new country exist, with a treaty stating that the Lust Demons would just reside in their new country, the Realm. The important part of the treaty, though, was that allowing the Realm to exist would essentially prevent the Apocalypse of what we knew as Heaven and Hell battling on Earth. Crazy, right? Still, there has yet to be that Apocalypse, while there were rumors that the supposed Antichrist quietly lived amongst Humans somewhere.

Anyway, the Realm was borderline utopian, if living side by side with Lust Demons was your thing. These Demons were in charge, after all. Lust was a major part of our lives now, but nothing was forced on anyone. It was almost like one of those contemporary fantasy films. We got the magic, we got the “elves” (Demons), we got the cityscapes. There was no tangible fire and brimstone here!

Back to what was happening to Jenna, the four of us wanted to play a Game of Lust. It was a spell for advanced novices. We fuck each other like crazy, and go back to normal. What more do a bunch of university coeds want? Well, we went further than we all thought possible. Jenna was apparently that one in a million that was overly sensitive to Demonic Lust. I mean, she stood side by side with Lust Demons without issue, but the reality was Lust Demons toned down the lust the emitted to live side by side with Humans. What we summoned was the purest of Real McCoys.

It all happened to Jenna, somehow without any of us noticing at first, while we were in the throws of lust-filled ecstasy. 

“What?” Jenna suddenly said bewildered, fucking me in the pussy missionary with a strap-on. 

The comment did not register.

“Huhph … I … OK …” she breathed.

Jenna suddenly guided me onto all fours. After picking up my feet from behind, I felt warm blobs of spit splatter onto by feet. She then had me rub her surprisingly slick spit all over her already juice-laden dildo. I loved the lustful kinkiness of it. She then positioned me so that the tops of my feet were squashed on her hips, before I felt her teasingly my asshole with the dildo’s wet tip. I suddenly screamed in pain and epic pleasure from Jenna impairing my anal cavity. The pain quickly subsided, leaving only near orgasmic pleasure.

“So fucking hot!” Jenna exclaimed. “You were right …”

Holy fuck!” I huffed. “You’re telling me!”

“Spank her?” Jenna asked oddly.

“Well, err-huh … If you want, Jenna!”

Jenna then playfully spanked me, the first time anyone ever did. “Harder? … Really? … You didn’t lie before …”

Before I could say anything, she began to spank my cheeks hard, roughly. I liked it, but it was surprising.

“WOW …  it was even better! … Oh, yeah? Why the fuck not? I like the sound of it!” There was an odd, almost orgasmic cadence to her aberrant comment that did not really register through the extreme anal pleasure.

Jenna aggressively grabbed my golden hair, pulling my head back with it. “Woah … OK!”

“Can feel better than this? … Yeah, OK, I will …”

Grasping at both my hair and hip, Jenna began to thrust harder. It was almost too rough for my poor ass, but I still somehow liked it! I eventually just collapsed onto the floor, but she still kept fucking my ass, spanking it. Through the brutal pleasure I could barely see the other two, more or less, following suit. Lana and Jessica were thrusting their double sided dildo into their asses in a kind of anal scissor not far from us.

“Oh, I … YES!” Jenna exclaimed.

I could not see what was happening to Jenna behind me, but I can surmise after the fact. Her skin turned a shimmering, latex-like red. She developed an imposing yet infinitely sexy, Amazonian physique, gaining at least a foot in hight to reach over seven feet. Her nails became black claws. Her already dark hair became blacker, as her bangs twisted into horns. The color of her eyes shifted to a blood red encased in blackness, as the black of her pupils became catlike. A long, thick tail, proudly grew from the base of her spine, as bony, fleshy wings grew out of her (the last being a rarity).

We were too lost in the orgasmic lust to notice her transformation, if you can believe it!

Jenna and I came hard, harder than I had in my life and Jenna much harder. Our cum squirted out everywhere. I eventually collapsed, face down on the floor, in a deep afterglow. My whole ass was hot and pounding, within and without. I liked it

“Holy shit, guys!” Jenna huffed, crawling onto the couch, while we were in a moist, post-orgasmic state.

We slowly stood, breathless, not just because of what we just did. Jenna was a truly unexpected sight! Jenna transformed into a Demon of Lust …

I observed her wings, and she invited us to sit next to her. We sat rather awkwardly, kind of on our legs, our asses far from recovered.

“What the fuck …?” the brown haired Jessica exclaimed.

“I know right!” Jenna said in amazement. “I’m fucking Alpha Demon of Lust, Jess!”

“I can’t believe it …” The auburn haired Lana huffed.

“You were talking with Asmodeus, weren’t you, Jenna?” I asked.

“Yeah, Lucy!” she said with a toothy smile, highlighting her little fangs. She brushed her hypnotic hair behind her now very pointed ears, and said, “Asmodeus told me what to do to make this happen. I didn’t realize it was Asmodeus at first, but I followed the commands, which all sounded fun. It really felt fucking great when I followed the Demon Lord’s Will. Felt better every time I did … By the time I knew deep down who was guiding my actions, Asmodeus asked if I wanted to submit to his Will. Might not have been speaking out loud, but Asmodeus was ultimately micromanaging everything I was doing, right down to the thrusts. Of course, it still felt better every time I obeyed. How could I not say yes?”

“You really no longer have a will of your own?” I asked. My eyes looked up and down her shimmering, demonic body, lingering on the wings.

“I have no will of my own, yes,” she said in a way that made our pussies tingle. “Asmodeus already Willed that I stay here and finish my studies. You know, help continue Human-Demon relations.”

“How do you feel, Jenna?” I asked, eyes roaming up and down her veiny, paper thin wings.

“There is no one Human word, as I am no longer Human … It is like being wrapped in the purest of lust, a warm and orgasmic blanket. It fees amazing, guys! I know its ironic, but I feel so free without a will of my own. Asmodeus is not micromanaging me now. I just … no longer need to worry about so much now …”

Laying in my bed later that night, I could not stop thinking about Jenna, especially her veiny wings. It turned me on almost as much as when we summoned pure lust. I just … I just had to see her …

Through the ajar door, I could see the now demonic Jenna studying stomach on the floor. Her new, alluring tail swayed almost ponderously. In some ways, it was a confusing sight. She was studying not unlike she always did before bed, but she was most certainly an Alpha Demon of Lust.

Jenna picked up her head, and looked over with a seductive smile. “Come on in, Lucy.”

I awkwardly walked inside, closing the door behind me. “Sorry, I didn’t plan to snoop on you, Jenna …”

“Don’t fuckin’ worry about it!”

It was remarkable how she talked like she always did, minus the deeper, resonating tones.

“I know how much I changed. Come on, sit next to me down here. I’m still your friend.”

I did so. “You’re toning it down, your lust, right?” I just wanted to be next to her for whatever reason.

“Yeah, obviously!” She chuckled. “Otherwise, you would be, well, in the throws of automatic ecstasy.”

“Asmodeus told you how to do that?” I was still turned on by her.

“Basically,” she shrugged cutely, quietly swooshing her tail. “It’s like a mix of genetic encoding and however my Lord wants us to be at the moment.”

My Lord,’ I pondered to myself, realizing my gaze was back to her wings.

“You can touch them if you want, Lucy.”

“OK …” I breathed. 

Tentatively at first, I began to feel the furthest tip. The structure reminded me of hands, while the skin was silken, in spite of the rubbery and sinewy shimmer of them. The soft, veiny, slim flesh between the supporting “fingers” sent erotic shivers down my arm, my spine.

“Are they sensitive?” I huffed.

She shrugged. “Not like my pussy, ass, mouth, and tail … but I do like the attention.

I soon lost all inhibition, and deeply groped the massive, subtly moving wings. It took a minute to realize I was downright worshiping them! “Can you really fly?”

She nodded. “Theoretically! The method is quite instinctual. You know I may be over seven feet now and muscular, but I now weigh less than 100 pounds. These super-efficient muscles complete the equation.”

“That’s … that really is fuckin’ cool!”

“I should be strong enough to take you for a ride sometime, Lucy!”

“Do they do other things?”

She blinked at me questioningly.

“Like, your tail is supposed to be kinda like a dick, cum and all.”

“Now you’re gettin’ the idea!” she chuckled. “They make me so much more fucking cooler than other Lust Demons. I can focus my lust through them, and even target like some laser system. See?”

I suddenly felt I quick pulse of pure pleasure fly through my hands, arms, making its way to my pussy, giving me a quick tease of an orgasm.

“Hold shit!” I exclaimed.


“Could you … err, wrap someone in them?”

Clever girl!” she teased. She always liked movie references. “How ‘bout a little Deal, Lucy?”

“Like, a real Demonic Deal …?”

“Yeah, why the fuck not? I’m an Alpha, we’re free to fuck around, if the moment calls for it.”

“What’s the Deal?”

“You get to be the first to pleasure my fancy new tail, and in return, I’ll wrap in my wings and focus lust through them.”

I went wide eyed. It was almost ironic how she was being as playful as she always was.

“Come on, Lucy! We’re just fuckin’ around.” That was always her way of daring people.

“OK, fine!” I really did want to be cocooned in her wings. “I’ll pleasure your big fucking tail, and I’ll get to be wrapped in your lust-filled wings in return. We’ll seal it with a quick smooch on the lips, OK?”

“OK!” Jenna agreed.

We smooched. Pulling back, I felt strange at first. What did I expect? I just made a deal with a Demon!

Jenna sighed orgasmically. She then quickly flipped her massive yet super-hot body around, resting on her forearms. Her thick anaconda of a tail was positioned between her thighs like so kinky futa porn I accidentally stumbled upon online

I could not control myself. I almost instantly began to stroke the demonic member. I silken like the wings. At the same time there, it really felt like I was stroking a thick dick, which I technically never did before.

“OOOOO, that’s great, Lucy!”

After a few strokes, I had the irresistible urge to put in my mouth, down my throat. Well, I did so. My mouth was never opened so wide before, as my throat was so relaxed to accept the tentacle into me. I wrapped my arms around her large, warm thighs to better push the member down my throat, rocking on my knees, feet in the air. Her salty pre-cum excited me to no end. After who knows how long, Jenna suddenly blew a large load down my throat, roaring in her orgasm.

I pulled back, exploding in a massive orgasm of my own. There was so much cum that most of it spewed back out and onto us. Long before the afterglow subsided, we made out hungrily on our knees, Jenna slurping up her own cum. I genuinely thought she was about to wrap me in her wings right then, but she pulled back with a devious smile.

“We never agreed to when I would wrap you up!” she chuckled. “You have no idea how good it feels to cum through such a large dick! You’re gonna sexually play with my tail until I think you deserve to be wrapped in my wings!”

She lay back down to her forearms with a hungry smile, and pointed to my dripping pussy. Her tail stood erect and proud between her thighs. Yeah, I got the idea. I playfully groped my pussy lips along her shaft, before using gravity to push the massive thing into me. It really was too much, but the pleasure of the slightly increased lust she emitted made that not matter.

Though the pleasure, I eventually noticed a look on her face that was as hungrily erotic as alien. She may have still looked, mostly, like my friend, but there was nothing recognizably Human in her expressions in that moment. Yet, even that somehow added to my own pleasure, thrust increasing in ferocity. I genuinely wanted to make her cum again in the hope of satisfying my need to be cocooned by her lust.

We moaned and cooed loudly. We were like animals in heat. I was so overwhelmed by the passions I could not think clearly, nor did I want to.

“Oh fuck … HERE I GO AGAIN!” Jenna screamed in ultimate pleasure.

I actually caught a quick glimpse of the load subtly flowing through the tail, before in went inside me. I came perhaps harder than before. Cum overflowed everywhere. I was hyperventilating so badly that I was not sure when we began to make out again, not that I really cared. I barely registered her telling me that she produced “blanks.”

She licked her lips with her long tongue. “More!”

On our feet, Jenna stood behind me, teasing my pussy lips. Her tail soon penetrated as far as it could go up my surprisingly welcoming asshole. Oh, fuck, I screamed, moaned, writhed in the darkest of ecstasies. She thrust slowly in a way that somehow made me feel every pleasurable drop of cum drip down my body.

Jenna eventually put me onto all fours, and thrust into my asshole more intensely. I never knew anything could go so deep! Jenna moaned and growled in almost haunting ways … I was hers, the thing that she used for pleasure. I liked it. No one ever really dominated me before, so completely. I almost could forget what I wanted, and just be there for her pleasure. Yes, she did cum, massively so up my rear, as I squirt hard myself.

We stood, well, she stood while holding me up. My legs were jelly!

“OK,” the Jenna I long knew chuckled. “Got a little carried away there! Tail, pleasured.” She swayed the most snake in the happiest of ways. “Now I will wrap you in my wings, while focusing my lust through them. Ready?”

“Yeah, sure …” I huffed.

“Full disclosure: I won’t be going full blast. The lust I could give as an Alpha would literally transform you into a Demon in there. While I can transform a Human without asking, our Deal did not include transforming you.”

Her massive wings fully stretched outward in a sight as haunting as erotic. They then slowly moved around us. Eventually, I was floating in infinite darkness. Before I could process just how nothing it all was, I felt it: pure, unquestioned, Demonic Lust flowed through and around me. There was only lust and the epic pleasure it gave. My mind was mush within moments, long orgasmic moments. Lust, pleasure, and more lust was all there was. The lust was a kind a perfect pleasure I wanted to exist within forever.

I must have passed out, because I found myself fucking Jenna anywhere and everywhere, with or without others around us. Yet, she was the one pulling the strings. I followed her word like I was a Lust Demon and she was Asmodeus. This was my truth. Maybe I always felt something for Jenna, but never found a means of doing anything about it. At the same time, I wanted to be completely passive in a relationship, but could never admit that to myself. This revelation was the purest orgasm I ever felt …

The world slowly came back into focus, while I fell out of Jenna’s lustful embrace onto her bed. I lay they there, barely conscious, in an afterglow to end all afterglows.

Jenna lay next to me, and asked, “Learn anything about yourself, Lucy?”

I looked up to her, feeling fully subservient. “Yeah … I’ve always felt something for you, and I always wanted to be the passive one in a relationship.”

Jenna smiled curiously, and teased and order, “Kiss me.”

I did so, as deeply and with so my want. Her nimble tongue was like a wet, mini version of her epic tail. “I’m so happy you became a Demon, Jenna.”

“Me to …”

The next day went almost normally. Yes, others more than noticed what happened to Jenna — including our loud escapade, but Jenna was following her schedule like anyone else. Living amongst Lust Demons made so many just shrug otherwise crazy things off. We were desensitized …

I was studying with Jenna that afternoon. It was amusing in a way. I let myself be so passive around her that she needed to tell me what to do: study. She definitely liked being so in charge of another, while she did not realize how much she needed to control my actions at first.

After a good hour, Jenna said, “Wanna do something kinda crazy tonight?”

“Well, yeah!”

“You asked for it! Tonight I want you to offer yourself as a foot whore to Jess and Lana. You know, just for the night.”

“Wow … OK …” I actually did not want to say no!

Jessica and Lana were quietly sitting on the couch studying. Well, sort of studying. They could not keep their hands off of each other! It would seem that the night before awakened something inside them, as is might as well have for all of us.

Looking to their bare feet on the couch, if finally hit me how crazy this was. My friend became a Demon, I started a deeply sexual relationship with her, and then that Demon lover gave me a task to be a foot whore! The craziest part was not that I wanted to be that temporary whore; I wanted to satisfy Jenna above all else. So here I go …

I quietly walked into the room. The two barely acknowledge me. They were not studying at all anymore. They were enjoying the feel and taste of the supple bodies, and were surely going to start fucking any time now.

Sitting on the chair next to the couch, I examined their feet. Luckily, they seemed to have very nice feet. Both were streamlined and overall well proportioned. The nails were well kept, but not presently painted. Jessica’s feet were larger, maybe a size ten, a bit veiny, and high arched. Lana’s feet were smaller, with a noticeable arch, and very wrinkly soles.

“Hey, guys,” I said quietly.

“Hey,” they both said in turn. They kept on groping.

“Crazy idea.”

“Yeah?” Lana said, glancing at me.

“I would like to offer myself as your personal foot whore for the night.”

Now they both looked over to me wide-eyed.

“Where’d you get that idea, Lucy?” Jessica asked in a way that did not seem opposed to the offer.


The two looked at each other, their feet, and quickly shrugged

“Sure!” Jessica stated.

“Why the fuck not!” Lana said with a welcoming smile.

The two then sat side by side, arms around each other, feet up a bit. They both beckoned with their index fingers.

I crawled over first to Lana’s wrinkly soles. I first caught their distinct scent. It was kind of good, and I found myself liking her feet’s overall shape. I practically shoved the toes up my nose, letting myself be intoxicated. More and more, I began to rub them, feeling myself become more excited. Before I knew it, I was sucking off the toes, making Lana moan in encouragement. They tasted great! The whole foot ended up in my mouth at times, reminding me of having Jenna’s large tail down my throat. That reminder was exemplified by the fact that the nude Janna was now sitting on the chair near us, rubbing her pussy and stroking her tail. There was little doubt that she turned up her lust a bit. That lust probably made me drool just that much more all over the excited Lana’s feet.

Lana then guided me with her wet feet to the expectant Jessica. I first deeply took in the tasty scent of the large feet, at times burring myself into the deep soles. Fuck, rubbing her soles while sucking off her toes was so arousing!

The two then truly began to control me, use me. They naturally rose and lowered their feet to show me whose turn it was. Back and forth I went, between the now very wet pairs. At one point, the masturbating women brought their feet together so I could worship them all at the same time. There was no conscious action on my part anymore. Nothing mattered but their feet to me. I really was just their personal foot whore right then.

Sometimes they would tease me, only letting quick licks of the big toe. They chuckled, which I somehow took as encouragement. I soon found myself enjoying running my tongue up and down their arches, especially when I had one of each pair to pleasure at the same time.

“THIS IS SO FUCING HOT!” Jessica cooed.

“You’re telling me!” Lana teased.

At one point, they guided me onto my back, and began to just shove their feet down my throat. After a while, I no longer cared whose foot I was pleasuring. All that mattered was that I was pleasuring them.

They soon pulled off my shirt with their toes, and began to rub my breasts with their arches, pinching my nipples between their toes. Other feet rubbed my face, as I worked to hungrily rub them. 

Back on my stomach, I had feet in my mouth, feet in my hands. FEET! I WAS LUSTING OVER FEET!

The two moaned and cooed the most when they created afoot pussy between them, and it was the most alluring thing in the world right then.

I licked and drooled into and fingered the foot-pussy, before I found myself shoving the two feet into my mouth at the same time. I had no need to rub myself in any way. Successfully pleasuring their feet was all I needed for that orgasmic euphoria.

After a while, I found Jessica on her knees with me, worshiping with me, tongues and spit overlapping. I was in awe over how well she worshiped her lover’s feet.

“Yeah, Jess! Show that whore who it’s done!”Lana cooed.

I soon found myself with Jessica’s feet to pleasure, while Jessica pleasured Lana’s. It was a chain of twisted foot pleasure that led to Jessica coming down to enjoy Jessica’s feet with me, as Jessica nimbly still had Lana worship hers.

“So fuckin’ hot!” Jessica cooed. “Worship my feet!”

If my mind was not so gone then, I would have understood how much the two women truly lusted for each other! I don’t think they had a favorite part of their bodies. The two just enjoyed the pleasure of it all.

With Jessica’s feet rubbing my waist, I found myself tity-fucking Lana’s. This did not last long. Soon, Lana was eating out Jessica’s pussy, while I pleasured Jessica’s feet. Jessica moaned and writhed and cursed and came in deep pleasure. She came multiple times, but we were far from done.

They moved me onto my back. I worshipped Lana’s feet, while Jessica rubbed her foot on my wet pussy. She soon worked her large, soaked foot into my dripping pussy. I cooed loudly in mind blowing ecstasy. Lana sucked off my foot while Jessica and I thrust. My coos of passion would have been more plentiful, if Lana did not keep shoving her foot back into my mouth.

I was so gone in the pleasure that I almost did not even see how Jessica was now worshiping her own feet. Damn she was good at it! I kept cuming so hard, but their feet was all that really mattered, if Jessica’s attention to herself was any indication.

It was finally Lana’s turn for a good, kinky cum. She had her ass up in the air, while Jessica helped to guide my foot into her asshole. Lana rubbed her pussy at the same time, teeth clenching in her moaning pleasure. My foot went surprisingly deep in there! She soon came hard and loud and wet, collapsing onto the floor.

I found myself lying on the floor, their feet teasingly rubbing my tingling body.

“Fuck, how many times?” Lana said to Jenna.

“You look covered with your cum!” Jessica observed.

“Lost count after five, guys. That was awesome!” Jenna resonated. “If I wasn’t shooing blanks, you three would be godparents in a few months!”

Over the next week, Jenna and I grew very close, as did Jessica and Lana. The relationship was very different between the two pairings. Jessica and Lana seemed to be equals in their very lustful relationship. Jenna and I were just in pure lust, while Jenna was so fucking dominant between us that she often just used me for pleasure I was willing to give …

Today, while the others were home for the weekend, Jenna had me follow her on all fours to the couch. We were both completely naked. She sat on the couch, while I was on my knees next to her on the floor.

She grasped me at the jaw, and we deeply smooched.

“You know what I want today?”

“Whaa …?” I barely asked with her playfully yanking the corner of my mouth.

“Your sexy feet!”

“How would you like them?” I chirped quietly.

“Up on the couch,” she ordered, while patting new to her.

I quickly hopped up, while she almost casually to my bare feet.

She spit on my feet and rubbed them sensually. “Like my Demon spit all over you feet?”

“Yes!” I cooed. The spit was really just pussy juices and pre-cum, because her mouth was basically just a big vagina with a member as sensitive as her tail. Indeed, I have sucked off her tongue until she blew a load through it the other day!

She slowly, pleasurably licked my feet with her long, black tongue-member, moaning.

“Oh, you’re so good to me …” I breathed.

She smiled. “Suck my spit off your toes.”

I quickly grabbed my foot, and began to suck her tasty juices off my toes. Now, I was a little surprised, if only because I never knew I was flexible enough for this. That surprise made this just that much more fun!

“Shove it all in. Good!”

I gagged a little, truly enjoying myself. I switched feet for the same sucking.

“Good, Human!”

She pulled me in, and we wetly made out, she playing with my we toes.

“Back to the floor.”

“Like my feet?”

“Yeah!” Her size thirteens were as sexy as demonic. They were somewhat elongated with long toes, allowing her to easily walk on the balls of her feet when she felt like it. The arches were deep, as were the wrinkles on the soles. The black nails were sharp, but not really long (she liked them short). That was all not to mention their deep red tones, like the rest of her.

“Wanna worship my feet?” she asked.


“Put it in your mouth.”

She gave me her large foot, my mouth automatically opening wide to accept it. I was just barely able to shove every toe into me. Almost a third of the long foot made its way in. She smoothly moved her legs to thrust into my head, exemplifying the kinky deep throat. Yes, I gagged a little, but did not care. It helped to create lubricating spit anyway.

“Worship my other foot before it gets lonely!” she cooed.

I hungrily rubbed and kissed and licked. Eventually, I found myself practically buried in her foot’s arch, she pressing it against my face.

“I lust your feet!” I exclaimed, muffled.

“Yeah? Open you mouth. Let it all in again. Great!”

She grasped the back of my head, and shoved almost half the thing down my throat. My jaw must have been just on the edge of unhinging. I could not breath for a few moments, before she pulled out. She teasingly let me kiss the tip of her big toe, before she pulled me in for the most possessive of kisses.

“My feet make your spit fast so fuckin’ good!” she deeply resonated.

She had me go to all fours on the couch. She playfully spanked my ass, before fingering my asshole and pussy.

“You did such a great job with my feet, I’m gonna reward you!”

“Oh, thank you, Jenna!” I cooed. Her fingers of lust knew just how to touch me to bring me onto the brink of orgasm, yet somehow preventing full release. Eventually, she fucked my ass with her tongue, and moved just that much more deeply into my pussy with her finger. I cooed loudly in ecstasy, toes curling.

“Do you wanna cum?”



“Please make me cum, Jenna! PLEASE MAKE ME CUM OOOOO—ERRRR!” I came hard, but I was of course still horny for her.

“That was fun! Lay back. Play with my pussy lips with your toes.”

I did as she asked. Her Demonic pussy always sent waves of tingling pleasure up my body. She eventually let my foot fall into her warm, lustful depths.

“Do you want me to cum?”

“Yes, I do, Jenna!” I cooed.

With a big smile, she squirted a mini-load of her thick, orgasmic cum, making me cum.

“Lick it off your feet!”

Even through the orgasmic waves, I was just able to satisfy her order. Of course, consuming her musky cum just made me cum more. It was orgasmically torturous to keep eating!

“Get it off the couch! All of it!”

I did so, my mind slowly turning to mush. She then grasped me by the hair, and we made out, she clearly enjoying the taste of herself in my mouth.

“Gimme your feet!”

I lay back, and gave them to her. She quickly began to lick them with her pre-cum laden tongue. She moaned and growled like a horny animal, sucking off my feet in her sensitive mouth. This genuinely was that much more pleasurable for her. She sucked off my feet aggressively until her whole mouth came. Her cum orgasmically dripped down my feet and legs.

She then had me move back down to the floor, while she put her back, well, wings to me. Grasping the back of the couch, she had me jerk off her fleshy tail with my feet. After several tantalizing minutes, her tail stiffened, and cum spewed from it all over me. I came hard, wildly from the massive load …

Every time Jenna fucked me, the more I found myself addicted to the lust. I hung on her every word now. You would think the four of us would have been in regular orgies, but we were ironically monogamous. I genuinely had no desire to join Jessica and Lana in their elaborate sexcapades, unless Jenna ordered me to join them. Well, I would do or fuck anything Jenna wanted me to. Whenever my Demon friend fucked me, I felt like I had no mind to use, and when she wasn’t in the mood to fuck, she would have to order me to think about something else like schoolwork. Was this how Jenna and other Lust Demons felt? I was not sure I cared. And maybe, that was the point …

Jenna and I were studying for an upcoming midterm. She technically did not promise to fuck me after, but she fucked me so regularly that I was assuming.

Jessica and Lucy casually walked into the living room, hand down one another’s back pockets.

“So, err, guys,” Jessica began awkwardly.

We looked over to them curiously.

“We just wanted to say that we kinda proposed to each other,” Lana said with a goofy smile.

“That’s cool!” Jenna exclaimed. “Sense a little more here, though …”

“Yeah, we decided …” Jessica began, before she caught eyes with Lana.

They said it at practically the same time: “We wanna be Demons so we can lust over each other forever!”

“Wow!” Jenna exclaimed. She stood, well, toward above them. “I can make you two Lust Demons, yes, but I need to give you a bit of a disclaimer.”

The two nodded excitedly.

“As you already know, you loose all will of your own, and become an extension of Asmodeus’ Will. That does not mean you will fall out of lust with each other. Assuming My Lord has no objection, you may very well be together forever. Your lust for each other will simply take a new form that will only be best understood post-transformation. Indeed, love would no longer exist between you two or anyone, in the Human sense. Almost as important to understand, I do not know if you will become a Thrall, Sub-alpha, or Alpha. Only Asmodeus can control that, and you know I am not Asmodeus. Do you two understand?”

“Yeah!” Jessica said excitedly.

“We’re ready!” Lana said with a big smile.

“Oh, no Human is really ready, but I will do this for you!” Jenna said. “I will do this one at a time within the true embrace of my wings. Oh, and, us winged Alpha’s can do this pretty quickly. In and out in about fifteen minutes.”

The two happy, horny women looked at each other, both clearly wanting to go at the same time.

Jenna looked to me. “Choose who goes first, Lucy.”

I looked at Lana and Jessica. They were both silently saying ME-ME-ME. I shrugged. “Jess.”

Jenna removed her clothes and opened her wings wide, tantalizing me especially. “Well, Jess?”

“See yah on the other side, babe!” Jessica said, before hungrily smooching the lust of her life.

Jenna soon embraced the already naked Jessica, and wrapped the Human into a cocoon of the purest of lust. Outwardly, nothing seemed to be happening. Jenna’s lust was fully focused on the Human within her embrace. The Alpha’s stillness through it all was as haunting as arousing. Lana fidgeted impatiently.

Eventually fifteen minutes passed, and Jenna slowly began to move again. She had a smile on her face. The wings slowly opened to reveal the transformed Jessica, who very naturally stepped out with now elongated feet.

She had clearly become a Sub-alpha, being a little larger than her past self but smaller than Jenna. Her brown hair had darkened somewhat, while curvy horns replaced much of her bangs. Her eyes had the darkest of slits, while the yellow itself was hypnotic within the white. Her body was much more athletically inclined. Her short claws were a vibrant read, matching her crimson skin tones. Her tail was long and proud. What surprised Lana and I was how she now had a foot long dick with plump balls hanging between her thighs.

The reborn Jessica seductively walked over to the awed Lana, slowly licked the Human’s face with a very long, fleshy tongue-member, and resonated, “Like a box of chocolates, baby.” Jessica’s member grew to almost fifteen inches, teasingly between Lana’s thighs.

Jessica guided the breathless Lana to the ready Jenna. “Don’t worry,” Jessica resonated. “We will be together in lust forever.

Lana was soon within Jenna’s cocoon. She happily walked out about fifteen minutes later a Sub-alpha.

An interesting thought hit it me in that moment, the two coincidentally becoming the same class of Lust Demon. Common knowledge suggested randomness born out of unclear genetic and psychological factors, but Asmodeus could personally make a Human into any  class. Indeed, Asmodeus was supposedly the only one that could create Succubi and Incubi from Alphas. If all Humans start sensing Asmodeus’ Will at the start of their transformation, was it possible that Asmodeus could have a say without physical contact?

Such curiosities faded while looking at the reborn Lana. The red of her auburn hair shown hypnotically through the already hypnotic shimmer. Her reddish horns were curvy and textured. Her cat-eyes actually matched her hair. Her body was perhaps more athletically inclined than Jessica’s, as her tail was thicker. The pussy looked smooth and inviting.

The two new Sub-alpha’s made out with great hunger and lust. Jessica’s virgin dick slid into Lana’s shimmering pussy like it was always meant to live there, as Lana shoved her thick tail into Jessica’s alluring asshole. They made out until they creampied each other’s orifices in loud yet muffled, almost haunting roars, tightening grasping one another’s bodies. They slightly pulled away, and lightly touched their abdomens.

“They each made a Deal with Asmodeus when they were within my Wings,” Jenna said to me quietly. “Asmodeus would allow them to be together in lust forever, if they agreed to bear Lust Spawn at least once a year. They agreed without thought …”

Later that night, I was following Jenna to bed. I caught a glimpse of the transformed Jessica and Lana in their room. It was difficult to describe what they were doing to each other, beyond the fact that they were obviously fucking. The Demons had been fucking nonstop since they impregnated each other. However, it almost did not even look like they were fucking in the Human sense. They were somehow twisted within and without each other. One appendage pulsing in and out of a wide open mouth; another appendage pumping cum into an anal cavity. Their thick Demon cum was everywhere. At least in the quick glance, there seemed no way of knowing where Jessica began and Lana ended. They were a quivering, growling, gooey mass of the purest of Demonic Lust.

Jessica and Lana finding an unexpected way to achieve something they perhaps always wanted made me think about what I wanted. Yes, I obviously wanted to be the passive one in the relationship. Jenna brought that out quite clearly. Yet, my acceptance of it was born out of something deeper. I accepted everything Jenna did to me, because I wanted to be completely passive to someone.

I lay on the bed, passive. Tonight, I awkwardly decided to make the first move.

“Jenna, I wanna be your one and only sex toy. What do I have to do?”

“Get on your knees and beg,” she said seriously. “Beg to make a Deal to bind yourself to me.”

Jenna stood in all her orgasmically demonic glory, as I went to my knees.

I looked up to her. “Please make me yours forever, Jenna …”

“No … Try harder.”

“I want to be yours, Jenna. I need to be yours. Please!”

“Not good enough.”

I felt a true desperation well up inside me. “My body, mind, and soul is yours forever, Jenna. I give them freely to you in exchange to be your sex toy.”

She leaned down, and nudged my chin up with her claw. “You really do mean it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I said with total honesty.

“Your life as you have known it will now end, as I accept your Deal.”

While we kissed, I felt strange, different, like everything I was poured into her. Not much of a change, really …

As ordered, I lay there with her on top of me, fucking my pussy with her tail like some futa monster.

“I never lied to you, we don’t do that. There are just things that not every Human is to know. You are ready to know, because it no longer matters, being my sex toy, my pet Human. The overall Will of Asmodeus is ultimately to corrupt the world with Lust. This country Asmodeus created is really a kind of incubator. Humans here will all succumb to Demonic Lust. You as a sex toy; our friends as new Lust Demons. Tentatively, this incubation will be complete within another five years. We will then go out to bathe the world with the gift of pure Lust that will spread across the Multiverse …

* * * * 

“What happened?” the man asked his fellow Sorcerer, who already reset and closed the time loop.

“I really wanted that timeline to work,” she huffed. “Fuck, that one is worse! Asmodeus got ahead of them all, yes, but methodically guided his Zealots to transform the world with Demonic Lust. I saw the implementation was quite prevalent at universities early on.”

“And thus, positions him in a way that could consume all realities …”

“Yeah … An emboldened Asmodeus is what we need, but not like that.”

“The paths never taken …”

“Indeed …”


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