JIP: The Eye of Change

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: The final part of the Armageddon Archives. In 2015, Robert Smith learns about a fantastical family heirloom. In 2024, an archivist finds himself tasked with locating a mysterious object. In 2026, the powerful Darren, the young Alpha Demon of Lust Lucinda, and the Demon King Asmodeus must pool resources to save the world from the brink … Enjoy!


The Eye of Change

2015: Return of the Sorcerer

Robert Smith walked into his large San Fransisco home feeling rather pleased with himself. The history professor guided many young souls into what could be fulfilling lives. Perhaps he always felt this way after a graduation ceremony, but it felt good to embrace that feeling.

He sat on his comfy leather couch to unwind. His girlfriend Lara of three months would be back from shopping with her friends in a couple hours, so he had plenty of time to himself. Robert’s eyes soon moved to an old mahogany box he had yet to open on the glass coffee table. It was the sole thing his grandfather left to him, besides what little money was left in his estate. Robert was secretly expecting more, but his grandfather always like to be mysterious, sometimes for apparent self amusement

The professor picked up the box with a sigh, and slowly opened it. Inside was a black onyx orb sitting atop a blue velvet cushion. The accompanying note read:

As my grandfather willed to me, I will to you the Eye of Change. Forged by an ancestor ahead of his time from a forgotten meteorite, it gives the user great power over the mind and bodies and fates of others. The strength of the Eye varies by user at first, before total understanding of its power is achieved. Use the power cautiously, before you truly understand it. There is a balance in all things, no matter how uneven that may be. The power to alter reality can be corrupting, when knowledge is lacked.

“OK …” Robert stated to himself in disbelief, before reading on …

You are the last of a long and ancient line of Sorcerers. Yes, maybe we always were just glorified Witches and Wizards, but it once meant something more. A thousand years ago, we were the Masters of Wizardry. The most bookish of bookish. Yet, we were the ones that wrote the books. Witches, Wizards, lords, kings came to us for our understanding and strength. For our strength in the mystic is unlike any of theirs. We access the power of the universe in our own way. Yet, we must utilize our strength like any muscle, while the strength of Sorcerers is all connected. As Witches, Wizards, and Humans learned new and better ways of doing things, the call for our strength declined. For that is progress and evolution. You may now be the last Sorcerer. However, you now have the Eye. Use it wisely.
From Eternity,
Johansson Aloysius Zaccheus Smith

He closed the box, and let it slip his mind …

That night, Robert found himself unable to sleep. Thoughts of that stone kept creeping into his mind. Was it all true? Was it all some postmortem joke? He just wasn’t sure.

He quietly hopped out of the bed, and walked down to his living room. He just had to know the truth, no matter how fantastic. Bathed in the moonlight, Robert opened the box. The moon reflected diabolically on the stone’s polished surface like some kind of iris. He took out the stone. It seemed normal enough, including the subtle white bands along its blackness. “Power over the mind and bodies of others,” he whispered to himself.

Smirking, he walked back up to his bedroom with his sleeping girlfriend. What he was about to do, he did not take seriously. It was only to help him unwind, to prove it was a joke, the last laugh of a quirky old man.

He quietly stood over the slim, dirty blonde Lara. Holding the stone tight in his hand he thought, ‘Lana, you are to become incredibly athletic and flexible, and will work hard to maintain your soon to be athletic body. You are now bisexual, sexually aggressive and starved, and will discover all this in your dreams. Once you understand your sexual proclivities, you will become addicted to sexual pleasure, and will do everything in your power to exercise that with others. Sleep now, and dream of your new sexual nature, Lana.’

Robert quietly chuckled to himself. All he did was put forward an old high school fantasy. He quietly went back downstairs, and put the stone back in its box … 

“OOOOH, UMMMM,” Lana muttered at dusk, waking up Robert.

Robert looked over, and saw Lara in the throws of a clearly erotic dream! “Impossible!” he whispered in shock. The blanket was partly pushed off of her, and even in the dim gray light, he could see her body was changed. Indeed, she looked rather muscular and toned. That was not to say that she had a healthy body before, but she was not an athlete when she went to bed! Feeling Lana’s sweaty forehead — dark auburn hair sticking to the skin, she suddenly opened her deep blue eyes.
Practically leaping at Robert, she embraced him hungrily. He suddenly found himself on his knees, taken off guard by how strong she was now.

“Worship my fucking feet!” she proclaimed, presenting her soft feet to him.

Robert never felt one way or the other about her feet. Luckily, they were rather nice, smooth, and streamlined size nines. He never touched a woman’s foot before in his life, but he found himself engaging the soft, subtly pliant feel of Lana’s feet. Their subtle scent was, well, pleasant and erotic in its own way.

“Come on, Robbie! Worship them. Use that mouth!” she ordered with more than a hint of desperation.

Somewhat cautiously at first, he began to kiss the wrinkly soles. The textured skin felt really good on his lips. He soon began to taste the skin with his tongue, finding the flavor as good as erotic. The more he rubbed, kissed, and tasted her feet, the more he came to enjoy it. At the same time, she began to move her feet around in ways both playful and deliberate. Indeed, he was almost surprised when her tasty foot was shoved deep in his mouth.

FUCK!” she proclaimed. “Feels better than my dream!”

He was becoming intoxicated by her feet: the feel, the smell, the taste. Her deliberate, controlling motions intensified the overwhelming sensation!

She then twisted herself to her hands and knees. Robert kept consuming, and joying her feet without complaint from Lana, who was cooing happily, hungrily.

To Robert’s surprise, she ordered him to pleasure her asshole. When he hesitated for a moment, she just grabbed the back of his head, and buried his face between her cheeks. Well, he went for it. He rimmed the event horizon, and shoved his tongue into its deep gravity well. She moaned happy, before putting him back to work on her feet. He liked her feet better than her ass. It did not matter, because she had him back up into her asshole, which he now went into without question.

He soon found himself lying on the bed with Lana sitting on his face.

“Fuck!” she cooed. “Don’t stop! Never knew my ass could feel so good!”

She then leaned down, ass still the center of Robert’s attention, and began to aggressively suck his surprisingly erect member. He never had his dick sucked before, let alone be half of a 69, as he was sure Lana never did such things either. Yet, she was a savant, just hungrily sucking. It took all his concentration not to cum, concentrating on her ass helped, sort of.

After savoring the moment for a moment, Lana twisted around, and mounted his dick above in a squat. She was relentless in her hungry humps. Lana then leaned back, grasped his lower claves, and gave him a foot to suck off. Robert took the tasty foot happily, sobering all over. After some three limbed humping, Lana gave him both her feet. She somehow humped even harder, using her now very throng arms to maneuver. They came hard into each other, but it did not matter to Lana.

Lana soon leaned forward, and held Robert’s legs open wide and back. She hungrily, domineeringly thrust his dick into her, basically forcing his dick to not go limp. The world seemed shake and convulse around them. She came harder; more of his cum spewed into her. All that mattered for Lana now was to pleasure …

She was rubbing her wet pussy like an addict in the other room. The whole day was raw, hot, sweaty sex. He could not keep up with her! Looking at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, after chugging a glass of water, he first thought about boosting himself. Then he realized that having a sex-crazed maniac as a lover was not really what he wanted.

He barely snuck past her to make his way to the living room, and took the Eye out of its box. After some thought, he adjusted Lana to be more in control of herself sexually. Then he realized that she and he were equals in his mind before all this. Him being some kind of Sorcerer was obviously negating that reality he loved. So, Robert made her into a fellow Sorcerer …

2024: Solutions and Contingencies 

Marry, Jack and their thrall Demon of Lust, Allison, have been living happily together, Marry especially embracing the thrall’s sexual willingness for whatever. The Human couple poured their lust into her, as she reflected it back on to them, almost forcing out anything that ever turned them on. Though this all revealed or instilled lust between Marry and Jack at first, Allison being the focal point of that lust ironically removed all lust between the couple, who just grew more deeply in love. It turned out to be possible to make love and lust at the same time during a threesome!

Of course, Marry and Jack came to make love differently not long after Allison entered their lives. Allison awoke the alpha within Marry, who seemed incapable of holding back with Allison …

Jack came home late one evening to see Marry fucking Allison up against the wall with a double-sided dildo.

“Yeah, fuck me!” Allison encouraged in her demonic resonance. “Take what you want …”

It was genuinely interesting to see how passive Allison made herself with Marry. The thrall genuinely liked to bring out the aggressive lust within her. Marry then flipped the passive Demon around, and began to fuck Allison’s perennially tight asshole. Marry then took the Demon’s wildly flicking tail, sucked the end off a little, and finally shoved it up Allison’s demonic, wet, hungry pussy. Thrust, thrust, THRUST, THRUST! They soon exploded in wet, cum-covered orgasm …

Later that night, Marry and Jack were making love. This was not necessarily unusual. Having Allison around created an underlying horniness that needed to be sated regularly. With Marry humping him on top, Jack was well aware that this love making was not as it was before they had a Demon in their lives. The awoken alpha nature normally prevented Marry from not being on top, and Jack found himself fine with that.

In spite of the aggressive hunger in Marry’s dominant thrusts, there was no lust in her eyes; there was only love bouncing between them, hands often intertwined. 

Allison happily, casually fucked herself with her sensitive tale to their grunts and moans. She practically rode the love they were making to create her own lust. She leaned back, thrusting in ways to create a glorious orgasm. And when the Humans came, in a way, they all held each other in the afterglow … 

Jack casually ate his breakfast that morning. Marry was already driving to work (early staff meeting). He smiled lustily at the thrall Demon Allison the moment she walked into the kitchen. She wore a shimmering, black lace nightie that basically left nothing to the imagination. While all Demons he knew of always walked on the balls of their elongated feet, Jack found the way Allison walked somehow more cute than lustful, especially in how she was walking around in her gushy white tube-socks, as usual. The socks, she explained, was almost an old habbit from when she was Human. Plus, she now liked “encasing” her feet.

“Want me to make you something, Allie?” he asked casually, unabashedly looking up and down her fleshy tail. Yes, she brought out his fetish for Demoness tail.

She shrugged, sitting almost profile on the chair on the opposite end of the table. Strictly speaking, as a Lust Demon, she often just ate cum and general lust, and rarely needed to eat anything at all. She ate with her Deal-created masters all the time, though. “You two sounded great last night!”

He laughed lightly. “It was really good. What’d you do last night?”

“Fucked myself listening to you two,” she said deeply, seductively swaying her fleshy tail.

“With that tail?”

“Fuck yeah!” She swayed the tail to her face, and touched it with her long claws before licking the tip. The end was as sensitive as any Human dick.

“Cum in yourself?”

“Yeah! Came so much, overflowed all over myself, Jack! You two really were that hot last night.”

“Deep-throat that tail for me, Allie!”

“Cool!” She quickly shoved that fleshy, sensitive thing in and out of her sensitive mouth, throat. In some ways, it still amazed Jack how she followed his word like he was some Alpha, thanks to their Deal. It was true that the Will of Asmodeus would overrule anything he and Marry ordered, but that never happened.

“OHHH —- errr, uhhh …” she huffed with her mouth full of herself, cat-eyes rolled into the back of her head.

The excited Jack quickly removed his morning clothes, and ordered, “When you’re ready to blow your load, crawl over to me on the table, shove that tail down my throat, and feed it all to me! … Oh, and make sure I’m cuming inside you, too. Don’t wanna big clean up!”

With thick strings of spit and pre-cum connecting, she quickly removed her tail. “UMMM, comin’ right up!” She went back down on herself aggressively.

Jack found himself stoking his own member automatically at the honest lust before him. Then, she removed her tail, and eyes locked, she teasingly crawled over to him on the table. The tail was leaking pre-cum onto her back, the nightie slowly absorbing.

He leaned his head back and opened his mouth wide for the meal he ordered. She stroked his head slowly, before shoving the tail as far down his throat as far as she could. In her orgasmic roar, thick streams of Demon cum was pumped down his throat. The orgasmic nature of it making him cum into her pussy, of which Jack’s dick was already swallowed within. As she filled his stomach with her cum, he filled her dormant womb with his …

Jack was practically petting the Demoness on his lap. Well, his hands always found their way to her tail.

“How many times have I thanked you for being the lust of our lives, Allison?”

She smiled with true joy. “Let’s see …” She did have a photographic memory. “One-thousand and five times.”

“Well, still, thank you for be the lust of our lives!”

“One-thousand and six!” she updated cutely, smooching in the cutest, most lustful way.

“Crazy idea, Allison. Come to work with me today.”

She smirked, tail swaying curiously. Most days she either watched films of people fucking or went out to buy something for future sex. Her only goal in life was to please Marry and Jack. “OK …”

It turned out that Allison was a savant within archives. About an hour in, she half-joked that her life would’ve been very different if she took some archives or history course back at her university when she was still Human.

Just before lunch, Jack’s boss, the imposing Alpha Demon Esmerelda, walked into the main archives area. She wore the highest of black stilettos and a revealing yet professional purple dress, which almost implausibly matched her “tattoo” laden, red skin.

“You’d better be careful, Jack,” she teased. “I might just give Allison your job!”

Jack laughed quietly. “Maybe I was worried that she was getting bored when me and Marry were at work, Esmerelda.”

Jack was admittedly fascinated at how Allison literally stopped everything when Esmerelda walked in. Allison was even bowing ever so subtly, clearly not wanting to even make eye contact without prompting.

Esmerelda walked over to the slavishly subservient Allison, lifted her head up at the chin with a black claw, and said, “Enjoying your station, Allison?”

Barely looking into the Alpha’s deep, slitted eyes, she answered quietly, “Yes, Alpha Esmerelda. Marry and Jack have so much fun with me.”

“What have you liked the most, Allison?”

“Revealing what turns them on the most. I awoke Jack’s fetish for Demoness tails, including cum from them. I awoke Marry’s need to be rough and domineering, especially in acts of lust.”

“Lucky Demon,” Esmerelda said toothily. She walked over to Jack. “I did not come in here to speak with the thrall, Jack. I have a special task that requires your aid.”

“OK, sure …?” he almost shrugged. Jack was not even close to as subservient as Allison toward his boss, not having that behavior embedded in his DNA. However, he was completely sure his attitude would be very different if the Alpha turned up her lust even a touch.

“Be honored, Jack, this task comes directly from My Lord Asmodeus. So, this task is top priority. We need to find any and all information regarding a Robert Smith, who lived in this city into 2015. It would seem he disappeared in December that year. What we also need to find, if possible, any references to an object known as the ‘Eye of Change.’”

“Hrmm … Well, you know a lot digital records from the 2010s are a bit spotty. If your boss didn’t go neutral, probably wouldn’t have a damn thing left! … Probably a common name … Occupation?”

“Historian, professor, from what I could find already, Jack.”

“What about this Eye of Change?”

“According to Asmodeus, it was a kind of legendary artifact that Sorcerers and Witches used to enhance or focus their power a millennia ago. What little is known about it suggests it was a powerful object, if it indeed existed.”

At the very least, Jack knew that Witches were all Humans that understood mechanisms many didn’t. They continue to play key roles in the ongoing war, while some were known to live quietly in the Realm.

  “So he was some kind of Witch, I take it?” Jack asked.

“Very likely, but I know that is not something you Humans normally recorded.”

“No …” he sighed. “Well, let’s get to it. Allison, you seem to handle the physical records well, see what you can find.”

She looked over to Esmerelda, who nodded. Allison said quietly, “OK.”

Jack and Esmerelda were looking through the digital records without finding much. There was a lot of corrupted data, even after more than half was recovered by himself and others.

From what they could gather, Smith was a tenured History Professor at UCLA, and was a major player in building their online programs. He lived in LA all his life, the second generation to do so. His grandparents, Johansson and Lorella Smith, immigrated in 1953 from Europe, and ultimately made their way to Los Angeles by 1955. The readable records showed only a single child in 1956, Larry Smith. Larry married in 1980, and had Robert the next year. There was no clear record on marital status for Robert. Also, there were no available current records of the family within or without the Realm. Esmerelda allowed him access to files on the Realm’s intelligence operations, which did not go deeper than known name and location, if not a person of interest. It honestly reminded Jack of an old fashioned phone book.

Allison eventually walked over with a tall stack of books and papers in her arms, possibly 60 pounds worth, and placed them on the large table.

“What did you find, Allison?” Esmerelda asked seriously.

“I found real estate records, possibly incomplete, and a Will. I’m sorry, Esmerelda, I did not find anything yet on the object …”

“That is OK, Allison,” Esmerelda said. “Tell us about those records.”

Allison showed how Johansson had multiple properties into the 1970s, suggesting independent wealth. He, however, sold them off by 1975, except for two: his own and one transferred to his son. Johansson sold his last property in 2009. Robert ultimately purchased his own home in the city in 2010. Records showed his parents lived in the city until at least the start of the war.

Johansson’s Will added some further mystery, too. It stated that all remaining moneys be left to his grandson, Robert, as well as the contents of a mahogany box, Johansson’s most prized possession.

“Could that ‘possession’ be our mystical Eye?” Jack forwarded ponderously.

“Humph, we should be so lucky, if I believed in luck!” Esmerelda stated. “Do we have Roberts last address?”

Allison answered, “Ah, yes, Esmerelda, here it is … Topanga, Palisades, 125 Eason Road.”

Jack did a quick database search. “Hrmmm …. That street does not seem to exist. Or at least, it stopped being used once the Realm was founded … Ah, interesting, it is pinned for redevelopment at a still to be determined date. Strange … plot 125 does not specifically exist. You know, if Humans still ran things around here, I would suggest we uncovered some kind of conspiracy!”

Esmerelda swished her tail somewhat jovially. “The King Asmodeus has never been a fan of such things, Jack!”

“Are you two up for a drive?”

Esmerelda glanced at Allison. “Let’s see what we find over there …”

Like most in the hilly region, Eason Road twisted and turned. The not terribly dense area was as populated as it ever was, at least partly thanks to LA not being a major part of the war prior to the founding of the Realm.

Just as their redevelopment map showed, the road simply stopped at plot 124, had an empty area for three acres, and then resumed after, starting with plot 126. The road was definitely disused, regardless, with the abandoned structures raised years ago.

They stood looking into the empty, sandy block of land, seeing the crumbling road resume not far off.

“I know you’re not one to question your administration, but is it possible there was some kind of oversight?” Jack asked.

“I don’t think so …” Esmerelda answered, swaying her tail in bewilderment with Allison. “If there is no record of this plot since the founding of the Realm, then there has been no planning for this plot since. This is, indeed, the first instance of any error like this that I know of. Everything goes through my office at some point.”
Jack’s heart raced. He felt utter confusion. Something was horribly off.

“You feel it, too, don’t you, Jack?” Esmerelda stated. “Like we’re looking into something we should not. But now that we have, we cannot look away …”

To the Alpha’s surprise, Jack walked forward into the incomprehensible null-zone. The Lust Demons followed. The more they walked forward, the more something once intangible faded into existence, like a mirage with the dream of being real. A wild gust of wind twirled waves of sand, obscuring the world around them. They all felt lost, but forced themselves forward toward what now seeming like a shadow of a building.

“TRANQUILLATATE!” Esmerelda boomed in the most haunting of deep resonance.

They suddenly found themselves in the eye of the sand storm. Before them was a well kept lawn, and one story house with a roofed porch.

Jack looked over to the stone faced Alpha Demon.

“A thousand years ago, I was tasked by Asmodeus to personally take down a coven of Witches determined to destroy Demons.”

“You won, I take it?” Jack said awkwardly.

Esmerelda swayed her tail happily with toothy smile. “They are Lust Demon now.”

“Well, glad you’re finally having an interesting day, boss!”

“It’s always an interesting day when serving the Will of Asmodeus!” she quipped with total honestly.

They walked up to the front door. It opened before them to apparent blackness.

“Do either of you see anything?” Jack asked, knowing their perception was not  precisely the same as his.

Allison shook her head.

“It is not really possible to see anything here, in the Human sense,” Esmerelda answered in a flat resonance. “This is a kind of veil. Through this doorway may be beyond this universe.”

“Not one of your doorways?” Jack asked seriously.

“They certainly resemble this, Jack, the blackness”

“How do we know if it’s even safe?”

“There is no way to know for sure. However, whomever created all of this is likely some kind of Witch, and they all breath like you. Assuming whomever created this is on the other side, we should at least find ourselves breathing.”

“Assuming can make an ass of us all.”

“I’ve always liked anal,” she resonated deeply. “It will be like walking into true nothingness, and some can become a bit scrambled when they reach a reality.”

“Great …”

With Esmerelda in the lead, they walked into the blackness …

It was as if they began to fall into nothingness forever, yet they could feel no time at all. The experience would have been horrifying, for at least Jack, but there was literally nothing to sense.

Suddenly there was light, existence forming all around them. Jack collapsed onto the floor in what could only be described as a sensory overload. The two of lust stood for a few moments in their own confused state, before fully resetting. They looked down to the slowly recovering human on the shimmering wood floor, and helped him to his feet.

“Whe … where are we?” Jack muttered, his senses returning to normal.

“A bubble universe is one logical description,” said a man quietly sitting on an armchair before them. He was more than troubled, but calm nonetheless.

A striking, tall, athletic, auburn haired woman sat on the couch on the other side of the apparent living room. Her left eye was black as pitch, with subtle white striations.

“Witches?” Esmerelda forwarded. Of course, she never new any that could wield the power to create their own reality.

“Not quite,” the woman said with a subtle smirk.

“Sorcerers …” Esmerelda breathed.

This was the first time Jack ever saw any Alpha Demon look uncomfortable and uncertain.



The two greeted without standing.

“Robert Smith?” Jack asked, feeling somewhat recovered.

“Yes, and you?”

“Jack. My boss here is Esmerelda, and the other is Allison, my thrall.”

Interesting!” Lana sat forward.

“So what has happened in the outside world since we left?” Robert asked in fascination.

“The Apocalypse as expected failed,” Esmerelda said guarded. “The one meant to lead the Forces of Darkness against the Light chose humanity instead, and convinced Lord Asmodeus to become neutral. The war became a lie long ago, and Asmodeus does not appreciate lies. My Lord subsequently created his own Realm on Earth were it was directed that Lust Demon and Human live peacefully and separate from the war.”

“So, what brought you three here?” Robert asked.

“The war is killing the Earth. Asmodeus is seeking to create contingency plans.”

Robert looked over to Lana. “Do you think we created this?”

She deeply sighed. “Not impossible.” She looked over to the guests. “Yes, the Eye of Change you obviously seek could fix things in some way …” She lightly tapped the black orb-eye. “There are always consequences.”

I couldn’t save her …” Robert said sadly. “I made her a Sorcerer, like me. I helped her to integrate the Eye into herself, after she suggested the possibility. We were drunk on power, remaking the world around us …”

“With the Eye a part of me, I developed the power to control the fate of Earth and more. In fact, in most timelines, I did …

Robert continued, “We ultimately fought each other. I could not let her remake the world as she saw fit, once knowing, seeing the consequences. I did succeed in stopping her, but she dies in that first timeline. So, I used the Eye to travel back to rewrite the timeline … And well, humph!”

“Oh, you can make changes, dramatic ones,” Lana said, “but the consequences of those changes … In some timelines, I sometimes just destroyed worlds, and remade others. It is interesting, looking back, that I always failed to kill him, ensuring that he could go back and try again.”

Robert sighed. “You three are standing in the solution.”

“Part of the solution, Robbie!”

“Yes, Lana … I eventually decided to give her all the memories of the alternate timelines we created …”

“I did not want any of that, or at least, it was early enough that I was not yet considering anything close to global dominion. So, I decided to create this little universe for us to keep the world safe from us.” She leaned forward, and said somberly. “I hold the power of the universe back with that same power. The Eye is now me, as I am now the Eye.”

“You said that you might have created the Apocalypse …” Jack forwarded.

Robert sat back. “Lana’s dominion over the Earth might have made an Apocalypse impossible, or perhaps could have fought one back.”

“That might actually be true,” Esmerelda stated. “Perception of alternate timelines is really only possible for the Demonic Lords, but only if they know to look when the timelines are shifting. They were not looking then. However, there were reports of unexplained instability from 2015 to 2019. Once that disappeared, the War crossed over. No one thought much of it, because instability could be a global war or even atomic bomb test. Such things always have some kind of detectable meta-affect across the multiverse.”

Lana closed her eyes for a few moments. “There are few immediate paths where this can end well, and time travel ensures that this won’t end well.”

“Vacation? Bikinis? Gambling?” Robert said sarcastically.

“Only if we want to fuck this up, and that will be very easy to do …”

“I must admit to be honored to meet with true Sorcerers!” Asmodeus happily boomed, presently as a massive female form with the thickest of an eight foot long tail, distracting breasts, and hypnotic pussy.

The three stood alone at the top of the Tower of Lust in Las Vegas.

“I am sure you are aware that using the Eye of Change can have consequences that can effect the whole multiverse.” Lana stated somberly.

“Yes, of course, everything has consequences,” Asmodeus said in a subdued resonance. “If I did not become neutral, the war might be over, and our biosphere might not be showing signs of cataclysmic collapse.”

“You want to make sure your choice does not fail?” Robert forwarded.

“Iwant to make things right, if that makes sense coming from a Demon Lord.”

Lana closed her eyes to sense the possibilities. Her patience has grown shorter of late. “We must wait,” she stated, fully annoyed with the irony.

Asmodeus sarcastically smirked, sensing the timelines in that moment. He never liked to use his time-sense, but he wanted to be sure of what Lana was latching onto right then. This was the one conflicting element of his nature: wanting to know as much as possible, but not wanting to see future possibilities. “I agree, Lana. There is an emissary from the Human Alliance I must meet with tomorrow, and as I always like to plan, I will let the dice fall as they may … In the meantime, you two are welcome to stay here.”

“No,” Lana said seriously. “That won’t likely go well. Robert and I must go back to our little bubble. The right path must first be revealed you. Then, you will follow that path, and it will eventually fall upon you to know when to bring us back to this world. You know where to find us.”

Asmodeus nodded in agreement …

The stressed and exhausted Jack lay on the couch, and had Allison passionately stroke his cock with her tail, which curled around his length.

Before he came, Marry casually walked in from work.

“You OK, Jack? Never seen you so wiped out …”

“Helped Esmerelda find some Sorcerers today … fuck, that’s great Allison, keep going … Traveled to another dimension, an artificial one! Might have helped save the world, Marry. Isn’t that crazy?”

Marry lovingly petted his hair with a pleasant smile. “Ten years ago? Yeah, I’d say you were joking. Now, you got an obedient Demon jerking you off with her own tail! The world is kinda broken. Feels good that we might have played a role in fixing it …”

Jack came hard all over the tail of Allison, the thrall Demon of Lust, before he and Marry lovingly kissed …

2026: The Death and Tower Cards

All of Asmodeus’ forces were fighting or seducing all they could to continue changing the course of the war in their favor. It was working, slowly. All that stood against the Humans and Asmodeus were now either in a defensive pattern or in full retreat. The problem was that the collapse of the biosphere was occurring at a faster rate than anticipated …

Darren, Lucinda, and Asmodeus sat in the isolated room beneath the Tower of Lust. The room was converted into a kind of war room. Paper and digital reports were sprawled before them on the table covered with interactive screens. This was Asmodeus’ center for the war effort against the Forces of Darkness.

“Project Arc is not ready, Asmodeus, “ Darren stated dejectedly.

“My Lord, the path.” Lucinda suggested submissively. It was not really a question, even if it might have sounding like one to outside observers. She may have had the most free will of any Alpha, but that did not change the genetic encoding that bound Lust Demons to Asmodeus.

Asmodeus, in a massive futa-female form, sat back, massive tail waving pensively. “You are right, as always, Lucinda.”

She smiled almost orgasmically at the compliment from her lover and master.

Asmodeus continued slowly, “I don’t think I wanted this moment to come. I still have faith in Project Arc. My forces are helping to win this war even now. Last report from my sources suggest full surrender within six months, Lucifer probably holding out until the very end … I never told you, Darren, about my contingency plan, because there was not enough to tell. There still is not … I have two reluctant Sorcerers that may save us. Combined, they have the power to reshape everything, but I don’t know if they even know what they will do to save us. All I know is where to find them …”

Asmodeus stood in the apparent living room of the Sorcerers’ in their bubble universe. They sat, knowing why the King of Lust was there.

“I felt an extreme temporal disorientation this morning. Was that you, Lana?”

“Yes, I had an idea. It didn’t work as I hoped. You play the game well, Asmodeus, in all timelines,” Lana stated.

“I always do.”

“The odds are not really in our favor,” Robert forwarded.

“That is always the most fun game,” the Demon King stated with a smirk.

“You know the true meaning of the Death Card in tarot, Asmodeus?” Lana asked.

“It suggests the end of one path, and the beginning of another.”

“Yes,” Lana confirmed. “What we have to do is use it to counter the Tower, the card of chaos and ruin. Not an easy task …”

“You are delaying,” Asmodeus observed. “You do not want to do this.”

Lana stood, and took a long deep breath. “I can be the most powerful being in the universe, perhaps even the multiverse, thanks to the Eye. In once timeline, I fed off of the stars themselves, orgasmically expanding my power.”

Asmodeus failed to hide a distinct discomfort.

“Yes, you know what that means,” she smiled darkly. “I embraced a lust no being could ever truly handle. I know now the truth of that lust. If Robbie here failed to stop me then, I would have consumed this universe just to feel that ultimate ecstasy. Of course, that meant I would have needed to go to yet another to taste such divine pleasures again. Sound familiar, Asmodeus?”

He stood silently.

“Of course it does … It will not matter to the forces of Light and Darkness when Earth’s biosphere suddenly collapses in 180 days. There is a plan you know of.”

“They would not dare,” Asmodeus sneered.

“Oh,” she smiled toothily, “This time, they will. Thanks to your actions of neutrality, Asmodeus, and then alliance with Humans, Michael finally will have the sway to enact a final end to the War of Divinity. The Forces of Light will absorb the power of our star, and use that power to obliterate Lucifer’s Forces of Darkness and the few surviving Humans. But then, you know what will happen to those Angels.”

“They won’t stop with just one star …”

“The truth of that ultimate lust, that pure ecstasy: in the end, there will be nothing to feed on, and they will find themselves in a Hell of Nothingness, filled with a hunger that will never be sated, before they become nothing themselves … That knowledge is what has kept me in check for so long.”

“So what do we do?” Asmodeus huffed, failing to hide the terror.

“It takes the monster already within me to master the darkness I foolishly embedded within myself …” She walked up to Asmodeus, and smoothly floated up to the Demon’s eye level. “What you need to do, Asmodeus, is to claim the Eye as your own …”

In blink of extreme disorientation, the three of them were suddenly outside the house, back on Earth. Asmodeus and Robert saw Lana fly up into the bright blue atmosphere like a dark phoenix.

LANA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Robert screamed up to here.

Goodby … Both Robert and Asmodeus heard loudly in their minds.

Fifty miles up at the roof of the world, Lana unchained herself. She reached out into everything at once, grasping what she needed literally and figuratively. The Eye of Change glowed in a blinding blast of a light as dark as shadow. On the surface, Robert and Asmodeus began to taste the freshest air the Earth has held in a thousand years, as the sun beat down just that much less harshly, the ozone layer thickening. They saw flashes of rainforests rejuvenating in a matter of moments; the rubble of war being brushed away from the city streets. Lana was saving the Earth, but in so doing, they knew, meant she was setting free the most powerful force in the universe.

* * * *

Alarm bells rang across the world. Chatter across the communication channels were deafening to all those listening. Power was detected beyond anything ever recorded, as atmospheric sensors indicated dramatic, positive changes.

“Have you pinpointed the source?” Darren called, his normally cool demeanor horribly shaken. He could feel the power, and knew of nothing to counter it.

“It appears to be over the Palisades region in California, RA,” the young officer breathed. “We have live satellite imagery of the location, sir. It appears to be within the Mesosphere.”

They could see a breathtaking female being seemingly breaking all laws of physics by holding motionless at the roof of the world. At the same time, the computer could barely resolve her image, due to the extreme power emanations.

“What are you!?” Darren whispered in terror.

The being turned her head, making her smiling face visible to them. They loudly heard in their minds, You’ll all learn soon. The screen when blank.

“The satellite is no longer responding … I, I think it’s gone …” another officer stated breathlessly.

Darren huffed in terror. For the first time in years, he had no idea what to do.  This was something else. “We … Send orders out to all Alliance leaders: do not engage! DO NOT ENGAGE!”

* * * *

Using their respective powers, Asmodeus and Robert observed the godlike being above, not yet knowing what to do. The Archangel Michael and the Demon Lord Lucifer, who was once Archangel, suddenly flew toward the being bathed in the darkest of light. In contrast, they floated visibly, constantly correcting for atmospheric, gravitational, and cosmic motion factors.

“Would you believe I’m making myself villainous again to save all of reality?” she said maniacally, already seeing them as conscious chunks of energy.

Before the leaders of Light and Darkness could utter a word, they found their throats tightly grasped by the being of dark-light. Their very life-force began flow out of them and into her. They were frozen in time and space. Thought slowly flowed out of them with their very essence. The more she sucked out, the faster she sucked. The energy that flowed from the most powerful Angel in existence was a flowing blue and white cloud, while the former Angel’s flowed like a shimmering waterfall in the night.

For a moment, Lana felt terror and despair for the path she decided to follow. Sure, she had the power to follow this gambit of a timeline — or was gaining it, but knew she was unlikely to care in a few moments. All the memories of her darkest self flashed before her eyes, memories she all but repressed for so long. She destroyed whole worlds in her hunger, caring nothing for them. Everything was in her way, while each taste of something more powerful made her hunger for something greater. She desperately tried to hold onto that horrid feeling, but her own hungry body betrayed her. The taste of Lucifer and Michael was unlike anything she ever had in any timeline. It was energy at its most divine and vile. She tasted otherwise exotically exquisite extremes she never knew existed. It was … glorious …

She orgasmed, and orgasmed, making their life her own. She had forgotten how it felt, the exquisite ecstasy of raw power, consumed or no. There was no going back now, feeling her orgasms now sending shockwaves into the atmosphere. She once saw how this path may end best for the world, but now saw how she wanted it to end. 

The godlike being then dropped the lifeless husks, seeing them cremate in the atmosphere she just rejuvenated. In a blink, she was gone …

“Where did she go?” Asmodeus croaked.

“Probably a bubble universe she just created, so she could digest the raw energy fully and plan her next move … I know you hate looking, but tell me, Asmodeus, how long will she be gone? I can’t look naturally like you can.”

He grunted quietly, and closed his eyes. A few moment later, he relayed, “I can only sense ahead about eighty hours, Earth Cycle, naturally, and more emotion than imagery the further I look. I could not sense her anywhere in my personal future in that time.”

Robert deeply sighed. “OK.”

“Can we overpower her?”

“Yes, but it may not be better than 50/50 this time …”

* * * *

Within twenty-four hours, officials of the Alliance, Darkness, and Light all met for the first time to discuss what just happened. Plus, the forces of Darkness and Light were vulnerable now that their leaders were gone. They quickly agreed to a halt of all hostilities, and would focus their efforts to defend themselves against a being few understood …

* * * *

Robert, Asmodeus, and Lucinda sat in the isolated room beneath the Tower of Lust mere hours after the Provisional Armistice was hastily signed. They were waiting for the newly minted leaders of the Light and Darkness to arrive, as well as Darren of the Humans. Some further arguing was still required to solidify the first new leaders in an eon. If Asmodeus was still with Darkness, he probably would have been made the new leader, but his alliance was permanently with the Humans, complicating such an appointment.

“I’ve never known such an irony in my life,” Asmodeus said in a subtle growl, looking over the preliminary reports on the planet’s biosphere. “She saved the fucking world, and now she may be positioning herself to consume it?”

Robert groveled. “It was the only way. Now, we no longer have to worry about Lucifer’s Pride, Michael’s sun eating, or a dead Earth. But, Asmodeus, you know manipulating the future is complicated. Once a domino is twisted to fall differently, all that falls after may fall differently as well. She needed to unchain herself to create a miracle, and now, we have to stop her from flinging all the dominos off the table.”

“But Asmodeus taking the Eye as his own?” the powerful Alpha Lucinda stated unsteadily.

“That was likely the best outcome she could detect,” Robert stated. “The problem with the Eye of Change is its vast power. Even if it really isn’t, it might as well be a piece of the structure of the multiverse. Most in my family only ever used it a couple times, lest they corrupted themselves with its power. Sorcery derives from wisdom. Wisdom dictates that ultimate power be used sparingly. I made the mistake of playing with it, and her … I stopped myself before I let it corrupt me directly, but I certainly used it much more than most of my family. Never said it directly, but me altering her with the power of the Eye left a resentment. So, the consequence of all that was Lana taking the Eye as her own after I made her a Sorcerer. Neither of us had the wisdom then to really understand its power … Asmodeus has eons of wisdom …”

“Not much of an exaggeration,” Asmodeus half-joked, subtly winking at his ever hungry Lucinda.

“Asmodeus taking the Eye seems a radical but logical conclusion …”

A few minutes later, they received a decoded message that the Demon Lord Beelzebub and the Archangel Gabriel were installed, and will be arriving momentarily …

The deep purple skinned, long horned Beelzebub walked into the room. The male Demon Lord fulfilled his reputation of gluttony and flying visibly to all his onlookers. His ridiculous eight foot stature was exemplified by a frame holding equal parts muscle and apparent fat. The wings were massive, connected with his arms, as they were with all Gluttony Demons, perhaps ironically. At the same time, the slitted, pale eyes could see through anything for miles. While he was not known for pride traditionally, his pride had grown over the millennia to almost rival Lucifer’s, making his installation as the new leader less surprising.

A moment later, the female Archangel Gabriel walked into the room. Asmodeus, who never met her in person before, let his slitted eyes go wide, wondering what it would take to seduce such a perfect creature. The humanly tall Archangel had flowing black hair, piercing deep blue eyes, sandy smooth skin, a distinct hourglass frame, small yet perfect breasts, and soft golden wings. Though she had no horn on her, she also was known to turn any horn into a kind of weapon to pierce through legions of soldiers, while she could use her voice in much the same way.

Darren walked in behind them. He had been conversing with the Alliance leaders, not that he had much to tell them yet.

They all looked to the Sorcerer, knowing he was the only one that understood what they were up against.

He stood, barely steadying himself amongst the most powerful beings presently on the planet, beings that were at each others throats barely two days ago.

“What we are up against,” she swallowed a soccer ball, “is unlikely to be like anything you have ever seen. The power that you all witnessed derives from the multiverse itself. Yet, she is not necessarily that power. That all leads to a great hunger …”

Gabriel, in her sweetly charismatic tones, interjected, “You fought her. So, how do we stop her?”

“I was able to stop her, because she could never bring herself to kill me. We fought through time itself, looping this reality to its breaking point, over and over, because I always failed to save her … I eventually pumped all the memories of our battles into her at the earliest point in the loop. That was enough to convince her to not become a goddess. We took ourselves out of this reality to save this reality from ourselves … That’s why it is different this time. She remembers everything she did. All she will want is the pleasure of ultimate power. She’s tasted Demon and Angel. The next step can only be the power of a star.”

“So, I’m guessing a new time loop is not on the table,” Beelzebub observed.

“We do not want a time loop,” Robert said wearily.

“So what do we do?” Darren asked impatiently.

“This is a kind of self-sacrifice. To save the world, she needed to unchain herself, and that means she needs to be destroyed,” Robert said, holding in the pain. 

Asmodeus said ponderously, “I think we all have tools in front of us. Darren’s strategic mind, Gabriel’s gloriously sweet tones, Beelzebub’s near infinite sight, and my Will. The one thing I never bother to tell anyone is how my Zealots’ connection to me ensures my connection to them. Combined, I have the most life energy of anyone on this planet right now.”

“Ugh!” Gabriel blurted. “I always hated it when someone manipulates the timeline! I like coincidence. Keeps things fresh. This Lana must really be as crazed as powerful to ensure that she had formidable foes.”

“You have no idea!” Robert laughed, teary eyed …

* * * *

Robert was not surprised at how it seemed impossible to ascertain exactly when Lana would return. She actually could sense when someone was looking for her, even if it was a possible future. It was like a temporal game of wack-a-mole, made worse by how she expected him or others to look. Before, she didn’t remember, so he had the temporal edge at first then. So, they were now just waiting, while Beelzebub and his Demons monitored the world. The only real strategy was to end this as quickly as possible, Lana already having absorbed a power she tasted before. Her lust for power was likely already almost as strong as he had ever seen.

“Now’s the time to role the dice, Sorcerer,” Asmodeus stated calmly on his throne at the top of the Tower of Lust. He and Lucinda were in each other’s arms, apparently bathing themselves in their lust for one another.


“I’m saying you should breath, you idiot. A fair gamble dictates the understanding that you won’t know the outcome beforehand. Being in the moment …” He playfully licked Lucinda’s teasing tail “… might be all we have …”

* * * *

Five days after Lana blinked herself out of the universe, she suddenly appeared over northern Greenland. Before anyone could reach her, she blinked herself to the top floor of the Tower of Lust. Sure, she probably knew it was a trap, but there was no resisting the energy within Asmodeus right then. He had all his Lust Demons concentrate on him. It was quite the sight to see every one of them sit meditatively in almost the same instant. The instantaneousness of it was made possible by the calming call of Gabriel, and the fact that all Demons of Lust were in Las Vegas right then. All Humans temporarily evacuated, lest they become corrupted by concentrated lust. This strategy was devised by Darren.

“I almost did not think you would do it,” Lana echoed into the mind of the lone Asmodeus, who quietly sat on his gushy throne. “Does surprise you to know there was about a 45% chance that you would have decided to not channel all that energy through you? Do you like it, the power?”

“You know the answer to that, Dark Sorcerer …” Asmodeus growled. Indeed, the power felt amazing. He was orgasming continuously, spewing his addictive cum everywhere, in the first moments. Then, he also became she, developing a more feminine, large breasted physique and a two foot long member. It was the first time in the Demon Lord’s existence that a physical transformation was inadvertent. The advantage Asmodeus now had at the moment was that Lana could not read Asmodeus’ mind. Well, Asmodeus’ mind was orderly enough that it could keep it blank even through total orgasmic power.

“Then it probably would not surprise you to know that there is a growing chance that this orgasmic power will overwhelm you.”

“That’s why you keep talking,” Asmodeus heaved, entire body ready to cum again. “Let me just show you the lust I can give!”

Suddenly, Asmodeus spewed thick Demon cum outward like a blasting firehose, mostly toward the genuinely surprised Lana. She came hard for several minutes, before standing. If she was a “normal” Human, she would be most of the way to Lust Demon already, but all she did was cum.

Lana slowly stood. Slurping up the Demon cum on her face, all she could express was lust in that moment. That lust was not just her own of course, but out of the near infinite demonic extreme Asmodeus wielded. From it all, Lana was very slowly starting to show signs of lustful transformation, skin slightly reddening and showing a subtle shimmer. Nothing that was not yet irreversible.

Asmodeus smirked, pleasantly surprised at how it took the whole of his little civilization to have any real physical effect on her!

Lana growled in pure lust, and leapt onto the Demon Lord, whose was already pumping orgasmic cum into her. Like one of his Succubi or Incubi, she was actively sucking energy out of Asmodeus. A crimson mist now flowed freely out and into her. Through the orgasmic, mind-draining haze, Asmodeus reached out for the Eye, and clawed it out as quickly as was possible.

NOOOOOOOOOO!” Lana screamed, blowing out the surrounding windows and blasting away the Demon seed.

Tightly grasping the stone that was no stone, Asmodeus willed Lana back.

Lana crumpled onto the floor.

Feeling and sensing this was over, Asmodeus quickly willed all the lustful Zealots to break their meditative state. The Eye ensured they did it instantly without Gabriel’s aid. It was a relief to no longer be holding lives of all the Zealots at once. 

Asmodeus ran over to Lana. “I can heal you, Lana, or make you Demon, or do whatever you wish.”

“No …” she huffed, looking away. Wind from their elevation whistled around them. “If I live, even if I become a Lust Demon, I would somehow wield the Eye again. Its addiction can be more powerful than even your Will …”

Asmodeus then used the Eye to transport Robert to the top of the tower.

After a moment of disorientation, Robert kneeled down to Lana.

“There’s no resetting this time …”

“I never could save you …”

“It would seem so … I know what your thinking, Robert. Don’t reclaim the Eye and go back to the moment the Eye came to you. In that … that timeline … The forces of Light and Darkness come earlier, Asmodeus gets the Eye to stop Michael from taking the power of the sun, and after Asmodeus wins the war, the Eye will eventually overwhelm the Demon Lord … like it did me …”

Robert muttered an incantation to invoke all the positive memories between them. The moment they met at a table in a crowded coffee shop. The first time they made love. The joy she felt when Robert shared his sorcery with her … They kissed long and deep, before she faded into the aether like all powerful Sorcerers …

The last Sorcerer slowly stood after a near eternity. Eyes ready to explode with tears, he said, “Come by my place anytime, Asmodeus. The Eye has a nice case you might want to use.”

Asmodeus looked down on the near destroyed Sorcerer. The lustful path the Eye could give was already sensed by the now very powerful Demon Lord, and how enticing that path was. The Demon Lord of Lust never was in a position to control the game so completely before. Yet, after everything, the will was just no there to take the dangerous gamble of ultimate power.

“By my Will, Robert, I will protect the Eye of Change, keep it encased, and only use it when all other options spent …”


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