Review: One Villain

One Villain (mind control, transformation, supernatural, male female sex, latex, foot fetish)  by Mistress Dyvia
During a hero-themed Halloween concert, a flash of energy leaves all the attendees as their hero namesakes… But what happens to the one woman dressed as a Supervillain?

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Date Released: October 26, 2019

Transforming into whatever your costume is can be a great concept. It is as much wish fulfillment as much as it isn’t. Dressing up does not necessarily mean you want to be what the costume replicates, but it can mean that you idolize in some way. As a tongue in cheek aside, did not find the “rules for subs” side-game pretentious; just too many of them 😛 ! Anyway, this was fun from the start, and I’m sure that little game can be, too 🙂 . What I really enjoyed, beyond the TF elements, was the concept of identity in the context of the costumed beings they became. If you feel “normal” even after the change, can you objectively even say you feel “wrong” or significantly different. At the same time, costumed heroes and villains often feel more “normal” in costume. Great stuff on EMCSA alone …

But you know what? I don’t normally plug into Patreon, but when I do … I was so mesmerized by the Enthralltress, there was no way I was not going to finish this! Well, maybe not all of the succeeding story was to my tastes, heat-wise, but it was still more than fun and hot most of the time! The climax, as it were, and ironic epilogue was simply fantastic. Not really a true sub. However, I probably wouldn’t have much concern becoming one for the Enthralltress  😉

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