Schedule to Oct 31

Monday Sept 28
The Tome of Passions: An Anthology of Weird Erotica
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Halloween Specials:

Oct 5
Blog Unbound (Supernatural): The Mercantile Circle
(Transformation, Male-female sex, lesbian sex, incest)
Synopsis: Jason’s father made his family wealthy almost overnight, and was wooing his way into the elite local club The Mercantile Circle. Such money and power changed Jason very little, however, but his sister embraced it joyously. With his new girlfriend, life became different yet stable for Jason. However, some doors wealth unlocks are not what they seem.

Oct 16
Blog Flash: Latex Machine — Alpha Test
(Mind control, transformation, latex)
Synopsis: Part 1 of 3. Norah’s temp agency set her up at a nearby scientific research firm. Mad scientists are just in the movies, right?

Oct 22
Other Minds: Encounter
(Mind control, latex, transformation)
Description: An erotic poem involving latex from an idea from the same fan behind BoyshortsA full story version will come at a later date.

Oct 31
Blog Unbound (Supernatural): The Costume Party
(Mind control, transformation, male-female sex, lesbian sex, genie, vampire, demon, succubus, latex)
Synopsis: Jack finds himself drunk at his own Halloween party. He eventually meets a woman dressed as a Genie. Long synopsis short, wishes can come true.

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