Blog Flash Compendium VII!

Blog Flash Compendium: Volume VIII is now available! This will be the final Compendium, while it contains on previously unreleased Blog Flash. I plan to update all the eBook links on the Blog Flash page to have direct links to the Compendium eBooks over the next month or so.

Eternal Pleasures etc

Eternal Pleasures (CYOA) will be fully playable by July 20th! Some teasers ... The characters of Candice and Jason may be played separately or as a single subplot. Characters may be played in any order, while the influence system has built in limitations to allow for more variations in plot. There will be a total … Continue reading Eternal Pleasures etc

Truth or Dare!

JIP: A Game of Truth or Dare (short story) is now officially in the editing process! Synopsis: Five co-eds just moved into their student housing for the year. The building was a recently renovated cottage, built around 1850. It preceded their university‚Äôs founding by sixty years, and was last used about ten years ago. Rumors … Continue reading Truth or Dare!

2021 Grand Finale!

December 27, Monday, will see the last story of the year! Title: The Laser ExperimentSynopsis: In 2350, UN detectives team up to learn the fate of a failed communications experiment on poorly overseen Mars. The once great Federated Martian Union collapsed in the year 2300. The planet became a backwater, after many habitable worlds in … Continue reading 2021 Grand Finale!