Truth or Dare!

JIP: A Game of Truth or Dare (short story) is now officially in the editing process! Synopsis: Five co-eds just moved into their student housing for the year. The building was a recently renovated cottage, built around 1850. It preceded their university‚Äôs founding by sixty years, and was last used about ten years ago. Rumors … Continue reading Truth or Dare!

2021 Grand Finale!

December 27, Monday, will see the last story of the year! Title: The Laser ExperimentSynopsis: In 2350, UN detectives team up to learn the fate of a failed communications experiment on poorly overseen Mars. The once great Federated Martian Union collapsed in the year 2300. The planet became a backwater, after many habitable worlds in … Continue reading 2021 Grand Finale!

JIP: Cougar World!

The next Journeys into Passion will be released on October 15! Title: Cougar WorldSynopsis: A sequel to Bimbo Virus. After Kylie was transformed by the virus that encircled the globe, she finds herself in a still changing society. It was estimated that at least 85% of women aged 17 to 35 were now forever changed, … Continue reading JIP: Cougar World!

The next JIP story!

The next JIP story will be A Method Actor. This one will be done a little differently. The editing process led to two closely interconnected stories: Mirror Image and Dark Image. In fact, they are so interconnected that they will share at least two-thirds of the same story. The plan is to release them at … Continue reading The next JIP story!