March’s Journey and More!

This month's Journey will be the first of Voluntatem Tenebrae -- The Will of Darkness, the static-filled preview of which seen with The Cultists. The planned Journeys into Passions trilogy will feature perhaps the darkest themes to date. It mixes Weird Fiction (Cosmic Horror) and comic book stories. Title: Black BirdsSynopsis: A legendary vigilante learns... Continue Reading →

January’s Journey!

January 27 will see the final installment of Journeys into Passion miniseries The Armageddon Archives. Title: The Eye of ChangeSynopsis: In 2015, Robert Smith learns about a fantastical family heirloom. In 2024, an archivist finds himself tasked with locating a mysterious object. In 2026, the powerful Darren, the young Alpha Demon of Lust Lucinda, and... Continue Reading →

This Month’s Journey!

This month's Journey's into Passion story will be The Whispers of Stone. It is inspired by the upcoming Other Minds story, Dark Haul, which is tentatively planned for December. The Whispers of StoneSynopsis: Jenna, a wealthy treasure hunter finds a mysterious, perfectly rounded piece of onyx, and begins to experience inexplicable dreams that seem connected... Continue Reading →

The next Journey!

The next Journeys into Passion story will be The First Deal Synopsis: Jackie finds herself reluctant to make her first Deal with a Human, and looks back on her journey into dark lust.Tags: Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal, foot fetish, lust, demonic, incest, transformation Release date: Aug 26! On Blog Flash Compendium 6,... Continue Reading →

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