Of Demons and Choices Friday!

Friday and all conclusions are now playable for JIP: Of Demons and Choices: https://www.inklewriter.com/stories/39376 There are a total of now six different endings, including "The Normal Path." Each ending may have variations depending on the choices made. Technically, only one of the endings is essentially the "true" one. However, the reader is encouraged to re-read... Continue Reading →

JIP: Of Demons and Choices New Day

Monday is now available for play! https://www.inklewriter.com/stories/39376 This update also includes a finalized "God Mode" and some largely invisible structural changes. The latter makes it easier for me to keep track of the "day's rewards" in a way that prevents accidental duplication. For the reader, that means rewards sections appear at altered intervals, but that... Continue Reading →

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