Other Minds: Boyshorts

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly taboo, sexual, and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This story is a bit experimental. The outline and concept were given to me by a fan. As such, he may be considered a coauthor.

Writer: Mr. Potestas

Concept and Outline: Anonymous


Day 0: Friday

Gwendolyn wanted a nice, lazy weekend to herself. Her fiancee Luke was off on a business trip, and was more than apologetic about it. The man was the nerdiest guy she ever met, but had many qualities she loved: kindness, passion, humor, intelligence. With his masters in biochemical engineering, he had the potential to be a real moneymaker, even though he liked to spend too much on collectables she barely cared about. Girl-next-door Gwendolyn was not someone he ever expected to marry, the woman being slim and well figured. It was a rather awkward courting on Luke’s part, while all the time he spent working made the process slow yet sweet.

Luke worked at the successful Dynamic Futures, which had their fingers in everything from lingerie to the military. They even recently scored a contract with a private aerospace company to help them develop more efficient fuels! It was a stark contrast to Gwendolyn’s job in marketing.

The doorbell suddenly rang. Fidgeting with her glasses, Gwendolyn was only able to catch the sound of a delivery truck running off.

The curious woman casually opened the door to see a pizza box shape wrapped in a plain tan paper. She picked it up, and brought it inside. Oddly, there was no return address, but she wasn’t sure how strange it was to not see one. She was also still receiving gifts for the recent engagement. The deal, due to Luke being away so suddenly, was that she could open the gifts for them both.

She sat down on the couch with the mysterious package. Perhaps unwisely, she opened the plain wrapping with some trepidation. A card fell on the floor, and she picked it up. Fidgeting her glasses, it read, “Congratulations on your engagement!” Now more comfortable, she casually opened the shiny black box. Inside was a shimmering, black latex pair of panties. The card on top read, “Introducing the all new Sensual Enhancement (R) line of latex undergarments from Dynamic Futures (™)! While still natural latex at its essence, this wholly new fabric is enhanced to provide total breathability unlike any related material. The first of its kind, the enhanced latex reshapes itself to the wearer to provide total comfort forever. You are one of the lucky few to receive these boyshorts before mass production. Congratulations!”

“Luke’s coworker’s a perv!” she said with a laugh. Luke always joked that jocks thought about sports, while nerds thought about sex! Maybe Gwendolyn was a little nerdy, too. Indeed, she picked up the article of clothing to see how it felt. It was quite soft, and felt perfect on the skin. At the same time, it was definitely rubber. The dichotomy only made it just that much more alluring.

She thought about the gift for the rest of the day, mostly with curiosity. She mentioned it to Luke on the phone, who half-joked that he could not wait to see it on her.

That night, Gwendolyn made their way to the bedroom with the box. While Gwendolyn removed her tight jeans, she found herself in disbelief that she was given the underwear.

Almost casually slipping on the enhanced rubber, Gwendolyn found the feel of it quite remarkable! It was almost her small size to start, but she did see and feel it actually reshape itself to her physique.

“Shit, this is great!” she said quietly, looking at and feeling herself. Though inexplicable, they felt even better than before. It was tight rubber, but as breathable as comfortable. She saw no reason not to just wear it to bed. After some teeth washing, she went to sleep …

Gwendolyn found herself in a shiny blackness. The world was rubber. No, it was a rubber the world had not yet seen. She could feel the rubber conforming to her ass and crotch, inflicting great pleasure. In began to grow into her being, as that was what she inexplicably wanted …

The rubbery darkness soon gave away. Luke sat before her on the bed. She knew what she needed to do, while she seemed resistant to such an act prior. Gwendolyn unzipped and pulled down his pants and underwear, freeing his ballooning member. Using her soft hand, Gwendolyn finished erecting the excited cock, before consuming it with her humid mouth. She passionately bobbed up and down like a pornographic artist. It crossed her mind that this was the first time she did this to anyone, but she assumed her apparent skill was just out of doing what seemed obvious. Luke slowly moved his hand through her dark hair.

Luke was too euphoric to make any rational thought. If he could, Luke would have understood that she moved like a seasoned pornstar. Up and down she went. Changing up the motions and seemingly random intervals. Neither really cared how long this would last. The quality of the pleasure was of pure gold. And soon, a blast of hot, thick liquid rushed down her willing throat. Luke lay back, almost passing out, while Gwendolyn licked her lips from tasting something wonderful for the first time …

Day 1: Saturday

“I think I need a new prescription!” Gwendolyn stated to herself at the mirror, after a restful though very wet dream. The glasses seemed to be a larger correction than they should be now, but she still needed to wear them.

Of course, what interested her more was the latex attire. The moment she woke up that morning, she saw that the latex now went from her tummy to her thighs. She tried to remove them, out of routine, but nothing worked. They weren’t even affected by a lit match! The latter just seemed like an irrational act now. They were just so damn comfortable!

Gwendolyn stood, latex inexplicably shimmering, and thought about Luke and the wet dream. It was full of such great passion and love. She touched herself in her arousal. She looked down to see her pussy now visible, open. The shiny black rubber seemed to just flow deep into her body. Her second thought was wondering if that was normal, but the first was putting something very particular inside it.

Almost forgetting the second thought, she enacted the first. Her fingers fell into the latexified pussy. The rubbery pleasure was almost beyond words. Though it loosely reminded her of good condom, she was the one ribbed for pleasure. The pleasure began to grow with great passion, and burst into a breathtaking orgasm.

Still feeling like she could run for miles, Gwendolyn happily exclaimed “Wow!”

The latex obediently sealed itself “This is turning out to be quite the engagement present!” She sucked the rubbery juices off her fingers. “Yeah …”

The day was not as unusual for Gwendolyn, as one might think. Yes, the latex attire was unlike anything, but other than a feeling of great energy, Gwendolyn went through the day practically as she would have. Though, she did pleasure herself two more times by the time she went to bed. She never did break a sweat …

Day 2: Sunday

Gwendolyn was joyously running her usual routes that morning, after waking up ridiculously early for even she at six. Somehow, it didn’t bother her that the latex had grown further, as how no longer needing her glasses was no concern. It now encased her from just below her breasts to her toes.

She ran hard and fast, her legs now visibly improved. The need to find the limits of her newfound agility and stamina was overwhelming. Only after running for three hours straight did she finally start to even sense fatigue. If she did not have her phone in her sports pack, she would have considered herself lost.

Suddenly, Gwendolyn’s phone rang, and she slowed to a stop after the continuous run. “Hey, Luke!”

“Hey, just irrationally checking in, Gwen. Just had breakfast. Out running?”

Only then she realized she barely ate anything, let alone use the toilet, since she put on the underwear. Again, she found herself not worrying. “Oh, really hit a stride today! Probably heading home now, though. How’s everything going?”

“Well,” he sighed, “Looks good, but they’re taking their time on the contract. Looks like our presentation made this work.”

“Great!” She certainly supported him, but they were both aware that she had no interest in applied biochemistry!

“Be home by Thursday, I think.”

They said goodby.

She ended the call, and checked the map on her phone. Her heart jumped. She ran more than thirty miles! The surprise quickly shifted to curiosity. “Maybe I can make better time going back,” she said to herself excitedly. She tossed her phone back into her sack, and set off.

The running was now as vigorous as she could muster, and that was more than she expected! Her shimmering, vastly improved legs simply adapted to the increased strain, as did the rest of her. It was as if she wasn’t running at all until that moment. The wind flew past her ears in a rush only Olympians truly knew. It felt so good and right. She would be home in much less time …

Gwendolyn walked into the living room barely two hours later. She broke a sweat, but not really even enough for a shower. Not that she could strip completely naked anyway!

‘Five hour jog!’ she thought to herself, while laying on the couch. ‘I can’t believe it!’ She then said out loud, looking down at her changing self, “I really do love this latex-wear.”

Looking downward and lighting touching, she admired the reshaping the latex provided. Her stomach was sexy a muscular, as were her well toned legs. She was really changing, but for the better, she self assured. Looking down on herself, she slowly fell asleep …

The Shiny blackness soon surrounded her. It was soft, comfortable, and alluring. The rubbery veil soon lifted, revealing Luke below her powerful, sexy legs.

Luke almost unconsciously began to feel her alluring, shiny black legs. They felt like rubber, but at the same time, there was a skin-like quality to them.

“Check out my feet, Luke! They look really interesting now.”

He then untied her running shoes, and removed them. Her shimmering toes were visible, but all connected. While he never minded the smell of feet, the permeating aroma also had a pungent rubbery quality. It was clear that the enhanced latex allowed her to perspire through it. Without thinking, he began to rub them. No matter how much it felt like rubber, the fabric gave away to his deep touch like he was rubbing her bare feet.

“Ummm, that’s good, Luke … Put’em in your mouth,” she ordered darkly. “I know you want to …”

They tasted so damn good! Not only was the expected flavor there, but also the flavor of a rubber that should not exist.

“Good, Luke, goooood …” she said darkly. Her pussy-hole opened, and she began to rub and finger herself. Dexterously, she unzipped his pants with her free foot, and freed his ballooned member.

He sucked and rubbed and licked the rubbery foot excitedly at the feel of the rubbery foot stroking him. Then, the latex wrapped itself around the throbbing member. Foot in Luke’s mouth, the newly formed pussy-foot stroked the cock inside the latex. It inexplicably felt as if his cock was in a soft, warm rubber hole. Was her body becoming latex inside and out? The pleasure coming from her foot made answering impossible.

Gwendolyn pulled her foot out of his mouth, and placed the sole over his face. The warm, skin-like rubber began to melt around his unmoving head. A shiny blackness surrounded him amongst unimaginable pleasure. That pleasure seemed to guide the latex into him. Soon, he began to realize that he could feel Gwendolyn, feel her pleasure. The pleasure now went both ways, exponentially increasing their ecstasy. Soon, the shimmering darkness exploded in passion …

Gwendolyn suddenly awoke. She just barely glimpsed her wet pussy hole sealing itself. Things were now clearer to her. The latex adapts to the user, teaches the user passively and through dreams, and eventually the latex and the user become one … It just taught her how it adapted to her love, Luke, and what she needed to do to now confirm their love.

This was utterly wild, but Gwendolyn was somehow OK with all this! There was no way to stop the transformation now, so she fully embraced it …

Day 3-4: Monday/Tuesday

For the first time in days, the next morning did not reveal an advancement of the latex. Her arms were still bare, as was her head. It mattered little to her. However, she did want to have Luke inside her loving embrace for a whole day. Though, she wasn’t completely sure what that meant yet, other than it being a reflection of how much she loved him.

‘I wanna seduce a woman,’ she suddenly thought, realizing how hungry she was for real sex …

Gwendolyn invited her attractive blonde friend from work over for dinner. Of course, Janice had no idea what was really on the menu! The latex mistress expertly covered her latexified areas: black sleeveless turtleneck, tight blue jeans, and black sneakers. She obviously had black as a fetish now!

Gwendolyn observed while they were sipping wine that Janice all but had that bimbo look. Her professional, mature demeanor ensured others would take the very attractive woman seriously.

“Do you mind if I slip off my shoes, Janice?” Gwendolyn casually asked.

“Oh, go right ahead, Gwen.” The tipsy woman allowed. The wine wasn’t part of the planning, but Janice bringing it saved a bit of time. Indeed, she was already on her third glass, while the host barely started her first.

Smiling, Gwendolyn slipped off her sneakers, revealing her feet’s shimmering black glory.

Janice went wide eyed. “Is that latex?”

“Yup! Never wore until I got some as a gift on Friday,” she answered. “This stuff’s cutting edge. Really comfy and breathable. Touch it! Nicest feeling rubber ever.” She shifted on the couch to have her rubbery feet between them.

Out of pure curiosity, Janice reached out to the rubber. “Wow!” she exclaimed in surprise. “That feels great on the skin!”

Gwendolyn finally realized that there was a further change after all. Outside of her pussy, there really was no sensation of touch wherever the latex covered. Sure, she could feel the pleasurable pressure of a good rub, but it was through something. Now, she could feel Janice’s soft hands as if she were directly touching her skin. She now understood that this was all connected with becoming one with the latex. The day of no visible progress was the enhanced latex learning how to truly replace her flesh and more, how to be better.

Gwendolyn found herself incredibly aroused while she was seducing another. It was how she planned to make Luke a part of her, but it would be different with this woman. There was no love or care in this seduction.

Simply feeling the rubber skin was enough to gain a minute control over another, not that any knows that right away if ever. Janice could not keep her hands off the rubberized feet!

Gwendolyn’s pussy hungrily opened. She unzipped, and pushed her pants down. “Come on up, and feel something better, Janice,” she ordered.

Inexplicably, Janice crawled up to the dripping, shimmering, rubbery vagina. Feeling it made Janice’s body scream for more!

The siren seductively lay back onto the armrest, and ordered, “Taste it, Janice.”

Almost immediately, Janice began to eat out the cooing woman.

Gwendolyn pet the hungry woman’s fair hair. Suddenly, the latex wrapped itself around Janice’s head. She didn’t make a noise of shock, or even flinch. Based on the identical motions as before, Janice kept eating out the rubbery pussy.

An undeniable concept crossed Gwendolyn’s mind before she took the next step with Janice. She really cared nothing about the woman she seduced. If she needed to kill this woman, there would be no hesitation. If she wanted mere pleasure from the woman, as was currently the case, there was to also be no hesitation.

With a deep, lustful voice, Gwendolyn stated to the absent Luke, “I’m going to turn her into our bimbo, my love. I’m rewriting her mind right now. I’ll put her back to the way she was just to say I can do that, too.”

Janice could feel her mind slipping away in the pleasurable, delicious darkness. The more it slipped away, the less she worried. The less she worried, the more she wanted to eat out the juicy pussy before her. When the shiny blackness finally pulled away, eating out the shimmering pussy was the only thing that mattered. Soon, Gwendolyn exploded with black juices all over the bimbo’s face …

Gwendolyn gave Janice’s mind back soon after, with the revised memories of simply drinking too much. However, she did leave a couple tweaks. Janice would now do anything for her “best friend” Gwendolyn, and a switch in Janice’s brain was left to activate the bimbo personality on Gwendolyn’s command …

Day 5-6: Wednesday/Thursday

Gwendolyn slept deeply that night within the warm glow of the shiny blackness. It was all but her already. Everywhere the latex touched was replaced by the latex. Her very blood was turning black. In the darkness, claws grew out from her hands, accompanying a growing understanding of utterly deadly skills. A corset-like carapace then grew around her waist, as a user based adaption to the original design. She was now latexified from the neck down. She was becoming …

She suddenly awoke to her phone ringing. It was Luke! Reaching out for the phone, she saw and loved her deadly, black claws ahead of her latexified hands.

“Hey, Luke!” she said happily.

“Getting a cold, Gwen? Voice sounds kinda deep.”

“Oh … I don’t think so. Probably the connection …” She hadn’t realized how much her voice changed, and how it will likely change even more. “Coming home?”

“Yeah, everything’s all set here. Got lucky with a flight, and should be home late tonight! No need to stay up for me. I’ll just slip into bed, and have you wake up next to me.”

She smiled lovingly. The man was such a closet romantic. “See you tomorrow morning then!”

They said goodby, and ended the call …

Luke quietly walked into the dark house at one in the morning. She was neither a night owl or nervous person, so he expected her to just go to bed. He slowly, quietly walked into their bedroom, and lightly placed down his luggage. He just barely made out the black outline of his love sleeping soundly. Expertly slipping into some night clothes without a noise, he just as stealthily slipped into bed …

Luke awoke to the tender yet wanting touch of someone very familiar. He slowly opened his eyes to his wanting fiancee. “Make love to me, Luke,” she sultrily requested. Luke could only nod and deeply breath, while his cock answered her request in the affirmative. She soon began to thrust aggressively, strongly.

“Shit, babe!” Luke breathed. “What kinda latex did you slip on me? Feels really awesome and weird!”

Luke found himself feeling an utterly alien yet arousing body. The face was right, save for the blackened eye color, but the warm body was soft rubber, while it felt firm and highly athletic.

“That rubbery gift I told you about turned out to be so much more, Jack,” she exclaimed in her deep, commanding tones. “Everything is better!”

She thrust powerfully, yet lovingly. The pleasure was more than either ever dreamed, while feeling new and different. It was beyond Gwendolyn’s informative dreams. The pleasure grew and grew for a glorious eternity, until they both exploded in orgasm …

The lovers were examining the changes. The most alien of which were her claws and caprice.

“All this from some latex boyshorts!” Luke exclaimed. “Where did you say you got them?”

“I didn’t.” Her tones were ironically domineering in the almost casual conversation. “They came in that black box on my dresser. The card outside said it was an engagement gift, but the sender was anonymous. The boyshorts were from Dynamic Futures, but definitely not your department!”

Looking over his lover’s latexifiying body, he shook his head, “I’m in the wrong department!”

In her loving arms, she deeply said to Luke, “I’m almost done transforming, my love.”

“What are you transforming into, Gwen?” he asked quietly.

“I … I’m not really sure,” she answered ponderously. “The latex hasn’t revealed that yet to me. I know I must no longer be Human. I’m stronger, faster, a seductress … Whatever I’m becoming, right now, I need you inside me, Luke.”

She lightly pushed the confused man back, and opened the front of her integrated carapace, revealing her muscular abs underneath. Her aroused pussy opened wide to accept his member. Luke cold only fall into the embrace. The shiny black carapace grew and wrapped around him, as his cock was wrapped within her humid, rubbery pussy. They fell onto the bed, and shiny blackness lovingly wrapped around Luke from the neck down. This was how they would make love now. He let his mind be consumed by hers, as it already was …

They stayed within the loving embrace for the whole day. After, Luke wasn’t really Luke anymore, while Gwendolyn made him the most important part of her being. It was an odd dichotomy, but it made sense to her …

Day 7: Friday

The lovers felt it. The transformation was finally complete. Gwendolyn was now what the latex wanted her to be, as she was now the latex that transformed her.

Naturally, she unwrapped her lover from her bosom. Luke soon went wide eyed not just because of what he saw, but also because he was almost used to not being an individual. Though he felt the transformation complete, there was no visual of it. Indeed, the part of her mind he resided was only of love.

Gwendolyn was now totally latex. Her hair was like rubbery tendrils protruding from a shiny black head, which was attaching to a powerful shiny black body. “Encased” was not the right word, even though that was what it looked like. Her skin, her being was now the enhanced latex.

“I am an assassin now,” she said in her deep, inhuman voice. “It’s all clear to me, Luke, as I have no choice to embrace what I now am.”

She crawled off the bed, and stood in all her latex glory. The being had grown from five feet and eight inches to over seven feet over the past two days. She was a latexified Amazon!

“My only implanted orders are to kill those close to me, and then meet with a General Stronburg.”

Luke was in utter shock, while he would not stop her from killing him.

“Oh, don’t worry, my love!” she exclaimed powerfully. “The latex’s strengths are its weaknesses: adaptability and becoming one with the user. I could never kill you. You’re love is a part of my very being, Luke! Instead, I will kill or neutralize that general, and have you take control of the latex assassin program. Well, I mean no offense, my love, but the shots you call will all come from me, as I’m sure is the only way you could lead now.”

The lovers soon embraced, before making love for a few more hours. Gwendolyn, the rogue latex assassin, then set out and fulfilled her self assigned mission …

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