Discord and Updates

I have set up a Discord Channel! Invite link: https://discord.gg/qDNQSVvU There are GoogleDrive links to all my stories. In the long run, this channel will likely become a more central hub for my interests in Erotic Mind Control than WordPress. While not a true replacement for Twitter (yet?), there will likely be a similar array … Continue reading Discord and Updates

Discord Server

Working on a Discord server, relating to Twitter's recent issues. Already have an account over there to follow erotica and related author's. Might not be a true replacement, like how Twitter largely replaced Tumblr, but we'll see. Discord may replace WordPress in the long run, with the help of Google Drive. Once I'm happy with … Continue reading Discord Server

Post-retirement update

So … while I still consider myself retired, I’ve still been tweaking JIP: A Game of Truth or Dare (CYOA). The main and final update will be an alternate play mode. There will be some alternate dares, and removed limitations on Truth v Dare. This mode will allow the reader to play as many times as … Continue reading Post-retirement update