Truth or Dare Update

So …

The expansion of JIP: Truth or Dare (CYOA) is inching along. It should be playable in a month or two. The update has taken shape:

Gina’s Game Expansion

Creates an alternate game, largely controlled by Gina. It will be activated by having Gina choose herself at the start, and this will be an automatic Dare. The reader may repeatedly choose any character besides Gina, under unaltered circumstances, up to ten times (nine for Brad). Will make it possible for the reader to choose every character’s Truth once, but Truths can be blocked entirely or altered by chosen Dares. Three (two for Brad) of the original Dares will be available, plus two new ones. Individual characters’ Truths and Dares may only be chosen once, but some Dares may negate or alter other choices of all the characters. The alternate game may be ended “early” once every character is chosen once. Following this plotline will lead to only one ending, which will of course be affected by the reader’s choices.

However, Gina’s Game may be escaped after any character’s Dare or Truth, including Gina’s initial Dare to herself. The game will not entirely reset. Certain elements of the Dares, including of the two new Dares, will silently carry over into the original game. Some effects may be seen with Gina during and at the ending, while the other effects will be seen at the ending. A new ending will also be possible, based on certain choices of both the alternate and main games.

Preview of Dares

Main Game:
Fuck Brad as a pornstar (unavailable for Brad)
Get fucked up the ass by a succubus
Fuck everyone as a pornstar
Watch a porno with a friend
Become of lustful demon

Gina’s Game:
Fuck Brad as a pornstar (unavailable for Brad)
Fuck everyone as a pornstar
Watch a porn with a friend
Latex …

Truth choices are the same for both:
Your first time?
How often do you pleasure yourself?
Who are you most attracted to here?
Part of body you are most attracted to?
How often do you watch porn?

Preview of all endings
The Path of Resistance
The Path of Submission
The Path of Domination (new with expansion)