JIP: Truth or Dare V.2 Gina’s Game

The Gina’s Game Expansion is now playable for Truth or Dare. It contains tweaks to the main game and original endings, a new play mode “controlled” by Gina, and a new possible ending, there now be four main ones. The new ending can only be achieved by playing both Gina’s game and the main one via certain choices. More info on the changes may be found HERE!

While there may be some further teaks to fix any typos and glitches, I am not moving from out of unofficial semi-retirment into true retirement. No further writing is planned in at least the short term. As I said when JIP: Truth or Dare was first released, it was a fun ride.

All that said, my interest in the weirdly erotic remains the same. So, keep an eye out on old Twitter (however long that lasts!) and my new Discord for what sometimes catches my eye.

I will also be putting up a separate post linking all my works on Google Drive.
This WordPress site will be up until January 2025 at the latest.

As always …

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P