JIP: Threshold Technologies — An Old Typewriter

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: In this second story of the Threshold Trilogy, Jack, a software engineer major at his university, finds a Threshold film. He watches the erotic sci-fi drama, An Old Typewriter, and is quickly sucked into the film … Enjoy!

eBook Edition

Threshold Technologies: An Old Typewriter

Threshold Typewriter

Jack had been looking for an old Threshold DVD for some time. They had become hard to get over the last decade. The hypnotic elements of their products proved controversial, and in spite of reportedly strong initial sales, government and public pressure nudged them out of business. Sure, hypnotic porn can still be found in one cheesy form or another online, but Threshold’s technology became almost mythical. And finally, he was about to experience it firsthand!

A disclaimer appeared on the screen: Threshold Technologies™ aims to bring the most advanced means of sucking the viewer into their enjoyment. Unlike VR and 3D technologies, Threshold uses subliminal techniques to create the illusion of total submersion. The core concepts of these hypnotic techniques are not new, and may be found on the internet today in other forms. The Threshold Difference™ is in how our technology makes background messaging and visuals imperceptible to the viewer. However, anyone with a history of epilepsy or psychological disorders is recommended to not view the following entertainment. To continue, press play below …

He hit the spacebar, feeling utterly fascinated. The video began to play, and he felt odd, sensing something more behind the normal audio and visuals.

“Threshold Video Presents …

“A film by Jacklyn Fells.”

The opening credits rolled onward, while his eyes became affixed on the beautiful woman on the screen. The woman was a natural dirty blonde (lightened), on the shorter side, had deep green eyes, small breasts, and was physically fit. How did he know the woman was a natural blond? More disorienting was how the outdoor sounds of the film sounded like they were all around him, moving thorough him. He somehow could even feel the hot summer sun on his cheek …

The credits quickly moved along to the title: “An Old Typewriter”

He began to grow hazy within and without. Soon, his eyes stared forward, unblinking, as his lips stayed slightly apart. His mind went blank, with that void being filled only by the film …

Laura had been roaming around the local flea market for more than an hour. She loved antiques, but was not finding anything interesting. The woman felt very confused for a moment. It was as if she was somewhere else a moment ago. She found herself remembering sitting before a laptop …

Then, completely breaking her confusion, something finally caught her eye. It was some old electric typewriter, which was average in size, and mint green in color. The brand is what really caught her eye: Threshold Electronics. The company now primarily sold half-decent HDTVs and computers, and was amazed they were around for … “(c) 1968 … over forty years! ‘This is a relic!’ Laura thought. She promptly bought it.

Laura brought the old typewriter back to her apartment at her graduate university. It came with what was claimed to be the original black case.

“What junk you buy this time?” her roommate Linda asked wearily, sitting in front of their HDTV. Linda was a slim, somewhat plain brunette.

“Junk! It’s an antique typewriter. In mint condition, literally!”

“I don’t know how you get so excited about such stuff, Laura, but whatever …”

Laura went to her bedroom, and set up the typewriter. To her enjoyment, it did not fry itself when she plugged it into the surge protector. It let out a happy purr. She looked for paper … The printer paper seemed thin enough, barely, and rolled it into the old machine.

‘Oh, what to write, what to write?’ she thought excitedly, ‘… Hope there’s still ink in it … Ok, something simple to test it …’

On the evening I came home with the amazing old typewriter, my roommate Linda was annoyed that I came home with what she felt was junk again..

The old typewriter worked perfectly. The more she typed, the more the old thing seemed to dust off its cobwebs.

The typewriter worked great as I;m sure it always didd

‘Gotta watch the typos!’ she thought.

Now it’s time for me to screw around! She excitedly typed.

Linda suddenly stated to laugh uncontrollably at whatever she was watching on the TV. After several minutes of uncontrollable laughter, she walked into my room, and said the she did not mind the old typewriter.

The text faded away soon after she stopped typing. Suddenly, Laura heard Linda laughing uncontrollably. ‘Impossible!’ she thought. As the laughter continued, she stared at the humming machine before her. She thought of the phrase “the cat that ate the canary,” and the how that cat was likely purring. The laughter finally stopped, and Linda walked into his room. “You know, Laura, I don’t really mind you having that old typewriter.” She walked out of the room.

‘Coincidence!’ she thought, ‘But what if it wasn’t?’ She decided to be scientific about it and experiment.

Linda walked back into my room, and said, “I actually kina like that old junk. You know I was just bustin you chops!” SHe leaves with a friendly smile on her face.

A few moments after the text faded, her roommate walked back into the room. Linda then said, “I actually kina like that old junk. You know I … was just bustin’ you chops!” She walked out with a friendly smile.

Laura was amazed, typos and all! ‘Oh, this is habit forming!’ she thought.

I finally get the email from professor about a test I told him he made a mistake on, which cost me twenty points. He said that not only was I right about that one portion, but also that he found that he made another error. My resulting grade was a %91.

Laura quickly jumped onto her laptop to check her email. Her professor did indeed just send her a message! Needless to say, Laura’s grade was a 91%. She suddenly felt a little strange. All she could think about was the test of which she just received the “actual” grade. A revised memory formed next to the old one. She answered questions differently in the revised memory, while her teacher still made mistakes. It was strange, and she still did not fully understand. But Laura now had the power to script the world around her …

Laura woke up the next mourning feeling amazing! She suddenly realized that she left the typewriter running the whole night. As she stared at it, its purr, which embedded itself into her mind, somehow made her understand it all.

Threshold Electronics was really the commercial arm of a military funded research firm. Their focus was to ascertain ways of altering people’s minds, and their recent technologies were the most successful. Of course, not all of their commercial products had their special enhancements, but the ones that did were very informative. The old typewriter was one of the firm’s first projects. The one that Laura had became a rather unique machine over the decades. From controlling so many minds, it gained a form of sentience. Now, not only does it control the minds of others, but it also absorbs the minds of its users. Even if there was a typo, it was connected enough with its user to compensate for the error. The scientists at Threshold Electronics were more than pleased about the evolution of one of their old devises.

Laura sat at the edge of her bed, amazed. “We are connected,” she whispered, while somehow reveling the thought. “… It didn’t change the past! It merely altered my perception of it! … I’m now immune to any perception changes, but I can still alter myself physically … This is going to be fantastic!”

After breakfast she got a call from her friend Farrah.

“Hey, Laura, did you forget about our project?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry! I must have slept through my alarm. I’ll see you at the library in, oh … fifteen minutes?”

“Ok, as long as you get here!”

Farrah was an attractive blonde, who enjoyed the beach. She knew her since she started grad school. They both majored in psychology. Laura knew that there must have been some irony in a psychology grad student having her mind taken over by an old machine! Regardless, Laura really liked Farrah, but was always afraid to hurt their good friendship. However, the old machine removed all barriers …

When Laura finished working with Farrah on the project, she found herself sitting at the typewriter. She knew exactly what she wanted to do to Farrah, and that she had the means of making it real. But first, she wanted to make some alterations to herself for practice.

I am developing a variety of fetishes related to women that I want to explore. The first is flexible women. The second is bare feet. The third is hosiery, including latex. The fourth is encasement within hosiery..

“That is really gonna fuck me up!” Laura said with a dark laugh. As it all began to set in, she fell off her chair. Her mind consciously reordered itself. It was not painful, but it certainly felt strange! She had no real interest in those sexualized concepts outlined, and that is why she chose them. She blacked out for an hour before sitting back on her chair.

Good,” she said slowly, out of breath, “I’m gonna like these fetishes!” Laura liked how the fetishes were logically not solely born out of perception. They were interconnected with the sexual interests she always had. Was still very much a lesbian, but was now interested in trying more.

She sat for a few minuets gathering her thoughts on what Farrah’s alterations should be. Laura decided that she would connect them with a research project she was involved with last summer. Threshold made devices that changed who people were physically and mentally, so this should be nothing!

Tonight Farrah will surprise me by coming over to my apartment. She wanted to go over ourt project before its submitted tomorrow. We decide to have a drink while looking the thing over. My roommate goes out to see her boyfriend. We finish with the project, and get a little drunk, Farrah more so. Our conversation quickly leads to last summer’s research project. She explains that she was actually the test subject, and how it changed her. To sum up: Farrah is now bisexual, and has a variety of fetishes, including breasts, women’s feet, stockings, latex, hosiery encasement, and herself. Through it all, she learned the joy of yogalates, and is now obsessed with it. This has made her quite a pleasure loving woman, but forces herself to suppress it because she feared explaining it.

She feels very open with me about explaining it all, and being drunk she impulsively kisses me. I kiss back. This leads to us passionately fucking each other on the couch. The more we fuck the less it feels like lust. The lust turns into passionate love making… When we both cum at the same time we know that we are deeply in love.

“Whoa! I let that go a bit farther than I planned!” Though surprised with herself, she could not wait to see it all happen!

Laura had a quick dinner, and was starting to wonder when everything was going to happen. While walking back to her room, she heard a knock at the door. She scurried over, knowing who it probably was. She opened it.

“Hey, Laura! Thought we go over the project one last time” Farrah said, while holding her encased laptop. She was wearing sandals, tight jeans, and pink blouse. Her blue eyes subtly glistened. At the same time, her body definitely seemed tighter, and more physically fit than it was earlier in the day. That was of course not saying that she was not attractive before! Her demeanor was subtly different too, while she seemed to glow with energy. Well, she technically was like this for some time in this adjusted reality.

“Oh, sure.” She led her to the couch.

Laura eventually poured some wine for them both, and before they knew it, they were done talking about the project. They kept talking, though. Their conversation was one of those typical conversations while drinking: totally nonsensical. Eventually, Farrah gave Laura a surprising request.

“Hope this doesn’t sound weird, Laura, but would you mind massaging my feet a little. I’ve been on my feet all day, and they’re kinda bugging me.”

Laura desperately tried to hide her joy at the request. “Sure.”

She unstrapped her sandals, and lightly placed her silky size sixes on her lap. Greatly holding back, she rubbed each in turn, turning each into butter in her hands. “Oh, that’s great, Laura. Thank you.…” With that, she started to work the arches more deeply. Laura was growing quite aroused, and felt her pussy growing moist.

“Ya’know there’s something I never told ya, Laura … ooooh, yeah!”

“What?” Laura asked desperately trying to hide the growing joy.

“I have a foot fetish!” She nearly orgasmed from both the relief in telling, and how good her feet felt. “… Uhhhohh … I hid it all for so long! I just … WOW … I just couldn’t hold back any longer! FUCK! … This is really why I came over! Something clicked just before I came over … Over here. I don’t wanna hide my FETISHES anymore! Somehow, I knew that … I knew that you would understand …”

She moaned so loudly! Because Laura assumed that she was immune to perception changes, she was not sure if she really would fall deeply in love with Farrah, as she wrote. She never felt any real love toward her, especially now.

“ … Oh yeah! Keep doin’ that for a while! … I hid it all because I didn’t know how to explain them … I was the test subject in that project … huphhhh … I … I was altered. At the end of it I was obsessed with yoga and pilates. I never could hide that! But there’s more. I became bisexual, and got a fetish for feet, stockings, latex, tits, and even myself! Yes, I’m fucking turned on by my own body! … I’m so messed up now, but you know what? I’m so fucked up that I love it!” She screamed in orgasm. “I hid all but the yoga and pilates, but I never told anyone why I love those exercises so much!”

As Laura looked into Farrah’s blue sapphire eyes, her draw toward Farrah was more profound than any lust she ever felt. Farrah more than noticed!

She moved her feet away from Laura’s groping hands, and crawled up to her. They slowly leaned into a long and passionate kiss. Before they knew it, their clothes were gone. On their sides, they ground their sultry pussies. Thrust after beautifully endless thrust, their hips went. When they did not kiss, they looked into each other’s eyes. The more they thrust, the more profoundly drawn to Laura she was; the more love they created, the slower they went. The love they made grew powerful as they came close to orgasm. They kissed one last time as lovers, and finally, gloriously came.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, Laura felt her love for Farrah grow deep within herself, and could tell that Farrah felt the same way. They lightly kissed, and touched their faces with their fingertips.

Laura woke up in her bed early the next morning, with the naked Farrah at his side. Farrah slept soundly as Laura sat at the typewriter. Laura looked at the woman, who she deeply loved yet altered, and back at the typewriter. The machine physically altered Laura’s own mind, which meant that love was not mere perception at its heart! Laura may have been immune to the machine altering her perception, but that may not have mattered. ‘Mind over matter, and machine over mind,’ she thought.

Summer vacation was fast approaching, and knew that would be the best time to manipulate …

Sweet Farrah slept until ten in the mourning despite the clanging of the typewriter.

“That should make this easier,” she stated under his breath. At first, Laura wanted to have all her teachers give her A’s for the semester, but decided that she should just stick with sexual pleasure for now.

Me and Farrah decide to rent a beach house for the summer. There, I will become capable of transforming into my lover, and back to my original form. It will not be quick, and will go through stages.

The first stage will be my mind connecting with her mind, and I will learn what it is like to be her. This complete mental connection can only happen once, but we will permanently be linked subconsciously as a result.

The next stage involves me absorbing her DNA through my hands. I will know how to do it through instinct alone. What I will do to her with my hands will be as good as sex.

The final stage will begin when instinct tells me that I absorbed enough of her DNA. All the while I will be transforming into her. It will take however long it would realistically take. Farrah will not notice the changes right away. In fact, she will practically be blinded by how much she will enjoy me becoming more and more like her. Once the transformation is complete, I will be able to transform into mine and Farrah’s form at will, which will be faster than initial transformation, but not instant.

Farrah will of course love how I can morph into her body, and we will fuck gloriously. Farrah being bisexual will of course want rubber cock sometimes.

“Its gonna be a hot summer!” Laura said with joy.

During the final month before summer break, Laura could not help but use the old machine more and more. It was like an addiction, which she allowed to take hold of her. Every night before she made love to Farrah, she would write an outline of the coming day. She made it generic enough so that the typewriter would surprise her. There were some specifics, though. On a global scale, she essentially rewrote reality by making it so that the more attractive the woman the more likely that she was at least bisexual. More locally, she ensured that she and Farrah would live together next year. She also boosted their intelligence in a ploy for them to spend more time together, and made sure that Farrah was made blissfully ignorant of the typewriter. As for Laura’s current roommate, Laura ensured that she would leave them alone in the right moments. Laura found that she never needed to script the love making with Farrah, though. Her initial adjustments ensured that Farrah would be forever an inventive lover!

The end of the semester came, and everything that was scripted came to pass. Laura and Farrah received the strongest grades of their tenure at that school, while Farrah suggested they spend the summer together. The look in her eye, when she suggested it, stated that she wanted to spend that much more time making love. Needless to say, they found a reasonably priced beach house to rent.

They moved in as soon as they could. Just to celebrate, they made love for most of the day! They fell asleep that night in each other’s arms.

That morning, Laura wanted to start the transformation she scripted.

“Sit next to me on the couch, Baby,” Laura requested.

“Sure, Laura. Wanna talk about somethin’?”

“I just want to look at you, that’s all.”

“Trying your hand at voyeurism now, Laura?” she asked sexily, and sat down. She was wearing her black stockings.

Laura stared deeply into her perfect blue eyes. She could see every detail. The more she stared, the more she was lost in them. Over time, she started to feel Farrah’s love for her was somehow stronger than Laura’s love for her. All of Farrah’s emotions slowly became Laura’s, as her thoughts became audible. Everything started to grow fuzzy. Nothing felt quite right, or perhaps it was.

Laura’s vision slowly came back in focus. She felt incredibly different. She looked down, and saw Farrah passed out on the couch. Just looking at her made all of her memories rush to the surface of his mind. It was overwhelming at first, gaining another lifetime of memories. She almost passed out hyperventilating. Eventually, everything was clear. She knew Farrah better than she knew herself. It was certainly odd having memories about having sex with men now, as it did not change Laura’s own sexual orientation. What Laura greatly enjoyed were the memories she implanted earlier of her experience as a test subject. That experience was more life altering than Laura expected. She was sexually attracted to herself more than she was to Laura! She was also very surprised about the amount of porn she watched as a result of that experiment. Sure, they both enjoyed good porn, but Farrah actually loved it more than Laura! The most remarkable part about Farrah, which was now becoming an integral part of Laura, was that she was secretly an aggressive alpha. Laura was not sure if this was a result of her changes, but those changes were fully integrated with that aggressive personality trait.

As Laura looked at her sleeping lover, she felt even closer to her. So close, in fact, that she felt physically connected.

Laura decided to wait a couple of days before starting the next phase of her transformation. She still used the typewriter, but found less of a need for it. She already scripted the summer’s main plot.

Farrah quickly noticed how different Laura was acting. She knew that something had changed. However, she was not that concerned, because the change made Laura far more receptive to her needs. She even found that she was more receptive to Laura’s needs. If they were attached at the hip before, they were sharing the same hip now.

The one time they were not in the same room together was when Laura went shopping. Farrah had a bit of a headache, and wanted to rest. Laura first went to the mall, and seemingly under impulse, she picked up high quality massage oils. She was not sure which one to get, but she had a good feeling about the ones she bought.

When she got home, she found Farrah sleeping stomach down on the bed. She had a feeling that she would be in the nude, and slyly smiled. Oil already in hand, she poured a liberal amount into her palm. As she rubbed her hands together, they felt strange and tingly. She looked at her palms. The pores on them increased in size, and the skin was a pinkish red. His hands were ready to absorb her lover’s DNA. The lotion was to make the experience pleasurable, while it influenced his hands to ready themselves for DNA extraction.

Sensing that she still had the headache, she empathetically targeted the most uncomfortable points. Farrah woke up almost instantly, if her pleased smile was any indication, but kept her eyes shut. Laura removed the sheets, and began to work her neck and shoulders. Farrah moaned quietly. Laura then applied more oil to his hands. Laura knew exactly what she was doing. She flowed down Farrah’s back, kneading every mussel. Laura eventually realized that not only were his hands absorbing DNA, but they were also memorizing her body. She then moved to her arms and hands. The more she massaged, the more orgasmic Farrah’s moans sounded. Laura then moved to her ass, hips, calves and feet. Loving feet as much as they did, Laura spent more time on them. Farrah’s feet were utter putty in Laura’s tender hands.

By the time Laura finished with her feet, Farrah was in a kind of continuous, low level orgasm. Farrah slowly flipped over with her loving eyes slightly open. Laura worked every inch of her face. She even massaged the inside of Farrah’s mouth, which she clearly enjoyed. She then continued down Farrah’s body, deeply working her breasts, and muscular stomach. Having already worked her legs and feet, Laura solely concentrated on the snatch. Laura moved inside to stimulate her G-spot. Farrah’s continuous moans grew incredibly loud! “UH-OOOOH, my fucking God! Don’t you DARE stop, Laura!” she screamed, “YEAH … I’M GONNA SQUIRT … AHH-OOOOOH!” She made practically everything wet! Farrah did not squirt often, and was clearly pleased Laura made her do so.

She quickly sat up, and gave Laura a wet, voracious kiss. “Let’s make a habit of that!” she stated out of breath

“Definitely!” Laura said with a smile.

Once a day Laura would give her the same erotic massage. They would often fuck for hours after, because of how horny it made them. It took more than a week before Laura started to notice that she was finally starting to change. Her hair was subtly darker, as was her body hair.

Little by little, over the span of weeks, Laura’s body changed. After a month, her hair was a deep brown (Farrah’s natural color). Her once green eyes were almost completely blue, while his facial structure noticeably shifted to Farrah’s ever so subtly more bony yet sexy appearance. Her voice had a distinctly higher pitch. What surprised her the most was how her hands and feet looked exactly like Farrah’s now. For the past few days, she was licking and sucking these transformed feet, while feverishly fingering her pussy …

“Laura?” Farrah sat next to her on the couch.

“Yes, Sexy.”

“You’ve been acting really different lately.”

“Have I?”

“Yeah. I mean, I can’t say I don’t like it. I kinda love it, actually. You keep up with me at yoga now, and just seem to know all my needs. You’re not a guy, but I even the women I dated weren’t so attuned to me … You know, I can’t believe I haven’t realized this before! You look different! … My God. How didn’t I notice this before? You’re starting to look like me!”

“Yes, Farrah. Don’t ask me how, but I realized that I have two distinct abilities. One is subconsciously connecting with others. The other is the ability to transform into another’s body. So I decided to take our love in a totally new direction. I first connected our minds subconsciously, which you’ve clearly sensed for a while, and I think that’s what kept you from noticing the changes until now. From that connection, I know that you are more attracted to yourself than you are anyone else …”

Farrah almost spoke before Laura placed her soft finger on Farrah’s full lips.

“I’m changing into your body to become the lover you secretly wanted. When I complete the transformation for the first time, I will be able to morph back into my original form at will at a far greater speed. I suppose it goes without saying that we will be biological twins, while I’m in your form!”

Farrah looked utterly surprised. Her eyes traveled up and down my body, which resembled her now more than anyone else. Her shock faded, and she gave me a tender kiss on the lips. “I love you, Laura.”

“And I love you, Farrah.”

“Can we speed things up a bit,” she said with a subtle excitement in her tone.

“I think so, yeah. I’ll have to massage you a lot more though. That’s how I’m absorbing your DNA.”

“I think I like the sound of that!” she said with a glimmer in her eye, and seductive smile.

From then on, Laura almost always massaged her whenever they were not eating or doing yoga. The massages were as good as sex, and Farrah simply loved it. She always enjoyed it when she squirted, and she never did it so much before! Not to mention how good her body felt from all the physical attention.

They both quickly leaned that Laura was right about how to accelerate the process. The changes became noticeable on a day to day basis. Laura was almost completely a woman only a week after she explained everything to Farrah. In that time, Farrah began to teach Laura how to be a women in the small amount of spare time they still had. Sure, Laura had her past memories, but it was truly an intimate experience to have her teach him.

Then one morning, Laura had the urge to stop the massages. She looked almost exactly like Farrah at that point. Only internal changes seemed to be left. She knew that she absorbed enough of Farrah’s DNA. Farrah was disappointed, because she was almost addicted to massages. However, making love to someone exactly like her mind and body was more than worth that sacrifice!

Laura woke up a few days later knowing the process was complete. Laura woke up Farrah to tell her the amazing news.

“Farrah?” she said quietly.

“Yeah, Laura,” Farrah answered tenderly.

“It’s done. I’m completely you now.”

Farrah sat up. The blanket fell, exposing her bare chest. Their bodies were almost completely identical. The only difference was that Laura’s hair was its natural deep brown. Farrah ran her fingers through Laura’s long hair, before she lightly touched her face. Her hand continued down the body of her lover, and briefly rested at the crotch. They both gasped. Her hand continued down the leg, before finishing at the feet. “You even feel like me,” Farrah whispered. They tightly embraced in a wet, passionate, loving kiss.

They aggressively made love as their now true selves the whole day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were there only real breaks. Even the yoga sessions were filled with Kama Sutra-esque sex. They went to bed that night after more than an hour of fetishistic sex, which involved lots of feet and hosiery. Their love was aggressively deeper than they ever thought possible …

The world slowly turned to black …

Laura slowly blinked through the blurriness. It was as if a whole other reality was coming back into focus. It was as if she … no … He was slowly awaking from a deep, lucid dream.

Jack shook his head in dizzy confusion. Everything that just happened was almost too real. All the memories of Farrah and Laura were still inside him. Indeed, even the rock solid dick — and cum — between his thighs did not detract from the fact that he somehow felt like a woman.

He was somehow Laura and Jack now. He was an alpha lesbian in a man’s body. He liked how that felt.

Jack exited the video player, feeling a great curiosity toward Threshold’s software. His tall girlfriend suddenly walked into the room, and he put on a sly smile …


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