JIP: Threshold Technologies

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This first Journeys into Passion story is a loose remake of the author’s Sucked into Porn short story, applying the same reality bending themes. Alice accidentally finds an old DVD from the house’s prior owner. It turned out to be a porno, and soon found herself sucked into the film … Enjoy!

eBook Edition

Threshold Technologies

Threshold Women on Top

Alice sat quietly at her computer, not doing anything serious. She and her husband Max moved into their new house a week ago, and while Max already started his new job, hers would not start for another week, October 1st, 2018. In a sometimes failing effort to keep herself occupied, she roamed around the spacious two floor house, with finished basement, both aquatinting herself with her new home and fidgeting with the decor.

She deeply sighed, sitting in the office. It seemed that comedian was right: lighting her hair on fire was preferable to watching the news reporting on the present train wreck of politics and society! Stretching almost primally, her gaze met a short, empty set of shelves. Moving the old piece of furniture to the other side of the room crossed her mind.

Casually standing, she moved across the room. She began to nudge the deep brown thing across the carpeted floor, and quickly heard a loud snap. It seemed that when the movers placed it there, they hit it against the wall too hard, leading to the waist height wall panel finally giving away at her interference. No … there was space behind the panel. She quickly moved the shelving to where she planned, and went back to the curious dark corner.

It would seem that what fell was really a sliding door that was probably stuck for a long time. Indeed, the small screw-hole, probably for a knob, was now visible on the fallen door, while an old track was just barely visible. A slight glimmer caught her eye in the darkly shadowed space. She reached for it, and saw it was an old DVD, probably a porno: “Pleasure on Top.” She smirked at the sight of it. She was never one for porn, but she was bored.

So, she walked back to her laptop, and slid the disc into the little used slot.

A disclaimer appeared on the screen: Threshold Technologies™ aims to bring the most advanced means of sucking the viewer into their entertainment. Unlike VR and 3D technologies, we use subliminal techniques to create the illusion of total submersion. The core concepts of these hypnotic techniques are not new, and may be found on the internet today in their own forms. The Threshold Difference is in how our technology makes background messaging and visuals imperceptible to the viewer. However, anyone with a history of epilepsy or psychological disorders is recommended to not view the following entertainment. To continue, press play below …

Alice chuckled a little sarcastically. She vaguely remembered a lawsuit several years ago against this company, which she figured was probably defunct now due to negative publicity. Hypnotic porn was not illegal, but Threshold’s silent techniques proved controversial. Still, Alice was incredibly curious about how well their technology worked. She clicked on the play button …

The computer started the porno, her eyes glued to the screen. “Woman on Top,” the title card read. She sensed something very different about the images before her, while sounds of pleasure echoed into her. Soon, her eyes stared forward, unblinking, as her lips stayed slightly apart. Her mind went blank, and that void was filled by only the porno.

A woman lay joyously on a hammock, while a man and woman mindlessly worshiped her ample breasts. The in-charge woman had dark eyes, black hair, and light skin. Mirroring the man’s motions on the in-charge woman’s crotch, Alice began to rub her own pussy. “You guys are gonna bring me to heaven! Ohhh, yea …” the pornstar stated. Alice, to her amazement, found herself almost feeling the pornstar’s pleasure in what was only the porno.

Then, something changed. The video was now at the pornstar’s soft feet. Her sooth, alabaster skin suddenly seemed to have a slight gold tan. Through the orgasmic feel and sounds, the image panned up familiar, longer legs. The pussy was now close cropped instead of clean shaven, with a tiny heart tattoo at the waist. The camera panned up further to now perfectly shaped, A-cup breasts. And then, the head and face had light green eyes, and long dirty blond hair. Alice was now identical to the pornstar of what was only the porno!

Alice then felt a hand not her own rubbing her twitching pussy, and realized she was sitting on a ceiling mounted hammock. She almost put thought into the remarkable situation, before the man and woman resumed worshipping her perfectly shaped tits.

Just before she came in glorious orgasm, she stopped the silent man, and had him follow her to the bedroom. He would do anything she asked, and the thought of that nearly made her cum. She had him kiss her in their lust-freeing love, and had him go down on his knees. He worshiped her feet, as ordered. The pleasure flew up her body, making her moan.

It was now time for orgasmic reward. She picked up the double sided strap-on on the end table, and had her love and lust affix it to her body. The feel of the rubber deep inside her made her tingle in pleasure and anticipation. He crawled onto the bed on all fours, as she stood on her knees from behind. She knowledgeably lubed up her dildo and his asshole.

She then unabashedly shoved the member into the man’s relaxed anal cavity, as she passionately rubbed his cock. She thrust and thrust, relishing how he could not cum until she told him to. They both moaned and cooed loudly in epic pleasure. The pleasure grew and grew …

“Alice? Alice!?” she heard in the distance.

Suddenly, everything went black. Confusion flew through her, before she almost literally blinked back into her office chair before her computer.

“Alice!?” the familiar man called.

“Jason?” she said confused, breathless, horny, mind slowly resetting. It was her husband’s brother. Yes, he did say he would should up by the evening … Was it already evening? It was only one in the afternoon when she found the porno. At the same time, she felt a growing frustration.

He picked up the porno’s case. “Pleasure on Top? Shit, Alice, you’re into this kind of thing?”

At the question, Alice found the frustration hit a boiling point. He prevented her from achieving orgasm! He was questioning her! Instead of bother to explain what happened, she smacked him hard in her frustration.

In his confused bewilderment, she sat him before the laptop’s screen, and resumed the porno …

Alice almost felt orgasm, seeing him quickly loose himself into the porno, before uncontrollably locking eyes with the screen …

The chest of a small-chested, athletic woman became visible on the screen. She was almost forcibly pressing the man into her needy crotch. The camera slowly panned up a familiar body, before Alice was no longer Alice. She was now with her back against the wall holding Jason’s head to her crotch. He ate her out not only joyously, but also dutifully.

Pleased, but wanting to do something else, she pushed him aside. She walked proudly across the room to the tall mirror, and lay on the floor on her stomach. She looked back to the expectant man, and ordered, “Worship my ass.”

He walked over, and knelt down onto the floor. He began to kiss and massage her firm ass.

She lay for a time, enjoying the worship, smiling largely. The image of her joy and him buried between her ass cheeks in the mirror was truly glorious. In a kind of echo of herself as Alice, she found it fascinating how she derived almost more pleasure of him worshiping her than simply by his tongue worshiping her asshole. At the same time, neither were even physically Jason or Alice anymore: Alice now with lighter blonde hair, shorter stature, small breasts, and highly athletic physique, as Jason was now taller with darker hair and more toned physique. She curled her toes and moaned in pleasure.

More than pleased, she then slowly shifted herself onto her back, lifted her knees, and pulled his head into her crotch. “Consume,” she ordered. The physical and mental pleasure was now equally glorious, as both now knew this was always how things were. They were lovers, and she was always in charge of their pleasure.

He consumed her wet crotch hungrily, playfully, she grabbing at him in her pleasure that more resembled petting. She moaned and cooed joyously, before grabbing his head to hump it. He knew just how to pleasure her, as always! She soon found herself in cooing, joyous orgasm.

She soon lay back, and had him continue to worship her cum soaked pussy, bitting her lower lip. Heel up onto his shoulder, she possessively stroked his hair.

Pleased, she had him stay, while she prepared his reward for successfully pleasuring her. She soon retuned with a long strap-on dildo. He automatically went onto all fours. She knowledgeably lubed everything up with her spit, and almost casually shoved the rubber member into his relaxed asshole. She almost teasingly moved it up and down, while he moaned deeply. She knew just the right angles to hit his P-spot.

Eventually, she pulled the dildo out completely, and strapped it tightly around her waist. On his knees, she kissed and stroked his head possessively from behind. She then pressed him down passed his knees and onto his stomach. The dildo fell back in naturally, as she went to her knees. She thrust slowly, passionately, watching them both in the mirror, petting and kissing his head. His head was held in a way that ensured he watched himself getting fucked in the ass by the woman he loved.

This was how he wanted to be fucked. Well, he technically had no real say in the matter, but he came to truly love being fucked like this a long time ago. Indeed, he rarely penetrated her. It was always more natural for him to be thrusted into than the other way around. Still, she was being a bit more forceful and possessive then usual, especially in how she made him watch through the mirror, but he had no problem with it through her knowledgable thrusts. He moaned deeply, gutturally through the pleasure she induced in him.

She never rally did this, but found herself truly enjoying watching herself, her abdominal muscles flex while she fucked her man. She began to slow her motions, making them deeper and more passionate. His moans grew louder, exciting her. Thrust, thrust, thrust, she went, using her entire body at times. Eventually, she held his head down, so only she could just watch herself, her pleasure being what really mattered. She smiled largely at her flexing, thrusting self. She then repositioned onto the balls of her feet in a squat. This allowed her to put just about her whole weight into her motions. She enjoyed physically exerting herself, and this was just that much more. She spanked her man, smiling at herself in the mirror.

Her hand then grasped his head to allow him to see just how much fun she was having in the mirror, before forcing it back down. Feeling just about satisfied herself, she brought her man to his feet, having him watch as she possessively groped and licked his head and neck. It was as if she was making out with his whole head at once, while she enjoyed the taste of his salty sweat, especially off his neck.

Having him lean forward, she reinserted the dildo into him. He moaned primally at her passionate thrusts. She loved how it looked like her body overwhelmed his. Indeed, she was noticeably more athletic than he ever was. She then began to stroke his cock in time with her thrusts, making his moans louder. They both knew it was time for him to cum, so she hastened her motions. He eventually came hard, and she passively kissed and licked …

The world around them slowly, naturally faded to black. As if opening their eyes from a dream, the home office slowly came back into focus. Alice and Jason looked at each other in amazement and confusion. They looked different than they expected at first, before they realized they were back in their real bodies. Still, Alice and Jason felt changed by their experience. Alice was not some domina, but being more an alpha felt right. Jason was not really subservient, but saw no problem with letting the woman take control now.

“What just happened?” Jason asked bewildered.

Threshold Technologies, sucks the viewer in …” Alice said more to herself.

“Does this mean we … cheated on Max?”

“I’m not sure …” she said looking over the real Jason. She found herself liking what she saw on a sexual level she never let herself humor before. He was only slightly taller than Alice, with curly brown hair, and somewhat toned physique.

“Maybe we shouldn’t tell Max …” he forwarded ponderously.

Alice smirked, and positioned herself before the still seated Jason. “I can’t believe I’m gonna do this!”

To Jason’s shock, Alice leaned down, and began to make out with him passionately.

“Help me take your clothes off, Jason,” she requested.

Wide eyed and amazed, he quickly did so. His dick was already fully erect for Alice.

Alice smiled, as amazed as she was excited about what they were now doing for real. She excitedly stroked the large cock to get the feel of the throbbing member, which was very similar to Max’s. She then straddled Jason, and consumed his cock with her already moist pussy. She humped him wildly, joyously, this being the first time she fucked anyone else since she met Max. It was in that moment she realized that her marriage with Max was on the edge of utter boredom, but neither seemed to worry about the potential associated problems. Fucking her brother in-law was less the solution, and more a metaphorical dry run to preventing future problems.

“Oh, fuck, Alice! I can’t believe what we’re … umm …”

She interrupted him with a lustful kiss. Alice cared little about what he thought in that moment, only wanting to enjoy the pleasure.

Alice thrust into him passionately yet wildly. They moaned in time with the growing pleasure.

Even though Alice was on the pill, she still did not want him to cum inside her. So, she moved herself in a way to hopefully make her cum first. It seemed to be working, but Jason was already close himself.

“Oh, yes, yeah. OOOH,” Alice began to coo far more loudly than Jason. “OH, yeah. I’m gonna … gonna … YEAAHHHHAH … ooooohh ….” Enjoying the euphoria for a few moments, she then quickly unmounted, and shoved his dick in her mouth. He came massively down her through almost right away. Before swallowing it all, she made out with him, cum and all …

* * * *

Alice sat pensively next to the pool wearing her bikini. It might have been the last warm day of the year, but that was not strongly on her mind. She could not stop thinking about what happened: watching a self-proclaimed mind control porno, subjecting her brother in-law to it, and then committing adultery with him. This was not normal. What truly concerned her was how she felt no shame in it all, while wondering how much of that was implanted by the porno she was sucked into.

“Hey, Alice!” Max walked over. “Saw Jason napping on the couch. You put him to work?”

“Yeah …” she said with a surprising pride.

They made small talk about their “uninteresting” days, while Alice found herself simply horny. However, her urge was oddly layered. She wanted to have him watch the special porno, and then fuck him in the real world. This urge grew more and more overpowering until … “I’ll fuck you if you can name the first five Presidents …”

“Oh!” he smiled at the new game. “Let’s see …” he casually took her arm, and began to guide her inside. “Washington … Adams … Jefferson … Robotoman … Edwards.”

Alice chuckled, knowing he wasn’t going to take the game seriously, while ultimately guiding Max to the office.

They began to make out lovingly, passionately. She then pushed him down onto the chair. “Hey, what’s gotten into you?”

“You didn’t name all of the first five presidents, so I won’t be fucking you right now. Service yourself.” Alice hit the space bar, and the porno began to play on a different scene.

Max looked at the screen amazed and confused, before going blank. A familiar man walked into a room with an expectant woman. The two began to make out with the woman clearly driving the event.

Alice enjoyed watching her husband be taken by the special porno, and pleasured herself to the sight. She slowly turned her gaze to the screen.

Before Max even realized it, he was the one kissing the sexy brunette in the porno. Or was he kissing her the whole time … “What’s going on?” he said confused.

“I’m fucking you, Steve,” the woman said matter-of-factly, before having him removed his clothes. “This is what your wife wants.”

He glanced over to an athletic blonde that he somehow knew was his wife, even though she did not look like Alice … Yes, he was Steve. The blond woman was his in-charge wife. The brunette woman was their friend Laurie. He was kind of their fuck toy. Well, they were both his wife’s fuck toys. Steve lay on the bed, as he had done countless times for Laurie and his wife.

He fell onto his back, passionate making out with Laurie. His wife hungrily pleasured herself to the site of her husband fucking another woman.

This not being Steve’s actual wife freed him in purely sexual ways. He thoroughly enjoyed sucking Lurie’s entire A-cup breasts into his mouth, as he squeezed her ass and groped her stocking-clad hips. She thrust into him passionately, moaning more than he was. His wife cooed happily in sexual thrill across the room. It was all so passionate and lustful. The pleasure grew and grew until they all exploded in orgasm …

Everything slowly went dark. Like slowly awakening from a deep slumber, he blinked threw a brightening blur. An office slowly came into focus around him. It was … his home-office. His now nude wife looked down on him with a curious smile.

“What … what happened, Alice?”

“How do you feel, Max?” she said in a strong tone.

“I feel … I feel like I’m yours …”

“Good, Max.” She extended her hand.

He grasped it, and she led him into the living room. She took Jason’s hand, and led them both into the bedroom.

Alice casually sat on the bed, knowing that they would give her exactly what she wanted, needed. She was not really like the doms of the enhanced porno, but she was the alpha here, the one to be worshiped.

Max sat next to her first, with Jason still removing his clothes. They kissed lovingly, while he lightly massaged her breasts.

Jason finally sat on the other side of her, feeling her thigh with a subtle lust. She reached back to Jason, petting the back of his head. Alice and Max never kissed with such loving passion before! As the same time, Jason began to massage her breasts from behind, while kissing her neck. Alice’s heart fluttered joyously. She then lightly guided max to her breasts, which he dutifully sucked and kissed.

Alice eventually turned slightly to make out with the deserving Jason, whose hands never fully left her breasts. She then brought Max back up for deep smooches, while Jason fully took over worshiping Alice’s breasts. Alice let herself become lost in the love and lust for a few moments, while Max massaged her warm crotch and inner thigh. She cooed happily, primally at the attention that was all for her.

Jason then moved his worshiping down her body, her legs, and finally to her feet. He worshipped her feet with great passion, making Alice wonder if he had done such a thing before or if it was from his time inside the porno. Well, with her tongue entangling with Max’s, she did not really care.

Breathing deeply, Alice lay back onto the bed. Jason found his way back up to worship her breasts and mouth with his lips and tongue, while Max found his way to her sultry pussy. The love and lust-filled pleasure made her moan and curl her toes. And again, she now found herself slightly amazed at how good Max was at his worshipping of her crotch. He never did consumed her pussy before, but was a savant at it now!

Alice reveled in the pleasure of the men at her breasts and crotch, petting and lightly holding their heads. Jason began to finger and suck Alice’s pussy slightly more excitedly, hearing no protest. Hearing Alice’s moans of pleasure was all the two men needed to hear. Neither questioned at how naturally they worshipped Alice. All either wanted to do was make her happy in all ways now: Max through pure love, and Jason through pure lust.

“I wanna upgrade Max’s fingers with your dick, Jason,” she requested through her pleasure-laden joy.

Max moved away without question, and with Alice’s legs resting on Jason’s shoulders, he began to thrust himself into her. She moaned happily at the lustful insertion. He was not at all making love to her, and she more than enjoyed that fact. Indeed, Jason’s dick felt almost exactly like Max’s, so it was genuinely interesting to feel lust coming from it.

“Oh, yeah, Jason, that’s great …” she purred. “Max … UMPH … I want you down here so I can eat your dick, with my pussy eating your brother’s!”

The men got the idea, while Alice went to all fours. And soon, she happily sucked-off the dick she loved, as the felt the dick she lusted thrust into her repeatedly. Alice never sucked anyone off before, and was quite amazed at how natural at it she was. Indeed, she enjoyed the feel of her husband dick down her throat.

Alice soon realized this was the best moment of pleasure in her life, having love and lust literally worshiping her. The best was quickly approaching, she knew. She could feel an orgasm beyond any she ever had growing inside her. The best part was that she was sure it would be just before theirs. She wanted it, needed it now! She then literally embraced the dicks in her holes in all the hastening love and lust-filled motions. And finally, she exploded in the most passionate orgasm of her life …

Max suddenly came in her mouth, moments before Jason quickly pulled out of her dripping pussy to do the same.

Licking her lips, tasting the cum of both men, lay on her side between the two men that were even now subtly worshiping her with their hands. Slowly closing their eyes, the world naturally faded to black …


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