Blog Flash: SubCerebral


She did not know where the DVD came from, but remembered the need to play it. “SubCerbral: Inducer Test C,” the handwritten label stated. Perhaps there was something familiar about it. Well, something inside her suggested how that notion did not matter. What did matter was satisfying her curiosity. She placed the shimmering thing into her laptop’s little used slot, and the computer obediently spun the disc, playing only the video.

The computer started the film automatically, her eyes glued to the screen. “Woman on Top,” the title card read. She sensed something very different about the images before her, while sounds of pleasure echoed out. Soon, her eyes starred forward, unblinking, as her lips stayed slightly apart. Her mind went blank, and that void was filled by only the video.

A woman lay joyously on a hammock, while a man mindlessly worshiped her ample breasts. The in-charge woman had dark eyes, black hair, and light skin. The woman watching the porno could feel the pornstar’s pleasure. Both women mirrored the pleasure in their movements. The woman matched the video by rubbing her own pussy, as the man strongly groped the pornstar’s of what was only the video.

Then, something changed. The video was now at the pornstar’s soft feet. Her sooth, alabaster skin suddenly seemed to have a slight gold tan. Through the orgasmic feel and sounds, the image panned up familiar, longer legs. The pussy was now close cropped instead of clean shaven, with a tiny heart tattoo at the waist. The camera panned up further to now perfectly shaped, A-cup breasts. And then, the head head and face had light green eyes, long dirty blond hair. The viewer was now identical to the pornstar of what was only the video.

The woman then felt a hand not her own rubbing her twitching pussy, and realized she was sitting on a ceiling mounted hammock. She almost put thought into the impossible situation, before the man resumed worshipping her perfectly shaped tits.

Just before she came in glorious orgasm, she stopped the silent man, and had him follow her to the bedroom. He would do anything she asked, and the thought of that nearly made her cum. She had him kiss her in their lust-freeing love, and had him go down on his knees. He worshiped her feet, as ordered. The pleasure flew up her body, making her moan.

It was now time for orgasmic reward. She picked up the double sided strap-on on the end table, and had her love and lust affix it to her body. The feel of the rubber deep inside her made her tingle in pleasure and anticipation. He crawled onto the bed on all fours, as she stood on her knees from behind. She knowledgeably lubed up her dildo and his asshole.

She then unabashedly shoved the member into the man’s relaxed anal cavity, as she passionately rubbed his cock. She thrust and thrust, relishing how he could not cum until she told him to. They both moaned and cooed loudly in epic pleasure. The pleasure grew and grew, until she wetly exploded, and screamed for him to do the same. She captured all his ample cum, and had him slurp it all down. They passionately made out, free through their lust.

There was only ever the video …

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