This Month’s Journeys!

This month will see two Journeys into Passion stories, following the tradition of an October Halloween Special!

October 22

Title: Threshold Technologies — An Old Typewriter
Synopsis: In this second story of the Threshold Trilogy, Jack, a software engineer major at his university, finds a Threshold film. He watches the erotic sci-fi drama, An Old Typewriter, and is quickly sucked into the film
Tags: Mind control, transformation, lesbian sex

October 31 Halloween Special

Title: Cabin of Sin
Synopsis: An unknowable force awakens the sexual truth in college students vacationing in a luxury cabin
Tags: Mind control, transformation, male-female sex, lesbian sex, foot fetish


*Special note on JIP covers:
Some JIP covers may be far more sexually explicit than those of Blog Unbound. These covers will never be censored within the ebook, but an alternate version (minor blurring) may be displayed if the original is explicit.
Also, if a JIP ebook does not contain cover art, a future file will within a month of initial posting.

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