JIP: Threshold Technologies — TypewriterOS

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: In this third and final installment of the Threshold Trilogy, the stories of Threshold revitalizer Jack Fauno in 2018 and Detective Juliana Black in 2030 are interwoven. Jack works to revitalize Threshold Technologies, while Juliana works a case of missing persons that leads to that revitalized company. Enjoy!

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Threshold Technologies: TypewriterOS 

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Juliana Blake sarcastically smirked at the tail end of the advertisement for the media company owned by mega-corporation Threshold Technologies, inc. As a detective, she did not have much time for a personal life, while what she had felt right. Plus, her suspicions of illegal experimentation on the part of Latech Research, LLC., which was also owned by Threshold, made her weary of genuine conflict of interest from viewing in what could become a very sensitive case.

Threshold almost came out of nowhere to become the most powerful organization in the world. When one put much thought into it, their rise from their own ashes about a decade ago seemed almost scripted. More interesting was how they were almost like those evil companies depicted in popular science-fiction into the 2010s: masked with false benevolence. Well, maybe Threshold could only be as benevolent as any big business could be, while ready to cut the cord on any subsidiary messing things up for them. Their partnerships with government and charitable organizations since their reestablishment in 2019, eleven years ago, helped to save the crumbling economy some years back.

Juliana sighed, knowing shit will hit the fan when her chief learns of her suspicions toward Latech tomorrow. But right now, she wanted to do her workout, followed by a long, orgasmic shower …

The thirty-something female detective gave her naked sweaty herself a long look in bathroom door mirror. She smiled lovingly.

I’ll always love you, Julie, but you are all you ever needed, was what her last girlfriend, Sallie told her when they broke up. She had some boyfriends and girlfriends, but in the end, none of them worked. Juliana once assumed that was because of her career. Sallie’s comment made her rethink everything about herself, essentially investigating herself. All of Juliana’s lovers looked like her to a degree. Juliana always aimed to take good care of herself, and always loved to spend time with herself. Her best orgasms were indeed always self-induced. On a hunch, she ultimately bought a tall mirror for her bathroom door. What followed was remarkable for her.

Juliana looked into her light green eyes. They were like Green Tourmaline gemstones, as one past lover pointed out. She always knew that. They were so beautiful, always loving green eyes. Yet, she started to realize that they were less piercing and more come hither. She let herself be sucked into her own gemstones, learning every perfection and imperfection of the irises and seeing the pupils dilate at her deepening breathing. A truth was becoming so clear and obvious to her that there was no denying it.

“I’m in love with you,” she said out loud to herself. “I’m in love with me!”

Juliana felt those words come from the core of herself, filling every part of her with joy. She then knew she needed to reacquaint herself with the only woman she ever really wanted to know. She slowly moved her hands through her shimmering, soft auburn hair. Goosebumps arose on her dark olive skin while she flowed through the natural waves of her hair. She then lightly touched her forehead and slim eyebrows with era fingertips, sensually moving down her perfectly triangular nose. At the same time, she moved her hands across her cheeks to her well proportioned ears. Her breathing was now deep and revelatory. Following the jawline to its slightly rounded end, she moved to feel her full, soft lips. She naturally opened her mouth to see and feel her healthy white teeth and feel her fleshy tongue.

Her curious fingers moved down her neckline, her collar bones, her shoulders. She turned around and unbuttoned her blouse to remove it, before feeling her soft, toned, peach fuzz covered arms. She turned her head to see and feel her long, well toned back. Her natural flexibility allowed for no discomfort. She turned her body back around, and began to feel the curves of her healthy, muscle-enhanced breasts. Her dark nipples and areolae were so mouth watering. She moved down from her heaving chest to explored her firm abdominal muscles.

Filliping around again, she unbuttoned and removed her thin dress pants and panties. She turned to see and feel her very full, firm ass. Her love of squats clearly paid-off! She flipped back around, moving her fingers around her hips to her well kept puss. Her whole body tingled joyously when she brushed against her pussy-lips. She then continued down her legs, naturally moving into a squat. Her muscles were so firm and enticing. Letting herself sit on the floor, she moved to the tops of her smooth feet to toes she personally manicured expertly. Her fingers followed the curve of her toes to the balls, the many curves of her subtly wrinkly high arches, and finally to her soft heals. The lighter tones of her palms and soles did not go unnoticed.

Juliana looked back at herself in the mirror. There were no words, just understanding. It was remarkable she never realized how she truly felt about herself until then, but that did not seem to matter. She finally found the love of her life. She thought about making love to herself right then, considering what she just did was merely discovery, but understood she did not want sex right in that moment. It was amusing, because that lack of need was just like how she always was when she dated men and woman she liked. She always wanted to go on some dates, getting to know them before moving forward with anything serious. That was certainly ironic that she wanted to take her time with herself. Yet, she always wanted sex to be right and perfect, and always unknowingly compromised with how her past sexual experiences never quite hit that perfection she yearned for. There was no need to compromise anymore …

The loving smile was so deep and true before her. It had been one year, three weeks, and two days since she fell in love with herself that fateful day before this very mirror. She literally spent three whole months dating herself: late night movies, casual lunches with the phone camera on her, teasing pictures sent to herself. It was the best, most fun relationship she ever had. Her friends and coworkers noticed how happy she was, while most just assumed she was finally happy with her life. She did tell the unsurprised Sallie when they crossed paths recently. On that three month anniversary, when she was finally ready, that night … Juliana had the best sex of her life. If she could marry herself, she would in less than a heartbeat. The love making since had been nothing short of perfect, always finding the right moments with herself.

She licked her soft lips, and smooched the mirror. “I love you,” she whispered to herself.

Juliana walked into the hot shower. She did her hair, and lathered up her taut body. She teased her ass and pussy, while spending a long time worshiping her tender feet. Soon, she found herself sensually groping her breasts and pussy. The hot water rolled down her every curve, while she leaned into the corner of the shower. She then took a dildo from the ledge, and leaning forward onto the wall, began to thrust in and out of her sultry snatch. She moved her free hand up and down her breasts and stomach. “Oh, yeah, Julie …”

She eventually sat on the floor of the tub, and more rigorously trust the dildo in and out, groans of loving passion growing. The pleasure and love grew and grew, making so damn close, before slowing herself slightly to extend the moment. Yet, all she really wanted was to cum to herself. Her thrusts became slow yet willful, making the pleasure come to its inevitable peak. “Oh, GAH … Yeah, Julie … Jul … UGHUHJULIANA!” she came in perfect orgasm. 

* * * * 

Laura slowly blinked through the blurriness. It was as if a whole other reality was coming back into focus. It was as if she … no … He was slowly awakening from a deep, lucid dream.

Jack Fauno shook his head in dizzy confusion. Everything that just happened was almost too real. All the memories of Farrah and Laura were still inside him. Indeed, even the rock solid dick — and cum — between his thighs did not detract from the fact that he somehow felt like a woman.

He was somehow Laura and Jack now. He became an alpha lesbian in a man’s body. He liked how that felt.

Jack exited the video player, feeling a great curiosity toward Threshold’s software. His tall girlfriend suddenly walked into the room, and he put on a sly smile.

“Well, you made a mess of yourself,” the fair haired Sarah observed unimpressed.

“Uh, yeah …” he said in an amazed, nervous laugh. On top of still feeling rather like the woman in the film, it was quite disorienting for it to be 2018, while the character knew it was 2010.

“Still takin’ me out tonight?” the girl-next-door asked.

“Yeah … I guess so …”

“Wow!” she exclaimed sarcastically, glaring with he deep brown eyes. “We must be a real couple now, since you clearly forgot our anniversary.”

“No, I haven’t, Sarah,” he said quietly. Looking at his girlfriend of exactly three years, he felt more like a porno’s depiction of a lesbian than a slightly nerdy guy. “I’m sorry, Sarah” he said empathetically. “I’ll be ready to go whenever you are.”

She was taken aback. The man before her looked like just another guy that made a mess of himself watching porn, but his last comment felt true and warm. “See you then …”

The two had the most warm and deep date of their time together. It was the first time for them both that they felt this relationship could be something truly profound. They shared things neither shared with anyone before, including each other. Jack was interested in rather kinky things in bed like feet and latex, while Sarah liked to be both an active participant yet submissive, which made her interested in exploring his kinks. What fascinated Jack was how she only ever had a strong orgasm when the other was paying close attention to her needs, revealing their sex was merely passable. What made their hearts flutter sexually was how they both have enjoyed porn, albeit with differing inclinations: she with women passively but not harshly fucked by men; he with fetish porn, often with lesbians. Though, he did admit that the porno he just watched opened new doors for him, and was excited to explore it in the technological sense. She did not fully understand what he meant by his new exploration, but loved him for being so honest.

They later found themselves in Sarah’s dorm room. They kissed slowly, lovingly, knowledgeably, moving toward the small bed. They paused for a happy moment, and looked into each other’s eyes.

Jack knew exactly what she need to hear in that moment. “I love you, Sarah. You want to go all the way tonight?”

Her heart melted, while a joyous tear escaped the corner of her eyes. “I love you, too, Jack. I wan’t yo go all the way with you tonight and forever.”

The lovers continued making out on the bed with love already poring into them. They chucked at the loud squeaks and creaks from with aged bed, before she naturally fell to her back, opening her legs. He playfully nudged her back, she squeaking happily at the faux-male aggressiveness. 

Legs open, Jack leaned down to kiss the wanting woman just that much more deeply, feeling her breast under her shirt. Shirt pushed up he lightly felt and kissed her abdomen. She suddenly chuckled.

“Didn’t know you were ticklish, Sarah!”

“You never touched me like that! I love it, Jack.”

He lightly kissed her abdomen more, making her squeak and chuckled loudly. Sarah’s legs draped over his shoulders, he moved up to smooch her happily. She pulled off her short dress, and he tenderly kissed down her holdable C-cups, abdomen in a way that used the ticklishness to deepen the pleasure. His time in the porno and observing her made such pleasure possible. He began to kiss her warm pussy with love and hunger, which made Sarah moan and coo in her enjoyment. Sensing she wanted him back above, he moved back up for a deep kiss.

After trading some spit, he moved back down to her wide open thighs, again making out with the lover lips, panties pushed to the side.

She cooed and laughed with joy. Yes, she was naturally passive, but Jack was the first man to trail the line of her passiveness and satisfying of her needs.

“I never knew you could … do that, Jack. Please don’t stop!” she cooed, pressing his crouch against his mouth. They held each other’s hands, fingers interlaced, while he knowledgeably consumed.

Jack moved back up to lovingly smooch her. Sarah pulled off her dress, and teasingly rubbed Jack’s solid member. Teasing her back, Jack began to rub her wet crotch at the same time. Eventually she just laid back and enjoyed, he sometimes leaning in for a we kiss.

Sensing she was ready for him more profoundly, Jack pulled off his boxer-briefs.

“Damn, that’s the most excited I’ve seen you!” she complimented.

“Thanks!” His bobbling dick might very well have surpassed his clocked high of eight inches.

Sarah on her back, legs up and open, Jack almost carefully entered her. She cooed and breathed deeply, loving how he did not do his regular “jump in” move. The gazed into each other’s loving eyes, while he smoothly thrust. In some ways, neither could believe how they finally hit the stride neither thought possible.

“Wait, hold on, hold on …” Sarah requested, grabbing a condom from the end table. She rolled it on him, before resuming like nothing happened.

After finding his stride, she began to rub just above her pussy lips, make her coo happily. He was so glad she left her long stocking-sock on. She was probably not interested in him sucking her toes right then, but the opaquely silken view was enough.

He placed his hand next to her neck for support, and she requested, “Choke me.”

“Really?” he did not expect that, in spite of how intuitive he was now toward her.

“You like it kinky, right?”

He smirked. He was not opposed to the act — at least not in any extreme, but never expected her to request such a thing. “OK, Sarah.”

“Yeah … Yes … I like … it …” she forced, Jack’s hand squeezing her throat.

He began to thrust and squeeze harder, Sarah cooing in encouragement. After several thrusts, he could tell she had enough attention to her throat at the moment, and let go. She just lay back and enjoyed his hastening motions.

Eventually, Jack leaned downward, making out while he thrust. Sometimes they were forehead to forehead; sometimes they were just touching their open mouths. She laughed happily at how perfect this was, wrapping her legs around his waist. They simply gazed into each other’s eyes, occasionally locking lips, while she cooed louder and louder. Jack grunted quietly, doing everything he could to hold on for just that much longer. She was more than happy with the occasional slowing and adjusting. 

“I’m so ready to cum, my love,” she breathed.

Jack went back to his knees, and began to thrust in and out with increasing ferocity. Sarah cooed joyously as close to the most perfect moment as he was.

“I love it. Fuck! I love you,” she cooed, at his dramatic increase in motion. “Oh, God. So close, Jack … PLEASE … Yes, yes … … Oh, fucking God! Yeah …. OOOOOOOH FUCK ME … YEAH … ooo …” She exploded in orgasm with him …

Over the next year, Jack worked to crack the software behind the Threshold DVD. It was an obsession for him to understand how the submersion was so complete that it altered his personality. To not degrade his academic performance, he worked to cyclically apply his developing software knowledge to his study of the Threshold software, as he hoped to apply the Threshold software to his research projects.

He knew how to reverse engineer lines of security code or prevent certain code sequences from running. Technically, this was supposed to be easy to do on aging DVD technology. This was not a normal DVD. He was able to copy the film and associated software, but the mind altering software was not like anything he ever saw. His relationship with Sarah was far easier to handle this this!

Eventually, he finally saw into the Threshold magic via the DVD encoding. The key was understanding how the two different technologies were interlinked. It was simple in its execution yet mindbogglingly complex. It basically utilized the film as a means of deriving commands, while certain other elements like unspoken dates were wedged into the video software. The rest were the silent and invisible hypnotic elements, which were almost a whole separate piece of software.

Jack then worked to extract the Threshold software, which seemed to not care where the commands originated. After the successful extraction, he saw how the code may be adapted to use anything as a mean of controlling another’s mind. Jack was as haunted as he was fascinated by how this worked, while much of the code itself was still completely foreign to him. It would seem that Threshold could have used their software in mind altering applications well beyond DVD media.

He was able to use it via the terminal shell on his desktop, while also seeing the code in operation in a separate window. A rather shady idea then hit Jack: have it connect with someone’s phone or computer. The subliminal elements would still be silent, while the subject would be completely oblivious to the whatever was happening to them. He might just be able to use the software just like in the porno, The Old Typewriter, possibly right down to genetic alteration.

Starting simple, Jack manually gave the software Sarah’s cellphone number, which it would access via his laptop’s wifi calling feature. He’ll just say he butt dialed her or something. The software was ready for input.

Sarah wants to give Jack a blowjob, wants to swallow his cum. He hit return. The command was sent.

A minute later, Sarah called him.

“Hey, Jack, you called?”

“Oh, I just hit the wrong button or something, Sarah!”

“Oh, OK …” she paused for a few moment.


“I wanna try something tonight, Jack.”

“Sure, I’ll be here for whatever.”

“Great.” she hung up.

About an hour later, Sarah walked in, they smooched. “Hey, Sarah. Good classes today?”

“All right.” She smiled. “So … what I wanted to try hit me kinda suddenly. Actually just after you butt dialed me … I wanna just give you a blowjob.”

“Sure!” he exclaimed, amazed at how easily this seemed to work.

“Right here and now, I wanna do this,” she stated amazed.

She quickly removed his pants, and stroked his already ballooning member. Before he even knew it, she sucked up and down. Her sultry mouth felt almost too good. Sarah never did this before, he did not think, but she seemed surprisingly good at it.

“Feel good, Jack?” she asked.

“Yeah, don’t stop now, Sarah!”

She bobbed up and down happily, hungrily. This came to feel so damn good he knew was wasn’t going to last too long.

“Oh, that’s fucking great, Sarah,” he breathed. “Not long now!”

She looked up to him happily with her mouth full of his flesh. Drool began to drip on to his balls, her motions increasing in intensity. Jack began to grasp the armrests, breathing heavily. And then suddenly, he blew his multipart load down her swallowing throat.

“Wow,” Sarah breathed.

“You swallowed …”

“Yeah,” she said amazed. “I didn’t mind it. Maybe just a little surprised.”

“That’s fine, Sarah. That was wonderful,” he said honestly. “Wanna see what I’ve been doing, Sarah? Looks like I cracked that code.”

“Yeah, sure.” She casually sat on his bare lap.

“Kinda unbelievable, but I think this can do anything, within reason. I think we can improve ourselves with this.”

“That is kinda unbelievable.”

“Humor me, Sarah.”

“OK.” She smooched him. Her somewhat passive nature made her not really question him.

Jack tied the software into the computer itself.

We, Sarah and Jack, quickly developed increased intelligence and libidos. He hit return.

They found themselves staring almost mindlessly at the screen for what felt like a few moments when minutes passed.

“Good thing you’re the best sex I’ve ever had!” Sarah exclaimed.

The kissed with love and a surprising amount of passion.

The two indeed saw their intelligence increased, finding everything easier, while they had sex at least twice a day. Jack was truly overjoyed by how easily the software worked. Indeed, he came to use it more and more regularly, “testing” it out on Sarah. The more he used it, the more he wanted to use it.

Overtime, they both changed, Sarah more so. Jack became almost a kind of male slut regularly including others into his sexcapades with Sarah, while Sarah became more passive and robotic around him. Sure, Jack had a strong empathy toward her, but found it much easier to have her no longer need him to care about her needs. She even came to regularly wear a complete latex outfit, and more than enjoyed giving him the ecstatic footjob.  He did not realize it at first, but he was slowly turning the love of his life into his personal blonde bimbo. She was as much a genius as he was now, but she no longer used much of her mind whenever she was with him. Jack soon envisioned her as an actual robot, and wondered how the software could make such a thing happen.

It was in that moment Jack finally realized how this obsession with Threshold was affecting him. Indeed, he suddenly began to wonder how much he really cared about anyone. The changes he inflicted on Sarah were largely without any concern about what she wanted. It seemed that his empathy toward others might never have been strong, while the video at least temporarily improved what little empathy he had. That “improvement” lessened the more he established his obsession with the power Threshold’s technology gave him. It all suggested to him that using a video as the basis of commands naturally limited long term changes. Him wanting to do so much more was, too, a far more powerful drive than anything that film gave him.

“So, Sarah, I was thinking about giving a better name to this Threshold software,” Jack stated.

Sarah was happily eating Jack’s cum off of her shiny black feet. “Ummm … What were you thinking, Jack?”

TypewriterOS …”

* * * *

Well, the preverbal shit did hit the fan, as Juliana expected. Her Lieutenant suggested she needed to drop the case. However, it was not because he thought she was wrong. He told her that dealing with issues relating to Threshold would require people above their department, perhaps the District Attorney herself. At the same time, Threshold all but sponsored the city’s police force with their massive donations and regularly hosted fundraisers. In other words, she was not really ordered to do anything.

Her Lieutenant was very good at nudging the subordinates, even if it seemed more like ambivalence to those unfamiliar with the leadership style. Still, the demeanor suggested to the detective that she needed to gather as much as she could as soon as possible before he needed to pass the sensitive case upwards. This was a relief for Juliana, who legitimately wondered how beholden the police force was to Threshold. Well, it might as well have been, but her Lieutenant was still a good cop.

Just after noon, Juliana went out to have some lunch with herself, and a man came up to her. It was one of the researchers a Latech, Dr. Louis Jacobs, she contacted two weeks ago. He was not all that responsive at the time.

“Dr. Jacobs, what can I do for you?” she asked curiously.

“Pardon the cliche!” he said dryly. “We need to speak privately.”

“Of course. Where did you have in mind.”

“Just follow me …”

The took the subway across the city, and made their way to Dr. Jacobs’ apartment.

“I assume we’re not really here for lunch, doctor,” Juliana stated.

“No …”

“Are you sure even your apartment is safe from your bosses?” Juliana asked with a hint of paranoia.

He smiled with a quiet chuckle. “You would be shocked at how lax our security is now that Threshold has their tentacles in everything. Pure complacency for good reason …”

“Go on …”

“I decided that I needed to come clean about what’s happening at Latech, which is of course under the direction of Threshold …”


“You are right about the disappearances, in so much as these people are being kidnapped by Latech. It’s a lot more, detective … It starts with ExtraReality’s technology. Most if not all people have watched a film with that technology.”

“It sucks the viewer in.”

“Ever since it was just Threshold Tech, but you know that. What you do not know is that the technology may be used to at least partly rewrite someone. This is an open secret utilized by the military, intelligence organizations, and some psychiatrists around the world. Of course, most people watching the films made for public consumption are not transformed completely at the mental level. I’m not sure it that was even their plan before the company was rebuilt. However, ExtraReality has been putting what is internally described as a ‘Mental Worm’ in their products. Basically a kind malware deeply embedded into the Human subconscious. Not every video, but they’ve been doing this for long enough.”

“What does it do?” she asked in disbelief.

“Once activated, your mind may become like swiss cheese, for lack of better words, and others with the right verbal commands can make you do whatever they want. Others above me target specific people with psychological profiles that I and others ask for. Its usually through a free video for that ‘good’ customer.”

“What? For some kind of experimentation?”

“Yes … The mental control is merely the first step in transforming a Human into basically a robotic drone. We have them called in, and we apply our SkinTight latex. But a bit more than what is bought in stores. Our more advanced version enhances rather than just provides sensation. But, it does not stop there. It fuses with the subject at the cellular level, allowing for a complete transformation into a mindless drone or something more interesting.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is possible to be upgraded with the advanced latex without the mental reprograming. You see, when the mind is turned to mush, the latex simply takes over active brain functions. When the mind is fully operational, the brain essentially extends into your entire body, enhancing mental and physical abilities to remarkable levels.”

“That sounds a bit ridiculous …”

He smiled rather morosely, shaking his head. “It’s not … Mary, please come into the living room.”

“Hi, Louis, what can I do for you?” she asked with almost artificial tones. There was something very off about this tall woman that walked into the room. She had shimmering white skin, glassy blue eyes, small breasts, and athletic physique.

“Just stand there for now, Mary,” he ordered. “Examine her, detective.”

Juliana walked over to the apparent woman. “Hello?”

“Hi. Do you need anything?” she asked artificially.

“I’m not sure yet.”

Juliana could not help but notice the distinct scent of rubber. She lightly touched the exposed arm below the light blue t-shirt. It felt like latex, yet it did not seem to be some clothing. It was her skin.

“What are you?” Juliana asked uncomfortably.

“I am Mary,” she responded flatly. “I am here to make Louis happy.”

“Are you … some kind of robot?”


The bewildered Juliana walked back to Dr. Jacobs.


She nodded.

“OK,” he turned to Mary. “Mary, increase your bust size to match my friend’s here, and make your eyes green like hers, too.”

“OK, Louis.” With a blank stare, her chest grew at least two sizes, stressing the tight shirt, and her eyes shifted to Juliana’s distinct green.

“Holy shit!” Juliana exclaimed at the sight of a now very alluring chest and precious jewel eyes.

“Yes, my personal, empty-minded, drone,” he stated with a hint of sarcasm. “She was Human once, a man, and a scientist.”

“Go on …” she said, barely pealing her eyes away from the now distracting robot.

“Mary was once Dr. George Smith. It was our idea to give him the SkinTight upgrade without the mental conditioning …

“So you two would like to experiment on someone without the conditioning?” Managing Researcher Dr. Lina Barrows asked more as confirmation. She was middle aged, healthy, slim, and was easily the hardest to please boss either Smith or Jacobs ever had.

“Yes, Dr. Barrows,” Dr. George Smith answered excitedly.

“Its a clear continuation of the work thus far,” Jacobs seconded.

She slightly smirked, “It’s an obvious continuation.”

This was why she was so hard to please: always way ahead of everyone.

“To be clear here, your request is approved. I would just like to clarify that this kind of test was always on the docket. Those to be deemed as part of the new elite were obviously slated to be upgraded. I delayed this part of the project, because this will obviously not create another drone. The theoretical capabilities of someone upgraded with their mind intact might be beyond our control at this juncture.” 

She was referencing the fact that SkinTight was created only to physically transform the subject, while the separate conditioning was what created control. The interface was largely just verbal and physical commands, but it was possible for the drone to be read by an external system.

“Even though your research is officially approved, I need to know what you plan to do, and who you will be doing this to.”

“With the drones as the control,” Jacobs began, “We will see if and how the robotic transformation enhances thought process, and if the subject can physically alter their appearance to a more elaborate extent on their own accord. Specifically, we aim to see what the subject can do without complete servitude.”

“I will be the subject, with Louis conducting the majority of the experimentation,” Smith clarified. “We decided that someone at Latech was the best option. Objectively, it might be better to take a random, unaltered subject, but such opaque kidnapping might gain too much attention. Moreover, we all know how high our loyalty is to Latch and Threshold. My loyalty toward Louis, yourself, Latech, and Threshold is paramount.”

“OK,” their boss stated flatly. “I’ll expect the usual updates.”

“I’m still really amazed you want to do this to yourself, George!” Louis exclaimed. “Would it be stupidly redundant of me to tell you that you can’t go back from this?”

George patted his friend’s shoulder with an assuring smile. “I want this. I’m nervous, but I want this. Just so fucking tired of making mindless drones, you know that. This upgrade … This is evolution! The drones are just another sex-bot, literally sometimes. The potential lost …”

“Yes …” Louis agreed. Neither of them saw the merits of directly altering the Human brain, even with just an addendum as a “biochip” that no one yet perfected. Worse, replacing parts of the brain with “better” artificial elements they felt was not much better than a lobotomy. SkinTight represented the possibility of not only true enhancement of the mind, but also control over a far improved body.

Louis buzzed in the engineering team to install the chamber (not a dangerous enough task to utilize a drones). Another team was perfecting a less dramatic “at home” version that was certainly for the soon to be revealed new elites, they now assumed. However, it was a touch of laziness to not ask for it, assuming it worked.

While the installation of the chamber was being finalized, George asked, “So how much of your plan relies on my own actions?”

“You’ll find out!” he said with a knowing smile.

The was a subtle test on George’s part, a way of seeing if Louis was ready. As the test subject, objectivity might be lost if George knew what Louis’ plans were.

The engineers left, closing the doors of the lab behind them. Louis was a little disappointed they did not have a drone aiding them. No matter how mindless, those robots they made from people were sometimes as sexy as efficient.

“Well, you know the drill, Dr. Smith! I’ll look over my testing plans while you undress for the conversion.”

He nodded, removing his clothes. Now George was starting to feel nervous. No one had done what he was about to do willingly. His mind will technically be untouched, but he will officially go from Human to robot made from advanced latex! This was crazy, even if this was the best option to advance their research.

I will be improved!” he said to himself shakily, walking into the chamber. At six feet even, he was close to the size limit of this particular model.

The doors closed behind him, not letting one light particle through. Steam began to hiss from the grate below his feet. The high humidity ensured pores to be more open to accept the liquid SkinTight.

A quiet buzzing suddenly became audible. It was from their laser mapping system for their own records and the step before SkinTight comes in. The buzzing switching off. Tiny robotic hands extended outward, knowable from their buzzing motions (they were nicknamed Buzz and Bumble by their creators). The soft, Latech coated fingers expertly opened his eyes wide, and affixed Latech Lenses, which uncomfortably stretched and wrapped themselves around the orbs. The moment they attached themselves to the nerves, he began to see through the darkness. Not that there was much to see past the retracting arms and metal chamber. Of course, the “lenses” would be redundant to the ultimate conversion if it was not for the next step.

A high pitched whirling sound suddenly came into existence. An intricate laster system extended out at his feet. “Oh, fuck!” he exclaimed at the harsh burning of the lasers quickly rising up his body. They not only burned off all the hair to the root, but also primed the skin for the liquid SkinTight. “FUCK!” he exclaimed when the hair at his crotched was quickly burned away. He now definitely regretted not asking for the experimental home device. It was far too late now, though, because already two-thirds of his body hair was already gone. The SkinTight lenses protected his eyes, while the sickening sent of burning hair permeated the chamber. And soon, he no longer had any hair on his body.

A quick blast from above removed any remaining char, before resuming the hot steam for a few moments. He felt sick from the char stench and the reddening cooked skin from head to toe.

All that changed the moment the liquid super-latex touched his feet. It was warm and inviting, soothing his cooked skin. He could legitimately feel his pores sucking it in while it rose, while it felt like lowering into a soothing hot-tub. His legs now felt like putty within the black goop, as they might as well have been. The shimmering, flowing blackness almost orgasmically moved past his crotch, up his waist and arms, and finally around his head.

The waves of blackness surrounded him, turning everything he ever knew into mush. It was inside him, remaking everything. He felt it all, yet there was no pain, only comfort. The SkinTight was soon connecting with him almost on a spiritual level, interfacing with his unconditioned mind. Everything suddenly felt strange, and while not “wrong,” nothing felt right. He could almost feel everything in ways he did not understand, as he sensed everything like he always had. He felt like he was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Too much information entered his consciousness. The black world began to spin uncontrollably. Nothing made sense, nothing felt right. He was himself, yet something else. He felt himself falling and falling in a deranged tailspin …

The next thing George new he was on the cold tile floor of his lab. He could feel every particle of dust and every artificial compound that made it all up. The fact that his hands were a shimmering black was almost ignorable compared to what he was sensing.

“George!?” Louis called out.

The drone-like man slowly stood, feeling everything in the room like he never has before. He could see the minute x-rays and ultraviolet flowing through the room. He could taste the metal of the distant air vent. He could hear and calculate his friend’s blood pressure. He slowly began to tone it all down, pushing the “new” data to the side for future reference. Well, he quickly realized how quickly this was all technically happening for Louis. All this occurred in the span of less than thirty seconds. He was literally processing everything at least twice as fast as any Human.

He smiled amazed. “I’m OK, Louis … This is amazing!”

It was rather disquieting to see what looked like a male “drone” move and speak like an unconditioned human. Of course, he basically still looked like George Smith, beyond the shiny black, latex, hairless exterior.

“You feel, OK, Dr. Smith?”

“‘OK’ does not begin to describe this … It’s a barrage of data I’m still trying to weed through. Your body temp is 98 degrees flat, the room temperature is 69.258 degrees F, the air speed is 0.00256 feet per second … It’s … It’s amazing how fast I’m adapting.”

“Would you like to interface with the tablet, George?” he asked, still somewhat weary of the situation.

“Sure! This should feel interesting, Louis …” He placed his finger on the port, and spoke with it. Well, it felt more profound than that. It felt … like sex. He breathed deeply while he inserted itself into the hapless computer, thrusting into its core systems. There was no orgasm per se, but he felt truly intimate with the computer, which was willing to do anything for him. With little effort, he confirmed a wireless connection solution, an allowed it to monitor him. “That felt kind of good!”

“Looked like it!” He really could have sworn his tablet now operated as if it just had great sex for the first time: glowing, moving smoothly yet not too fast.

“Pretty sure your tests weren’t listed in there, Louis. I’m ready to start the experimenting … with myself.”

They both laughed.

“OK, George. How would you describe yourself right now?”

“I feel genuinely good. Never pleasured a computer before, and that felt amazingly good. Like I said, I can sense a lot more, but am compartmentalizing. I don’t need to see UV or derive your blood pressure.”

“Interesting. Do you consider yourself a male Human?”

He put genuine thought into it. “No, would be the short answer. I still feel like an old fashioned, hetero-male. So, it’s a little weird to be standing naked next to another guy.” With a quiet chuckle, he pulled on his pants and shirt.

“OK. Feel the room to the best you are able at the moment, and transfer the data to the tablet.”

George nodded. He slowly stopped compartmentalizing, and feeling truly inhuman, he gathered everything he could now observe. What was surprising was how there was no disorientation or confusion. Every little detail was processed like a calculator taking in numbers with specified operators and obediently reporting the answer. No matter how inhuman it felt, though, his fully present emotions played key roles, such as curiosity toward the elements of the air coming from the vent, or amusement toward what made up the small stain on his friends pants. He transferred all the data over.

“Wow, OK! That did not go like the average drone!”

“Thank you!” George said jokingly. “Only you can make me feel like a robot.”

Louis smiled. “As a fully sentient, hetero-male robot, what would you say the most dramatic change to yourself mentally and physically would be now?”

George thought seriously, even though where this was probably leading was amusingly exciting. “I’d say an omnisexual, female-bot, with a strong libido.”

Louis quietly laughed at the honest answer. George had never been anything close to a Casanova. “Are you willing to alter yourself so drastically so soon after becoming a latex-bot?”

“Yeah! It was always fun to make the drones change completely with such ease. Doing it to myself sounds exhilarating.”

“Go ahead with the alteration. Try to maintain a regular connection with the table, if you can.”

George slipped back off his clothes, closed his eyes, and began to concentrate on a female physical form he knew he would like. He honestly was making this up as he went along, unlike how the drones were given a picture or detailed specifications. His body began to shimmer more greatly, looking almost liquid. The dick and balls began to shrink, disappearing into the crotch. A tight yet cavernous slit morphed into existence. None of this hurt. Indeed, George told himself to make it all feel really good, like being massaged by hot tub jets. That move was the right one, with internal mechanics forming into a vagina, cervix, uterus (egg-less), etc.

His, well, her waist then shifted inwards, as her hips and ass grew outward, forming bit of a bubble but. At the same time, her chest began to ballon outward into a healthy C-cup. Her feet slimmed up, grew forward a bit, and rose the arch. As had been the case since conversion, the toes were still attached by the rubber “skin,” but outlines of the digits became more apparent. At the same time, outlines of toenails emerged, as black, hard rubber nails extended slightly from her individual finger tips.

Then, the head began to morph. The nose straightened and thinned somewhat, as the head ever so subtly shrank. Lips became fuller and reddened, contrasting significantly with the still black exterior. Deep red, soft rubber hair then sprouted, reaching for her more statuesque shoulders. The Adam’s apple was of course long gone. Her shimmering rubber exterior finally began to shift to a dark olive color, while still clearly latex-like.

Feeling the physical changes come to completion, she began to alter herself to physically and mentally to become a libidinous, omnisexual woman. As with the physical changes to become female, significant genetic shifts began to occur, as well as a subconscious reinforcement of general eroticism.

The now fully feminized, sexualized, roboticized scientist slowly opened her eyes, which had gone from a deep blue to icy blue. She was now very much the female version of the rubberized George. The general arousal struck her instantly, never having been so interested in sex before, as a distinctly aroused joy hit her at the look and feel of herself.

“Fuck, give me the laptop!” she called quickly in her now deeply husky tones. She quickly switched it to a mirror mode to examine herself. Her pussy felt warm and ready at even the sight of herself, while the soft rubber feel of her skin made her even more hungry. She physically entered the tablet port with her finger, sending shockwaves of inhuman pleasure through her artificial nervous system. She fingered her virgin pussy at the same time.

“God, I can’t believe I’m actually fucking a computer!” she exclaimed, the two literally thrusting raw data in and out of each other.

“You are completely female now. The Y chromosome literally transformed into an X on the screen …” he breathed, incredibly aroused by the “woman” before her.

“Oh, God! We’re actually gonna cum!” she exclaimed in total amazement.

“There’s a lot of data in there. Try not to fuck its brains out,” he breathed pants tented.

“Holy fuck! There’s gonna be such data load!” she exclaimed. The data of pure pleasure flowed freely between her and the tablet, which had a blatantly burred yet flashing screen now. She finally screamed in the most uniquely orgasmic moment of her life, as the tablet’s fuzzy screen exploded with colors.

After basking in the literal afterglow with the tablet, she handed it back to Louis.

Eyebrows raised, he said, “That is a lot of data, George.”

“Felt great … You know what? Call me Mary, Louis,” she forwarded.


“Yeah, my middle name’s Mario.” He pronounced it “Mary-oh.”

“Suits you.”

“What next?” Mary asked with an expectant smile.

“I gotta me honest, Mary, we’ve done so much more than I expected today. The data I have now.” He shook his head in disbelief. “It’s more than I ever imaged.”

“Your tablet’s great!” she said honestly. “Luckily we were both techno-virgins.”

Louis laughed. He was confronted at how much Mary was still the dry witted George, in spite of how complete the transformations were. Looking at the amazing fem-bot before him, he felt something his did not yet want to admit to himself.

Mary noticed his demeanor toward her had changed profoundly, as she felt receptive toward it in ways she was all but ready to admit. She sat on the edge of the the console next to him. Her demeanor was naturally alluring yet teasingly subtle, crossing her shimmering legs. “Well?”

Damn Mary was so gorgeous. “How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Be so much like my old friend, yet be so wonderfully female?”

“Well … I am a female now, Louis!” she shrugged. “The femininity and sexuality is down to the genetic level. Plus, memories of observing women played a key role in the demeanor I passively and actively enact now. You know me, Louis: no half measures.”

“Yeah,” he breathed. “The next phase is open ended. Be you. The tablet will record the data, whether you fuck it or not, for however long you want to transmit.”

“Oh, the tablet and I definitely are friends with benefits now, Louis!” She gave him a long look. What she was feeling was not just her libidinous hunger. “Have you ever fucked one of the drones?”

“No … Well, I think we both thought about it!”

“Yeah … Why would you want to fuck a sex-drone when you can make love to a fully functional robot?”

“Wha …”

Before Louis could even finish the word, he found himself making out with his same yet different lab partner. This might have been a man, a close friend hours ago, but that closeness enhanced the sensation he felt with the soft rubber lips and fleshy, wet, rubber tongue playing with his. Mary straddled him on the chair with her very long legs, stabilizing the rolling chair with her feet. The very tall fem-bot visually overwhelmed him. This was all moving so fast. Yet, dealing with someone that now had godlike processing power probably could never go slowly.

It was a little strange at first for them both, having known each other for a decade, but the more their tongues played, the more they felt their warm bodies, the more right it felt. Louis was a straight male; George was now Mary, an omnisexual, horny, latex fem-bot. Most importantly, they already knew each other better than most past lovers.

“Hope I’m as good as the tablet …” he breathed with a nervous laugh.

She looked over to the obedient tablet with genuine arousal, and looked back teasingly. “We’ll see, Louis.”

Louis then removed his shirt while Mary efficiently removed his pants and underwear. She sucked off his throbbing member, generating streams of thick, lubricating spit.

Satisfied with her work, like a seductive beast, Mary crawled back up the almost hyperventilating man. Her humid pussy was unlike anything he ever felt. It certainly felt rubbery, yet it was the farthest thing from an old fashioned latex condom. It was slight and soft like a place he always wanted to be. That was what he always wanted, but never knew. Looking deep into Mary’s frozen eyes, he knew she felt exactly the same.

The apparent savant, Mary rolled her body up and down, not only maximizing he slow pleasure, but extending the passion as well. Louis greatly enjoyed sucking on her upper rubber balloons and grasping her firm lower ones, but what they both loved the most was gazing lovingly into their eyes. Their love slowly grew and grew until they exploded into each other.

They held each other for a while in the afterglow. Looking into each other’s eyes, they whispered in unison, “I love you …”

“It was a surreal but truly amazing relationship after that,” Dr. Jacobs continued his story for the detective. “It was interesting to see her tweak her physical form over the next month. Always liked being taller than me, though, even when she was a Human man. Oh, and there was certainly a lot of sex. Seeing her fuck a drone was so strange! She had it grow a dick, and through that, she connected with its body and mind. She dominated that thing body and mind in ways no Human could … I really did like the threesomes with the tablet …”

“But … how did she become like a mindless drone?”

“Yeah …” he deeply sighed. “We got careless. And, no, our boss and her boss didn’t do this to her directly, I don’t think. They were incredibly pleased with the data. Our work was confirming Threshold’s plans for the rubberized new world order … What happened — amazed it did not happen sooner — was a porno released by ExtraRealty. 95%, plus or minus 5%, of the world’s population has that Mental Worm now, because of ExtraReality’s dominance in media. Hell, you practically have to be deaf and blind to not have it, but even feeling the related vibrations might be enough. We just forgot about it, I guess. It won’t do anything on its own, and most working for Threshold know which titles to avoid. We weren’t paying much attention to that short but ever changing list with the activation protocols. And as I said, we often just sent a video directly to someone we wanted to experiment on …” He deeply sighed. “Well, Mary ended up watching one that activated the Worm in her mind …”

“Hey, Mary, I was thinking we should go on some quiet getaway before the big whigs change everything.” Louis plopped the groceries down on the breakfast counter in his apartment. “We can bring Tabby if you want!” That was their pet name for the willingly obedient tablet Mary loved to fuck.

Mary sat there motionless before a black TV screen.

“Mary?” He walked over concerned.

No response.

His eyes then noticed the screen was not completely blank. “ExtraReality Entertainment” showed on the bottom right as a watermark. Louis knew what happened, but refused to believe it. Grabbing Tabby from the coffee table behind her, he first saw the data stream had ceased thirty minutes ago. Mental readouts directly indicated the activation of the Memory Worm. Yet, it was different from readings in regular subjects. Instead of simply conditioning someone to let themselves be kidnapped by Latech, there was a complete mental annihilation. Technically, all drones retained their memories, but the conditioning created total control regardless. It would seem that the enhanced mental processes enhanced the Worm. The organic elements of her mind — memory, cognition — were quickly destroyed. Presently, there was noticeable brain damage, but the SkinTight might help repair that over time.

In desperation, he tried to reconnect Tabby to Mary, but it would seem that process was long lost. Still, it was unlikely Tabby had any means of truly restoring much, having no such facilities.

Louis went to his knees besides what was left of Mary, and cried. He cried until darkness shrouded the room. Eventually, he turned on the lights, slightly more clear headed.

He picked back up Tabby, and did a general scan of the mindless drone. Though there was far less detail than when they were intimately connected, the readings suggested that the SkinTight elements of her cognition were still fully operable, while the blank organic elements might presently have some functionality. She was simply devoid of any understanding of anything.

There weren’t many options, but he did not want to see her become just another mindless sex-bot for an executive. There was only one right choice.

“Drone, activate,” he said clearly, hoping that primal code still existed. They tried it a week ago in an overly bold test, which not only did reveal its existence, but also showed the code was unable to do anything with an unconditioned mind.

After the slowest, most horrifying moments of his life, the tall drone in a casual pink t-shirt and jean skirt slowly stood. It turned and stood before him. “This drone is ready for initializing,” she said flatly, in Mary’s voice.

He was relived, but depressed over how this small “victory” was what gave him that sense. “Drone, your designation is Mary.”

“I am Mary, master.”

“Mary, your permanent purpose is to make me happy in any way that I require. You will follow only my commands, unless I request otherwise.”

“My permanent purpose is to make you happy, master. I will only follow your commands, unless you request otherwise.”

“Mary, you will refer to your master as Louis.”

“My master’s name in Louis, and I will refer to him as such.”

“Mary, you will see me as someone you have known for 12 years. We were close friends for a decade before we lived together here. We are in love.”

“I have known you for 12 years, Louis. We were close friends for a decade. Now, we live together here, and are in love.”

Satisfied with the base commands, he ordered, “Mary, end initialization.”

Mary blinked several times in succession, and looked at him with a welcoming smile. “Hi, Louis, what can I do for you? I didn’t see you come in. Have a good day?” she asked in far less artificial tones.

He forced a smile …

“That initialization happened a week ago. I did not make her my personal sex-bot, detective. Yeah, we have sex, but I’ll always love her. She may never again be the woman she once was, but I don’t care. The bosses did not really care either! I was told directly that they were happy to know they found a means of final punishment in the coming new order: Mental Annihilation.”

Juliana was amazed at how Mary just stood there without a care. “So, Mary and this story is something you want to go public with, Dr. Jacobs?”

No … but Mary is proof for you. Have you heard of TypewriterOS?”

“Err, I seem to remember that being an experimental operating system that the revived Threshold never released publicly.”

“That’s about half the story. They tell mid-level employees and up just about everything. Our loyalty is almost aways paramount, so security is rarely on their minds. Earlier version of that technology existed at Threshold from the beginning, before even the company’s reestablishment. It became the base-code of the technology now administered by ExtraReality, and to a much lesser extent in SkinTight. Even that’s not the full story. TypewriterOS, built out of the ashes of Threshold by our godlike CEO Jack Fauno, is now far more than just some operating system. Fauno has the only terminal right next to where he sleeps. I don’t know if I believe everything they told us it could do, but it can ‘reshape reality,’ as they explained. Now, I see that as metaphorical. It is still believable that it can plug into anything we can use, and manipulate us from there.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Stop Threshold from transforming the world. I’ve seen the horrible things they can do. I invented much of it. It’s amazing to think that I was OK with making these drones. I still believe SkinTight can be used to evolve humanity for the better, but not like they’re planning.”

“How am I supposed to stop them? Wouldn’t they notice the very cop investigating them is riding up the elevator to Fauno’s penthouse?”

“Probably! What I am suggesting is perhaps more insane.”


“Allow yourself to be upgraded by SkinTight without mental conditioning. That way, even if you retain your overall form and retain ‘hair,’ it could be assumed you are just another drone for Fauno’s enjoyment. The lax security will just see the default shiny black skin. I received the home device the other day for when they transform the world, which could be as soon as tomorrow. It seems I’m set to receive a message prior to the signal to ensure we don’t become just another drone … So, you will sneak in, and use TypewriterOS against Threshold.”

Juliana glanced over to the passive yet expectant Mary. “This is crazy, doctor!”

“I know. I’d do it myself, but I’m a coward. I will upgrade myself, but I’m not really a rebel at heart. I could send Mary. She would follow my orders happily. But as a Latech SkinTight drone, the right verbal command can override any of my initializing. Besides, we’ll both need to be free to use my upgraded mind to give Mary all mine and Tabby’s understanding of who she was to make her at all close to the sentient being she once was.”

Juliana sat quietly in thought, occasionally looking back and fourth between obedient Mary and broken Louis. Juliana was not truly a rebel, but her heart of blind justice sometimes made her seem that way in this world ostensively manipulated by a mega-corporation. She could see the blind justice that Mary and Louis received, no matter how harsh. Yet, there was no “legal” way to administer justice to what Threshold has already done, and justice will certainly no longer be blind when they truly take over the world. What needed to be done was insane. Yet, her heart required her to choose only one path.

“Dr. Jacobs, I have to do this.”

* * * *

Jack Fauno felt at the cusp of true divinity. He was now scripting everything, transforming his little corner of the world. Having the technology plugged into the internet was all it ever needed to do what it does. All the women on campus he was attracted to found themselves in his bed with Sarah, his loving, latex wearing, sex doll. Yes, Sarah was still technically Human, but whenever she was around him, none of her intellect mattered. She was his, by her own scripted admission. They even just married officially, almost as a joke to Jack.

What he loved more than all the sex was literally having people worship him, passively or no. His professors constantly saw him as their star student, as his “fellow” students all wanted to be within his apparent glow.

After a while, he began to feel something was missing. Everything was fun and exciting, but it just wasn’t enough after a while. All the sex and partying wound down by the end of the semester, and Jack began to focus on what he truly wanted: Threshold.

Everything he did to himself and his university was just a test bed in the end, whether that was the original intent or no. He felt ready to continue his ascent into true divinity.

With the latex encased Sarah passively lying on his bed, he sat before his computer with TypewriterOS ready for input.

“What do you think, Sarah? Time to give myself all the power I can get?”

“Of course, Jack,” she said flatly. “I want you to be all powerful.”

He let out a quiet chuckle at her predictable response. “OK,” he said quietly.

Through the raw concept of TypewriterOS, I shall work to revive Threshold Technologies. My successful efforts will be rewarded by me being named Chairman and CEO of the company, even before I officially graduate with my degree. My word shall become as God to all those that work for me. Threshold will then overtly advance its immersive and mind altering videos, while quietly working to create latex-based robots, with the help of those videos, to create a means of transforming people into drones and truly upgraded humans. These technologies will allow Threshold to transform the world accordingly. Jack Fauno hit return …

* * * *

Juliana paced nervously around the apartment living room of Dr. Jacobs, the least maniacal mad scientist she ever expected to meet. He took a genetic sample for the device. She would not go through the same process as Dr. George Mario Smith (Mary), he explained. The latest version of the transformative Latech no longer required much in the way of physical preparation. As reflected in the most recent updates to the chambers, there was no longer a need to burn off all of one’s hair, or even a need to ensure one’s pours were as open as possible. One could simply be immersed in it now. The home device had an extra layer of security that forced the substance to be keyed to the subject’s DNA. Dr. Jacob’s hacked his to erase his DNA from its memory, and ensured it would stay functional for at least two uses.

“I hear this process feels good, Mary,” Juliana said awkwardly to the drone.

“That is what Louis told me,” she said happily yet with a less than subtle hint of artificiality. “You know I do not remember my own experience, but Louis describes it very well.”

“The old story of Daedalus …” Juliana stated quietly.

“Indeed,” Dr. Jacobs stated, walking back into the room with the device. “It’s ready whenever you are, detective.” He placed it on the coffee table.

The device was not exactly what she imagined. It was the shape of a stainless steel saucer attached to what looked like a handle with various controls.

Jacobs hit the green button at the bottom, and shimmering black goo quickly filled the saucer from “handle.” He explained, “Just place your hand in the liquid Latech. It will do the rest. There is no stopping the process once it attaches to you.”

Breathing heavily, Juliana slowly lowered her quivering hand into the filled saucer. The goop felt cool at first on her fingertips. The more she lowered, the warmer it became. It felt … good, almost pleasurable the way it moved around her hand.

Her heart skipped a beat when the entire contents suddenly jumped up her forearm, flattening itself to be flush with her skin.

“Perfectly normal, Juliana. Just relax,” Dr. Jacobs reassured. “Mary and I will give you privacy.” The two went into the bedroom.

Juliana fell back onto the couch, trying to remind herself that this needed to be done. It was a big help that the goo still felt like some kind of massaging sauna wherever it touched. At the same time, it did not feel like something was encasing her hand and arm; it was was more like her being converted hand and arm just felt really good. The transformative substance was somehow both within and without her now.

The shimmering blackness massaged it way all the way to her smolders, while her nervous breathing slowly shifted to that of pleasure. She quickly removed her shirt to follow its willful path, the pleasureful darkness slowly moved its way over her chest’s twin peaks, making her moan from the “rubbed” nipples. It almost felt as if the transformative darkness was embracing her, moving around her back at the same time. Now almost completely covering her other arm, the substance converted its way down her waist, toward her moistening holes. 

She quickly tore off the rest of her clothes to both see and feel it all, the substance caring little about her motions, fully consuming her other arm. She fell to all fours, in total lack of control. The shimmering pleasure finally flowed into her accepting ass and crotch, making her pant wildly, orgasmically. She leaned back onto the edge of the couch, the sleek shimmer falling down her legs and absorbing her feet. Unlike her fingers, only outlines of her lower digits remained.

“Oh, fuck … Guah … Feels so fucking good!” she exclaimed, feeling her insides be consumed and transform.

The shimmering black pleasure finally moved up her head, and down her mouth and nostrils. It tasted like rubber, almost to her disappointment, while the pleasure of it all only seemed to increase. Her vision soon blackened, as her mouth, nose, and ears became blocked. Juliana was now lost in the dark pleasure of substance. Yet, “dark” was merely an obvious description, being far from evil. Through the orgasmic darkness, she began to feel and understand just how much it was changing her, improving her. She embraced it all. It felt like everything, yet the same as it always was. Even the love she felt for herself felt deeper and enhanced.

“UMMM … OHHHAH,” she muffled within her latex cocoon. And suddenly, she loudly exploded in the largest orgasm of her life …

The world around her slowly came back into focus. It was the same yet different. She truly understood now what George experienced when he fell out of the chamber. It was almost too much, yet her upgraded cognition quickly allowed her to reign in all the further data she never could process before. She slowly stood examining, feeling her revised self.

Dr. Jacobs quickly walked into the room. “Sounds like you really took to the conversion,” he said breathlessly.

She smirked, feeling her silken yet rubberized auburn hair. “So new and different, but somehow the same … Can’t wait to really make myself look perfect!”

“Are you ready, Juliana?”

She nodded. “What’s next, Louis?”

“Pretend to be a mindless fuck-toy …”

Dr. Jacobs guided Juliana, the faux-fuck-toy, into the Threshold headquarters. Fauno had his main home at the top of the high-rise, and was normally there during the week.

“Can I help you?” The brusque man at reception asked.

“Ah, yes, I’m Dr. Jacobs from Latech. This is a new drone for Jack Fauno, designated Juliana.” He stated with a dry throat.

“Oh, another one,” he stated unsurprised. “Prettier that the last he wore out.  That reddish hair is quite sexy on that black skin. Still like his first best, the blonde. That drone has some real durability!” He buzzed the elevator open.

“Juliana, you will enter the elevator, and go meet your new master,” Jacobs faux-ordered.

“Thank you, Dr. Jacobs,” she stated flatly, and walked into the elevator.

Even though she should not have been, Juliana was a little surprised at how easily she could, well, be robotic. She ran her hand down her long, soft rubbery hair, feeling nervous. She loved the new feel, but it was still just so different.

The high speed elevator suddenly opened to Fauno’s penthouse. A nude, blonde, female drone, shimmering black in color, greeted her.

“I am Sarah,” she stated flatly. “Jack was surprised to hear of your arrival.”

“Hello, Sarah, I am Juliana. I am to be Jack’s new drone.”

“Jack is on the phone in his office at the moment. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes, Sarah. Would you please show me around without disturbing our master?”

“Of course, Juliana.”

Sarah showed her the living area, the door to Fauno’s office, the bedroom with an apparently dormant shiny white drone, and finally, the room with the TypewriterOS computer.

‘Of course it was the last room!’ Juliana thought to herself, genuinely surprised at how it looked like a ten year old laptop. She walked over to the console. Drone Sarah is unconcerned by Juliana’s actions at the console

“I’m not sure you are supposed to use that, Juliana” Sarah stated with some concern, the first true hint of any emotion from the drone.

Sarah is so unconcerned that it will not matter what anyone says from this point on. Juliana hit return. The text faded away.

Sarah blinked a few times moments later, and walked out of the room.

“Amazing!” Juliana exclaimed. She began to type out a simple narrative where the global conversion does not happen.

“What? … What are you doing?” This was the first time in years that Jack experienced something completely out of his control.

“You were too drunk in your god-complex to realize how easily someone can just walk in here! Amazing overconfidence from top to bottom here, but this latex tech is really something … Gotta admit, I love myself more than ever!”

Looking at the console with text aimed to “fix” everything, Juliana had to think fast. Well, that was incredibly easy now with her brain augmented by all the latex neurons of her body. She could hit the return key, assuming she won, or do something else entirely. 

She erased what she wrote, and smirked at Jack. “Perhaps the world would be a lot better with a Goddess than God.”


Juliana quickly typed: Jack Fauno falls to his knees before the mesmerizing Goddess Juliana Blake. He is unable to do anything but watch her and wait for her commands. She hit return.

The text quickly faded before the eyes of them both. Beyond his control, Jack fell to his knees in shock, only to be mesmerized by an apparent Goddess.

“Humph! You look good down there.” Her smile was large and toothy.

She then typed in a casual and relaxed manner: Threshold Technologies, along with their subsidiaries, abandon their plans to take over the world. She hit return.

Jack’s cell buzzed in his pocket a minute later.

“Answer it, Jack, and put it on speaker,” Juliana ordered.

He did so without question. “Yes?”

“Jack,” the man began tentatively, “As we just discussed, we are prepared to initiate total conversion, but I would like to have the Board’s say beforehand. As chairman, I think something this, well, extravagant is worth having multiple voices on.”

“Larry, yes, you are right,” Jack began clearly beyond his control. “Glad you called. You may have your vote. My recommendation is to cancel the operation. I have doubts on the control scheme as it presently stands.”

“Well, then,” he began with distinct relief, “You know that will certainly end it.”

“I know. Other plans may be put into motion soon.”

“I and the board will certainly look forward to hearing them. Bye, Jack, and thank you.”
“Bye …”

“Well,” Juliana stated happily, “Let’s really have some fun!”

After Threshold Technologies’ Board votes to cancel the total conversion, Jack Fauno officially introduces the true Goddess Juliana Blake to them. They unofficially seed all control of the company to her, making the Board function as an advisory and implementation council. She happily hit return … 

Juliana soon took total control of Threshold. She ordered all the present drones deprogramed as much as was possible, and had them return to fates wholly their own as sentient drones. The first successful of which, Sarah, chose to be Juliana’s personal assistant, having nowhere else to go. At the same time, Juliana authorized Latech to publicly offer all of their latex technology in the open market. As such, anyone could become robiticized that wished. To make this all work in a profitable manner, through both money and power, Juliana utilized the same technology planned to call everyone to become drones. She reprogramed the world to see her as their Goddess. People soon transformed themselves willingly, all becoming Upgraded Humans instead of mindless drones. Soon after, she destroyed TypewriterOS. It might be possible to resurrect the technology, but she would deal with that problem if it arose, Upgraded Humans capable of overpowering it.

And finally, the upgraded Dr. Jacobs worked to reverse the Mental Annihilation of Mary. He succeeded as much as he could have. Mary was sentient again, fully aware of who she was and is. However, they found it impossible to override the drone initialization parameters, merely becoming a sentient drone rather than Upgraded Human again. Not counting the permanent subservience, the result was close enough for them, including the obedient Tabby. Assuming some videos made to activate the old Mental Worm were out there even after recall, Dr. Jacob’s recovery of Mary was seen by Juliana as the best treatment to help any annihilated mentally.

Regardless, Juliana never even dreamed of becoming an immortal Goddess ruling the world. She would sometimes sit quietly, looking at her shimmering, deep olive-colored, latex skin, often slick with sexual juices from herself and her personal clone-drone that was Jack Fauno. She would always then look out of the window of her high-rise with a satisfied smile. Everything slowly, naturally, faded to black.


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