JIP: Cabin of Sin

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: In this Halloween special, an unknowable force awakens the sexual truth in college students vacationing in a luxury cabin … Enjoy!

eBook Edition

Cabin of Sin


Cabin red streaked hair

It found me. It found me in my dreams. I did not know how or why. It was formless yet orgasmically real. I did not even know what it really wanted, but it seemed to know everything about me. It knew things I kept deep inside; things I forced myself to forget. It pleasured my very soul, yet it felt as if it was only trying to convince me to let it in. Upon my dark orgasm, it awakened unspeakable things within me I had forgotten … I let it in …

They knew the horror cliche of their spring break trip: Eight college friends rent a cabin in the woods, and will probably all end up dead by the end of the story. Well, the latter was certainly not their plan! They chose a place with no known history of anything other than be regularly rented out in the nouveau camping style, “glamping.” It started as a drunken joke amongst them; though, none of them were sure which one of them brought it up first. Eventually, they all started to individually look into it. They soon pooled their research, concentrating on one reputable company that essentially contracted with the location owners. What they chose was pricy (sneaky price advertising with per night rate but five night minimum), but the eight of them were able to split the price to not much more than $100 each for the five night stay. It was still rustic, but was more a modern bed and breakfast just outside of some campgrounds on the Salem, MA, coast. The only difference was that they had to bring much of the food, which they planned to just buy at a local store about ten minutes drive from the site …

Bobby and August were the first to arrive. Lucy and Jack, who married almost on a whim six months ago, drew the short straw to buy the food and drinks (they all pitched in cash). Bobby was a fairly average looking guy with lighter skin and somewhat curly hair. His average looks contrasted with August’s: she had brown hair and eyes, sandy completion, size eight feet, C-cup breasts, and long legs. A bit of a health nut, she watched what she ate, and enjoyed elaborate yoga routines and swimming.

“Well, you always liked being first right, Auggie?” Bobby teased the moment the stepped out of the car. She hated that nickname.

“In bed, too, Bobert!” she teased, knowing just how to embarrass him without really hurting his feelings.

“That was only the first time we fucked!” he exclaimed truthfully with a nervous laugh.

They were taking out their bags when Tristen, Lou, Lauren, and Monique arrived in one car.

Tristen and Lou were the quintessential high school sweethearts, who not only married just after high school, but also ensured they went to the same university! They were surprisingly similar in personality: both jovial and a little geeky. Lou was fair haired and on the school’s baseball team. He was certainly a jock, but one of the truly nice ones. She had a slim yet healthy figure, was on the shorter side, had light skin, and sported piercing green eyes.

Monique and Jennifer became fast best friends since they met earlier in the year, now being neighbors in the sophomore dorm. Lauren was on the shorter side, had red hair, blue eyes, and C-cup breasts. Jennifer was on the taller side, had dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, A-cup breasts, and slim yet well toned physique. Jennifer inspired Monique to be a more forward and adventurous woman, as Monique made Jennifer far more lighthearted.

“Hey, guys!” Monique greeted Tristen and Lou.

“Hey!” the two greeted in unison.

“Still waitin’ on Lucy and Jack?”

“Guess so,” Tristen answered. “Wanna start drinking early? Have an orgy?”

“Oh, definitely!” Jennifer cooed, continuing the teenage joke.

They all laughed.

They walked inside, and explored the well furnished cabin. The wifi worked as expected, as did the air conditioning. There was something almost freeing about the place. A strong feeling of joy washed over them as they staked out their rooms for the week. Monique and Jennifer wanted to be roommates for the trip — planed on being so next year in the dorms — so they grabbed the room with two double beds. Bobby and August nabbed the room with the view of the ocean. Lucy and Lou were happy with the room facing the woods. Lucy and Jack would find themselves with the corner room having a split view of woods and ocean.

Lucy and Jack arrived with the groceries about half an hour later. Jack was a quieter guy with dark hair, but was really more a person that did not like to express himself to anyone but his wife. Lucy was about average hight with curly black hair, dark skin, and subtly full figured.

They all worked to create a feast for themselves, while starting on the road to a respectable state of drunkenness. August and Bobby were glued at the hip in the kitchen, partially unaware of anyone else. Lucy and Lou were chopping up vegetables, while Jack and Tristen were working on the meat and grill.

The reversed couples were getting on remarkably well. Sure, they were friends by default, but they were subtly letting themselves open to each other. Even Jack was not really holding back with Tristen. They were all, finally clearly letting themselves become good friends.

Monique and Jennifer, the already good friends, were working on vodka-based, frozen deserves. The two were truly enjoying themselves, and the alcohol was certainly enhancing that to ecstatic levels. It was more than that, though. They were letting themselves in at a deeply personal level they never had before. Sure, they were not exactly keeping secrets from each other, but they just had yet to talk about some things.

Jennifer then accidentally dropped her plastic cup on the floor. Kneeling down, her eyes instantly went to Monique’s perfect, round ass. It was perfectly held and presented in tight leggings. She then looked down to Monique’s sexy, flip-flop clad feet. They must have been about a size six, she thought. But most significantly, Jennifer realized that Monique was the most sexy woman she ever knew.

“Havin’ trouble down there, Jen?” Monique asked jokingly. In that moment, she found herself looking down Jennifer’s small but blatant cleavage. She really is hot, Monique thought to herself.

“I’m fine, Monique,” she breathed, standing with cup in hand.

They filled their cups with more vodka …

Jennifer and Monique sat next to each other at the dinner table, talking about the sorry state of their love lives. Jack and Tristen sat across from each other, as did Lucy and Lou. The married couples continued their somewhat personal conversations as one, but the concentration often seemed on the one across from them. Regardless, there were no real plans, not just yet. They did stay up late playing drinking games, though. All of them were finding themselves having a really good time …

Night 1:

Was I dreaming now? I sometimes had trouble telling, now that the libidinous entity was inside me. What was before me was perfect, but was definitely not there before. I almost want to say that the entity was corrupting my soul, but it was no Demon. It was something ancient and driven, I felt. All it was doing was breaking down masks we put on in the real world to create more truthful ones, feeding on the realities we refused to admit to ourselves. It liked the dark desires within me, and now used me as a kind of disease carrier to bring forward the truth of us all …

Bobby was getting ready for bed, and chugging a glass of water.

August looked over to him with an smile of both curiosity and certainty. She sat next to him, and said, “You wanna … We are gonna do something new.”

“OK …?” he was a little turned on by her more forward than usual statement. Well, she was always forward, but they tended to do things equally.

She pecked him on the lips teasingly. “I found something in the closet earlier. Close your eyes. I’ll tell you when to open them.”

He sat expectantly, feeling his dick balloon so hard and fast he secretly feared he was not going to last long if they were going to fuck.

“Open your eyes, Bobby.”

He did so. His jaw dropped instantly. She wore a form fitting, high cut red dress, and silver high heels. He was sure she was wearing no underwear.

“I’m glad you like it,” she said in almost forceful tones. “Saves me the trouble of telling you to like it.”

“Wha …” he barely muttered.

She sat next to him on the bed, draped her long legs around his, and stated, “Seeing this dress, these shoes I realized I never really embraced the alpha I truly am. I wanna, no, I need to be in charge. Starting now, I need you to do everything I say, and merely react.”

“I don’t have a say in this?” he breathed teasingly.

She grabbed his throbbing balls tightly, and exclaimed, “You don’t have a say in anything anymore in bed.”

She let go before it truly began to hurt, and began to make out with him. Bobby merely reacted to his surprise, especially when she guided his hand to her soft hips. They made out lovingly. Well, she aggressively made out with him, and love came out of it

“Say you love me, Bobby” she ordered.

“I love you, August,” he said with total honesty.

“Tell me you will do anything for me.”

“I will do anything for you, August.”

“You will be my worshiper.”

“I worship you, August, with every fiber of my being.”

She smiled with both love and almost dark excitement. “Take my shoes off, slowly.”

He did so, savoring the accomplishment of the order. “I always liked how pretty your feet are.”

“Worship them. Love them. Rub them. Smell them. Make love to them.”

He did as ordered without question. They felt, they smelled, they tasted wonderful. He was never against foot stuff, but never put much thought into it. Now, he was worshiping the pair of the woman he loved. He explored every curve, every wrinkle, every toe, learning how much he loved them.

“Oh, yeah! You are a savant, Bobby!”

“I love your feet!”

“Kiss me. I wanna taste my feet on your tongue.”

They made out deeply, lovingly.

“YUM! Get on the floor.”

He did so

She presented her right foot to him to further worship, and rubbed his crotch with her left. Waves of pleasure flowed through their bodies, causing them both to moan at the same time.

“Open your mouth wide, and shove in as much as you can,” she ordered with a kind of experimental curiosity. All the while, she still rubbed his crotch with her foot.

He shoved her foot so deep his jaw hurt, while he felt her toes at the back of his throat. He slightly gagged as he choked, unable to breath.

She smiled with a look a amazed joy. His face turning red, she finally removed her foot, and ordered “Strip naked, and go back to the floor.”

He did so, dick harder and more erect than ever, likely topping the rare mark of eight inches.

She took his dick with her spit-soaked feet, and began to stroke passionately, mostly with the balls of her feet and toes. He moaned loudly, as she smiled with arousal and hunger. She then had him crawl up onto the bed, before resuming her stroking, alternating between her wrinkly arches and long toes. It felt absolutely perfect, he did not want the pleasure to end. August’s smile said it all: this was truly her dick now as much as the rest of him.

“Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum so fuckin’ hard, August!” he spurted.

She stopped her stroking, and stated, “I cum first.” She sat on his face. “Make me cum, and I will let you cum.”

He made out with her surprisingly we pussy with utter desperation. At the same time, August would teasingly suck and stroke his dick in well timed burst to keep him on the edge. She was a bit amazed at how easily she did that, but quickly realized she was well past amazement. She had taken total control of her lover, something she never considered but felt like she always wanted. She even wanted to do more, but was not yet sure what that was.

And soon, August came hard, harder than she ever had in her life, squirting down her lover’s throat. She then nimbly positioned herself with her feet around her dick, and sucked and stroked joyously. He loudly came quickly into her mouth. To Bobby’s surprise, they made out lovingly, cum and all …

Monique and Jennifer found themselves listening to August and Bobby’s wild lovemaking through the apparently thin walls. In the darkness, in their fairly comfortable beds, they found themselves incredibly aroused by the sounds of passion. Silently, they closed their eyes, and slowly moved their hands to their sultry crotches. They fingered and massaged their moistening nether regions to the sounds, quietly moaning. Neither found themselves caring if the other heard. Earlier, they admitted to silently getting themselves off in the middle of the night in the dorms.

The sounds of pleasure suddenly grew louder through the walls, suggesting the others were fucking as well. The eroticism made them rub and finger even harder, unabashedly moaning and cooing. The almost taboo lust of pleasuring themselves to their friends fucking drove them wild!

Almost at the same time, the two opened their eyes, learning they were facing each other, bathed in the moonlight.

“This is so fucking hot, Jen. What are we, voyeurs?” Monique blurted in a whisper.

“I’m fine with that, Mona!” Without any thought, she flipped the thin blanket off of her, revealing her heaving, nightgown-clad body to her best friend.

“Holy shit, Jen. Your are so fuckin’ beautiful!” she exclaimed excitedly yet quietly. In kind, she flipped the blanket off of herself as well, revealing her tight T-shirt and pushed down pajama pants. Monique preferred to sleep in the nude, but was never comfortable doing so with roommates.

The two watched each other masturbate, caring little that the other sounds of passion had ceased. It was their turn to cum! They rubbed themselves passionately to their audience, groping their quivering bodies. The pleasure grew almost unbearable, but they kept their cool to make it last just that much longer. And soon, bathed in the silent blue moonlight, they came in wet orgasm …

“Jeez, had no idea Bobby and August were so noisy in bed!” Jack observed.

“I gotta admit, its gettin’ me goin’!” Lucy exclaimed in amazement.

Jack looked at his clearly aroused wife. He never heard her admit to something like that, but … “I’m kinda turned on, too!”

“Fuck, what are they doin’ over there?” Tristen asked in amazement over August and Bobby to her husband, flopping onto the small bed.

“Fucking!” Lou said with a laugh.

She went to her side, slowly played with Lou’s chest hair, and offered, “Wanna fool around?”

Lou rolled on a condom, and crawled on top of his welcoming wife. He thrust in an old-school missionary. It might have been a boring position to some, but the two were really good at it.

Lucy crawled on top of Jack, and began to make out with him. They quickly removed their minimal night clothes, slipped on the condom, and began to thrust into each other passionately.

Through the growing sounds of pleasure throughout the cabin, the two pairs of spouses felt something unusual was happening. They began to not think about their spouses, but of the others’. Lucy began to think of Lou, Lou began to think of Lucy, Jack began to think of Tristen, and Tristen began to think of Jack.

The love making of the couples began to feel profoundly different. None of them ever thought of others during sex, or at least not in any active sense. It turned them all on more than they ever dreamed, humping harder and more wildly. Perhaps wanting to avoid embarrassment — yet not wanting to stop their adulterous thoughts, they prevented themselves from calling out their names. This made them grunt and moan all that much more loudly. The secret of their thoughts alone drove them wild. Maybe, deep down, they suspected the other was fantasizing, too, but that did not seem to matter right then.

The pleasure amongst the spouses felt glorious! They were all soon ready to explode, all visibly shaking in excitement over the coming orgasm fueled by adulterous fantasy. And then … EXPLOSION!

The four collapsed on their beds. Other orgasmic sounds soon followed, but the spouses barely noticed in the afterglow …

* * * *

The next morning they were all having breakfast, silently realizing how they all felt different somehow. None of them directly referenced it, but were openly talking about the quality sex that occurred overnight. Amongst themselves, they might have mentioned such a thing — “dorm sex” was fairly common, but never in a group setting.

They were all acting differently in some ways, too. August and Bobby were initially more equals in their relationship, but August seemed much more in charge now, Bobby almost waiting for August to want something. Lucy and Lou were primarily talking with each other instead of their spouses, as was Jack and Tristen. The four seemed to have no qualms about the less than subtle personal connections building. Plus, Jennifer and Monique seemed just that much closer, almost on the cusp of something they could not yet perceive. They almost did not have to reveal how Monique considered herself sexually fluid, while Jennifer was admittedly curious about exploring her own sexuality.

Later in the day, the group enacted loose plans. They all decided to hike around the area, except for Jennifer and Monique. Those two decided to try out the hot tub, and said they might join them later …

Jennifer slipped on her yellow-green bikini and hopped into the hot tub ahead of Monique. She closed her eyes for a few moments, relaxing.

“Nice bikini, Jen,” Monique suddenly said breathily. “Like mine?”

Jennifer opened her eyes to a completely nude Monique. “Yeah, Mona, It’s perfect!”

“Never skinny-dipped before,” she shrugged, climbing into to the bubbling tub, “But I do know my way around a hot tub!”

Jennifer deeply sighed, feeling great.

Monique quickly shifted over to Jennifer, and suggested, “Try sitting right in front of the jet.”

Smiling, she did so, feeling it massage her lower back and ass. “Feels good … Great idea, Mona.”

“Now, flip around!”

She did so, with Monique guiding her. The jet now massaged massage her hungry pussy. “Oh, fuck, yeah, Mona …”

Lightly cradling Jennifer in her arms, she forwarded, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“Not counting last night?”

She lightly chuckled. “Not counting last night.”

“No, you?”

“No, but I wanna be …”

They almost cautiously began to make out, jets massaging their bodies. It felt good and right from the start. Monique untied Jennifer top, and let it float away. She lightly massaged Jennifer’s perfectly shaped, tiny tit, before hungrily kissing Jennifer’s neck. Jennifer cooed quietly in the pleasure of it. Monique moved down Jennifer’s quivering body, spending much time on the erect, puffy nipples.

Monique then slid off Jennifer’s bottom, and resumed making out with Jennifer, more playfully than before. Their we bodies pressed tightly against each other, nipples flicking nipples. Jennifer soon wrapped her legs around the subtly more aggressive Monique, who kissed her way down the center of Jennifer’s front-side. She quickly found her way to Jennifer’s warm pussy, and naturally made out with it. Jennifer began to moan and coo loudly at the attention, arms supporting her on the tub’s edge. She had a powerful, passionate orgasm, before aggressively flipping Monique around to return the favor.

They kissed with great want for a few moments, the taste of pussy permeating their senses. Jennifer then hungrily kissed her way down Monique’s responsive body, drooling all over her breasts and abdomen. She finally made it down to the well kept snatch, somehow just knowing what to do. The pussy tasted so right and delicious, as she knew hers did to Monique. Load moans and cries of pleasure flowed out of Monique, who almost could not wait to cum. The pleasure slowly built deep within her, threatening to break her sanity. And finally, she let herself explode in screaming orgasm …

The hikers almost casually paired off. August and Bobby wondered in their own direction. The others did not necessarily pair of in “natural” ways. Lucy and Lou went off in their way, as did Jack and Tristen.

The reversed spouses found themselves talking about deeply personal things. Childhood anecdotes, favorite shows, favorite peoples, favorite kind of porn, first sexual experiences, and their present sex lives. They were connecting in ways that surprised them. They eventually even admitted how attractive they found each other. It should have been wrong, but it did not feel that way. If felt as right as when they were with their own spouses. It was a different kind of “right,” though. None of them wanted to be sure where this was heading, at least not yet …

August and Bobby sat at the edge of the ocean. She removed her hiking shoes and socks, and had him massage her feet.

“I still can’t believe how great that sex was last night!” Bobby stated, working the arches.

“Well, you know I’ve always been kinda an Alpha, Bobby … Little harder … That’s it …”

“Yeah …”

“I just … ooo, that’s good.  I just held back for you.”

“I guess you didn’t have to!”

She looked him deep in the eyes, and said, “I love you, forever.”

“I love you, too, more than anything.”

She grasped the back of his head and piloted a deep passionate kiss …

Night 2:

I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt more different than I looked. Yet, I did look different. That entity was changing me so much, and yet not at all. It all felt so right, especially in what was happening around me. Maybe this all was a dream. It started as a dream. If it all was, I did not want to wake up. At the same time, what needed to happen next was sensed but unclear …

Bobby was lying in bed checking his Facebook, when August walked over in yet another new yet mind blowing outfit. She wore red and black heels, semi-opaque black stockings with a garter belt, a red thong with a black border, and matching bra. What truly surprised Bobby, though, was the red highlights in her now raven black hair. He was sure it did not look that way earlier.

“You look awesome! How did you do black dye and red highlights so fast, August?”

“Maybe they just appeared out of nowhere, Bobby,” she said cryptically. “Come over here and make out with me.”

He did so without skipping a beat! They made out with a deeply loving passion, while she occasionally rubbed his already solid crotch. She then had him remove his clothes, before she squatted down.

“My dick is looking tasty tonight!” she exclaimed, before consuming it joyously.

She never sucked his dick before. Though, she did not do it for long. She stood, dick in hand, and ordered, “Worship me.”

Bobby began to kiss and massage her healthy breasts, making her subtly moan. She subtly stroked him at the same time. A flock of her hair found its way into his mouth, and he rose slightly to kiss her jaw line and down her neck. She sat him down on the bed, and presented her toned ass to him. Bobby happy began to rub and make out with the cheeks he loved.

“Oh … Oh, yeah, Bobby,” she cooed.

He soon found himself feeling her silken-clad legs.

“Oh, yeah. That’s right,” she cooed in encouragement.

He passionately kissed and rubbed up and down the well defined curves. Eventually, he found himself kissing her feet. “May I remove your shoes, August?”

“Yes, you may.”

He slowly unbuckled them, and she walked out almost casually. Him now on his hands and knees and she nimbly on one leg at times, Bobby rubbed and sucked the feet he loved. He loved shoving as much in and out of his mouth.

“OOOO! Yeah, good, Bobby,” she encouraged, brushing her hand through his hair. Well, it was her hair.

Bobby soon found himself on his back with August shoving her foot down his throat. In that moment, Bobby now knew that he was her sex toy. Nothing else ever mattered in the world to him but August, and being completely hers was the perfect expression of that love. August was all that ever mattered, as her pleasure was all that ever really mattered. He understood that now beneath her feet.

“Oh, my God, this turns me on so much!” she said to herself, seeing and feeling her lover literally beneath her feet. In that moment of amazement, August realized that next level she needed to do. A part of her was not sure if she could go forward with it. It was completely insane. Yet, the thought of it, the thought of the control turned her on more than anything she ever dreamed. The lines she once thought could never be crossed — lines she did not even know existed until now, felt more like achievements to now reach. She wanted to be in total control of her lover, but never admitted that to herself. And now, he had no will of his own. He was there to pleasure her, and he would soon find out what that really meant.

August then slowly moved her foot from heal to toes along his face, Bobby inhaling and licking hungrily. She stroked her guy’s face and neck with her foot, relishing in the trust he had in her.

“Come back up here,” she ordered with a new level of command that highlighted how their eternal love was now fueled by her complete control over him.

He rose up on her command, and they made out with deep passion. She spun herself to the bed and lay back. Bobby found himself worshiping August’s perfect feet even more joyously than before. Worshiping August was, after all, what August wanted. He would shove her feet so deep down his throat that his face contorted in the oddest ways. He could not stop, as she did not tell him to stop.

“Rub them on your face,” she purred.

He did so, occasionally finding himself smothered by August’s feet.

“Oh yea, shove ‘em back in your mouth.”

He did so, no longer gagging, yet barely breathing.

August moaned and cooed, and soon turned to her side.

He found himself sucking down the foot in the opposite direction.

At the same time, August petted the side of his head with her other foot. She began to passionately rub her pussy, hearing him moan with a mouth full of feet. She loved petting him with her foot almost as much as she loved her foot down his throat. Eventually, August nudged him down with her foot, and began to stroke her throbbing cock with her wet, stocking-clad feet. Her feet tingled in the pleasure perhaps more than her pussy did around her inserted fingers. She played with the dick, stroking, rubbing, squeezing, teasing.

“Make me cum with my dick. I’m close,” she ordered breathily.

She lay back, and he inserted the member into her soaked pussy. At the same time, he sucked off her feet, and groped her silk-covered calves

He humped her hard with her encouragement. The pleasure within her grew and grew until she spewed in orgasm.

“Are you close?” she breathed deeply.

“Yes, August.”

She went on all fours, lifting her feet, and ordered, “Use my feet to finish yourself, and lap up the mess.”

“Thank you!” he exclaimed, surprised at how easily he agreed to eat his own cum.

He rubbed his dick on the silk-clad soles, and soon spewed thick blobs of cum all over them. Happily, he lapped up every single drop on her legs, feet, and bed sheets.

“Lay down.” Seeing Bobby mindlessly follow her command, she began to put serious thought into what she was about to do. What is right? What would be the consequences? “Do you trust me, Bobby?”

“Of course, August! I trust you more than anything. My life and my soul is yours.”

She smiled joyfully at that, while feeling relief. It was the confirmation she needed to cross the final line. August then stroked and sucked his dick until it was fully erect again, and shoved it into her hungry pussy. She thrust on her knees, looking down on the happy, passive man. What amazed her was how she felt more pleasure through the control she was about to exert over him. Their love was now fueled by that control, and there was one final thing left to make their love perfect.

August leaned back, and uncurled her legs. Using her arms to thrust, she began to rub her feet all over his face, Bobby automatically worshiping. She almost could not believe what she was about to do, or at least almost could not believe how right it felt. Feeling herself shaking in excitement and anticipation, she inserted her foot into the mouth all the way to the throat. She then closed off the nose with her toes, the silk wrapping around the top of the nose.

August found herself humping Bobby wildly in more pleasure she ever felt in her life …

Monique and Jennifer looked at each other with a subtle, aroused chuckle. “eermph … eeerrr …” they heard through the wall. “Oh, fuck yes, Bobby! You’re mine. YOU ARE MINE!”

“They are loud tonight!” Jennifer stated, lying in bed naked

“It’s fucking hot. Their turnin’ me on, I’m not gonna lie …” She also casually lay naked.

“ERRRMMMPH … URRRHUF … ERRRRRRR … guhhhh ….” they heard, assuming Bobby came.

“FUCK YEAH, BOBBY … Amazing, I really did [inaudible]. Shit …”

“Wow, you really are beautiful, Jennifer.” She stood.

“Thank you, Monique. You’re gorgeous, too.” She stood.

“Hearing them … I want what they have …”

“For me to be your sex toy?” she joked.

She laughed. “No …” She put her arms around her. “I want pleasure beyond anything that matters … I want to be in lust with you.”

“I want to be in lust with you, too”

They began to make out with more lust and passion than either knew possible. They fell onto the bed closest to the window, and hungrily made out, already and moaning. Their hands explored their soft, quivering bodies. They bathed in their hot breath.

Jennifer happily played with Monique’s tits for a few moments, before flopping her down onto the bed, chuckling. She playfully lifted Monique’s legs up and back, before she excitedly ate out her lust’s pussy. She licked and sucked, laughing in joyous lust. Jennifer cooed and chucked with her, curling her toes in the pleasure. They quickly realized that having sex with each other was better than any pleasure they ever had. Even more remarkably, there was honestly no love in it. They were in the throws of pure lust.

Monique soon found Jennifer shoving her fingers down her throat, presumably for lube. She happily gagged on Jennifer’s long fingers. Jennifer then playfully slapped her lust’s moistening pussy, before shoving her fingers into the wanting cavity. Jennifer just new where to go! Monique instantly grunted loudly in pleasure at the feel of her G-spot being attacked. Jennifer licked and sucked just above her fingers, lubing even more.

“That feel good, Mona?” Jennifer asked jovially.

“Fuck yeah, Jen!”

“Taste your pussy!” Jennifer quickly shoved her fingers down Monique’s throat, before licking them herself.

Jennifer then resumed her exited rubbing of Monique twitching clit. Monique cooed joyously, moaning yet louder when fingers were reinserted. Jennifer licked above almost as fast as she fingered.

“Damn your pussy’s delicious, Mona, but mine’s screaming for action!”

Jennifer quickly repositioned Monique in a splayed position, straddled crotches, and … contact! They began to thrust into each other wildly, lustfully, moaning and cooing loudly. She leaned down for a few moments for a deep kiss, accompanied by long, forceful thrusts. She rose back up, and began to thrust harder, more wildly. They found themselves laughing in a kind of confirmation amongst the screaming waves of pleasure. This lust was genuinely fun!

Monique happily played with Jennifer’s tiny tits amongst the wild thrusts. Jennifer leaned back down, and thrusting passionately, they deeply kissed. Jennifer then hungrily slobbered and deeply rubber her lust’s tits, paying special attention to the nipples.

Suddenly crawling up, Jennifer shoved her wet crotch onto Jennifer’s overjoyed face. Jennifer hungrily ate out Monique’s delicious, wet pussy, while Monique actually began to hump Jennifer’s face, almost dancing on it with her hips. They moaned and cooed through it all.

Jennifer then leaned back slightly to grope Monique’s soaked pussy.

“I God, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” Jennifer cooed joyously. “Oh, yeah … YES, YES, OH YEAH!” she exploded wetly all over Monique’s face.

Jennifer’s orgasm enhanced fingering made Monique cum even more loudly, primally.

They kissed each other with great lust and playfulness, before Jennifer hopped back on top and lay down for a perfect 69. They moaned and cooed wildly, mouth full of pussy. Monique absolutely melted with joy at how Jennifer automatically liked to hump her face. They fingered and licked and sucked and consumed the most glorious pussies. Monique groped Jennifer’s ass wildly, chuckling at the fun of it. The pleasure grew and grew, until they almost forced another orgasm.

Jennifer then saw something on the windowsill. “Hey, what’s that?”

“What …?” Monique responded curiously, breathlessly.

Jennifer hopped over to pick up a strap-on double-sided dildo.

“Where’d that come from, Jen!?”

“I don’t fuckin’ care!” she quickly shoved it in and strapped in on. “Oh, fuuuuck! This feels great!”

“Nice dick!” Monique observed. She went to all fours. “Fuck me, Jenny!”

Almost darkly laughing, Jennifer hopped back onto the bed, and quickly shoved the member into the hungry pussy. Monique found herself humping it, while Jennifer balanced herself there feeling impossibly more pleasure than before. At first she moaned and cooed at the double-sided member massaging her insides at Monique’s excited motions, but soon began to feel it more and more on the outside. It was as if she sported a real dick. There was no real questioning of it. The pleasure was to great to do so.

Jennifer began to thrust in perfect time with Monique, both feeing pleasure unlike either felt before. Monique had quickly realized that she could feel the inside of Jennifer’s pussy through the apparent dildo!

“Fuck me on my side!” Monique cooed happily.

They quickly repositioned on the bed, and Monique guided the solid member back into her. Jennifer began to thrust almost orgasmically with a big smile, with Monique’s leg draped around Jennifer. Jennifer thrust aggressively, passionately, while Monique rubbed her crotch above. It was rough, almost mean, but all they wanted was as much pleasure at they could create.

Jennifer then moved Monique to her back, never exiting the pussy, and thrust on her knees with Monique’s tasty foot in her mouth. The moaning and cooing was wild and erratic and playful, drool dripping down Monique’s ankle.

“I wanna be on top!” Monique explained.

“Wanna ride me?” Jennifer teased.


Jennifer lay back, dildo straight and proud. Monique mounted on her knees, and thrust excitedly. They began to stare into each other’s lust-filled eyes, kissing passionately at random. Jennifer put her hand around the back of Monique’s head to frame it just perfectly, while they fucked. Soon, the pleasure from the dildo equalized between them, impossibly letting them feel each other’s pleasure at the same time. They had no idea how long they went like this, their minds and bodies equalizing in the lust.

“Ohhh … Oh, fuck, yeah …”

“Oh, shit, err …”

“I’m gonna cum,”

“I’m gonna cum so hard!”

They soon exploded in orgasm, one after the other, staring deep into their lust-hungry souls …

Hearing the sounds of crazy passion throughout the cabin, Lucy found herself walking by the bathroom with the ajar door. She heard the shower come on, and for inexplicable reasons, she peaked inside. It was Lou completely naked, walking into the shower! Her jaw dropped. Jack was not in terrible shape, but he was no athlete. Lou had a rock solid body, and healthy sized dick, maybe about seven inches when fully erect. Jack’s was about two inches bigger, but he lacked the body of a modern baseball player. Outside of porn, this was the first naked man she saw in a while, besides her husband. She was not disappointed.

Clearly affected by the eroticism in the air, Lou started to jerk off. Wide eyed, Lucy watched him grow erect, as she felt her pussy grow warm. She found her hand rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Glancing to see that no one was around, she unzipped her pants, and began to rub her wet pussy directly.

“Oh ..” he moaned.

“Wow …” she moaned.

“Oh, yeah … Lucy … Lucy …”

Lucy went wide eyed! He was thinking about her, while she secretly watching him. Did she dare to think about turning this barely fantasy into true reality? Before she could put more thought into the dangerous question, Lou suddenly noticed Lucy.

“Uh, hi, Lou …” she said awkwardly, hand still automatically rubbing her crotch.

“… Hey, Lucy …” he said, still stroking.

She wasn’t sure why she did it, but it felt like the only option right then. She walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

“Wanna conserve water?” Lucy offered.

“Yeah …” Lou was just as amazed at what was happening, and how he had no urge to stop it.

Lucy pulled off her shirt and bra, and dropped her pants and panties, walking over naked. Lou opened the door, and they almost cautiously kissed, his dick brushing against her abdomen. Hot water flowed down their willing bodies.

“Is this really happening, Lucy?” Lou wondered almost to himself.

“Lets find out …”

They held each other tightly, and made out with a passion they never felt with their spouses. The feel of adultery was different, hot. It was not necessarily better than with their spouse, but at least just as good. Indeed, this did not feel wrong at all, because there was no love in it. Literally embracing the pleasure, she groped his tight, meaty ass, as he groped her perfectly shaped tits …

“Oh! I see I wasn’t the only one with this idea!” Jack exclaimed in the trunks at Tristen in the hot tub.

“Come on in!”

He climbed in almost casually. The sounds of sex quietly echoing outside.

“Shit it’s gettin’ pretty crazy in there, Jack! That actually is turning me on a little.”

“I know what you mean, Tristen …” he said subtly glancing at his already erect member.”

“Hard down there?”

“Wet down there?”

They giggled.

“How big are you?” she asked lightly.

“Uh … I dunno. Maybe about nine inches, maybe a little more if I’m really excited.”

“Nine! Shit. Lou’s only about seven.” She then requested something that surprised herself. “Let me see it, Jack …”


“Sure, why not. Both adults here.”

“OK …” he removed his trunks, and sat up on the edge of the tub. His dick was at full, throbbing staff.

“Wow!” she breathed. Almost hypnotized by the girth, she shifted over to him. Can I touch it?”

“Sure …” he said with a smirk, looking down her cute cleavage.

She began to stroke it, lightly at first, and soon more willfully. “Can’t believe this is happing, but I’m puttin’ your dick in my mouth!”

To Jack surprise joy, his best friend’s wife was passionately sucking him off! Real adultery felt so good

From behind, grabbing her jiggling tits, Lou humped Lucy with great lust and passion. What made this feel even more deviantly good for Lou was how Lucy was literally only the second woman he ever fucked. He had resigned himself to only ever having had sex with one woman, but he might not have been as happy with that choice as he assumed. Lucy had her small share of men, but since marriage, it was years since she had anything truly different.

“Oh, yes. OH YES!” Lucy cooed

She suddenly flipped around, so she could feel his solid abs and pecks with her fingertips. Lou then picked her up with little effort, and with her ass sitting on his hands, they humped excitedly …

“Your dick is fuckin’ awesome, Jack!” Tristen cooed. “Lucy has been so lucky have this!” She resumed sucking and stroking wildly. This was actually only the second blowjob she ever gave, as this was only the second man she ever fucked. She assumed she only ever wanted to have sex with Lou, but she might have been wrong in that assumption.

“Thank you! I’m lucky to have her.” He was continually surprised at how he felt no shame in this. This was Jack’s very first blowjob. He absolutely was enjoying it. He assumed he was OK with the sameness with his wife, as he assumed it was part of growing relaxed with someone. Yet, here he was with his best friend’s wife!

She looked up to him, knowing he was thinking the same thing. Tristen crawled up, and with some awkwardness and wet squeaking on the tub’s walls, Jack’s ample member slid into Tristen’s tight pussy. She practically straddled him on her knees, while he lay back. Tristen humped joyously, as they moaned in pleasure …

Lucy and Lou began to moan, growl, coo in the growing pleasure. Lou was a little rough, but Lucy was enjoying it, being held by an athlete. The bathroom echoed the we squeaking from their motions. They were so close to cuming.

“Oh, fuck, Lucy … Don’t wanna kill the mood, but … oh … I think I should grab a condom before we blow!”

“ERRGh … Oh, fuck … What the fuck is birrrth control for, Lou, if a guy can’t cum in me sometimes!”

“Oh, shit … I’ll be doing that any moment now!”

“Oh, gah … Yeah, Jack. Blow your load in me!” she growled through the pleasure. “On that pill!”

Awesome!” Jack cooed.

The adulterous spouses began to increase their motions of passion, needing to confirm the madness of it. Their moans and coos of near ultimate pleasure became a song of lust amongst them, supported by the rhythmic wet squeaks. Their pleasure grew more and more powerful, and then … explosion …

Lucy quietly hopped in bed after drying off and throwing on her lacy nightie, checking her email on her phone. She felt truly great. Jack walked into the room with an equal sense of satisfaction.

“Where were you off to, Jack?” Lucy asked casually.

“Checkin’ out the hot tub, Lucy. You?”

“Checkin out the shower!”

Jack hopped onto the bed, gave her a deep, loving kiss, and said truly, “I love you.”

“I love you, too …”

Lou quietly lay in bed thinking about what just happened in the shower. It was great. He still could not believe how he felt no shame in the adulterous act.

Tristen walked in wrapped in a towel. “Hey, babe,” she happily greeted.

“Were you enjoying the hot tub?”

“Yup! You should try it.”

“Maybe tomorrow,” he shrugged.

Tristen crawled into bed, and they lovingly kissed …

* * * *

Monique and Jennifer happily walked to the kitchen to make themselves some breakfast. They worked up quite the appetite thanks to the night before!

They saw August there in a tube top, yoga pants, and flip-flops. It was interesting for the new couple. They certainly always thought she was sexually attractive, but Monique and Jennifer’s kind of monogamy of lust made them completely uninterested in August in any sexual way.

“Morning, August!” Jennifer greeted.

“Hey, guys!” August said with almost a joyous glow in her tone.

“Where’s Bobby?” Monique asked curiously. “Fuck his brains out last night?”

She smiled knowingly. “You could say that! Well … You know Bobby. If he doesn’t drinking enough water while getting drunk, he’s dead the next day.”

“Hope he feels better later,” Jennifer stated empathetically.

“He’s already better than when I first got up,” August stated honestly …

August spent the day with Bobby, who unknown to the others, never left their room. She lay in bed with him in her arms. The spouses spent the day together as well, not yet fully aware of what transpired the night before.

Jennifer and Monique spent the day walking around the beach and in town. They were actively figuring out their unusual relationship: not in love, but monogamous. Indeed, like with August, they certainly could tell if someone was sexually attractive, but were only now sexually attracted to each other. They bought each other things they thought would look sexy on them; they talked to each other freely about everything and anything. They tried holding hands, but that did not feel right. Instead, they mutually agreed that they would much rather walk around with their hands on the other’s ass. The two eventually found a quite place at the beach with no one else around, and happily held the other’s asses. With the sun pleasurably beating down on their supple skin, they deeply kissed, while rubbing their crotches. They sat on some rocks, made out more, and masturbated each other to orgasm, furthering their lust. Jennifer and Monique genuinely enjoyed themselves more than they anything else in their lives …

Night 3:

I somehow knew everything that was happening in the cabin. My mind’s eye seemed to be co-opted by the entity. It was not like registering experience as I always had. It was like experiencing  the world around me in the third person. It was unreal. Yet, what I had done was implausibly real. It was an objectively surreal morning earlier. What I had done felt truly right, but it was far from normal. He gave me his life, so I took took it. I woke up, and he was still not breathing, cold in fact. Yet, I could already sense the great change the entity was fueling within us both. By the time he was finally breathing again, it finally felt worth the madness …

Bobby slowly opened his eyes, feeling different in ways he did not yet understand. The last thing he remembered was passing out from lack of oxygen. Yet, he knew what happened: August smothered him to death with her feet. This was necessary. Seeing the naked August lovingly looking down upon him, he could only feel total love and devotion. His body and mind was somehow literally hers. It was as if they were almost the same entity sharing two bodies, with August in the driver’s seat. Even their respiration almost was a perfect mirror.

In bed, they began to make out in a more profoundly deep love than either thought possible. Experimenting with her new control, August moved Bobby’s body with at first some effort, before it was like moving her own. She kissed and worshiped down her own body knowing just where to touch herself. She kneaded and sucked her full breast, licked and kissed her abdomen, teased her own twitching clit, massaged her hips and calves, and groped and sucked her own feet.

Bobby was there through it all, but his existence was now purely and extension of August’s. He had no wants and desires anymore, save for being a part of August. After sucking off her own feet through Bobby, she had him lay on bis back. She then straddled the solid member, and humped him passionately lovingly, feeling the pleasure from both bodies. Not used to such a extreme experience, her bodies quickly came hard.

She chuckled a little at how they both came prematurely at the same time. He was shooting blanks now, she sensed, until she willed otherwise. Wanting more, she swung around, shoving his quickly reinflating dick in her mouth and cum-filled pussy in Bobby’s. They consumed each other, cum and all. The epic pleasures were now even more than before, but August was just barely able to keep composure of her bodies this time. She soon directed her bodies into a perfectly timed pleasure, almost floating through the writhing waves. The pleasure still built, causing them to moan and coo joyously. The pleasure grew and grew beyond anything either thought possible, until they came again in a harder, wetter orgasm.

Breathless, the overjoyed August lay next to her Bobby. They kissed lovingly, deeply, tasting the cum of both bodies. And soon, they fell asleep, Bobby in August’s arms, exploring the same dreams …

Lucy, Jack, Tristen, and Lou sat jovially before the quietly crackling fire. They were not really sure who revealed the remorseless adultery first, but it was all implausibly mutual. They all agreed that it was more an extension of their ardent monogamy, because there was no “slippery slope” here. The sex was just amongst themselves: good friends and lovers.

“So you were holding up my wife, Lou, in the shower?” Jack asked amazed.

“Yeah!” he answered lightly. “I was a bit nervous about slipping the whole time.”

They all chuckled.

“That squeaking in the hot tub when Jack and I were humping was pretty funny, too, when I was madly humping him.” Tristen said with a big smile.

“I knew I should have tried the hot tub last night!” Lucy exclaimed.

The sounds of epic pleasure began to permeate the cabin, making the spouses think of only one thing.

Lucy and Jack began to lovingly make out, as did Lou and Tristen. They looked into each other’s eyes, and knew what they wanted right them.

Jack then noticed a small box on the end table. He picked it up. “Hey, I found condoms!”

They laughed at how random it was, but were more interested in good and safe sex now than where they came from.

The spouses quickly undressed, the men took a condom, and traded. Lucy and Lou began to make out lustfully, as did Jack and Tristen. Soon, they found themselves on the gushy carpet humping joyously with condoms that felt like they were not even there. Their moans and coos joined the goring chorus of slightly chaotic pleasure.

They soon found themselves on their sides with the men fucking the women from behind. They faced each other in the most surreal and wonderful moment of passion in their lives. They looked into the eyes of their true love, while happily being fucked by another. There was no doubt that this felt as right as when they made love to their own spouse.

“I love you,” they all said in succession to their spouses.

They humped harder and harder, wanting to cum so badly in this adulterously twisted session of love and lust. It was to come soon enough, seeing it in each other’s eyes. And finally, they all came in near unison in hot, wet, mind-reordering orgasm …

Both already naked, Monique was giving Jennifer a deep, oily massage on a large massage table they found. Monique did have some legitimate training in that area, before switching to pre-med. She straddled Jennifer provocatively.

“UMMMM! Is rubbing my ass a part of your masseuse training?” Jennifer cooed.

She pored warm oil down her chest and onto Jennifer’s ass. “Improvising!

She worked from the back to the ass, relishing in her lust’s body.

“How ‘bout some more oil?” Monique asked rhetorically.

Jennifer giggled a little. “You really know how to get in there!”

“Any chance to squeeze your full ass! You like it a little rough, don’t yeah?” she teased.

“When the mood is right.”

She groped Jennifer’s ass deeply, making Jennifer sigh and coo. Sounds of epic pleasure began to echo into the room. She poured yet more oil all over themselves.

“Oh, fuck, this is so perfect …” Jennifer breathed.

Monique then rubbed her own chest up Jennifer’s back and ass, making the receiver gasp in pleasure. She the playfully brushed her lips against Jennifer’s ear, before sucking it and kissing her neck. She sucked and kissed back up Jennifer’s neck to her ear.

“You deserve a deep, sexual massage.” Monique said sensually.

“Ohhhh …?”

Monique used her whole slick body to massage Jennifer’s back and ass. “Oh, my God, you feel so perfect.” She grasped Jennifer’s neck with her magic fingers, and guided her into a quick yet lustful smooch, before copping a feel of Jennifer’s breasts.

She resumed groping Jennifer’s ass, but this time more forcefully. “Your ass is so perfect!” She gave it a hard slap, sending a quick wave down Jennifer’s body, and slapped it again.

“Oh, yeah …”

Monique then poured more oil onto Jennifer’s ass, slapping it more. “Oh, your pussy’s so perfect, Jen!” She rubbed her way around to the moist pussy, fingering it knowledgeably.

“Oh, my God! Oh …” She lifted her ass, and opened herself to Jennifer fully.

Monique alternated between fingering and licking her Jennifer’s asshole and pussy.

“Wasn’t expecting a massaging like this when I came here,” Jennifer growled through the pleasure.

Monique lifted her self back to Jennifer’s face, figuring wildly. She grabbed Jennifer by the neck, and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. She then removed her fingers and gave the ass a hard slap, before rubbing it wildly.

“OOOOOHHH …. Yeah! Rub my clit, Mona!” she cooed excitedly through the intense pleasure.

Monique was wild, rough, lustful. Jennifer even began to finger herself along with being rubbed. “Fuck, I gotta taste it!” She began to lick and suck widely, the taste of it sending waves of pleasure down to her pussy. “Turn over, baby!”

Jennifer did so, breathing and cooing in great excitement.

They kissed joyously, before Monique guided Jennifer into a passionate scissor. Their well lubed bodies shimmered in their wild motions. They slowed, and Jennifer took Monique’s foot, and began to suck off the toes. At the same time, Monique fingered Jennifer hard and fast, Jennifer literally humping the fingers.

Jennifer saw there was still implausibly more oil in the bottle, and grabbed it to give to Monique, who poured it onto Jennifer’s aroused tits. Monique knowledgeably, deeply rubbed the oil into Jennifer’s heaving chest. Jennifer moaned excitedly, rubbing her own oily tits on the edge of hyperventilation.

Monique resumed playing with Jennifer’s pussy, but this time occasionally smacking the lips. Jennifer soon rubbed above, while Monique fingered the G-spot widely.

They moved in for another tasty kiss, as Jennifer rubbed her slick crotch up and down Monique’s oiled body. “I wanna taste you!” Jennifer cooed.

Monique went to all fours, ass toward Jennifer, who poured oil all over it.

Rubbing the oil in excitedly, Jennifer exclaimed, “Your so fuckin’ sexy. Yes!”

As Monique playfully jiggled her tight ass, Jennifer smacked each cheek hard.

Jennifer then indulged carnally, consuming the clit and burying her face in Monique’s ass.

“Oh, yeah! Eat me while I finger my ass!” They felt so free and wild. “Turn around!” She flipped her around onto her back.

Monique held her legs high for Jennifer’s coming onslaught.

Jennifer sucked off her fingers and spit onto the pussy, before slowly, hungrily, deeply fingering and consuming the dripping pussy. “UUUUUMMMMM!” Jennifer exclaimed, mouth full.

Monique cooed wildly, loudly. “Oh, YYYYess! Give it to me. I wanna taste my clit!”

Jennifer shoved her pussy soaked fingers down Monique’s throat. “MMMMM YEAH!” She pulled her legs all the way back to her heat to open herself as much as possible for the pussy starved Jennifer.

Jennifer playfully consumed unlike she ever consumed anything before, drooling freely at the deliciousness.

“Oh God! Make that pussy cum! MAKE THAT PUSSY CUM!” she exclaimed, holding her legs back to the table at her sides by her feet. “UHHA …. UHHHOOA … OHHHH EERRHA AHHHH!” she screamed in a long hard orgasm, the hardest of her life. She let go of her legs, rolled to the side, still cuming so hard, Jennifer still fingering wildly.

Jennifer gave Monique a good ass slap.

“Wanna taste it!” she growled, before grabbing Jennifer for a hungry, wild kiss. “Now I’m gonna have your pussy!” Monique yanked Jennifer back down, and began to play with the pussy. “I want your fuckin’ pussy!” She began to lick and suck widely, while Jennifer squealed. She consumed perhaps more wildly.

“Oh, yeah, feels so fuckin’ good!” Jennifer cooed through her moans. “Oh, ummm, umm, fuck! Uhh, oooh, yeah, fuck, oh …” She grasped the back of Monique’s head, pressing it into her crotch, thrusting her hips into Monique’s mouth. “Oh, yeah, OOOOOO, my God …” Monique played with Jennifer’s tits all the while. “OH FUCK AYEUH! UHUHH!” she screamed as she began to cum wildly. She pulled Jennifer’s head into her crotch with both hands, and tightly wrapped her legs around the hungry woman. Monique practically inhaled the orgasmic pussy juices, before meeting Jennifer for a passionate kiss of lust.

Still excited, Jennifer began to play with and suck on Monique’s happy tits. They soon found themselves rubbing their crutches at the same time, facing each other. They moaned and cooed so loudly. “Let’s 69, let’s 69!” Monique cooed.

Monique laid down, and Jennifer laid on top, pressing mouths on pussies. “UUUMMM, UMMMM!” the both cooed, mouth’s full, smacking each other’s asses.

They humped each other’s faces, wanting so much pleasure, and getting it! Jennifer began to finger Monique, until they both came again. They lingered, shimmering bodies squirming and moaning, sucking down every last drop of cum.

“Just one more!” Jennifer breathed.

“Let’s scissor until we cum, Jen!”

They quickly slid into position, before Jennifer squirt the rest of the oil all over their kissing crotched. They humped each other wildly, lustfully, using more energy than they thought they had left. Their slick crotches slid all over each other freely, making them scream loudly in yet more pleasure. The two actively worked to lock their eyes in their wild motions. Their scream grew louder and louder until the screamed in the purest of orgasms. They then made out joyously, hungrily.

“I will only ever fuck you, Monique …” she breathed in promise between kisses.

“And I will only ever fuck you, Jennifer …” she breathed in promise.

They made out in utterly passionate joy in monogamous lust …

The First Nights of Their Lives:

I could now feel the entity leaving me in total satisfaction. Or maybe, it was my own satisfaction. Looking at my friends forever changed by their own truths, I felt as if I was waking up. We would unlikely be so pornographic again, but we were all changed forever. I could see and understand what happened to us all. Lucy, Jack, Tristen, and Lou were the definition of monogamous, but secretly knew that might not be enough for them sexually in the long run. Its solution: Make them independently monogamous in love and lust with each other. Monique and Jennifer unknowingly wanted monogamous, pure, and unhinged pleasure, but had no real luck in love. Its solution: make them a monogamous couple of pure lust. And finally, I unknowingly wanted to be a kind of queen in my relationships, as Bobby wanted the purest of intimacy. Our relationship was as doomed as all my last. Its solution: Have me literally take his life, and it transform him into a being connected to me physically and mentally. The thing gave us a kind of Halloween mask of impossibility, which revealed our true selves in ways otherwise unimaginable. Some might call everything we were influenced to do and become sins, but we will always call it all wonderful gifts …


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