Blog Flash: A Surprise

A Surprise

Something happened to me. Or is it still happening. Last night was such a blur, yet itself a surprise. I went to a nearby bar with my roommate, Sally. We rarely drank much, but wanted to get out of the apartment. We already had a couple drinks, before I was definitely thirsty for some real water. Looking back, I don’t think it was mine, but I picked up a glass of water off the bar counter. I chugged the sweetest, more refreshing water I ever had. FLASH

I was suddenly so fucking horny, like now. It was not a horniness I ever had before, yet I always thought horny was horny. FLASH

Images of hot and humid and naked woman fucking themselves and one another flooded my mind. How could I be so horny at such a thing? Lesbianism was far from abhorrent to me, but I’m not a lesbian! Yet, there I was, thinking of fucking hot and bothered women. Even worse, I was looking at other women around me, including Sally, in the hungriest of ways. FLASH

In my drunken, horny haze, the next thing I knew I was in the back of some stranger’s car fucking. I was wasn’t just fucking anyone. It was a fit figured, tall, brunette woman with blue eyes. Her humid pussy felt so fucking good on mine! FLASH

We were scissoring wildly, her deliciously silken foot so deep in my mouth that her toes tickled the back of my throat. Our escaping pussy juices mixing gloriously, before splattering on the seat below. The car wiggled along with our hungry thrusts. Thoughts were almost primal then; all I wanted to do was cum. The pleasure grew and grew, as sweat dripped from our brows. Then, a raining, exploding orgasm. FLASH

The next thing I knew I was awake in a cold sweat in my own bed. No one else was there, as I was not even wearing panties. Was last night real? I wondered, feeling as if I did have a massive cum. My pussy almost ached on the outside from presumably more friction than it ever handled. Clothing myself, I walked into the kitchen. The image of my slim, brown haired roommate was already there in a tight blue shirt and pinkish-red panties. I felt a growing thirst for her cum. FLASH

The rest of the night suddenly materialized in memory. After we came together — in a pool of our mixing sweat and cum, I proclaimed my newfound lesbianism. The mysterious woman then told me to pass on the sapphic gift to others, to confirm my new love of woman. All I wanted to do was to affirm, so I agreed. She took me home. FLASH

My roommate was curious about how I got home last night. I told her I got laid in the back of my car. I wasn’t sure if she believed me, but I didn’t care. When her back was turned, I shoved my fingers deep into my melting pussy, and swirled my moistened finger in her unprotected drink. She soon chugged down the drink with a look of total surprise on her face, and … FLASH …

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