Blog Flash: From Within

From Within

It was a week of unbelievability. I need to write this down while it’s still fresh. I now know it all started with a meteor that broke up over the coast of Las Angeles. Apparently, even a near miss could fuck up the planet worse than a big volcano, but it wasn’t big enough to do anything significant. Well, nothing directly significant to the atmosphere.

Soon after, these plants started sprouting up everywhere. They looked liked some kind of cross between a splineless, bulbous cactus and flesh colored dildo, and were kinda ugly really. Then again, this was LA. Anything could become hip for no real reason, and these things from nowhere suddenly were a big deal. They began to appear on people’s desks and greenhouses as the en-vogue potted plant.

Then, something strange really happened. I caught my tall, blonde, kind bitchy boss totally enamored with one of the cactus-like things. Her office blinds were open just enough while I walked by. She breathed what I thought was a sense-less thing deeply, as if it aroused her greatly. She then slowly licked the bumpy though fairly smooth thing from bottom to top. Then, she began to suck off the five inch tall plant like it was a dick. Drool linking her to the plant, she stared at it for a moment like a horny and hungry animal. To my total shock, she then shoved it all back into her mouth, and began to eat the whole thing! Utterly confused and weirded out, I quickly scurried away before anyone noticed me.

The next day, my boss called me into her office. Her entire demeanor was different now. She was always a healthy career woman, but the stick up her ass was gone. We had a surprisingly casual conversation on her couch. She even apologized for being so antagonistic. To my surprise, she invited me to a “girls’ night out.” I wanted to say no, being uncomfortable, but she was not someone to take that answer.

Before I knew it, I was getting drunk with my sexy boss and three of her very attractive friends, and later at my boss’ house with them. She insisted I drink even more, as she gave me one of those strange plants, a rather long and overly phallic one. She explained that the plant changed their lives. It was apparently more than that, though. It was strangely cryptic.

What struck me was how her friends could not keep their hands of each other. I needed some air, and went for some water. My boss walked up to me from behind. She told me how fine it was to try new things, asking me if I thought she was pretty. Of course, I said she was. Now, I never thought of myself as a lesbian, but my drunken haze enhanced an ever present openness on the subject. I always believed their was a sliding scale in sexuality. There were plenty of “straight” guys out there that would “go gay” for someone, and while they play it off as a joke, pleasure is pleasure. Why not test those sexual boundaries sometimes?

Still, with my own boss? I wasn’t really sure about that. She just went for it, and pulled me in for a very sensual kiss. I liked it. Oh, fuck me, I liked it! Out tongues teasingly touched, before she kissed down my neck and back out to my lips. I was her plaything now. It seemed like more than the alcohol, but my haze was too great to really understand what I was starting to feel in the inside.

She took my hand, and led me back to the living room. The three women were now in the throws of true, slow sexual ecstasy. Kissing, groping fingering. It wasn’t really love I was witnessing. It was just pleasure and lust. Maybe I didn’t fully understand what was happening, but I liked it. It was like they were in perfect sexual tune, feeling up their legs and breasts. I never saw such a thing before. My pussy grew so warm watching them create such pleasure. Their moans and coos seemed eternal.

My boss then guided me to her bedroom. We stood before the tall mirror in the dimly lit room. I saw myself, hot and bothered. I looked so hot and sexy. I was certainly turned on by already aroused myself, as well as she, who was tenderly removing my clothes and kissing my quivering body. This was really happening. I was going to fuck my boss.

She turned me around, and we kissed deeply, before she guided me to her bed. She pulled off her dress, revealing nothing underneath. Her small breasts were mesmerizing in their perfect shape. She kissed down my tingling body, and removed my panties. Before I knew it, she was hungrily eating me out. The pleasure was unlike anything I ever imagined. It felt nothing my fingers or a dick. It felt as if her lips and tongue connected with my very nervous system, and perhaps they did.

Something strange was happening from within, I could feel it through the gloriously mind numbing pleasure. All I could do was moan and coo. Fuck, it felt so God damn good! Moving closer to orgasm I could feel a growing tingling beyond the pleasure in my crotch, as my body became moist. That tingling grew into a distinct wetness. ‘Am I going to squirt?’ I though to myself. It was never something I ever achieved.

Then, wet explosion! My cum spewed out of me like a fountain. It was all over me, and I just kept spewing more and more. It seemed to jell around my crotch, before spreading across my body like a thick membrane. Everywhere it touched tingled me in ecstasy, making my spew more of the jelling cum. Past my calves. Past my breasts. Now covering my feet. In the ever growing pleasure, the membrane moved past my neck, and over my face and head. I was cocooned in a shell of was I thought was my own cum. Pleasure, lust, sex, was all I could feel and be within the cocoon. I was transforming into something the same yet different. I was becoming of pleasure itself. There was no stoping this, even if I had an inkling to. I was in a state of to epic orgasmic bliss …

I woke up the next morning feeling the same yet utterly different. I walked up to the mirror, and fingered to myself, well, to myself. It was so hot. My naked boss walked in, and we got each other off. The squirt was gallons, our breakfast.

It was all so clear now. The plant affected everyone differently, but often erotically. Some ate the plant; some simply inhaled the plant’s spores. My boss wanted me after her transformation, and saw I needed a little help to nudge me along. I’m so glad she did …

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