Blog Flash: The Green

The Green

She was scared the take the Green. Yes, it invariably made people stronger, more nimble, among other things, but it sometimes came with very specific side effects. What were they again? She pondered. She could not remember at that moment, humping this random guy’s brains out less than a day after taking the thick goo.

It was taken because she wanted to be better. With her friend not suffering from any ill affects — other than blackened eyes and lightened skin, she just had to do it. Yes, that was it: this was more out of jealousy. She always looked up to her, and then she was suddenly too good at everything to imitate.

Not feeling as much as she expected, she humped him even harder, an easy thing thanks to the drug she took. “Twenty-four hours …” her friend’s words barely echoed in her head. “You have to … Prevent …” The words faded away.

This guy beneath her was taken on impulse. She just had to have him! Leaning down, she slowly, primally licked his face from chin to temple. “UMMMMMMM!” she cooed. Was it his body? Was it how he smelled? It was so hard for her to think beyond the primal sensations consuming her.

“Holy fuck! I’m so close!” he grunted.

Without any intelligent thought, she found herself kissing and licking down the sweaty body. She began to hungrily suck his swelling member.

“Oh, gah … OH FUCK!” He grunted in orgasm.

The thick, hot goo spewed down her swallowing throat. She sucked every last bit out of the fleshy hose. Yet, she slowly realized she liked the taste of the dick even more. Quickly moving the dick so deep the balls passed her lips, She bit down …


Looking at herself in her bathroom mirror, her sense of self was the same yet different. Over the past three weeks, the Green had transformed her. Her pupils were deep onyx, while her skin had become like alabaster. She indeed had that enhanced physicality she wanted, but there was that very thing her friend warned her about. Avoiding Human contact for the first day was necessary to prevent the side effect that made the drug so highly controlled and often obtained illegally. In giving into the primal sensations after only 18 hours, she failed.

It was hard, if not impossible to think clearly anymore, with a whole new, primal self emerging. She could not always tell if she was in control of her altered base self. How could anyone truly tell?

She had two men and one woman so far. It was gloriously delicious, as it felt more right than anything she ever knew. She was able to satisfy herself in more ways than she ever knew possible. It was somehow necessary to do what she did. Her need only grew more powerful over time, and giving into it brought back clarity. Well, as clear as her changed self could ever be.

“Maybe, just one more,” she said to herself, feeling the need growing again. “Brains?”

In the car of the guy she just met at the bar, she humped him wildly in the back seat. Occasionally licking his tasty forehead, she considered skipping to the end, but she seemed to still enjoy this part of the session. The man was completely overwhelmed by how strong this woman was, while clueless as to the nature she was giving into.

“Oh, yeah, YEAH!” he cooed close to orgasm.

She quickly flipped herself around, having him consume her cold snatch while she sucked him off. He came down her hungry throat moments later, but she practically forced him to bring her to dark orgasm.

To his confusion, she soon began to hungrily lick his sweaty forehead. As had become the case, there were no tangible thoughts in her head at these moments; there was only the primal drive to do what she planned. She suddenly bit down, tightening her crushing grip around the hapless man’s head …


“You had his brain!?” her friend asked in horror.

“I licked the skull clean. It was so good …” she admitted, her pallor now subtly green compared to her alabaster friend.

“Oh, God …” she breathed. “There must be a way to reverse this change in you now. I can’t believe you were with someone within a day. Fuck!”

She looked at her good smelling friend curiously, without much conscious thought.

“I think … yes … I think the best course of action to help you right now is to keep you from having anyone else.”

“Did I say that’s what I wanted?”


“The last time … It became clear … I want this …”

“No, no. That’s not you!”

She smiled hungrily, toothily. Practically running on instinct, she took something out of her purse. The plastic bag was filled with fleshy redness.

“… wwwantyou …” she barely proclaimed.

Suddenly, she leapt onto her horrified friend in an almost ironically smooth motion, she forced her mouth open, and poured some of the fleshy contents down her throat.

“Brain …”

“Wah …” she gurgled, finding herself swallowing with surprising want. “Good …”

Good …”

“MORE!” she cooed, grabbing the bag. She consumed it all, licking the bag clean. Her pallor slowly shifting to that subtle green, she joyously licked her lips clean.

They began to wildly make out in their primal hunger, joyously feeling their cold bodies. They groped and ground, sucked and bit. They bit right into their flesh, revealing impossibly reddish-green blood. They pleasured themselves without abandon, without concern of any discomfort from their uncaring actions. They soon found themselves in all encompassing, orgasmic bliss …

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