Blog Flash: My Dream, Our Dream

Author’s Note: This quick story serves as a bonus scene from Journeys into Passion: The Neighbor. It follows a woman experiencing the wildest wet dream of her life.

My Dream, Our Dream

“All Life is only a set of pictures in the brain, among which there is no difference betwixt those born of real things and those born of inward dreamings, and no cause to value the one above the other.” — H.P. Lovecraft

I lay in my bed amongst the flowing darkness, yet I could see everything so clearly. Was I dreaming? I might have been. I don’t remember wearing a scaly printed, pink, sleeveless shirt, and red panties earlier. More confusing, what happened between my longtime roommate and new neighbor earlier was supposedly real, but only a malleable dream-state could explain what we felt.

It was as if our new neighbor turned us into her sex-dolls for a moment, leading to the best pleasure I ever had. My neighbor was in me, as I was in my roommate. It was a pinnacle of sapphic ecstasy I never knew could exist. The point of perfect orgasm was an impossible kind of pleasure. My roommate’s orgasm somehow flowed into me, mixing and merging with my own, before most of it moved out into, I think, my neighbor. I could not stop thinking about that ecstasy, nor did I want the memory to stop consuming my thoughts.

I found myself touching my sensitive body, my aroused nipples, my hips, my thighs, my wrinkles arches. Thinking about the impossible pleasure I so desperately needed to feel again, I could almost feel it again, my whole soft body so sensitive in this moment.

Damn I was beautiful, I came to understand for the first time. I knew how to bring myself to a satisfying orgasm, but never truly made love and lust with myself before. Maybe it was strange and narcissistic to the outside observer, but this felt like the right moment to truly fuck myself silly, attempting to create the surreal pleasure of earlier.

Oh, my cleavage, my firm breasts, perfectly shaped handfuls. I then removed my shirt and short shorts, leading only the white underwear. Wasn’t I just wearing panties and a shirt earlier? Didn’t matter. I was all that mattered in this moment.

On all fours, I groped my asscheeks and hips, moving the rear of the panties around. Goosebumps and pleasure emanated from my sensual touch. I moved to sit on my knees, and teasingly removed my bra. My hands groping my tingling breasts was a want and lust I never knew I could have.

After massaging myself on my side, I moved to my back, and removed my moist panties. Now I rubbed and played with my exposed pussy, as I the rest of my sensitized body all but at the same time. I was all that mattered in the world. I was giving myself pleasures I never dreamed of before. I needed this pleasure.

I soon found myself with an apparent vibrator in hand, pressing it against my dripping crotch. Moans and coos began to escape my mouth, chest heaving from the lust. Occasionally fingering myself, the vibrations were bringing me to that level of pleasure I now so yearned. This was it. I was no longer emulating what I felt earlier. It was so glorious and perfect! It felt as if I was bathing myself in warm, orgasmic goo.

Forcing the intense, primal orgasm to stay within myself, I could feel an improbable understanding. Fucking myself was merely a means to an end. All I want is to feel, to live on this kind of pleasure forever. The longer I held it, the longer I understood what I now truly wanted. There was nothing in this dreamed world but the pleasures of pleasure.

An invisible glow began to flow out of me, failing to hold the orgasmic energy completely. The dark room around me began to melt and flow with the waves of that escaping energy. A growing haze began to form, making all imagery around me difficult to discern from the next. The pleasure was now not only bathing me, but also this apparent reality. I felt myself slowly begin to loose my grip on the orgasm, as it was already escaping. In a primal scream, the energy obliterated everything I could see and feel. Yet, I was still there.

All there was now was a haze of orgasmic nothingness. After an uncertain time passed, I could begin to see a form slowly appear before me, dark and indistinct. Feminine, yes, the form was definitely feminine. It was somewhat tall and dark beyond the darkness shrouding us. I somehow came to understand that this was my enigmatic neighbor. Whatever she wanted, I just wanted her to give me the kind of pleasure I now desperately sought.

She slowly crawled down between by legs, and began to forcibly consume my desperate snatch. Waves of epic pleasure flew through me. The pleasure was so strong and orgasmic that I could not hold it like before. Yet, it was that kind of pleasure I wanted, needed more than anything.

My neighbor began to press herself so heard against my inexplicably opening pussy. Through the endless sense of mind melting orgasm, I soon felt her move into me through my pleasure cavity. Emanating sensual gratification from within, she moved upward, somehow twirling herself around. Her hands slipped into my hands, as her feet slipped into my feet. Distinct anxiousness became apparent, while her head began to slip into mine from within. There was no stopping her sudden takeover of my body. Yet, I did not want her to stop, for she was giving me pleasure beyond pleasure. And then …

We were now together, body and mind. Two beings working as one to create as yet unknown pleasures. Somewhere between dark and light, we groped our hungry pussy, sending shockwaves of ecstasy throughout our body. It was a gratification greater than the sum of its doubled parts.

Under one hand we continued to play with our humid pussy, while the other occasionally groped our breast, bringing it up to our mouth to suck on. We moved our body in nearly erratic time with the pussy groping. Our free hand explored our passion-desperate body. Breathing became jagged, almost erratic, as our hand moved faster in the crotch, falling to the soft floor. Our moans and coos were wild and primal. 

Now on our knees on the apparent couch, we humped our wild, fingering hand, making the pleasure almost painfully strong. The more we felt, the more we wanted. Fazing to our back, our motions became almost desperate, needing more pleasure. Even with our mouth full of squishy tit, our moans were becoming shattering screams of passion.

Floor beneath us now, we widely fucked our pussy from behind with nearly our entire hand. We came loudly, but did not stop. Moving to our side, we found a more powerful orgasm. We moved to our back for something yet more powerful. Laying for a few endless minutes, we enhanced the delicious afterglow by lightly rubbing the wet snatch.

Now laying back onto the cushy couch, we slowly, passionately began again at our pussy. We knew and accepted how addicted we just became to the epic pleasure we created from our body. A massive black vibrator was found in our hand, sending subtle waves of pleasure up our arm. On our hands and knees, we fucked ourself with it from behind. Our moans and screams quickly grew loud and powerful in the darkness of the familiar room, this supposed vibrator spewing orgasmic cum into our body. The epic screams of climactic passion colored yet nearly destroyed our apparent reality.

In the darkness, we soon realized we were surrounded by hot, foamy water. It was a familiar tub in the shadows of this pleasure world. We went to work right away on ourself, knowing what we needed to do to satisfy our accepted addiction. Humping our hand under the water, we soon could feel how sensitive our whole soaked body was. Even the near orgasmic moans enhanced the indulgent ecstasy.

A long dildo appeared, and we deep throating it with great lust. We sat up on the edge of the large tub, and desperately thrust it in. Our screams grew louder than before in the wild humps and plunges. Leg up, standing, we licked and kissed our silken leg, enhancing the pleasures yet more. It was almost too much, now practically humping the edge of the tub as well. The orgasm was swift and powerful, as hot goo exploded out of the dildo.

We were on the floor now on our knees of what seemed like the living room in the dim moonlight. Our body was still slick, but not from the bath. Wetness’ origin mattered little; what mattered was the pleasure we could still create from our quivering body.

On our ass, we resumed our desperate, excited pussy rubs, making our breasts fly in the darkness. The love and lust for our body was finally complete, allowing us to near-orgasmically enjoy not only our pussy, but also the rest of our perfect body in tandem. Everywhere we touched — breasts, asshole, hips, feet — made us moan in joy. Soon, we lustfully fingered our slippery snatch. Writhing around and groping ourself, our body was our plaything, our source of everything we ever wanted and needed. Our orgasmic moans and coos shattered the light and shadows around us, as they did our mind. Pleasure became all we were …  

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