Blog Flash: The Collaboration

Author’s Note: This Flash serves as a prequel to the Journeys into Passion story The Ranch. Both of these stories are based on an outlined sequel to the Blog Unbound Roleplaying. As such, these stories may be considered a spiritual sequel.

The Collaboration

Brianna and her fiancé, Larry, just graduated from California State: she with a Bachelor’s Fine Arts (Theater Arts) and he with a Bachelor’s in English (creative writing). They both were interested in the film and TV industry, Brianna more so. Though not without the usual spousal problems, they just meshed personally and professionally. A major dream of theirs was for him to write something for her to star in, or at least have a true collaboration. That had been a bit sidetracked by his contracts to novelize some successful films, as well as the light sci-fi mystery novel he just completed for a publisher, who also ensured at least possibility of a film or TV adaptation if sold well enough.

The two were dressing for a party with some big-whig producers, and all she was hoping for was not to be groped by the creepiest of them. Had yet to happen to her, but the all too true horror stories were finally public. She did wear a form-fitting, satin blue dress with scrappy heals, while Larry wore a regular bowtie tux.

“You look great, Bri!” Larry complimented, doggy-eyed.

“Thanks,” she smiled. She did look pretty sexy. Her slim, athletic physique that was everyone’s type certainly ensured a decent income from her modeling, as well as ensuring some of her so far minor TV and film roles.

“Don’t worry, Brianna,” he said, lightly stroking her wavy dark hair. “These producers aren’t out of their minds. If there’s an issue, we’ll make the noise.”

She smiled reassuringly …

The dinner party was rather dull at first. Maybe at one time in the last century these things had true glamour, but they just seemed like a networking event now. However, their host surprised everyone by hiring a stage hypnotist and comedian for the night. He recently began to head a reality TV show called “Backstage Hypnotist,” which was genuinely fun.

Larry and Brianna were causally talking with him. Jackson Daniels had a background in psychology, and still practiced, often now with actors. He did have a very convincing voice.

“Yeah, some actors get so deep into their roles that it messes with their head,” he elaborated to the couple, sitting across from them in the now private room. “They go … deeper and deeper, so deep that they almost don’t know a way back. The feeling of being so deep can be overwhelming, you need to just let go, like falling into a deep sleep. In that sleep, deeper than sleep, there are only truths and my voice …”

Brianna and Larry were completely lost in a deep trance before they even realized it. All they could feel were their truths and Jackson’s voice.

“How do you two feel?” the hypnotist asked.

“Relaxed,” they answered in near unison.

“Good … Are you two ready to answer and do anything I ask?”

“Yes,” they answered through the dream-state.

“Larry, what is it that drives you? What is it you want?”

The entranced man answered, “Brianna is my drive. I would do anything for our lives to work, and I want her to do anything I ask. All I want is for our lives to be in perfect unison, to collaborate professionally. I do not care how.”

“Brianna,” the hypnotist turned, “what is it that drives you? What is it you want?”

She robotically answered, “Larry is my drive. I want to do everything I can to make him happy.”

“Larry, what is the one thing you would change about Brianna”

“I want her to do anything I ask of her, especially with sex.”

“Brianna, what is the one thing you would change about Larry?”

“I want Larry to be more dominant during sex.”

Jackson smiled, seeing how perfect they were for each other, while somehow not even fully aware of that. “Larry, you will dominate Brianna during sex and life without hesitation from now on. You know she would do anything you ask, including having sex with others, as example. Also, she will soon give you the idea for the perfect collaboration. Do you understand, Larry?”

“Yes … I will be the dominant one, including sexually, as I always wanted. I will await the perfect collaboration idea from Brianna.”

“Brianna, you will be the submissive one in your relationship from now on, accepting all that Larry asks for sexually and in life. You will come up with the perfect collaboration idea after you let Larry take you sexually in the way you always wanted. Do you understand?”

“Yes … I am now the submissive one in the relationship. I will do whatever Larry asks in sex and in life. I will come up with the perfect collaboration after I finally let him dominate me sexually.”

“Excellent!” OK, maybe Jackson knew it was a little odd that the night’s host and producer for his show often paid him to hypnotize people into creating film and TV projects, but revealing primal desires often led to successful projects. Jackson kind of enjoyed it, too. “Larry, Brianna, when I countdown from three, you will both awaken without conscious memory of this session … Three, you are beginning to rise from the deep dream. Two, you feel consciousness begin to take hold. One, you are now awake.”

The couple slowly blinked, looking at the hypnotist.

“Um … you were saying that some actors get kinda nuts?” Larry asked, feeling an odd confusion fade away.

“Yes. Alcohol does not help!”

Larry quietly chuckled, Brianna starting just after Larry …

“Well, I told you those were the good ones!” Larry said to his fiancee.

Removing her sparkling earrings, she made eye contact with her love through the mirror. “Yeah, you were right! You really have the best judgement, Larry. I’ll take it without question from now on.”

Larry found himself looking over Brianna. She looked really hot standing there barefoot in the shimmering dress before the wall mirror. He was finding himself really turned on, especially by the distinct outline of her ass. Sure, Brianna tended to turn him on really easily, but he always at least subtly asked if she was in the mood. Just then he wondered if he ever needed to ask such a thing. She usually agreed to something quick, but he sometimes just let the arousal go in lieu of asking. Plus, he would always pull away if she did not want to fuck.

With an artificial caution in only the first step, he made his way over to the woman that was to be his forever. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her on the neck. She smiled happily at the attention. Without warning, he began to passionately grope her satin-covered breasts and press his tented crotch against her firm ass.

Brianna truly loved the attention, especially in how, for the first time, he did not ask. “MMMMM … Take me, I’m yours, Larry,” she cooed.

He unzipped her dress, and began to grope her bare skin, letting the dress fall. Soon, he massaged her asshole and moistening pussy at the same time. This was literally the first time he ever penetrated her ass, but not the first time he thought about doing so.

Breath taken away, Larry quickly picked her up, and plopped her on their bed, face down. He quickly stripped out of his rented tux, and lifted the deeply breathing woman onto all fours. With the lube they occasionally used, he slicked up his dick and her ass, which became more willing the more he applied the warm goo.

Brianna then gasped loudly, eyes wide the moment she lost her anal virginity. It was almost too intense at first, but that quickly turned the most intense of pleasure the more he rubbed her humid pussy. He thrust passionately into the love of his life. Anal was not really a fantasy for Larry, but taking her anally on pure impulse was as good as any he ever had.

They moaned and grunted in time, embracing the extreme nature of their impromptu escapade.

“FUCK, so tight,” he grunted, feeling orgasmic release coming.

“ERRR-guh …” was all she could do through it all.

Thrust, thrust,THRUST, EXPLOSION! Larry blew the largest of loads up Brianna’s anal cavity. She came a moment later, remarkably based on how he was satisfied. They soon cuddled in the powerful afterglow …

They were quietly having breakfast, feeling more intimate than ever. Well, almost casually playing with Larry’s cock and balls with her feet, as requested, certainly ensured that feeling!

“I don’t think you’ve ever given me a blowjob, Bri,” he said, enjoying her feet on his happy member.

“Never gave anyone a BJ, Larry!”

“Get down there and loose your oral virginity!” he ordered lightly.

She almost shrugged, casually crawled under the table, and took the erect flesh into her mouth. It was a bit sloppy, cautious, and unrefined, but Larry was enjoying himself. Brianna, too, was enjoying it, because he was. It was in that moment she realized that Larry’s pleasure was her pleasure. What she felt last night was the first truly great orgasm of her life, because Larry was so damn satisfied. Like a true prostitute from those pornos, she gave pleasure, and derived her own best pleasure out of that. She felt overjoyed by the revelation! Her motions increased, improving her technique somewhat. And soon, Larry blew a load down her throat. She felt orgasmic, happily swallowing the slimy cum she created.

“That was fuckn’ great, Bri! Should do that more often …”

She crawled up onto Larry’s lap, and said, “Oh, definitely! You know what you want, Larry. Never ate cum before, but kinda liked it!” She found herself wondering if real prostitutes felt like that sometimes, deriving pleasure from the pleasure they created in others. Then, something hit her! “Your cum must be enlightening, ‘cause I just got an idea, Larry!”

“Yeah?” he nudged curiously, holding her lovingly and possessively.

“You know we’ve never really collaborated in anything that was truly our own thing … How about we begin work on a screenplay for an erotic thriller about a brothel prostitute that might have killed a client. She could be the quintessential femme-fatale, as the victim turns out to be a horrible person that probably murdered people himself. You can decide if she did do it or not at the end.”

“I like it! I’m guessing you want me to write it as a screenplay with you playing the alleged killer prostitute?”

“Oh, definitely!”

He smirked, gears flowing. “We’ll need to do some research.” He then forwarded, practically as a joke, “You can get yourself contracted at one of those Nevada brothels!”

“Sure, OK!” she agreed seriously. “If you’re fine with that.”

“I actually am!” he stated amazed. “I’ll be your best client while we put this thing together …I’ll call this story, The Courtesan of Red Dove Ranch …

Story continued inJIP: The Ranch

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