Blog Improvements!

Soon after this is posted, I will be making improvements to reflect a new kind of story on this blog. Instead of a link directly to Smashwords, there will be a link to a post on this blog with individual links to my eBooks. The links to the blog stories will also be updated to have links to each type: The Tome of Passions, Blog Flash, Fan Fiction, and the new Blog Unbound.

Blog Unbound

Like Blog Flashes, these are generally unconnected stories. They will be greater than 2k words. Thus, unbound! Assuming I can get this to work right on WordPress, each will have a link to download the free ePub version. Take it anywhere!

The first of these will be called The Fresh Scent: A regular private detective with big ambition finds himself protecting a mysterious women from murderous Vampires. Posting is TBD, but I anticipate only another week or two of work on it.

NB: the link to these stories will not appear until one is posted.

Blog Flash

Stories with a suggested max of 1500 words, but no more that 2k. Will continue to be converted into the eBook Compendiums.

Fan Fiction

Otherwise original stories directly taking from other franchises. No personal profit is ever intended! Prior fanfics posted under the Blog Flash banner will continue to hold that banner, while all future fanfics will be posted solely under the Fan Fiction Banner

This Friday afternoon will have a new one of these. Supernatural: a Rebel Demon. It is set in an alternate third season of the now long running show.

The Tome of Passions

The magnum opus now being converted into free Books! I – V are already up at Smashwords with two more on the way

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