2021 Grand Finale!

December 27, Monday, will see the last story of the year! Title: The Laser ExperimentSynopsis: In 2350, UN detectives team up to learn the fate of a failed communications experiment on poorly overseen Mars. The once great Federated Martian Union collapsed in the year 2300. The planet became a backwater, after many habitable worlds in … Continue reading 2021 Grand Finale!

March’s Journey and More!

This month's Journey will be the first of Voluntatem Tenebrae -- The Will of Darkness, the static-filled preview of which seen with The Cultists. The planned Journeys into Passions trilogy will feature perhaps the darkest themes to date. It mixes Weird Fiction (Cosmic Horror) and comic book stories. Title: Black BirdsSynopsis: A legendary vigilante learns … Continue reading March’s Journey and More!

New Monthly Newsletter!

March 29th will see the first newsletter, The Realms Monthly, via MailChimp. It will primarily highlight the month's posts of stories and reviews. All current email followers will automatically rolled in, while everyone may opt in or out at any time. A signup form for the monthly mailing is linked below, while a one time … Continue reading New Monthly Newsletter!