Reality Manipulator 1

Here’s an exclusive prequel to The Camera (story F4) of Beyond the Madness of Passions

“Reality Manipulator? What that hell did I get myself into, Dr. Reynolds?” professional photographer Jack Milano asked almost lightly.

“You asked for a new edge in your work, Jack, and I obliged!” Dr. Tony Reynolds replied matter-of-factly. “But, I must warn you that there are variables. To make this thing for you and Arripio Photographic, I tapped into powers no layman fully understands. It’s science, but Cosmic Power relating to the digital seems very loose somehow, while overall Cosmic Power is highly bound.”

“What do you mean? How did you learn how to apply that ‘science’?”

“My sources asked they not be named, and I don’t think I’ll be experimenting with their science again. It’s too much for me to grasp fully without going in further, which I am unwilling to do. I was lucky to succeed with this one Camera.”

Jack sighed, and asked, “Have you tested it yet?”

“Not to its fullest extent. I can assure you that it will make the most advanced pictures anyone will see for decades. However, I’m not, well, objective enough to test it fully. You came by at the right time, right place at that conference on photography, so it will be you to be the first to see what this thing can really do …”

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