Request Accepted

Here’s an exclusive teaser to The Succubus (story S4) of Beyond the Madness of Passions

Dr. Andre Jackson
Brenham College of New Hampshire
Library and Archives Department
Brookbridge, NH

Dear Zane Mallords

Your request to borrow the Liber Lubidinum for your doctoral research is a difficult one. The book has not been removed from its case for several years, and our archives are normally for reference purposes only, unless under special circumstances. I did personally examine the book, and came to the conclusion that it is in sufficient condition for travel. It is inexplicably in better shape than anything else in our archive. It is university policy that if a book or document is borrowed from the archive that the borrower must take it themselves. There is also documentation that must be signed in person on the same day. I look forward to seeing you, Mr Mallords.


Dr. Andre Jackson
Archives Director
Brenham College Library and Archives Department

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