Cosmic Passions: 1 Sage

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: Initial inspiration for this came from the B movie “classic” Touch of Satan. Though, this turned out to be a very different story. Enjoy!

Cosmic Passions: 1 Sage

Synopsis: An eccentric billionaire decided to go on road trip alone. There was no plan.

“Oh, fuck yes!” I grunted. It was to be a one night stand, but it was turning out to be very memorable. The woman beneath me was a sexy blonde. We found each other at the local bar, and were apparently looking for the same thing. Her hips were so smooth! Anyway, we had a lot of fun. Sure we spent the whole night together, but we had no allusions about our future, of which none existed.

I gave her my real first name, while I was sure she would figure out who I was eventually. It would give her quite the story for her friends! Indeed, I was that cliched, billionaire playboy. Not only was I a hell of a businessman, but I also liked to flex my monetary muscles. Then, one day I decided to do something that had no planning behind it. An old fashioned road trip with only myself and those I meet as company. No one was surprised once I announced it. I was known to be impulsive and filled with energy. New York was a long time ago, when I was somewhere deep in Missouri.

After a good days driving, it was growing dark, and I was hungry. Eventually, I came across an old sign pointing toward lodging. I followed it, but after a half an hour, I was wondering if that lodging still existed.

With a sigh of relief, I eventually saw a large neon sign stating “Destinato Inn” and “Vacancy.” The brightly lit building had three floors, and a common “L” shape. There were also what looked like private cabins separated from the main building. I saw several cars in the sandy parking lot, while I drove up to the main entrance.

The lobby had a standard, almost generic look. I was too tired to pay any real attention, though. Before I slapped the bell, an incredibly attractive woman walked behind the desk. She had deeply tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and equally dark hair. She was quite a bit shorter than me, but there was something about her slim yet voluptuous figure that made her look very tall. There was an odd quality to her eyes, of which I could not put place. Fuck, I wanted her! The strange thing was that she wasn’t my type. I liked slim blondes, with blue eyes! Yet, she was every man’s type.

“Hi, welcome to the Destinato,” the woman said cheerfully, breaking my chain of thought. “My name is Sage, and I’m the hotel manager.”

‘I don’t believe it!’ I thought. “Yeah, I’d like a room for the night, Sage,” I said with a smile.

“Any preferences? Main building, private cottage?”

“If they all get the same amenities, I’ll take the cottage,” I suggested. Why was I so damned aroused?

“Very good, sir. And, your name?” she asked professionally.

“Jake Reynolds,” I said proudly.

“Ah, I thought I recognized you! The billionaire on vacation. Don’t worry, I won’t call the media on you. I like to run a private establishment! Anyway, all our rooms and cottages have everything to meet your approval: TV, PayPer View, mini fridge with snack bar, and microwave. The cottages are also the only accommodations here where we do allow hot plates for more significant meals.”

“I’m sure your PayPer View service has it all as well,” I said slyly. I handed her my credit card.

“And, the bill only shows that the service was used,” she added sexily, while she typed on her computer. She handed me a room key, and stated, “Cottage number six. If you need anything, just ring the front desk, sir. I’ll be here for the next couple of hours, then Ann will hop on.”

“Good,” I said smiling at the woman, whose image was now burned into my mind.

I drove up to the cabin. The inside was a rather straight forward affair, while having everything that the mind numbing Sage stated. I tossed my suitcase on the small couch in front of the main window, and hopped onto the bed.

I was so fucking horny that I automatically browsed the porn on the TV. I eventually settled on “Blonde Lesbo Party.” I was enjoying myself, but the more I jerked off, the more I thought about Sage. It felt like paradise just to think about her eyes. Eventually, I fantasized about how she looked nude and horny.

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. Fantasy smashed, and out of breath, I called out, “Just a sec!”

I pulled my pants back on, and walked to the door. On the other side was a sexy blonde not unlike one from the porno I was watching. Indeed, she was exactly my type. It was in that moment, were I realized that I didn’t shut off the TV.

“Hi, I’m Ann! I’m the assistant manager. I’m sure Sage mentioned me. You left your credit card at the front desk.” She had a sexy voice.

I took the card. “Thanks,” I said breathlessly.

Ann then looked inside to see the orgasmic women in the TV. “Nice one!” she said without a hint of sarcasm.

“What?” My arousal jumped ten fold!

“I love porn. I guess you could call me bi, but I just love sexual passion!”

I was speechless!

“I have this strange compulsion to make sure my arousal is always satisfied,” she said lustfully. “I can see you’re in need of satisfaction.” She lightly placed her hand on my aroused cock.

‘This has gotta be a fuckin’ dream!’ I thought. I decided to just go with it. “Lets satisfy ourselves!”

The small woman then leaped onto me, and we made out. I carried her to the bed. Our clothes flew away like leaves in autumn. Ann’s sweet softness was gloriously countered by her lustful nature. We sixty-nined, we lotused, she was on top, I was on bottom. We performed more positions than I ever knew, with each ending in its own glorious orgasm. I even found myself fucking a living pretzel! I wasn’t sure how much time passed. All I knew was that I never had so much sex in a single night. What was confusing, yet erotic at the same time, was how my mind often pasted Sage’s body onto Ann’s. There were even moments where I wasn’t even sure seeing Sage was my imagination!

We eventually found ourselves scissoring, while I kinkily sucked her tasty toes. I thrust with energy that I should not still have had. We came together with just as much glory as ever. I was sweaty and out of breath, finally feeling the weight of the night’s escapades. She crawled on top of me, and we passionately made out.

“Ummm, good … I gotta get going now, Jackie,” she said without a hint tiredness. That was the first time in years someone called me Jackie. “My shift’ll be startin’ soon.” She dressed herself quickly. “If ya don’t mind, I’ll shut off the TV and lights for ya.”

Laying naked in the darkness, what little energy I had left melted away. I soon found myself in a deep, vivid dream. The naked Sage was with me in the darkness. It was as if she glowed. She lightly touched my paralyzed body. “She always takes too much from the new ones,” her erotic voice echoed. “No matter. Great Zalatoth was right to bring you to me. You, an unknowing follower of the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis.” When she lightly touched my cock, a rush Sexual Energy flowed through me.

The next thing I knew, there was bright sunlight rushing through the large front windows. I was naked under a warm blanket. I felt totally refreshed. I wondered how much of last night was real or dreamed. It was all so damned fantastical!

I hopped out of bed and took a quick shower. After, I glanced at the hotel binder, wondering if they did breakfast. They had a small public restaurant at the other side of the complex, which did. Though, I noticed a few other people walking around, it was very quiet. I impulsively glanced at my watch: “11:15.” That explained why I was so hungry! Or, maybe Ann and I did have quite the evening …

I was seated quickly in the dining room. The place was empty. I asked if they were still serving breakfast, to which the attractive, redheaded waitress replied that it was what ever the guests wanted. I ate heartily, and perhaps more than usual.

While I ate, I saw Sage and Ann walk passed the window. Their glance held a seductive smile. And, were they holding hands? It was then that I realized that there was something about this place that didn’t seem right. It was the middle of nowhere and off season, but that wasn’t it. My mind kept bringing up Sage. When I first saw her, something intangible happened, which I was only now coming to understand. I may not have realized it if she was a slim, light skinned blonde. It was as if just coming in contact with her adjusted my mind to make her my type. Plus, there was the lustful Ann! It was like she sucked my Energy right out.

While I walked back to my cabin, all I could think about was Sage. My arousal was clouding all rational thought. There was something else, too. I felt a strange pull beckoning me back to the main building. I somehow resisted, and walked into the cabin.

I sat on the bed looking through the front window at the main building. I had to find out what was happening. It was as if my life as I knew rested on that fact. I called the front desk to say that I was staying an extra night. It was Sage on the other end, who said, “Stay as long as you like, sir.” I automatically jerked off to the sound of her voice. I came long after I hung up, while it was glorious and stabilizing.

I eventually came to the conclusion that, if I was careful, I should follow the strange pull. There had to be some answers to the unsaid questions in my head. Quietly, I walked to the main building.

I eventually found myself in the rear end opposite the office. I looked through the small window to a glorious sight, which would make any man drool! It was Sage and Ann making love. Ann was on top, while they lovingly kissed and groped. Without thinking, I dropped my pants and shorts, and jerked off to them. Ann then groped downward to Sage’s large breasts. She worshiped them with her mouth and hands, while their was utter joy in both their faces. They kissed again with loud smooches, before Ann kneeled next to her lover. She lovingly rubbed Sage’s beautiful, smooth snatch. At the same time, she went down on Sage’s glorious tits again. Their moans and coos were so perfect. Ann then kissed down her lover’s perfect body, until she reached a very moist pussy. She made out with it with more lust and passion than I ever dreamed. When Sage came loudly, something was subtly different. It was almost as if Ann was sucking something out of her lover, and Ann almost seemed to glow as she did it.

Sage then playfully tossed Ann to her back, and kissed her way down Ann’s quivering body. Sage then made out with Ann’s pussy with the same lustful passion as Ann had for hers. When Ann came, there was nothing strange about it, save for its remarkable intensity.

Sage then straddled Ann’s mouth with her crotch, and they began a passionate sixty-nine. Unexpectedly, Sage came loudly. Ann again looked as if she were sucking something out of Sage, while there was little doubt she was glowing now. I finally came myself, while I watched the beautiful, aberrant sight. Sage then flipped around and smooched Ann. “How was your lunch, Ann?” I heard muffled through the window. Suddenly, I blacked out.

When I came to, I was sitting on the asphalt ground, with my back to the wall. I slowly sat up, and looked through the window. No one was there. My watch stated that it was five in the afternoon. I should have been surprised, but I don’t think anything would have surprised me then.

I stumbled into the dining room five feet away. While the sexy redhead brought me to a table, she asked, “Have fun today?” I suddenly thought to myself, ‘Did she see me earlier?’ I then said somewhat nervously, “Oh, you know, just resting up before I leave tomorrow.” The waitress smiled knowingly, and walked away.

I had a quick dinner, and eventually found myself lying in bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about Sage and Ann making love earlier. Well, I mostly couldn’t stop thinking about Sage. The whole scene was strangely different yet so arousing. I then closed my eyes, and instantly fell asleep …

I found myself in a sea of sexual passion. Something greater was watching over us, but that just made it all the more arousing. The perfect Sage was there giving in to the passion surrounding us. I floated mindlessly, while I watched the amazing woman pleasuring herself. Nothing was off limits for her. She loved her huge breasts as much as she loved her smooth, long toed feet. “Join me, Jake,” her voice loudly echoed. “You’ve always been one of us …”

Suddenly, I regained consciousness. It was night. The moon shown brightly through the window. The pull toward the main building returned. It was far stronger than before. It clearly came with the feeling that it would lead to all the answers to my unspoken questions.

A part of me was terrified as to what I my find. Yet, Sage and Ann were at the other end the last time. The more I sat at the end of the bed, the more restless I became. Eventually, the compulsion to go was unlike anything I ever experienced.

Tepidly, I found myself giving into the pull. I walked into the main office where the front desk was. It was empty, but the florescent lights glowed brightly. I walked to the door behind the desk. Was that door always there? Behind that mysterious door, was a torchlit staircase, which was in total contrast to the obsessively contemporary theme of the Inn. The stairs went for so long. I must have been deep beneath the Inn by the time I had reached its end. Another door stood before me, and I walked through.

Behind it was a torchlit room. It was like something of an old horror movie about witches, yet there was no pentacle star. Tapestries lined the stone walls depicting people in what must have been mythical debaucheries. There were sexual positions that I never before imagined depicted, while many were impossible to fully describe. Indeed, no normal Human could perform many of the acts.

In the center of the room stood a chest high alter. Many ancient looking books and scrolls lined the shelves beneath. On the top sat a large, leather bound book, which looked old and new at the same time. It almost hurt my eyes to look at it. Two lit candles glowed on either side. I walked over to open it. But when I touched the otherworldly book, I fell to the floor in a massive orgasm.

While I slowly came back to my feet, the glorious Sage walked into the room. “I see you found my book. You’ll learn much about it soon.” She placed her hand on it with a large smile. Ann then walked into he room, and over to Sage. They made out passionately. “UMMPH … Ann is many things to me: lover, sister, shape-shifting Succubus. I made her that way, so we could pleasure ourselves for eternity.”

“I … don’t understand …” I whispered.

“Oh, but you do, Jake,” she said with an alluring smile. “Your great grandfather was my lover, and follower of the Great Zalatoth of Manipulation! We had a mutual falling out, so to speak. He left me, and soon founded the company that made you so rich today, while eventually marrying your grandmother. Your bloodline is powerful through the Great Zalatoth! Because of my undying passion for the Great Zalatoth, it brought you to me as a reward. While your father and grandfather were too distracted with their fortune, you gave into the Great Cosmic Passions, and found yourself pulled toward me.”

My heart and soul knew the truth in what she was saying. My father always said that it was nothing short of a miracle that my great grandfather was so successful so quickly. Even more damning, my great grandfather was known to be a very private person, while being a bit of a philanderer.

I suddenly felt an incredible urge to confirm it all! Sage was right; I always gave into to my sexual passions. I then walked back to the strange book on the altar. I somehow knew what to do. I screamed with passion, “Great Zalatoth of Masterful Manipulation, I give my soul to thee till the end of the Multiverse!” I slowly lowered my hand onto the Book of Passions, whose name came to me naturally. When I touched it, a powerful wave of Divine Sexual Energy flew into me …

The Billionaire Playboy Swallowed by America

It has been five years since billionaire playboy Jake Reynolds disappeared on his impromptu trip into America. His family’s company went through an almost crippling transition without him, but recently found its way back to profitability. The search for the billionaire has taken a strange turn. Despite being declared dead, the case was recently reopened, according to an anonymous source. Possible connections were made with other disappearances …

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