Review: Dhampir

Dhampir (mc ff mf fd) (new)  by Chrysostomon
Ellen awakens with supernatural abilities, and a thirst for blood.

Date Released: August 24, 2019

As an aside, someone please correct me, Dhampirs don’t seen terribly common in pop culture. They are there, though, failed movie franchise or no. Indeed, my later Passions Multiverse-Unbound Stories did have “hybrids” and vamps out during the day, but can’t say I directly looked to Dhampir mythology for those stories … Anyway, this had a great air of mystery about it from the start. It would seem Ellen was not always this way, and that really made me want to read on! Well, Ellen may not of been of the traditional hybrid variety, but her new existence, especially in how there was no choice but to accept it, was an interesting read. An overall vivid story.

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