JIP: The First Deal

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: Jackie finds herself reluctant to make her first Deal with a Human, and looks back on her journey into dark lust.

eBook Edition

The First Deal

For the first time in the fantastical year, Jackie found herself truly reluctant. Her transformation into a Demon was technically complete, but she was spiritually and genetically now required to make a Demonic Deal with a Human. If she did not make a Deal soon, she would literally fall apart, her soul would turn Human again, and fall into a Hell she would have no control over. This really was the hardest task, she surmised, because this would be the first time she willfully damned someone other than herself.  Plus, this is the one and only instance where she was required to ensure Hell was given a soul. The majority of Deals these days were “quid-pro-quo,” and rarely led to someone selling their soul. The traditional deal was made all the more difficult by how her lustful nature dictated truth. …

* * * *

Jackie and her husband, Larry, were starting to unpack in their new, rural home. Their commutes were now about thirty minutes on a good day, but neither wanted to live in the way overpriced city anymore.

Their new place was a bit on the small side, but a bit bigger than their prior three room apartment. No plans for a new family member, while there was space for that (three “bedrooms”). Ironically, this neighborhood was more tightly packed than the rest of the town. The couple rows of streets were almost suburban, while like an island within the young woods. It was perfect for them: still with society, but with the sense of escaping it anyway.

The movers just left, and they were tearing open a box in the kitchen when they heard a knock at the door. “Oh no, they’re sociable here!” Larry lightly said with a toothy smile.

“HI, welcome to the neighborhood!” the deeply auburn haired woman with striking blue eyes greeted. She looked to be in her early thirties and very healthy. Indeed, Larry was so distracted by her sexiness that he failed to notice the plate of subtly steaming, puffy sugar cookies in the accompanying man’s hand.

Jackie found herself so distracted by the meaty, healthy man that she didn’t notice the cookies at first either. Well, she was distracted by the woman, too.

“I’m Aaron, and this is my wife, Lilly! We live across the way,” the man greeted, shuffling the plate to safely shake hands. 

“Great to meet you!” Larry blurted out, eyes uncontrollably moving up and down the well proportioned woman in a skintight, crimson dress.

“Same here!” Jackie said happily, uncontrollably looking over both her neighbors.

“If you didn’t guess it,” Lilly began, “we’re a pretty close-nit community here in the woods. Aaron and I would like to put together a little welcome party for you two this weekend.”

“Sounds find to me!” Larry said airily toward Lilly.

“Sure,” Jackie confirmed toward her sexy new neighbors.

“Great!” Aaron said with a big smile. He looked over to his wife, who gave him a confirming, pleased smile.

Jackie took the cookies, and their neighbors left.

The young couple were unpacking more, while happily munching on the hearty cookies. At the same time, they were super-horny. Maybe they were a little earlier, but since they met those new neighbors, they wanted to make love, to fuck more and more.

Jackie walked up to her husband from behind. He was putting some trinkets in the living room shelves. She embraced him, kissed his ears, and whispered, “Let’s do it right here and now!”

He quickly turned around in her strong arms, and said happily, “OK!”

Kissing hungrily, they removed their clothes, and went to the soft carpeted floor. He lay next to her on his side, making out and groping her raised inner thigh. He was always a bit of a leg and foot guy. Before she knew it, he was playing with her wet pussy. Maybe this was a bit unusual, but she liked it. They looked into each other’s eyes, confirming how much the loved each other and how hot this was, before opening their mouths wide for the deepest of tongue wrestling. She then wrapped her leg around his thigh, pulling him in just that much closer.

A few pleasurable moments later, he leaned down to worship her breasts. This, too, was unusual for him. Sure, he liked her tits — never did a bad job with them, but he never worshipped them like this before. “Oh, Larry …” she cooed. It was in that moment she realized he was practically worshiping her. Fuck, she loved this!

Oh, wow, YEA!” Jackie cooed happily.

Larry now worshiped her breasts as well as her G-spot. Technically, they had done this to some extent before — they knew each other’s bodies, but combined, this was wonderfully different!

“Oh yeah, SHIT! This is perfect …” Jackie cooed, while they repositioned.

She had her feet flat on the floor and legs open wide. He got the idea. First teasing with his fully erect member, he then slipped it into her, making Jackie come and moan further.

Holding one of her legs up, Larry began to thrust passionately, wanting to pleasure only her. Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, he went. They locked eyes. Jackie could feel how much he wanted her to feel good, happy, orgasmic. Leg over his shoulder, he leaned down to kiss intermittently, cradling the back of her head.

“OH, oh, SHIT!” Jackie cooed at the distinct increase in thrusting. Then she wanted to try a couple new things in the heat of the moment. “Get up on your knees, Larry!” she ordered.

He suddenly stopped thrusting, and did as ordered.

She went on all fours, and proclaimed, “Let me give you a little something!” She then took the now shimmering dick into her mouth, playing with the shaft and balls. This was the first time she ever sucked off anyone before, but it was clear she was a savant.

“Oh wow, Jackie! Thank you!” Larry cooed.

She bobbed back and forth, tacking the shaft down her throat without even a hint of a gag. It felt kind of good, fun, but she felt it was best to just have him go back to pleasuring her instead. So, she lay back, legs open, and Larry dutifully went back to thrusting in and out of her. He was all the way in, perhaps deeper than ever before, while their eyes locked in love and lust whenever they weren’t consuming the other’s tongue. Larry really was doing all the work to pleasure her. Thrusting, lifting and pushing her legs back, thrusting even harder. She loved it. She loved it so much that she even came a little. He kept going, wanting to bring her to a powerful orgasm. He thrust hard, building the pleasure, until they both exploded in a powerful, wet orgasm …

That night, Jackie found herself wide awake at two in the morning. Her husband slept soundly next to her, bathed in the blue moonlight. Looking at him, she found herself really happy, and could not wait to explore this new side of themselves they discovered earlier in the living room.

Jackie quietly slipped out of bed. She was not sure where she was going, but it was their house! They could wonder around it any time they wanted.

In her silk robe and flip-flops, Jackie found herself walking down into the clean, semi-finished basement. The steps didn’t make one creak or moan. The motion sensor dutifully switched on the lights.

Jackie squinted, eyes slowly adjusting. She soon found herself in the nook just behind the stairs. Larry said it might be a good spot for his tools, which he did not have a lot of. Actually, Jackie was pretty sure he was joking.

The bench before her was bare. She then found herself squatting down to open the cabinet beneath. While they were both well aware of the little storage area, it had just dawned on her that neither opened it up before.

She could see something sitting quietly in shadow on the single shelf. It was a hefty, leather-bound book, which she placed on the counter in fascination. Was it really old and valuable? Maybe. Jackie had no real way of knowing. Indeed, there was no text on the outside of it. Hands moving almost on their own accord, she opened the tome. The partially handwritten text made no sense to her at first. Some of the text was an endless array of differing, hypnotic swirls, while the rest seemed to be in an alphabet similar to English’s. The more she looked at the almost moving swirls, the more she more she saw the more familiar text, and the more she saw the more familiar text, the more it started to make sense. After what felt like eternity and moments, Jackie read the first page …

The Tome of Human and Demonic Lusts

ASMODEUS • Demon Lord of Lust

Jackie blinked a few times in amazement and strangely excited arousal. She laughed quietly, never the religious person. Indeed, she took a comparative religion course back in college, and it did include a section on Demonology.

What confused and concerned her right now was how she could read the book — even in the odd, handwritten font, when it made no sense earlier. She turned the page …

As I am mandated by Cosmic Law, you, dear reader, must be aware of the power of this book. It was built to influence lusts, whether that be of the reader or whomever the reader uses it toward. Having found my book unprompted, you must be aware that you are more susceptible to its offerings than the average Human. You may have more strength to handle the book’s power, as the book’s power may have a stronger effect on you than others. Damnation is never certain for anyone, but welding this book can lead to spiritual corruption of its user. By turning the page, you will have accepted this warning.

The words gave Jackie pause. Obviously, the writer was making an assumption on how the book came to them, right? She shook her head with a smile, and turned the page …

The most important element in understanding true lust is the knowledge that lust and lies do not well intertwine. Deception is possible, allowed, and sometimes encouraged, but truth will always bring lust to its strongest power.

As one that found this book naturally, you may have the spiritual strength to control what teachings come to you on each page. For, the book is not written in the traditional sense. You are not reading in a fashion you are accustomed. The book knows the reader, as you can know the book.

Jackie laughed quietly with a smirk. It was not that she was cynical about what she was reading. She honestly wanted it to be true, even though that should have been impossible. “Let’s call your bluff, Tome!” she said quietly. “Show me how to make my husband mine without question.” She turned the page … 

The Spell of Eternal Binding

Jackie went wide eyed …

Binding Humans to yourself is a task that is arguably simpler when done through lust than any other focus. The target must first already be truthfully drawn to you and vice versa. It does not matter how, but the draw being sexual further simplifies the binding task.

First, state the full name of the target.

“Larry Andrew Cotton,” Jackie found herself saying out loud.

Next, exclaim the following:

“I am drawn to you, as you are drawn to me,” Jackie recited. “You are mine, but I shall no longer be yours. You want me, as I want you. You shall want to be mine, as I want you to be mine. I am the object of all you desire, as I want you to see me as the object all you want and desire. Your will shall only exist though mine, as your own will shall fade away. Your wants shall become my wants, as you shall have no wants of your own. Your thoughts shall become only what I allow, as my thoughts are mine. Larry Andrew Cotton, you are mine eternally.”

Thinking of Larry just lying there quietly in bed, Jackie found herself grasping at the edge of the bench, feeling a pleasure build through her beyond anything she ever knew. “Oh, gah … oh OH … FUCK!” Jackie cried in we orgasm.

“Sealed in orgasmic truth, you are bound to me eternally, Larry Andrew Cotton,” she blurted, almost not even having to read the final exclamation …

Jackie turned around to see daylight coming through the basement windows. She turned back to see the book quietly lay closed, waiting to give its next lesson when prompted. After carefully placing the book back in the cabinet, she walked back upstairs.

It was already 7:30 in the morning. She did not have work that day, but Larry did. His alarm was about to go off …

Larry woke up to the familiar chirping on his phone. He felt good and different. Well, he chalked it up to being in a different place he probably already wanted to be. There was an odd disappointment to not seeing Jackie in bed, but he was sure she would want him to go through the old wake-up motions.

Fifteen minutes later, he walked into the kitchen to see his beautiful, amazing wife casually sitting at the table with some coffee.

“Oh, I would’ve gotten you some coffee, Jackie!” he exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about it, Larry,” she said, just barely hiding an inquisitive pondering.

An amazing level of relief washed over him.

“Want a picture?” she teased. “Go make your breakfast!”

He did so without question.

Jackie was not yet objectively sure what she did actually worked, but somehow she knew it did.

He quietly munched on his toast and sipped his coffee. The man was never a big talker while eating. When he finished, he asked, “Need anything before I go, Jackie?”

This was it. This was the moment she could find out if it was all really true. “I guess, I could use some oral, Larry.”

“Oral?” He looked confused, but perhaps only because he was not completely sure what she meant.

Jackie opened her robe, pulled off her panties, and opened her bare legs wide. “Make me cum with your mouth and fingers,” she said plainly.

“Sure!” he said in amazement.

Larry went down on his knees between her legs, and began to dutifully consume. “Oh, yes, Larry, Larry, YES!” she cooed, holding his head and wrapping her bare legs around him. What was most remarkable was how the pleasure was significantly out of the confirmation of truths: she never admitted to herself that she always wanted Larry to be hers without question, and that the book allowed her to make that happen. Sure, he already kind of worshiped the ground beneath her feet, but this was much truer to what she secretly wanted all along. Well, this was exactly what she wanted all along.

OH YES YES, LARRY!” she came hard and joyously. “Kiss me Larry, and then clean yourself up and go to work. We have a mortgage.”

He gave a loving smooch, cleaned himself up, and went to work …

Jackie spent the rest of the morning with the book in the basement. It taught her things she never dreamed possible about lust and its power. Well, maybe she did have a related dream or two. The whole time, she was there naked, writhing in ecstasy, groping her body, fingering her pussy. It was orgasmic and true. She never really felt in control of her life, and this book gave her a means of changing that …

The doorbell suddenly rang. Deciding she had all the time she wanted to learn more, Jackie put the book away, and quickly robed herself.

At her doorstep was her sexy neighbor Lilly. She wore a form fitting, black tube top, and a matching skirt. A lot a skin was more than visible, as was a teasing amount of cleavage. Yeah, Jackie was turned on.

“Oh, hi, Lilly!”

“Bad time? Just wake you up?”

“Oh, no, don’t worry about it.”

“Just wanted to stop by, see how you were doing after your first night. I pinned you as a city girl last night, and it’s a bit quieter in the boonies!”

“Oh, I guess I didn’t sleep that much, Lilly, but it was still a better night than I ever had in New York,” she said honestly.

“Great! Need any help moving in. Saw the husband drive off earlier.”

“Um, OK, come on in …”

Lilly noticed Jackie rubbing her neck, and offered, “I can help you with that.”

She turned, realizing she had been in a somewhat awkward position for hours. “Oh, OK …”

“Good to be neighborly!”

The walked into the living room. “I guess we can do this on the couch …”

“Perfect place to fix your neck!”

Jackie sat, while Lilly swung behind her. 

Feeling her almost seductively, Lilly told her neighbor to sit back and relax.

“Sure …” Jackie breathed, more than enjoying Lilith’s war body, her breasts up against her.

“Take a deep breath.”

Jackie did so, Lilly’s magic fingers working her neck and shoulders.

“So tight, standing over a counter all day?” she asked quietly.

“I guess so, Lilly. That feels so good …” Jackie truly loved the attention, Lilly practically worshipping with her knowledgeable hands.

Lilly’s hands worked beyond the source of the strain, moving from head to sides.  Jackie moaned audibly, encouraging the attention. “Just relax, Jackie. You deserve the attention.” 

“Ummm, yeah …” she breathed.

“This would be even better if we go to someplace more comfortable. Bedroom?”

“Yeah, Lilly, let’s go …”

They almost casually made their way into the bedroom and onto the bed.

“Great, Jackie, just relax,” Lilly said, removing her shoes.

Before Jackie knew it, Lilly was back at her shoulders and beyond, but now with just that much more energy.

“First time I had a massage in forever!” Jackie happily exclaimed.

“Not even from your husband? How long have you two been married?”

“Oh, three years …”

Lilly knew just where to touch her, to apply just the right amount of pressure.

“Oh, that’s great …”

“Why don’t you loosen up your robe a bit, so I can get at your neck better?”

“Sure,” Jackie breathed.

The looseness and Lilly’s magic fingers led to the robe falling down. Lilly then moved her hands around Jackie’s breasts and neck, before licking kissing her neck from behind.

“Feels so good …” Jackie happily breathed, finding Lilly’s mouth and tongue even more magical on her formerly stiff neck. There was definitely more than a hint of worship in Lilly’s motions, the very thing Jackie now knew she loved the most.

It was natural, almost casual. Their lips and tongues soon met. Lilly’s then licked and kissed her way back to Jackie’s ears and purred, “When’s the last time you were with a woman?”

“Oh, wow … Maybe seven years … Thought about it sometimes since …”

“Shh … Just let your neighbor Lilly take care of you …” she said, hands seductively moving, massaging up and down Jackie’s tingling body. “Don’t think, Jackie. Let lust guide you …”

They were soon making out in earnest, doing what instinct told them. Jackie completely removed her robe, laying back. Lilly then began to worship, licking and kissing from abdomen to mouth. “So beautiful …” Lilly complimented in a horny purr.

There was only lust in their kissing, as there was only lust in Lilly’s worshiping of Jackie’s we pussy. Lilly then licked and teased her way down to Jackie’s wide open crotch. Jackie moaned happily at the perfect pleasure of Lilly’s lips and tongue on her lower lips. “Oh, yeah,” Jackie cooed.

Lilly began to worship her way back up and teased, “Is that what you need? Is that what you want?”

“Yeah,” she purred in answer. “I want so much more …”

Lilly happily sucked on a nipple, before playfully kissing the wanting Jackie.

“I can give you more …” Lilly lifted to her knees, removing her top. “Does this turn you on?”

“Yeah …”

Lilly revealed a toy hiding between her healthy breasts.

“Wow …” Jackie cooed, feeling the woman’s firm breasts.

Lilly turned on the toy, teasingly titty fucking it from above. “Touch me … I’m yours … How do I feel?”

“Amazing …”

“Yeah, such your tits. Suck them harder! I can take it.”

“Taste so good!”

Lilly rubbed the curvy vibrator on her own breasts at the same time, alternately sucking off the bulbous end. 

Jackie sucked off the tits like a hungry baby, making Lilly coo almost orgasmically. Lilly then brought them in for a kiss, leading to a wet vibrator in Jackie’s receptive mouth.

“You want it?” Lilly teased.

“Oh yeah,” she replied with her mouth full, leaning back. They made out with the thing between them. Lilly then brought the toy down to Jackie pussy, and inserted it deeply, licking the lips above. “Oh, fuck, just like that!”

Lilly moved like a pornstar, moving the thing in and out and twist it in the most tantalizing of ways. All Jackie could do was coo loudly in her call for more. Indeed, she took the whole member, before sucking it off, loving the taste of her own juices. She drooled all over the vibrating thing, before Lilly put it back into her crotch. 

Jackie soon found herself rubbing the member on her pussy, while Lilly all but sat on her face, giving Jackie a pussy to consume. She forgot how good pussy tasted. Then, Jackie exclaimed, “Worship my fuckin ass!”

She went to all fours, and Lilly dutifully began to feel, lick, nibble the cheeks. Lilly then began to lick the asshole, while thrusting the dildo with even greater excitement into Jackie’s dripping crotch. Jackie moaned and cooed wildly. Jackie arched her back to better present her asshole being pleasured by a perfect mouth. She came hard, collapsing onto the bed.

“That felt so fucking good …” Jackie breathed into the pillow, Lilly lightly touching from behind. For a moment, she thought she should be feeling shame for technically cheating on her husband, but the fact that her husband was now hers somehow made that not even matter. Besides, there was no love in what she just did with her new neighbor.

“Feels like you learned quite a bit from that book already!” Lilly exclaimed.

Jackie flipped around. “Um … yeah …”

She laughed quietly, “The best part about this is we didn’t really do anything since you got here. That book has a mind of its own, and moves where it wants. Sure, we passively nudged you here, but you made the ultimate choice. Destiny, coincidence, who the fuck cares? Sorry for being so coy. You had to come to this cult as naturally as was possible. That’s how Asmodeus cults work, you know. Guess you haven’t gotten to that chapter yet!”

“I guess not …”

“Do you want to be in our little sex cult?”

“Come this far … I guess I do.”

“Welcome to our cult, Jackie …”

Ironically, the meet-and-greet barbecue did not directly lead to an orgy, but Jackie was warmly welcomed formally. Jackie soon took control of her life beyond what she once thought was possible. Lust became an integral part of her life, as it was for the rest of the cult. Sure, her husband never got a choice to join, but he no longer made choices on his own. He was no longer capable. He was happy with it, because she was happy with it. As a result, he soon left his job, as the cult helped them with all money matters. Well, most of it was Jackie via the book’s teachings. Like a switch was flicked, suddenly Jackie was practically running her investment firm, and was getting paychecks well above her peers. At the same time, she found herself practically running the cult, which did not formally have a chair for a leader. Even with her there, they mostly just had orgies and helped each other out.

Even after nearly a year, Jackie was amazed at how easily she took to it all. Yes, she was now sure the book corrupted her more than a bit, but that alpha female was always within her, wanting erupt and bloom. She was such a natural with the book’s teachings that she almost didn’t need the book anymore, she felt. Still, the book knew this, and now liked to provide her with the most advanced of teachings. This included “cursing” her house and others in the neighborhood so that anyone inside them will be bathed in lust, long term exposure making any lustful changes permanent. But it was what she was presently reading that truly fascinated her:

The Lustful Homunculus

Basically, it was just like any other custom built entity, but built specifically for lustful endeavors. She excitedly went about creating one, tingling at the thought of two very personal worshipers. Its form was created out of the blood of herself and Larry: her raven hair, his green eyes, her nose, his face. It might as well have been their adult child. Such customization included a full array of carnal knowledge, general self-awareness, and the ability to alter its form, which was presently a well endowed male. Jackie called “him” Alex …

Jackie walked into her living room after toweling off from a quick swim in her pool. Larry and Alex were casually waiting for her naked, as ordered, Jackie correctly assuming the need for a good fuck after her swim. She was almost primal now in her sexual needs, which could be satisfied at any moment.

The lust hungry woman slowly crawled between them on the low-lying, round mattress. Sure, they could technically function like any “normal” Human outside, but in this moment, they were her willing sex toys.

Jackie teasingly kissed the inner thigh of Alex, before going for Larry’s now hearty dick. She sucked it off savoringly for a few moments, and then moved passed them in a way they knew required their touch. They felt up and down her smooth ass and thighs.

Satisfied, she decided to play with both dicks at the same time, stocking and sucking alternately. She can and has taken much larger, but found the girth she gave them (about eight inch length and a touch over five inch circumference) was just perfect for her ass, mouth, and pussy. Sucking on them was so fun for her, because she made their texture quite soft. That and she altered her own mouth and ass to feel the same sensations as her pussy when aroused!

She moaned in compliment when they began to massage her ass and lower back. No one knew how to touch her as well as they could. Plus, they never did quite the same thing twice! Like now, Larry was eating out her asshole, when he simply fingered it passionately last night!

She kissed them both possessively, before laying on her back. The two smoothly positioned their dick on either side of her face to enjoy as she wished, while they deeply massaged her wet, hairless pussy. They were soon alternating between fucking her face with great lust, and eating out her risen crotch with ever greater lust. It was so awesome. The fact that their balls were probably already blue — unable to cum unless she tells them — enhanced the pleasure. Larry moaned loudly, primally, as Alex moaned.

Her toys were soon on each end of her, Alex face fucking from above, while Larry masterfully made out with her dripping pussy. This was Alex’s specialty: he learned just how to squat up and down into her face in the most playful of ways. 

Larry then took her sensitive feet at the ankles and licked and sucked. Feet were always Larry’s specialty. And yeah, she of course made her feet sensitive like her pussy, too, when aroused! Her moans of true love and lust were loud and true.

Soon, Alex was thrusting his cock into her highly sensitive pussy, while she playfully sucked and stroked Larrys throbbing member. Jackie could feel their growing need to cum, turning her on just that much more. She cooed and laughed happily from the great pleasure. Alex was perhaps a bit more rough and desperate today, but Jackie cooed in primal encouragement.

Jackie then positioned herself into a reverse cowgirl on Larry, sucking off the standing Alex. She was so excited she almost attacked Alex’s member in her sucking and stroking! She eventually just lay back to have them just thrust into her upper and lower holes. It was sometimes just much more fun for her to have them do all the work.

She turned around on top of Larry, and the two were soon thrusting into her ass and pussy. All she could do was moan and scream in encouragement, wanting more. They sucked and groped her healthy tits whenever possible, more than confirming Jackie was the center of the lust sandwich. Jackie could no longer hold out amongst the intensity, and let herself explode in a glorious multi-orgasm. Allowing their sweet orgasmic release, Larry and Alex blew their massive load of blanks into her …

Jackie had gone so far by this point that there was no way back. She fucked and destroyed others for the thrill of it, and relished the irony that she did not have to do any of that. There was no doubt that she was the unquestioned leader of the sex cult now. She told one woman to fuck her dog, she did so. She told one man to become a trans-woman, she did so. She’d text a few to fuck her on a whim, they did so. She told two of them to perform sex acts right in front of her while Larry and Alex pleasured her, they did so. Not to mention the fact that Jackie basically took everything from her husband and actively made lust with the man that was practically her son! Was all this “evil”? Well, the thought of it being so did turn her on now, the deviancy of it. The more she let herself be corrupted, the less she seemed to care about anyone, beyond how much pleasure she could receive from them.

The “evil” woman walked into her house. Her husband gave her a hungry kiss. He offered to worship her feet, but something was amiss.

“Where’s Alex?” Jackie asked curiously. Alex always greeted her with Larry.

“In the bedroom,” he answered. “Has a surprise for you!”

Jackie smiled excitedly, and went to see what her son was up to. Her jaw dropped at the sight. Instead of the athletic, well endowed man, a woman looking identical to herself lay passively on the bed.


“Yes, mom,” the sexy woman answered. Jackie told her to call her mom around the house. “I realized today that the best way I could please you is to make myself look just like you.”

Jackie crawled onto the bed with a hungry smile, dropping her clothes. Incestuous narcism was making her pussy twitch incessantly.  The two kissed with their full lips, Jackie feeling breasts identical to her own. They interlocked soft fingers and had their tongues play with one another, alternately playing with her daughter’s breasts. She went down to Alex’s aroused breasts and began to grope and suck. Alex then kissed her mother worshipfully, from mouth to neck to nipples. She had been giving Jackie a lot of attention at the neck recently, to Jackie’s great pleasure.

Alex was then guided down to all fours, Jackie groping the firm ass. “Should I smack it, Alex?”

“If it gives you pleasure, mommy!”

“That’s right, Alex!” she laughed. “It will.” Jackie loved to pose questions like that now, teasing her sex toys.

Jackie then began to spank Alex’s ass. It was perhaps more than surreal at first, now being identical to her. Jackie was deriving pleasure from even that.

The smacks were loud and filled with near orgasmic shockwaves along Alex’s body.

Jackie then lay back the passive Alex, and opened her legs wide. She began to make out with the perfect, smooth, deliciously wet pussy. “MMMMMM!” Jackie cooed, while Alex made her own noises of pleasure. Jackie licked and sucked and fingered aggressively, having almost too much fun with a pussy now hers in all ways. She almost did not want to stop consuming! So, she just kept going, gorging herself on more than familiar pussy juices.

Eventually, Jackie ordered, “Now pleasure mommy!”

“Of course, mommy!”

Jackie lay back, and Alex began to consume the pussy she now knew just that much more intimately. Being eaten out by Alex had become one of Jackie’s favorite things, and becoming her daughter with those full, soft lips made this just that much better.

“Oh, Alex, ALEX! That’s so fuckin’ good, baby!” Jackie cooed orgasmically.

Jackie then grabbed their smooth, double-sided dildo out of the end table. Before, she loved to fuck them in the ass with it, sometimes in either her pussy or ass. This time, they were going to scissor!

They inserted with quiet grunts, and began to lustfully thrust into each other. Their moans and coos and grunts were all but in tandem and ever so loud. It was always a somewhat awkward position at first, she knew from fucking others in the cult, but was always fantastic once both were in the groove of it. And being of identical body, that did not take long. They were soon perfect mirror images, thrusting back and forth, cooing yet more loudly. Only primal thoughts were between them now, the orgasmic endgame rapidly approaching. 

“OH CUM WITH ME ALEX, IT’LL BE SO FUCKING HOT!” Jackie cooed moments before exploding with ultimate lust with her identical daughter …

Not long after that great fuck, Jackie told Alex to stick with the doppelgänger form until told otherwise, she did so …

Jackie slowly, pleasurably turned the pages of the book. Her soul was so tastily corrupted now. The irony, she now knew, was that she had the strength all along to prevent such extreme, lustful corruption. The reality was that she wanted it from the beginning, the power it gave her.

She wanted more. The book was showing her a way. It meant completely forsaking her humanity; it meant … Demon of Lust Transformation. It was rather obvious now, to her. In a way, she was tricked to come this far. Sure, no one in the cult ever lied to her, but they obviously nudged. The best, most powerful demonic cults had, well, a Demon at its head, the book showed her. They could have summoned a Demon, but there was no way to know if they would even receive one of lust.

Now — and perhaps all along — Jackie was a true Alpha Queen. She felt ready to take the final steps into becoming not only something she might have always meant to be, but also the Demon her cult wanted.

Jackie recited the words before her, yet this was to be very different from the prior teachings. The words merely called forth the power of the book itself …

A passionate, flowing, crimson red mist poured up into Jackies wide open mouth. She came instantly, and continued to cum hard over an over, falling naked to the now rug covered floor before the book’s cabinet. The mist flowed right into her very DNA, opening and rewriting it in the most erotically unnatural ways.

Her entire body then grew and snapped into a far taller, more voluptuous, truly muscular form. The handful-sized breasts grew to well over a D-cup, and her hips and ass became more bubbly. Her finger and toe nails were forced out by sharp, black claws. Feet elongated somewhat, while her hair became a deeper, more shimmeringly hypnotic, raven color. Her bangs then grew and dramatically twisted into simmering black horns, curving, flowing along the sides of there head. The pupils shifted into the blackest of catlike slits, before opening for the lower light. At the same time, her irises and whites of her eyes shifted to onyx, making her pupils like a shifting chasm in utter darkness. Her teeth then became sharp with short but noticeable fangs. A thick, pointed tail then began extend out from her tailbone, as her skin began to change. Soon, the skin began to morph into tightly interlocked, crimson red scales, smoother and more silken than skin had any Human right to be.

Jackie breathed deeply, orgasmically feeling the total transformation complete itself. Her deep moans resonated as inhuman as erotic. Indeed, she knew her voice alone could mesmerize another into a distinctly aroused state, as she could now corrupt others lustfully by mere will whenever she wished.

The new Demon of Lust slowly stood in an at first alien body, naturally on the balls of her feet. It was obviously different from all her memories of it, while she felt more than at home, her very genetic code transformed after all. Even how she felt was now different from her memories, save for the most lustful of more recent moments. All she wanted to do was corrupt others through the gift of lust, while the very thought of doing so was all but orgasmic. There was no real conflict between her “Human” memories and her new “Demon” self, because she wanted to become a Lust Demon, including all that came with it.

Moving in naturally seductive, swaying ways, the demonic Jackie walked up the stairs on the balls of her feet to see her husband and daughter in the living room. Perceiving was now very different, she now understood. She could ascertain how anything could become a part of lust, while she could literally see the lust of others like some kind of aura of varying reds, and how that lust could be manipulated. Alex and Larry’s were a pretty deep red for her, while flowing in a way that suggested total malleability. She also found herself knowing that others could fall into the chasm of her onyx cat-eyes to see their own lusts, past, present, and potential, reflected back tenfold.

The new Demon casually sat on the couch in that open way that told them she wanted some worshiping. Her tail casually draped over the back of the couch.

They both walked over to the Lust Demoness, and began to massage and kiss every inch, especially the long tail and horns. Larry was of course still a master with feet, making her body come alive with pure lust in ways she never knew possible as a Human. 

It was in that moment that Jackie realized how she loved now. As a Human love was a deeply emotional thing, intimately interconnected with the promise of always being there for the other. That promise was still there, but the emotional side of it was really just a deeply engrained lust now. Through that, she oddly liked the fact that her husband and daughter were already as corrupted as they could have been as Humans prior. Their love for her was deeply twisted by lustful corruption, so there really was no change in their demeanor toward her.

“Fuck my tail, my daughter,” Jackie ordered in her deep resonance. “Fuck my feet, my husband.”

While her silken, scaly feet were as pussy-like as ever in sensitivity, her tail was perhaps the most pleasurable of surprises. It was basically a monstrous dick, which could very well pump Demon seed into others, if she wished. For now, she’ll just shoot blanks into her daughter

Jackie moaned near orgasmically from Larry and Alex’s thrusts. She especially loved her dick-like tail, which Alex took ever so deeply by making her pussy simply huge! Sure, the tail was of equal sensitivity to any other pleasure center in her lust-corrupted body, but it was new and different. She could feel every part deep inside her daughter’s wildly stretched pussy. She could taste the fact that her daughter wasn’tovulating right then. So, Jackie changed her mind. She began to will the building cum within her pussy and tail to be filled with her demonic sperm. At the same time, Jackie willed her daughter to start ovulating; with Alex genetically encoded to change physically on a whim, always being on the edge of ovulation was normal since becoming female. Yes, the Demon sperm would make it just that much more addictive, and the thought of addicting her husband and daughter to that cum was a big turn on! Not to mention the thought of impregnating her own daughter with fast growing Lust Demon Spawn genuinely turned Jackie on more than anything up to that point!

The pleasure of pure love and lust built in ways beyond what she experienced as a Human. She then finally came in hard, flowing orgasm. The fertile, Lust Demon cum moved through Jackie’s body, making the Demon orgasm over and over, creating yet more of her gooey, vermilion seed. That cum spewed out of her pussy over Larry’s dick, which made him cum instantly, as the Demon cum was pumped right into Alex’s womb, thick blobs leaking back out. Alex came harder than she ever had before.

“Make sure every drop of my cum is inside you. Let yourselves become addicted to it …”

They did as ordered, with a clear, growing desperation in their scooping and lapping. Alex in particular enjoyed shoving it back into her overflowing pussy.

Jackie felt her daughter’s stomach, and smiled largely, lustily. “Excellent, my daughter. I can feel all three eggs released in there being fertilized by your Demon mommy’s seed. With likely each twins, at least, it should be quite the litter of Demons in a month!”

“Thank you, mommy!” Alex cooed happily, always needing to satisfy her mother. “Can’t wait!” 

In some ways, not much changed with the cult right after Jackie’s transformation. She was still the unquestioned leader. All her acolytes still existed on her very word. There was, however, one last thing to do …

* * * *

Jackie decided to go a bar, partly as a joke. Picking up men and women at a bar was a fantasy of the prior generation. As a newly minted Demon of Lust, Jackie could make so many fantasies come true. Besides, it was not terribly difficult to find anyone at a bar, as she needed to find someone as soon as possible to make the First Deal …

The young Demon bathed herself in a kind of telepathic field to look, more or less, as this did then she was Human. The only tangible differences was her now over six feet tall stature and much more voluptuous figure. OK, maybe this false appearance could be considered a lie, but not only was she still a Demon underneath, but also would inevitably reveal the whole truth to someone there soon enough.

Everyone snuck glances at her regardless, even though she was not actively letting out her natural lust emanations. She could sense a great deal of potential lust out of all of them, but as was expected, most were either not indulging in it or were already with their object of desire.

Jackie eventually zeroed on a short, thin brunette through the crowed and somewhat loud music. She could sense that she was desperate for something, and the brunette was not really sure what that was. Jackie smirked at how easily her demonic mind went to Deal Making when hunting in this way.

“Wanna sell your soul for a drink!” Jackie said lightly, sitting next to the quietly surprised woman.

Err, got one right here!” The woman looked over Jackie in a way that suggested she never looked at a woman in such a way before. Jackie’s very presence was altering her sexuality at a genetic level, and that change could become permanent if they spent more than a single night together.

“How ‘bout another? I’m Jackie,” she greeted, hand outstretched. Jackie felt a slight tinge of disappointment in how her telepathic mask prevented others from falling into the endless chasm of utter lust within her eyes, which presently appeared like her “Human” ones (or Alex’s).

“Jessie,” she shook, clearly liking the silken feel of Jackie’s warm hand far more than she yet wanted to admit to herself. “Fuck it, sure …”

Jackie ordered a round, and paid the tab for them both. They made their way to an open booth with their drink, Jackie’s high heals hypnotically audible through the cacophony in their click-clacking.

The incognito Demon sipped the special. “Not bad. They sell good drunks here!”

Jessie laughed nervously. “I honestly never do this, Jackie! Never go to a bar and meet people …”

“A good purchase sometimes, Jessie. What brings you here?”

“Well, uh …” she sighed. “Not sure I wanna talk about it with someone I just met … What are you doing here?”

“Me? Just had to get out. Used to live in the city — still work there, so sometimes I feel a little isolated here.”

“Yeah, I know that! I swear every neighborhood in this area is some secret, isolated community, and this bar is one of the few places that has some life in it.”

“Oh, mine has some life! Know what you mean. Maybe not counting my neighborhood, it’s pretty fucking quiet here.”

They drank more, made some small talk. Jackie was not exactly being hit by alcohol like she used to, but Jessie was certainly affected. So to move things along naturally, Jackie bought rounds with the heaviest alcohol.

Needless to say, Jessie was pretty wasted, and enjoying her time with Jackie. Jessie didn’t know it, but her internal lust was now more alive than it ever was. They danced, drank some more, swapped high school boyfriend stories. All the while, Jessie was blatantly becoming a boob girl. It was objectively interesting for Jackie to see a woman become sexually attracted to another woman for the first time.

“Ah, fuck … fucking drunker than I’ve been in years!” Jessie said.

“Having a good time?”

“Fuck yeah! You’re awesome, Jackie!”

“Thanks,” she smirked toothily. “Wanna ride home? I’m cheeper than an app: free!”

“Sure … Not too drunk are yeah?”

“Nope. Trust me.”

“I trust you …”

Jackie made their way to Jessie’s house thanks to the phone GPS. Jessie was in no condition to give directions that made any sense, and was only half-conscious on the way.

Inside, they had some coffee, turned on some music, and Jessie sobered up a bit. Technically, Jackie had the power to just make Jessie sober, but wanted to make this as “normal” as possible.

“Can’t fucking believe I got drunk with a woman I just met, and now she’s in my house!”

“You know what you want, Jessie … Dance with me …” Jackie extended her hand.

Jessie silently accepted the invitation, looking toward Jackie’s ample breasts with a bit less awkwardness. Jackie took the opportunity to hold the Human right up against her, even grinding a little.

“Like my breasts, Jessie?”

“Yuh, yeah …” she breathed.

Jackie pulled away, and removed her top to reveal her black and marble patterned, silk bra. “Prove it.”

Jessie moved forward, hands open wide to grab a pair a breasts not her own for the first time in her life. Her gropes were natural, unrefined, but gloriously filled with lust.

Good, take what you want.”

“Wow!” Jessie breathed.

“Wanna fuck, Jessie? Wanna loose your lesbian virginity?”

“Yeah!” she nodded in amazement. “Take that virginity from me, Jackie!”

Suddenly, Jackie picked up Jessie like she weighed like nothing, and quickly found her way into the bedroom. The remarkably excited Jessie was tossed onto the bed like a rag doll.

Jackie sensuously crawled on top of the deeply breathing woman. As a Demon, Jackie was naturally dominant in bed, more so than when she was Human.

The Demon in Human from pulled away Jessie’s top and bra, revealing small yet perfect breasts. “Now you’re gonna worship my tits!”

Jessie’s face was then burred between the massive pillows of lust, Jackie swaying them aggressively for a moment. The enthralled Human found herself sucking and licking the most deliciously erotic things she ever knew.

“Yeah, that’s it, Jessie!” Jackie cooed, guiding the lust pillow into Jessie’s wide open mouth. They then kissed, wet tongues playing with one another, before Jackie moved down to grope and suckle Jessie’s own tasty chest pillows.

“Oh, my yes, fuck …” Jessie cooed, feeling pleasure unlike she ever had before. Sure, men had groped and sucked her breasts, but not like this. Jackie squeezed and suckled in a way that made her moan and purr in implausible pleasures.

Jackie then moved down to Jessie’s pussy, opening the legs wide.

“UHHAAH … fuck …” Jessie cooed in mind numbing pleasure at the feel of Jackie’s wise tongue and smooth lips.

Jackie made a pink dildo appear almost from nowhere, a trick she learned from her loyal neighbor Lilly. The vibrating member made Jessie coo ever so joyously, as Jackie’s aggressive sucking of the pussy lips made her almost growl in pleasure. 

Jessie soon found herself working the dildo with her one hand, while Jackie licked her ass (first time anyone did that to Jessie). It was so good that Jessie almost didn’t even realize she was fingering her own ass at the same time.

“Oh, dirty girl!” Jackie resonated, mouth full of ass and pussy.

“I want those fuckin’ titties!” Jessie cooed in great lust, reaching for Jackie’s firm orbs.

“You can feel’em after you cum!”


“Cum for me, Jessie!” Jackie said, no longer hiding her deep, demonic resonance.

Jessie then rubbed her pussy without abandon with that dildo, as Jackie sucked her ass. And yes, Jessie came, she came harder than she ever had in her life! Yet, she was still wanting more.

Jackie took the dildo, and shoved it in Jessie’s drooling mouth. “Like the taste of your own lust!”

“Uh-humm!” Jessie confirmed.

Then as promised, Jackie brought the woman back up to the most desired breasts in the room. Jessie desperately groped and suckled the things that turned her on more than she ever thought possible.

“Yes! Yes, that’s it, Jessie! Indulge in what you lust the most!”

Even with Jackie playfully shoving the dildo down Jessie’s throat, Jessie’s hands just could not leave the massive, natural DDDs. Tossing the dildo aside, Jackie basically fucked the woman’s face with her endless tits, to the great, near orgasmic joy of both.

“Yeah, look at me what you suckle!”

Jessie was quickly becoming quite the expert with the beach balls. All she really had to do, she came to understand, was embrace just how much she wanted them. And she never wanted anything more in her life!

Jackie then lay back, and spread her legs, all her clothes gone for who knows how long. “Eat me out, Jessie.

Even though Jessie was completely obsessed with the tits, she could not deny the order, let alone wonder why she had to follow it.

“Oh, yeah, Jessie! Give into your lust for me!” Jackie cooed. “Yeah. OH!” She gave the dildo to Jessie. “Rub it on my clit. Keep eating … Oh, yeah … fuck, yeah! Such a natural. OH, OH YEAH”

Jessie found herself laughing in a joyous lust she never had before. It felt so good to pleasure Jackie, while she looked forward to having Jackie’s tits whenever allowed again.

“Put your fingers in my pussy … Yeah, dirty girl!”

Jessie found her head guided back to the breasts she so desperately desired, and took to the opportunity to lick the nipple, looking up to see if she was allowed. Well, she certainly was, because she found herself being held right at the glorious mounds of lust.

“Oh, yeah-ha, Jessie! Now, get back down to my pussy with that mouth of yours.”

Jackie held the Human’s head down while she consumed the decisions hole and lips.

“Yes, fuck!” Jackie cooed in her resonance, now face fucking the woman eating her out. “FUCK! Making me SO FUCKING wet. FUCK! YEAH!”

Jessie was then brought up for a good smooch. She then found herself eating out Jackie ass and pussy, with Jackie on all fours. Her face was buried within the bubble butt, making her think of the epic joy of being burred within Jackie’s more than ample chest. 

Jackie teasingly humped Jessie’s face, cooing and absorbing the pleasure. “Such a fucking dirty girl, eating my mother fucking asshole! OHHHH YEAH!”

In a wild motion, Jessie found herself between Jackies arms and legs, as well as there being a black pair of panties wrapped around her mouth.

“You’re so fucking hot. Give me your tongue!”

They were then in a wild, lustful kiss.

“Fuck me!” Jackie ordered in her now natural tones.

Jessie found herself straddling Jackie above, pussies kissing, while the dildo buzzed pleasure into them both at the same time.

“Your so good at this!” Jackie cooed.

Jessie eyes were affixed to Jackie’s tits whenever the waves of pleasure weren’t overwhelming her, which they were doing quite a lot. Indeed, now in a more scissor-like position with that dildo between, the waves were quite regular. They thrust into each other aggressively.

With a quick spank and smooch, Jackie moved the woman onto her back, before again gagging her with panties. They lapped their tongues, and Jackie spit into Jessie’s mouth. Jackie then began to near-orgasmically consume Jessie’s wet pussy. That dildo enhanced the pleasure to unfathomable levels. Jessie cooed loudly in great lust. Jackie’s hand tightly around her throat, tongue buried in her pussy, and dildo up her asshole, all Jessie could do was coo loudly. Her pleasure was beyond anything in that moment, literally corrupting her more than she yet knew. Jackie was well aware of this, and corrupting via lust being her primary drive, she was demonically happy. Jessie could theoretically “recover,” but the enhanced need for lust would likely prevent such a possibility.

“OH FUCK!” Jessie came.

Jackie flipped the corrupted woman onto her stomach, giving her ass a very hard slap. She forced Jessie’s head down, groped her ass like the Human plaything she was. Then, Jackie forced opened the woman’s ass cheeks wide, and began to consume. To Jessie, it somehow felt just as good if not better than the attention her pussy already had, if only because it felt different. There was nothing quite like Jackie’s tongue, as there was nothing quite like a large, vibrating dildo shoved deep in her ass. It was as if her ass was her personal center of lust. Jessie looked back toward Jackie with a lustful smile, while she came in great pleasure.

Jessie flipped herself around to share the juices dripping down the dildo. They ultimately kissed, but all that mattered to Jessie were the tits. She was all over them. She groped, she inhaled, she was buried between them. Jackie held the women within her chest, often swaying playfully. This was utter perfection to Jessie. She could spend the rest of her life there. Sure, they made out, but Jessie’s hands were of course still all over the glorious tits.

Jackie then rolled around to her back, and beckoned Jessie onto her, chest to chest, crotch to crotch. They joyously ground their pussies for a moment, before Jackie had her twist around into a sixty-nine. Like hungry addicts, the two consumed each other’s soaked pussies. They moaned and cooed loudly, before Jackie ordered fingers to be inside her pussy, which made Jackie moan just that much more. They pleasured each other, as pleasure was all that really mattered. Jessie cooed the loudest when the tongue was up her ass, Jackie cooed hard at the fingers fucking her G-spot. And well, Jessie came yet again.

Jessie soon found herself on her knees, with Jackie playing with her body, pulling hair, sucking on tits. It felt so good! They then kissed, before Jessie found herself back at home in the chest, held in a way that the breast could only grope her. Mouth full of tit, Jessie was guided to finger fuck, making Jackie coo happy. Jackie simply humped Jessie’s hand!

Deciding to hold back her own orgasm a bit longer, Jackie rolled onto her side, and presented her foot to be worshipped. Jessie once found feet repulsive, but that seemed a distant memory. The large foot smelled and felt and tasted impossibly good, deep throating it occasionally.

“UMM, yes, please, my dirty girl”

Jackie took Jessie’s foot and suckled at the same time. They then moved into a true scissor, and sucked their toes while they ground their soaked pussies. Amongst the growing coos of lustful passion, Jackie decided that it was time to cum, to blast a good load of demonic blanks into the hapless Human. Feet down their respective throats, Jackie exploded in orgasm. Even sans viable sperm, the goo found its way into her womb, filling it beyond capacity. Jessie came and came. Mind growing numb, hazy, she blacked out for a few moments …

Jessie quietly lay between Jackie’s breasts, lightly stroking them. She never had sex like that before, let alone sex that good …

“What do you want most in life, Jessie?” she asked quietly, earnestly, while lightly feeling the Human’s upper arm with her fingertips. “What is that one secret thing you always wanted, but never knew how to get?”

“Wow,” she purred, lifting her head. “I, err, there’s that boss and ex …”

“Yes …”

“He was married at the time. Long story short, he promised me everything, but when his wife found out, thrown under the bus.”

“So, what do you want?”

“I want … him to be destroyed. I want him destroyed worse than he destroyed me. Loose everything: his wife, his money. Humph! Sell my soul for that.”

Jackie felt the darkest of joys. This was it — the truth she needed, but she still needed to tread lightly. “Jackie, to destroy your former boss and lover would you truly do it for the price of your soul?”

Yes, I would, Jackie. If it meant the worst person in the world was destroyed, take my fucking soul. Take it right down to Hell whenever you want! You clearly got the money and influence.”

Jackie put on a big smile. Even if this woman saw it metaphorically and hypothetically, she was being completely honest. Jackie could feel that was good enough. “OK, then. How would you like to seal this Deal, Jessie?”

“Just let me worship your breasts, Jackie, and I’ll call the deal sealed.”

This was it. This was the moment that would make Jackie a Demon forever, for the price of this vengeful woman’s soul. Jackie presented her breasts provocatively, and Jessie hungrily groped and suckled. While Jessie’s tongue slithered without abandon around the nipple, Jackie could feel the deal being written into her demonic soul and DNA. The feeling was demonically orgasmic, as all Deals would normally feel. Yet, this one was obviously special, and not because it involved a soul. This was the First Deal, the Deal that confirmed her now demonic heritage. Jackie knew it would not be a difficult Deal to follow through with. The man was probably already adulterous or even stealing from his company somehow. It did not really matter. Jackie knew exactly how to destroy a man like her old boss. The Lust Demon will personally guide him to ruin, by her lustful influence.

Jessie pulled away, the Deal sealed. Jackie’s true form was now apparent, making Jessie’s jaw drop in terror and utter arousal. The Human quickly fell into the black chasm of the Demon’s eyes. All at once, she saw and felt every act of lust she ever experienced tenfold: porn, sex, desires, Jackie. In the dark orgasm, the hapless woman now knew exactly what she had done.

“Thank you, Jessie,” she began in her deeply hypnotic, pussy pleasuring resonance. “That was my First Deal, the one that assured my eternal Demonism. Per our Deal, I will now go forth — perhaps with your help, and destroy your former boss …”

“At the price of my soul …” she whimpered.

“At the price of your soul,” Jackie confirmed proudly. “Don’t worry about any Hellhounds immediately down the road. I will allow you to live your natural life. If you wanna make any further arrangements with me, I’m more than open. Just remember, you already sold that soul of yours; another Deal would need to be a nice, new-school arrangement, with the one caveat of not asking for immortality.”

All the woman could do was rest her head between the Demon’s shimmering tits in a kind of affirmation … 

The entire cult pledged bodies and souls to Jackie forever that very afternoon. The newly damned Jessie made a modified pledge, with a Deal that ensured that Jackie would personally take her to Hell when the time came and personally make her into a Demon of Lust. In return, Jackie would lead them all in their lustful endeavors. The Demonic Orgasm was powerful and true … 


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