JIP: Demon Lover

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story is a spiritual sequel to Lust From Darkness, following many of the same themes and related plot threads. Demon Lover was envisioned a bit differently, but naturally took on a life of its own.

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Synopsis: Daya had only been hunting monters for a few years. A recent encounter with a woman possessed by a Succubus changed everything …

eBook Edition

Demon Lover

“Are you sure you’re all right, Daya?” he said with concern, pronouncing her name like “Day-uh.”

“It’s ‘Dai-yuh,’” she corrected out of breath, moving her chestnut hair away from her brown eyes.

She never knew Jack before this case of a Succubus entity possessing a young college student. In fact, this was the first time they met in person. The one that called her on the case, Louisa, was conducting a test to see if Daya was knocked up by the Demon (she wasn’t). This particular Succubus apparently had a taste for young women, and needing the Demon to reveal itself to clock it back to dark oblivion, the thirty-eight year old medical scientist Louisa had to let the twenty-two year old Daya be both bait and warrior for the game the Succubus herself proposed …

That night, Daya dreamed of her encounter with the Succubus. The experience was intense in life, but seemed more intense in dream. Yes, Daya knew she was dreaming, but there was no control over the events … 

It was just Daya and the Succubus, who made herself quite at home in the hapless coed’s body. As was not uncommon for the more powerful Demons, this Succubus made some pretty pretty shocking renovations to the human’s body over the last week. Her now shimmering, rubbery skin showed hypnotically shifting shades of blue, while the overall body was more alluringly athletic. The skin itself thinned in a way that highlighted bone and musculature. Her ears were now pointed and her blue eyes became like ice. The lips were full and hot red, like her pussy lips. Perhaps most significantly, she now bled lust to such an extent that the altered body was beyond erotic in the Human mind.

“Sssso you’re the one that thinksss she can forssce me out of this body? And to think, I put ssso much work into it!” the Succubus hissed sumptuously.

“I’m not here for talk, Succubus!” Daya growled through her heightened arousal. “This young Hunter-bitch is gonna fuck you back to the oblivion that birthed you!”

“OOOO, deliciousss!” she purred, smirking. “Thisss body wasss easssy to acquire … Yesss, I think I will fuck you into sssubmission.”

“What stoping you, Succubus-slut!”

Suddenly, the Succubus forced Daya to her knees with domineering strength. After humping the infinitely turned on Hunter’s face with the most darkly delicious, juicy pussy, the Succubus forced her fully onto the floor, straddling her chest in an erotic show of demonic superiority. In the back of Daya’s mind, she knew they was not how she remembered the encounter. She did not remember any moment where she was so completely under the Succubus’s whim.

The Succubus crawled down her quivering, sexily athletic, light chocolate tinted body, teasing with the forked tongue. Forcing Daya’s legs open and over the demonic being’s shoulders, she began to lick Daya’s twitching pussy. Daya’s cooed near orgasmically at the feel of the massively thick and slick member thrusting inside of her, making her writhe. Daya came implausibly hard from the Demon’s tongue. Unlike what she remembered, she felt completely defeated, and found herself wanting whatever the Succubus could gift her.

Daya suddenly found herself pulled back up to her knees. In total shock, the Succubus grew a massive blue member with the reddest of tips. ‘This … this isn’t how it happened …’ she thought.

Rubbing Daya’s head against the absurdly large, rubbery member, the Succubus exclaimed, “Are you sssure?”

Daya suddenly jolted awake in bed. She was hot, she was bothered, she was infinitely horny. Desperate for relief, she groped her pussy and tits as aggressively as she could, literally thinking about the Succubus fucking her brains out. She came hard, but it wasn’t enough.

Naked, she rushed to her bomb shelter of a basement where she kept some of the cursed items she  had not yet moved elsewhere or destroyed. She could not specifically remember the case she obtained the thing from, but knew there was a large and hard dildo there. The object could drive the owner mad with pleasure after a few uses, but certainly could provide the pleasure Daya desperately yearned in that moment.

The massive green, tentacle-like things plowed deep into her pussy, making Daya scream loudly in pleasure. Bare ass on the cold cement floor and up against the colder stone wall, she quickly realized how even this was not quite up to the intensity the Succubus was just providing in the dream. She plunged the accursed thing into her hard and hard, barely sating her desperate desire. And finally she screamed as massively as she spewed her cum all over the place.

Tossing the cursed dildo aside, she lay against the wall, attempting to catch her breath. Everything was so hazy, tingly. She was still horny, but that dildo at least brought her back to lucidity.

Looking over to the greenish tentacle, Daya laughed quietly. Thanks to the pleasure the Succubus inflicted upon her, real or dreamed, Daya might have actually been immune to the dildo’s addictive properties. At the same time, the thing that began to bother her was how the demonic sex itself had such an addictive effect on her when not never warned about such a possibility.

Daya texted Louisa, who she long knew was an expert on Demons, even if Louisa considered herself semiretired. Less than half an hour later, the athletic, fair haired beauty was in the kitchen with Daya. Hot coffee slowly brew on the counter. 

“So to what do I owe the pleasure of a 6am text?”

“I, uh, am still feeling really … off since I took out that Succubus …”


“Yeah, Louisa … Horny. I dreamed of that monster, and woke up so horny I fucked myself with a cursed dildo that barely took the edge off. Still so fuckin’ horny!”

Really?” she looked on ponderously. “Since I confirmed that the Demon appears gone, there should not be any such dramatic after affects … Still …”


“Sex is sex and pleasure is pleasure. The Demon may be gone, but like how Succubi apply rules, the rules surrounding the sexual experience itself might be a bit mushy.”


Louisa sighed, and walked up to pour coffee for them both.

For the first time in Daya’s life, she was really staring at Louisa’s cute little ass outlined through the black skirt. The furthest thing from a bubble butt, but were clearly the glutes of a women that worked out religiously. Louisa sat before her, placing down to filled mug. It took all of her effort to try and fail to not look at Louisa’s breasts. They were a bit smaller than her C-cups, but perhaps more perfectly shaped. For a late thirty-something, her breast’s firmness further highlighted her certainly aggressive workout regimen.

“It goes without saying that you were exposed to some of the most extreme pleasures a Human can endure.”

“There were moments, but I don’t ever remember being completely overwhelmed …”

“Memory’s a fickle thing. Supposedly women tend to not remember the pain of childbirth. Perhaps your mind could not properly process the extremes the Succubus inflicted on you.”

“So … am I gonna be OK, Louisa? I mean, I’m really horny!”

“I can call up a Witch I know to check you out at the spiritual level. Jack is off aiding another Hunter, but the only thing he could do here is fuck you … I think you’re going to be OK in the long run. Succubi are tricky creatures. You know most don’t care about rules or expectations, except when they think it would be fun to follow them. The one rule they can’t deny is how a Demon’s power dissipates when not on this plane of existence. So, if she did do more to you than you remember, whatever that was will fade sooner than later.” She then smiled, and said with a subtle laugh, “Besides, it could just be that thrill of finding a new kind of porn you never though you would like. That thrill fade’s, too.”

“Here and now …” Daya breathed … Practically out of her control, Daya slipped out of her flip-flop, and began feet her way up the woman’s bare leg with her wrinkly sole.

“What … What are you doing, Daya?” she breathed. Louisa was receptive, but was not sure if this was a good at idea at this moment.

“So fucking horny!” Daya growled. “Haven’t fucked a real woman before.”

“Oh, oh wow!” Louisa cooed, Daya’s foot rubbing her pussy now under the skirt and through the panties.

“What other ways are there to sate horniness?”

“I errr, oh …Daya …” Louisa stood, and walked over to the expectant Daya. “Look … I’m not sure this is a good idea. We don’t really know what if any magic is lingering in you …”

Ah, fuck!” Day growled through clenched teeth. She walked out of the room in frustration. She made her way to her little home gym, not realizing Louisa followed her in right away.

Daya saw the sexy Louisa in the mirror’s reflection. Louisa was looking straight at her full ass with that silly, forced-back grin people make when they think no one is looking back at them.

Eventually, Louisa just walked over. “Hey, you know you really did turn me on, Daya.”

“Yeah?” she queried with a quiet hunger.

“I, uh, I’m an ass girl, but I’ve been known to indulge a fetish or two … I was thinkin’ maybe cold turkey isn’t the right path for you …”


Louisa leaned over and began to make out with the hungry Daya. It was slow and lustful. Because Daya had never been with a Human woman before, she was all but imitating Louisa’s motions, including an almost rough ass squeezing. Louisa soon began to kiss and lick her way down Daya’s tingling body. She teased by kissing dangerously close to the warm pussy, before going all the way down her leg. She removed her shoes, breathing in the shoe’s air.

Daya leaned back onto the bar along the wall, while Louisa took in the foot with all her senses. Louisa worked her way from the toes, to the soles, to the heals with, hot breath and wet tongue making Daya’s heart flutter. Daya began to grope her breast and feel her raised hip.

Foot in hand, Louisa lay back, while Daya moved herself down to more naturally position her foot over the cougar’s face. The very look of her darker skin on Louisa’s light tones. Fully intoxicated with the foot, Louisa slowly bared the other, giving it the same hungry treatment. They both moaned happily.

Daya then took hold of Louisa’s feet, taking them in just like the intoxicated Louisa. Never thinking of fucking women notwithstanding, Daya never thought of feet as anything truly sexual before now. The glorious lust of it all made it not matter, Daya enjoying every tasty moment perhaps more than the experienced Louisa.

Soon, they were worshiping each other’s pairs at the same time.

“Liking my feet, Daya? Yours are so good!”

“Fuck, yeah!” she cooed in response. While this presently lacked the intensity she so yearned, the newness of it was satisfying enough. This was not just imitation; this was glorious.

With Louisa’s feet starting to grope her breasts through the, Daya began to do the same. She loved how the tits felt on her soles!

Louisa then repositioned, and began to rub their moist pussies with their feet through panties.

In a very primal-feeling move, Daya then crawled up to make out joyously with the more than receptive Louisa, who numbly continued to grope Daya’s pussy with the top of her foot. They moaned and breathed deeply, when Daya naturally began to rub against each other. At the same time, Louisa knowledgeably pulled off Daya’s pants and panties with her soft feet.

Louisa then went to all fours, naturally curious about what Daya would do on her own accord. Well, Daya pulled off her skirt and panties, while also sucking on her toes.

“OOOO, you’re a natural, Daya!”

“Just doing what feels right!” she said deeply, before leaning back to rub Louisa’s pussy from behind.

“Feels better that right!” she exclaimed on all fours.

Toes naturally entered at their motions, as Louisa began to fuck Daya’s pussy with her foot. They thrust into them like the large members they were. They moaned and cooed loudly, proclaiming how much they loved fucking one another’s feet.

“Like my size ten in you pussy?” Daya cooed, spanking Louisa’s ass with her free foot.

“Oh, yeah, fucking spank my ass! Love it all!

Daya did so with hard slaps.  “You gonna cum with my foot deeper?”

“Oh, yes!”

Louisa then positioned herself right over the foot, and use gravity to consume more of the foot with her dripping pussy. She began to moan and coo yet more loudly, while Daya groped with her foot from behind. “Oh, YEAH OHHH!” she exploded. A moment later she brought herself around to lick and suck the cum off.

“Taste good?” Daya asked, hornier than ever.

“Delicious!” Louisa soon moved Daya over to the bench press, and lifted her onto her shoulders on the floor. “It’s your turn!”

Louisa rubbed the wide open, dripping pussy with her foot from toes to heal. Daya moaned loudly, curling her floating toes. At the same time, Louisa rubbed her free foot on Daya’s, before just giving it to Daya to grope and suck. Louisa knew just how to tease a pussy to open it just that my more. As Louisa worked all five toes into the wet hole, Daya began to suck off the other foot. Daya moaned with more lust than she knew existed, feeling both her pussy and mouth stretch to take as much feet as she could and more. She gagged on the toes, feeling the powerful orgasm coming. The intensity of it was finally at least a little closer to her need. She finally came, and came again as loudly as wetly. Louisa then moved the cum covered foot to meet the other at Daya’s drooling mouth. Daya hungrily made out with the feet, before meeting Louisa’s lips above …

Before leaving — and giving Daya a playful slap on the ass, Louisa told Daya that her friend won’t be able to meet them for a couple days. She was literally on the other side of the world right then. Daya did feel a little better after all the crazy orgasms she experienced, so the issue did not seem dire at that moment. Louisa did, however, suggest that she take some time for herself, perhaps literally sleep off the “after” affects.

Well, Daya worked to apply that advice. She read a bit; went out for a very long jog. The whole time, though, she kept thinking about sex, especially sex with the Succubus. At the same time, she thought about how the intensity of having a whole foot shoved in her pussy was familiar to the dreamed intensity. Yet, she could not pinpoint exactly the moment the foot did remind her of, remembered or dreamed.

She sat on her couch that afternoon after exhausting her horny self. Laying back, she quickly slipped into dreamland …

Daya lay back onto the floor still feeling the orgasm that defeated her. The Succubus’ tongue was better than any dick or dildo she ever felt. Well, this was a Succubus. Few other creatures new lust quite in the same way.

She found herself wanting whatever the Succubus could gift her. Suddenly, she found herself pulled back up to her knees. In total shock, the Succubus grew a massive blue member with the reddest of tips. The Succubus forcibly rubbed the hardening, rubbery member on her face.

Before she knew it, Daya was sucking off the near twenty-inch monstrosity on her knees, while the Succubus fingers her dripping snatch from behind and rubbing just above with its leg. She could not take even a quarter of the thing at first, straining her jaw, but the Succubus grasped her head to press her down far beyond far. From mouth the back, her whole body naturally straightened out of necessity to accommodated the implausibly large, demonic snake. The Succubus practically impaled her. Breathing was erratic, but the painfully deep thrusts occasionally allowed a quick breath. The demonic pre-cum was so good, so addicting. There was so much of it! The red tip dripped it right into her stomach, while the apparent pores of the member excreted a lubricating juice everywhere.

The Succubus then repositioned Daya by the throat onto her side, and thrust that demonic monstrosity so deep into her crotch that she could feel it passed her vaginal canal. Suddenly on top, the Demonic Succubus thrust harder, more deeply. Daya was impaled all the way into her ovaries now. She screamed more loudly in the epically intense pleasure than the Succubus on top of her.

The Succubus then brought her to on the bed post to fuck her from behind. The demonic pre-cum permeated her senses, and filled her insides.

YOU’RE THE BESSST FUCKING FEED EVER, HUNTER!” the Succubus cooed loudly. “Urr-guh, errr … One of your friendsss might have handled me, but not you. The youthful can never uh-overpower me!”

Now on all fours, the Succubus domineeringly fucked her hard like some toy. Daya’s head spun wildly, as she screamed and cooed all but orgasmically. the Succubus fucked her standing, on the desk, on one leg. Daya had indeed become the Demon’s sex toy. Yet, she liked it. She was utterly consumed by the lust the Succubus forced upon her. Daya now in an impossible orgasmic state with the Succubus’ tasty tongue-dick down her throat, the evil Succubus blew its thick, green goo into the Hunter. It was so much that it spewed back out onto them both.

“Oh, God, that’s not how it happened!?” Daya suddenly blurted, feeling her body and soul open wide to embrace the Succubus.

The Succubus slowly licked from chin to forehead, leaving a trail of addictive, slimy spit, and smiled largely …

Daya suddenly awoke in a hot sweat, consumed by sexual hunger. She rushed to the basement to fuck herself again with the cursed dildo, but it wasn’t even close to enough this time. The desperation was so much that she knew it clouded her judgement. A crazy thought crossed her mind: Daya needed Demon dick. It seemed the only solution in that moment to usher her past this crazy lust still within her from fucking a Succubus.

With the cursed dildo left inside her to ensure some minor degree of lucidity, Daya went about summoning a Demon. The crazy, lust-fueled plan was to call a Demon (preferably a Progeny), and make a very special Deal. Demons, especially ones of lust, have become quite prevalent in recent years on Earth. A recent demonic incursion, practically an apocalypse, was technically thwarted by a group of Hunters a few years back. However, all the discovered pathways to Earth could never be closed, partly because they always existed. That led to an unknown number of Demons still roaming earth without any real leadership, exacerbated by the fact that Demons can spawn Demons through Humans. There was a lot of Progeny going about their own paths from antihero to pure evil, and that was a major reason why that apocalypse failed. Progeny were never Human like their Demon parent, so many had trouble seeing the point of being antagonistic to Humans. Regardless, the Progeny were largely subject to the same rulebook as any Demon. The only real differences between Progeny and Classic Demon was that the Progeny tended to never leave their bodies to possess another or require a Human soul for a Deal. Plus, the vast majority of them were the sex-loving Lust Demons, if only because that kind of Demon had the most sex.

Both pussy and mouth leaking liquid, Daya opened the appropriate lore on her tablet. She steadied her shaky hands just enough to draw the circle and sigils on the floor. On her knees, she began to chant desperately. Even a decade ago, this might not have worked, but with so many Demons around now, the summoning probably won’t take very long. 

“Daemonium Voco! Veni foras, proles, et esto subjecto voluntati meae!” she chanted desperately, thinking of the lust she desired. “Proles” or “progeny” was added to the incantation in the hope of getting a Demon Progeny. Incantations were not as strict as the uninitiated often assumed.

Within a few minutes, Daya’s living room dimmed and cooled. The back right corner darkened to the darkest of blacks. Frozen, glowing eyes suddenly became visible, as six foot tall, moonlight blue Demoness waked out of the shadows. Besides the color, she contrasted with the Succubus dramatically. Her shimmering skin was largely constant in color (deliciously dark blue lips above and below), while her body was as voluptuous as muscular, which made the slightly taller being look a lot bigger than Daya. The blackest of long hair failed to fully cover the longest of pointed ears. She even had a tail! Like any Demon on Earth, she very likely put on a more Human facade, but the summoning negated that. Still, it seemed doubtful she would ever fully hide her striking, pointed facial features.

“I’ve never been summoned before!” the Demoness exclaimed.

“Progeny, of lust?” Daya breathed. She was disappointed there was no dick, but that tail looked like it could do the job.

“Yeah …” she answered ponderously. “Humph! I’m Zoey. Feels like I’m compelled to listen to you, horny one!”

“I’m Daya. Ever make a Deal before?”

“A Deal?” she smirked, subtle white fangs glistening. “No … What did you have in mind, Daya?”

“You will be my demonic lover, and aid me in my tasks, if you are able.”

“And what do I get out of it? You know us Progeny don’t give a fuck about souls as currency,” she forwarded with subtle impatience.

“You get to dominate me during sex, be the one in charge of sex, while I will aid you in your endeavors.”

My endeavors!?” she mused. “Interesting Deal, when you don’t even know me, but I do lust for good sex. That, and I’m pretty sure I only live about five miles from here … OK. How would you like to seal this?”

“Sex,” Daya blurted. “I would prefer this to be done with with a dick, if possible, and truly sealed with your cum inside me.”

“Kinky!” she exclaimed.

Zoey’s pussy lips began to merge, and grow outward. The over shape of a cock and balls formed quickly in the dim light. Suddenly, Daya found herself against the wall, with Zoey’s fingers deep in her dripping pussy. The dildo was thrown away less than a moment before. She grunted loudly at the feel of the large fingers groping her g-spot.

“You wanted to be dominated, right?” she teased rhetorically.

Daya could feel Zoey’s still growing dick pressed against her ass.

“Are are excited as me?” Zoey exclaimed, presenting her bobbing monstrosity. “You’re going to take my Demon Deal virginity!”

“Oh, God!” Daya exclaimed excitedly toward the dick. A moment later, Zoey’s Demon rod plunged into her anal cavity, to her surprise. She screamed loudly at the intensity. The thrusts were different that the Succubus’. Instead of it being some battle, it was more like the pure creation of lustful pleasure. It felt as if Zoey cared about the Human she was fucking.

“Wow! You can really take a Demon dick!” she exclaimed, and licked Daya’s ear with her long black tongue. “Ever have Demon tail?”

“No, give it to me!” Daya exclaimed desperately.

“Yum!” she exclaimed through her own haunting cries of pleasure through sharp teeth.

The thick tail thrust deep into Daya’s soaked pussy, making her grunt loudly. Zoey slithered her tail in lustful ways no cursed dildo ever could. Coupled with the anal impaling, Daya was in the bliss she so yearned. No Human could ever give her this kind of dark pleasure. And suddenly, Zoey let out a loud roar, pumping gallons of her Demon seed up Daya’s asshole. 

“OH MY GOD!” The explosion of lust made Daya squirt and scream in glorious pleasure. Their respective cum mixing everywhere.

Zoey leaned in close, and said quietly yet with a haunting depth, “I am now your demonic lover, and will aid you in your tasks, if I am able. In return, I will dominate you sexually, and you will aid me in my own endeavors …”

A while later, after cleaning up the mess, Daya lay on her couch, feeling lucid. “What have I done?” she said quietly. Daya was a Hunter that just made a Deal with a Demon Progeny. She was not sure what to do about that. Yet, she could feel her arousal was already going again.

“Second thoughts, Daya?” Zoey teased while walking back into the room, using her deep but non-resonant voice. Daya let her borrow some of her clothes, even though they did not fit her well. “You do know we agreed on no escape clause!”

Daya looked over at the now Human-looking Demon. Her overall physique was the same, but her skin was somewhat pale, eyes cool blue, “normal” ears, and no dick or tail. This was actually an illusion:most Demons did not bother to completely alter their appearance physically, even though the more experienced could. 

Looking at Zoey so intimately, it was a new and strange feeling moving through Daya. She really did feel connected with this Demon now.

“You know what I can’t believe?” Zoey began, able to feel a Human’s thoughts. “I can’t believe a Hunter just made a real Deal with me. There isn’t another apocalypse happening, unless you know something I don’t!”

“I guess we stick out a bit!”

A lot!” she corrected honestly. “I’ve avoided you quite well over the years.”

“Why did you agree to the Deal? Progeny are supposedly more likely to reject Deals than their forbears.”

Zoey sighed. “I dunno. Honestly? I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. All I know is I like sex. A lot! My Demon mother was out of her fucking mind, and deservedly got destroyed years ago. She had such plans for me that I never felt anything for. Of course, I really started to feel lost when she was gone. I am so fucking lost … Never told anyone that … Our Deal really did link us!”

Daya’s phone began to buzz on the end table. It was Louisa. “I don’t feel like completely lying about you to my fellow Hunter. Beyond the fucking Deal, are you really OK with helping me?”

“Yeah. Why the fuck not? I’m literally doing nothing, besides fucking Humans! Might like the whole antihero thing.”

Daya picked up the phone. “Hey.”

“Are you feeling better, Daya?”

She looked over to her Demon lover with a smirk, and answered honestly, “A lot better.”

“Great! I was talking with Lorella, my Witch friend. She’ll be here sooner than expected to look you over. She is rather concerned. It turns out it is possible the Succubus did something to you that did not stem from her own power, possible using some form of witchcraft.”

“I would certainly wanna get a hex off me! … So, um, I discovered something today … Found, really. A Demon Progeny was living near me for who knows how long.”

“What happened?” Louisa asked quickly.

“Bumped into each other really. Said she was avoiding me, but wanted something productive to do. Sounded more positive when she said it.” Not only was it not completely a lie, but also Progeny were not known to be devious on their own.

“OK … I look forward to meeting her. See you about six hours, Daya …”

“Bye … Daya ended the call.

Casually sitting next to her, Zoey stated, “So I hear you were fucked by a Succubus, Daya.”

“Yeah, well … I fucked her!”

“Are you sure?” Zoey asked seriously.

Daya was completely taken aback. “Yeah! Just dreams.”

Zoey almost forcibly brushed Daya’s hair back, and stated, “Dreams are as important as the waking reality. Even a Demon’s memory can be altered …”

“You wanna read my memories, see if that Succubus really did do something to me?” Daya tried to come off as sarcastic, but the truth of her discomfort bled through.

“I don’t know how to do that without possessing you, and I have a lot to learn about leaving my birth body before that would be safe for me. What I can feel off of you is how that Succubus did do a number on you. That’s why you desperately needed the intense fuck only a Demon can provide. It’s not clear if this is something that will get worse in you, but I can already feel your desire growing.” She then switched to her deep, resonating tones, “Lucky for you, your pussy’s mine!”

Zoey went down, and forced Daya’s long legs open wide. She then ripped open the robe and panties. Daya moaned loudly, feeling the thick tongue-member infiltrate her desperate pussy. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, cooing. The demonic, black, squirming anaconda stretched Daya dramatically, as it traversed the entirety of the canal. Zoey felt like making Daya cum quickly, practically forcing a wet orgasm.

“You’re so great!” Daya breathed.

Zoey slowly licked her “lipstick blue” lips with her long black tongue. After looking at her for a few moments, she said in her natural, resonating tones, “You know what? I’ve never really been with a Human I could just fuck without question … I’m gonna call out sick at work today, and fuck the the shit out of you until your friends get here.”

“I, uh …” Daya blurted.

Zoey literally shut off her voice with the touch of a finger, and said seriously, “I and the one in charge of sex here, remember?”

Daya nodded, feeling a surprising level of excitement.

“Tie yourself onto your bedpost for me. I’ll be there in a minute …”

Daya did as ordered with some awkwardness. Of course, her supercharged sex drive basically required her to be ready for any and all Demon sex, Deal or no. 

Zoey walked into the room in her true form. Before Daya knew it, they were in a hungry 69, with Zoey’s tail up her ass. The remarkable thing about the sexual onslaught, which broke the bedpost and frame fairly quickly, was that Zoey was really fucking her as if she was just a sex toy. Well, that was pretty much the Deal, as that was what Daya wanted. Daya came hard to demonic tails, dicks, and tongues, but it was all about Zoey’s lustful pleasure.

At one point they went full-on foot fetish! Zoey directed Daya’s feet to stroke her Demon cock, which she grew to over twenty inches with an equally absurd girth. Brown feet contrasting with the dick’s deep blue, Daya fingered herself widely to the awesome feel of the ridged dick between her own wrinkly arches. Zoey soon exploded her thick, limey cum all over Daya, dick quickly deflating back into a pussy. Well, it was practically just another layer of Demon cum everywhere!

Zoey then kicked Daya’s hand out of her pussy, and shoved the massive size twelves feet deep into Daya’s hyper stretched pussy. At the same time, Zoey shoved Daya’s humanely larger size tens into her own pussy. It was tight yet Daya shockingly found her herself calf deep in the Demon. There was no real competition here. The Deal and Zoey’s obvious Lust Demon lineage allowed for sexual acts as erotic as humanly impossible. They soon came hard and fast to the feet thrusting deeply inside them … 

Daya realized she lost track of time, up against the wall with a Zoey lifting her up and down her ridiculous dick. The clock suggested they were fucking for over five hours straight! Well, that was about proportional to the amount of Demon cum inside and on her. Plus, Zoey was apparently very good at keeping her from passing out. Zoey then blew yet another massive load into her Human lover. Zoey plopped the literally fucked Human onto the bed. Daya lay back, failing to catch her bearings.

The sex really was a lot better than it was with the Succubus. Zoey wanted demonically good sex; the Succubus wanted to sexually destroy and consume. Even the cum was so much better! While she remembered the Succubus’ as a thick, sour, overpowering musk, Zoey’s was thickly smooth, easy to consume, and smelled and tasted of ripe limes. Similar, yes, but Zoey’s was ironically much more pleasurable. In that moment, Daya began to wonder if it was even possible for a Human to satisfy her anymore, let alone if she would even think about sex with anyone but the Demon Progeny Zoey.

“That was fucking great, Daya! I’m lovin’ this Deal.” Her demeanor then turned somewhat somber, and sat next to the erratically breathless Daya. “I can only do so much to continue the sex with Humans. You took it far better than you should have. I boosted you, a lot, but still … That Succubus definitely did do something to you to make you … require so much sex with such intensity. This could become a problem for us both.”

“Wow, you really do care,” Daya blustered through her mushy mind.

Zoey shrugged, and chucked, “I am shooting blanks into you! … I’m more than honor-bound to care, you stupid Human! My very genetic makeup forces me to implement the Deal we sealed with our cum. There is no escape clause. We have bound each other together quite effectively …” She then said with a quiet laugh, “Your friends will be here soon. We should probably clean up! A lot!”

“So how many years have you been here under our noses?” Louisa asked curiously.

“Oh, about five or so. I guess, since before Daya even became a Hunter.” While Zoe was wearing a form fitting, red dress, she was in her natural form. She may have been a bit care free at heart, but was not stupid. Being genuine was very important in that moment to not find herself on the wrong side of a Hunter’s gun.

“And then you just … Bumped into Daya?”

Zoey casually shrugged. “Beyond my control.”


The the thirty-something, auburn-haired Witch, Lorella looked on ponderously. “Something is off here.”

“Yes, there is!” Zoey exclaimed. “That’s why you’re here right?”

Lorella looked over to the almost sheepish Daya. “You’ve been quiet, dear.”

“Yeah …” Daya answered.

“What really happened between you two?” Lorella asked Daya and Zoey.

Daya deeply sighed, quietly annoyed at her background arousal growing again. “Well, you already know how horny I became after my battle with the Succubus.”

“Yes …?” Lorella urged.

“Not very long story short, I realized I needed that demonic intensity to sate my arousal. I feel it growing now after being fucked all day by Zoey.”

“Excuse me?” Louisa blinked amazed.

“I summoned Zoey here. Didn’t care what Demon would show up. In my aroused state, I wanted to make a Deal to have a Demon just fuck the shit out of me. I guess Zoey was the closest, and I was aiming for a Demon Progeny … We sealed a Deal: she would perpetually fuck me, and I would aid her in whatever in return. Certainly not after my soul!”

“Hell has enough of those!” Zoey exclaimed lightly.

Louisa was taken aback that a fellow Hunter would made such a Deal, even if it was not exactly traditional. “I guess that explains the new musky lime scent in here …”

“This may work to our advantage, regardless of what’s causing the lust.” The Witch walked over to Daya, and placed her hand on her. She wanted to moving things along. “I’m going to project your memories, Daya.”

“OK …”

Daya’s mind quickly flew to her most recent memories of insane sex with Zoey — only then realizing the incessant squishing noises through it all, and then to the Demon Deal they sealed in massive amount of Demon cum.

“It was quite irresponsible of you has a Hunter to summon a Demon. You are very lucky Zoey is a Progeny forging her own path …” Lorella’s voice echoed.

“I know. Crazy, but it seemed to work as intended.”

“Indeed …”

Daya’s memories of the dreams flew by in reverse. A scene would quickly play out, and the one before would be flown through. They finally landed on the night Daya sexually battled the Succubus. However, the memories did not seem to make much sense at first. It was as if two different versions of reality played at the same time: one where she kept her composure just enough to beat the Succubus, and another largely identical to the dreams of defeat she had after. Daya, deep down, found herself unsurprised.

Your reaction to this memory manipulation is quite accurate, Daya. Though far from impossible for you to have succeeded, a young Hunter’s chances against a powerful Demonic Succubus is not high … Either version of reality could be true — your subconscious may have invented an alternate scenario, but the likeliest answer is that the memories of you failing is the truth. I will force the final piece of the likely true memories to the surface. This will feel as if you are living it live …”

The Succubus thrust uncaringly into the Hunter turned food bag. Daya was utterly consumed by the lust the Succubus forced upon her, into her. The lost Hunter now in an impossible orgasmic state with the Succubus’ tasty tongue-dick down her throat, the evil Succubus blew its thick, searing hot, green goo down the Hunter’s throat. It was so much that it spewed back out onto them both. It felt so good, Daya came harder than she ever had in her life.

With a knowing grin, the Succubus hungrily licked up Daya’s sweat soaked face. “You lossst, Hunter!”

“I lost …” Daya breathed.

“It’sss time to open yourssself to me.” The Succubus tightly grasped Daya’s neck, and began to thrust its monstrous member in and out again, lubed by all its cum spewed moments before. The Succubus’ lower monstrosity continued to overwhelm her widely stretched pussy.

Daya could not breath. All she couple feel was her neck being crushed and the extreme pleasure of the Demon dicks. Thrust, thrust, THRUST! The Succubus was more relentless. Everything began to grow fuzzy, tingly through the epic pleasure. And then, somehow as distant as near, an orgasmic blackness consumed her in all it thick muskiness.

“I’m not going to take your body,” the Succubus whispered in the blackness. “I had a chanssce to read a forgotten Tome. A passsage ssstruck me. If a Demon were to corrupt a sssoul enough to make it Demon, the two will become one, and the one will have untold power. More provocative, this processs may be done over and over to potentially increassse the power exponentially … Oh, yesss, no Demon posssesssing a Human has ever succsseeded in corrupting the sssoul from within. Yet, dear Hunter, a Demon Sssuccubusss must take the body of a willing sssoul, which may already be leaning toward lussstful darknesss. The Tome had quite clear recommendationsss on how a Human sssoul may be corrupted from within. The woman that originally owned thisss Body? I’ve shown her lussst beyond anything she ever imagined. She’sss been awake this whole time. I can feel her transforming within thisss body. The processs isss not yet complete. For you, I shall corrupt you, fuck with your memoriesss, mossstly heal your broken body. Your sssoul will be tainted by lussst. The transformation should be ssswift. By the time you uncover thisss truth, the Human sssoul in thisss body will be Demon and one with me. You will be my sssecound to slip right into without protessst …”

The blackness then faded to an overpowering, invisible lust, and then to the altered memories …

Daya’s living room come back into focus around them. A feeling of utter dread overwhelmed them. This was not exactly the failed apocalypse, but perhaps it was only a matter of time since for the darkest of Demons to do the most devious, most destructive of things. It all had been kept in such an improbable check. Many Hunters worked for the government now to handle the large number of Demons on Earth. Many if not most of the Progeny actually helped humanity one way or another. Demon Deals were almost meaningless now with there being so many Demons. Their world had been like some comic book series post the epic finale.

“What Tome was the Succubus talking about?” Louisa asked listlessly.

“I’m not sure,” the troubled Witch answered. “What the Succubus planned is plausible, but I never read it anywhere.”

“If the local college has some Necronomicon, they were really holding out on this Demon when she was there!” Zoey exclaimed, hiding her deep discomfort.

“That actually is a good place to start looking for that, Zoey.” Lorella forwarded.

“Uh, are you guys new to this Hunting thing?” Zoey quarried. “The Succubus is probably there. She doesn’t seem like one that likes to hide for long … And the other thing: what about the taint on Daya’s soul?”

Lorella looked over to Zoey with a raised thick eyebrow. “I’ll check out the university’s library myself. The Succubus doesn’t know me. For our Daya, I would expect you to be the best judge of lust in someone soul.”

Zoey was taken aback. The Witch was right, she should be able to sense something like that, and technically already did. “I’m too young for this shit!” she exclaimed, walking over to Daya. “Your lustful desire does increase on its own, a lot … A taint on your soul would explain that …” She slowly licked her full lips, continuing, “There hasn’t be any changes since we first met. Might not mean anything. We just met and hit it off, for a lot of hours! It could mean our fucking is preventing the taint from getting worse, but I doubt that in the long run.”

“You may very well be preventing the taint from getting worse …” Lorella pondered. “We also need to keep in mind that this taint might not be reversible. Banishing or destroying the Succubus removes the magic, but not necessarily the results of the magic. The other blatant issue, as Zoey suggested, is how the Succubus fell off our radar, in spite of probably not leaving that woman’s body … For now, for once, Daya, I recommend continued sex with Zoey, and Zoey, keep a close watch for any changes.”

“Oh, sex is about all I’m good at!” Zoey said with a deep resonance, feeling down to Daya firm ass. She teased her with a lustful smooch. “I can’t think of another Human I wanted to watch as much as Daya.”

Lorella cleared her throat, feeling the lust in the air. “Don’t let lust cloud your judgment. If the Succubus possesses Daya, which she could do without hesitation now, you may be compromised, Zoey. You might be subject to the Succubus’ will.”

“I know,” Zoey answered, looking over to the Witch with genuine concern. “I will do anything to prevent that from happening …”

While Lorella was out looking for the mysterious tome, Zoey was thrusting into the horny Daya on the coffee table. Zoey’s thrusts on top were hard and lustfully passionate. The thrusts were so hard that Zoey needed to hold Daya’s waist. At the same time the passionately gasping Daya held Zoey’s face in her hands.

“My God … errr … Your so beautiful Zoey …” Daya barely blurted through the through thrusts at the edge of what her Human frame could handle.

Zoey smirked, and began to thrust just that much harder, shoving her tail up Daya’s already stretched asshole. This positioning had an ulterior motive. Zoe wanted to look deep into Daya to see if she could tell if the taint of lust was indeed growing worse, or to directly see it at all. Well, pumping her thick green cum into the orgasmic Daya, she saw it. The lust taint was deep into her soul already, like a crimson infestation. In some ways, “taint” was a misleading description. Zoey was never Human, but her mother once showed her how a Human can be converted into a Demon (literally the moment when Zoey realized she was not going to follow her mother’s path). That was exactly what was happening to Zoey, the only difference was that the spiritual transformation was on some magical autopilot. There was clearly a delay between the inward and outward changes, because the transformation was ever so slowing inching along. The process was almost halfway complete, she guessed. Even if Zoey was presently sating Daya’s lustful desires, there was no stoping the spiritual change.

“Like what you see?” Daya blurted sarcastically.

Zoey cocked her head, and said awkwardly, “Yes and no … The ‘taint’ is moving along. I think we both know this will only end in a couple ways …”

Daya looked on finally letting it all sink in while lucid. Her phone suddenly buzzed.

“Yeah, Lorella?” Daya said quietly.

“How are feeling?” she asked on speaker.

“Horny but lucid thanks to Zoey …” Daya answered.

“I’m just keeping her licid, Lorella. I finally was able to peek at her soul. Its still spiritually transforming, and of course that means Daya is physically transforming. We just don’t see anything extreme yet, besides in her sexual appetites.”

A deep sigh flowed through the phones speakers. “Well, first off, our Succubus is nowhere near the university. I can detect a masking. Louisa just learned that the possessed women, Jenny, left yesterday, Friday, for a weekend trip to LA. I alerted a Hunter I knew to be in the area, but specifically said to just provide recon, this clearly being a witty and educated Succubus … On that tome, I believe I found the very book she was talking about. An interesting rarity. Given the skill it would require to apply the spells described, this Succubus must have either been Human Witch a long time ago or once knew a very powerful Witch. Anyway, even if there was a described means of reversing what’s happening to Daya, I’m not sure if I would even have had the skills necessary …”

“What about Jenny?” Daya asked through already regenerating arousal, almost impulsively wiping up escaping Demon cum and slurping it down.

“I’m not sure, but given the amount of time the Succubus has been corrupting her from within, she may already be lost, even if she isn’t one with the Succubus yet.”

“So what that fuck are we supposed to do?” Zoey asked with subtle impatience.

“It sounds strange to say this guys, but …”

“What? Daya pushed.

“The solution I’m sure you both silently pondered was letting Daya’s lustful corruption run its course before the upgraded Succubus has a chance of taking Daya over.”

“So …” Zoey began, looking toward the speechless Daya. “I just fuck her a lot and protect her.”

“Perhaps more than that Zoey. The seed of all Lust Demons can transform any regular old Demon into a Lust Demon. Yes, that seed won’t do that to Human soul — just impregnates of course, but Daya’s condition is different. Her soul is already being transformed by demonic lust. That would suggest that your seed, Zoey, might accelerate Daya’s transformation. If not, well, she’s becoming a Demon of Lust like you anyway, Zoey. If you would allow one recommendation, Zoey, administer your seed orally, don’t knock her up.” The call ended.

“I have been shooting blanks in you …” Zoey said with an odd smile.

“The thought of eating your true lustful seed is making me so fucking horny!” Daya growled, drooling. “I don’t think I’m ovulating … Could you make me ovulate!?”

“Err … No, you’re not ovulating, and I don’t know how to make that happen in a Human.”

Daya gained some minor composure for a moment. “I think I’m a little scared to loose my humanity … You know, I made you my master in sex and lust. I don’t know if it’s my changing soul, but I love it. I love being dominated by you. I, I am in love with you. I am glad that you will help me become just like you, Zoey.”

Zoey looked toward Daya at a loss for words. Technically, Demons can love, because love does not have to be purely an emotion fueled by a Human soul. Looking into Daya’s lust and love-filled eyes, Zoey realized she felt the same. The Deal they made practically married then, while a natural evolution of it might as well be love. She only ever wanted a path in her life that was truly hers. This Human, in an act of selfish desperation, gave that to her in a way never expected. Zoey leaned over, and gave Daya a kiss she never gave anyone before. It was deep, loving, and lusting. Their tongues rubbed up against one another, moving like two beings in the throws of a pleasure only true loves could make.

The Demon in love pulled back, a thick trail of spit connected them for a moment. “My Daya, I cannot think of a better way to satisfy our Deal than helping you become a Demon of Lust. I am in love with you, too. Our Deal will only become stronger when your transformation is complete … First, I will fuck the shit out of you in an extreme I had yet to provide, Daya. I will force myself not to cum for as long as I can to build up as much fertile cum as possible. You will then eat all that cum. It will be a lot, more than I ever forced into you! Now, lay back on the couch, my love, my lust …”

Daya did so without question. Zoey grew out her now familiar monstrosity at her crotch, but this time the balls were far larger and more distinct. Before Daya knew it, Zoey grasped her head and forced the monster cock in and out of her throat. It was not that energetic at first, but it was deep and forceful. Zoey then moved her crotch down to Daya’s desperate pussy, flung Daya’s left leg over her left shoulder, and thrust with a passionate aggression. They both moaned and grunted widely. The care was still there, but this was exactly at the physical limit Daya’s Human body could handle with out breaking.

Suddenly, Zoey flipped Daya on her stomach, and resumed the onslaught to the Human’s pussy, straddling Daya’s ass. Their moans and coos increased exponentially, while Daya even came, but they were far from done.

Zoey masterfully used some of their clothes laying around to tie Daya’s hands behind her back, before positing her up in a standing position from behind.

Oh, fuck, so good!” Zoey cooed in the deepest of demonic tones. In that moment, she realized her tail was waving and flicking uncontrollably. She never knew sex could be so good that she could loose control of her tail! In the excitement, Zoey, Daya literally in hand, lay back on the couch. She lifted Daya up a bit, and fucked her violently from below. Their ample precum mixed and matched, splattering between them with insane squishing sound.

Zoey then flopped Daya onto her back, draped over the small bump of a gush armrest, and thrust her cock down Daya’s thirsty throat. Thrust after endless thrust, Daya would not have believed she wasn’t gagging at all if love and lust was not consuming her right them, in some ways literally.

Now forced onto her knees, Daya was being fully face-fucked by the standing Demon Progeny of Lust. Demon precum and drool leaked out between the loud slurps.

Back onto the coffee table, Daya was then fucked up the pussy with about half the force as before but with speed almost too fast to perceive. At the same time, Zoey’s tail was deep down Daya’s throat, moving with the rest of the Demon’s powerful body. Zoey came super-hard, making Zoey thrust with even greater speed. Zoey was all but a blur in the orgasmic Human’s eyes.

Zoey again lost control of her super-happy tail in the best pleasure of her life. After embracing the moments epic lust for a few moments, the Lust Demon brought Daya back up to lean on the back of the couch to fuck from behind. The speed had slowed, while the force increased. Zoey sat back down, and just lifted Daya up and down the now pulsing Demon dick. The Demon’s balls were starting to feel the strain. Zoey knew she could hold out a bit longer, in spite of how good Daya’s latest orgasm felt around her member.

“I … hope you’re hungry, my Daya! ERRR … Guh .. SO FUCKING CLOSE!” Zoey deeply resonated through clenched teeth.

Zoey pulled Daya back by the chest, and they both began to thrust into each other was deep, lustful passion. 

Grasping the orgasmic Daya’s head to twist it around a bit, Zoey said in her deep, resonating growl through het teeth, “I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH, DAYA!” They then made out with the orgasmic passion of a supernova. Zoey all but threw Daya onto her back on the couch, and thrust her throbbing cock down the Human’s overstretched throat. “TAKE MY FUCKING SEED AND BECOME JUST LIKE YOUR LOVER: A DEMON OF FUCKING LUST!” Zoey resonated loudly in a powerful, orgasmic roar.

Zoey’s fertile, Lust Demon seed almost exploded out into Daya in a painful pleasure for the Demon. Load after thick load of green slime spewed out. Daya uncomfortably coughed up some through her nose. It tasted a bit different from before. While still like limes, it was muskier and heartier. All she could do was try to swallow what she did not cough back up from an already full stomach.

The spent demon collapsed into the chair to the right of her, limp Demon dick slowly morphing back into an alluring pussy mouth. “Take my seed, Daya …” she said in almost a whisper.

Daya lay there, feeling smothered by Demon cum within and without. She then began to feel the cum beginning to spread within her. No, she could see the cum, the little sperms. They spread out almost as if they did not know what to do, but quickly gained focus. The demonic swimmers worked to penetrate every cell in her body, and implanted the Lust Demon DNA within. That was the moment Daya knew how much her transforming soul already altered her DNA: lust expressed barely enough for lustful seed to think she was already a Demon. Her immune system eventually worked to attack the little invaders, but not before they invaded every kind of cell in her body.

She then began to feel different, no, more of what she was already feeling. Now that the Lust Demon DNA was taking hold throughout her organism, her half-corrupted soul was all that was left to change. For a brief moment, she was an otherwise impossible half-breed: neither truly Human nor Lust Demon. The Human part of her was now finally dying. The Demon half of her soul could only now rush to triumph over the Human spirit.  All those Human fears, emotions faded away. For a moment all she could feel was lust. But maybe that feeling was not Human ever since her soul was tainted, because that lust could only be described as demonic now. That lustful feeling began to work its way into the void left by the lost humanity. Feelings that were of joy, hate, excitement, ambition, and all the rest were replaced by variants of the lust that now drove her very soul. And soon, every corner of her being was derived from lust.

Daya’s altered DNA finally began to alter her appearance, making her feel strange from head to toe. She found herself falling to all fours on the floor, Zoey fucking herself with her own tail to the sights. Daya’s eyes darkened to a pale black, with the white of her eyes implausibly brighter. Her skin morphed to a soft rubber, as it shifted to flying shades of red and orange, a flowing fire of lust. The ends of her fingers and toes pulsated, before sharp red claws forced their way out, ripping through the Human nails. At the same time, her upper and lower lips became fuller, redder, and shinier. Her spine then elongated into a long, thick, deep red tail with an an even fleshier point. Her teeth grew sharper, while her scalp became itchy. Daya moved her claw-laden hands from her face to the back her head, instinctually pushing off the now dead Human hair follicles. Her blatant baldness did not last long, with the darkest of black hair quickly growing down bast her shoulders, as well as new black eyebrows and lashes. And finally, longer strands of the infinitely black hair grew outward from the sides of her forehead. These shimmering strands began to twist and braid together ever so tightly, curving back around the sides of her head, forming simmering black horns just above her now pointed ears. Daya stayed their on all fours, breathless, feeling herself reboot.

“Oh, fuck, that was hot!” Zoey cooed in orgasm all over her tail. “I’ve come full circle now, Daya. My mother taught me a method for transforming a human into a Demon of Lust. Outwardly, of course. I stood there for weeks, watching in growing discomfort. When the hapless woman’s soul was all but fully corrupted by demonic lust, she forced the stubborn woman to embrace it by putting her in some latex vacuum bag. Basically, transform or die. That bag, too, was filled with my mother’s seed. Well, that women apparently embraced the Demonism, and that bag became a transformative cocoon. Innovative, my mother always was … I hated it. The woman was already on the path to Demon after all the sexual torture, but in my mother’s lustful ambition, wanted to do something even more purely evil by saying join her or die. That new Demoness of Lust did join my mother. What choice did she have? I just left soon after. Not a word. Not a protest. Maybe my mother thought I would come back on my own. They died in that battle a month later, the battle that ended the apocalypse but left a fucking mess. Now, I’m in shitty PR. What the fuck, right? I know I did not initiate your transformation, but it feels like I made you in way far from evil. Evil made good. Whatever ‘good’ actually is …”

“Oh, fuck,” Daya breathed in a familiar yet deeply resonant voice, before slithering out her ver long, deep red tongue out to her amazement. She looked up to Zoey, who she found even more alluring and beautiful than before. The thought of carrying her Demon Seed crossed her mind and made her pussy twitch.

“What you feel is something I never experienced! Can’t fully compare how we both feel now to how you felt as a Human.”

“I feel amazing!” Daya breathed, crawling over to her lover. “Really was afraid to become something so different. It’s like looking back at being a child. That was me, and this is me. I don’t feel like I forsook my humanity. I’m just not Human anymore … Almost can’t believe it, Zoey, but our Deal really does feel stronger than ever within me!” She even found herself realizing that mating felt completely up to Zoey. There was no disappointment on Daya’s part, because that choice was was not Daya’s, per their applied Deal.

“Deals only really affect the Human soul, but now its written in your demonic DNA, my Daya. Get up on the couch. I’m gonna show you how fun having a Demon tail is!”

With a Glasgow smile, Daya hopped up onto the couch, looking at her tail draped beside her. It felt kind of awkward to sit down with a tail, oddly sitting in a kind of slouched position. Yet, she never saw Zoey sit as such.

“Move your tail like your arm and hands into a more comfortable position, Daya.”

She looked at her new tail, which moved naturally in a quiet swaying motion. At first, Daya could not move it, but then it moved on her will. She smirked at how inhuman it felt to move the snake upward on her own. Now in a slightly forward seated position, Daya moved the tail to her side, and slowly draped it over the back of the couch.

“Sexy tail you got there, Demon!” Zoey teased, standing over Daya.

“Yours is quite the turn on, too, Demon!” Daya teased back, desperate for direction from her sexual master.

With a big, hungry smile, Zoey pushed Daya onto her side, and sat on her side, all but touching thighs. “Just follow my lead, you got this!”

Daya moaned and grunted happy at the intrusion of Zoey’s thick tail up her pussy. With some initially awkward effort, Daya moved her somewhat thicker tail to Zoey’s dripping pussy. Daya thrust it into her lover’s pussy, moving it in and out like the one in hers. “Holy shit! That feels so fuckin’ good!”

“You won’t believe how good it feels to fuck yourself with it! My favorite way to masturbate!”

Every thrust, every little motion, Daya felt more natural with the tail. She soon found herself able to replicate Zoey’s slithers more and more.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Daya! You’re a natural!”

“Best teacher ever!”

Zoey pulled Daya in for a deep, wild kiss, wildly slithering their demonic tongues around each other and down their throats. They then just looked into their lust-filled eyes, jewels of erotic darkness, and came hard at the joyous feeling of being lovers forever …

“Holy shit, Daya!” Louisa exclaimed looking over the former Human, feeling herself turned on by the natural lust both Demons before her emitted. “A Demon, a real fucking Demon of Lust …

“It’s fuckin’ amazing, Louisa!” Daya said happily in her changed, hauntingly erotic tones. “Everything I feel is different now. Still getting used to it, but I don’t feel Human at all, even though I am still me. There’s more lust in me than there was before, but I’m perfectly stable. It’s not that I am in control. It’s that this lust is also me.

“She’s a natural,” Zoey said toward Daya with a happy pride, brushing her tail on Daya’s receptive cheek.

“Crazy times,” Lorella stated. “My source says our Succubus will be coming back tomorrow, and that there is little doubt she is a Succubus. It seems she’s fucking her three roommates, aggressively feeding on them. They don’t yet seem corrupted like Daya was, because they are merely acting like any feedbag for a Succubus. He says he was unable to detect a Human soul within the vessel, suggesting she has already succeeded in merging with the corrupted soul. That is probably why she turned Jenny’s friends into food bags. It would seem that two souls merged led to doubly increased hunger. She seems fine with it.”

“It is apparently hard not to be fine with pleasure,” Daya observed.

A lot of pleasure,” Zoey added. “So how do we stop this Succubus? Presumably, she can’t possess Daya now, but that won’t prevent her from finding her next Human to corrupt, assuming her ‘friends’ will just continue as food-bags.”

“We have two Demons on our side,” Louisa began, “a Witch that could try to teach them some things over the next day, and an old fashioned country Hunter here to fight an augmented Succubus, who was already powerful to start.”

“Our chances are not that good,” Lorella observed cynically. “We don’t have time to gather more aid.”

“Sounds fun!” Zoey exclaimed …

Daya, Zoey, Louisa, and Lorella did indeed discuss alerting the new military and investigative groups. They had the vast resources of the federal government after all, as they proved themselves quite competent in the last few years. However, those groups tended to be a loud, blunt force compared to the learned precision of the traditional Hunter. This Succubus was powerful, and while not necessarily flighty, had powers of deception no one has ever seen. They needed to control the situation by surprising her with the fact that Daya could no longer be a part of her plans. They did agree, though, that a blunt government force would be their backup plan.

Their problem was that their best and only plan now was to literally fuck the most powerful Succubus on Earth into submission. It was not implausible, considering two Lust Demons were more than willing. However, the four of them could still loose. Lorella and Louisa would probably become corrupted just like Daya was — or become food-bags, while it was not beyond the realm of possibility for the Succubus to force Zoey and Daya into a Deal.

To prevent failure, Lorella worked with Daya and Zoey to teach them how to utilize their natural demonic abilities in both sex and otherwise. Zoey already knew a lot if not most of what the Witch offered from her deranged mother, but generally did not gain much experience in those abilities. All Demons had heightened senses, Lust Demons obviously most attuned to anything deriving from lust. They could move at speeds faster than a cheetah, essentially teleporting to the Human eye. They could consume lust through fresh blood. They could control the Human subconscious in a way that creates sexual frenzy and hallucination. They could wield witchcraft perhaps more effectively than trained Witches, who were really just Humans consumed by energies barely understood by theoretical physicists. Lust Demons, in terms of abilities and inclinations, were barely a half-step away from Succubus Demons.

“Zoey, have you ever induced, say, a fetish into a Human?” Lorella asked seriously. Louisa was having a long discussion outside with the fellow Hunter observing the Succubus.

“Yeah,” she said with a subtly dark laugh. “I made a guy completely obsessed with the ass. It got kinda extreme. I mean, I let it get extreme. He could only cum via anal stimulation, and was more than turned on by women’s asses. Pretty fun while it lasted.”

“Did you reverse it?”

“A little. I rolled it back enough for him to function normally, but the butt is still his thing!”

“OK …” she said in quiet amazement. “Let’s teach Daya how to do that. I want her to at least have a sense of the power she has over the Human mind.”

“On whom?” Zoey asked the Witch with a knowing, toothy smile.

“Me,” she said with subtle nervousness. She fought Demons for a decade before everything changed. She could shield herself from some of the most wise of Demons, as she was well known to be one of the most knowledgeable of them. Now, she was going to allow a Lust Demon to control and alter her sexually. “Take the lead Zoey, I know sex with her is fully by your will anyway.”

“Ready to feel something a lot different, Daya?” Zoey said quietly excited.

“I guess so,” Daya stated.

“OK, my Daya, look deep into Lorella’s pretty eyes. Look deep, past the color, past your own reflection … What do you see?”

“I …” Daya began, never processing such sensations before. “I can see her emotions, feel her thoughts …”

“Good, you’ll learn how to do that passively in time.”

“I can … see how aroused she is. It’s like flowing crimson through her mind … It’s as if … No, it is that she has a very controlled mind. I actually know that this is the first time she ever let her guard down a little around Demons! She’s still controlling herself …”

“Of course she is, Daya!” Zoey chuckled quietly. “Its natural, she has to. You remember when you were Human before all this, right? You could not just pleasure yourself when you saw a sexy, muscular ass in front of you in line, even though your felt how warm and ready you were … What you should understand about inducing desires in Humans is that it is born out of a necessity to break down that natural control by introducing something they don’t know how to control. Lorella knows this, I am sure … Before we move forward, Daya, you need to know that you do not need to go to any extremes here. This is all about understanding that you can … Now, look deeper. Derive everything she may want to do to satisfy her arousal, all the things she can handle. What is not there?”

“… Feet. She has no desire for feet. There’s even a subtle repulsion, but it seems … Yes, that is merely something she passively built in herself …”

“Great! Now, with you mind, take hold of just a piece of that flowing crimson, and graft the pleasure of feet that I know you have experienced.”

Daya visualized her hand pulling a strand of arousal toward her. It felt good and tingly. She then grafted her own feelings of orgasmic sensation toward feet, and let the strand go. Its color darkened ever so slightly, absorbing the once unknown sensation.

The young Demon pulled out of the Witch’s mind. Daya was perhaps more amazed at what she had done than Lorella. It was a feeling she never had as a Human. It was comparable to triumph, yet it was a kind of triumph that was of lust. 

“Holy shit, that was different …” the Witch breathed finding herself looking at the Demon feet before her.

“Such a natural!” Zoey observed lovingly, before giving Daya a wet lick on the cheek.

Lorella found herself going to all fours to the crossed legs of Daya’s. With the scent of Daya’s demonically sexy size ten foot dangling — coupled with the naturally emitted lust of two Lust Demons, Lorella blurted, “Oh, my God!” She uncontrollably hungrily began to worship the foot with her hands and mouth. “OH, UMM!”

It was in that moment Daya fully understood what she did to Lorella and the lust that Daya is now. Daya could so easily just make Lorella some foot slave for all eternity by merely suggesting they make a Deal, while she could fuck her up further, Lorella’s learned resistance completely irrelevant now. Not wanting to do any of that to Lorella, in spite of how glorious her hot and wet tongue felt on her sole, made everything so clear: Daya was not evil, but she was most certainly of lust. Contradictory on paper, but that was it. With a big almost diabolical smile, Daya brought her tail around, and began to thrust it into her own wet pussy. The act felt so normal and natural and awesome that it almost did not dawn on her that this was the first time she did that.

“You like Demon feet, Witch?” Daya teased with a deep resonance.

“I love ‘em!” Lorella cooed, not fully removing the toes from her mouth. She then began to suck off the foot like a dick, every toe deep in the Witch’s stretched mouth.

“Oh, fuck! Didn’t know you were a biter!” Daya exclaimed, loving the feel of Lorella teeth digging into the balls of her feet.

“Oh, I gotta get in on this!” Zoey exclaimed, shifting over to give her feet to the ecstatic Witch.

Lorealla soon found herself overwhelmed with feet. Feet in her mouth, feet in her pussy, feet in her ass. At the same time, the Demon’s worshipped and fucked Lorella’s rather pretty little feet with their own holes. The Demons of Lust showed her demonic lust first hand. It was also a learning experience for Daya, fucking a willing Human for the first time as the Demon she now is. They soon came in a wonderful lust.

“Do you wanna make a Deal with me, Daya?” she quietly blurted, slowly removing her feet and legs from the Demons’ cavernous holes.

Daya was taken aback. She actively did not want to make a Deal with her not long before, and here she was ready to make one on her own. “Um, what did you have in mind?”

“Something simple,” she breathed, barely catching her breath. “Something that will make you know what it feels like to make a Deal as a Demon. I want you to understand what you are now as much as is possible …” Now that she indulged in her new fetish, Lorella was happily learning how to handle it. She was still glancing down to the cum-soaked feet around her, though, including her own.

“OK …” Daya nudged, not sure what was to be offered. She looked over to Zoey, who just shrugged in a way that said this was fully on Daya.

“All right …” Lorella gathered her thoughts. “You put your feet on my face until  Louisa walks back inside. You will intoxicate me with your Demonic Lust through your feet. In return, I will grant you one favor, any favor whenever you want to request it.”

Daya smiled oddly. She could literally feel even the possibility of a demonic Deal. It was purely up to her to grant it. She tingled all over from both nervous excitement and a kind of demonic priming. “I accept your offer, Lorella,” she stated in a strongly restating tone, feeling her DNA ready to write this into itself. There was not Human feeling this could be compared to directly, with the feeling of static within her body somehow the closest description. “How would you like to seal this Deal?”

“With a kiss on the soles of our feet,” she stated, breath now fully back to her.

They sat on the floor, took a respective foot, and gave the sole a long deep smooch. Moving away from the foot, Daya felt theDeal write itself into her DNA, her very being. It was stronger than the feeling of static, and yet nothing like static at all. She then felt the Deal take hold. “Holy shit! You were right, Lorella. This really is a whole other side of my new Demon self …” She then said darkly, in an almost robotic resonance, and without conscious thought, “I will put my feet on your face until Louisa comes back inside. In that time, I will intoxicate you with my demonic lust through my feet. In return, you will ask a favor, any favor whenever you want to request it.”

Lorella lay down not sure if she was ready to be truly bombarded with lust via a sex object she barely had any ability to handle.

“That felt really fuckin’ cool!” Daya exclaimed. “Is that how it felt when we made our Deal, Zoey?”

“Yeah, more or less,” she shrugged. “Well, it was a lot more intense, the way we sealed it, if you remember!”

“You ready for this, Lorella?” Daya asked. “The Deal is making this so I just know what to do.”

“A sealed Deal can’t be denied!” Lorella said with a subtle laugh.

Daya pressed her red soles firmly against Lorella face. There was only a small air hole in between them. Zoey could not help herself but to lick and feel the tasty feet. That did not last long, though, because Daya successfully turned herself on in a new a surreal way. Daya felt and saw her lust like a strand of red fire, and directed it through her feet, intoxicating Lorella with demonic lust, per the Deal.

“UMM … ERRR …” Lorella grunted, feeling the spew wash over her through the feet. 

Daya was pretty sure Lorella was OK. Well, she was breathing, heavily, while the Deal prevented her from even thinking about stopping.

“OHHHH … YEAH …” Lorella cooed, muffled.

Daya found herself relived at what she heard and felt through her feet. Surprisingly for her that relief was not really out of empathy, which she most certainly still had to some extent; the relief was out of the Deal itself, which dictated she overwhelm Lorella until Louisa showed up. If Lorella was having a serious issue, that might have just led to the Deal being impossible to implement. She just knew that such a break, no matter how necessary, would physically damage her proportional to the extremeness of the Deal: here, possible coma for a day or two; making someone president for the price of their soul and failing, possibly certain destruction. She also came to realize that this was not the full force of her demonic lust. Was not holding back, but the Deal was to intoxicate not overwhelm.


“Your such a natural, Daya!” Zoey said happy and horny. “I love-lust you a lot!” she grabbed Daya’s head, and deeply made out with her in ways no Human ever could, making Daya moan orgasmically. Zoey was just that good with her long, fleshy tongue.

Louisa finally walked into the room after what must have been more than ten minutes of Daya applying her first demonic Deal. She went wide eyed to the subtle yet blatant site. Lorella was squirming drunkenly in clear pleasure with Daya’s feet all but smothering her, while Daya and Zoey were marking out orgasmically.

“Well, I’m gone for twenty minutes, and this is what I walk back into?” she chastised sarcastically. “You two really are Demons of Lust!”

Zoey laughed pleasantly, even though her resonating laugh was a little creepy, while Daya shut off the active lust and removed her feet from the near comatose woman’s face. Daya looked over to Louisa, “Thanks! Just applying a Deal I made with the Witch that chastised me for making a Deal with Zoey when I was still Human.”

Lorella tried to pick herself up, but found herself collapsing back onto the floor like an utter drunkard. Not corrupted or anything, but she never experienced so much lust in her life. The whole experience was truly orgasmic for her.

“Our favorite Succubus has basically built herself a little harem of her three roommates and two random guys they met. It is unclear how much more powerful she really made herself, but she took hold of those guys with a mere glance. People are just following her will without a word.”

“I hate to ask this,” Daya began, “but are you sure your contacts were not compromised themselves? She compromised me without much effort, and we had no idea.”

Louisa deeply sighed. “No way to know for sure, but her plans did not seem to change. I told them to watch from a distance, security cameras and some old fashioned hacking. That said, who knows? We move forward to the best of our ability. It always leads to sex with a Succubus. Fuck, it normally leads to sex with Lust Demons!”

Barely lifting herself to the foot of the gushy chair, Lorella said with some composure, “I’ve nudged Daya along as much as I can, and helped Zoey, too … We need to think of a way to control the narrative when she returns …”

“We do have some control!” Zoey corrected. “Daya’s a fucking Demon like me now! But the sex …” She smirked. “We need to have an orgy. Right here and now.”

“Seriously?” Louisa said sarcastically.

“We are lust and Human’s can be sensitized,” Zoey explained. “If Daya and I induce a sexual frenzy amongst the four of us, you and Lorella will have a sense of the extreme lust we’ll be up against. You might handle it better.”

“She’s, she’s right, Louisa,” Lorella confirmed quietly. “Daya was bathing me with her lust, but she would have to increase the output a little every time to create the same effect on me or better. Sure, they could mess with our dopamine and endorphins if they wanted, but they won’t here. Even … boosting can loose its effectiveness over time.”

“If I agree to this … orgy, I’m not sure Lorella is up for it just this moment …” Louisa observed.

“Hmmm,” Lorella began, looking over to Daya. “I’m-uh … I’m gonna cash in on the favor right now, Daya. Boost me back to better than I was before I started teaching you today.”

“Well, I can’t say no to that!” Daya exclaimed, making Zoey laugh. The real job was that Daya was not really sure how to grant Lorella’s favor, but like how Daya intoxicated her with demonic lust, instinct was about to be the co-teacher. Daya touched the tired Witche’s face, and found herself connecting with the nervous system. She quickly came to feel every biological process. Zoey obviously did this without much thought when Days was still Human, but Daya needed to concentrate quite a bit to find the right processes to properly boost Lorella. Daya then activated the adrenal gland and dramatically increased endorphin production for her drive and motivation.

Lorella soon stood looking strong, active, and downright domineering. Standing next to her, Daya found herself feeling an intense satisfaction to have fulfilled the Deal. In fact, what she felt could only be described as demonically orgasmic. In what felt programmed yet truly earnest at the same time, Daya stated, “Our Deal is fulfilled, Lorella. Are you fully satisfied?”

“I am very satisfied, Daya. Thank you.”

Daya felt complete relief and further demonic orgasm. “It was my honor to have placed my feet on your face to intoxicate you with my demonic lust until Louisa came back inside, and to have granted you your one favor, which you later decided to be a boost from me. I am ready to make more Deals with you, Lorella.” The last was quite a remarkable statement for her that she did not expect when she began to thank Lorella for the successful Deal, as her statements felt natural and prerecorded at the same time. Daya genuinely wanted to not only make more Deals with Lorella, but also did not want to say no to any of them definitively. Daya could, she felt, nudge the Deal making in her favor, but do had no real interest in doing so.

“The honor of a demon Deal, and the offer for more,” Lorela smirked. “So, if I wanted to make a Deal that you impregnate me with your Demon seed — me becoming yours and Zoey’s sex slave in return, would you agree to it?”

“I would! Would you like to seal that Deal as we had the first?” Daya was fairly certain that she was teasing, but Daya really wanted to make a another Deal with her. If that meant impregnating her and having her as a sex slave, then so be it!

“I’m teasing! But I will make another Deal with you, Daya.”

“Oh, great!” she said laughing more out of relief than the joke. It finally dawned on Daya how much of a fun and sexual being Lorela was. The Witch merely put on a professional mask, which she had Daya remove for educational purposes.

“In what looks like an inevitable orgy happening in a minute, I want you to make sure yours, Zoeys, and Louisa’s feet are inside me one way or another at one point, and in return, I will do everything in my power to protect you, Zoey, and Louisa in the coming conflict with the Succubus.”

“I should knock you up anyway for that joke!” Daya teased. “OK, I accept your offer. Now seriously, would you like to seal this Deal as before?”


They sat down on the floor, and presented their feet for a good, long smooch on the sole. Daya smiled euphorically while the Deal was written into her demonic soul and genetic code. Her resulting comments were starting feel less prerecorded. “I will ensure that mine, Zoey’s, and Louisa’s feet are inside you one way or another at some point in the likely coming orgy, in return, you will do everything in your power to protect me, Zoey, and Louisa in the coming conflict with the Succubus.” Smiling, Daya then lightly said, emphasizing with her clawed finger, “Deals feel fuckin’ great, Lorella, but don’t abuse my willingness!”

Lorella smiled at Daya teasingly, and looked over to arm crossed Louisa. “Well?”

“Fuck it!” Louisa stated with a stone face, undressing while she walked over. She was basically Daya’s mentor as a Hunter, and knew how frigid she could come off as. Indeed, she never knew Louisa to be sexual in any way until she became the last person Daya had sex with before not being Human. Daya now understood that Louisa did not really put on a mask to the world. Louisa was all business, and business was technically also her pleasure. She was also not one for half-measures, in Daya’s experience with her, so if they needed to have crazy sex fueled by demonic lust to better fight a powerful Succubus, then she was going to enjoying this business.

Zoey plopped Daya on the couch next to her, and said, “Don’t hold back in this orgy, my love-lust. Just let out your lust like you did through your feet earlier, except let it flow out your entire body. You know this is a lot more than intoxication.”

“Yes, Zoey …” she closed her eyes, and felt the ample lust moving within her. Instead of just pushing it all toward her feet, she moved the many strands of lust everywhere, forcing it outward. Eventually, it just flowed naturally out of her, as it was clearly flowing out of Zoey.

Louisa and Lorella were walking over, completely overpowered by the double-dose of pure demonic lust. It was obvious that all the wanted to do was fuck. They more than knew a Lust Demon was always ready for that!

“Let yourself be free here, Daya! This is gonna great!” Zoey ordered.

Lorella soon found herself eating out Zoey’s musky, lime tasting pussy, while Louisa was hungrily making out with the even hungrier Daya. The Humans were already overwhelmed with the lust of to Demons, who where both affected and were naturally amplifying the excreted lust. All the four of them wanted to do was fuck, but the two Demons were more or less in control of the show. Yet, none of them ever felt it this extreme before. It consumed the Humans’ mind, and all they wanted was more. This pure, overpowering lust allowed the Humans to feel all but like their Demon friends.

Louisa soon joined in on the carpet munching fun by eating and fingering Daya’s sweet, musky tasty pussy. Zoey grabbed at Lorella’s head, pressing her hard into her crotch. The Demons of Lust quickly glanced at each other thinking the same thing: Humans feel so good!

“Oh, fuck yeah, Human!” Daya cooed earnestly. “You eat me so good!” Looking down at the Human, she technically knew this was Louisa, but did not care. This Human was simply a source of pleasure right now.

Lorella’s mouth practically glued to her wet pussy, Zoey began to grope her asshole and crotch. “Damn, this Witch feels sooo good!” she exclaimed toward Daya, before picking Lorella up to wetly make out with her, to taste her own demonic juices.

Daya followed suit, and ordered, “Spit in my mouth, Human!” Louisa did so without question. “AGAIN!” They then made out almost desperately, before Daya ordered Louisa to choke her. Daya smiled largely and flicked her tongue in a demonic show of dominance.

While Lorella and Zoey were fingering and groping in their loud moans, Daya pulled Louisa down to Lorella’s ass. “Suck her fucking ass, Human!” Louisa did so without question with great want. “Come here, let me taste it!” Daya ordered. They made out deviantly.

Zoey decided to join in on the ass play, spanking and groping Witch’s ass while the Human was all but forced to continue making out with the rear. In fact, Zoey grasped the Human’s head to taste the ass herself, before relinquishing it back to Daya’s younger but capable hands. Zoey then repositioned herself on the couch to have her back and leg up as high and open as possible to have the Witch hungrily eat out her pussy more.

“Oh, yeah, spank that ass, Human!” Daya resonated.

“This is so fucking awe … humph-ummph …” Louisa’s face was shoved back between the Witch’s firm asscheeks.

“Shut the fuck up, Human! We only wanna hear you moan in lust!” Daya growled seriously in her hunger.

The Witch clearly knew her place long before, and joyously tongue fucked Zoey’s dripping pussy. Zoey herself was practically held up by nothing, a small sliver of her back still touching the backrest.

Daya pulled back the Human, and ordered her to open her mouth. Her upper orifice was then tongue fucked by Daya’s thick Demon tongue. “Get back to where you belong, ass-slut!”

While the Human went back to work on the Witch’s ass, Daya began to indulge on the Human’s, spanking it at the same time. Zoey then made her way down to Daya, possessively grasping her hair and making out with her.

“OOO, so dominant, my love-lust!” Zoey cooed in compliment.

“But you’re the big boss here!” Daya affirmed.

Zoey then stated with a big, lustful smile, with the darkest of resonance, “That’s right!” She possessively licked and groped her fellow Demon, before opening the Human’s asscheeks wide. “Chow down with me, Daya!”

“Yum!” Daya went down on the ass with her love-lust, the moans and comes growing louder.

“Well, here’s my ass!” the blue Zoey growled happily, after moving down the red-skinned Demon. Zoe licked and groped in equal parts lustful hunger and possessiveness. She spanked Daya so hard it echoed throughout the room, as it gave Daya a quick tsunami orgasm. Zoey hungrily tongue fucked with her long, thick member right after.

“Fuck yeah, Zoey!” Daya cooed, watching the Witch and Human acting on their own lust-fueled instinct.

The Human was now eating out the Witch, who was practically humping the Human’s face. With Zoey still tongue-fucking her from behind, Daya grasped the Human’s head, moving it in perfect time with the Witch’s movements. Soon Zoey joined in, groping the Witch’s pussy.

“Let’s get back to the Human’s amazing ass, Daya!” she ordered.

While Zoey groped and spanked, Daya fingered the asshole wildly. “She’s our personal ass-whore!” Daya cooed.

“I wanna taste it, Daya!”

Daya gave her fingers to Daya to hungrily suck off. The Demons just could not get enough of the Human’s ass, fingering and licking and spanking. At the same time, The Human continued to eat out the Witch’s dripping crotch, and then to occasionally making out and groping. The Witch, of course, kept staring at and groping whenever all the bare feet all the while, enhancing the pleasure of it all.

“Tell us what you are and what you want, Human!” Daya ordered.

“I’M A FUCKIN’ WHORE! FUCKING SMACK MY ASS! SMACK IT!” the whore screamed desperately.

The Demons did so relentlessly, flicking their tongues together in joy. 

“And what about you, Witch?” Zoey quarried.

“I’m the Demons’ fucking foot-loving slut that wants to spank the whore’s ass, too!” the slut exclaimed. She spanked the whore’s ass almost as hard and excitedly as the Demons.

Daya then took the slut, all but fisting her wet pussy with her red Demon feet, while sucking her well shaped tits.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” the slut cooed.

“Don,’t worry, slut. I’m incapable of forgetting our naughty Deal!” Daya proclaimed, before shoving her pussy-soaked foot up the slut’s ass.

“OH GAH THAT TONGUE’S SO FUCKIN’ DEEP IN MY ASS!” the whore cooed loudly. Zoey knew just what to do with her tongue to make any Human moans and coo in perpetual, wet orgasm, regardless of hole the slut was so receipting she screamed in her orgasm.

Daya then shoved the naturally lubed foot down the slut’s throat. “Just preview, slut!”

“UHHH-UMMM …” was all the slut could say with her mouth full.

Daya then had the whore bury herself in the stretched snatch of the slut, while Zoey wildly fingered whore’s asshole, check of which red from the spanking.

Zoey left the slut and whore to play with their feet and asses, so she could have a moment to teach Daya something.

“We’re gonna grow our dicks!” Zoey exclaimed through the primal sounds of pleasure.

“Cool!” This was the moment Daya truly understood the this was Zoey’s classroom right now. While as Demons, they were largely in control of the erotic psychosis in the room, but Daya was the teacher’s assistant, the almost literal teacher’s pet.

“Concentrate on your pussy, its lust, it’s pleasure. Visualize the lips fusing and growing outward. That’s it! OOOO, it’s still growing. Wow! Open your eyes.”

“Holy shit!” Daya looked down to what must have been over a foot worth of demonic flesh, plumper than Zoey’s. The hefty shaft was a vibrant orange like the small, blank-filled balls, while the tip was a crimson red.”

Zoey shoved the monstrosity up her stretchy pussy, making both growl loudly in lust. “I approve!”


Zoey then grew out her own blue monstrosity, and then went back to the frenzied slut and whore.

Daya quickly took the whore’s asshole with her massive anaconda, making them both scream in the intense lust. Zoey opted for more of a tease, shoving her tail up the slut’s ass and playing with the dripping pussy. The tease did not last long, and soon the Demons were fucking the women’s asses wildly with their dicks. Daya loved how natural she was at thrusting a dick into another!



“YES, FUCK YES, MORE!” the women screamed through the cries of pleasure, after the Demons’ proclamations.

“Take my dick, whore!” Daya ordered, having the whore suck her off. It felt so fucking good!

The slut’s head was all the way back to take all of Zoe’s demonic pole, throat visibly pulsing from the intrusion. 

“This is so fuckin’ awesome! Come here, my love-lust!” Zoey exclaimed, grabbing Daya for a wild, excited kiss. Zoey then pulled the whore’s head back and forth onto Daya’s cock. “Come on, whore! The slut’s sucking better than you!”

“Yah think the slut’s ready for foot overload, Zoey?” Daya asked in a playful growl.

“Whenever you’re ready for the task, babe!” she answered. This was likely one of the few times where Zoey would not truly be in control of the sex. Of course, Daya had a task via a Deal, and Zoey had to help with Daya’s tasks!

Zoey had the slut lay on her back, while holding her legs up and open to fully expose the stretched asshole and soaked pussy.

“Oh, this is fuckin’ happening!” Daya exclaimed almost darkly. “Come on, whore! Choose a whole, and put your feet in it!”

“Ass!” the whore exclaimed primally. She sat before the slut and began to shove as much of her feet as she could into the rear cavity, making the slut moan wildly.

Zoey positioned herself to take the pussy, shoving her not too large feet in surprisingly deep.

“Fuck! FUCK!” the slut cooed.

Daya then straddled the slut’s hips and stomach on her hands, and began to thrust her large feet into the foot-hungry slut’s mouth. The slut’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, experiencing something so utterly new and intense. It was what she asked for, but it was much more than she expected. The slut soon came harder than she had up to this point, squirting through a pair of thrusting Demon feet, and biting down hard on Daya’s. Well, Daya loved the feel of the Witch’s teeth sinking into her sensitive flesh.

With no real pause to savor the the fetishistic afterglow, Daya was soon fucking the slut’s stretched pussy doggy-style, while Zoey had the whore fuck her in a wild reverse anal cowgirl. The wild cries of ecstasy were almost constant now, especially when Daya thrust her tail in the slut’s asshole at the same time. 

Suddenly curious about the taste of pussy juice on her own dick — and the taste of her own dick, Daya quickly ended up sucking herself off. Delicious! Her eyes met with the smiling Zoey.

“Don’t give me ideas!” Zoey teased through her growls of pleasure.

Daya soon resumed her thrusts into the slut. Indeed, she fucked her that much more excitedly, tasting her own precum off her lips. It was only that moment she realized how packed full of and covered with slippery precum they all were right then!

The whore soon found herself still in a reverse anal cowgirl, but also with Daya shoving her dick into her pussy on top.

“OH, FUCK YEAH! I LOVE IT! FUCK ME, DEMONS!” the whore exclaimed, before the slut began to hump her face.

They moaned and cried orgasmically, tails aggressively invading whatever free hole they could find. And soon, staring into the eyes of their eternal love-lust, the Demons blew they hot, thick, sweet-sour seed into the women, who found themselves in an earth shattering, squirt spewing orgasm …

Daya looked at the semiconscious women sandwiched between she and Zoey. She was admittedly a little relieved that she saw them as more than just sex toys again, as she cared about them as much as she did as a Human. That was the difference between this crazed Succubus and perhaps most other Demons: it was possible to still care. What was interesting was that Daya was pretty sure the two did not really put on any false-personalities, because she felt that the extreme lust merely brought out another side of them. Indeed, there was nothing false on Daya’s part!

“It’s amazing, Zoey. You hear ‘Demon’ and you think some psychopathic monster, but the truth is we have to choose not to care …”

Zoey kissed her with a loving, lusting smooch. “Lust and truth are kissing cousins, Daya. We are still capable of being who we want to be …”

The next morning, Daya caught sight of Louisa picking her shirt up from the floor. A $100 bill fell out. She looked at it in confused amazement.

Daya snuck that bill there about an hour before as both to tease and to satisfy her suspicions.

Louisa’s confused amazement slowly shifted to a distinct smile of satisfaction, putting the hundred into her purse. She caught site of the smirking Daya, and smiled back, before giving a slow air kiss.

Now Daya knew for sure that Louisa really was a whore deep down, and that Daya felt that she helped uncover a new fetish for her …

“Do we really even have a plan besides trying to fuck an unprecedentedly powerful Succubus?” Zoey asked in distinct impatience. 

Louisa sighed. “We pretty much have to play her game, otherwise we don’t even know if the’ll be any rules to expect.”

“Even if we somehow win,” Zoey began, “what’s stopping her from crawling back out of Hell to try it all over again, all the more wiser?”

“That is the problem with any crazed Demon, especially now that it does not take long for them to return …” Lorella stated ponderously. “Demonic souls can be destroyed. I know the incantation, but I’ve never done it. We will have to play her game. If we win, she will leave her body, revealing her true self, and instead of the standard exorcism, I will try to destroy her.”

“We need an edge here …” Daya stated. “She’s very quick. I know full well she does not hold back, and with her enhanced power now, we might just loose as quickly as I did last time.”

“Lorella,” Zoey called ponderously. “Is there a way to link all our lust?”

“Perhaps …” Lorella smirked. “The key would be to ensure mine and Louisa’s souls are not corrupted. I don’t want to become a Demon, no offense.”

“Some taken!” Zoey joked.

“I know a good linking spell. Wasn’t really designed with demonic lust in mind, but like all good linking spells, it should prevent any permanent physical or spiritual contamination. Basically, there should be no lust transfer, just linkage.”

“Well, let’s do it!” Louisa stated.

“We have about two hours before the Succubus presumably returns to her dorm.” Lorella stated. “It will take over an hour to make the spell happen.”

“Should be different,” Lousia stated dryly. “I’m not paid enough for this shit!”

Making their way to the Succubus’ home, they had trouble fully understanding how they felt. The spell certainly prevented demonic lust from corrupting the Human soul, but the nature of their connection was profound. They could all feel and even lean on all the lust within them. As a result, Daya and Zoey were naturally in charge, their lust essentially overarching.

They made their way inside the living room of the beach house dorm. They beat the Succubus by barely twenty minutes. Lorela received a text stating that the Succubus’ harem looked to be arriving later. It would seem the Succubus could control people with a glance now, but had no control over overbooked airlines!

The foursome patiently waited, letting themselves become further acclimated to increased levels of demonic lust. Their connection allowed Lorella and Louisa to safely feel a level of lust they never thought they could handle. Indeed, Daya and Zoey could break the protective element if they wished, and were all relieved the protection held when the two Demons let their lust flow freely into the room. Lorella and Louisa were ready to fuck on a moments notice now, the protective element allowing them lucidity.

The Succubus suddenly walked inside, removing all her clothes with hints of anger and frustration. They could feel her intense lust hit them, far stronger than what Daya felt when she lost, but maintained composure thanks to their link. She walked up to Daya and stated, “You have no idea the pleasuresss we could have had together!”

“I have a proposal, Succubus,” Daya began. “All of us here will play your game.”

“Oh, you should know more than anyone, Daya, my gamesss are two player!”

“I thought you would make an exception to prove how powerful you’ve become by absorbing the corrupted Jenny.”

“Ssstroking my ego? I guess it has grown …” The Succubus smirked with her now hypnotically red lips. “Fine. I win, I consssume this Witch and Hunter, and make you and Zoey my ssslavesss. I loose, I’ll leave this body.”

“Sealed with a kiss?” Daya forwarded. The Succubus would abide regardless, but Daya could not bend the rules like she did.

The Succubus grabbed Daya, and kissed her will epic lust.

With a teasing smile, Daya eventually stated, “If you win, Zoey and I will be your slaves, as you will consume the Witch and Hunter. If you loose, you will leave your body.”

They surrounded the Succubus, who stated, “I’ll fuck the formal right out of you, Demon of Lussst!”

The Succubus grew a massive dick, while the monster Hunters practically leapt onto the powerful Succubus. In the squirming, groping, moaning flesh, it became clear that the four were about even with the Succubus. Their only hope at this point was the assumption that the Succubus was not holding back any ounce of lust, like the first time with Daya.

Desperately trying to find a way to turn the flat tide in their direction, they groped and sucked and fucked whatever they could touch. Lorella sucked and groped the feet; Louisa fisted the ass, Daya went for the breasts; Zoey sucked off the massive member. 

The Succubus suddenly rose above the lustful fray, and proclaimed in clear ecstasy, “Yesss, yesss! Worship every part of me!”

They found themselves unsure if the Succubus was baiting them or if they might as well have just been worshiping her. Shocking them all, especially Zoey, the Succubus suddenly ejaculated a massive load down Zoey’s throat. She fell back and came hard and wet, dazed for a few moments before leaning onto the still strong collective lust of the group.

Clearly pleased with herself, the Succubus leaned onto her side, and lifted her leg up high in a surreal kind of erotic invite. Daya suddenly grabbed the Succubus’ dick, stroking it wildly, and forcing a lustful kiss. She then looked deep into the Succubus’ sultry eyes, and found the core strand of lust, in it shimmering crimson glory. The Lust Demon grasped it to force the most epic of foot fetishes onto her.

Feet!?” the Succubus smirked. “How lazy! I have a fetish for everything!”

“I know!” Daya exclaimed. With the distracted Succubus’ lust literally in hand, Daya had been gathering all the lust at her command, and forced it into the Succubus through that main lust strand.

The Succubus went wide-eyed at the gambit, spewing her cum everywhere in an orgasm beyond her control.

“Let’s grow some dicks, my love-lust!” Zoey exclaimed, feeling the tide of lust shifting. They did so with gusto!

The tired yet still enthused Lorella and Louisa quickly pulled the Succubus down to her back. While they and Zoey opened the legs wide.

“You made me think I fucked the shit out of you!” Daya exclaimed in a lustful anger. “Now I’m really gonna fuck you to death!”

GIVE IT TO ME!” the Succubus screamed.

Daya harshly thrust her now nearly two-foot long monstrosity into the Succubus’ ass, making the evil being scream in intense pleasure. The hot feeling of the Succubus’ balls rubbing up against her dick was merely a bonus to the pleasure she was inflicting. At the same time, Lorella hungrily took the Succubus’ feet as her own, fingering herself, as Louisa widely slobbered the Succubus’ impaled ass.

With a loud roar filled with lust and furry, Daya exploded into the Succubus’ anal cavity, making her cum — and everyone else — everywhere as well.

Before the Succubus could recover with the help of lust-filled cum, the four of them brought her to all fours. Louisa took the happy opportunity to suck off Daya’s dick, and then to lube up the Succubus’ tasty ass. With Louisa’s epic salivating, Daya slipped back in, making the Succubus moan almost desperately. Zoey then forced her rather large dick down the Succubus throat, face fucking excitedly. Lorella used the Succubus foot like a dildo, cooing gloriously.

There was no doubt the Succubus was practically their fuck toy now. Yet, she was still too stubborn to admit defeat. The four needed to fuck her more, and while the Demons could hold hold on for much longer, the other two needed this to end sooner than later. 

“You’ve lost, Succubus!” Daya exclaimed in dark resonance. “You’re our fuck-toy!”

“EERR — UGH!” was all the stubborn Succubus could blurt.

“Make her cum again and again, Daya!” Zoey ordered. “Then we all cum in dominance!”

Incapable of saying no, Daya found that she never completely let go of the Succubus’ lust, so she made the Succubus again explode with their combined lust. She then forced a fetish to be dominated, and forced yet another orgasm through that. 

Zoey and Daya locked eyes with knowing smiles. Together they wielded the power of the linked lust, and let out a powerful orgasm, spewing cum into the Succubus and just about everywhere else.

They stepped back, looking at the submissive and desperate Succubus. “PLEASSSE MORE!” she gurgled through thick, lemony cum.

“You’ve lost, Succubus. Let go of you body, now!” Daya exclaimed.

“I … I lost …” she finally admitted in a whimper. The Succubus fell onto the floor, rolling onto her back. The distorted, shadowy essence of the twisted being slowly emerged from the body.

With total conviction, Lorella chanted the death spell. Her eyes glowed brightly, showing that she was calling the power of her own soul. This was the real risk she did not want to tell anyone: if she did not do this right, Lorella was likely at risk of serious damage at the spiritual level, not to mention the certain return of a vengeful Succubus sooner than later. She then collapsed into Daya’s arms, falling unconscious.

The wispy poltergeist of lust floated for the longest of moments. Its dark tones began to glow a crimson and red like it was on fire. An impossibly sickly sweet scent of sulphur began to permeate the room. Lights popped and shattered loudly, as the windows imploded before exploding. The Succubus was now an expanding ray of weightless fire. A whaling scream worse than a banshie’s shattered whatever was left breakable. The pulsing flames then imploded willfully, before dissipating outward. Ash slowly fell to the floor, and disappeared like snow in the spring …

“Did I miss the show?” Lorella said quietly.

“Hell of a show!” Daya said, giving her a deep smooch. Before she could confirm the success of their Deal, Zoey called out.

“She’s still alive!”

“What!?” Louisa exclaimed.

Lorella held up by Daya, moved over to the somehow still breathing woman on the floor. A woman who of course still looked exactly as she did when she walked into the room.

Lorella placed her hand on the semi-conscious woman’s forehead, “Revelare ipsum … It’s Jenny! Well, sort of. It would seem the Succubus did not fully absorb her … Maybe that was never possible, or what the spell meant … She is now certainly a Succubus, though.”

“What … what the fuck … I’m me …” she muttered, slowly opening her eyes

None of them really knew what to do. Like any Demon created on Earth, it was not clear what she wanted.

“I’m not sure I want to thank you or curse you.” She slowly stood, and looked at her blue, mottled, highly textured hands, as well as distinct claws. “Or curse myself … I’m leaning toward the third option …”

“What do you want to do?” Zoey asked concerned.

“I don’t fucking know anymore!” she said quietly. “She tricked me, you know? But I kinda thought I wanted her to anyway.” She looked down to her long, placid member, and retracted it, crotch morphing into an alluring pussy. “Better. I know don’t want dick anymore!”

“That’s a start,” Louisa said lightly.

“I felt like I was being consumed, you know?” Jenny said in subtle despair. “I kinda gave up, and let the wants of that Succubus be mine. Her wants destroyed her … I want to just fucking figure out who I am now. She remade me into a Succubus, but I don’t think I’m at all like she was …” She sat on the couch, and asked to herself in confused amazement, “What the fuck am I gonna do with a harem!?”

They four agreed as a group that they would let Jenny figure out who she was, under the caveat that she would do well to remember what led her to becoming a Succubus. Jenny thanked them, and just sat on her couch after wishing they would leave …

They made it back to Daya’s house soon after. Lorella disengaged the linking spell. Almost immediately after, Daya asked with genuine concern, “Our Deal is fulfilled, Lorella. Are you fully satisfied?”

“I am very satisfied, Daya,” she answered tiredly. “I thank you again. You and Zoey, I never thought I would be so honored to fight alongside Demons.”

Daya felt that complete relief and demonic orgasm she loved so much. The following statement felt genuine and truly natural. “It was my honor as well to ensure mine, Zoey’s, and Louisa’s feet were inside you at the same time once in our earlier orgy, and then to have you protect and aid us to the best of your ability. How about another Deal, Lorella? Make yourself ovulate, and I pump some of my Demon seed in that womb of yours?”

They all laughed at the obvious tease. Daya had no urge to mate, but a Deal could make her want otherwise. 

“I do want to make at least one more Deal.”

“Oh, this Demon’s listening!” Daya now felt that the Deals were the truest, more pure part of her now demonic self, especially when the deal applied the lust that is her through and through.

“Witches can make Deals, too. The process is practically the same, but some do like to sign on old fashioned paper contract. Louisa never speaks of it, but I made a Deal with her years before the technically failed apocalypse. Let’s just say what happened is between us, but I think I might as well have been bound to her without my Deal. It’s the same Deal I want to make with both you and Zoey, more or less …”

Zoey propped up, and smirked, “Go on …”

“Witches do not normally make Deals with Demons, even now. The stigma is obvious, and some of the worst Witches have made Deals with even worse Demons. But what we just went though, you two deserve it. The Deal for both you and Zoey is that I will always be there for you for whatever you wish, including fighting monsters or worshiping your feet after a long day. I ask for nothing in return.”

Zoey and Daya looked at each other and smiled in agreement. “I accept your Deal,” they said in turn. “How shall we seal this?” Zoey asked.

“They way I like sealing Deals with Demons.”

They soon smooched the wrinkled soles of their feet, and felt the Deal sink in. Red and blue feet in hand, Lorella stated, “As I am always there for Louisa, I will always be there for you both.” Pale skinned feet in hands, Zoey and Daya then stated in an eerily resonating unison, “You will always be there for us for whatever we wish, including fighting monsters or worshiping our feet after a long day. You require nothing in return …”


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