JIP: Lust from Darkness

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story follows a slightly different organizational scheme. Instead of subheadings, the overlapping sections are highlighted by a specific, repeated keyword. 

Synopsis: The story follows Hunters Lucinda and Alena, who have been fighting monsters for nearly a decade. Demons were never their speciality, but they soon find themselves against Demons with an unexpected plan … Enjoy!

eBook Edition

Lust from Darkness

Lucinda and Alena were trying not to let the phrase “legendary Hunters” make them too over confident. Yet, that description from a fellow monster Hunter in their last case might as well have been accurate.

Seven years ago, the redheaded Lucinda was just a common Witch; though, she preferred being called “Wiccan” at the time. She led a diverse Coven in what she described as a progressive use of magic. While technically all “white magic,” she allowed experimentation to more gray areas. Some described her coven as “light gray.”

Everything changed when one of her followers began secretly experimenting with shadowy, more malevolent magic. People in their town and even within her Coven suddenly went missing over the span of a few weeks. Alena, a young dirty-yellow haired Hunter from a long line of Hunter-Knights, came to her with clear suspicions. Alena did everything she could to help. They soon learned the rogue Warlock had summoned a Demon with a taste for Human. Lucinda and Alena were barely able to save half of her Coven before they expelled the Demon. They never knew what his motivations were for summoning a Demon, but he was the town’s new governor at the time.

What was left of the Coven naturally disbanded after that, while Lucinda felt like she failed them all. She decided to join Alena in hunting and slaying monsters to make up for her blindness that led to the loss of many lives. Lucinda loved Alena a little, but had a policy of never having an intimate relationship with those she either worked or chanted with. Since then, the duo proved unbeatable. They were now feared by some monsters and directly challenged by others.

Their last case required a team of Hunters to take down a whole family of Necromancers, who had a surprisingly doable plan of world domination. Long story short, Lucinda and Alena were pivotal in the battle. All the Hunters lived, even though some were seriously injured by the aggressive Super-Zombies and allied undead (Vampires, Ghouls, and Liches). The dynamic duo did have quite the natural high.

They found themselves at an aging Bowden Inn a few weeks later. The new case seemed much less epic than their last, but any chance to fight a monster and save people was taken. In the small town of Bowden, there was a spike in crime, pregnancy, and apparently orgiastic behavior. Such sudden changes suggested a Demon, but not everything was clear yet. They had a lead that suggested a local bar might be related to the bizarre behavior happening.

Wearing Lucinda’s “patented” physical protection thumb rings, they walked into Bobby Walker’s Bar. They casually scoped out the place at the bar stools. Nothing seemed terribly unusual, not yet: a small group playing pool, people casually chatting at the tables. There was a fairly even dispersement of genders at the moment.

“You know, this isn’t a gay bar!” the sandy skinned bartender stated. 

“Excuse me?” Lucinda replied.

He smiled and laughed. “This is an everybody bar! So what doesn’t your liver want, madams?”

“Irish whisky, neat,” Alena said, less than casually looking him over.

“Red wine, Zinfandel, if you have it,” Lucinda ordered.

While Lucinda was normally restrained sexually, Alena loved a good fuck, regardless of gender. They sipped at their drinks.

“So we were just passin’ through, and saw the local newspaper …” Alena said to the bartender.

“Oh, that,” he began ponderously. “Why would you two be interested in our local problems?”

“We’re Federal Agents on our way back from a bank fraud investigation over in some Columbus suburb,” Lucinda began. “I’m Special Agent Lucy Smith and my parter for the trip is Agent Alison Orang. Our investigation turned out to be nothing, but we’ve been unofficially furloughed with the government shutdown. So, unpaid vacation!” She took a big gulp.

The almost shadowy-eyed bartender gave them a long look. “Like nosey detectives … Maybe you could help with something. Would you two mind coming to the back office?”

They looked at each other, knowing this could lead to anything. Still, sometimes being captured was easier than sneaking into some fortress. In their experience, sometimes the monster had such big ego that they really did go off on how amazing their plan was!

“I found this … thing the other day. I don’t know if it has to do with anything, but nothing is what it used to be around here.”

He unwrapped a rather phallic object on his desk. The black thing was oddly curved, with small red bumps and deep ridges. It almost looked like some demonic dick. Carved on the base was, “LIBIDO•DE•TENEBRIS” …

“Lust from darkness?” Lucinda translated out loud.

“You know Latin?” the bartender asked in fascination.

“A hobby,” Lucinda answered with some truth. In her opinion, some of the best spells were encoded in Latin, even though good Witches and Warlocks could cast a spell in any language. She picked it up, instantly feeling lustful energy coming from it.

Alena snatched it to examine it for herself. Lucinda hated it when she did that. And this time, it was certainly a mistake.

“Agent Orang, that could be … dangerous,” Lucinda stated in growing arousal. 

Phallic object firmly in hand, Alena looked over her hunting partner. “I think I want you right now, Lucinda …”

“Err …” The greatly aroused Lucinda leaned onto the desk, Alena leaning in. Her pussy tingled at the sight of Alena. This was the kind of fantasy Lucinda refused to have, but secretly wanted.

“You know what, Lucinda? I’ve secretly always wanted to fuck you.”

“What’s stopping you?” she breathed.

They began to make out hungrily with great want. Lucinda peeled up Alena’s shirt, worshiping her perfect mounds of flesh.

With her expert sleight of hand, Lucinda grabbed the demonic dildo, and after quickly taking down Alena’s pants and panties, she fucked her partner with it.

“Oh, fuck yeah! Harder!” Alena cooed, green eyes wide.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard!” Lucinda exclaimed with her piercing blue eyes.

“Oh, yeah, OH!”

“You’re such a fucking slut, Alena!”


“You want to feel Demon cum in you, DON’T YOU!”


A blatant Demon suddenly walked over. Lucinda’s sharp senses told her that this was the bartender. Only now he was massive: eight feet tall, glaring red eyes, twisted horns, absurdly large muscles, and veiny, red, hairless skin. Even in her hyper-aroused state, Lucinda wondered why she did not see through his mirage earlier.

“Now you’re gonna get that Demon cum, Hunter!” he growled.

Give it to me!” Alena exclaimed, amazed at herself.

“Get on all fours and take me like the bitch-slut you are!” the Demon ordered

She did so without question, removing her clothes completely. The observed member was bigger and lumpier than the demonic object.

“OH FUCK YESSS, GAH …” she screamed in shadowy pleasure, the monster dick impaling her.

“Yeah, tight Hunter pussy!” he growled in his shadowy lust.

With only the shadowed arousal as her guide, Lucinda stripped her clothes, and began to fuck herself with the demonic dildo. The thing that bled lust was so good, so big. The feel of Alena’s pussy juices on the dildo nearly destroyed her mind in the pleasure. In time with the Demon’s thrusts into Alena, she moved the massive thing in and out of her. They were both epically orgasmic, but there was no stopping this, not yet.

“Make me a Demon cum-slut!” Alena exclaimed in her orgasms.

Another Demon, green skinned, walked in with his massive member at attention. That one came right to Lucinda.

“I got the real thing!” it exclaimed to the enthralled Witch.

Lucinda put the dildo down next to her. “So big. I normally like the girls, but I think I’ll make you one of the few exceptions!” Normally, she saw dicks as weird looking, and while this was certainly some kind of surreal extreme, she wanted it inside her badly. She wasn’t sure if it could all fit, but did not care.

“I’m so close Hunter slut!” the bartender Demon exclaimed.

“OH, YES, YES!” Alena orgasmically cooed.

“Beg for my cum!”


“By your command!”

It then exploded its thick, slimy seed into Alena, making her cum so hard that she nearly lost her mind. “So much cum …” she barely blurted.

At the same time, Lucinda was pushed onto her back. The green Demon lay on its side, lifted her leg, and forced the monstrosity into her unsuspecting pussy. “HOLY FUCK, ITS SO BIG!” Lucinda screamed in shadowed pleasure.

After many hard and brutal thrusts, the green Demon exploded his seed into the mega-orgasmic Witch.

“MORE, MORE!” Lucinda pleaded. In a show of aggression the green Demon clearly did not expect, Lucinda willed the Demon to flip onto its back, and began to fuck him on her knees. “FUCK YES, YES!”

The onslaught continued for the Hunters, who pleaded for more orgasms while they orgasmed. Cum began to fill their unprepared wombs. They could have been going for hours, but no one there cared. Eventually, the Demons grew tired, and decided to attend to other things …

Not long after the Demons left, Lucinda forced, “Holy, shit …”

“Yeah …”

“Let’s get the fuck outa here!”

“Yeah …”

* * * *

Before carefully examining the object, Lucinda examined Alena and herself. They were physically OK after the demonic orgy, and neither were knocked up. The object itself was not very old, unlikely older than a year or two. It continued to spew lust onto those that touched it unprepared. So, Lucinda enchanted a couple necklaces to protect them from any further lust …

Alena lay awake in her comfy bed in the motel one town over, wearing only a tight shirt and panties. She could not stop thinking about the demonic orgy, trying to convince herself that it was a horrible forced thing. Yet, that was not how she remembered it. There was more pleasure than she ever knew.

“All right,” she whispered to herself. “How could anyone blame me for enjoying myself. I deserved a break after saving the world. I deserved it. I deserved to let go, become the slut I really am.” She was surprised she said that, but it felt true. “The dick was so big and different. The Demon was so good at taking away my control … So shadowy and dirty.” She began to touch herself. “Fine, I loved it!”

Alena looked over to the enchanted box holding the demonic dildo. She did not even tell Lucinda that she took it, and was not consciously sure why. Removing it — not wearing any form of protection, she felt its lust gush all over her. “I need it!”

She began to rub the tip on her moist pussy. “I loved it so much! I loved how it felt to be in its control, its personal whore.” Drooling, she shoved the massive thing in and out of her pussy, thinking about the Demon’s brutal thrusts. She groped her tits and thrust the dildo, remembering the things that should have repulsed her. The turn on of begging for the cum was still mind blowing. 

An amazed Lucinda walked into Alena’s room.


“Oh …” Lucinda stated.

“Oh, shit,” she breathed out with shame she secretly felt forced. “I, I can’t stop thinking about what happened earlier. I never felt so out of control before. I loved how free I felt under its control …”

“Wow …”

“I saw you, Lucinda. You loved it, too …”

“That very dildo got us going …”

“It can’t just be the dildo. I think I really did love it!”

“I know what you mean, Alena … It was the best sex I ever had.”

“That makes me fell a little better.”

“That’s why it was so dangerous, Alena. There might just be an addictive quality to it. My research on that Latin phrase suggests it is a kind of rallying cry for Demons. Sometimes they band together to create bizarre stratagems. Given our clear susceptibility, we need to be carful. The first step is putting that thing back in my box.”

She nodded, and put it away. “I’m gonna go out and kick some Demon ass with your lovely necklace, Lucinda, force this lust out of me. We’ll meet at that bar later, OK?”

“All right …”

* * * *

Alena indeed found some more Demons, and literally kicked them off this plane of existence. It was disconcerting that there was practically a horde in this town, while they were all almost casually strolling around at night. They were basically just going out to fuck and corrupt …

Lucinda made her way to the bar before Alena. A part of her just wanted the Demons to fuck her again, but formed a scheme instead. Well, it might lead to them trying to fuck her, but her necklace and thumb ring combined protected her from that to a degree.

Multiple Demons were there, and not even trying to mask themselves.

“Oh, back for more, Hunter?” the bartender said sarcastically.

“Not exactly.”

The Demon looked on.

“I’m here to formulate a Witch’s Honor Deal. I hear Demons such as yourselves like making deals.”

“Normally just for souls and servitude,” the lumpy blue one stated, bored.

“If you guys really wanted that, you would not be here,” she began. “Let’s talk …”

Lucinda seemed to be making headway on a deal to make them do something else. It was clear some of them did not have much faith in what they were doing yet. The undoing of demonic groups was in their lack of cohesion.

She then sensed Alena making her way into the bar. Possibly against better judgement, she told them Alena was coming and hid behind the bar. The Demons were somewhat perplexed by this, but found it all amusing enough to go with it.

Through an apparent peephole, Lucinda saw a determined Alena walk into the Demon-infested bar. Alena could not believe how hot her partner looked! Her hair was partly tied up from behind, and wore black leather boots that went all the way past her firm calves, highlighting them and the sexy muscles above. Her very short black skirt was held up by a shimmering leather belt. Her muscled tummy was in full view below a short, corset-like shirt. She looked either like some high priced prostitute visiting a client, some fantastical Amazon, or some video game heroine. Regardless, Lucinda was more than turned on by the site. The lust she sensed the Demons casually emitted was fully blocked by the necklace, the copy of which Alena was still wearing. She was fairly sure the demons were emitting lust earlier in their true forms, but the demonic dildo enthralled them before that even mattered.

“Well, the porn-slut-Hunter returns!” the bartender Demon exclaimed, unconcerned.

“Not for your ugly dicks!” Alena taunted, even though a part of her wondered if that was a lie.

The green one walked up to Alena, and teased, “You sure? The lust felt mutual.”

“I won’t deny that,” she said, feeling his hot breath on her cheek. His massive, ribbed member brushed her hand provocatively, and she grabbed hold of it, stroking. “Is this what you want?”

“You do know your way around Demon dick,” he grunted. 

“All right. How ‘bout this? If I consent to being a cum repository for you and your friends in turn, you guys will tell me your diabolical plan here, and let me go tonight?” She went to her knees, with her mouth mere millimeters away from the Demon’s ballooned dick.

“Sounds fun to me!” the bartender exclaimed. The others shrugged and agreed.

Without hesitation, Alena began to stroke and suck the deep green anaconda. ‘This is really happening!’ she thought to herself. ‘I never knew I was such a perverted slut!’

The Demon then grabbed her head, and began to fuck her face. She gagged a little at first, eventually just taking the footlong like the champ she apparently was. Suddenly, she slipped away, and climbed up on the pool table. “Come on, green guy, I’m hungry for some dirty Demon cum!” She quickly stripped off her clothes, including necklace, revealing how she wore no underwear. She opened up her legs wide. “Fuck this bad girl dirty.”

The Demon then impaled his blue monster into her already dripping pussy. “Oh, God! So big, deep … HARDER!” she screamed in shadowed pleasure.

“Just a fucking sex toy now!” the green Demon exclaimed.

“Yes, YES!” she cooed.

“Take all of me Demon slut-toy!”


The green Demon then began to fuck her face. She hungrily took the thing all the way down her throat.

“Such a slut!” Lucinda said quietly to herself behind the bar.

“TAKE IT ALL!” the blue one roared, blowing his massive load down her throat. It was so much that she coughed some of it back up. Alena loved it, the musky-sharp flavor. And suddenly, the green one exploded more loudly and with an even larger load.

“Get over here for my cum, Demon slut!” the bartender exclaimed.

With a lustful smile — and Demon cum leaking out of her, she made her way to the large thing. He suddenly took her from behind, thrusting brutally, making her squeal in the most shadowed of lust.

“How are you still so tight!” he growled. “Good thing Green’s seed is sooo lubricating!”

“Give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!” Alena screamed. There was nothing but the shadowed pleasure and demon seed.

“This Hunter is the best!” a gray, lizard-like Demon exclaimed, anxiously waiting his turn.

“Definitely my favorite!” the bartender agreed.

“OH MY FUCK YEAH!” she screamed orgasmically. “I love how dirty and wrong  …. ERGUH! Pump it all into my womb!”

“As you wish, Demon Hunter!” the Bartender affirmed.

‘Holy shit, this is hot! So fucking horny,’ Lucinda thought to herself. ‘I wanna take her, too!’

“HARDER” Alena screamed. “This slut needs it!”

Lucinda found herself rubbing her wet pussy to the site of her friend being dominated by Demons. Luckily in time with the Demonic growls and Alena’s own orgasmic screams, Lucinda came hard. Yet, she was still horny!

“Beg for my seed, Demon slut!” the bartender growled.

“YES PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” she cooed orgasmically at the mere thought.

‘I love how she’s really letting herself go!’ Lucinda thought.

In a loud roar, the Demon blew his load of legion into her.

“Yes, I NEED IT ALL!” she screamed orgasmically.

Laying back onto the soft wood floor, pants long gone, Lucinda was pleasuring herself to to the onslaught. She was amused at how it was all her, the anti-lust neckless still around her neck. ‘I wanna be a Demon! I wanna have her, too!’ she thought in shadowed greed.

“Next!” the bartender called.

“Took you long enough!” the gray Demon growled teasingly. “My turn,” he stated provocatively toward Alena.

You didn’t get to take me earlier, did you?” she teased expectantly.

“Let’s rectify!” he growled.

“Take me hard! I’m yours to fuck!” she called desperately.

His ridiculous monstrosity plowed its way into her. If the bartender was a footlong, he was probably a good six inches longer, and it was even fatter!

She gasped, “TOO MUCH!”

“Take me, slut!”

She groaned loudly, feeling her body forced to expand from the invasion.

“I know you,” he grunted, thrusting. “It’s my talent to know what shadowed desires Humans want. You want, need to loose control. I will take what little control you had left, and make you cum on my will.”

“HOLY FUCK!” she screamed in an orgasm forced by the Demon’s will. “MORE PLEASE!”

He thrust wildly, brutally, ignoring her pleas for another orgasm beyond her control. He then came hard in her, making her cum hard at the same time.

“I LOVE IT!” she screamed.

He kept thrusting, cuming inside her at random, making her cum in time.

The controlling Demon then picked her up, and a golden-orange Demon suddenly forced its dick into her ass.

‘Goddess, this is too much,’ Lucinda thought through her pleasureful pants. “Take her hard!” she growled quietly, watching.

Alena came yet again with more cum from who knows who, as Lucinda came again all over her hand. Lucinda needed to have Alena now! The only way to do that was to be a Demon. Then the obvious hit her: she was a Witch! She could transform herself into a Demon. Well, it would be a kind of simulation; she would not really be a Demon. She first removed the necklace to ensure Alena did not suspect anything. Concentrating, she whispered through the loud cries of shadowed ecstasy a down and dirty spell. Through a breezy mix of illusion and physical shifts, her body began to transform. Her skin shifted to a blue hue with deep crimson lines highlighting her musculature almost as if she had no top layer of skin, her breasts and crimson nipples resembled massive eyes. Her hair turned blood red, while her ears grew demonic points. The whites of her eyes became deep red bloodshot, as her pupils became catlike slits. Her mouth morphed virtually into something more resembling a pussy. To her true surprise, a hearty footlong grew between her thighs. “Let’s do this” she said quietly through her vagina-like mouth.

Alena lay on the floor as amazed she did that as of the amount of cum leaking out of her. She really did love it, though …

“Still got one more!” the excited Lucinda exclaimed. Her voice was deep, resonating, and wholly alien to her.

“Fuck it, one more!” Alena grunted. “OOOOO, lady Demon with a dick!”

She grunted at Alena’s surprisingly knowledgeable touch. Her fingers almost knew where all the technically artificial nerves were in her temp-dick.

“I like it!” Alena said happily. “You know how you use that thing, Demoness?”

‘I can’t believe I’m really gonna do this!’ she thought. “You’ll find I’m full of surprises, Hunter-slut!” she growled out loud, forcing Alena onto all fours.

Lucinda shoved her simulated cock into the begging Alena. The lubricating demonic cum blew Lucinda’s lust-hungry mind.

Fuck, your Demon cock’s great! Fuck me hard!” Alena pleaded.

Her wild thrusts were hungry and brutal, somehow more so than the real Demons there. “Tell me you love it!” Lucinda ordered, tightly holding Alena’s arms on the hard floor.

“I love it! YES!” she cooed all but orgasmically.

“Call me DOMINA!” Lucinda ordered. The false-name felt more than right in the moment.

“Yes, Domina …. errr … OHHHH … I’m your slut-toy, DOMINA!”

“Flip around and face Domina!” Lucinda ordered.

“Yes, Domina!”

Pinning her down, Lucinda resumed her crazed, aggressive thrusts, making Alena coo and writhe wildly.

“OH FUCK OH DOMI-GAH …” Alena screamed.

“Look at me, Alena! LOOK AT ME!”

“ERRR GAH … YES DOMINA-GERR!” Alena cooed, starting a powerful orgasm.

Lucinda felt herself on the very edge of her own shadowed orgasm, and ordered, “BEG FOR MY CUM!”


At that, Lucinda blew the biggest, most epically orgasmic load she ever created into the wanting Alena. She almost could not believe she came inside her friend of many years, a friend she literally tricked into sex. Yet, it truly felt fucking glorious!

“Wow …” Alena breathed. “That’s a big load in me. That was … that was fuckin’ glorious, Domina!”

It was strange for Lucinda to stand there amongst the Demons, masquerading as one of them, but that moment could not be helped. She felt too good right then to care about awkwardness.

“All right,” she began catching her breath. “Time for your side of the deal.”

“OK,” the bartender Demon subtly shrugged. “I am Asmodeus. You may call me Asmodee, if you like. As you probably surmised from my lust-infused dildo, we are on an expedition to fuck, corrupt, and spawn, Lust from Darkness. Will it lead to some apocalyptic world takeover? God would know, if God cared anymore! Satisfied?”

“Sexually,” Alena responded teasingly. Cum of multiple Demons was dripping down her legs.

“I’ll take that as a yes, slut-Hunter,” Asmodee said with a subtle smile.

Alena quickly pulled on her clothes, and left.

They looked over the Demon-masked Lucinda, and Asmodee stated, “I must say I was impressed with your show. You would make a good Demon in my ranks.”

“Oh, you couldn’t handle me, Asmodee!” she teased, still feeling the shadow of her orgasm. She grabbed her necklace from behind the counter. “I got a real problem with authority, big guy. I either lead or …”

Lucinda ended with that. She genuinely enjoyed getting away with teasing the what turned out to be the Demon King of Lust …

* * * *

Less than an hour later, Lucinda met up with Alena back at the Inn. It felt a little strange to see Alena after fucking her brains out. Indeed, that want to fuck her again was still there. She was not sure what that meant in the context of all the lust going around, but told herself they still had a job to do.

“Oh, there’s my favorite Witch! Where’ve you been?” she asked casually, looking a bit tired.

“False, well, a nothing lead, I guess,” she lied. That might just have been the first lie she ever told her friend. Yet, there was no telling how Alena would react if she knew who that last “Demon” was at the bar. “Looks like everyone’s being affected by these Demons here to some degree. You find out anything?”

“Yeah, Luci … After taking out a bunch of lieutenants, found out Asmodee is the ring leader here. Almost just fucking around to see what would happen. Don’t ask me how I got him to reveal it all!”

“I can take a guess, Alena,” she stated dryly. “We gotta finish this one fast.”


In bed later, Lucinda could not sleep. She just kept thinking about how she demonically fucked Alena earlier in the bar. It was the best sex she ever had, and she was fucked by lust loving Demons! She soon found herself masturbating to the memory of what she did. It felt so good and right to dominate Alena, to use her for pleasure and to cum inside her.

A profound question then hit her: was it just the sex or was it made perfect by pretending to be a she-Demon? Hands slick with her pussy juices, she knew the shadowed answer: taking Alena while like a Demon was what made it better. It should have been wrong, but it did not feel that way.

She sat on the edge of the bed, pondering what she really wanted to do. It was crazy and extreme, but she needed to do it. “Fuck it!” she exclaimed to herself.

Lucinda flicked on the light to look at her sexily muscular, naked body in the tall mirror on the bathroom door. All extreme transformations, like into a whole other species, only led to one slightly malleable form. So, her appearance would still be that of “Domina” by default.

However, if Lucinda was going to do this, she wanted to do at as a “proper” Demon. It would all still technically be simulation, but did not want any illusion. This had to be full physical transformation. It was a similar incantation, but a bit more specific and forceful.

“Transformatio corporalis in daemonium quaero!” she exclaimed, concentrating.

Not unexpectedly, nothing happened at first. This magic was a somewhat darker shade of gray for her, and not having done it before purely, it literally needed a moment to kick in.

Then she felt it: Her entire body warm and tingling and twisting. It did not hurt, but it was far from comfortable. She fell to her knees, skin shifting blue. Her waist came inward, as her hips and ass became more prominent. She could see and feel the top layer of her skin grow thinner, highlighting her musculature, while the crevices turned a vibrant crimson. With the deep red areolae recessing into her healthy breasts, they looked more like eyes than before. Her real eyes then physically shifted into the demonic cat eyes, literally changing her view of the world. Things were brighter, sharper, while she seemed able to detect lust through her vision alone. Her hair shifted to the deep blood red, as her ears shifted to the demonic points. She found herself now capable of hearing lust. Her Demon dick then grew out with its deep red veins and tip, and was ready produce genuine cum. Her nose shrank dramatically. And finally, her mouth opened and began to shift inward, becoming vertical. Though it merely looked like a pussy before, it was truly a pussy now, with a long crimson tongue.

She went on all fours for a few moment, feeling the changes come to fruition. She almost could not believe how her cum was genuine and fertile now! It took a few minutes to catch her breath. She then slowly stood, looking at her sharp black nails, and looked herself over in the mirror. Lucinda really liked the look, to her surprise! But she wanted to tweak it a bit. First things first, the knew. She concentrated hard, and retracted the dick into her crotch, morphing it into a pussy. The dick was technically permanent, but at least it was retractable now. She then opened her vertical mouth, and extended her now long, red, prehensile tongue. First, she extended it to over fifteen inches long, and then morphed it into a retractable dick in its own right, capable of ejecting loads of fertile cum. She happily stroked it to attention, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body. Then, she playfully fingered her asshole, until it, too, was just another pleasure zone ready to spew cum. And finally, something truly twisted, to keep up demonic appearances. She had her breasts fill with nutrient rich milk that should be addictive to Alena. This addictive quality was made possible by Lucinda literally knowing Alena’s DNA. She squirt a little into her hand, and slurped it up. “Lustfully sweet!” she said with shocking ease with her deeply demonic voice and completely transformed mouth.

The fully transformed woman took a long look at herself in the mirror. “Is this evil?” Not worried about the answer one way or the other, knowing she was reverting later, she happily licked the mirror with her sensitive tongue-member. Blobs of precum-like spit dripped down the mirror, obscuring her now surreal appearance.

Now she was ready to use Alena as sex toy! The naked Domina casually walked over to Alena’s room. She silently willed to the door to unlock, and walked inside. Before even making her way to the sleeping Alena, she cast a silence spell so no one could hear their coming cries of shadowed ecstasy.

Domina willed the blanket off the unsuspecting Alena. Maybe she had doubts about doing this before, but looking at the underwear clad Amazon, those doubts faded away. This was a genuinely beautiful woman. The moonlight perfectly highlighted her musclebound curves, especially her feminine six-pack. Domina positioned herself on Alena’s thighs and grasped her wrists.

Alena quickly awoke. She tried to fight off what she saw as a Demon at first, before realizing who it was.

“Oh, my God. Domina!” she breathed.

“Admit it Hunter-slut,” Domina growled. “All you want is a Demon to fuck you!”

“Oh, fuck yes! I do!”

She smacked her hard on the cheek, and corrected angrily, “DOMINA!”

“Yes, yes, Domina. I want you!”

“Good!” she exclaimed, loving how much a willing slut Alena really was.

Domina then began to make out with Alena, forcing her dick-tongue down her throat. It should have been expected, but the pleasure from her sensitive dick-tongue and pussy-mouth was a pleasure even more powerful in its shadow than when she fucked Alena earlier. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, embracing this new kind of oral ecstasy. Not used to the extremeness of it, she found herself, for the first time, blowing a load of fertile cum down Alena’s throat in a mind blowing orgasm.

Pussy-mouth still attached to Alena, Domina decided to see how much more she could handle in this form. She extended her dick, and forced it all the way into Alena’s wet snatch. Unlike earlier, her dick felt like an odd cross between a double-sided dildo and super-sensitive member. At the same time, it was somehow more sensitive than before, lacking any illusion. The more than doubled pleasure was too much for Domina’s conscious mind to handle, so instinct kicked in, making her hump and moan and writhe with great intensity.

They both moaned and cooed loudly with their mouths full of Domina’s dick-tongue. Domina especially loved how much a savant Alena was with her own tongue, her swirling was an epically sweet ecstasy.

Having cum hard not long before, Domina was able to retain composure, continuing the most shadowed, most perfect, erotic bliss of her life. As Alena screamed in continuous ecstasy, Domina’s own cries of pleasure sounded almost like horrific growls. At the total peak of near-orgasmic pleasure, Domina found herself feeling control over her orgasm, which was not a moment too soon. Ironically, she now wanted to feel herself doubly cum. So, she let herself go, super-orgasmically blasting a massive load of her cum down Alena’s throat and into her vaginal cavity. Domina never new such epic pleasure before. It felt as if her entire body exploded in shadowed passion.

Alena barely said once the tongue-member was out of her mouth, “Thank … thank you, Domina. You’re the best … I can feel your cum in my womb!”

Domina knew she wasn’t ovulating right then, but if she could smirk with her mouth, she would have. “Always room for more!”

“Yes, PLEASE, thank you, Domina!” she pleaded.

Domina retracted her dick into a “normal” pussy. It was not like she was truly addicted to the pleasures she could create in this form. She was actively, consciously choosing to create them.

She then straddled her red crotch on Alena’s cum dripping mouth, and leaned down to fuck Alena’s cum leaking crotch with her pussy-mouth. They both moaned and cooed wildly, loosing themselves to the wild pleasures. And Domina soon came again, practically forcing Alena into her own peak of passion.

Domina moved to lay next to the wiped out Alena, presenting her breast. “Thirsty?”

“Yes, Domina,” she nodded.

“Drink from me, Alena. My milk is just for you.”

It was tentative at first, but the more Alena drank, the more she wanted, needed it. Her reaction was as if she just injected herself with heroin. Alena eyes rolled back into her head, while she began to suck the milk out more and more rigorously. Domina, too, enjoyed the pleasurable attention, even though this was the one element of this burgeoning relationship that might have been more pleasurable for Alena. She soon sucked the tit dry, and quickly moved to the other.

“Tomorrow, Alena, I would like you to wear your black stockings, matching skirt, and canvas coat. Nothing else.” She was just playing around, but genuinely wanted to see her dressed like that.

“Yes, Domina!” she confirmed quickly.

* * * *

The next morning, Lucinda knocked on Alena’s door, bringing coffee. In the room, she could see how wiped out Alena was. Lucinda secretly felt some pride in playing a key role in wearing out a legendary Hunter.

Lucinda surprisingly felt even more pride that Alena was dressed exactly as she was told. Alena never really did what she was told, and Lucinda was strangely happy to have found a way to make her do anything.

“Nice outfit!” Lucinda teased.

“Oh, yeah,” she said awkwardly. “Just felt like wearing stockings today, Luci.” With all the Demon sex, she did not want Lucinda to worry about why she “chose” that outfit. Well, Alena was not even completely sure herself. She just could not say no to Domina. A part of her hoped Domina was just a dream induced by the wild sex prior; the other part that was sure it was real sent shivers of lust and terror down her spine. “Luci … you think we might need to call in some help with this one?”

“Hmm,” Lucinda pondered. “I’m not sure. The Demons here don’t seem to be taking this seriously; you certainly took out a bunch last night …”

‘Some practically took me out!’ Alena thought, a bit aroused at the thought.

“Let’s do our thing for a little while more,” Lucinda forwarded, realizing this was a rare moment when Alena was indecisive. “If those lust Demons start getting more serious, we will, too.”


The next few days did not churn up much. It was as if the Demons slowed down their operations. Though the pregnancies certainly did no go away, there were no more reported, as there was no further escalation of aberrant behavior within the populace. At the same time the Hunters were rather amused by the local Sherif. It turned out that he was a bit of an idiot, assuming refugees, of which the town did not have, were secretly putting drugs in the local water supply. So, he diligently switched to bottle water, and recommended others to do the same. 

The only interesting thing, at least for Lucinda, was how Alena was growing more passive. Lucinda always suspected that Alena was not a natural alpha like Lucinda, but Alena’s alpha behavior was a necessary dress code for her job. Domina was literally breaking down that mask.

So, the nights were the more interesting part of their time there. Domina came in the night at her leisure. Sometimes taking Alena in the shower before bed; sometimes magically tying her to the wall while she slept before a sexual onslaught.

For Lucinda, “Domina” was quickly becoming that comfortable cloak that revealed how much an alpha she really was. This fact made it just that much easier to be the dominant of the two during the day. It always felt so good and perfect to dominate Alena so completely as Domina. The best part was that she rarely needed her lady-cock extended, preferring the use of her tongue-member filled pussy-mouth and hyper-sensitive vagina. Yes, fucking Alena with both cocks at the same time was the Everest of pleasure, but there was no addiction for Lucinda. As Domina, everything she did was made by her own conscious choice. That active decision making enhanced the shadowed pleasure more than enough for her.

On that fourth night, Domina chose to take Alena purely as just a sex-toy. She put no care or concern into Alena’s own pleasure needs. Sure, Alena had her own orgasms, but they had nothing to do with Domina’s. This was not that different from the prior nights. Still, it was a bit different. At the end, though, Domina still rewarded Lucinda with that special breast milk. Beyond the addictive element, the milk was highly nutritious for Alena, helping her to handle the sometimes brutal nights with Domina.

After detailing how she wanted Alena to dress for tomorrow, Domina went Back in her room. She soon found herself having trouble reverting to Lucinda. OK, yes, she felt quite comfortable in that Demon form now, but she could not go around hunting mounters looking like some Demon! After some great effort, Lucinda was back to her familiar Human body. She quietly went into a deep sleep in the nude.

The next morning, Lucinda casually walked over the bathroom. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw herself in the door’s mirror! She reverted to her form as Domina! After some aggressive concentration, she forced herself back to her Human form. This was very concerning for the Witch, who never used an extreme transformation spell before. What concerned her the most was how her Human form felt unnatural right then, and she woke up feeling perfectly natural. Regardless, she needed to maintain the facade that Domina was just some Demon. So, she quickly decided to go about the day as they had been.

Planning out the day with the tired Alena, Lucinda finally realized how Alena actively kept pretending that nothing was happening to her at night.

“How have you been sleeping, Alena?” Lucinda nudged, curious. She secretly looked over the sexy tight blouse and very short jean-shorts, and was very pleased that she was walking around in the room in flip-flops right right then, as ordered.

“Oh, so-so. The bed’s not that comfortable,” she said. She wanted to tell Lucinda about her shadowed, lustful nights with a Demon, but was not sure how.

“That Demon sex was pretty crazy. I know I laid awake thinking about it.” Lucinda was not really sure if she was trying to keep Alena honest or testing how well she controlled her as Domina.

Lucinda deeply sighed, and masked the truth. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about that sex. You loved it, too! Every night I’m losing sleep over that Demon sex. This is run by that Asmodee, so it’s no surprise.”

“Yeah …” Lucinda said fascinated, but more with herself. She felt a lot of pride in how well Lucinda controlled Alena as Domina. “We’ll finish this soon.”

Alena nodded uncomfortably, thinking about how scared she was about so desperately wanting to be fucked by Domina every night, to drink her milk. This time, she told herself, she was going to end it … 

* * * *

Alena sat fully clothed in the chair near the room’s old TV. Her heart was racing. Too much of her just wanted to be taken yet again by Domina. The very thought of being thrown onto the bed, stuck onto the wall, or whatever made her pussy moist. Domina took away all control Alena taught herself to have, making Alena realize how tiring that facade of total control became over the years. Domina gave her what she wanted by taking away the thing she pretended defined her.

“Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad,” Alena said quietly to herself. Most Hunters were taken out by something eventually. So few even think about retiring, and most of the ones that do retire come back to the game eventually. The thought of being taken out by Domina, by shadowed pleasure herself, made her so hot and bothered. “No,” she growled. “Stay resolved. Fight the Demons!” Alena was a fucking Hunter! She was a Knight from a line of legendary protectors. This must not go on any longer …

In her room that night, Lucinda found herself feeling an odd relief. The whole day she had the growing sense of holding a form not her own. She planned earlier to dive through the files of lore on her tablet to understand what was happening, but decided to have her now normal session with Alena first. To her surprise, there was no effort at all for the transformation this time. Sure, it was easier every time, but this time it felt as if she let go of the Human form. Her whole experience told her that something was very wrong, while her body told her that everything was right …

Domina walked into Alena’s room, seeing a faint glimmer of defiance in Alena. She found herself surprised and a touch impressed that Alena finally forced herself to fight back after all these nights of literally addicting pleasures.

Alena stood, forcing resolve. “Tonight, Domina, I take back what you took from me.”

“Oh, Alena, whatever do you mean?” Domina asked with total confidence. Her quick plan right now was to “win” this little battle, and then reveal that she was Lucinda all along. Essentially, she would reveal that she was the only one that ever gave Alena what she wanted. The timing finally felt perfect.

I’m the Hunter and you’re the Demon!” she exclaimed. “Showing off that perfect body won’t be enough to save you, Domina.”

“Really? This body?” she forwarded, stating so sway and snake her body seductively. She was especially provocative toward her milk-laden breasts.

“Exorcizamus te, omnis immu …” she forced, mesmerized by the breasts that held the milk she was so strongly addicted to.

“OOOO!” Domina teased. She twisted around, bent over, and began to finger her sensitive asshole. She turned her head back inhumanly, almost 180 degrees. “If you exorcize me, I would loose the best sex toy in the world, and you would loose the best sex anyone ever inflicted upon you. Oh, and lest we forget my milk!” Domina slithered back around, and began very lightly to squeeze her plump breast. A small drip of milk emerged.

Alena’s eyes affixed themselves on the drop, while she felt herself salivate. She impulsively licked her lips and swallowed nothing but spit and air.

“Oh, the Hunter-slut is addicted to Demon milk!” she teased triumphantly. Domina took the drop between her thumb and forefinger, and presented it to Alena.

“I, uh, I can’t …”

“Resist? I know you can’t resist,” Domina stated in shadowed darkness.

In a sign of both submission and defeat, Alena took the offered drop into her mouth. It was so sweet and perfect. Letting the glorious drop down her throat, Alena knew she was no longer Hunter-Knight. All these years playing the alpha — finding herself on the edge of death, she was more tired than she ever wanted to admit. This was a way out. No part of her wanted to deny this dark and shadowy truth anymore. “Please, Domina. I need more!”

Holding her away from her breasts at the throat and possessively petting her silky hair, Domina decreed, “I will give you my milk as always, sex toy, but you must first make up for your vain defiance toward me.”

“PLEASE! I’ll do anything, Domina!” she pleaded. Alena lost horribly, but strangely felt very happy about that.

If Domina could smile, she would have. She came very close to revealing who she was, like she planned, but decided it was more fun to keep that secret from Alena a little longer. “As I lie on the bed, you will remove your clothes, Alena. You will then worship me.”

“Yes, Domina. A sensual massage?”

“A worshiping massage,” Domina clarified.

“Yes, of course, Domina.” Alena felt so aroused and exited. She genuinely wondered why she tried to fight Domina.

Laying on her stomach, Domina smiled diabolically in a shadowed darkness, finally just figuring out how to do so with her pussy-mouth lips. Well, it did not really look like a smile. It was outwardly more like the middle of the vertical orifice was pointed out toward her cheeks, appearing almost like some erotically horrific four pointed star. “There’s some massage oil in the end table.” Domina, well, Lucinda snuck the bottle in there the other day, but had too much fun dominating in other ways until then.

“Yes, Domina, thank you.” Unquestioningly, Alena took the bottle she never knew existed, and poured some warm, aromatic liquid into her hands. 

She carefully began to work Domina’s lower back, loving the inhumanly textured yet lustfully silken nature of the demonic skin. “What’s the matter, Alena? I’m not good enough for you to really worship?” she taunted, genuinely feeling like Alena could give a lot more.

“No, Domina, I mean, yes, you’re amazing!” she said awkwardly.

“Well, which is it? Yes or no?” she queried, disliking the indecisiveness.

“Yes, Domina, yes!” she desperately clarified. “You need to be worshipped.”

“Good, don’t hold back, Alena. Make sure you get my Demon ass.”

She poured oil all over the deep blue, muscled, bubble but. Not holding back, as ordered, she began to work the demonic glutes far more actively than she did with the back. Alena literally put her significant muscles into it.

“Ah, yes,” Domina breathed. “Much better. That feels like a worshiping touch!”

Alena then began to migrate her hands down the back of the full muscled upper thighs and back up to the ass.

“Oh, yeah … you do worship me … Umm, I must say, I like how soft your slut hands feel working into me.” In all honesty, Domina was amazed at the genuine worship, as she was amazed how how much the liked it.

Alena then began to work the ass a little harder, more aggressively.

“Ah, yeah, harder, deeper!” Domina ordered hungrily.

Yes, Domina.” Doing as ordered, she willfully put that much more of her strength into her worshiping. She really did love Domina’s ass, well, she loved the entire demonic body!

“Ah, that feels good!”

Domina suddenly flipped around, grabbed the surprised Alena, and kissed her hungrily, deeply. The pleasure sent pleasure waves down their bodies. She lay back, and asked, “You love my demonic tits, Alena?”

“I love your tits, Domina, especially the milk inside them.”

“The milk comes later, my dear. Now, oil these lust mounds up and worship like you were told.”

“Yes, Domina.” Alena rubbed more oil into her hands, and began to deeply worship both at the same time.

“UMMM, great,” Domina complimented, sensitive red nipples fully erect. She essentially willed her nipples shut so no milk would escape, not yet.

Alena began to worship around the breasts and back to them. At the same time, Domina’s hand groped Alena’s lower back and ass. She was only told to worship Domina’s body, so she just enjoyed the complimentary attention.

Domina arched her back, moaning and cooing in darkly shadowed tones. As either Lucinda or Domina, she had never been worshipped before. It was a complete kind of feeling, having ordered Alena to worship her. The feeling was as good as any time she fucked Alena. “UUUOOOO, fuck, that’s so great!” she cooed, eyes slightly rolling back, and licking her sensitive lips with sensitive tongue-member

Alena found herself needing to worship these breasts just that much more than the ass. They were, after all, the place that held the addictive part of her dark and shadowy desires toward Domina.

Domina then grabbed Alena’s hand, and placed it on her moist crotch. “I want you to worship Domina’s pussy now. You better not fucking hold back.”

“Yes, Domina.” With Domina pressing her hand down hard, Alena began to work what turned out to be the best pussy she ever knew.

“Yeah, ohh, YEAH!” Domina cooed. “Kiss me, you dirty Hunter-slut. Kiss me!”

“Yes, Domina!” She leaned down, and joyously made out with the receptive Domina. She continued her aggressive crotch stroking at the same time. 

The pleasure for Domina was starting become quite intense, making her close to a dark and shadowy orgasmic bliss. She tightly grabbed the back of Alena’s head to prevent this slut from going anywhere in that moment. Nudging Alena away, she ordered, “Stick your fingers in that pussy!”

“Yes, Domina!” She shoved her fingers deep into the wet crotch, aggressively finger fucking the only woman she ever wanted to worship.

“Yeah, yeah, oh YEAH!” Domina cooed in a wet mini-orgasm. Sperm-laden cum coating Alena’s still thrusting fingers. Domina then grabbed Alena’s wet, twitching pussy, and exclaimed, “I bet you still amaze yourself at how much a slut you really are!”

“Yes, Domina,” she breathed honestly through the pleasure.

Domina then grabbed the back of Alena’s head, and forced it down to her dripping crotch. “Kiss your favorite fuckin’ crotch-pussy!”

“Yes, Domina!” she said with her mouth already full.

“Oh, yes!” Domina growled.

Alena joyously, worshipfully fingered and kissed the pussy, as Domina started to fuck her face, thrusting demonic hips.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Domina cooed, now playfully spanking the Human. “Yeah, get in there, Hunter-slut!”

The taste of Domina’s cum and pussy juices always drove Alena wild, and playfully showed that in her worship, especially of the pussy lips.

Alena’s surprised mouth open wide, Domina then grabbed her from the hair and forced a couple dominating smooches, before forcing her back down to the dripping crotch for further worship. “Yeah, you’ve always loved this, Alena, haven’t you?”

Domina lifted her by the hair so she could respond, “Yes, Domina, I am your true slut!” Satisfied, Domina pushed her back down, and Alena continued her excited, hungry worshiping.

“Oh, yeah, slut! YES, YES, dirty bitch!” Domina exclaimed in lustful encouragement. She then grabbed her, and forced a deep, dark, shadowy kiss. “Domina’s legs and feet sill require worship, Alena!”

“Yes, Domina!” Alena happily exclaimed.

Alena poured the oil all over Domina’s muscled-toned legs, and aggressively made lust with them.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, slut!” Domina cooed, feeling waves of pleasure from the worship.

Soon, Alena found herself excitedly worshipping Domina’s large feet. Ankle to toes, and toes to ankles, groping the deceptively soft arches.

“Oh, perfect, PERFECT!” Domina cooed.

Alena found herself sucking and licking hungrily, truly showing how much she loved them.

“Yeah, suck off my Demon feet, my bitch!”

They tasted so fucking good to Alena!

Domina suddenly went to all fours. “Don’t forget to worship my asshole!”

“Yes, Domina!” she exclaimed joyously.

Cheeks wide, Alena went down on the tight hole. Domina held the back of Alena’s head in place. Alena moaned happily with the mouth full of ass, as Domina cooed from the worshiping of her supersensitive hole.

“Oh, fuck my ass, dirty Hunter-slut! YES!” Domina yelled loudly through the great pleasure. It was in that moment Domina realized she had yet to cum via her asshole. She was sure that she could blow a fertile load through there, and began to fuck Alena’s worshipping face to learn how that felt. “Yes, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum through my ass thanks to you, my favorite dirty slut!” she growled deeply in the pleasure’s deep, dark shadow. “Yes, yes, that’s it!”

Face forced between the muscular asscheeks, Alena aggressively worked to pleasure the best, tastiest asshole she ever knew.

“Yes, that’s it! Yes, YESSSS … FUCK YEEAHHHHHHHH! Ah …”

A massive load of think cum blew out of Domina’s ass onto Alena’s face and into her thirsty mouth.

Domina lay down on her stomach for a few moments, relishing in the truly dark and shadowy afterglow. She never even thought of having someone literally worship her before, but it seemed to be the thing she always wanted. She also never came through her ass before! Now is the time to reward Alena, she felt.

Alena saw Domina flip around and sit up, before beckoning with her finger. “Come, Alena, my nipple floodgates are open. You deserve it.”

She crawled onto the bed with Domina, and quickly began to feed from Domina’s plump tits.

Domina pet Alena’s head, and said, “You worship me truly, Alena. That makes me pleased …” What she said next felt utterly natural and right. “Alena, beg your allegiance to me. Pledge your body and soul to me forever. Beg for it.

Alena was barely able to pull herself away from the milk she was so addicted to. “Please, Domina. I pledge my body and soul to you. Please, I am yours!”

“Beg harder!” Domina growled. There was a hint of doubt in Alena’s tone.

“Please take my body and soul as yours forever, Domina, as I am giving them to you freely,” she pleaded desperately. “My allegiance is now always yours.”

“I, Domina, accept your plea for eternal allegiance, Alena,” she stated fully. “I take your body and soul, as you give them to me freely. Alena, you are mine forever.”

“Thank you, Domina! I can only ever be yours!” she cooed. “May I continue feeding on you?”

“Yes, you may, Alena …” she said, feeling different and ponderous. All her experience as a Witch told her something was horribly wrong here. While she felt different earlier, she felt completely inhuman now. This demonic appearance no longer felt like some kind of simulation. She just made Alena pledge herself, and felt it. Domina-Lucinda never new what it felt like to have someone pledge, connected to a body and soul, yet she felt that genuine connection.

While her mind was not clouded, now was the time to figure out what was happening to her, to disprove something utterly insane.

She pulled Alena from her tit, and ordered, “Alena, I am leaving now. Go to sleep.”

“But … Milk.”

Domina smacked her hard for even that hint of insolence. Like how she made Alena hers, that act, too, seemed off according to all her experience.

“Yes, Domina, please forgive me. I will go to sleep now …”

“I forgive you Alena. I understand your need for my milk.”

Alena smiled, and went to sleep …

She rushed to her room to look through the lore held in her tablet. Something had to be horribly wrong, no matter how right everything now felt.

The lore and spell books began to horrifyingly confirm things for her. Extreme transformations, which are inherently a darker spell, can become real and permanent under extreme circumstances. That issue was rare and highly unlikely. Yet, she could see how extreme her circumstances were: up against the true King of Lust, having had sex with Demons, transforming into a Demonic form, making a Hunter her sex-toy for eternity. 

She then looked at the details behind a demonic pledge, which she never looked into before. Somehow, she followed the procedure perfectly: seduce, fuck, worship, beg. How was that even possible when she never even knew that ritual!? That would mean the transformation literally went to her head. She could no longer trust her decision making, because she was apparently thinking like a Demon now. Yet, she had to trust her reasoning somehow: Her powers as a Witch were still there, as was her knowledge from before this case.

There had to be a way to see if she was too far gone, if she was truly a Demon now. The only way she could think of such short notice is to find the other Demons, and see what happens. It seemed like a crazy idea, but there seemed to be no way to know if the idea was right or wrong. She could not turn to Alena, because she practically fucked Alena’s brains out. There had to be another way to see if she could go back to what was normal,” but nothing came to her. Indeed, her quick research suggested that the permanence could be prevented by only transforming once or twice. Well, she already went past that threshold …

* * * *

“Ah, Lucinda! Or is it Domina now? Well, most adjust their names eventually. I must admit, you look quite lustful as a Demon.”

“Asmodee,” she sarcastically greeted.

“We have been observing you since you first took that demonic form in this bar,” he said with subtle fascination. Other Demons there sat or paced, waiting for their master to give them something to do. “Couldn’t hear a damned thing, but I saw some true innovation between you and Alena … Now, we are certainly both aware how it is possible for a Human to be corrupted enough to become a Demon. I was probably Human once; probably at the dawn of humanity! But, what you did, Luci, I never saw before. Through hubris, greed, and lust, you initiated an extreme transformation into your theoretical demonic form, and that was after you legitimately impressed me with how in control you were when we fucked you.”

“What’s your point?”

“My point?” he taunted. “Now, in demonic form, you came back to a den of lustful Demons, seeking to learn if you are now truly a Demon.”

“Am I?” she breathed in equal parts terror and excitement.

“Perhaps …” he said curiously. “Would you like to join us tonight? You want to know if you are now Demon. What better way to find out?”

“That … is why I’m here …”

“Excellent!” he glanced over to the blue Demon. “Someone might be loosing a bet tonight! So … if you would like to join us tonight, there is one thing you must do first, Domi.”


“Absorb the lust trait from me. All my Demon followers were gifted it. I need everyone on the same page, including lustful sperm.”

“I’ve come this far, I guess …What do I do?” she asked, knowing this might give her what she needs to know.

“Consume a special batch of my cum. If you are truly Demon now, the sperm will enter your genes, including the genes that produce your sperm. You should feel lucky that I prefer my Demon followers to come to me willingly without any begging. Such pledging is for the weak Humans we take.”

She could not believe this was happening. First, she might have turned herself into a real Demon to fuck a woman in the darkest of ways, and now, she was about to suck the dick of Asmodee!

“Well?” he beckoned with his suddenly erect monstrosity. “The night is not as long as my cock!”

Shaking her head in amazement, she went to her knees before the king Demon, and took the Demon beastly dick down her throat. It was a lot better than she expected. In fact, she kind of loved it! It was almost a plus that her tongue and pussy-mouth were as sensitive as ever. Still very much an alpha, she grabbed Asmodee’s massive hips, and made the thrusts her own.

“Wow! I wish you showed this kind of ambition, Green!” he taunted the lieutenant. “OOOO, wow, you really are amazing, Domina! Alena how no idea how lucky she is to be yours for … errrguh … forever! … OH, yeah, THAT’S AWSOME … WOW, I’M COMMIN’ ALREADY!” Asmodee roared in happy amazement, blowing his special batch into Domina. It was so much that she literally was filled from stomach to mouth, a gooey mess spewing back up out of her. All three of her holes came a moment later, making a mess of herself and Asmodee, who was genuinely impressed.

Domina fell back on her knees feeling strange. She could feel Asmodee’s cum inside her, the dark, special batch seed spreading out. The little Demon sperms quickly forced their way into her cells, entering the cytoplasmic region and implanting the lustful genetic code into what she now understood was her already demonized DNA. They were quickly destroyed by her immune system, but long after fulfilling their one purpose.

On the outside, Domina felt her body become alive with more lust than she knew could even exist. She found herself stroking her massive tongue-member and fingering her ass and crotch, desperately trying to sate the extreme arousal now emanating from within her body. The lust and pleasure grew to truly epic levels, until she finally exploded with lust infested cum from her holes …

Domina lay for a while in a pool of her own upgraded cum. There was no doubting that she was a Demon now. It felt more than right. All these years fighting darkness, and yet she found the one kind of darkness she now knew was always hers to embrace. What made her feel even better was how all her skills as a Witch were still fully usable, and her certain willingness to not hold back with that magic made it just that much more potent.

“Congratulations, Domina, you are now officially the newest and perhaps the most powerful Demon in my ranks,” Asmodee said proudly. “You have been such a wonderful surprise!”

Domina stood before the exited King of Lust. Looking at him, she realized some interesting things. She did not feel reborn from his seed, but she did feel quite improved. Perhaps most significantly, she still felt no natural inclination to take orders from this King. She was transformed to the core of herself, but that was mostly before she even ate the special cum of pure lust.

His smile was subtle yet distinct. “My lieutenants can learn a lot from you on how you want to challenge my authority. Honestly, their zealotry bores me.”

Domina smiled in her surreal way. “I feel great, Asmodee. Thanks for the upgrade! I never felt more myself in my life … So, what was Blue’s bet?”

“Oh, yeah, he lost,” he stated. “Didn’t think you would come to us, even if you truly did become a Demon.”

“And what happens now that he lost?”

“Well!” he laughed darkly, looking toward the amazed Blue. “You get to fuck him! He has to let you dominate him however you wish.”

“Cool!” Domina exclaimed. “I’m gonna go peg him!” Everything was so clear, so free to her now. That was the moment she understood how much she changed. She never really held herself back sexually; she just was not hedonistic like Alena tended to be. Yes, Asmodee and co technically awakened a greedy lust in her, but it was just toward Alena, who she technically still loved. Yet, it was that path of great want that finally led her to this all corrupting lust from darkness. There were strangely no regrets. Regret would have been a waste of time. There was at least one important element of her old self still strong within her now demonic self: she was still a pure alpha.

Still covered in mostly her own dark seed, Domina walked over to the visually uncomfortable blue Demon. He looked over to Asmodee.

“Don’t look at him!” Domina said with a subtle laugh. “You brought this on yourself. So, what’s your real name, Blue?”

“Ashieno,” he said quietly.

“OK, Ash, bend over! I’m gonna fill your ass with my lust-upgraded seed!”

He did so almost tentatively, leaning on the bar counter.

Domina extended her respectable, fleshy member from her crotch, and immediately shoved it up the whimpering Demon’s ass.

“You work for the King of Lust, but you cry over a girl shoving her dick up your ass? No wonder Asmodee calls you ‘Blue’! You’re too pathetic to have a proper name!”

Domina magically tied his hands and feet to the floor and counter, so he could not go anywhere, let along give himself any pleasure. Plus, she glued his mouth shut. Sure, this did feel pretty good, but the blue Demon never allowed such a thing before. This was genuinely humiliating.

She thrust wildly, with all the enhanced lust she could now muster. It was so fucking awesome! His muffled grunts and cries made other’s in the room chuckle, including the excited Domina. The more her pleasure grew, the faster, the more wild her thrusts became. There was no urge to make this last long, because the night beckoned. And thus, she finally unloaded her fertile cum up the emasculated Demon’s ass.

Domina retracted her dick, embraced the truly dark afterglow, and walked back to Asmodee. “So, when do we go out?”

“Right now!” he looked over the Demon Domina left attached to the bar. “Would you mind releasing Blue, Domina?”

She shrugged, and waved her hand. Blue stood up, Domina’s cum leaking from his ass. His mouth was clearly still glued shut, but Asmodee did not seem to care …

The four lieutenants split up individually, while Asmodee stayed with Domina. He explained that this was the first time they were out in full force since she and Alena arrived, as Domina certainly suspected. Regardless, she found herself somewhat concerned over Blue. Asmodee assured her that he would get over it, and perhaps ask for it up the ass again. One on one, Domina would beat him in mere seconds with her Witch powers, and assuming she did outright destroy him, she would easily blast him out of this realm of existence.

They walked up to the window of three cute girls, probably around 20. He already explained that the first generation of her spawn, most at least, would inherit her proficiency in witchcraft, and as Domina was already sure of, her seed would only produce females. “The three seem quite ripe for corruption and impregnation. With your Witchery, I’m sure you could make them ovulate, if they aren’t already.”

“Is that an order?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“I order my pathetic lieutenants. I only provide you with requests.”

“Humph!” She looked in the window. “This should be interesting!”

Domina slipped in unnoticed by the sleeping women, and quickly formulated what she wanted to do to them. It was interesting, because not all of it was technically “dark magic.” However, the context was to make it truly dark. Context was something she always knew, and why she gave her disbanded Coven more leeway with magic than some.

First, Domina cast a spell to force them all to ovulate, if not already. That spell definitely had a subconscious effect, making them move in somewhat seductive ways in their sleep. She next initiated a spell that was truly dark, no matter the context. Their subconscious was filled with pure lust and desire, as their very genetic code was tweaked to ensure they would fuck anything sexually attractive. That dark spell had a serious affect, making them writhe and moan almost orgasmically in their sleep.

Wanting to just watch then a bit, Domina cast a spell to ensure they would not notice her in in the room, and cast another to awaken them.

They slowly awoke in an arousal that already consumed their young minds. The athletic brunette and slim blonde, in the same bed, opened their eyes to each other. Almost automatically, they began to make out, coming to their knees. It was almost tentative at first, it clear neither even thought of lesbian lust before, but their hunger slowly increased in intensity. Shirts already gone, the blonde went down on the other surprisingly wet pussy. She played with it experimentally with her fingers and tongue, making the brunette moan joyously, while the blonde occasionally stimulated the other’s nipples with her lips and tongue. The brunette then pushed the other down onto the bed, passionately grinding their wet pussies. They soon came in the first lesbian orgasm of their lives, sloppily making out.

At the same time, the voluptuous dirty blonde women was excitedly masturbating to the sites of her friends fucking, coming at all but the same time as them. Domina’s sense of lust was excitedly off the chart, she loving the role of voyeur at that moment.

As the brunette mounted the blonde’s hungry face, the dirty blonde crawled on top of the brunette. She was soon playing with her blonde friend’s wet crotch like a savant with her tongue, while rubbing her own dripping snatch. They all darkly moaned and cooed in their new lustful ecstasy.

On a whim, Domina summoned the Demon dildo from its technically unprotected box. She was never that good at such translocation spells before, but there was certainly unhindered motivation now! She had almost forgotten how much it bled lust, now able to see and hear such things as a Demon. That ironically did not matter at the moment. She magically altered the member so it could practically just become another dick to whoever it was attached to, well, she was gonna use it up her ass!

Breaking the perception spell, Domina crawled onto the bed with the more than welcoming women she so easily corrupted. This was it, she was about to do something she never even considered when she was a Human Witch: she was going to force her seed into three ovulating women! She was not doing this because Asmodee wanted her to, per se; she wanted to know what it felt like.

Domina then extended her dick, and shoved the lust-filled dildo into her ass with a near orgasmic squawk. The altered thing immediately attached itself to the cum channel within her asshole. Double dicked, Domina straddled the blonde’s wet crotch, and penetrated, and the now truly dirty blonde took the rear dildo in her hungry snatch. To the brunette’s surprise, Domina extended her tongue-member into her tight pussy. 

All four of them moaned and cried and writhed in their dark ecstasy. Domina found yet a new peak on Mount Dark Pleasure, the brunette taking to tongue-member so deep that her pussy lips touched Domina’s upper lips in a kiss of pure lust. Their darkly orgasmic cries of dark bliss echoed in the room, while Domina worked to build up a massive, triple load of cum. And soon, Domina could no longer hold it. She roared in her truly explosive orgasm, pumping her dark, lustfull seed into the women’s prepared wombs.

The corrupted women slithered almost on top of each other in the dark afterglow of pure lust. Domina retracted her tongue and dick, as she removed the Demon dildo from her ass. She casually felt their tummies to see if her seed took, and put on her Demon-smile.

“Congratulations, you are the first to carry my Demon-Witch Spawn!”

“OHH, thank you …” they all cooed drowsily.

“Only takes a few months, if that!” she said excitedly. “In the meantime, enjoy your corrupted selves. Breastmilk is fuckin’ good …”

“Well, enjoy the show, Asmodee?” Domina asked teasingly, after sending the dildo back to its box.

“Three in one shot! Most we’ve had in one night already. I knew you could do it, but had to see to believe.”

“Oh, don’t fall in love, my Asmodee,” she said, teasing his big chest. “That’s not your thing!”

They stood outside another house. “You surpassed my lieutenants already, Domina, so here’s one I know you’ll just have some fun with,” Asmodee stated proudly.

“OK. So, what’s going on here?”

“This is actually an interesting case, Domina!” he began. “Green basically corrupted this sexy housewife, Eva, but it turned out her darkest desires were to be dominated by a woman. Yes, he fucked her brains out — I guess she enjoys all genders, but did not even successfully impregnate her!Her husband tried to satisfy this himself the other day, but failed horribly of course.”

“You’re right, I am better than your guys!” she teased. “I’ll be her wet dream. Enjoy the show, King Pervert.”

The wavy, blond haired Eva slept soundly in her bed. Domina first cast her fertility spell like earlier. Then, Domina transmuted some of the woman’s clothes to better dress a dom, perhaps true to her new name for the first time. Domina now wore high black heals, shimmering black latex stockings, and revealing leather top that only barely covered her front. She decided to just use her hearty tongue as a whip.

She partly brought the unsuspecting woman to consciousness, and dressed her in a tight white top, tight jeans, and sneakers. And finally, she brought her to the finished basement, where she correctly assumed the husband attempt to dominate her.

Domina lit the candles on the table, which held the wrist cuffs. She strapped the cuffs onto the now fully awake Eva, and hooked one hand to the hanging chain.

“Oh, my God!” Eva exclaimed anxiously. “Is the really happening? I apparently get fucked by a Demon, and all it did was make me realize I like being dominated! And now a lady-Demon shows up!”

“You need to relax!” Domina exclaimed, amazed at the woman.

“Wha … what Do I call you? Mistress?”

“Domina,” she clarified, before cracking her long tongue at her. “You can use ‘pumpkin-patch’ as a safe word, but you won’t be using it.”

“Oh, OK, great!” she said quickly. “I’m, I’m just really nervous someone will catch us.”

“Nobody’s here!” Domina exclaimed, still amazed at the woman. Eva clearly wanted this, but was a very nervous person.

“Yeah, my husband’s on a business trip, but my stepson might be showing up tonight. I mean, he’s 20, I’m 34! I’d be mortified if he ever saw me as some sex-toy!”

Domina leaned in, and subtly blew on Eva’s cheek, “You need to relax. We are so doing this. OK, Eva?”

“OK, Domina…” Eva breathed.

Domina teased the shaking though receptive woman by being just on the edge of kissing her, letting out her hot breath on Eva’s cheek. At the same time, she lightly, possessively felt up Eva’s ample chest. Eva’s chest heaved from the tease. Domina then felt down to the film bubble butt, and gave her a hard slap.

“Woah!” she jiggled.

“Stop thinking, and let go, Eva!”

“Yes, Domina!”

“You’ve always wanted this, haven’t you?”

“Well, I don’t really know, Domina. I mean, maybe I never imaged it with a Demon woman. This is …”

Domina tightly strapped a gag into Eva’s yapping mouth.

“Uh-herr …” Eva grunted, mouth full.

“Shh … Now, let’s have some fun.” Domina moved her hand down the quivering woman’s body, and groped her warm crotch. “This is everything you’ve ever wanted, Eva. Right here and now.” Domina groped her way back up to the tingling Eva’s aroused breasts. “Oh, just look at you. Just a nervous little housewife thinking about her stepson.” She moved around, and groped Eva’s tits from behind. “All you’ve ever wanted was to loose control, but too scared to let it happen.”

“Uh-huh …” Even barely confirmed, drooling little with the gag.

“Why did I put this shirt on you?” Domina grasped the top of the shirt, and tore it open, Eva’s nipples hard.

Eva went wide eyed at the act. “Uh …”

Domina began to grope the plump breasts, hungrily liking the nipples.

“Oh …”

“OOOO! You do like this!” Domina teased. She tore open the shirt the rest of the way, and licked up Eva’s tasty drool. “I know what you want.”

“Yeah …”

Domina lightly wrapped rope around Eva’s breasts provocatively, groping and licking the large breasts. “Oh, yeah. I love squeezing these together!”

“OH … Errr …”

The rope fell. “Wanna show me how sensitive these nipples are?”

“Yeah,” she barely confirmed.

Domina extended her tongue-member, and moved it around the sensitive nipples.

“UHH … OHHH … Errr-ahhhh …” Eva cooed through the pleasure, rolling her eyes into the back of her head.

“Oh, I love how you look when finally letting go!” Domina casually spit on Eva’s tits, before resuming her tongue’s caress of the nipples. Pleasure flew down Domina’s body. “I wonder if that’s how I looked the first time a Demon fucked me when I was still Human!”

“UMMM … errrr …” she swayed with the monstrous tongue.

Domina closed the milk ducts to her nipples, and pulled out her healthy Demon breasts. “Let’s have some breast fun!” Domina rubbed her tits onto the moaning Eva’s, paying special attention to their nipples.

Eva moaned and cooed, loving how she was being titty-fucked by a Demon’s own tits!

“I see how much you like that! … Oh, fuck, this feels great!” Domina exclaimed.

“Uh-huh … yeah …”

“You are really sexy like this, having let go …” Domina moved her hand back down to Eva’s humid crotch.

Eva gasped, pushing her crotch into the Demon’s hand.

“Let’s free things up a bit more,” Domina stated, liking Eva’s hard nipple. She forced open the jeans, popping off the button, and pushed down. “OOOO, you like it smooth down there!” She began to grope Eva’s wet, bare crotch, making Eva coo in great pleasure. Domina grasped Eva’s neck to keep her from moving too much. Eva was not in control here, after all. Domina licked a hard nipple. “Your so fucking wet. You love this so much, you now understand.”

“UUUUH … yeah …”

Eva pressed her head tightly against the crotch, rubbing harder. “That’s what you want, huh? Your stupid husband and that pathetic Demon could not understand what you wanted, needed!”

“OH …. YEAHER!” Eva cooed in confirmation. Her eyes rolling between the Demon and the back of her head. Eva began to coo loudly.

Domina looked deep into Eva’s eyes, and proclaimed, “I can see everything in your eyes. Your lust is pure and unhinged now.”


Domina slowed her gropes of Eva’s most snatch, but groped harder. “What do you think a lust embracing girl like you deserves? I fleshy tongue playing with her pussy?”

“Uh-huh!” she pleaded.

Domina bent down, and released her fleshy member from her mouth, teasing the whimpering Eva’s dripping pussy.

“OHH-huh … errr-ah …”

Domina retracted her tongue. “You want more?”


“Me, too! I wanna see this sexy bubble-butt of yours first. YEAH!” Domina turned her around. “Bend over a little for me … great!” Domina playfully began to grope, spank, and lick the cheeks, while groping Eva’s desperate pussy.


“I love this ass!” Domina exclaimed, slapping harder.

Eva cooed joyously at the attention, feeling her entire body convulse. SLAP. “OHHHH.” SLAP. “OHHH.” SLAP. “ERRRR!”

“Yeah, that’s it. Never hide an ass made for spanking!”

Eva’s ass was turning red from the rough thwacks. She really did love it.

“You’ve been such good girl of lust. I’m give you s surprise!”


Domina summoned back the Demon dildo, and teasingly drew the tip down Eva’s tingly body.


All Domina did was press the lust-infested member against Eva’s pussy, making her convulse with pleasure.

“Oh, somebody’s liking this! Turn around.”  

Eva did so, cooing.

Domina playfully rubbed the thing from her gagged mouth to her pussy. “This might be all I need to do to play with you.”

“UHHHHH … ERRRR!” Eva cooed, feeling more pleasurable lust than she ever knew.

Domina then turned around, and sandwiched the monstrosity between her asshole and Eva’s dripping pussy. They both moaned and cooed orgasmically, feeling the lust of the dildo pour into them. “That’s it, that’s it!” Domina growled loudly in all her lust, spewing her cum all over Eva’s crotch …

George just arrived home from his university. He planned to come home earlier for the break, but needed to wait for his car’s alternator to be replaced. Plus, the drive was over two hours. He felt a little tired, but was a bit of a night owl.

Munching on an apple he heard some odd noises. Well, it sounded sexual, but much louder than he would have expected from his stepmother. At the same time, he knew that his father was away for the next couple of days.

Dark curiosity drove him toward the orgasmic noises in the basement. His apple dropped. He walked down to a sight he never expected. His step mother was chained up, and being fucked by some apparent Demoness!

“Holy shit!” George gasped at the truly erotic sight. “Mom!?”

Eva quickly undid the gag. “George!? When did you get back?”

“What the fuck is happening?” George breathed. The horrifyingly sexy Demoness aside, he never saw his stepmother naked before. She was fucking hot!

“Oh, your stepmom and I were experimenting with her true desires!” Domina exclaimed. “My name is Domina, George.”

“Yes, George,” Eva breathed awkwardly. “Experimenting with what I really want and need.”

George was speechless. What perhaps amazed him the most, besides how he found his stepmother sexually attractive, was how the sight would have made him speechless if this woman wasn’t a Demon. “I can’t believe how fucked up this is! What would dad think about this? Dominated by a sexy Demoness?” he shook his head, too amazed to realize how aroused he was.

After putting the dark dildo on the table, Domina walked over to the amazed George. “Well … You won’t be telling your father anything, unless I tell you to.”


Domina quickly grabbed him, and forced him to his knees. “I’m the tyrannical queen of this make-shift dungeon!”

“The basement?” George said a little confused.

Domina was somewhat amused by the similarities in personality with his stepmother. They lived together for a long time! She then tightly grabbed his balls through his tented pants. An inherently temporary corruption spell of lust consumed his seed.

“WOAH!” he exclaimed, having no idea how to process the wild sensation in his balls. It was not pain. It was not pleasure. Yet, it felt like all the times he ever secretly looked at a sexy woman or watched a hot porno different from his usual tastes.

“Come on!” Domina exclaimed, pulling him toward his stepmom on his knees. “Just sit there.”

“Just look at the beautiful woman here,” Domina said, possessively petting down to Eva’s receptive crotch. “We were getting on just fine until you interrupted her wet dream come true! So what does that mean? Well, I guess that means you have to join us!”

“Huh!?” he grunted amazed. Domina grabbed his head, and pushed him toward his mother’s soaked snatch, coated with Demonic cum.

Domina looked up to Eva, and playfully stated, “Your son’s been in college, right? Let’s see what they’ve been teaching him over there!”

“Yeah, let’s see, Domina!” Eva nodded happily expectantly. The whole time, she was looking at them both, remarkably excited to have him there.

“Open wide!” Domina ordered, pushing George into the wet pussy.

George found himself automatically making out with the cum-covered crotch. In some ways, it was eating the strange Demon cum that really brought him into the dark fantasy.

Domina then released Eva from the restraint, and more than nudged the son into his mother’s crotch and the mother’s crotch into her son’s face.

While perhaps a bit unrefined, George found himself embracing the lust of it all with effective ease.

“I think George is gonna be a fun toy,” Domina observed, before lustfully making out with the moaning Eva, who grasped the chain with her just unbound hand.

Domina grasped the back of his head. “Yeah, do a good job. Make your step-mommy proud.”

“OOOOOH! Right there, George,” Eva cooed.

Between playful licks, Domina queried Eva, “Now, just between us, Eva … Whose been better so far?”

“UMMM, you, Domina!” Eva cooed honestly through the improving oral pleasure.

“Good answer, Eva,” Domina stated, aggressively making out with her more.

“Oh, the Demon needs to have some fun, too!” Domina exclaimed, leading George over to the chair. She sat on the arm, and pushed him into her dark, wet pussy.

George found himself totally buried in the dark lust of the Demon’s pussy. It was all he could think about.

“Oh, he’s a natural. You were keeping this away from Domina?” she playfully asked, cooing.

“Sorry, Domina!” Eva forwarded with a big smile. She leaned over to apologize with a lustful kiss. She then reached around to play the the sexy Demon tits.

Domina moaned and cooed in encouragement, thrusting her hips into the enthralled man’s mouth. “Your son’s great with his mouth, but I wanna see what his pants are hiding. Take his pants off, Eva, while I get more comfortable.

Eva did so unquestionably, while Domina removed her top. Gregory’s full-staff dick was about nine inches long, making the women happy.

“Look at what you’ve been hiding!” Domina exclaimed. “WOOO!”

Happily, Eva took her son’s dick into her mouth without a second thought. This was so tasty and fun that Eva genuinely wondered why she chained herself to never consider such a thing!

Hands provocatively around Eva’s neck and Gregory’s dick, she teased, “Ever even imagine your stepmom’s lustful lips around your cock?”

No,” he breathed with a big smile. Maybe he always knew Eva was beautiful, but he never let himself think of her in a sexual way until now.

“I think you can take it all, momma!” Domina presumed, nudging Eva from the back of the head to take the cock down her throat.

Eva almost too easily took it all, gurgling excitedly at literally the first dick she ever had in her mouth, let alone throat.

“Oh, she’s fuckin’ good at that!” Domina exclaimed, pulling Gregory in for a deep, lustfully dark kiss.

Domina then went down to her knees, teasing Eva’s tits and Gregory’s balls. “You need to earn my lips, mother fucker!”

Gregory almost reverently enjoyed his mother’s blowing that he almost didn’t care if Domina took his flesh down her throat.

Domina guided him down to his back. “You’ve done so well, you deserve a little something!”

He looked down to see the Demoness use her tongue and vertical lips to play with his tip. His eyes rolled back into his head even before his mother playfully sucked his balls. Well, Eva traded off between his balls and Domina’s tit.

Domina then had Eva resume her cock sucking duties.

Eva was quite the savant at dick sucking, making Gregory moan and coo excitedly.

Domina took the demonic dildo, and briefly teased it on Eva’s snatch, making her squeak. “If you do a good job with the dick, I’ll give you a reward, Eva!” In the meantime, Domina teased Eva’s ass, occasionally tasting the dick herself. In the end, they were all just having a lot of dark fun.

“I see you staring are your stepmom’s tits, perv. Eva, how ‘bout bringing your tits to your son’s cock and balls”

“Yeah, Domina!” Eva began to play with his cock and balls with her tits, loving how his cock felt there.

Domina took his cock, and teased and slapped all over the tits. “Tell me you never looked at her tits. Those secret glances at dinners. Your dick up against the nipple like it is now.”

“Yeah, I guess I have!” he admitted. Looking and suppressing was a habbit now fully broken down.

“I think you’re gonna need to show us how well you can fuck. Can you do that, Greg?” Domina requested.

“Yes, yes, Domina,” Gregory stated, his mother taking his dick back in her mouth.

“Good, now sit up on the chair, Greg,” Domina ordered.

He did so.

“Think you can handle him, Eva?”

“I think so, Domina. Looks like its gonna be fun.”

“Good!” Domina playfully made out with Eva.

Eva straddled the dick, and let it fall into her with lustful gaps, taking the whole girth.

“I’ll just make myself comfortable!” Domina straddled the arm next to them, and played with her wet pussy.

They moaned and cooed wildly, growling. “It’s so fucking big!” Eva cooed.

“How much do you like that dick in you?” Domina asked darkly.

“I love it in me … Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!” Eva cooed, before Domina playfully sucked her nipple. “Fuck, yeah!” Eva cooed.

Domina grasped Eva, groping and teasing. “This is what you wanted? Now it’s all the way in, aiming at that womb!”

“YEAH!” Eva cried

“You’ve been doing so well Eva, I’m gonna give you the surprise now!” Domina took the evil dildo, and rubbed it of Eva’s crotch above the infiltrating dick.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” Eva cried in total pleasure. The mad thrusts continued, however, as Domina rubbed the dildo around her pussy, teasing the cock by default. Eva and Gregory moaned primally.

Domina put away the dildo, and just rubbed above the pussy. “Cum, CUM!” Domina ordered.

“OH, YEAH … FUCK FUCK … FUCK YES!” She came wetly all over the near orgasmic dick.

“Taste your cum!” Domina shoved her wet fingers in Eva’s hungry mouth. “I’m a little jealous!”

“Want some of his dick, Domina?” Eva asked with a big smile.

“Make sure its nice and hard and wet for me, Eva!”

Domina quickly took Eva’s place, while Eva moistened the throbbing dick with her mouth. “Let’s see what all the fuss is about!” Domina, with Eva guiding, slid the dick into her sensitive pussy. “WOOO!” she cooed happily. She thrust up and down happily, wildey. Eva played with her tits, and made out with her. “Hey, Eva, what are you doing? His mouth isn’t even being used!”

“Yes, I understand, Domina!” Eva cooed. She walked around, and shoved her crotch over Gregory’s hungry mouth.

They began to moan and coo darkly, loudly, coming close to a powerful orgasm. Yet, Domina quickly cast a spell to keep Gregory from coming. His seed was not for Domina, after all. The pleasure grew and grew for the women, until they exploded loudly in dark orgasm, Domina spewing her thick cum all over Gregory’s crotch.  

Domina then flipped around so she could play with Eva’s tits, and vice verse. “Oh, this is fuckin’ good!” They soon brought themselves to yet another orgasm, making Gregory feel his balls practically turn blue.

“Now’s the time to take Gregory’s cum, Eva, and now is the time to give Eva your cum, Gregory!” Domina proclaimed.

“Yes, Domina!” the affirmed in unison.

“First, I want you two to eat up all my cum! This will be all about Greg’s corrupted seed!”

They happily lapped up the surprisingly good, lust-filled cum until Gregory’s crotch was sparkling clean. Domina nudged them onto their sides, and had Gregory fuck his mother from behind.

“Yeah! That’s it, you two! Take that dick, Eva!”

Eva and Gregory moaned wildly, the lust of Domina’s cum overtaking them. “Yes, Gregory! Yes, fuck me! UHHH!

Domina then took Eva’s foot, and sucked her toes.

“OH, yes, yes! Your so good to me, Domina!” Eva cried.

Domina then went down, between Gregory’s legs to play with his balls. She specifically had the holding spell release slowly, so to speak.

Gregory and Eva were so damn close, they were ready to go at any moment. That orgasm was all they wanted, needed right then. And finally, EXPLOSION! Eva screamed wildly, feeling Gregory’s hot cum rush into her womb, as Gregory roared in an almost painful orgasm. Neither came so much, so hard before.

Domina soon touched Eva’s head, and cast a spell to make her dominant, only to be submissive toward Domina, and ensured that she would fuck her stepson and husband whenever she wished, perhaps all at once. She then went over to Gregory to make him submissive sexually, while confirming the autoimmune side effect of corrupting his seed, ultimate infertility. She finally went down to feel Eva’s tummy, feeling the corrupted seed fertilize the unsuspecting egg. She was quite proud of herself for literally creating a Demon child between two Humans …

“Enjoy the show, Asmodee?” Domina teased, wearing her dom outfit.

“Downright pornographic!” he stated happily.

Domina looked the ancient Demon up and down ponderously. “I find it remarkable you planned none of this.”

He huffed. “I don’t really do plans anymore, Domina. Just an idea guy now. Boredom trumps wisdom after a few thousand years of manipulating the predictably corruptible. I now fuck around and see what happens!”

“And here I am about to make myself ovulate, before forcing your seed into my womb!” She placed her hand over her womb, casting the ovulation spell.

Asmodee went wide eyed. He really did not even consider putting his seed in her, or at least ofter she became Domina. She became his equal, in his eyes. He …

Domina forced Asmodee onto the ground, moving like a ventriloquist doll with her magic. He found his legs up high and wide, as his savage dick was suddenly rock solid. Then, Domina mounted him, forcing his dick into her pussy, as she forced her tongue-member down his throat. She fucked him hard in the dominating position, making him growl in dark pleasure.

Asmodee suddenly came prematurely, blasting his dark seed into her corrupted womb. Yet, Domina clearly still had her own orgasm to achieve. She thrust hard, top and bottom. Groaning, growling, cooing, she embraced the darkest of pleasure by dominating the most lustful of beings. And soon, she exploded in her own orgasm, spewing her cum all over his crotch and down his throat …

Alena suddenly awoke at dawn. The wondrous Domina sat at the edge of the bed, presenting her milk jugs. Alena latched onto them without a second thought, almost desperately sucking down the highly nutritious, demonic milk she knew she was hopelessly addicted to.

Domina possessively stroked Alena’s soft hair, enjoying the pleasure of her Human sucking her sensitive breast. In time, she knew Alena would become so corrupted by the connection to her that Alena would become a Demon herself, forever subservient to Demon she pledged herself to when Human.

“I am so sorry for disobeying you, Domina. It will never happen again.” She quickly resumed her aggressive suckling.

“I know you won’t … I almost can’t believe that the girl growing in me, the daughter of Asmodee himself, will be the most powerful Demon of Lust this would has ever seen. If you had not pledged yourself to me, you would have trouble with what I am finally about to tell you.”

Alena looked up curiously, still suckling.

“The first generation of my spawn will have the powers of a Witch, Alena.”

“Why, Domina?” she asked, mouth full of tit.

“Most Hunters get taken out eventually. This might have been the most darkly fun and pleasurable way … I am, was Lucinda. I had to have you like those Demons. It turns out those transformation spells can go from simulation to reality real fast under extreme circumstances. This all feels so good I just can’t find regret! They did not really think this ‘Lust from Darkness’ would work, you remember, but a silly Witch that once wanted her friend in apparently dark ways changed things …”

While Alena sucked her tits dry with great need, Domina placed her hand over Alena’s stomach to make her ovulate. She then went down on the now former Hunter, shoving her monstrous, fleshy tongue-member up the woman’s desperate snatch. They both moaned and cooed in utter pleasure in the lust making. Domina technically still loved Alena, but her demonic self, so utterly consumed with lust, twisted that love in the darkest of ways. In that twisted revelation, Domina exploded her thick seed into Alena’s ready ovaries, making Alena cum gloriously hard.

Domina lay next to the worn out Alena, feeling her powerful seed take hold in her Human, and finally said, “You, my spawn, and I have made Asmodee’s plan workable, well beyond his usual diversions. I am equal to Asmodee, who has already assigned lieutenants to me. We will smother this world in the darkest of lust…”


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