Review: Unraveling

Unraveling (mind control)  by Jukebox
A mad scientist explains exactly what she’s going to do to her helpless victim.

Date Released: June 22, 2019

A quick Jukebox story? How could I resist? Well, this was quite interesting, the way it was written. We often get to see the villain go on a long monologue that probably reveals everything, and the hero finds a way to escape with the knowledge. The thing of it is, though, beyond pride and ego, the villain might just have gotten away with revealing everything prior. The Incredibles 2 gave us a sense of that, in how several superheroes were killed by the verbose villain prior. Thanos in those Marvel films was quite clear about what he wanted to do, and did it. In other words, its great to see Jukebox play with the concept of the villain pridefully explaining without clear consequence. This story was a well written and vivid.

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